R 100% True Sissy Wet Diaper Adventure
I went to the movies in a thick diaper. What could possibly go wrong?
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 This may sound like a fantasy but it actually happened to me yesterday. Work's been a little slow (I'm a construction worker) so I've been at home for the past week just dressing up in frilly baby dresses and thick diapers, it's been a blast. So yesterday I started feeling bold and adventurous and decided to go see the new Spiderman movie in theaters heavily diapered.

 Two thick cloth diapers and plastic pants that lock are what I decided on, it's a long movie so I wanted to be prepared. This proved to be a little problematic as the largest pair of shorts I own could barely fit over top, and the thickness of my diapers made my shorts sit a little bit higher on my thighs than usual. It definitely looked juvenile, which I decided was perfect and picked out a blue band t-shirt that I love that has these big dinosaurs fighting each other. No socks with my gray flats and I was out the door. (I should mention i had an XL coffee with my breakfast, also a very tall glass of water before i left)

 When I left my apartment at 12:00 I planned on doing a little sissy shopping before the movie since I was already out of the house. The movie was at 3:15 so I had 3 hours to kill downtown Toronto, heavily diapered. 

I walked to the subway station from my apartment, which is in between a 5 to 10 minute walk from my apartment. I could have taken the streetcar and sat down and hid my bottom from everyone but I was feeling bold. Also 3 hours to kill, so why not?

Like I expected, nobody paid any attention to my heavily diapered bottom. It's a big city and everyone has so much going on all  the time, no one's going to notice a tall skinny 20-something dude walking down the street and think "hey, does that guy's ass look fat to you? I bet he's wearing a thick diaper, YEAH, that explains everything!" It just won't happen, no one is that observant. Or so I thought, which is where I drew all this confidence from. 

My first stop on my shopping trip was a TG boutique that specialized in cross dressing and fetish-wear. I had only just found it online but their website wasn't the greatest so I decided I'd check it out in person.  The shop was on Queen St which is near the lakefront and I live about mid-town so I had to ride the subway for about 20 minutes.

There was plenty of empty seats so I sat down, but when I did, my shorts rode up another couple inches on my thigh and I definitely started to feel a little exposed. Which is exactly what I wanted, it was so thrilling! I could feel people's eyes on me, but I think they were mostly checking out my shirt because it's awesome, not because of my pasty white thighs on display. 

As I patiently awaited my stop, I wet my diaper a little bit. Then a little bit more. Then a little bit more. I kinda forgotten about that huge coffee I drank before i decided all this. By the time I got to Queen station I was pretty wet. 

"Oh well," I thought, "it's too late now. These diapers are locked on (and i left the key at home) I'm already on the other side of the city, they'll just have to hold it through the movie."

The store wasn't supposed to be far from the station so I decided to walk instead of the streetcar again. 

So I walked, and walked and finally came to the intersection it was supposed to be. My diapers were swollen and it was hot out so I had to add a little waddle to my walk to avoid discomfort the more and more I walked. 

To my shock when I approached the address listed on the website, I see the store (which google maps said opened at 12:00pm today and closed at 7pm) completely locked up and shut down. I peered through the window to find the store utterly empty except for a few paint cans and a notice from Toronto Hydro taped to the front door that said "IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED"  

Thanks a lot, internet. Where were you on that one? It's not like I ordered something and was on my way to pick it up, I had just stumbled upon the website and was curious as to what they had to offer.

Nothing, apparently.

"Oh well," I thought, "Now I'll just have to turn around and make my way over to Yonge and Dundas for the movie."

I checked my phone, it'd only been 45 minutes. I still had 2 more hours of wandering around downtown locked in my diapers before the movie. I was disappointed the cross dressing store didn't exist anymore but I know of a few others in different parts of the city I can save for another day of adventure. 

I walked, sorry, waddled back to the subway station, got on, and made my way North on Yonge St to an Adult Toy store I know of not far from the movies. 

I should mention, this isn't your average Adult Toy store. This place is HUGE. like 4 floors of sprawling displays of everything kinky you can imagine. Ok, some of you may be able to imagine quite a bit, and they don't have any AB stuff :(, but i assure you this place was well stocked otherwise.

Upon entering, I bolted straight for the stocking section (I had been there before) as i was looking for some frilly white ankle socks and some white thigh high opaques with little bows on them. I picked out what I wanted and remembered I was trying to kill time so I should slow down and browse this plentiful store. My eyes followed all the frilly baby-dolls and bras and panties and i soon found my self in the middle of the butt-plug aisle. 

"Hi there! Can I help you find anything today?" A voice came from behind.

I was so mesmerized by all the options I didn't hear her coming. I turned around to find a cute girl, around my age, with black hair, a nose ring and a cute white top with skinny black jeans. It was midday Monday, so the store was basically empty except for the one or two patrons who wanted to be left alone and some Asian tourists giggling at all the dildos. She looked happy I was in her department. 

I immediately started to blush, and I'm pretty sure I wet my diaper a little bit more.

"Ummm, Hello." I shyly forced out.

I think she could tell I was a little embarrassed  so she smiled very sweetly and said "If you're looking for anything in particular, I am very knowledgeable about all our products and would be happy to help you find something you'll like." 

"Thanks, but I'm just kind of browsing." I said, blushing again.

"I should just mention that, if you decide on something, we always take the toy out of the packaging and show you it works and has no defects. So come find me if you decide on anything or have any questions."

"Ok, I will, Thank you."

Then she winked at me and walked off.

I was actually kind of looking for something and after what she said I knew I was going to have to talk to her again if I wanted to buy any butt-plugs. 

I had never really admitted to anyone else other than my girlfriend I was into butt play so this made me nervous at first but I thought to myself "She's obviously into kinky stuff, and seemed totally sincere in wanting to help me pick out a butt-plug, why push her away? Plus I'm a sissy bitch locked in wet diapers looking at butt-plugs with time to kill so I think she should definitely help me find a butt-plug."

I waddled over to her. " Excuse me. Miss? I do actually have a few questions, do you mind?"

"Of course not, like I said, Happy to help!"
She said as she followed me over to the plug aisle.

"I'm interested in these vibrating ones here, with the remote, but do you have ones that aren't corded? Also preferably waterproof?"

"Yes but they can get a little expensive when you go cordless. Do you play often?" She asked.

"Not as often as I'd like, and I'm not really looking to spend a lot of money today."

"Well, I would recommend you start with one of these models here that are hollow, they are our best sellers as they are really good quality but not that expensive, they can range from a price range of $20 - $30 and come in many shapes, sizes and colours! Then, when your ready, there is this really cool bullet vibrator that comes with an app for your phone! You or someone else can control the vibrations, from your phone or theirs, anywhere in the world! It's only $99"

"Oh my god, that is so cool! I don't think I can afford the vibe today but that sounds amazing! So many possibilities!" It was getting a lot easier to talk to this girl about butt plugs now.

"Yeah, that bullet vibe with the app is great, it fit's inside almost every toy, vaginal or anal. All the girls here at work are obsessed with it." She said. "Would you like me to take those items to the checkout for you while you continue to browse?"

She was referring to my stockings and frilly ankle socks.

"Yes, please. Thank you." I said handing them to her.

As she walked to the front of the store I could see her look at the packaging of my selections and found my frilly socks.

And she smiled.

I continued to browse through the aisle and selected a 3.5" by 1.5" purple plug, no fancy angles or anything, just standard plug. I made sure I picked one that was hollow for future fun.

She returned and noticed my selection. "Nice choice," she complimented. "That's compatible with all bullet vibes, so you wont have any problems adding that toy I mentioned. Is there anything else you're shopping for today?"

Since I was riding this Honesty Train already, I figured, what's the worst that could happen? She liked my socks, maybe she can help me find some cute frilly panties. I was looking for some new panties today anyways but that other store doesn't exist anymore so I never got to browse there, why not try here? 

"Yeah actually, I'm also looking for some panties." I said.

Smooth. Way to segue.

She giggled a little, "Awesome, girls or guys?"

"Well, it's all for me, but my style is really pink and frilly." I confessed.

She smiled again,

"Ooh, a man after my own heart. Here, let me show you the wall." She said, leading me to the wall of baby-dolls, corsets, bra's and panties.

"We also have a lot more selection up stairs too, I have to stay down here on this floor but I'm sure someone upstairs would be more than happy to help you find something if you ask them."

I thanked her and she left me to browse taking my new purple butt-plug I chose to the front of the store to be placed with my stockings and frilly socks.

To be honest, I loved looking at the wall, feeling like I belonged there in front of all this pink and white and frills and lace. But none of it really stood out to me, I already have similar things in my wardrobe and this stuff was a little sluttier than what i was going for. Like I said, they didn't have any AB stuff so I wasn't really expecting to find something that jumped out at me and I didn't.  But that's okay, I just felt amazing browsing this very femme wall, locked in thick wet diapers. 

Oh my, very wet diapers. I've been so busy I've just being slowly adding whenever the slightest urge comes over me. 

But I'm sure these cloth diapers can hold it. 

Sure of it.

1 hour left until movie time.

I'm left alone to browse and I find my way upstairs and wander for a bit. I looked at the different wigs they had for sale, but nothing little girlish at all. Then I was looking at all the BDSM stuff, like ball gags, restraints and chastity stuff. 

"Excuse me," Came another voice from behind, "Are you the cute boy looking for panties?"

It was a different girl this time, she was 
smiling too, but it didn't seem as genuine as the other girl. I almost got the feeling she thought it was funny rather than adorable. Still friendly though.

"Yes, I guess I am." I'm literally the only guy in the store at this point I think. "I've been looking but I haven't decided on anything yet."

Wait, that means the girl from downstairs talked about me to the other girls who work here. She told them I'm looking for panties and she might have even told them about my frilly socks and butt-plug. 

And she said I was cute, too. 

I don't even care that all these girls who work here think I'm a fairy. I was loving every minute of it. 

"Okay. Let me know if you find something you like and want to try on." 

For obvious reasons, maybe not to her, I couldn't try on panties. Mine were locked on and I had a very wet bottom.

"Thanks, I will." I lied.

I had spent enough time in this toy store and I was getting incredibly horny. I loved that everyone knew and is okay with me looking for panties and had a purple butt-plug waiting for me at the front desk along with filly socks and stockings. It's probably an everyday thing for the people who work here but I was filled with all kinds of sissy feelings.

I made my way back over to the toy department where that first girl helped me, so I could thank her for all her help. She was talking with one of her co-workers behind one of the tables. They both stopped and turned towards me.

"Hey, sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to say thanks for everything today, you were awesome help."

"Absolutely, it was my pleasure! I hope you enjoy your new toy and I hope you stop by again." She responded, waving goodbye and smiling.

OK, the other girls definitely know about my plug.

I blushed and smiled, waving goodbye.

I think she can tell I love the embarrassment.

I make my way to the cashier and wet my diaper some more while pay for my things.

My items fit nicely into a little burgundy bag that's barely bigger than your average paperback novel.

45 minutes until the movie.

I began walking in the direction of the movie theater as it's a few blocks south of the toy store i just left.

It was even hotter out now and my diaper was even wetter so I had a pretty good waddle going, but Yonge St is so busy and crowded, no one notices if I'm walking slightly bow-legged.

I get to the theater with about 20 minutes to spare so I buy my ticket for spiderman. 

I walked over to the concession stand and got a medium popcorn and a large fountain drink. Go big or go home right?

They had just finished cleaning up after the last showing and I was aloud to sit down early. I'd been walking around all day in the heat and was quite thirsty so I was excited to sit down finally and start drinking a lot of my Fruitopia. I sat down and felt my diaper squish. Like, a lot. I was really wet. I began to panic a little as I never really thought about what would happen if my diaper leaked while I was out. I pushed that scary thought from my head and continued to drink my juice and played on my phone until the movie started.


I won't ruin any of the movie for you in case you haven't watched it yet, but just so you know, it's 2h and 15min.

What ruined it for me, was around 1 hour into the movie I had to pee SOOO bad, but I was really worried about a leak.  Here I am, wearing a diaper in a theater, still holding my bladder. Accepting my inevitable fate, I let go. Oh man, did I ever.

It felt so good at first.

Then about 10 minutes later, the chill of the movie theater won, and I realized my shorts felt cold. Not my diaper. My shorts.

All of my shorts.

Oh &%^$.

From my waist to thigh, soaked.

Absolutely everyone will be able to see this. I don't have any other clothes except for frilly socks (which doesn't help), and these wet diapers are still locked on.

To my amazement, I actually didn't panic. I was probably so scared, and so turned on by this humiliation that they cancelled each other out and I was kind of calm. 

I stuck my hand down there and I soaked through the seat too.


I started to think I should leave, but I wasn't even half way through the movie. I'd barely touched my popcorn and I still had some juice left.

Plus, I was locked in these diapers. Whether I leave now or at the end doesn't matter. I'm still going to have to waddle home with piss soaked shorts.  The embarrassment starts when I stand up and walk out. 

So I gingerly ate my pop corn and sipped on my juice, casually adding to my wet diapers whenever I felt the urge because I was already ^&*(%$. I lasted about another 45 minutes before the cold made me so uncomfortable, I couldn't sit still and was hardly even focused on the movie.

I didn't care that I was going to miss the end anymore. I think I got the jist of it and i can always finish it later on when it's released on DvD. I apologized in my head for whoever has to clean this seat, I really didn't expect this to happen. I really am sorry for that, but it's a big city and I'm sure this is not the first time they've had to deal with this sort of thing. I grabbed my little burgundy bag with my toy and socks and walked out of the theater.  

I stepped into the bathroom to check out the damage to my shorts in a mirror.

Just as I thought. Absolutely soaked. 

I felt like such a little sissy boy, standing in this bathroom staring at my wet shorts.

That's when I realized it's 5:00pm. Middle of rush hour. The busiest time to go anywhere in the city. The subways are packed. the street cars are packed. The buses and roads are packed. 

And here I am, 30 minutes from home. Locked in soaking wet diapers and piss covered shorts. 

Plus my girlfriend finishes work at 6:00pm so I need to get home before she does and get these into the wash before she finds out what a bad sissy boy I've been.

I looked at myself in the mirror and said "Next time, I'm wearing a bigger diaper."

I left the bathroom and waddled my way home. Wet shorts and all.

Thanks everyone for reading. I hope you liked my 100% true Sissy, Wet Diaper Adventure!


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