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I am debating on whether or not to come out as an AB
I have been out as TG since feb 06
My mom doesn't like the fact that I'm TG an stays away from the topic at all times, she has only been to one of my Gender therapy sessions
My dad is kind of supportive yet at the same time is convinced that it is part of my aspburgers syndrome (i hope it's spelled right)
I have been having problems with crapping in my pants since i was little but my dad thinks that diapers are for babies or really old people who lost control of their bladders, he also thinks that the reason i have these problems is beacuse i can't focus on when i have to go
The reason i am thinking this in the first place is because i am 18 and still live with my dad and i feel bad for sneaking i diapers behind his back not to mention that i don't have the money to keep buying them for myself but at the same time i am scared that if i tell him he will try to ensure that i can't wear them anymore for as long as i live with him, and i am so dependant on him right now that it could be a long time before i can get my hands on another diaper if this were to happen
I need help on weather this will be the right decision or not and how to come out sucessfully
Love always,
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I know it can be hard coming out, firstly remember that you are not coming out with doing anything wrong and all you have to do is show them that it is just a harmless alternative lifestyle or what it is for you. Its a sweet and unique interest and it shows you have an independent and creative mind. If its too hard to say some things you can do is show them with a note or bring it to them gradually so when you tell them they'll be used to seeing you being sissybabyish. The best way is to just let them know casually without thinking about it to much because when we think about it too much people tend to think it will be worse than it really is. If they are not accepting at first just remember most accepting parents are at first. It means they need time to think about it. What ever happens remember there are lots of people who are going through the same thing you are and including here. Were here for you and what ever happens remember the truthful you is always better than trying o fake yourself because of closeminded people.

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