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This is something new that I have discovered that has brought my marriage to my husband closer, and we both love acting out as baby or child. So, my question is, What can I do to tease an adult baby? I have tried spanking and not letting him wet the diaper, but it doesn't seem to turn him on as much. I need new ideas. Please help me...
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some ideas would be for you to fill his diaper like pouring stuff into his diaper and making him sit in it for how ever long u want him to. introduce anal play inflatable and vibrating r best as he can wear them with his diaper on and u control how fast and or how big the plug is. stuff to put in his diaper would be like ice, honey, syrup, really anything mushy and stuff like tht just rememeber to only put stuff down there tht u dont mind since u will be the one changing the diaper at some point. if ur ever not in the mood to be changing diapers just keep layering diapers on him along with plastic panties tht way he only gets changed on ur time not his since ur the one in charge. dress up in short and sexy dresses to tease him all day long or if ur not in the mood to dress up but would rather play with a baby doll use him as ur doll and dress him up in whatever u want him to wear and use him as one of ur barbies when u play with ur barbies. make him wear clothes or shoes or something tht u would never wear stuff tht might be ultra girly or really babyish handcuff him in his crib while u go and pleasure urself in the bed right beside him so he can hear u moaning while theres nothing he can do about it. pleasure him so tht he cums in his diaper then spank him for cumming in his diaper. make sure he only crawls babies dont walk yet. make him only talk in baby words if he uses anything other then babyish words spank him. be spontainous with it like sometimes when hes not in baby mode but ur alone and stuff just start feeling his crotch and be like how come baby isnt in his diaper f he throws a fit or argues spank him then diaper him. shave his butt and or legs just to give him tht hair less baby feel. start always feeding him in a booster seat/high chair and if he gets real bad while feeding him start feeding him baby food. i know most of these ideas arent really punishment really but i can see ur new here and im just trying to help out alittle bit so hopefully this is helpful for u and ur baby.
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