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Hey my name is Amber or (Ben) and I just made an account. The first question that comes to my pretty mind is why? Why did I finally realize how perfect it is to be a girl. I love it, but don't get me wrong I love my man side as well but being a girl is what gets me through the day. I know after a really long day I can get my clothes on and make up and just have fun. For me, being a sissy means being a sissy!! lol I mean being a girly girl. Since I am a guy I usually can't go to school wearing my maids outfit or my 6 inch heels. But what I can do is dress feminine. I try to wear tight jeans (I actually shop for girly jeans while I am buying clothes because no one will really notice ; D) I try to always wear a v-neck or a tank top because those are pretty feminine. I also have a pair of flats and women's Toms that I wear around the house and when I run errands. I also try to get my skin fully shaved at all times and keep my hair groomed. This is really long haha, but I'm waiting for my nail polish to dry. I also never leave the house without panties and a bra on. Even though the bra is pretty noticeable I just nod them off. IM PRETTTY!!!!! I really love everything! I love wearing dresses, heels, make-up, blouses, silk, satin, diapers, etc. Sorry that was soo long, if you want you can come up with a sissy task for me while you are reading this or if you know any good websites that sell feminine clothing for men? Thank you so much for reading this and message me if you want to talk or just want to say hi! XOXOXOX
Love - Amber
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Hello and welcome to SK!
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Hello Amber:

You picked the right web site! I KNOW you'll be happy here. Your post above describes the reason we have sites like SissyKiss.

I wear feminine underwear under my en homme clothes every day. And on many a day, I wear feminine denim. Isn't girly jeans, with all that rich embroidery, so much more exciting than boring men's jeans?!

Wish I had some good feminine tops, though.

Sometimes I put on high heels. I like a heel height of 2, maybe 2-1/2 inches. Its a very empowering feeling! And what can be more delightfully feminine than control top pantyhose over freshly dehaired legs?

There are sites that sell feminine clothing for guys. You can find a few links here on SissyKiss, if you look.

I look forward to your contributions to what we're about. Please, feel at liberty to participate in any of our threads, or start a new thread if you have something groovy to share with us.


Hello Amber, excellent first post, so well thought out and spelt. Welcome to Sissykiss.  
Welcome! I'm a sissy baby in diapers, so I don't wear big girl things all that often. But if you are looking for new clothes you might try the Sissy Kiss Boutique, or a "plus size" women's clothing store like Roaman's. As long as you know your sizes, you can order online.
- Sissy Desiree

Welcome Amber. I am new too. You seem amazing. Be my big sissy? You sound so confident and driven. You make me want to be a better sissy : P
Baby Butch
  Welcome to the site, relax and suck on a pacifier.  
I posted my Awards in a Blog. Here is a link to view them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
hi! nice to meet you!
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