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Hi, my name is Zac. I have a lot to say but I don't know where to start. I guess I should say that I am very new to this lifestyle and at the same time am very scared. I started out as an adult baby, little, whatever you want to call it. Slowly I have had feelings of wanting to be a baby girl in cute pink dresses. For a long time I tried to tell myself that that wasn't me but I realize that it is something that I want even though I do not wish for it, I want it.

Starting out as a baby boy in the BDSM community I found that I was soon taken in by a group of loving and caring people. They understand my wants and needs, although they do not fulfill all of them they help me to learn and express myself so that one day I may find someone who will have everything that I want and need as well as me being everything that they are looking for. From what I have seen in my community I do not think that a sissy would be looked on with a very kind and understanding light. I fear that my friends will soon walk away because they will think of me as something they do not want to associate themselves with.

The reason I chose the name Lil_Zac is because it is the name that I go by in other communities across the web. I also feel that I have not come to a conclusion with myself that I know exactly what I want from this and until then do not wish to create something that is fake.

I am looking for someone that can show me that being a sissy isn't bad. That I can be happy, and how to have the confidence to tell the ones I love about my feelings in this matter. I want to learn and grow in this side of me but I need someone to help me do that. Have it be a fellow sissy or a Mistress who will take me in and show me love and kindness and make me the sissy baby girl that lives in my heart.
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Baby Butch
Welcome, what a nice introduction, I am glad to meet you. My friends are not open minded and kind of "up tight". I could never admit to them I am AB and sissy. I will be open to others, such as a new girlfriend or others I should meet. I feel I am different, but I wish to pursue it more. Spank me and put me in dipers. Hehe : )
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Hello from Sissy JJ! 
~ Items ~

I'll show you being a sissy isn't bad :)
Always open for roleplay~

~Please send a message for roleplay~
Sissy Jenni
Hi & Welcome, you!! There are many friends here. Please do not hesitate to contact me or anyone else! ^_^
Sissy Jenni
Thank you all for your kind words. I have yahoo Messenger and Windows Live messenger too and would love to talk to people.
Feather Greymoon
Hi Zac! I think you will find this group is as accepting of your sissy side as your other group is of your baby side. In fact, it seems that both sissies and babies (and more) are welcome here! ^_^
Welcome, zac and I'm sure you will find lots of help here.
Courtney Kay
Hi zac, welcome to sissy kiss! You've definitly come to the right place for sissy questions. I just know you'll find what your looking for.  
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