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Just had to join this cute site ;)
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Hello everybody! I'm new to these forums and would like to start off by introducing myself. I'm a guy in my twenties but I'm also a closet sissy. Introduced my girlfriend to my chastity fantasy around christmas, and this ended up with her buying me a chastity device. So at the moment I'm also locked up. 

This forum looks really nice and feels like the perfect place to talk about things that no one else should hear about ;) 

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Baby Bobby__
Hello Madelinex,

I'm a chaste sissy too, who's Mommy has a full time boyfriend. If you ever would like to chat about living the lifestyle, drop me a note.


Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby who likes to wear a baby diaper!

I posted my Awards in a Blog. Here is a link to view them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Hello Madeleinex and welcome to our pink haven!

I'm happy you discovered our group, where we can be sissies and enjoy sweet divine delights like panties and diapers and petticoats and skirts and high heels.

I'm Prissie and I like the thought of being a happy, well-adjusted 8 year old girl who hops and skips when happy, and pouts when not. Unfortunately, my real world significant other isn't pleased to see me wearing anything feminine.

Please, feel free to participate as much or as little as you like. I look forward to your contributions to what we're about!

Hello.  I'm a sissy baby girl in diapers.

Welcome to Sissy Kiss.  You will find a forum for pretty much anything you want to talk about here.  You might even end up in a story or a cappie if you like.

- Sissy Desiree

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