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Hi There,Sissies,ABDL lovers and generally anyone affiliated with this site.I've been off the net for many years but have finally found my home again.I used to be around for the Sissy becky era,when funraiser was flourishing(although both seem to have gone?!?!whats happened there then?) but have discovered this site for which seems the better in me!
I have a question(with me being so computer illiterate) how do i post captioned pictures in the cappies forum?
I have a few to upload but am unsure of how to do so!!
Any help would be appreciated
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These lovely people support all the features in Sissy Kiss to contribute to our community! So it would help so much if you could check them out, and say your from Sissy Kiss. Some even give discounts, or free gifts by mentioning it!
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Shameful of me to respond to my own post but i find it almost straight after i search for it in the FAQ,call it sods law!haha
I shall try 9it out and see if it works.
*mentally wills cappies to appear*
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, I guess you found the Help and How To's link on the menu. If you still need assistance contact the webmissy for help. I upload all my pictures to Pix Princess. Once uploaded click on the picture to isolate it, copy the link below it, and paste it in the Insert Image icon at the text box for posting a thread.
I posted my Awards in a Blog. Here is a link to view them.


I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Ok i think iv'e hit jackpot!iv'e managed to get them up with success,thanks for your help!
Love your captions while i can say it and thanks for the help again
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