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Hi there!!! My name is Hisnightingale, but many people call me night <3 I am a 25 year old (in age only) little (age range? uhhh little/middle depending on my mood) who has a "daddy" but I call him Master. I am owned and Collared by Master, and we are in a monogamous relationship. I am excited to be on here, my little sister LittleEeveeGirl showed me this website. We have gotten alot closer now that we know so much about eachother. We are IRL family and I wouldn't trade her for the world. I like pink, glitter, crayons, fairies, and sock monkies. Anything else? Just ask!



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*giggles and hugs you* finally got your collar huh?
A widdle Eevee baby is what I am, I'm too young to be a grown up, but someday I'll show what's on the inside.
Maybe I'm a Flareon, Cute but a temper like the fire inside my belly.
Maybe I'm a Vaporeon, Beautiful and graceful, but timid and shy on the inside.
Maybe I'm a Jolteon, Free spirited and fast like lightning.
Maybe I'm an Umbreon, a Loner that wants a friend.
Maybe I'm an Espeon, Someone who knows, but would never tell your secrets.
Maybe I'm a Leafeon, At one with nature, but loves others.
Maybe I'm a Glaceon, Cold to all but my best friends.
Maybe I'm a Sylveon, Cute as can be, but with secrets hidden under my ribbons.
I don't know who I am on the inside yet, but for now I'm just a widdle baby Eevee and that's all that matters.

Fryd fa yna uh dra uidceta sayhc hudrehk. Fru fa yna uh dra ehceta sayhc ajanodrehk. (If you can translate this you are just as much a geek as me  )
*pouts* no for now it is the one I made! BUT I said collared as in he OWNS me...which u knew already :D My day collar is going to be a tight chain with my blue butterfly and a home collar.....not sure yet but, we WILL get one. SO I do have a collar, the one I made that matches his bracelet <3



Baby Butch
Welcome to the site where you will get treated right, he he. I certainly hope you enjoy Sissy Kiss and make many new friends.

I posted my Awards in a Blog. Here is a link to view them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Hi there! Thank you for the welcome! I am learning the ropes and got my Sissy Space lookin awesome :D I'll start checking out the other stuff soon too!!!  



Hello Nightingale:
Nice to meet you. I see you like the Little Girl phenom. You might want to try Girltalk (forum. girltalk. to) and see if what they have, suits you.
Pink, glitter, crayons, sock monkeys - isn't that all lovely!
Curtsies and flounces an swishes in the best Little Girl tradition,
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