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   This is a fun playland for adults that are little girls at heart! For Feminization & AdultBaby lovers! We are adults who love expressing all the good aspects of our inner child, feminine heart! Check out our fabulous forum and invite all your friends to this fun get together! We are a large community site to bring people from all over the world with the same interests together so they can have a place to support each other and have fun! We recognize that everyone has their own independent mind. Which makes their own unique personal interests. That individuality and creativity is special, and important in everyone when they are doing it in a safe way, and they are just being different including people who love AB Fem.
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About the AB Fem community
  • Sissies ~ Sissy is an umbrella word that originally means young sister. It can be used for affection and friendship for girls. Sissy is used so persuasively it can replace any given name. The actress Sissy Spacek, whose name is actually Mary Elizabeth, is a well known person known as Sissy. Others that thought in a pretty sexist way started using it on guys who they thought were weak because they thought being effeminate is somehow weak but transgender women who love being effeminate turned that around and use it as a compliment for what it should be used as. Like gay people did with queer. Both Transgender women and Non-Transgender women can use it for its original meaning or to say they love being very girly fem or baby girly fem. They take the word sissy as a compliment because lovely feminity is a wonderful thing if thats how someone loves to express themselves as!
  • Adult Baby Girls ~ Adult Baby Girls can be any girls that love to be in touch with their inner babygirl. Which can also be called AB or infantilism.
  • Sissy Baby Girls ~ Sissy Baby Girls can be any Adult Baby Girls that like to wear uber fem baby outfits.
  • Sissy Baby Boys ~ Sissy Baby Boys are almost the similar to Sissy Baby Girls except they identify as males. Sissy Baby Boys often like to express themselves in wonderfully creative outfits spanning both genders, but almost always in childlike styles. They mostly appreciate outfits that are as pretty and feminine as possible while still retaining a "boy" quality, as well as ballet costumes.
  • Trangender ~ Transgender It is an umbrella word too that can include anybody with a various gender identity. Like transvestites, transsexuals, etc. Transsexual people are people with a different gender identity that is written on their original birth certificate. Recently scientists have found they are literally born with the brain of the opposite sex (in various ways depending on each individual) that people saw them as before.
  • Adult Little Girls ~ Adult Little Girls love to be young girls that are a few years past babies.
  • AB Fem ~ AB Fem is a mixture of the love of Adult Babies (AB) and Feminization (Fem)
  • Lolita Fashion ~ Lolita Fashion is another word for adults that like to dress as little girls. Especially styles inspired by the Victorian and Rococo period. This meaning is distinctive because it originated from a fashion style in Japan.

    ...and there are so many more! The list goes on, and on because it can be different with each individual. These can all be either a lifestyle, a hobby, a sexy fetish, how someone identifies themselves as, even all of the above or mixed in a variety of ways. That is because there is a beautiful rainbow of people out there different in their own special way.
Understanding Infantilism
   If you had a chance to be younger would you take it? What would that mean to you? I am sure there are many people who have said they wished they were younger but when we think about it one thing that is true is no matter how old we get is, if we are young in our hearts we will never grow a day older. You can keep the parts that are important and make life wonderful. When its in your heart not a thing in the universe can take that away from you without your consent.
   There is just something about getting in touch with your inner child. For many people it means a state of innocence, humbleness, playfulness, creativity, an over all sense well being and they feel like their mind is open the more and more they feel in touch with their inner child.
   For every person there is a different way for expressing those things. It is from a thing called individuality. With each person comes their own independent mind, creativity, perspective, tastes and story. Which opens up the possibility of an entire infinite spectrum of different personal identities to exist. When Infantilists express themselves it is about what that identity means to them just like what your identity means to you. When they get to wear cute AB clothing, play baby games and do other things like that, it helps them feel all those things. When you think about it, it is logical to express a childish role to get in touch with your inner child.
  Its not about being stuck in the past, its about making new memories as a child, who they like to express themselves as. Being who makes them feel good. Life is too short to spend it being someone we are not on the inside. We should all express ourselves in the ways that makes us happy if all it is, is different.
   How they became Infantilists even varies with each individual, which can be from good experiences, like reminding them of a time that was very special to them and represents to them all the virtues of who they love to be. Also from bad experiences like some form of childhood trauma and they have found Infantilism as a way of healing, by bringing them back to a time when they felt secure and nurtured. They could have fallen in love with it just as anyone falls in love with any other hobby. Along with many other possibilities.
   While it should go without saying one thing that is important to understand is that infantilism doesn't have anything whatsoever to do with pedophilia or child pornography. I feel it is important to say because infantilism can be misunderstood if someone chooses to prejudge by making connections where there isn't any and that has happened considerably in the past.
   Since they are only attracted to adult bodies it contradicts its aspects because it is specifically about being in that role, identity or spirit as an adult. Instead of the opposite, which is a child in touch with there adult. By having sex prematurely before they can be responsible enough to handle the responsibilities needed for sex. That is a whole seperate world. Infantilism is that you aged this many years and yet you still kept that childhood innocence. So basically you can't take the adult out of Adult Babies. For instance the many people attracted to people in sexy cat or bunny costumes, commonly called Furries, does not mean they are attracted to actual animals. Considering the playboy bunny or the image of catwoman and the many people that find them attractive. Yet would never do anything like bestiality.
   Also another reaction that needs to be addressed would be asking the question "Can they change from their ways?" but there hasn't been anything that has shown that needs to be changed in the first place. Saying they need to change because it is not normal doesn't stand up to reason because everyone is different in their own way. Just being different or original doesn't harm anything. Everyone is an individual. That is going to stay true whether we want to recognize it or not. When we can it will be so much of a more loving and just society. Which means it is only more reason for them to proudly express themselves.
   Also since Adult Babies know they are not actually babies in age but babies at heart it is not something taking away from reality. Just like people that dress like cowboys know they are not the actual people that tend to cows, where the expression came from. It is just the way they express themselves. Expressing themselves helps Infantilists do things in the world around them. It also makes it so they can find ways to support themselves with basic necessities and be an AB at the same time. If they are creative they can find ways to mix the two and help others do the same. For instance when I was talking with an AB about self expression in society they explained it in this way.
We could learn a lot from crayons:
some are sharp, some are pretty,
some are dull, some have weird names,
and all are different colors....but
they all exist very nicely in the same box.
   That is one of the smartest analogies I have heard and it was used with crayons. Learning about things to get along in life doesn't make someone any less of a child. Just a really smart child.
   Not only is it incredibly capable of being helpful and healing to the person who loves it, it is difficult to think of a more innocent interest than wanting to be cared for, loved, nurtured and to be as sweet as a baby to others. Especially considering other interests that are out there. You usually don't hear of someone using a diaper as a weapon or being injured by one. When you have something that involves cuddling teddy bears, wearing cartoon characters, twirling in baby doll dresses and finding the beauty in the simple to the not so simple things in life I am absolutely sure I can say is something very sweet. A dream is a wish your heart makes and when it is followed it can turn into something beautiful.
You have to be adult (only in age not in heart ^_~) as defined by your community to view this website. Infantilism can include a nonsexual side, and be child safe. It also can be discovered at a minor age, and this particular site is not mainly a sexual website but it can include sexual content that is not meant for minors. Since we cater to both people who consider it a completely non-sexual lifestyle to them, and others who consider it a sexy interest. We pride ourselves in doing it all in a safe, caring and responsible way.
Also while it should go without saying, Adult Baby play with sex is between consenting adults, and does not support nor condone the involvement of children in any way whatsoever. Infantilism is for those interested in adults who are in touch with their inner child, not the opposite way around. We strictly prohibit child porn on this site. So if you are looking for that then please leave.
Also it must be legal in your community to view adult content.
Parents, we strongly support parental controls on the Internet. If you are a parent and you want to block this site, please contact one of the following:
To be clear its completely okay if children are little girls at heart, no matter what gender or age, when they recognize its just at heart, its an individuality, and it makes them happy, but its not okay to view sites with sexual content until the legal age.
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