PG trying to be a happy baby
I am affraid to grow up and I really don't want to
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I'm Walt

 45 single never married a kid at heart never liked growing up
I wish I didn't  I would rather some how stayed as an infant or baby being
over protected and constantly mothered as much as possible

I reside in San Antonio TX  I am about  5 ft 7 at about 238 lbs brown hair green eyes
I have shaved legs shaved arms and shaved underarms and a shaved chest too and my private areas are also shaved completely and I have soft pretty pedicured bare feet and painted toenails yes my toenails are painted current color - Cherry Red

yes I have a nice very soft feminine side that I love I just love this website it helps me
to be always in contact with the baby I have always wanted to be when I am home alone I sometimes wear adult baby items that I am comfy in of coarse a nice baby shirt some very nice soft baby diapers in my size and sometimes I wear either black leather ballet slippers bare footed or some pink leather ones and I always love having my teddy bear with me and my pacifier too.

Growing up is something I never liked every day I come home from a lousy depressing job and I turn into an infant crying laying on my bed wanting my mom
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