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hay everyone its been a while since i updated and i just wanted to unload some life drama a little

well it turns out i must find myself a new place to live while i attend college im not to worried about it but i could be in better circumstances for sure. so for now ive had to put my cross-dressing habit on hold until i gain some stability in my life. ironically enough i still find myself wearing girly things when i need intense relaxation. my girlfriend has been an awesome strut of support for me. as for my schooling its going well i am taking anthropology and photography this term and enjoying it immensely.

and on yet another note i have seen all your suggestions such as getting myself a chastity device and ;p my girlfriend says no something about "you barely have a sex drive as it is" i must admit this is very true. but as a different question ^W^ i am wondering if any of you might have some advice on things i can do to be less ... well nervous while exploring my femininity. any advice is appreciated.

also looking for something fun to do as an interaction with people who see this blog while i cant take pictures i am more than happy to answer questions just so long as i feel they are safe for me to answer. looking forward to hearing from you all Bunny

p.s. i am considering talking to my girlfriend about using a different name when i am my feminine self some name suggestions might be nice ^W^ i don't know though its something i have never discussed with my girlfriend
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