All PG When i was young (fantasy)
A story about something i dreamt about doing when i was around 12...
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Before anything, big thanks (and hugs) to ~*Christie Luv*~ for fixing an error that wouldn't allow me to post in this section.
This is my first story i'm releasing,it is fictional, as in god-i-wish-this-actually-happened-to-me-at-that-age, and it's a story about something i dreamt about doing when i was around 12. I told myself to detail it as much i could and told myself not to care for length, sorry if it's long and/or has errors. Also i'm still correcting and changing some parts in the later chapters, since i typed it all in one session and i didn't have all that time to correct it.

Chapter?, let's call it chapter one

Ever since i was young boy i've had a fascination for how girls would dress-up, i was envious how they could wear dresses and other things and that i could not. This led me in trouble a couple of times when i was younger, but as i grew older, the desire to try on girls clothing only grew. I was 10 when my eldest cousin had her first baby, a girl, and when i first visited her i was actually jealous. She had all the attention, but what struck me the most is she was wearing diapers, now i knew what diapers where but until then i had not thought about them at all. After a while i started fantasizing what it would be like to wear a diaper, i started having flashbacks of what it used to be being helpless and in a nappy. I tried to bury the thought until they surged back when i was 12.

My cousin, who lived close to us, had invited my family over, and while my parents, sister and the couple would talk together, i would play with my toys. Now the baby's room was right next to the room i was in, and as curious as i was, i sneaked in it to see what it look liked. Once i entered, i was overwhelmed by the crib, i was actually thinking of taking a nap in it, obviously i didn’t, but as i kept snooping i saw a pink tissue fabric glaring and peeking from inside a drawer. I slowly and silently opened the drawer and like unfolding a present i slowly realized i was now staring at a pack of baby-pink diapers with Disney princesses plastered all over. My jaw dropped when i saw them, and i instantly picked a pair up and opened them. The inside was so smooth and tantalizing and the more i looked at them the more i wanted to wear them, so i decided i would and sneaked 2 pairs inside my toy backpack.

The rest of the day, i could only think about them, i was so nervous that at supper i dropped my glass of water on myself. Everyone teased me for it, and my cousin helped me clean up the mess. The problem was that my backpack was right next to me when i spilled the water, not only did i fear i had soiled the diapers, but that my cousin was now right next to it, and could open it to wash out the water only to find i had stolen some pink diapers. I was shacking nervous but i couldn’t let anyone know, fortunately my bag was just moved aside and the rest of the night went normally. When we got home, i took my backpack upstairs, my parents thought i was just going to drop my toys off, but as soon as my room door was closed i inspected to see if water had soiled that which i had now worked hard to get, which were as dry as they could be since no water had gone in the bag. Now i had to hide the diapers, so i took a blue bunny i had received as a gift, and opened the zipper in it's back. The opening was known by me and my mother, and at the time it was kind of our little secret. I would hide pretty much anything in there, but my prized pink trophy's would take pretty much all the space. I also wanted to try one pair on, oh how badly i wanted to try them on, but my bedtime was getting close, and i didnt want to risk it.

It took two days before i had the guts to actually reopen the bunny, but after almost getting caught by my sister, i had decided i would wait until an all-clear day, a day where my parents would be away and i would be babysat by my sister. Unfortunately it didn't seem it would happen anytime soon and i was getting frustrated as it had been a full week i had those and that i couldn’t try them on yet.

Chapter Two,  

A couple of days later, i was visiting my grandmother with my mother and was playing in the basement. Now grand-ma pretty much babysat the whole family at some points, and with the cousin working more and more, they had transformed the guest room as a baby-room because of the frequency she would babysit her baby. I was unaware of this at the time, and while playing adventure i had stumbled across that very room, the moment i opened the door i just froze, here was the one room i dreamed of encountering. I looked back to make sure no-one had seen me and entered the room as quietly as i could. There was only 2 pieces of furniture in the room, one was the crib and the other was a changing table, i now knew the changing table usually stored the diapers, and pretty much ran to it. When i opened up the first drawer, i was greeted by a multitude of white diapers, like i did with the pink ones, i took one up to examinate it closer.

It seemed even thicker than the pink ones, and there were heart shapes and toddler toys pictured all around-it. The fact that they weren't pink kinda disappointed me, but as i was looking over them my eyes drifted to the right of the drawer. Stacked on-top of each other were several pairs of plastic pants, at that time i didn’t really know what use they had, but remembered wearing them as a toddler myself. I placed the diaper onto the table and picked up the pants to examine them as well. Some were yellow others red or purple, but none really struck my interest, that is until i saw the last pair. They were something i had never seen before, but i immediately knew i wanted them. They were semi-opaque white and 4 rows of vinyl lace covered the rear and the lace itself had pink rows on them. My heart kept beating fast and suddenly reality hit me, what if someone came downstairs and saw me?

I rushed to the door and made sure i had a clear path, and at that moment i had an idea. The cleaning cabinet was across the hall from me, i could take a garbage bag and then hide it outside so i could bring everything home at night. I made sure to hide the diaper i had opened, and the plastic panties, and reset everything back to the way it was before i left the room. Closing the door behind me i walked straight for the closet, unfortunately grand-ma and mom were coming downstairs so i rushed back to my matchbox cars and feinted playing with them. Mom came down and told me grand-ma couldn't baby-sit me tonight, neither could my sister, and then proceeded to ask me if i it would matter if she had another baby-sitter over for me. Here i was overjoyed by the news, not only could i try on my diapers soon, but i could soil them too if i wanted as i had found another stash to replace them with, i obviously didn't show these emotions to mom, and told that it didn't really change anything. She was happy and told me that she and dad were going to a concert tonight, and that she would have a girl come over and babysit me for the night.

Chapter three, not so long yet is it?

After a while, they both went upstairs, and the minute the cost was clear, i jolted for the cleaning cabinet. Once back in the baby-room, i thought i should see if there were pack of diapers in the closet, as i didn't want my thievery to actually show. I opened the closet and was greeted by pretty much every hand-me-down the family had made. I moved the repetitive jeans and coats and found several packs of diapers, meaning i could take more than one and still be able to hide it. As i looked up to exit the closet my eyes grew big, as standing right in front of me was an old dress my sister used to wear when she was about my age. I remembered seeing her in pictures wearing this same dress, a pastel-yellow summer dress with a big yellow sash at hip level that ended in a big bow in the rear. The chest of the dress had a big sunflower printed on it, and the shoulder straps had prints of flowers on them as well. I nearly fell down when i saw it, and now i wanted it.

I unclipped it from the coat hanger and compared it with my shape in a near-by mirror, at first glance it seemed the dress would be too big for me, but i couldn't care less,so i folded it and stashed it into my black bag. I went back to the closet to see if i had missed any other treasure, i found more loot as a took a pair of coloured striped-pantyhose and a pair of mary-janes out, also including another red dress, which i didn't really look at when grabbing and just stashed into the bag. I then went back to the changing table and without looking, opened the second drawer. Now i had previously opened the first drawer, but the second drawer was where grand-ma had placed the baby-bottles and such. I quickly scouted the drawer and saw the baby powder on the left, now this wasn't something i could just take, so i pondered on how to get some without the huge bottle.

As i was wondering, i caught a glimpse of the pacifiers on the utmost right of the drawer, and like a pearl hidden in a oyster, there was this baby-pink pacifier with a bright yellow ring on top, naturally i just took it and stashed it, i then hid the bag in the corner and head for the cleaning cabinet for some baggies. I closed the door behind me and sneaked on towards the cabinet, until i heard footsteps coming down the stairs, i almost threw myself onto my toys, as i thought that it was mom coming down to tell me it was time to go. I nervously tryied to figure how to explain the bag or what will actually happen if she finds out i was stealing. As i was panicking nervously while playing, i heard a distinguishable coughing coming from the person, it didn't take long for the panic to settle, figuring that it was only grandpa. He greeted me and headed for his office, leaving me to play. I tryed to calm down as i headed for the cabinet once more, with sneakiness a spy would be proud of, i grabbed the necessary element and headed once more for my loot.

As i filled the baggie with baby powder, i tryed to make sure the bottle weight didn't change that much. After taking every precaution and making sure everything is as it was before i had came in, i pushed the bag outside through the window and hid it behind a bush. As it was almost night outside, i rapidly closed the window and while making sure there was almost no proof of me being in here, got outside the room and kept playing. All the meanwhile, i couldn't stop fantasizing about being in diapers AND in a dress. Within a half-hour, mother came down and we were off home. Since grand-ma lived directly across the street, after supper i sneaked back through the darkness and grabbed my bag and headed back home, i had made it back into my room unseen and hid the bag inside my closet. Mom and dad were too busy getting ready for their night and sis was still working the night shift, so it was rather easy to have snuck by them.

Chapter four

I waited for the moment the baby-sitter came to even do anything, by fear of getting caught, once the parents left she asked me what i wanted to do. She was a 16-year old girl, even at my age i could tell she was beautiful behind her glasses and her awkward ponytail, she had a smile that was comforting, but all i could think of was the fun of dressing-up. I told her i felt drowsy and she escorted me back to my room, she helped me into my nightwear and tucked me in. She closed the lights and headed for the living room to watch some TV, fortunately for me it was kinda loud.

For years i would steal my sisters clothing, but since she had 7 years more than me, most of the things were too big for me, i would mostly steal her skirt and some shirts, maybe sometimes her panties. I had came to know how mom knew i was awake, my door was the main problem, although it was well built and the seams usually hid the light well, there was a huge hole at the nottom that revealed light quite efficiently and so before anything, i took a very thick shirt and stuffed it so that i could use a flashlight. Now i didn't open my rooms light-bulb as the neighbouring bathroom would give me away if the baby-sitter would go potty.

Taking every precaution, since i didn't know this girl, i slowly headed for my closet. I had made an error in choosing how to transport my goods, as the garbage bag crinkled loudly, but the unhoped covering of the television muffled everything. I had took out one of the white diapers, the yellow dress, the pantyhose, and the shoes and headed for my bed. I got naked and laid the diaper on the floor. My heart beating frantically and i was shaking cold due to the stress i layed on the crinkly diaper. I opened up the baggie and powdered myself with the powder, the smell of it was intoxicating. Having a thin physique at the time, the diaper fit me almost perfectly, having a stretch to apply the tapes. I was so happy and excited i could've jumped from joy, ''i am wearing a diaper'' i told myself excitedly, i then proceeded to place the rainbow-striped pantyhose on my person. Once on i placed the dress's opening and shimmied into it, it fit perfectly, looking in the mirror, i looked like a real girl! I attached the sash and made as best a bow as i could and paraded in my room, content.

Now ever-since mom had told me i would be baby-sat that night, i hadn’t gone to the bathroom, anticipating soiling my diaper. I kept parading around hearing the muffled crinkle of my diaper, feeling the wind move my dress, i was as happy as i could've been. The feeling of wearing a diaper was beyond anything i ever wore, i loved it and loved the fact i didn't have to face the toilet anymore. However i really had to go, and so i tryed peeing. Unfortunately i couldn't, i was furious that i couldn't go, even though i really wanted to, and so i laid on my bum, legs wide open, and tryed again.

Chapter five

I had really tried to go, and having closed my eyes, tried once more. With a deceptive sigh i tried once more and opened my eyes and froze from terror. I was able to pee, but the light was on and the baby-sitter was leaning on the doorway giggling at me, at the same time that i was flooding my diaper , consequentially making it leak my pantyhose, clearly exposed to her. I place my hands to my face as i crumbled down and started crying. She cooed as she came to me, holding me in her arms, still giggling. I babbled as she rocked me in her arms, telling me that it was alright. I couldn't believe it, here i was dressed as a girl, with a diaper on and she was actually comforting me.

She helped me onto my feet and brought me to the bathroom, she then left me there sobbing. I didn't know what to do, or even how to react. When she came back she had my garbage bag in her hands, i was only expecting a scolding at that point. She asked me where i had gotten these, i answered that i had stolen them, how i had stolen them and from where, babbling throughout. She grinned at me, and told me that it was allright, she then helped me take off the dress and the soiled pantyhose. She went away and when she came back she had my bunny with her. I didn't know if she knew that the bunny was my treasure chest, yet she lovingly gave me my bunny and told me to lay on my back. She unfastened the tapes as i hid myself behind my toy, squeezing it tight.

She had now exposed me completely, and the helplessness and attention that i desired where slammed in me as i started crying again. She told me to just relax as she lifted my legs and dragged the soiled nappy from under me, she then wiped me with toilet paper and told me to get in the shower. She left me be as i showered off my own mess.

Chapter 6, ain't it done yet?

Once i was done, she asked me if she could come in as i toweled myself dry. I wrapped the towel around myself and answered yes, she came in and asked me why. All the long i was looking at the floor, i had to explain to this stranger why i dressed as a girl, why i yearned to wear diapers. I didn't try to lie as i still had a slight way out, she then told me that it was normal, not that normal to dress up or to steal just for it, but just to feel that way. She removed my towel with a firm tug and layed me on her knees, i hadn't anticipated it, i was caught off-guard as she spanked me hard. I squirmed but her grip was too firm, i had to take all that she gave me. She told me good boys shouldn't steal as she gave me 30 good whacks, my bum was pretty red afterwards.

I had taken the last 5 quietly sobbing, she then told me to lay on the ground. I should've been perplexed to why i had to lay on the ground, but the spanking was still shaking me to the core. She took out another diaper from the bag, and asked me if i wanted to wear it. I sobbingly said yes, but not that diaper i pleaded, as i opened my bunny to reveal my pink diaper's. She cooed about the cuteness of the diapers as she layed a towel underneath me. She powdered me once more and placed me into my girly diapers, she then took the plastic pants and helped me into them, cooing about how cute i looked. I was now diapered by someone else, at 12 years old, her comforting smile was still present, she was enjoying this much more than i could've known. She pulled the red dress from the bag, i had not truly seen it, but when it unfolded before me, my eyes grew once more. It was truly a spectacle that i had previously missed, and i wondered afterwards why i had even took it in the first place. She had layed it on the ground and left me to ponder.

I suddenly realized that i was diapered, my parents could come home at any time. When she came back, i pleaded her to not tell my parents. She answered me that i was hers for the whole night, as they would come back early in the morning. She then presented me a blonde wig she had taken from my mothers collection, and a makeup box, asking me if i truly wanted to be a girl tonight. I didn't know what else to respond, other then yes.

Chapter seven, come on this is getting long.

Even my own sister would've never done this to me, she helped me into the red dress, a dress that looked liked the one Dorothy had in wizard of oz, only red and white. It had a peter-pan collar edged in lace, well in fact the whole thing was edged in lace. It had short puffy sleeves and had several petticoats attached to it, making it very big once unfolded. She proceeded to zip up the back and then placed the wig on my head, the minute i turned around and looked in the mirror, i looked like a doll. The dress did have one problem, you could clearly see my diaper since the dress was short enough to end near my hips. I placed on the mary-jane shoes as she then placed makeup on my face, making sure to really make it look girly.

She patted me on the bum as she told me to get to the living-room, i obeyed as she sat me in front of the television, she then proceeds to tell me her new rules: Potty is only in the diaper, since you wanna be a sissy baby, i'm going to make you into one, When i'm over i WILL put you in diapers and dress you up as I see fit, you will eat from a ba-ba and when not eating you will suck on your pacifier like a good girl, if you don't its 25 spanks, be grouchy and its 10 spanks, don’t obey and it's 50, got it? Now since i'm getting paid this time, i'm going to get you real girly stuff, i'm going to be your baby-sitter from now on, but you call me mama, or else it's 5 licks. I'm not going to tell anyone if you don't tell anyone that we are doing this, i don't get many kids that are this adorable or that don't cause any trouble like you, and since you like dress-up, we'll be playing alot more.

Everything i've wanted was before me, and yet i was kinda scared. I knew i could tell my parents she had spanked me, but she could just as well reveal i stole things, dressed-up as a girl, wore diapers and actually soiled them. I had decided that i would be better off with her, but when i wanted to answer she placed the pacifier in my mouth.

Chapter eight, ok its the last one, i think

She let me stay up late, and i actually had a good time. She even told me her story, how she never had siblings, how she liked playing dress-up, so she would treat me like her little sister. When it came time to go to sleep, she removed all my makeup and helped me into my nightwear, only i was still wearing a diaper and still had a pacifier. In the morning i really had to pee, i got up and went to the bathroom, unfortunately she was waiting for me, and as soon as i pulled down my pants, she had bursted in and gave me a good 25 licks, and proceeded to tell me '' mama is still here, sissy baby's aren't grown-up enough to use the toilet!!'', i had actually forgotten that she was here and as soon as i wanted to protest she popped the pacifier back into my mouth and told me to get to the kitchen. Once there she spoon-fed me applesauce and then gave me a baby-bottle full of milk. We went to the living-room and i had to suckle the bottle till it was empty, once there she told me good girl and kissed me on the cheekm i blushed from it, making her giggle. After a little while, i really needed to pee again and as we were watching morning cartoons, i just let go and peed my diaper.

The warm fluid and the diaper, this was the feeling i was yearning for, and now i just had to be baby-sat if i needed to feel it again.

Her name was Amy, but mama became my baby-sitter, she even offered to baby-sit me for free since i was a good kid, my parents ate it up, they still payed her from time to time, but she would just buy stockings, or diapers or dresses or baby-things, but as surprising as it is, they weren't just for me. When i was 14, she surprised me by wearing a diaper herself, but alas like anything, it had and end.
I was getting too old for normal diapers, and we were growing apart. I started having feelings for girls other than their clothing, and it was normal. We parted ways but i'll never forget her, and i doubt she would me.

'*sigh!* that was long '3', i could've gone for a longer story, but i didn't feel like there was enough backbone to build off of it. I do hope you enjoyed as much as i did writing it :D.
Again, sorry for any errors in there, this was all typed in one session and i didn't have all that time to correct it., since i didn't want to lose too much time doing this, (a day i could wear nappies D: )
And once more, this is fictional, didn't happen, although like many, i wish it did. Took real facts, like my grand-ma did baby-sit a lot and lived across from us, i just made a story around them ;)
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Mina Silverwind
A nice story to say the very least, I wish you well in all facets of your writing, and life.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Added chapter four, and thank you very much mina, your kind words are very welcomed and i offer you a great big hug :D
I do promote the wearing of what feel's right, not what they want you to wear!
More please! This is a very cool sotry, and I really hope the babysitter finds out and plays along ;)
Lots of tight and long hugs!
Added chapter five, i've been busy so i couldn't upload, in any case hope you like it, and thank you all for your kind words, once more hugs and kisses :D
I do promote the wearing of what feel's right, not what they want you to wear!
Added the final chapters, i must say that re-reading it makes me feel like i ended it pretty abruptly, but like mentioned, i didn't see much point in continuing
I do promote the wearing of what feel's right, not what they want you to wear!
thakey yow for te story
 Princess are kind, brave, beautiful and determined they can do or be anything 
even change the world.  

 All girls are princess what you see in the Mirrors doesn't define you.
It doesn’t meter if you weren't born a girl. As long as your one at heart you too
are a princess 

Short and sweet. Just the way I like it but... It would have been nice to see another chapter or so but unfortunately this story has reached it's limit.

Great work!!:)
Before you can judge others, first you must judge yourself.
That was a good story, SDL, and fun to read. :-) I could easily see myself in the role.


wonderful fantasy and story, loved it from start to finish keep up the great work thank you
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