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Such a lot had happened since I left Michael after I caught him dressing up as a baby girl.
I had lived with his sister  Kim and my best friend Dr Jan both had been very supportive and helped me find my way.
Kim and I business had taken off and we both had been very busy around the country.
All three of us had been following stories about adult babies , mainly using web pages my husband had been following on his laptop which was in my hands.
I had made the decision that I would keep my husband for awhile as a baby girl and let him see just how boring it would be being a baby.

Michael was like putty in my hands begging to get back with me. I decided to go around to the house and have dinner with him.
All went as planned I went looking great with a short skirt on and nice blouse that showed off my breasts.
We had a nice meal, he sure was a great cook. Then after a few wines I dropped my bomb shell.
If he wanted to get back it would be on my terms. I would be boss in all matters, he would give up work and sell everything in the house that I did not take, he would sell his car and motorbike, golf clubs and all the boy toys.
Then lastly he would become my baby under my control for as long as I said so.

He was shocked but agreed after trying to get out of the baby deal. He got real upset but I was strong and said lump it or leave it , that is what is going to happen.
He said if you sell the house where are we going to live.
Who is selling , I'm leasing it out and where we live is of no concern to you as very soon you will be dependant on me for all things.

I gave him a hug and like all males he thought he could take me to bed. I let him get all excited. He led me to the bedroom and I forced him on his knees.  I took my panties down and said to him you know what to do and he did and like always he soon gave me a orgasm one that I had not had for awhile. We got on the bed and he had his little cock out. I held it and gave him a few stroke before saying That's it that's all you are getting until you can prove yourself.
I stood up straighten my skirt and said you will wash my panties Good bye and don't stretch them.

I walked out to my car and drove to Jan's place , she was still up and wanted all the news.

Michael of coarse rang up the next morning , just after I brought a new house, and said he had given notice and would start selling everything as soon as I had told him what I wanted to keep.

Well now I was on the way the house had a quick settlement on it.  It was close to town, had a pool and a secluded back yard, It had four bedrooms, nice kitchen and entertainment area and it was in lovely street lined with mature trees .

I wont bore you with all the details but three months latter after the normal , new paint, carpets and furniture all was ready for Michael who was pleading with me to come and live with me.

Us three girls had so much fun getting his nursery ready with big baby furniture, all his baby needs, from nappies to plastic pants.
We had even employed a women dress maker to come and sew some baby dresses and all sorts of things.
Kim had arranged all that and we fitted Sonia into our business so she had a full time job but had good hours to look after her two high school girls.

All was ready for the big day.

Chapter 2

I went around to pick up Michael he was ready with all his bags packed. I took him out to my new SUV which our company had brought. Michael was going to get in the front of the car but I opened the side door and pointed to the overgrown child seat and said this will be your seat in the car. He was about to say something when I said it starts now if you want me you will do it.
He got into the seat and I buckled him in, then produced a nice new adult dummy and place it in his mouth.
Once you are given this it must be sucked at all times, no speaking and it can only be removed by an adult nod if it is clear.
He did nod his head and that's when I noticed tears in his eyes.
Don't worry about your big boy clothes I will get them sent to a charity shop along with anything else in the house.
Off we went , I drove off with mine and Michael's window down just encase any neighbours where watching. 
It took us about an hour to get to my new place, Michael was good and never took his dummy out and did not speak a word.
I pulled up in my garage and went and unbuckle him out of his seat. I helped him out and he followed me into the house.
I took his hand and gave him a tour of the house. When we got to the bedrooms upstairs I showed him my bedroom and said this is mommies bedroom , I let him in to have a look around, then I showed him the bedroom on the left of mine which was a guest bedroom, I showed him the other bedroom and said this is your sisters room and when she is in town she lives with mummy. After that I showed him the bathroom and then went back to my bedroom and opened the nursery door opposite my room. This will be your room Michael until you grow up. He went inside and I don't know wether he was secretly overjoyed or just dumbfounded.
He looked over the room as I pointed out things. This is the changing table, this is your cot and look at all these baby clothes hanging in your wardrobe. I took his dummy out so he could speak, he said I don't want to be a baby anymore I just want to be your husband.
Well I said that's too bad you now have to earn that right. Now we are going down stairs and I will let you swim in the pool seeing its so hot and seeing you were such a good boy for me. Then its lunch and nap time for you. If you are good I will let you up after nap time for some play time before bedtime.
Here you are put your dummy back in your mouth and mommy will help you get your swimmers on that I have for you. I undressed him and got this lovely new pair of dicky togs which were greenish and white frills around the leg openings and had two rows of frills across the backside.
I helped him into them as I did I noticed that I would have to attend to his pubic hairs at some stage. I also noticed that he was excited with his little fellow standing out.
I led him to my bedroom and told him to sit on the bed While I went into my bedroom to put my bikini on just keeping the door open a little bit so he was breaking his neck to see me changing.
I took him down stairs showed him the lounge and the dinning room letting him also get a look at his highchair and playpen set up.
He looked so cute in his frilly swimmers and out we went to the pool where we both had a swim he could not do too much as he was still sucking on his dummy which was good to see.
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