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This is a story about a girl named April and her desire to gain the love and attention of her parents.
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This is my first story so all criticism is welcome. I also plan to write a second chapter if the first one is well enough liked.

Lastly, I would like to note that this story is not in any way, shape or form intended as sexual. It is about the love that many of us have craved from our parental figures and for some, what started our bond with diapers.

Now that that is out of the way, on with the story! I hope you like it.

April was an average girl; she had looks, money and friends. But the one bare essential that she didn't have was, love.

This love could not be bought or brought upon by sexual feelings; no this was a more of a basic necessity of life, the love of her parents. I mean sure they didn't hate her or anything and at times she thought herself lucky to have grown up with two parents. It was just she never was paid any attention anymore ever since the BABY arrived.

Her little sister Chloe, now 3 had been getting all the attention ever since April was 13. Well tonight was April's 16th birthday and today of all days was no different. On her sweet sixteenth she was sat at the table ready to blow out the candles of her birthday cake. Where were her parents you ask, in the lounge room with Chloe, lavishing her with the attention that April craved so much. The thought of this made her sad. It was such a depressing thought.

“Well, I guess I better get this over with now, it’s not like they’re gonna come in here anytime soon…” sighed April.

“I wish I had their attention, even just for a day would be nice” and then she gently blew out the candles.

The rest of a night after that seemed to be a blur. April couldn’t recall a thing and when she opened her eyes, she was tucked into her bed.

“I must have gone to bed afterwards I guess” she thought to herself.

She wondered if it was even worth getting up, no one would notice anyway. That in mind she decided to roll into a more comfortable position and continue to sleep. As she rolled over, she heard a distinct crinkle. That distinct crinkle belonged to her younger sister Chloe.

“She must have decided to sneak into my room again.” April thought. “I’ll teach her!”

“Chloe, I know you’re here so get out of my room!” but there was no answer.

“Come on Chloe, I’m not stupid. I could hear your diaper crinkle from a mile away.” But again, the room was void of sound.

“Okay then. If you won’t come out, I’ll have to come and find you!” April said with a menacing smile. Truth be told, she didn’t hate her sister. Quite the opposite actually, she loved playing with her. One of their favourite games to play was hide and seek. Chloe would hide somewhere as obvious as always and then she would find her although she liked to have a bit of fun with her though.

As she got up and out of bed, she heard the distinctive crinkle again.

“Oh where oh where could she be…? Maybe she’s under the… BED!” she said and peeked underneath but Chloe was not there.

“Hmm, she must have gotten a bit better at this game.” April thought.

As April snuck over to the Wardrobe she said “Well, you’re not under the bed so maybe your hiding in, the wardrobe!” and flung the door open but all that was there were some dusty clothes.

“Man she has gotten way better. It’s like she isn’t even here…” April said aloud. “Ah ha, she must have left when I wasn’t looking. It would explain the constant crinkling I heard.”

“Pretty sneaky sis but I’m on to you. Better look out cause here I come!”

April sprinted into the lounge room, the sound of her sister’s diaper crinkling ringing through her ears the whole time. April searched every nook and cranny she thought possible that Chloe might be able to hide in but to no avail. She just couldn’t be found. But then why could April always hear that infernal crinkling sound? It was driving her crazy!

“No fair Chloe, you can’t keep moving hiding places!” April whined. “That’s cheating!”

Because the kitchen and her parent’s room were out of bounds when playing hide and seek, there was only one place where Chloe could be hiding that April hadn’t check, Chloe’s room. She slowly crept forwards until the door was mere inches from her hand. The crinkling had once again ceased and the air was filled with silence.

“Now I’ve got you…” April said as she grasped the door handle. She pushed the door open and leapt inside.

“Ah… Huh?” April was confused. Completely and utterly gob smacked. Chloe was not hiding anywhere at all. On the contrary, she was fast asleep, tucked tightly into her toddler’s bed.

“How could she be asleep if she was playing hide and seek with me?” She muttered to herself.

“But she couldn’t have been, the bed is tucked in and there is no way that she could tuck herself back in… But where was the crinkling coming from?” At that moment, April felt sick to her stomach, she didn’t want to think it possible but it could be the only answer. She slowly turned to her right and lifted her head to meet the gaze of her reflection.

She grasped the sides of her pajama bottoms and with one final deep breath dropped them to her feet.
Her greatest fears were met. Wrapped tightly around April’s waist was one of Chloe’s diapers. It was a tight fit but April’s slim waist managed to fit into the confines of the diaper. So many questions were flying through her head.

“Why am I wearing one of Chloe’s diapers? Why didn’t I realize it earlier? How could I not feel it?”

April couldn’t comprehend all these thoughts at once and broke down into a blubbering mess. April's mother, Joan, hearing crying over the baby monitor, rushed into the nursery to see what the problem was. April was having a panic attack when her mother came in to see her little baby in dismay. Joan easily picked April up checked to see what the problem was. April was confused to say the least as to how or why her mother managed to pick her up with ease but at the same time a part of her didn't care.

The child in side of her that for so many years wanted that attention didn't care and was just happy to be in her mother's arms, she just wanted to be consoled and held.

"Shhhh, it’s okay sweetie, everything will be okay. Mummy’s here to make it all better." Her mother said in a sweet and syrupy tone that is only reserved for young children. Once April had calmed down and her crying had reduced to just sniffling, Joan started to speak once again.

“How bout we go into the lounge so we don’t wake your sister sweetie, hmm?” April nodded her head and they left together into the lounge room.

Once Joan had sat down on the couch, she moved April onto her lap and lifted her chin so that their eyes met.

“Okay sweetie, so what is the problem?” Joan asked with concern.

“W-w-why am I w-wearing a d-diaper?” April hiccupped between words still trying to gain composure.

“Because you had an accident yesterday, remember? I know you may be a little upset about having to wear diapers again but we can try potty training in a few months, okay?”

“What are you talking about? I AM potty trained and I don’t need diapers either!” April said a little louder and whinier then she had attended.

“It’s okay April, you just need a little more time to get used to knowing when you need to go. And besides, wearing diapers isn’t that bad.”

“Yes they are!”

“Oh really? Are your diapers not comfy?”

That made one April stop and think. She had never really thought that far into it. It’s not something that you would usually be thinking about once you discover that you’re wearing one. Not that this situation was one that she would usually find herself in that is.

She curiously touched the foreign padding around her waist with her hand. It crinkled as she ran her hand across the outside of the padding. Although it was a tight fit, it was actually very comfortable. She gave her bottom a little wiggle and sighed with content as the diaper caressed her behind. It was just so thick and soft and much more comfortable than her normal underwear.

“I guess they are kinda comfy” April replied meekly.

“And you don’t have to worry about going to the potty whenever you’re busy.” Joan said.

“I could see how that could be convenient…” April said to herself aloud.

“And do you know what the best thing about wearing diapers is, hmmm?” Joan asked not waiting for an answer. “You get all the special love and attention from Mummy and Daddy when we change you! Joan finished with glee.

“Really!?” shouted April nearly bursting one of her mother’s ear drums. It had seemed as though she had awoke from a sad depressing dream into a land where her parents loved and cherished her as much as her sister.

“Of course sweetie!” Replied Joan smiling and her daughters enthusiasm to her new predicament. “See, wearing diapers sounds pretty good now doesn’t it?”

“It sure does! If those are all the benefits of wearing diapers then I never want to be potty trained!” April announced.

“That’s okay sweetie, you can wear diapers for as long as you like.” “Now that that is out of the way and by the looks of it, you’re feeling better, are you hungry?”

Normally by this time of morning, April would have eaten something and was actually quite hungry so she nodded her head in agreement. If April was to know what was to happen next she may have decided to say no.

"I'm glad you’re hungry sweetie because Mummy’s a little sore today" Her mother said.

April's face was an array of confusion as to what her Mother’s comment meant. As she was mulling over her thoughts, she was oblivious to what her mother was doing. When she looked up however, her confusion was replaced with fear as Joan had raised her shirt and released her right breast from her robe.

April struggled in vein as she was easily adjusted so that her head was adjacent to her breast. "Come on April, drink up" said Joan guiding April's mouth towards the awaiting nipple. "Mum! What the hell are you doi-" But she was cut off as the nipple was jammed into her mouth. Resist as she may, April was fighting a losing battle.

As the nipple glided gently over her tongue and cheek, she tried once more to break free from her mother’s grip. However, her mother's somehow super human strength thwarted any plans of escape. In her last hope of freeing herself, she bit down on the intruding nipple. While it did bring her mother some minor pain, it only sealed her fate as breast milk filled her mouth and the sweet tasting nectar slid over her tongue and down her throat.

At that moment, an infantile urge swept over her as she could not control her childish feelings anymore. She had to have that milk, she NEEDED it! But most of all, although she never in a million years would ever admit to it, she didn't just need her mother's milk, She WANTED it! Because with that milk came the unconditional love from a mother to its child, the one thing she had wanted more than ever.

April, no longer able to contain herself eagerly nursed from her mother's breast.

"Ease up April, there's plenty of milk here for you." Joan said noticing the increased pace of her daughter’s nursing.

As she drank the milk, tears started to form in her eyes. Not because she was upset but because her dreams had finally came true. Joan, noticing the tears trailing down her daughter’s face, gently removed her from her nipple and raised her to eye level.

"What’s wrong sweetheart?" Joan asked concerned.

April’s reply was short but seemed to be the only thing that could express how she was feeling at that moment… "I love you!' She loudly whispered.

Joan was overcome by her daughter’s pledge of love and too started to become emotional replying simply with "I love you too!" and hugged her tight.

After a few seconds Joan asked "Are you still hungry?" to which April replied with a nod of the head and a lick of the lips. "Okay sweetie, I’ll just move you onto the other breast then" said Joan as she undid the other side of her bra. Once available, April hungrily latched onto the other nipple and suckled down the last of hers mother’s milk.

Satisfied that April had finished, her mother once again pulled April into a hug and started to rub April’s back in a circular motion. Joan’s action was met with a good natured belch that brought a smile to both the girl’s faces. After April had been burped, Joan cradled her daughter in her arms and warmly smiled down to her.

April was delighted to see her mother smiling; it always made her happy to see that loving smile. They both sat there for what felt like hours, enjoying the warmth of each other’s body. The silence was finally broken by the cute yawning of April. All this morning’s events had really drained her of all her energy and as she lay in her mother’s embrace, every bit of her being felt at peace.

Joan looked up from her daughter to the clock on the wall in the lounge and was surprised. They had sat in silence for almost 2 hours.

“I think I know a little girl who needs a nap.” Joan said with a mischievous smile.

April wanted to protest but knew it would be a futile. She was becoming increasingly sleepy and it was getting harder and harder to keep her eyes open. Joan readjusted April back onto her hip in a hugging formation and carried her back to April’s room.
When they arrived in April’s room, Joan gently placed her daughter on her bed and then quickly checked her diaper. After she had found that it was clean, she pulled the covers over her daughter and tucked here back in and then sat on the edge of her bed as she gently stroked the hair from her face.

"Nitey-nite Sweetie." said Joan.

"Nitey-nite mummy, I love you" April said while fighting away yawns.

"I love you too sweetie, have a nice nap" her mother replied.

April with a belly full of warm milk and a heart full of love could no longer stay awake. Before she slipped into slumber land she looked into the eyes of her mother one last time. What she saw was no doubt what she had always wanted…

Unconditional love.
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Awww! That's so sweet!
emma wotson
I love it. its so sweet i wish that were me. please more!
Aww I love it, can't wait to see your next work
I am SOO excited to see that my first story has finally been posted!  

I really hope for those of you that have read my story so far really did enjoy it and didn't just say that to be nice.

If enough people really do want another chapter, then I can make it happen. It all comes down to reader support.

Thanks for reading ^_^
Before you can judge others, first you must judge yourself.
I vote for another chapter I really enjoyed it

 I vote for another chapter I really enjoyed it  

I agree please post another chapter
wonderful story, the kind of gentle babying that I wish was more common. You are a gifted writer and I hope you continue to share with us.
Thank you, it really pleases me to hear you say that. You commented on what you liked about my story which I know can be hard when you don't have much of a story to work off of and most importantly, you didn't demand another chapter.

It is comments like that that make me or just about any writer want to continue to write these stories.
Before you can judge others, first you must judge yourself.

 wonderful story, the kind of gentle babying that I wish was more common. You are a gifted writer and I hope you continue to share with us.  

Thank you, it really pleases me to hear you say that. You commented on what you liked about my story which I know can be hard when you don't have much of a story to work off of and most importantly, you didn't demand another chapter.

It is comments like that that make me or just about any writer want to continue to write these stories.
Before you can judge others, first you must judge yourself.

 Thank you, it really pleases me to hear you say that. You commented on what you liked about my story which I know can be hard when you don't have much of a story to work off of and most importantly, you didn't demand another chapter.

It is comments like that that make me or just about any writer want to continue to write these stories.  

I'd of course, love another chapter, or at least, another story in a similar vein :) These "maternal love" stories are what I look for, and they are few and far between. Its a shame, really. I've considered trying to start a forum dedicated to this theme only, but considering the scarcity of material, I doubt there would be enough interest to support it.
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