XXX TV's First Sissy Soap
The complete dossier on how the first soap all about sissies hit our screens, with an intimate portrait of its stars and the mastermind behind its success
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       The name is Lyndon P Smart.
Two years back, I won overnight recognition with my groundbreaking tv documentary on lesbians. Since then, I've been involved with a few failed projects and my career's been on hold. However I saw a chance to revive my career when Elmer Q Cougar, an executive producer at Belly Television contacted me.
The station had launched its big soap, Girls of Sassy Towers about four months ago, but it was doing badly in the ratings, and he reckoned I was the man to revive the program.
  I'd never watched the show, though friends told me it wasn't very good, even though the outline synopsis that Elmer sent look promising to me.
 Set in an exclusive finishing school in Switzerland in the 1960s, twelve mature girls, ages 19-21, are being instructed in the art of coming out, as ladies. In charge was the headmistress with one assistant, also seen periodically in the story were the one cook/cleaner, and local lads in the town. I noted it
was an all female school staff.

Character actress Jane Grayson starred as Miss Prim the 60 year old headmistress, and
rising talent Ally Thomson co-starred as Miss Fay Jones, her 26 year old aide.
To keep in budget, the stories focused on one of the three dormitories of girls, the other eight girls were mere extras.
I didn't know any of these actresses, though nearly all were actually older than the age of the pupils they were portraying. Sue Browning played Holly Moon,
Eira Watkins was her twin sister Jassy Moon,
Lita Paulson was Amanda Cook,
and Jayne Fielding, aged 19, who was Stacey Sampson.
Transmission times for the show were Tuesdays and Fridays at 7pm. Scripts were handed out about a week in advance of the show, in fact the next three stories (nos 31 to 33) were already taped.
So I settled down with Elmer himself to watch the tape of this evening's Friday transmission (story 30), and the sham dialog made me cringe.
Holly and Jassy had been 'gated' by Miss Prim for seeing local boys without chaperones, a heinous crime indeed! But they creep out that night to dance at the coffee bar in the town a mile away, where they are surprised to notice Miss Jones conversing with an Asian woman. Stacey, a goody goody, sees it as her
duty to inform Miss Prim of her roommates' indiscretion. Amanda, who is much more introverted, tells the sisters what Stacey has done. "We'll get her for this," swears Holly, before the credits roll.

"What you think, eh?" Elmer asks dubiously.
"It's pretty grim, "I admit, "though it isn't my sort of show. It certainly needs spicing up."
"Yeah, but how?"
"Well, if I'm to take it on, I must have carte blanche."
"Carte what? Oh yeah, you can develop it any way you want, though the station bosses say we can't afford new sets, or change of country, we've spent a small fortune on film clips in Switzerland, and building in our studios the three main
stages- you saw 'em, the dormitory, the classroom and Miss Prim's study. Say, I did have one notion, what you think if we introduce a transvestite?"
I politely acknowledge his only idea. It wasn't a bad one, if I was honest. But I'd been thinking about my big hit documentary, and was thinking thru the idea of having a lesbian. But I didn't reveal my hand.
"The first thing we've gotta do, Elmer, is get the transmission times changed. If we can't do that we're sunk. 7pm is no good for your great notion, we couldn't deal with it in much of a realistic way with a family audience watching. No, you
negotiate a late evening time, and I'll take on the project."

Some frantic phone calls, a long hours' pause for a response during which  I mull over the synopses of the next three stories, then the go ahead!
"The week after next, they'll switch it to Tuesdays and Fridays at 10.30pm. If the ratings haven't picked up in five weeks, they've decided to take the show off."
"Great, that gives us enough time to make a go of it. Let me bounce my initial thought to you. I propose we show next Tuesdays show, no 31, then  show 32 with some very minor alterations in the last Friday 7pm slot. I've in mind
altering a couple of scenes that might take half an hour to shoot.
Then when we move to our late evening slot, scrap the show 33 that you've taped, sorry, and we'll tape its replacement the Friday previously, that's a week today. That'll give me time to sort out the three scriptwriters tomorrow, and we'll present their new version of 33 when I meet the team for the first time
next Monday morning."
"I'll tell the cast about the changes," offered Elmer.
"No, don't do that. Tell them the work schedule is staying the same, Mondays to Fridays as usual, and tell them the show's moving to a 10.30 slot, but I need to sort in my own mind where we're going, so I'll put them fully in the picture on Monday."

"Good morning everybody," I breezed in facing an atmosphere of some suspicion. The elderly director/producer had been summarily dismissed, a nice old boy whom I know everybody liked, but a flop is a flop.
"I'll give you news about your lines for the next show shortly. In future, we will email you them, that will give you more time to get prepared than you've been used to, with first rehearsal usually being Monday."
"But," objected the star Jane (Miss Prim), "one hasn't an email address and anyway one never works weekends."
"Get one," I snapped, "and if you can prepare your lines Monday mornings, that's fine, as long as you make a better job of delivering them than you did in the last show. That stumble when Stacey snitched on the sisters, you did cover it up well, but it lost the menace that you should have got across."
The door slammed. Our leading lady had walked out.
"Shall I fetch her back?" asked a worried Elmer, who was sitting in, just for this first session.
"Don't bother." I had wanted her out, even though she was a drawing name for the series. I liked her old movies if it came to it. But she was wrong for the direction we were going.
"Anyone else wanna go?" I looked round challenging each of the actresses in turn. "You must have guessed we've gotta change, and we've not got too long to do it. Otherwise we'll be off air, and we'll all be looking for new employment."
"Okay," I continued, "I'll ask the question again in a mo. I don't wanna lose anyone else, you'll be pleased to hear, one reason being that it would mean more work finding new cast, and I'm confident you lot can put a good show together."
Ally (Miss Jones), interrupted my flow.
"We'll all do our best Mr Smart."
"Thanks. Call me Lyndon, babe."
"Yes, er, Lyndon, we all knew the show was in trouble. I think, I mean I hope, we all want to make a go of it."
There was a general nodding of heads.
"However," pursued Ally who looked like your typical belligerent redhead, but pretty with it, "what makes you confident you can make Sassy Towers a success? You can't claim to have gotten a name in tv soaps. Surely there were some more experienced guys who could have taken the helm?"
"Out of order," cried Elmer.
"No, fair point," I conceded, and to mollify her latent opposition, I chipped in with a decision I and the scriptwriters had made over the weekend. "We think you'll make a good focal point for the program, so we are promoting you to co-star status."
"Well, I am sort of that anyway."
"Yeah, but second billing, babe, second billing to Lady Grayson who's out now. Do you wanna have co-star status or no?"
"Of course, but who's starring with me?"
Some of the girls leaned towards me, more in hope than anything. None were brilliant actresses, though passable and pretty.
"Okay, you wondered why I've landed the job. I can see potential here, really I can. I always say, work to your strengths. I'll confess I haven't had the chance recently, but now I have carte blanche," Elmer nodded wisely comprehending, "I'm using my experience gained in my acclaimed documentary, to introduce a
lesbian into the storyline."
Pause for the news to sink in, the girls giggling among themselves, Ally looking stern, the cook might be ready to storm out.
"She's Hue Wong, who appeared briefly in last Friday's story as Lotus Flower. She's an accomplished actress, I caught up with her last Saturday, and though this is her first big part, I believe she'll win the viewers over."
"But why a lesbian?" queried Ally and cook together.
"Because she is," I stated, "and because the late night storylines will offer us a freer approach to sexual themes."
Another pause. More animated conversation.
"Okay," I shouted them down after a minute. "The last change..."
"I'm not working with this Hue," complained young Jayne Fielding (Sharon) sullenly. 
"That's a very outdated attitude," I responded angrily. "You will work with her. I guess you're that way 'cos you're jealous of the other girls getting all the scenes with boys?!"
"I won't do it." She quit, storming out, her ears burning at my jibe, surely expecting someone else to support her protest, or at the very least Elmer to beg her to return.
"Anyone else going?" I challenged them. "As I say, Elmer and I don't want to lose any more of you, but it's your choice."
No-one else moved, though cook was close to doing so.
"Okay, I was mentioning one more change, we were gonna introduce in a few weeks, but likely with Sharon quitting, we'll bring it forward.  It's Elmer's notion of a transvestite in the school. I've an actor in mind, I'll be contacting him today."
A third opportunity for discussion among the cast.
"That's it," I ended breezily. Your schedule for this week will be handed you after lunch. There will not now be a script emailed  until first thing Wednesday. But some good news, so the production team can regroup, this afternoon and tomorrow you have free. That's all."
I walked over to Sue Browning (Holly) who was the acknowledged leader of the girls, a slim, elegant, tall blonde with a smiling face.
"I know all you four girls room together. Would you consider offering the new actor in your Sassy Towers dormitory the chance to live with you?"
Sue and her screen sister Eira (Jassy)- the pair did look very much alike- looked at each other.
"I know," I quickly continued, "that Sharon might still be living with you, but the fact that you all live together makes for a great onscreen chemistry."
This was soft sawder, though there might be a grain of truth. It won them round.
"Thanks," I smiled at the three girls, "see you Wednesday."

Scripts were emailed very early Wednesday, for the first new story as well as the rescripted scenes in show 32.
In this, the original story 32 introduces Stacey's uncle who has called to see Stacey and then complain to the headmistress about her bullying by the sisters.
I used this storyline to make him also bring his other niece Frances, who is really Francis, and played by actor James Radford Corrigan, with whom I'd worked  previously. When I was first introduced to him, I was struck by his girl-like appearance, though I found out my mistake quickly.
In the story, we made Stacey's uncle bring Frances to show her round the school. We needed to make shots of this action, and as she likes it so much, she asks him if she could be a pupil here. Since uncle is, on our new script line, withdrawing Stacey because of the bullying, he promises to ask Miss Prim if Frances could join.
At the end of the story, we hear Frances has been accepted by the headmistress, but as the good news is relayed to her by Miss Jones, we hear a gunshot.
"Miss Jones," Holly bursts in, "Stacey's gone mad. She was so angry at being taken away, she blamed Miss Prim, and has shot her!"
It was corny, but the best we could concoct that was practicable and easy to shoot.

But most of our energies that important Wednesday were devoted to the first new complete story.
When I reached the studio, I was accosted by the three girls, Sue Browning (Holly), Eira (Jassy), and Lita (Amanda). They were very excitable, their objections related to Lita's part. Sue spoke for her,
"Lita's not happy with that final scene, Mr Smart."
"Lyndon, please, Sue."
"Lyndon. Sorry. Lita doesn't mind acting with the lesbian…"
She was referring to Hue (Lotus Flower) who is introduced joining the staff as assistant to the acting headmistress Miss Jones.
"…but she refuses to be seen naked on screen."
"Is that how you feel, Lita?" I looked down at the petite Lita directly.
"Oh yes, I'm not paid to bare myself on screen."
"Fair enough. I was going to tell you that a bonus will be paid, in recognition that this is over and above. However…"
"Oh, that's different," interrupted Lita, "I'll do it. I'll do it well too."
"Lita," Sue turned to her, "you said 'not under any circs!"
The wind taken from their sails, I made an apology to Lita, for not warning her- blame it on pressure of time.
To the assembled, I introduced Hue (Lotus Flower), she'd only met Ally previously in the scene they did together.
I also introduced James Corrigan (Frances), the girls took to him and I guess they were pleased they were sharing their rooms with a man. I also announced to all the staff that it would be policy to ask if they were willing to act in nude scenes, and/or sex scenes as far as permitted by the censor, for both of which
additional payments will of course be made.

Rehearsals went well, we had shot the new scenes for Friday's story before we went home at six o'clock, giving my assistant and editor plenty of time to rejig Friday's program.
My writers had gallantly worked overtime, so by 7am Friday morning, ahead of schedule, script 34 had been emailed for the second new story, a week in advance of screening, and ready for a first reading before we left for the weekend.
Before then, we had to tape the complete program 33.

The freedom of a later transmission time, enabled us to introduce a new ambience into the school.
Having reported Sharon had been arrested for Miss Prim's murder, and having showing Miss Jones taking charge, we kept the original storyline with the two sisters. I liked their characters and in this story they'd argued with poor
Amanda who refused to make up a threesome with lads at the coffee bar. A small set showed the two begging their boyfriends not to break their date just because Amanda had chickened out. They had been planning an (unspecified) orgy, which they can't do because of Amanda. They get their own back by strapping Amanda to a bedpost in the dormitory and whipping her. The
original script couldn't show this scene but we could, and did so in lurid detail.
From then on, we scrapped the old outline plots that had been drafted. The whipping scene was easier to do than I anticipated. Avoiding any injury to the actress is of course paramount, and is not that difficult to make look convincing to the viewer, however Lita, who played Amanda, surprised us all by insisting she didn't need any stand-in and wanted to take the brunt of the
whipping, as long as it wasn't that painful!
I offered  her extra remuneration, checking she was certain about it. She would be bound to be left with some marks on her body.
She was sure, she repeated, and I gave her a little kiss, "well done, babe. You'll do."
The scene looked grim on screen, but that was because of clever editing. Lita didn't come away unscathed, with several marks on her back, but I had the strong feeling she would have done it for nothing.
I blew her a big kiss.

The final scene was harder to get right. Lita was understandably nervous, though bucked by the whipping. Hue as Lotus Flower had been welcomed by Miss Jones on to the staff, their relationship remaining enigmatic, and we see her taking a Deportment Lesson, the class greatly appreciating her unorthodox friendly manner.
But Amanda is absent, and during lunch, Lotus looks for her, finding her bleeding from her castigation in the dormitory. She unties the victim, bathing her wounds and caressing her suffering body. Lotus takes the lead and caress
becomes kiss. Amanda responds, and they kiss each other. Hands stretch down rubbing each other's panties. They remove each other's clothes and embrace.

Neither had ever acted such scenes, but Hue's own lesbianism helped them both to make it convincing.  We had only rehearsed the lines thus far, so shooting it was bound to be a more drawn out affair, but after a couple of hesitating attempts, I sent the remainder of the cast who were mostly standing round, probably in the role of voyeurs, to an early lunch, so only the back stage staff were in the studio, and they were fully occupied with their own tasks.
It took five more takes to get right. Hue suggested they kissed properly, instead of a stage kiss, and Lita said she'd try anything once. That did the trick, and if I thought to myself, Hue is living this scene and carrying Lita along with her, I
kept it to myself. When they finished the program at the point where they embrace naked, I let them carry on, cameras rolling.
You know, we had taped a good five minutes, which would need lots of censoring, for the next episode!

Part Two
      The script for the next show was accepted by one and all, somewhat to my surprise. Cynically I reflected extra payments help. I also reckoned they were giving my vision a trial now, and the big event was the transmission next Tuesday night. We read the script, with a few sniggers, and were nice and early
off home Friday by 4 o'clock.
 I stayed on to plan with the writers and then update Elmer. We decided to stay on to watch the revised 7pm program together, and I had half an hour to grab a meal in the staff canteen. There were about a dozen workers eating, and I sat down alone to gather my thoughts. I did give a quick nod with one of our floor
staff there, but no-one else was there I knew. Except two, in a shady corner, Lita and Hue were in animated conversation. It would be diplomatic to ignore them, I decided.
However, as I was on the point of leaving, they got up, and, hand in hand, came over to me.
"Hi babes."
"Hi. Just wanted to say," offered Hue, "we're happy to do some more of those love scenes."
"Great," I responded, "you did it well today. But you may have read that in the next story, Lotus Flower is revealed as Miss Jones' probable lover, so as she is the co-star along with you, Hue, she's the one you do such scenes with. Lita, their flaming row over you could in time lead to your getting another go, but I don't know. I can tell you more when we've got the plot outlines firmed up."
In fact we had, that very afternoon, and we only intended to use Amanda's flirtation with Lotus as a way of introducing the new headmistress' stormy relationship with Lotus.
But I wasn't unkind enough to tell her, besides, they did it so well, I was tempted to change the synopses anyway.
"Elmer and I are sitting thru the program now, you're welcome to join us."
They followed me to Elmer's office and a couple of chairs were brought out for the extra visitors. However, one remained unused, for Hue pointed to her lap, and Lita sat on it!
Elmer, in the dark of course, looked at them with an old fashioned look. He said nothing, since the show was starting.
It was pretty dire, our patched up intervals not any improvement on the trash surrounding them. I found it more fascinating to watch Hue out of the corner of my eye. She was to Elmer's side and I tried not to let it show I was looking. I could see her hand under Lita's silk dress and imagined what she was up to. It
didn't require much imagination, since Lita's animated wiggling on Hue's lap told its own story. The noise attracted Elmer's eyes too, and having taking it in, he jerked his head back to the tv screen, beetroot red. Ostentatiously, he glued his eyes to the screen. By the time we'd reached the new scene with the
murder, I noticed Lita was reciprocating under Hue's pvc skirt.
"They're goddam strange actresses," Elmer commented to me after the dreadful entertainment was over and our guests left cuddling each other.
"Yeah, but they did a great job today, I'll show you the edited tape Monday evening, see what you think."
"You reckon it'll lift us off the floor, Lyndon? Tonight's viewing numbers were at an all time low."
"Well, you push Tuesday's show with a few choice excerpts, and leave the rest to us."
"What angle do you reckon?"
"Well, the story has a whipping scene, also a love scene between those two girls. I'll get you up two clips from each, one set for daytime viewing, the other more graphic. I'll show them to you Monday evening, so fix us a 30 second slot about 8pm and then every hour if you can."
"Look forward to it," concluded Elmer. "Tuesday evening 6 o'clock, invite  the staff to a Sassy Towers party in the main viewing room, we'll take in the show as the climax."

Problems at Monday rehearsals! James (Frances) threw a tantrum when I announced his first big moment was being cut. Frances is accidentally glimpsed naked in the shower by Jassy, and she has uncovered his secret, it was too big to hide anyway! She tells her sister.
"It's only postponed until the next show," I promised, and that placated him.
Jassy had looked disappointed too.
I told the cast we had to slip in an extra scene which Hue and Lita had already acted, to myself I say acted, but if it was, it was sure convincing. I knew we had a golden opportunity with this, so I promoted my assistant Jerry to take charge of rehearsals. His job includes final editing of the tape for transmission, but I wanted to make up that love session myself.

Two cameras had been rolling for the girls' lovemaking. One had captured the whole scene in long shot, the other I had used to zoom in for close-ups.
The long shot tape was the basis for my final product.
It would be inserted near the end of the confrontation between Lotus and her superior Miss Jones, in which the hints of their existing relationship are made clear to viewers.  The new headmistress demands Lotus is honest about the rumors flying round, and slyly Lotus makes up a plausible explanation, but in
her mind she relives their passion.
Beginning with their kiss, we repeated their undressing and their naked embrace. Then their squeezing their two lithe forms together as they collapse on Lita's (Amanda's) bed.  Tongue twisting in each other's mouths, followed by Hue (Lotus) whispering something in Lita's ear. Hue moves to Lita's fanny,
making Lita's body shudder with rapture as she slowly penetrates her tongue.
As Hue continues pressing, Lita copies and Hue wriggles with excitement, rolling her torso so it can take Lita's tongue to its full extent. Lita responds by her own pressing and if Hue achieved orgasm first, then Lita copied only fractionally after.  Frantic sucking noises might have been only the prelude for
more, but just as they were resuming kissing, Lita became all self conscious and shy, the second camera had gotten too near!
I spliced in some of these juicy second camera shots, one good one as they faced each other naked for the first time, Hue's breasts heaving alluringly! Her fanny was dripping, but only I saw that, I tried making the lighting softer to make the shot acceptable, but after getting myself hot round my own private
parts, watching it in close up, I had to cut those alluring few seconds. I included a nice close-up of their bosoms pressed lustfully into each other, another of their tongues lovingly intertwined.
This camera caught Hue's whisper, "Copy me my darling Lita."
Her sultry tone was sheer box office. I had to cut the word 'Lita' of course, and I couldn't include anything from what had to be the climax, except a couple of jerky close-ups that suggested but didn't show their sex graphically. But climactic music mixed with the sucking was arousing enough for me to take a break to cool off.
I had intended to end on long shot, but second camera had caught Hue's orgasm perfectly, and I ended with Lita who is clearly seen licking her lips after withdrawal, then noticing Hue's spent juices on her thigh, licking these and savoring them. Cut back to the final moment with Lotus in a reverie before
Miss Jones, her hand involuntarily clutches her private parts. Credits.

Tuesday was our day of destiny. I'd not viewed the finished product with Elmer, I hadn't wanted to know his reaction in advance. I'd left him on his own to watch it, and gave me no comment that morning.
We got thru with time to spare, the taping of the twenty minute story, to which was added the five minute love scene as the new ending. A producer's instinct had told me not to release the next script, so I told the staff they be emailed it tomorrow by 9am at latest, and we'd convene at noon. This was to give
everyone free time in compensation for having to attend the evening party, not that it was compulsory, but I did want the whole group, the whole family of us, to be together when the show went out.
We were. Elmer's reception was a big success, we all were buoyant on a diet of champagne, though I guessed I wasn't the only one nervous for the show to be over, so that the adulation I was sure would be coming, wouldn't be a figment of my hope but confirmation that our hard work was paying off.
I received one surprise during the party. About 7.30 the last two arrived, Lita, hand in hand with James.  I was more than a little surprised, the editing of yesterday vivid in my mind, and I sought out the strange and alluring girl in a kinda father figure role.
She was petite, five foot only, short cropped black hair, this evening wearing a pink flouncy dress that made her look even younger. She told me she was 29, which was my first setback, only seven years my junior. My advice seemed superfluous. I'd made the classic error of assuming she was in private the same
as the differential character she normally played on screen. After her lovemaking with Hue, I oughta known better.
My remarks were mere congratulations over her acting with Hue.
"Oh, she was great," confessed Lita, "she brought me out my shell. I'm looking forward to seeing how we come over."
"You'll do babe," I grinned, and left her cuddling up to James.
I enjoyed a long talk with Hue, who unlike Lita, seemed very like her screen part. It was hard to be sure if she was telling me what she thought I wanted to hear. We were conversing about That Scene, and she wanted to convince me she had been only acting.
My time with Ally (Miss Jones) was revealing also. On screen Miss Jones is mature for her years, able to control the girls well, separating her private from her public persona. This is evident in her relationship with Lotus Flower that is the main theme in the episode we have just completed. But I already knew this redhead was much more feisty herself. She gave me her own strong opinions of her onscreen relationship with Lotus, and on the direction the show was taking generally. I hoped she'd be fully won over after tonight's success?
Sue and Eira (Holly and Jassy) seemed very much the same on and off screen.
They might have been miffed that it had been Lita doing the love scene, but they were enjoying themselves with the three lads who had bit parts as inhabitants of the coffee bar, all must have been mid twenties, though the characters they play were supposed to be about twenty. I guess the girls were anticipating being given a sex scene in a not too distant episode! After talking
with them, I decided their characters could be developed, but it needed better actors if we did so.
Elmer was dominated by cook, and he'd undoubtedly had enough of her griping, so I whisked her away to the drinks and pushed him with Hue. The cook, whose name I never did remember, was considerably mollified by 10.30, under the influence you could say, as the time came for us to dim the lights and settle down.

Of course Elmer and I had previewed the program. The cast knew the plot as well, but it's a very different experience acting and viewing.
I spent my time gazing at their reactions, which mostly became more animated when they were on screen. Lita and Ally however looked away when they appeared, some never like watching their own performances. That included Lita in her last and grandest. Often I noticed people looking away when they were not in the scene, but everyone except her gazed at that finale. Hue was specially wrapped up in it, on the edge of her seat, was she only acting, I asked myself anew. If so, it was Oscar winning!
Everyone clapped as the credits rolled, politely I felt except for Hue. More important, had viewers applauded, or not? Elmer, who'd looked blank all evening, went to learn our fate.
What were the viewing figures? That's all he cared for, if they were good, he liked our new look, if not…..
The last drops of champagne were sipped as Elmer came back. Not
enthusiastically, but his face was impossible to read.
"Well done everyone," he shouted. "The good news is, we've arrested our ratings slump. The figures haven't got worse."
"But no better?" I asked crestfallen.
"Well, give it time," offered Elmer. "The analysis of the data is genuinely encouraging. We began with a 3% lower figure than last time, but this rose as the show went on."
"I think the big film on the other channel ended 10.45," scoffed Ally, in her role of wet blanket.
"No, definitely not. The last five minutes we were up on the last show, so overall, I think you've turned the corner. Well done. Keep it up!"
Sue and Eira sniggered, perceiving his double entendre, as they glanced at the three boys.
"You're all welcome back at our place," Sue shouted, "if you wanna continue the celebration."
Elmer and cook declined, I did too. I wanted to let the writers know of last minute changes for next Tuesday's program. But Lita is very persuasive, and with James at her side, linking her arms in mine, said she'd be offended if I refused to join them.

The girls' accommodation contained a large living room-cum-kitchen, off which were four bedrooms. James had his own room, but Lita had moved in with Jayne, who had played Stacey. She was still living with them and greeted us when we swept in. To me, there was only a frosty sneer. Otherwise we had a great time chatting and drinking, I must admit I'd had enough by half twelve, and was glad when it started breaking up.
Hue thanked them and bid farewell, taking Jayne with her- I must have missed something there. Then James and Lita retired to their separate rooms, while Ally offered to drop me off at my home. She saw I wasn't in a fit state to drive.
I wondered if she had an ulterior motive, not that I disliked her, but she must be the passionate type, and I suspected I might not resist her in  my condition.
So I declined with thanks, I'll clear my head by walking, I excused myself. One of the lads however asked to be dropped off, and Ally left with him. In fact I was dozing off. I was aware Sue and Eira made a show of bidding the other two boys goodnight, but I was awake enough to notice them creep back
thru the unlocked door and into the bedrooms. I dropped off, despite my trying to force myself to focus on that script.

I was disturbed by Sue and Eira bidding the boys farewell with a last kiss each.
They were unaware they'd awoken me, as they crept back to their rooms smiling at each other.
"Shall we wake him?" giggled Sue in a whisper, "he might be more fun than he looks."
"Well, I fancy him," admitted  Eira, "so he'd be mine."
"We could both have him!" laughed Sue, but a noise from Lita's room caused them to scurry off.
Lita had come out, unaware anyone was in the main room. I was most arrested by her appearance, that of your perfect fairy, wand in one hand, her other on her hip. Even in the dim light, I could see she was clothed in a pink organza costume that showed her bosoms off a treat. Her bottom half was an organza
tutu in red that covered, sadly, the view of her lower body.
"Won't be a mo," she called to an unseen one, and she skipped, that's the right description, over to the kitchen. She was fetching a drink.
It was then that she noticed me, I was gawping at her too hard to be able to pretend I was asleep. She danced over to me.
"Lyndon, we thought you'd gone home."
 "Hi babe, sorry I was staring."
"I liked it."
"So what are you like this at two in the morning?"
"Oh, James likes dressing me this way," she confessed. She was nothing if not honest and open, unlike Hue.  "Come on, I'll show you."
She tugged at my hand, rather as a child pulls her daddy to show him something. I was in her bedroom before I'd rubbed my eyes.
I had to rub again. For James was lying on the bed in his own fairy dress, his was in black organza, not with a tutu but a velvet pleated skirt under which I spied a yellowy diaper.
This needed a while to assimilate, but Lita didn't spare me the time. She lay next to him and pulled me so I fell on top of them. She giggled, James was embarrassed. Elmer had asked for a transvestite, I don 't think he meant this however.
"Lie here," begged Lita, indicating the tiny space between the two young ones.
"Just for a moment. I gotta get to work shortly. Would you mind," I looked at the sheepish man, "enlightening me?"
"I like looking like a woman," he said simply.
"You play a transvestite on screen, I didn't know you were really one!"
"Isn't that where monsters come from?" interjected Lita blandly.
"She's thinking of Transylvania, Mr Smart," explained James, "she's often saying crazy things like that. Anyhow, I don't like to call myself that."
"No, he's a baby," Lita enlightened me.
"Yep, Mr Smart, sorry Lyndon," James continued, "more your grown up baby who loves dressing in little girly clothing. I was starting to teach Lita to enjoy it…."
But Lita cut him short: "Yeah, we'll get you up as a fairy too, Lyndon!"
I jumped up, causing them both to topple off their sides of the bed.
"Great!" I shouted to them lying bemused on the floor, "thanks!"
I was out the room in a flash.
            Part 3


My poor writers had gotten used to my odd requests by now. I'd phoned them at 2.30 and by 8 they'd made the adjustments and emailed the scripts.
I walked in to a storm at midday.
Lita was waiting by the door and grabbed my hand and said she thought it simply gorgeous. James was with her anxious I was letting on about his fetish.
I reassured him, I'd borrowed from him and was grateful, his secret, if secret it be, was safe with me.
Most of the others, except Hue, were surrounding me, they didn't like what they read.
"Come on, give it a chance," I shouted them down, "at least trust me. We're doing all right so far, aren't we?"
I couldn't shut them up.
"I'm seeing Elmer," I told them, "I'll return in ten minutes when you've shut up."
I left them in angry mood.
Lita came after me. I wasn't going to Elmer of course, I went to my tiny office instead.
Lita joined me, in her naïve way, she plopped into my lap.
"I like your idea, Lyndon, it's cute. I think some of them are disappointed they're not gonna be doing any sex scenes like I did."
"Lita, you're an angel," I said, lifting her up, then gently taking her hands and smacking her with a huge kiss. "Come on," I dragged her back to them.
Turmoil was reigning. "Sex," I shouted. They all stopped immediately.
"Sex," I repeated, "seems to be your main concern. Or to put it another way, lack of steamy scenes for you to act in, or bluntly, you're worried you won't be earning extra cash for such work."
They all nodded. All except cook.
"I can assure you, it's not gonna be like that, just because we're making you wear baby girl costumes!"
"What! Who mentioned baby girl dresses?"
"No," I realized I'd revealed more than I had intended, "this is a nice widespread pastime that many grown ups enjoy, and I wanna pull them in."
"But you said girl costumes?"
"Yeah yeah, but this baby dressing up doesn't mean we're stopping those nude frolics."
 "Okay," conceded Ally, the unofficial spokesperson, "let's trust him again shall we?"
And we settled down to work.

Friday morning, with the next script not yet complete, we made the tape for next Tuesday's show. After some arguments, the cast had backed me.
The story began with the scene held over, Jassy catching sight of Frances on the shower and is amazed. The idea had been that she'd tell her sister, but instead, James lures her into the shower, kisses her and thru the curtain we see their voluptuous swaying and hear her scream of satisfaction. She promises not to
It's non stop this story, for Lotus Flower discovers them after it's all over, Frances now clothed in a sweet gingham. She assumes the two are having an affair, but wrongly, that it's a lesbian one. She promises not to tell, if Frances pleases her.
He tells Jassy that he's got no choice but to pay Lotus out when she comes to his dormitory for her satisfaction. She is wearing a flowery Chinese dress in pvc and is tantalized by Frances, who promises to please her if she pleases her.
Frances wraps a diaper round her, dresses her in a baby's romper suit, and Lotus, anticipating  a steamy lovemaking, allows a big teat to be shoved in her mouth before she wriggles in excitement as she is chained to Frances's bed.
But Frances abandons his helpless baby, leaving Jassy on guard, and informs Miss Jones.
She sends both pupils away, locks the dormitory door and frees her assistant.
They don't speak, but Lotus Flower with Oriental calm, mysteriously pulls the
headmistress on to the bed calling out "mama, mama."

I promised the latest script would be emailed by tomorrow morning, now I knew the cast were not 100% against the adult baby theme.
I was sure I'd hinted pointedly enough that just because Lotus is acting as Miss Jones's baba, it didn't mean that was all their sexual activity was curtailed.
I'd let slip the sissy theme, whether they'd understood apart from Lita and friend, did it matter, eh?

Elmer and I were alone at 10.30 that night in the viewing theater. I imagined the cast would be watching, if they were not otherwise engaged. At the last minute Ally knocked and came in. I'd mentioned anybody was welcome to join us, but there was no compulsion.
Neither Elmer nor I had seen the finished article, as for myself I was most interested in how that final scene looked. I knew it looked good, but would others?
The first part was standard fare, my assistant Jerry had got Ally and Hue well trained in their confrontation, but it was, not, I had to admit, much better than what had been on offer in previous weeks.
"Great work," Elmer nodded to Ally. Oh well, perhaps I was missing something, or perhaps, ah yes, he's got up and sat next to her.
Elmer, who was becoming lethargic again, did sit up when the final sequence got going.
I was watching Ally as well as the intimate lovemaking, and fantasizing that she and I might be an item tonight. In fact, I asked myself, why's she here?
Elmer's notions may have been on the same lines, and twice I saw him touch her hand. Twice she withdrew silently.
That's the essence of sex on the tv, I decided, it arouses you and you never watch it fully, you get distracted, not viewing it as a work of art like I had been attempting to do.
I was assured this time round, that it had been real for Hue. I found it convincing, how about them?
"You sure found a winner there," Elmer congratulated me, "that Hue is hot stuff."
"Yeah," I agreed, "the little kid's not too bad either."
"Well, your co-star stole it for me, the other one looked unsure of herself."
"That's what we were trying to convey," I retorted, though it wasn't true. Maybe I'd overestimated Lita's abilities, Elmer reckoned she was as mediocre as the other girls.
The vital ratings we were unable to learn. Our link was faulty, so we had to postpone any putative celebration.
So Ally got up, brushing poor Elmer aside. Like on Tuesday, she offered me a lift.
"Thanks," I answered, "don't mind if I do."

"Don't mind if you do?" Ally flung the words back at me, now we were in my small house.
We had enjoyed a drink over which I thanked Ally for holding the cast together so well, for her support, not unquestioning, but her constructive criticism was always welcome. That was the sign for her to pass on her opinions of the cast, which mostly coincided with mine.
But she didn't like Hue, not because she was a lesbian she said, but I fancied it was. She'd never liked her and felt her character dominated her own one. I didn't tell her that her status wasn't as star who could demand whatever she wanted, she had to act what she'd been given, or else.
However what I said was, I understood, and would think about it.
"I'm not at all like Miss Jones, though you may think I am," she continued, "people often imagine wrongly that an actor is the same as his own screen persona."
"Yeah babe, don't tell me. But a pretty redhead like you, why, I can tell you're fiery underneath!"
"I get very passionate about things," she admitted, "like over Hue, she really bugs me. As for you however, I believe you're like my Miss Jones character, you like to be dominated. Oh I know don't mean about work,  for you're making strong, and excellent decisions about Sassy Towers, but in real life, you're under Lita's spell, and can't see her for the slut she is."
That hit me.
"You're like my Miss Jones," she pursued," who is carried along by Lotus Flower, even though she's the one supposed to be in charge."
"I'm like Miss Jones am I?" I sounded indignant and shocked at her language.
"Come to bed?" she stood up unexpectedly, and beckoned.
"Don't mind if I do".
That was when she threw the words back in my face.
"Y-you see," she was flying in a rage, "you don't really care. I love you, there I've come out with it! I know you came here with the idea of having it off with me, but I want something deeper than that, and you're gonna give it me some time in the future, I'll make you. Now I'd better go."
End of conversation, or was it the beginning? I had been living the soap for so long, I hadn't had the chance to manage my own life properly. Must improve my ratings, I laughed. How was another matter.
I wasn't even sure of my own feelings any more.
I had been bewitched by little Lita,  Was Ally right about her?
I liked Ally, but was she too strong a character for me?
I could not say the name out loud, but this had helped me understand in my heart who I did want. That and the show to be a success of course.

 Elmer phoned Saturday morning with the ratings news. He couldn't contain his satisfaction, I was his bright boy, we'd doubled the figures from the first show. Of course we had begun from a low base, but it was very encouraging.
Monday's rehearsal was carried out in an aura of satisfaction from nearly everyone.
Everything went well, and by the mid afternoon, we were ready for a final run thru before taping on Tuesday. Normally the nude scenes we only run thru clothed so as to get some spontaneity in the end product, and also 'cos it's cheaper!
But I felt the sex scene which began the episode didn't look right, so I proposed the pair involved stay on at 4.30 for an hour, so we could try it out for real, as it were.
So everyone left, cast and backroom staff, except Jerry and myself, and the two actresses, Hue and Ally.
The scene was the continuation where the last story left off, Miss Jones is setting Lotus free after Frances has tied her up. Lotus call out 'mama, mama,' and starts suckling the headmistress's bosom. Miss Jones protests, but then succumbs under the pleasure of the sensation, purring with contentment.
Lotus pauses in her milking, to glance at Miss Jones's pleasure. She gives a strange look before resuming her feeding on the other bosom. At the same time, she takes hold of her boss's right hand and places it under her romper suit on her diaper. Miss Jones merely says "yeah!"
 But that turns to "no!" when we have a close up of Lotus Flower guiding the hand deeper, under the edge of the diaper.
"You want to," urges Lotus. "You want to, "she repeats quietly, "you know you do."
Miss Jones struggles, and we see her attempting to eject her hand. But she cannot, and Lotus has now unzipped her onesie for a closeup of their hands held inside the wet diaper. At last Miss Jones's hand emerges, only to  rest on Lotus's naked thigh, and she yields to allow it to be escorted to the top of the
diaper, under it and down from Lotus's tummy button, down to her clit.
"Our first time, at long long last," cries an ecstatic Lotus, "I knew you'd have to give in," and both girls grunt a sigh of satisfaction.
"You're all wet, my baba."
"I was desperate for you to feel me, mama."
Lotus Flower's hand is withdrawn and she lies back, and is quickly satisfied.
"Your inside is so hot, my baba," as Lotus feigns a climax, "and so, so wet."
"I bet your inside's aching hot too mama? Let's see…!"
"Next time, baba, we must stop, suppose one of the girls found me like this?"
"Oh, who cares, I bet they're down in town without permission right now."
The story then cuts to the two sisters who are also getting themselves worked up dancing at the coffee bar, in preparation for a fun time with the lads later.

"Great," I called out, though it wasn't. "Hue, you lived the part, lovely!"
She smiled at me, "all part of job."
"But Ally, babe" I had to get to the nub of what was wrong, "you sound far too disinterested, I know you are reluctant at first, but you look more as though you're suffering toothache, not enjoying sex!"
"Sorry, I'm not in the mood."
"Well, please try once more today, let's inject a lot more pep into it. Hue's chemistry is infectious, try and catch some of it as you make her cum spurt over your hand."
"That's not quite what the script says," objected Ally.
"Yeah babe. But use that imagination of yours. Get that red headed temper of yours aroused and make it at least look as though you're going thru the time of your life. Let's do it!"
Second run was marginally more erotic, but the camera was gonna have to focus on Hue. I thanked them both, and said to them I hoped the show'd turn out okay on the night, or rather next morn when we taped it.
I went home, thinking up a plot in which the girls might tie up their headmistress and leave her to starve to death in the cellar. I was never gonna get Ally to play opposite Hue convincingly.
I had finalized plot outlines for several more programs, and was thinking over again Ally's tough personal criticism, when there she was knocking on my door!
She arrived with the appearance of potential conqueror, a vision in redness. Red hair of course, maroon velvet dress with organza sleeves in pink, pleated bright red velvet skirt, knee length maroon stockings and shoes that matched the color of her skirt. She didn't need to say anything. It might have been better if
she hadn't.
"I wanted to say sorry about this afternoon," she commenced as we walked into my living room and sat down. "I'm afraid I can't perform that love scene with Hue like I, and I know you, would want. It's because I really don't like her."
"Yeah babe, I guessed that. Nobody's fault. But what are you girls taught at acting school?  Do not imagine your co-actress as an actress, think of her solely as the person she is playing."
"I have tried. I think that I can't do it well because I can't act lesbian sex."
"How about pretending to yourself you are having sex with a man?"
"Yeah, that's an idea. Though I'd have to use my imagination, as I'm a virgin."
My cock hardened.
"Well, you've seen pictures and films haven't you?"
"Yeah, yeah, though of course no substitute for experience is it?"
"No, babe, but you'll win thru."
"With your help, Lyndon!"
I knew what was coming. How shall I react if she says what I expect she'll say?
"If I could just feel your cock, I'd know a lot more about what it's all about, eh?"
"Go on then."
She gave me a hard look, as I grew even harder.
"Mind, I'm not gonna do more. I warned you that one day you'd give it me, but I want you to be burning with desire first!"
It was my turn to beg. "But I am babe, I am."
"Don't be childish Lyndon, you only think that because your cock's swollen up. That's not love or even lust. I'll just unzip you and have a grope, thank you. I'm not looking."
Business like, she did so, I was putty in her hand. But my cock was nothing like putty, it was rigid, a touch might explode it!
"Yeah, it feels more spongy than I imagined, and more a living object too. Like it has a life of its own. Oops!"
Her prophecy was fulfilled since a surge of cum pounded along my giant tube of a cock, erupting, spraying both myself and her hand.
"Wow, you didn't have to put on that much of a show, Lyndon. You are a naughty boy. Tell you what," she added as an afterthought, "please wear those panties tomorrow morning, leave them as they are now," she teased, "I bet that'll inspire me!"
"Well, okay, and one last tip. You know that other old pro trick, imagine the scene as though you were doing it with the person you'd most love to do it with."
The first scene did go off well. Hue and Ally were the only two of the cast to come in at 9 and by 10 when the rest of them had arrived the scene was in the can.
True to my word, though it was uncomfortable and I felt nervous just in case I was found out, I kept those cummy panties on all night and wore them covered with a plastic pantie, to work.
As I guessed, Ally wanted a feel before we started shooting and that sensation as well as the pleasurable sniffing of her hand after the feel- a lick too I suspect- raised her performance, as well as my cock. Hue was still far more convincing, in fact Ally's better acting made Hue look even more lustful.
"Well done, both of you," I congratulated them afterwards, "we won't need another take."
"I pretended I was doing it with someone else," Ally confided to me.
"Great, could I ask who?"
"Silly boy."
So we were sipping coffee as the cast clocked in.
Holly and Jassy enjoyed cavorting in the confined space that was the coffee bar, making eyes at the boys and making the lads' eyes fix on them. They lived their parts when they were given this sorta chance.
Next scene is back at the school. Miss Jones learns from Frances, who is nearly caught in a compromising position with Amanda, that the pair of girls have gone into town without permission,  real old hat as a storyline.
Lotus Flower is now out of her romper and in a charming olive/brown dress covered with same colored flapping little petals, and we catch sight of the fact she has not removed the diaper. 
She suggests to the headmistress that it's high time discipline was established at Sassy Towers, to which sentiment Miss Jones can only concur.
They draw up their plan, which is more Lotus's. She phones a new sissy shop in town, from where she'd purchased her attractive dress, and a special delivery is promised first thing in the morning.
The episode's final long scene depicts the girls assembled in class, Miss Jones laying down the rules of the new strict regime. She is flanked on one side by Lotus Flower brandishing a cane, and on the other the three lads, who have
been bribed well if they back up the headmistress.
"The aim of our school is to make ladies of you. Having reviewed your progress we have decided that more discipline is urgently needed to achieve our aims.
Our first change will be to insist that when at school, our new uniform is worn.
Only when permission is granted to go outside the premises, will it be permitted for you to wear your own clothing.
Therefore all girls will from now on wear this uniform."
Cries of "never" from some girls as Lotus Flower holds up the white petticoat, the pink blouse and pink pleated skirt, pink and white hooped socks, and pink shoes, to crown the ensemble, a pink ribbon to tie in the hair.
"Everyone will wear this, including, I may add, the staff. You will now select from the varied sizes sent by the costumiers."
Miss Jones set the example, and Frances quickly followed suit.  Amanda  wasn't far behind, as well as the extra actresses. Lotus Flower contented  herself with staring at the naked bodies, while the lads were congratulating each other this was their lucky day.
Lotus, having taken in all the nakedness, swished her cane at the only two who were not complying, Holly and Jassy.
Defiance was met by the grinning lads, who to the girls' surprise, didn't back them up.
"We've done this a few times before," they grin at Lotus, pulling down the girls' skirts.
"Get dressed," Lotus orders. "You won't. Very well, bend them over."
The lads surprise the girls further by forcing them over desks so Lotus can beat their bare backsides.
It hurts. Lotus puts all she has into the beating.
The girls are made to stand in line in their new outfits.
"One last thing," warns the headmistress sternly, "disobedience will incur severe penalties. To prove I mean what I say, Holly and Jassy were out last night without permission. They are gated."
The two look at each other with the look that suggests that won't keep them away from town.
"Gated girls," concluded Miss Jones, "will be forced to wear a diaper, which will be locked!"
Credits as the pair are held by the lads and Lotus forces a disposable diaper on each, which Miss Jones locks firmly.

Ratings were rising, success was ours! Sassy Towers transposed into Sissy Towers, and our run was extended another thirteen weeks.
My own private life, was it time to sort that out? I wasn't sure how, but a Friday night party at the girls' place brought events to a head.
I arrived at 10, in good time for us to watch the latest episode as a family.
But I hadn't expected to find them all wearing diapers, but that's how they welcomed me. The only other thing each wore were frilly pink bonnets and bootees. The girls' naked bodies were highly arousing.
"Come on Lyndon," urged Lita, seeing I was too amazed to do anything rational, "off with your coat."
"And your shirt," added Eira,
"And your pants," chipped in Sue with a laugh.
I played up though I felt daft. Now I was almost like them. But not until Lita removed my pantie and kissed my cock, to whoops of laughter, increasing as it miraculously shot up in size. My face went bright pink, to match the bonnet that Frances put on my head, and the bootees that Sue and Jassy
Lita appeared not to want to add my diaper, so I grabbed it myself to cover, far too late, my erection.
"There, you're one of us," complimented Sue.
Ally was also invited and when she turned up at 10.10 her reaction was to laugh as she saw our fancy dress.
"You too," grinned James, and the girls let him strip down Ally, who, like a good sport, made exotic poses in between her stripping down.
Her breasts fascinated me and I was erect again blinded by her naked beauty.
But she, down to a slip of a red and black pantie, grabbed the diaper and spoiled our fun by turning her back to us as she deftly put it on.
It was almost time for the program when our last guests walked in, hand in hand, Hue and Stacey. The latter had begged a second chance and under Hue's pressure I had agreed her character could return. Only snag, budget
decreed someone else must go.
I hoped this might prove an opportunity for me to win the one I longed for.
My mind switched on again in time for my eyes to feast briefly on Hue and Stacey who had been disrobed and were standing hand in hand naked. Hue turned to her younger friend and fondled her boobs. That caused a few wolf whistles. Ally however wasn't staring at them.
Stacey as the youngest here was also the most alluring with her golden hair down to her hips, and her glistening fanny… stop it, I'm getting too hot. Phew!
They've both been diapered. Hue looks particularly radiant, from her looks and what I'd admired on Stacey, I'd say they had been late for only one reason. I knew I wanted that one reason tonight. Yeah, I sure wanted it tonight.
The program had started and we cheered the rude bits and applauded when someone's scene went specially well. Applause for another successful Sissy Towers story.
At 11pm a box of sissy dresses was placed in the center of the room.
"Mr Lyndon P Smart will give each of us the costume of his choice," declared Sue in tones of mock solemnity.

"Gimme a mo, babes, so I can see what's here and match the perfect one for your character, either on or off screen."
The drinks flowed as I gave my task serious consideration.
When I was ready, I also announced, to cheers, that Elmer had agreed to the storyline of Stacey being acquitted of murder and rejoining the story soon.
However," I added more seriously, "for financial reasons, we must remove one of you." Cries of 'no!'
 "Sorry, I did plead with Elmer's bosses, to no effect. I will have to ax one of you. I'll tell you very soon, if you insist. Sorry to be a damp squib, but I will promise the person concerned, it won't be nearly as bad as you're imagining, as I have stunning good news for them,"
That cheered them up, they had looked puzzled why I had been mixing in work during our party. A couple of them even seemed to want to hear they were the favored one.
But first, who received which outfit of the ten? Most were sissy, though a couple were for a sissy's nanny, a dominating nanny at that.
"Hue, I'm starting with you, and the reason is I cannot decide, so I'm letting you select."
She came up to the box, looking pleased. I always found it hard to penetrate her inscrutable character, and was hoping she'd select the one I had predicted to myself she'd desire. That would prove I didn't entirely misread her. I was right, she went for that beautiful brown suede dress covered with
petals. As she pulled it over her slim tanned body, I added,
"Gorgeous. I have one more task for you, Hue. When everyone's all dressed, please can you choose the one I have to wear."
She nodded and mentally made note of a couple that might be for me, if not allocated.
"Ally, you're next." I handed her my choice. It had to be red. It was also shiny pvc, and I liked it as it had lots of little flapping petals in pvc, like Hue's.
"You match Hue," I laughed. She didn't like that remark. "I didn't know what Hue would select, when I chose this for you," I added as an aside to Ally.
"Sue and Eira, here are yours, they're a kinda pair too." Both skimpy silk blouses in pink, with frilly ruffles to neck, and pleated velour skirts, one in purple, the other in turquoise.
"Lita, here's yours darling, for a genuine little sissy." Hers was a bright yellow shiny satin dress, a cuddly teddy pictured on her front. She looked pleased, her matching yellow socks and shoes completed her triumph.
"Frances, you love girly clothes, so I've gotten a black leather top and matching panties and skirt, together with a whip for you!" He looked choked with satisfaction at my choice, however I caught sight of Hue looking
disappointed, she must have earmarked it for me."
"Stacey, last but not least, here's yours. It was a long gown in organza, with a mock leather covering over her breast." Three only remained, I hazarded my  guess which Hue would fish out for myself.
"You all look stunning. Let's drink to it. First, Hue, please come and hand me mine. I'm feeling a trifle undressed surrounded by all this sissy beauty."
"Well, it was my second choice," declared Hue, "but here you are boss." I was given the shiny red pvc dress with metal buttons all down the front, thru which Hue threaded a red lace and pulled the dress tightly  to my body,
fastening round my waist the attached shiny black belt.
Leather boots up to my knees only just fitted, but I looked domineering, I was in charge.
"Come on," several cried. "Let us out of our suspense," added Sue.
"Gimme a mo, let me sip my drink."
The tension was palpable. Some of them wanted to hear their name, most probably wanted to stay with the soap.

"I want you all to know how much I and Elmer have appreciated your support and helped save the show." Cheers. "Everyone has done their part, and you've all entered into the spirit of it, witness how you're all dolled up tonight. So to ax anyone from this great cast is difficult, and I can only hope
that the compensatory offer I have for them will excite them hugely." Pause for breath. "I'm gonna leave you until Monday, so thanks for this fun time.
I'm gonna leave dressed just like I am! Okay I'll put a coat over me, but I'm not doing it up, so everyone can see me.   Hue, please can you step out with me?"
There was a buzz of voices as a shocked Hue joined me, I put my arms round the petals on her shoulder and we bid the others farewell.
"I didn't expect I'd be the one to leave," Hue confessed, when we'd settled down in my home.
"You were responsible more than anyone for our change of fortunes, I smiled. "That love scene with Lita knocked me over. It was great acting."
"Thanks, but I did hope for a chance to develop my character more."
"I wanna offer you something better," I said, snuggling closer to her.
I dared kiss her as an opening offer.
"I am getting your drift," she replied.
I kissed her again, and bit off one the small petals over her bosom.
That aroused her, and though she did not return my kiss, she smiled and pulled me towards my bedroom and crashed out on my own bed.
She pointed to the bedside, "kneel there." I was dressed as the dominant one, but in reality she was in charge. I was her pawn. "Continue," that was her final utterance, as she indicated a second petal.
It was a shame to deflower such a pretty dress, but for such a prize, who could regret it?
On her back, she had stretched her body out in a sensuous pose, as petal number two was bitten off. What next? She was even deciding which petal was next, another off her breast area. This was a long process, there were hundreds of petals. A heap of petals were sprinkled on the bedsheet between
us, as I knelt and removed another. Her breast area was completely denuded of petals now, that was apparently enough.
Her hand moved to my lip and placed it like you make the sign 'hush.' Must be that task over, I breathed thankfully to myself. I got up and prepared to lie on top of her, but she pulled me firmly back to my submissive kneeling position.
My left hand she slipped to her neck, it oddly reminded me of how she'd guided Ally's hand in the scene with her in a diaper. I moved my head to kiss her lips, but she moved her head away from me.  She  indicated where it must go- on the petals that covered her dress above her diaper. She made a
kissing sign. There I must kiss. Oh, not simply kiss. She's making chewing faces, yes she's asking me to eat the petals. I hope they're tasty.
Now my left hand, suspended by her throat, she pushes down her front.
Squeeze her breasts, that's what she is needing, yes, I can tell that's what she craves.
I can guess what she craves with my right hand, but I must be guided by her mustn't I? Here we go, wow, she's attractive. Sexy too, my hand is being slipped in the side of her diaper. She's torn it so I can easily feel inside, wow it's wet! Can it all be cum? She's hot, she is. Is it time for me to get my cock out?
If I don't, I'll be spent before I have a chance.
No she's stopping me do that, my finger's being pushed toward her passage that she's turned her body to face me. I'll go along with it, wow she's hot, as I contact that pulsing fanny that I had admired on screen, I cum in my own diaper, shaking with the thrill. I don't believe she's aware of it, she's so
caught up in her orgasm, as my finger thrusts deep inside her, covered in her boiling cum. My other hand is wet too, her nipples are oozing their excitement onto my thankful fingers.
 If that wasn't enough, she lifts my head, is this it? I have deflowered her dress above her diaper. I have to swallow the petals!  I'm too spent if she needs me to do it in the next few minutes. No, she doesn't, she rips off her soggy diaper and pushes my head down again, and after ejecting my right
hand from her vagina and poking it into her mouth for a good suck, she pushes my head to her passage. It's the licking over again!  It looked lovely on screen, what you can never know is the sweetness of her nectar, I was getting horny again!
She let out the most enormous shrill scream, that was the signal for a change of mood. I was more than ready to apply my cock to its pleasurable duty.
However the change had me baffled. My face was blasted with a jet of liquid.
I couldn't believe it, but it was certainly pee!
"Wha-a-a-t?" I complained, wiping my lips. I had swallowed a mouthful as it was.
Her hand went to my lips. I had to grin and bear it. She pointed to the bed.
Okay, she must wanna  dominate and lie on me. My erect cock poked up inside my cummy diaper proving I was definitely ready.
She used the space at the top of my diaper that my cock had opened up to her advantage.
 She sat on my stomach, her back leaning towards my chest as she shocked me anew by thrusting my fingers up her taut back passage. This was her climax, as she splashed her cum which oozed down the opening in my diaper covering my throbbing cock that was only desirous of one thing, to do the
same in her. I never had the chance. Pee flowed out of her, down my front and my poor cock drowned in her own savage fury of pee and cum.
She fell off me, spent.
"My turn now," I cried ever optimistic.
"Oh no, Mr Smart, we never agreed that."
"Lyndon, call me Lyndon for pity's sake."
"Lyndon, you did know how I love my sex.  You did know that, eh?"
"Yeah, but…"
"Actually, that time with Lita, I wasn't acting, I'm just a nympho, but sorry I can't even bring myself to rub you empty."
Yes, I thought as she stood up, I am like Miss Jones. In the love scene, Lotus got satisfied then didn't reciprocate. I'm unsatisfied too, might Ally or even Lita yet welcome me…?

In her half defrocked dress, the enigmatic Hue took her leave of me for a new career, she'll become a star one day, I know, but if only she had agreed to become my own fantastic star!

        THE END  

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