PG Trouble Pretending
Joe lets a girl belive a rumor that he is gay
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Joe Sanders was always getting picked on and when he got to collage he decieded it would be different.

Joe was not only a nerd geek what ever you wish to call them but he had one other problem it was his body ,see his body looked more like a girl than a guy he had smooth skin no body hair at all not so much as a whisker on his face it to was smooth as a a babies bottom.

Joe had lucked up and had gotten a dorm room to himself since no one wanted to room with him.

they simply did not wish to be around a gay guy but that was a misconception on there part for Joe was not gay at all.

he had long hair and he kept it that way because any time he cut it past his neck it would simply grow back with in a weeks time .

Joe had settled in and decided to take full advantage of having a room to himself .

No one said any thing out of the way to him and he did not say any thing to them he simply wanted to get his degrees and get to work for he knew no one cared about nerds.

Joe got up running late first day of class and joe was late he was steadyly curseing himself for sleeping in.

Joe was running to the computer science building when he ran right into a hot very hot girl.

knocking her books from her hands and she fell as well both Joe and the girl had hit the ground.

Joe cused a little under his breath but he kept it to himself .

"Hey!! watch where your going!!"

"I'm so sorry im running late and I did not see you im so sorry."

Joe was saying he was sorry while picking up her things then he got his stuff and continued to tell her how sorry he was.

"Well its ok but you need to be more careful if you end up running into some guy he might stomp a new ass hole in you I mean after all a guy like your self really should be careful."

"Im Darla Sims."

"I'm Joe Sanders."

"Are you sure your ok?"

"Yeah no big deal Im fine."

"Well Im still running a bit late so I see you around maybe."

"Yeah me too see you later."

Joe and Darla parted ways and joe could not stop but to wonder if she would really try to meet up with him or was she simply trying to be nice.

The day had dragged on and on until it was lunch time so he went to the eatery on campus and had gotten his meal and had just sat down when Darla showed up.

"Hey Joe mind if I sit here?"

"No not at all."

Darla sat down in the booth with Joe .

"You know Joe those jocks at the table behind us is planing on doing something to you so you might want to be careful."

"Yeah I heard them when I passed by them."

"They may not bother us if we stick together I mean it being just us girls."

Joe relized she thought he was gay as well.

So decided since Darla seemed to be his only friend he decided not to tell her he was stright and to simply let her think he was gay so she would be his friend.

It was not long three other girls who seemed to know Darla asked if they could sit with them Joe nor Darla had a problem with it.

"Joe these are my friends Tina Beth and kim."

"Everybody this is Joe."

"So Joe do you have a boyfriend?"

"No im solo for now most people dont have any thing to do with me since im so smart they call me nerd ,geek or worse it's according to there mood I simply deal with it."

It dawned on Joe he could not look at girls as the oposisit sex and try to have one as a girlfriend if he was going to keep Darla and the others as friends so he sighed and accepted the fact it was not going to be any different than what he was use to any way so it was not much of a streatch any way.

Joe and the girls talked until it was time for the next class that Joe had.

He soon discovered Darla was takeing some of the same class's as he was.

Before Joe could leave Darla spoke up.

"Hey how about we meet in fornt of Howard Hall after school is over and we can go to the mall."

Every one liked the idea and Joe was also invited to go as well.

The day finaly ended and Joe had gotten to where they had planed on meeting last.

"Well it's about time you made it."

"I'm sorry yall got hung up in class."

They all piled into Darla's little Ford Fusson.

Getting to the mall they had all decided to catch a movie since they were there but first order of bussiness was shopping.

"Joe you have such a fem body i dont know why you want to hide it under all those baggy cloths I mean if every one knows your gay any way you might as well show it off."

"Well I guess so."

"Good so now we can get you some cloths that dont make you look so much like a homeless guy."

They went into almost all the store and in every one they went in Joe ended up buying cloths that girls would wwear but guys would never be caught dead in unless you were a fem gay guy that is.

It was now around Six and the movie did not start until seven so they decided to go grab a bite at the food court after takeing the packages to the car , most of the stuff was joe's

They had wnet as far as getting Joe panties as well.

They had got there food and was sitting down at one of the tables close to all the traffic in the mall so they could oggle the guys.

"Hey look at that guy that just came out of the gym."

"He is hot look at those pecs!."

"Wow!! he is one fine looking hunk, what do you think of him Joe?"

"Well he is good looking but I wonder if he is on sterodes you know that mess will shrink the most important part on a hot guy like that."

Joe hoped his comment fell in line with what a gay guy would say.

"EEEwww i hope its all worked for or my fantasy I just had is ruined."

Tina said.

everyone looked at Tina after saying that and laughed.

"Your such a slut Tina I mean really."

every one laughed at the remark Kim had said.

They then looked at the time and went to the movies.
Well I know this is not about diapers and babies but this will be fun I hope you like it sorry so short but its late here.

all for now

HUggs and Kiss's


After the movies every one was getting tired and all of them had to be in class in the morning.

Joe was starting to wonder if he had gotten in over his head but he knew it was pretty much to late to back out now.

The next morning Joe was up and almost out the door when Darla showed up holding a cup of coffee and a donut.

"Morning its about time you started moveing about I got you this coffee did not know how you liked it so I just brought the stuff you might need."

"Thanks I need something to get started."

"You know we all had fun last night and I was thinking we could have a slumber party at my house this week end and of course your coming I won't have it any other way."

"Ok I will come only because you will come here and drag me there any way."

They both laughed and headed to campus in Darla's car.

"Hey what are you doing after class I need help with picking out a dress for my interview with the job placement service."

"Sure I will help you it will be fun."

Joe thought to himself o-boy I get to see her naked maybe .

he thought maybe pretending to be gay was not such a bad thing he knew he was in with the girls thick as theives.

After class's was done and over with Joe went to Darla's dorm.

Joe went up to the desk and standing beside him was one of the foot ball players.

"Im sorry Berry but rules are rules you cant come in here unless you have permission and the house mother dose not want a bunch of sex crazed boys in her hall."

"oh hi joe I did not see you come on in."

the lady at the desk said and then buzzed him in.

"HEY!!! why dose he get to go in?!?"

"Because its a well known fact he is gay no girl has anything to fear from him or you could call him a girl I guess."

Berry shook his head and agreed.

Berry knew Joe or of Joe I should say they lived in the same dorm and he did not really want a gay man living in the same dorm.

Joe knocked on Darla's door.

Darla opens the door and lets Joe in.

"Great your here I have so many to chose from I simply dont know what looks good on me."

Darla started removing her cloths right down to her yellow bra and panties.

"Uh Darla what are you doing?"

"Joe was hoping she did not notice he really wanted her to continue."

"Why silly Its just us girls in here I mean its not like your a man I know you were born male but your not a man your a girl at heart."

"I forgot to tell you how good you look in those cloths we picked out for you last night."


Darla had out about seven dress's and outfits trying to look her best but she was so stressed out about the whole thing Joe forgot he was there to see her naked and insted of waiting for the show he simply tried to calm her down.

Joe had forgotten all about wanting to see her naked and started helping her make up her mind.

"You know Darla I like the powder blue skirt and white top."

"I dont It makes me look to much like a school girl, im looking for mature and responsable."

"Well you dont want to look to serious and you dont want to look to playful so the grey one and the navy blue is out."

"You know since you wore your new cloths today a lot of people told me you looked better and a lot more happy."

"Oh and this guy Rick he is on the soccer team and he said he would like to get to know you better and since your not seeing any one I kinda set you up on a blind date with him."

Shocked a bit by the fact Darla had set him up with a guy.

"Dont worry it's not a trick or something like that he is a gay bull and your a total fem so no problems its for thursday night before we go to my house for the party."

"Uh Uh Darla why did you set me up?"

"I know its a bit awkward but I will be there with my boyfriend it will be a double date."

Joe took a deep breath and had guessed it was already to late and every one thought he was so fem they just put the gay in with it and now he was known as gay but now there was pretty much no way out not right now any way.

"I like that dress its not to serious nor to playful it simply state's your who you are."

The dress was a light mint green solid and was was some what form fitting but not something that yelled sex.

Thursday got there and Joe was very nervous about tonight .

Darla was coming over to help him with picking out a outfit.

when Darla got there she was carrying some cloths with her.

"Whats this?"

"Well Joe you need some cloths that say im lonely but not desperate, so i brought these jeans and this cute top but come think of it that pink tee would do better ."

Well Im teasing you once again hehe I love comments so leave me a few even leave a idea or two

HUggs and Kiss's

"So lets see you in the top I brought and then in the pink top you have."

Joe tried on the top Darla brought it was a mint green and yellow, Joe turned around playfully like mocking a model with his lips puckered out.

Darla laughed at the sight.

"Ok enough clowning lets see the pink top."

Joe slipped off the first top and then put on the pink one it was solid pink with a lace up neck line.

"Thats a lot better you look great in that ."

"So Darla whats his name ? you have not even told me that."

"Oh yeah his name its Chad Wise the captian of the soccer team."

"Oh wow when you set some one up you set some one up."

"Well I guess im ready."

"Not quite you need to be kissable."

"now be still while I put so lip gloss on you it will bring out the green in your eyes."

"Ok done now smack your lips."

Joe did so and the cherry red lip gloss really broought out his face and made his green eyes shine.

Joe looked in the mirror .

"Wow I look hot!"

"Well latter I will give you a proper makeup lesson."

"Now lets go they will be outside waiting on us."

Joe walked out of his dorm room and was getting some akward looks because he was looking more fem than ever.

whispering soon followed.

"Dont worry about them there idoits."

"You know some times I'm afriade from the looks i get ."

"Well dont worry its all ok i dont think any one wants to mess there future up."

Both Joe and Darla had gotten outside and saw both Chad and Berry waiting on them.

"Darla you did not tell me Berry was your boyfriend."

"Well i did say my boyfriend was the quaterback."

"Hi I'm Chad."

Chad trying to be classy took Joe's hand and kissed it.

Joe thought he was going to jump out of his skin but he hoped every one mistook it as a bit taken back from the old fasion act.

Luckly for him they did.

"I'm sorry I did not mean to startle i was just trying to be classy guess i went overboard."

"What did I tell when you told me what you were planing."

"Ok Ok your right."

Both Joe and Darla laughed at Chads dibocal.

"Lets go"

They all got into Chads hummer and off they went.

"So what are we doing?"

"Well Im guessing we are all hungry so i thoought we would go to Basco's they have the best BBQ around."

"Sounds good."

"Uh Guys you need to think of us girls we do have to watch our figure lets try Japinese(sorry mispelled it) ."

"Hey that sounds good."

When they all got to Wans place they were seated and once again Chad trying to be classy and pulled the chair out for Joe.

Joe was a bit shocked but recovered quickly and guessed Chad was doing his best to show Joe a good time.

Joe decided to eat like he thought a girl would since he was such a fem to every one.

He took small bites and did his best to have feminin manners Joe thoguht he was doing a good job.

"Uh Joe I need to go to the girls room come with?"

With out thinking Joe got up with Darla and followed her in to the ladies rest room and no one around thought any thing of it.

"Joe I think Chad is trying to impress you but try not to over do the girl thing just be your self I think Chad would like it better.

"Ok Im sorry I did not mean to upset anyone."

"No No It's ok I just dont want him to feel put off since it seems your trying to keep him intrested."

"Joe Is this your first time on a date with a guy?"

"Yes it is."



"Uh well where Im from Gays are beaten down like dogs so I never let any one know I was gay I wrote a few guys and talked to them but they were all wannabes nothing serious."

"I see you never have had a chance to exsperance true love."

"I guess not."

"Wll just let me be your guid to love."

they both laughed at Darls Joke.

Finaly the Joe and Darla returned .

"Well it's about time."

"Shut up Berry."

he looked a little dejected from the remark but he laughed none the less.

The meal was great and joe did not over do the girl act but he did continue to eat like a girl would.

"Joe reached for his creditcard to offer to pay for his share but Darla stopped him and leaned in to whisper to him.

"He and Berry are sopose to pay for the meal."

Joe thought to himself hey I could get use to this.

"Hey how about we go to Bray park and walk for a bit im stuffed."

Thats a great idea Berry.

They got to the park and Darla and Berry went hand in hand and started walking together.

Chad reached for Joe's hand and he accpted it with out thinking about it.

"So tell me a little about yourself what makes Joe tick?"

Joe smiled at his question.

"Well im from a small town and I'm a little shy if you cant guess ."

"Oh that expalns alot you were in a place where being gay is not accpeted at all."

"Yeah so I never really had a chance to date."

"So thats why your so nervious this is your first date and you want to do it right."

Joe smiled and got a little closer to Chad and laid his head on Chads shoulder.

"Well dont worry about it I like you and the more I get to know you the more I like you."

"Your so cute and dont care about what others think."

"Most people are a bit stupid."

"this is true Joe."

"I just wish you lived in my dorm that way we could be closer to each other."

They walked for almost an hour just talking.

Darla and Berry walked up.

"hey you two love birds it's getting late and we have class in the morning."

Joe blushed a bit and Chad was a little bit red faced as well when Berry spoke.

Joe held Chads hand all the way back to the dorm.

Berry walked Darla to her dorm and Chad walked Joe to his room since he was in the mens dorm.

After Chad left and closed the door Joe noticed a envolpe on the floor addressed to him it was from the dean.

It read...

To: Joe Sanders.

It has come to my attention that you are more female than male and the men in your dorm have requested you be moved to the girls dorms tommorow at you convinace and please come by my office so i can give you your new dorm assignment.

Dean Witticker

Joe did not know how to feel about it but he did know he would be al ot safer than he was in the dorm he was laready in.

Joe got on his phone and called Darla and told her what he had found.

"Joe its probley for the best i mean your a girl basicly any way I hope you end up in my hall maybe you could be my new room mate.

Well another teaser hehe thisi s fun

All for now

HUggs and Kiss's


After classes on friday Joe went to the Deans office to find out what was going on had he been kicked out for being so fem or other guys not wishing to share a liveing space.

Joe entered the office.

"Ah You must be Joe Sanders."

"Yes sir."

"Good we need to talk about your houseing problem."

"You see Joe the men in your dorm and for the most part all of the male student body feels uncomfortable shareing a dorm with by all means is a girl and according to Darla Sims who appears to be a good friend of yours seems to think you should move in with her however Gay or not we need a guarentee that you won't act as sex crazed male so you have two choices here."

"One you start takeing birth control pills in which will put a damper on your penis getting up for a girl or you can find other houseing off campus which will be costing you because your scholarship won't cover off campus exspense's."

Joe was in a pickle he could not afford to rent a room so he had no choice but to go to a doctor and get a prescription for birth control but he only had to go as far as the campus doctor who prescribed a very strong heavy in estrogen and other female hormons as well.

"Ok I will take the pills."

"Well it will help you furrther make your body more feminin and the pills are free since you have to use them to stay in the girls dorm now you need to start moveing your stuff to your nrw dorm room which you will be in Darla Sims dorm as her room mate."

"Yes sir ."

Joe then left and went to his dorm.

Standing in front of the dorm was Darla Chad and Berry to help Joe move his things.

"Guys What are you doing here?"

"to help you out silly."

"Thanks ."

"You did not think you were going to do this by yourself did you?"

"I mean the guy your dateing and your best friend is going to help oyu weather you want it or not and from the look on your face your glad we are here."

"Yup I'm glad you all are here Its not much to do i packed my cloths last nite so mostly its my computer stero and tv then my suit case's."

When Joe started to go into his dorm he was met by a few guys who stayed there.

"Look Joe we prefer you not come in i mean we cant stop you and it looks like you got some help but since your not a real man I mean no offense but your more of a girl than a guy."

"If you dont mind just let your male friends come in here and get your stuff."

"It's ok Joe we will get your stuff."

"Thanks guys."

"Joe then leand over and gave Chad a peck on the cheek."

Joe was hopeing he was not being forward or giving chad hope there might be a realtionshipin thier future."

Joe knew Chad would need that kiss to motivate him to help and Joe was starting to like Chad but did not want to admit it to himself.

After Joe had finshed moveing in to his new dorm room thats when Darla came in and closed the door.

"I feel icky from all that moving."

"Yeah I need a shower too."

"Come on lets go take one before we hit the road to my parents house."

Joe was not thinking he simply got one of the most girlish out fits he had so he would look nice for Darla's parents.

They went into the shower and joe soon discovered it was a comuniel shower where every one could see every thing.

The shot the doctor had given Joe had already shrunk his penis to a small size.

Joe almost freaked out but undressed any way.

There were some girls in there soaping up and taking showers as well.

Joe noticed that the girls backsides were just as big as his and he saw that some of them had stated to throw rags at each other.

Joe looked at Darla trying not to be a pervert but darla had a very hot body but joes penis coould not get going and the last thing on joes mind was Darla's hot body.

Joe and Darla finished up and while they were in the shower joe was introduced to the girls in there.

"Ok now we need to go."

"Well I need to pack a few things before we go."

"No need every thing will be provided for you and the others ."

"You know tina Beth and Kim."

As they were walking to Darla's car Chad was waiting on Joe to tell her bye .

"Chad what are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to see you off besides Im Berry's room mate and we do pretty much every thing together."

Joe was impressed and was likeing the way Chad fussed over him.

Joe decided to give Chad another peck how ever when Joe started to Chad turned faceing him and they kissed on the lips it lasted a bit longer than Joe exspected but Joe did not want the kiss to end he really liked the way Chad had kissed him.

"Wooo I see a happy realtionship bloosming here."

Joe blushed a bit and Chad leaned down and gave Joe a kiss on the mose.

Joe and everyone was finely in the car and on there way.

"Wow Joe that was some kiss ."

"It looks like you got a boyfriend in Chad."

"Yes it dose Joe I mean wow what a kiss."

Darla and the others were commenting on the kiss and the fact Joe had to consider that Chad was his boyfriend and with out thinking Joe had accepted it he was Chads Girlfriend.

"Well I hope we can keep you from texting Chad so much during our trip because we have a lot to do."

Joe had not heard a word he was busy texting Chad.

"Joe did you hear me?"

Joe looked up .

"Huh what did you say i was texting Chad."

Every one laughed.

Joe blushed again .

they finely arrived at Darl's house where they were greeted by her parents.

Ok girls the pool house is at your disposel this is where everyone will sleep.

"Ah you must be Joe I have heard so much about you."

"It's a shame that you had to move out of your dorm but I guess it was for the best since like Darla told me your more girl than guy and your not really a guy i mean look at you."

"Well enough chitchat it's time to eat."

The Girls went into the main house to eat grilled chicken and salad as well as some steamed vegatables.

" Well what now?"

"It's shopping time is what time it is."

The girls got into the car and went to the mall.

Every one picked out outfits and eacho of them got a bathing suit, joe got a one piece he was still shy about his body but the suit was a bit skimpy for Joes test.

When Joe tried it on you could not tell he even had a penis.

so the girls went to a lot of different stores and got makeup and panties and other lingere.

Once back it was a bit late but they were all jazed a bit and was not tired.

"Joe it's time for your make over."


"Yes makeover we need to pirece your ears first then we will do your hair mom has agreed to help you style it she said she will cut it for you and make it look pretty so Chad can go Wow and trip over his toung."

"You know like I get Berry too."

"Joe did not understand why he had started to feel or react this way toward Joe and toward his new found friends.

He had chalked it up to the hormons he was taking but at this point he did not care he had friends and this was the first time in his life he had been happy .

Even back home he was very unhappy and had zero friends back there.

Darla's Mom walked into the house with a spratz bottle and some sissors.

Joe sat still on the stool while she went to work on his hair it was not long after she had finished cutting that she started to roll his hair.

they had made Joe wash his hair before they had started so his hair was nice and damp.

Joe was then put under a hair dryer.

once done Joe's hair was taken down and brushed a little.

"Can I see now?"

"No we're not done with you yet."

the girls went to work on his nails and doing his makeup.

Joe had started scratching his chest it had started itching he had guessed it was from the pills.

"Stop scratching Joe i know those pills are make you itch but that soon will subside in a few months, well it won't be as bad anyway."

Finaly they were done with Joe's make over.

"Now can I see what ya'll have done to me?"

"No now you need to get dressed."

The Girls had pulled out a powder blue minidress but first they put him into a corset panties and pantiehose then came the bra it fit Joe perfectly they did not stuff it, it waslaready supporting what little breast Joe already had.

Joe heard a knock at the door.

"**** he's early."

"Who's Early?"

"Dont worry about it just yet."

"Now for your shoes ,these heels are just two inch so you won't stumble so bad this is a good pair of heels to start with."

Joe was then led over to a full length mirror and standing beofre him was a very hot collage coed.
hehe some one is at the door.

well teasing ya'll once again hehe.

HUggs and Kisses


"Joe you look hot."

"I wonder what Chad would think of you looking like this."

"I odnt know why dont you ask him Joe."

Joe turned around and saw Chad standing in the door way almost droling and it was very obvious that he was really getting turned on .

His tight jeans where giveing him away.

"Chad what are you doing here?"

"Oh Darla invited me when I talked to her early today when I told her how much i wish I coould at least go out with you tonight."

"So here i am."

"Yeah here you are."

Joe was getting nervious he did not want a realtionship exspecialy a sexual one.

"Whats wrong joe?"

"Uh well Im looking more like a girl these days amd Joe dose not seem to fit anymore."

"Yeah your right Joe is way to mascline for some one like you."

"So what did you have in mind?"

Joe was hopeing the name deal would cover up how nervious he was that chad was there.

"So I had in mind to use my middle name which is Shelly I know it was kinda girly back then but it is a old family name."

"Ok Shelly it is then."

"Shelly How about me and you go get a bite to eat?"

"I have already eaten and Im kinda tired."

"Well how about a walk out by the barn."

"Go on you two need some alone time."

The girls goated Shelly into going out to the barn.

Shelly was hopeing that Chad was not planing on haveing his way with her.

Shelly and Chad went toward the barn talking .

Shelly did not hold Chads hand he did not want to be in a realtionship but he knew it was something he could do little about his feelings were starting to fall for him a little and Shelly was not ready for something like this.

Once at the barn Chad started to remove his shirt.

"Hey what are you doing?"

"Well we cant have sex with our cloths on silly."

"Chad Im not ready for something like this."

"Oh we dont have to much longer before im not intrested I fear and I want to get in as much quilty time as possable."

"What do you mean dont have much time?"

"Well soon you will be to much like a girl that you would be considered stright and well Im gay and will always be gay."

While chad was talking he was steadly removing his cloths.

"Chad put your cloths back on."


"Really Chad please put your cloths on I dont want this not now any way."

"Your nothing but a tease just like your best firend Darla she has been stringing along Berry and won't give it up either!!!"

Shelly was just as weak as any girl and Chad had grabbed her wrist.

"Stop that hurts."

"Im gonna get what I want and there is nothing you can do about it!"

Chad forced Shelly on the ground and raised her skirt ripping her panty hose and panties.

He then picked her up and bent her over and penitrated Shelly.

Chad had thought this through a bit he had a rag in his pocket and stuffed it in her mouth.

Shelly started crying and her muffled cries went unheard by every one.

Chad got tired of struggleing with Shelly and slapped her down to the ground then he took some rope and bound her then he bent Shelly back over and begain penitrating His virgin bum.

Chad finsished up with his pleaseing himself and then left shelly tied and gaged bent over a fence.

Shelly passed out from the pure brutilty of what Chad had done.

It was morning when Shelly heard Darla calling her name.

"OH MY GOD!!!!!"


"Kim call theh house and get Dad down here she's been raped."

Darla bent down beside Shelly and whispered in her ear.

"Dont worry help is on the way."

Darla brushed the hair out of Shellys eyes while Tina removed the ropes and darla had removed the gag.

Darla and the others saw a truck speeding down to the barn.

"Mr sims she's been raped can you help her."

"Not out here we will get her to the hospital and I will tend to her personaly."

Mr sims was a doctor and had gotten a fondness for Shelly from hearing about her and her many trials.

The ambulance was waiting at the house and Shelly was still out of it a bit and she was sobing uncontrolablely.

Shelly woke up in the hospital sore and hurt badly.

Dr. Sims walked in with a forced smile and behind him was a police officer.

"Shelly this is officer malone he is here to take your statement."

"Shelly is what your calling yourself?"

"yes sir."

Officer Malone noticed Shelly cringe a little when he sat on the bed.

"Shelly would you be more comfortable if a woman officer took the statement?"

"Yes sir."

Shelly was feeling a bit weak and Dr Sims could see it.

Officer Malon called in a woman officer.

"Hi dear now Im Hanna Trist I know this is the last thing you want to do but it must be done so I see on your chart it says your transgendered."

Shelly was unsure how to anwser that question so she simply said yes in a low voice.

"Ok first off just because your transgendered dose not mean the law is aginst you it works for you as well so dont feel like we won't do anything for you."

"I hate rapest and i plan on putting this one behind bars for a very long time but first I need a few facts about what happened."

Shelly told Officer Trist how she had told him no and that she was not intrested in him sexualy and then he forced her to have sex with him.

"Dear call it what it is i know its a ugly word but its called rape."

"Shelly wiped some tears from her eyes and did just that."

"Officer Trist she seems to be getting a bit tired so you will have to contiue this later."

"I think I got every thing I need."

Dr Sims leaned over Shelly to speak to her.

"Im sorry I was not there to protect you he seemd like a nice guy was why i let him through."

Shelly patted his arm saing it it was ok .

Darla had been by her side since she had been found her.

Kim I think Im gonna call Berry and let him know what chad did.

Darla dialed him up.

"Hi babe whats up?"

"Your room mate is whats up he raped Shelly."

"Shelly who is Shelly?"

"Thats joe's middle name she decided to use it since it was more of a girls name."

"Chad did what!!!!??"

"He raped Shelly."

"Has he gotten there yet?"

"No I have not seen him, do you want me to come down ?"

"No stay there that pervert might show up ."

"If he dose he will get a beat down he will never forget."

"No Berry he's not worth it let the cops deal with him."
Damn what now Chad has done wrong very wrong

all for now

HUggs and Kiss's


Shelly had nightmares after the incident which was a event she wanted to forget but she could not forget what Chad said out of her mind.

That was he was becomeing more of a girl every day Shelly already knew this but still was haveing trouble accepting it she still believed she was a guy but She also decided she was strong enough to deal with the rape and was not going to be afriade of her own shadow.

Berry was very mad about what Chad had done to Shelly and as far as he was concerend there friendship was over.

Even though Berry did not like the idea of Shelly living in the mens dorm it had nothing to do with the fact he hated gay people it was there choice to be that way he simply was uncomfortable with the fact he was even then more of a girl than a guy and simply did not want trouble in his dorm.

Berry liked Shelly as a friend even though it was his girlfriends best friend Berry had nothing against her and he was glad she was discovering who she really is.

Berry had returned from a work out to keep in shape for the on comeing football season.

Berry had planed on getting a quick shower and a bite to eat then call Darla to see how Shelly was doing.

However when he got out of the shower Chad was In the room as if nothing had happened.

"What are you doing here?"

"What are you talking aboout bro?"

"You know why did you rape Shelly?"

"I did not I gave her what she needed."

"Whats that rape?!"

Berry was getting very angery by the minute.

"I did not rape no one she was begging for it."

"How by saying no?"

"You should have seen how she was dressed I mean wow she was jaw dropping hot man I could hardly contane myself I almost blew my load then and there when I saw him."

"She may have said no but her body yelled yes."

"Dude she is in the hospital and won't be out untill some time sunday."

"So she liked it rough."

"Really is that what you call it tieing her hands and sticking a rag in her mouth?"

"She wanted it."

"If she wanted it then tell me why you left her bent over a fence tied and gagged and told no one she was there?"

Chad had no answer for that.

"Hey i did not twist her arm to come out to the barn with me she went of her own free will."

"Yeah to talk maybe make out a bit not to get raped."

"Look rape is what you can prove and she cant."

"Oh really so all that seaman you left in her is not proof?"

"Man dont you watch tv of course not it's my word against hers."

"I dont have time to watch tv im in law class's I know the law more than you do dumb ass."

"Well I really have nothing to fear you know my dad is a judge he will get me off ."

"Look the cops are looking for you and you have been suspended from school until this can be cleared up one way or another."

Berry was very mad now.

"Look you need to find some place else to stay Im not going to have you ruin my carrear for your dumb ass or any body else's"

"Man you dont understand."

"So enlightene me."

"She is a Tg now thats what Darla's dad said that she could not really be considered gay because of her transformation you know those kind of peopel are always wanting sex."

"Really you think all Transgender people all they think of is sex."

"Have you been around yourself lately."

"Shelly has cringed at the thought pf going on a date with you she was even taken back when you kissed her hand every one could tell she was uncomfortable about dateing a guy I knew she was not ready for a realtionship not like you wanted."

"I also know for a fact the real reason Darla called you to her house."

"What do you mean?"

"You were called to her house so Shelly could talk to you about slowing down and how she was not ready for somethng like what you wanted for the two of you."

She did not want sex she wanted to let you know she was simply not ready and wanted you to slow down.

"We all saw how she was going to give you a peck on the cheek but you turned your head and kissed her on the lips and forced the kiss to continue."

"She did like you and thought you would respect her and maybe later when she felt ready the two of you could move forward."

"Dude you really messed that up big time."

"Come on Berry Bro's before hoe's."

"Not this time its right and wrong."

"So you need to turn yourself in or run I dont care you need to go."

"What about my stuff?"

"I dont think you have any time the campus police may have seen you when you got here I dont know but you gotta go."

Back at the hospital.

Kim walked in with a smile on her face and a stuffed puppy hopeing it would cheer her up a bit.

Kim Tina and Beth along with Darla had pretty much stayed by Shelly's side.

Shelly had a lot to think about she had great friends which she had not had any until he met Darla and her friends.

Dr. Sims came in the room.

"Girls I need to talk to Shelly here for a minute."

The girls left telling shelly they woould be right out side.

"Shelly as you know we ran a battery of test on you and we came up with some intresting facts about you."

"Whats that?"

"Well we know why your more girl than guy for one."


"You were born with out hardly any tetestron in your body and you were devolpeing like a girl just a little slower but when you started taking the birth control pills it started speeding up the process."

"also another intresting fact is yoyu had one more chromazone for a male than a female just on which also explanes your body."

"What are you saying?"

"that you never where really gay your a natural Transgender."

"It's your choice as to how you go but if you choose to move forward I would be glad to help you."

"One other thing have you called your parents?"

"I dont have any I moved from foster home to foster home until I turned eighteen and I made my way to collage."

"I see so your alone in the world."

"Well no not really since i met your daughter Darla I have not been alone ,its the first time in my life i have truly been happy."

"I know so I talked to Darla and asked her if we became your suragate family of sorts."

"I would like that."
Chad seems a bit delusionnal dont you think i wonder what is going to happen next?

All for now

HUggs and Kiss's


Shelly was discharged sunday morning and wewnt back to The Sims House to recover some more before they went back.

It was a very hot day and the girls wanted to take Shelly's mind off of the past events to try and cheer her up.

"You know we should end this trip on a postivie note we should do somethng fun."

Shelly was a bit depressed and rightfully so but she tried to put on a happy face even though she just wanted to sit and curl up into a little ball.

"Shelly i know you dont feel like going any where but how about you go to wild splash and have some fun at the water park."

It did sound like a fun distraction something to take heer mind off of every thing.

Shelly forced a smile and agreed.

"Great we will go home and change into our swim suit's and then go to the water park."

"Shelly We will go too."

Mr and Mrs Sims had said.

Darla was holding Shelly's hand but it was not in a girlfriend boy friend way it was in a bestfriend or sisterly manner and on theo ther side of her Beth was holding her other hand.

Shelly had thought to herself even though she ended up in a bad situation she had found great friends and a family something she had never had before.

Once home Shelly got her Suit on it was a hot pink one piece that showed as much as the two piece any of the girls were wearing.

Shelly was on a different pill instead of theo ne the school had supplied and it was doing a better job of being a feminizer.

She had for the most part forgot she was male but according to Dr Sims he was going to help her with that when she was ready to go all the way.

The sun was bright and the water was cold and the girls were having a blast I mean as much as one could after such a thing that had happened.

The four girls were sitting in lounge chairs tanning or resting from the many trips up to the water slides.

Shelly had started to think about what had happened to her and she started to cry.

Darla and the others got around her and hugged her to make her feel better.

"Look Shelly you can raise above this your stornger than this and with us there is nothing we cant do together your not gonna let this tear you down and ruin your life Im not going to let that happen."

"The others nodded there heads in agreement."

They held each other for a while.

"Come on lets stop thinking about this and go another round on that big ass slide there ."

The girls grabbed there mats and headed up the hill.

Shelly was determend to survive this but not only that she was not going to let it control her life.

After a couple more times down the slide they all agreed it was time for something to eat.

So they went to a little place called Spicy Burger which was in the park.

After eatting and getting showers it was around three .

Every one was getting ready to go back to school when the phone rang.

Mrs Sim's cameinto the room where every one was with a serious look on her face.

"Girls Chad was spotted around the campus and the police suggest you stay here another night ."

"It will give you another day of rest and yall can leave a day later the police has informed the school of the situation and it won't be counted against you."

"Well if thats the case Im going to get out of these cloths I got a bit blisterd at the water park."

I bet you got some nice tan lines Shelly.

Chad was sitting in a motel room trying to stay out of sight until his dad could think of something to get him out of this.

he still did not understand or want to understand what he did wrong Transgendered people were not real people they were just perverts and really did not count.

Chad was sitting on the endge of the bed when he saw his picture on tv.

It was not long after the cops had busted down the door and with them was officer Trist she hated rapest with a passion then of course there was her sister The Distract attorny who hated them just asm uch or even a bit more.

Before Chad knew it he had been cuffed nad stuffed into a car back on its way back to Darla's home town.

It was not long after the phone rang at the sim house hold.

"Darla where is Shelly?"

"She is getting into her night gown."

"Go Tell her to get dressed they caught chad and want her at the police station to identify him."

Darla and the girls rushed up stair's to givere her the news.

Shelly was rubbing some sunburn cream on her shoulders when they came in all excited.

"Shelly they caught the creep they want you to go down to identify that Perv."

"So get dressed."

The Girls helped Shelly with the sun burn cream and then got dressed.
once at the police station Shelly was given instructions as what to do.

Shelly was then led into the room with a two way mirror .

she pointed to Chad.

"Now Mr Sanders take your time before you make a hasty dession."

"One Im not a mister Im a girl and two I know that ass hole he raped me"

"He had no mask and it was no rush job I think I know who did this."

Chads Dad was out side and tried to geet Shelly to drop the charges.

Officer Trist leand into Shelly.

"I told you I would get him."

Shelly just smiled.

She was told she could go back to school until the trial .

Shelly decided that this was just going to make her stronger and she would survive this.

Once back Darla and the others went to class's as as the norm until the following week.

The first day in court.

All for Now feeling a bit ill

HUggs and Kiss's


Shelly was getting dressed for courrt and she had been told by the da that Chads attorney was a snake in the grass and would try to make it look like it was her fault and might even bring up the fact she is transgendered but not to worry.

Shelly was getting dressed but had not finshed when Darla had came in from the shower.

"Shelly you ok?"

Tears were started to stream from here eyes ."

"It's ok Shelly you have the right to cry but you need to say what happend and dont hide from it make him pay."

Kim and Tian had walked into Shelly and Dral's room to check on shelly they saw her crying and they went to heer.

"You know Shelly you should give it to him stright dont cringe dont be afride do what you got to do and most of all dont let him get away with it."

They got to court and the trial had started.

Ok State your name for the court?"

"Joe Shelly Sanders."

Chads attorney Mr wick started to ask her questions.

So you liked to be called Joe?"

"No sir Shelly."



"Shelly whats your gender?"

"Objection your honor what dose that have to do with any thing?"

Shelly smiled she was ready for this question.

"Im transgendered."

"Excuse me?"

"Im transgendered sir."

Thats not a gender Shelly."

"Your Honorjust this year The state approved ans ratafied a law stateing any one between genders is considereda third gender hence transgender."

"Yes Im aware of that ruleing."

Your honor so now that we have established gender can continue this trial?"

"Shelly did Chad here trick you into going to the barn to talk?"


"So why did you two go out there?"

For a little privicy."

"To have sex?"


Shelly then explaned what happened and what she had planed on doing and how things went down chads attorney tried every dirtry trick in the book but every time he thoguht he had something he was shot down until he had an idea.
Kinda tired now it looks like I watch too much law and order lol

All for now
HUggs and Kiss's


The trail lasted till the next day.

"Your Honor I Call Mr. Joe Shelly Sanders."

"Your Honorit has been distingushed that Shelly Sanders is a third gender(I wish there was such a thing.)and is very improper to refer to Shelly as any thing but as the gender she is now and to reframe from useing the name Joe."

Shelly approched the wittness stand during all the commation.

"Your Honor I have found no records as to a name change."

"Mr Wick that dose not matter you need to read up on transgendred law before you go off and insult the victim."

It hit Shelly she was a victim but she did not wish to be one she she decided to say....

"Your Honor would you please refer to me as a survivor because I got past the victim part with the help of all my friends."

"Yes dear we can call you a survivor and it is great you have chosen to fight and not let it get you down."

From this point on during the trial Shelly is to be refred as a she and her first name is not to be used for she has chosen to accept who she is and also at Her request from this point on she is to be refered to as a survivor."

Suddenly the attorney had no reson to question her nay more.

"Well Mr Wick continue your questions."

The Da now was to question Her.

Shelly so you wish to be called a survivor?"


"Thats great."

"So Ms Sanders what intentions did you have when you went to the barn with Chad?"

"To let him know I was not ready for the kind of realtionship he wanted I could tell he was wanting to get closer and possably sex which I was not nor am I ready for."

"Do you like girls as more than friends?"

"No your honor."

"Do you look at boys as more than friends?"

"Im not sure i was expermenting with the idea."

"So your very unsure aboout your sexual prefernce?"

"Yes i guess Im not sure of any thing right now and since this hapened Im more unsure than ever."

"So there is a chance you will go back to being a man?"

"No Im sure of that Im very sure I will remain Shelly forever."

"So it's the sexual aspect of it then?"

"Yes mame."

"Your honor Im done with this wittness."

"Your Honor may I reexmin this wittness?"

"Yes you may Mr Wick."

"Shelly please reamain for a few more questions."

"Ok Shelly are you saying you might like girls latter on as more than friends such as for as a sexual realtionship?"


"So you laid to the courrt that your unsure as to what you want?"

"No Im simply unsure about any kind of realtionship but it woould not have any thing sexual with women."

"I see."

Mr Wick was getting frustrated with Shelly's diract and explanations which seemed to shoot down his next question.

"I see you live in a dorm at your collage."

"Yes Sir."

"So since you live there which dorm do you reside in?"

"Howard Hall."

"So a male dorm.."

Mr wick thought he had Shelly this time.

"No sir it's not a male dorm."

"excuse me?"

"please explane."

"At first I was assigned to the male dorm and I was very afrade and I soon made frieds with Darla there she is my best friend in the world."

"enough of that tell me about the dorm assignments."

"Since I looked more like a girl anyway The guys there did not want any trouble so they set out to get me reassigned to a different dorm , how ever I was scared as to what some may do to me."

"So since the dean had seen me he understand there fears and mine so he sent me to live in howard hall and just by luck I ended up in my bestfrieds room as her room mate."

"I see."

Mr Wick looked at the file again

"so what if a girl say you attempted rape."

"Why would they?"

I mean you being a male and all."

"I was unable to do any of that any way butthe dean and I made a little agreement to protect the girls and myself and him as well."

"Deal ?what deal?

"That I take a hormon treatment which would disable any erraction to occur. ."

"Oh sir the school i go to has a very well known law school there and he made sure that this contract was leagle."

"Since Im eighteen it is perefectly leagle."

"Satisfied Mr Wick."

Mr Wick got that look on his face where he knew he had to do someething quick.

I would like to call Doctor Donald Sims to the stand."

"Ok Mr Sims tell me what you know about Shelly."

"Your honor when are we going to get to the real facts instead of trying to ruin her ."

"I was wondering the same thing."

"Mr Wick wrap this up quick."

"Almost every thing."

"You dont think i would let my daughter bring a man to stay at my house over night do you?"

"I checked up on Shelly and found she was a foster child and had a natural disorder that caused her female apperance."

"Also about....

"Thats enough i have what I need."

Mr Wick had cut him off in mid sentence."

"You know Mr. Wick i wish to hear the rest of what Doctor Sanders has to say."

Mr Wick glared at the judge.

Chad was looking very mad and it looked almost ready to explode.

"please contiue with what you were saying."

"Well he was diognosied with what is refried as cromazone retro."

"And what is that?"

Its when the body is born with half a male chromizone but the rest of his body and mind is all female."

Nature intended for Shelly to be a girl but something went wrong and she was born male of sorts.

"so she is a natural transgedered she did not wake up one morning and said Im tired of being a man she woke up every morning with face to face reality that she was more female than male or niether."

"It would not matter if she had never took a single hormon pill she would still look like a woamn and not be able to function as a male .

"May I continue your honor?"

"Yes please do."

"Shelly had already been trying to hide her devolpeing breast by useing a ace bandge butit was still showeing through her shirt so she wore baggy cloths."

And since she was in the foster system she was raised as a boy."

the trial went on and on for nearly a week and Mr Wick tried to assinate Shelly's chacter but he could find nothing despit his best efforts the facts of the rape came out and now it was time for the verdict.

"Forman you have a verdict?"

"Yes your honor."

"And what say you?

"In the case the people versus Chad mako we find the derfnedent guilty as charged."

"Your honor there was a incident of attempted bribery in this case."

"You see Chad mako's father tried to brib me and two others to come back with a not guilty verdict we have the funds here we turned it over to the officer when we got in to deliberations."

"I am going to sentance Chad today since all this has today."

"I hear by find you guilty as charged and are hear by sentence you to twenty years in prison with out paroll."

Chad would soon find out what it would bel ike to be raped over and over again.(he deserves this)

Shelly started to cry and burried her head in Darla's shoulder she was happy about it but she still felt violated but now she could get on with the rest of her life and now she coould contiue with discoveering who she is and what she wants with out fear of looking over her shoulder.

The girls returned to class's and they were a bit behind so in order to catch up the four worked hard together and was caught up with in a week.
all for now I really shoould stop watching law order hehe now we are back on track and leets find out whats next for shelly.

HUggs and kiss's

Shelly had become one of the girls not because of the event which was what it was refred to and the word rape was never mentioned nor was victim Shelly had come out of it a much stronger pereson even though she was still a bit confussed she had pretty much made a few dessions with out her even knowing it.

"Hey Shelly we are going to burger shack wanna come?"

"Sure why not it beats sitting here dooing nothing."

The burger barn was a place that had car hops sort of like sonic but better.

"You know you need to hurrry up we are leaving in a few minutes."

"Where is Darla?"

"She went on a date with Berry I think they are getting serious."

"How serious?"

"Maybe pop the question serious not real sure."

"Have you seen my lipstick?"

"No but here use mine I think the color would look awsome on you."

"Ok let me try it."

"That is a hot pink I might look like a slut."

"No you won't it will look good with those green eyes of yours."

Shelly put the lipstick on and she did look really nice.

"You look real good Shelly now lets go."

once at the burger barn they had gave there order when Shelly saw a really hot guy.

"Who is he, he's hot!!"

"Thats James he is stright."

"Well so am I even more so in a few weeks."

"Well that is Mark singer he is a trumpet player in a jazz band at school he is real good I have heard him play."

Tina Beth and kim had a great time that night but the day Shelly was looking for was the day of the process that woould make her compleat female for ever and if she was lucky she would be able to find a nice guy and have kids that was her dream.

two weeks later was the day Darla and the rest of the girls headed to Darla's place and then to the hospital.

The dna drugs and the chromzone therpy had all led up to this day there would be no surgey just the rest of the drugs then it was a wait and see type deal.

it took about three hours for every thing to be done and when Shelly came back to her room the changes were already occuring to her body and a day later the pain and the transformation was compleat and Shelly could now go after her dream.

UPDATE:Darla married Berry and Shelly was the maid of honor Kim Beth and Tina stayed in touch with the group.

they all remained friends and as far as shelly she is curently dateing a nice wealthy guy who knows every thing about her and is verey happy with her he plans on asking her to merry him tonight.

Chad still in prison is someones property and every day he is reminded of what shelly went through and he regreats it every day.

Shelly and the girls live very happy lives and have very great carrears

The end.
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A very good start , Anna. I be watching to seee where you take this story. Just wondering what the girls are really up to?:)
"The Flowers of Friendship "
By Jennifer Funshine

~ Written For Amanda ~

A gentle butterfly flutters by her window
The subtle breeze kisses her cheek tenderly
Only Heaven can hear the words she whispers
Only angels have seen the color of her dreams

There's a special memory kept within a locket
Next to the ivory music chest upon her dresser
When that ballerina dances, Amanda remembers
How those dreams gave her the strength to be free

And believe...
In the flowers of friendship
Camellia, jasmine and daisy chains
And in my heart is sown only one wish
That she know the gift of love, unashamed

At it's core this earth we adore is loveless
People's compassion always plays hide and seek
Still, Amanda stands before these foolish judges
And with every word she expresses in her speech
The garden of her soul grows even more vibrantly

Rain like tears of joy descend upon supple twilight
Starry sky painted with majestic hues of rose-violet
Adorned in pink satin panties and tangerine sun dress
Amanda lovingly tends to her garden, full of happiness

So full of happiness...
In the flowers of friendship
Marigold, delphiniums and sage
Her love unfolds through the ages
She knows every one by their names.
With Much Love
This story is really really good i'm super eager to read more keep it up  .
hi all just leaving a reminder for yall to leave a comment the story is going better than exspected.

HUggs and Kiss's

 HUggs and Kiss's
You are such a tease, It's a good story but I'm wondering what will Joe's fem name be?:)
"The Flowers of Friendship "
By Jennifer Funshine

~ Written For Amanda ~

A gentle butterfly flutters by her window
The subtle breeze kisses her cheek tenderly
Only Heaven can hear the words she whispers
Only angels have seen the color of her dreams

There's a special memory kept within a locket
Next to the ivory music chest upon her dresser
When that ballerina dances, Amanda remembers
How those dreams gave her the strength to be free

And believe...
In the flowers of friendship
Camellia, jasmine and daisy chains
And in my heart is sown only one wish
That she know the gift of love, unashamed

At it's core this earth we adore is loveless
People's compassion always plays hide and seek
Still, Amanda stands before these foolish judges
And with every word she expresses in her speech
The garden of her soul grows even more vibrantly

Rain like tears of joy descend upon supple twilight
Starry sky painted with majestic hues of rose-violet
Adorned in pink satin panties and tangerine sun dress
Amanda lovingly tends to her garden, full of happiness

So full of happiness...
In the flowers of friendship
Marigold, delphiniums and sage
Her love unfolds through the ages
She knows every one by their names.
With Much Love
cheryl lynn
Anna what a delightful story. Please continue, I can't wait to see what happens. As a suggestion, don't let joe fall too willingly into his new girlish role. the best part of the plot is that joe is basically straight while forced to pretend that he is gay.
I made an account just to comment on this story, great job so far keep it up :)
love this story u should write more
Quite a sudden turn of events Anna, Wow. I hope Chad's punishment is quick and hard, castration sounds good to me. Shelly now has friends on her side and I'm hoping she begins to see the good things life has to offer. Keep it up Anna, patiently waiting for the next chapter.
"The Flowers of Friendship "
By Jennifer Funshine

~ Written For Amanda ~

A gentle butterfly flutters by her window
The subtle breeze kisses her cheek tenderly
Only Heaven can hear the words she whispers
Only angels have seen the color of her dreams

There's a special memory kept within a locket
Next to the ivory music chest upon her dresser
When that ballerina dances, Amanda remembers
How those dreams gave her the strength to be free

And believe...
In the flowers of friendship
Camellia, jasmine and daisy chains
And in my heart is sown only one wish
That she know the gift of love, unashamed

At it's core this earth we adore is loveless
People's compassion always plays hide and seek
Still, Amanda stands before these foolish judges
And with every word she expresses in her speech
The garden of her soul grows even more vibrantly

Rain like tears of joy descend upon supple twilight
Starry sky painted with majestic hues of rose-violet
Adorned in pink satin panties and tangerine sun dress
Amanda lovingly tends to her garden, full of happiness

So full of happiness...
In the flowers of friendship
Marigold, delphiniums and sage
Her love unfolds through the ages
She knows every one by their names.
With Much Love
OMG I really like this story! I kinda see some realistic elements to this as well as most gay male fantasies. The part about Chad raping Shelly kind of scared me a lil bc of my past experiences (If you're curious on what happened to me, give me a pm) but I really like how it turned out. can't wait for more ^^
RP Name: Kireii Aura Kawaiuke
RL Name: Joshua Matthew Damien King
RP Age: 3-4 years old
RL Age: 18 years old
Song That Best Describes Me: "I'm Cute" - Dot from The Animaniacs
I love you all ^^
little baby kristie
Me and Kristie can't wait to read more of this story it's very very good. <3
Danii&Kristie forever
I am enjoying this story very much. I look forward to new chapters and can't wait to find out how Shelly likes being a girl. I hope she finds a man who will treat her right and with love.
You still got me hooked Anna xD I like how it took a turn down legal avenue and how that little punk is finally gonna get what he deserves. Hope to see more in the future, and maybe Shelly will find a man that treats her like she deserves, like a princess :3
RP Name: Kireii Aura Kawaiuke
RL Name: Joshua Matthew Damien King
RP Age: 3-4 years old
RL Age: 18 years old
Song That Best Describes Me: "I'm Cute" - Dot from The Animaniacs
I love you all ^^
He gets what he deserves and hopefully more cant wait for the next part
little baby kristie
Me and Kristie can't wait to read the next part you've had us hooked since part 1 of this story. :D
Danii&Kristie forever
well thats the end of the story im sorry if I brought up some very bad memories that was not my intention I have had a few friends tell me it scared them a bit because it seemed so real Im glad you all have enjoyed this story and I hope you enjoy the next one I write just need some time for an idea

HUggs and Kiss's

 HUggs and Kiss's
this was a perfect and beautiful story. i just love your stories
lots of love
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