Sudden Changes ( R )
Pts 1-2-3- A young man's first love brings life altering consequences
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Title: Sudden Changes


Melissa Mallory - 30yo Mistress and owner of

Mistresses' Played by Miki Yamuri

Vickie Tabor - 18yo Pet

Amy Pet - 21yo

Chris Orson - 22yo College student : Played by Sissybabycrystal

Scene: College Hallway


It was 10am on the first day of classes. The College hallway was jammed with eager students all rushing around like ants in a disturbed anthill. Chris was hugging a wall in hopes that he could avoid the mad throng.

Suddenly, from around the corner came a very petit very small girl in a very short smock dress, carrying many books. She rushes around the corner and runs squarely into Chris. All her books fall all over the floor as she tumbles backward onto her bottom.

She sits with her legs sprawled all over and Chris had a very wonderful view of her very cute ruffled panties. She sits for a second, dazed, and then closes her legs and begins to get up from the floor. Chris can't help a little blush as he admires her adorable panties. He is very stricken with the girl from the moment he sets eyes on her. He can't remember seeing someone so cute as he kneels down to her " are you ok? " he questions softly.

She says in a very cute voice, I'm so sorry ... guess Imma clumsy baby."

She takes his offered hand and is helped to stand up. The 2 of them pick up the fallen books and papers.

He can't help chuckling a little when he hears her "Well ... maybe a little." he responds as he helps her up before helping gather up everything.

The girl says softly in a cute and shy voice, "My name's Vickie. I'm so sorry ... I'm kinda clumsy it seems."

Chris smiles warmly at her "Well it happens to everyone sometimes. It's very nice to meet you Vickie I'm Chris."

Vicki blushes adorably and says, "Nice to meet you Chris. I gotta gets to Miss Tracy's English lit class. It's just down the hall ... wanna walk with me?"

Chris nods his head with a smile " yes I'd love to " he replies as he looks at how adorable she is blushing like that.

Vicki stands in a very cute manner and looks so adorable. She looks at Chris with very large Green eyes and apologizes one more time. She takes Chris's hand and they walk down the hall to the English class.

Vicki chatters away about just about everything in a very friendly way. There is something refreshingly childlike about her that Chris finds intoxicating. Chris enjoys listening to her as she talks, letting her get in most of the words as he generally just tries to pay attention to her. His eyes switch between looking where they are going and admiring her as they walk along. She seems so shy he is a little surprised she had taken his hand.

They arrived at the room and entered. It was the usual madhouse for a college classroom on the first day. Vicki is obviously scared as she stares at all the hubbub. She looks at her schedule and then at the room number. She's in the right place.

Chris thinks a moment and then smiles at Vicki " hey... this is actually my class also " he sounds a little surprised but pleased.

"I didn't recognize the professor's name when you said it, but I don't usually pay attention to that " he admits to her

Vicki brightens up and giggles. She says softly, "That's wunnerful. We could sit together over there."

She pulls on his hand like a little girl as she leads him over to the 2 empty seats. Vicki put her books on the table and gracefully sits in the chair.

Chris' face lights up hearing her and he nods his head " ya that sounds great " he replies.

He can't help but notice how childish she seems sometimes as she leads him to the seats. It only makes her appear more cute to him though as he sits down next to her setting his book before him.

The class was the usual disorganized 1st day disaster. Vicki chattered with Chris as much as she could at every opportunity.

She was very bright Chris noticed and knew a lot about human phsyogamy. The class had finally come to an end. Vicki had gathered all her books and taken Chris' hand again as they joined the throng back in the hall. The Noise was tremendous with all the voices and moving feet.

Chris smiles at her as they hold hands and has to shout to be heard over all of the noise " hey! You wanna get lunch together?! "

Vickie Giggles adorably and blushes very pink. She looks at the ground and replies, "I would love to have lunch with you ... jus baby gots to go home. Mommy is expecting me to be there."

She fidgets just like a little girl and continues, "Your welcome to have lunch at my house if ya wanna."

Chris is confused by her childish wording but finds it adorable "Aww that is sweet... I would love to join you at your house "he replies with a smile as he looks at her.

Vickie bounces on her toes excitedly and takes Chris by his hand. They begin walking out of the hubbub of the College hallway hand in hand.

Chris is happy to hold her hand as they walk along. "So, you live close to campus then?" he questions lightly making conversation

Vicki replies, "I live coupla blocks thatta way." She points off to the south.

The walk to Vicki's house was several blocks. Chris asked about Vicki. The replies he was getting made him think he was talking to a very little girl. This only ensnared him even more into the sweet and adorable personality that was Vicki.

They arrived at the door and Vicki opens it and tugs Chris by the hand into the room. There is an Older Lady there dressed in a black and white uniform.

She comes to them and hugs Vicki and says, "Welcome back sweet heart. Who is your new friend?"

As Nana takes all of Vicki's books, Vicki replies in a giggling voice, "That's Chrissie. Met him at scool. He a cute boy that helped baby all through the scary stuff."

Chris smiles at the older lady figuring she must be their maid. He then blushes a little hearing her words. The infantile use of his name embarrassed him but it fit her personality so he lets it go. " it's nice to meet you "

The woman turned to Chris and said, "Well hello Chris. Your a very handsome boy. I can see why Vicki likes you. You can call me Nana. I'm ... the babysitter for the lack of a better explanation."

Chris' face takes on a look of confusion "Babysitter? " he questions lightly not completely understanding. "Are there other children here? " He doesn't really want to call her Nana and would feel rather silly doing it so he decides to try and avoid using her name in conversation.

Chris watched as Nana appeared to ... Check Vicki's panties. He couldn't be sure ... he had been looking around the very nicely furnished room and had caught the very end of Nana's actions.

Nana says softly, "If you will excuse me and Vicki, I need to change her. She will be right back."

Nana takes Vicki by the hand and continues, "If you would like, you can wait in the den."

Nana points to the arch leading into the den as she leads Vicki off by the hand. Chris noticed that Vicki acts a whole lot like a toddler in Nana's presents. Chris lets that sink in for a moment matching it with what he had just seen. A little thought lights up within his
head but he quickly dismisses it finding it ridiculous.

"Um ... well ... alright." he replies a little lost in thought as he moves towards the den to
sit down and wait.

After a few minutes, Nana returned to the den with several cups on a tray. Chris could swear they were large sippy cups ... one, without the top.

Nana offers Chris one, "I do hope you like strawberry milk. It's Vicki's favorite."

Chris smiles at her trying to be polite although he thinks the cups are a bit silly and milk feels like a rather juvenile beverage.

"Oh yes, that sounds fine, thank you" he says as he takes the cup and tastes the milk.

Vicki is escorted back into the Den by Nana. Her new outfit was absolutely adorable. She had on a very cute romper. It was white with bunny rabbit prints in pink all over it. There were ruffles around the leg openings and the bib that tied around her neck. She had on no top underneath the romper. Another thing that seemed to stand out. Vicki seemed to be in a diaper. She had her hair done in long curly ponytails and had her Teddy Bear in her other arm.

Nana bends down and kisses Vicki softly as she pats her on her bottom.

Nana says, All right baby, be a good girl and play nice with you new friend. Nana has to go and do laundry."

Chris' eyes widen with shock as he looks her over admiring her infantile outfit. He doesn't understand what is going on and he sees that it really appears as if she is wearing a diaper beneath that clothing. He doesn't know what to say to her although he does think she looks rather adorable like that and finds it's turning him on.

Vicki walks ... (( or is she .. waddling?? ... Chris can't really tell ... either way .. it is adorable to watch)) ... over to the sofa Chris was sitting on. She climbs onto the sofa and sits beside Chris.

Vicki says in a very adorable voice, "Imma Love Pet. Mommy insists I am a baby cuz is who a Love Pet is."

She snuggles up to Chris as she picks up her Sippy cup with both hands and drinks the Strawberry milk. Chris is shocked when he hears her revelation. He doesn't understand fully what a Love Pet is as he looks at her.

It takes him a moment to reply as he enjoys her snuggling to him and can't resist putting an arm around her to hold her close. " so... um ... you're treated like a baby then? "

Vicki giggle softly and replies, "I amma baby sweetie. Amma Love Pet ... I live to please."

Chris being a fairly innocent boy doesn't understand exactly but he realizes that she really is treated like a baby at home. She looks so adorable and he enjoys cuddling her to him that it just seems kind of right with her.

"A love pet? " he questions lightly.

Vickie Snuggles closer and says in an adorable voice, "Umm humm. I make love sweetie."

She then puts her arms around Chris and French kisses him lovingly and deeply."

Chris was a virgin and had never been very successful with girls so having such a beautiful one frenching him felt amazing. He immediately returns her kiss filling it with passion as he holds her in his arms. He wonders if he is really finally going to take that final step.

Vickie stands up ... unties her romper, lets it fall, and pulls open the front of her panties and diaper in an adorable manner to show Chris.

She says softly, "Baby no can take off her diaper. Can you undo the pins? I too young ta know how."

Chris looks at her a moment his eyes fixed on her diaper before he reacts and reaches up to carefully undo the pins to allow her diaper to move away. "Of course baby "

Vickie giggles and blushes adorably as Chris helps her out of her plastic lined panties and removes her diaper. She has no body hair except her long blond curls, eye lashes and eyebrows. She takes her hands and covers her cute little hairless vagina as Chris throws the panties and diaper to the floor with the romper she had stepped out of.

Chris can't help a little blush of his own when he sees beneath her diaper. She looks so adorable to him ... covering herself up with her little hands. He reaches down to undo his pants and pull them away with his boxers tossing them aside.

Vicki says in a very shy voice, "Does Chrissie wanna ... make Love to baby? I promise to do my best to please."

Chris looks at her and nods his head before admitting with a soft blush "That sounds wonderful Vickie. You should know though... I'm a virgin "

Vickie kneels before Chris and takes his manhood in her hands and softly begins to caress it.

She says in a cute voice, "Ohh ... a Virgin tastes so sweet. Baby love to taste a virgin."

Chris gasps feeling her caress as he quickly hardens within her hands. Her words make him blush again as he looks down at her.

She takes his manhood in her moist mouth and begins to suck passionately. She flicks her tongue against his swollen shaft on each suck.

He immediately lets a soft moan escape him as he fully hardens inside her wonderful mouth. "Wow... this feels so amazing " he whispers down to her

She pauses in sucking momentarily ... she takes her tongue and runs it slowly around the head of his manhood and then gives it a sweet kiss.

She replies softly, I live to please."

She pushes him over gently and gets on top. Chris allows her to push him over. She straddles him and takes his swollen manhood in her hands and inserts it into her tight and eager vagina. She squeaks softy as she sits ... allowing Chris' shaft to slowly penetrate her tight privacy. He thinks this must be a dream as a louder more intense moan escapes him when he feels her moving her tightness across his throbbing manhood.
With each rise and fall of her young beautiful body on top of his shaft, She clamps her muscles inside her vagina and grips him ... sending waves of intense pleasure through him. As Vickie moves her hips up and down, she bends over and passionately French Kisses him. Her eager and wiggly tongue exploring his mouth .. and then entwining with his tongue.

Chris sucks on her tongue as it invades and explores his mouth moving his own with hers as they kiss. Sounds of pleasure are escaping him into her as she grips onto his shaft and he thrusts up against her matching her movements.

Vickie squeaks softly with each deep penetration as she adds more eagerness to each thrust.

She begs in a very cute and loving voice, "Oh, please Chrissie ... cum in me! Let baby feel your pleasure. Let me feel your body enjoy mine."

Chris gives into her as the pleasure builds up within him to the breaking point

"OOOoohh!! Yeeessss! Vickie!!! " he cries out with a last deep thrust up against her he lets loose shooting stream after stream of his thick hot cum deep into her. Vickie's expression becomes one of rapture. She shivers and has large goose bumps rise all over her skin.

She gasps as she feels the throbbing of his manhood and the warm wetness of his pleasure within her. Vickie then lays on top of Chris and Kisses him passionately again.
Chris kisses her back wrapping his arms around her as she lays against him. He is breathing a little heavily as he comes down off the high of his orgasm.

She coos softly, "Did baby please you sweetie? I hope you have some more white gooshy stuff left. I wanna taste your virginity."

She slowly rises off of Chris' still hard manhood and lays beside him. She takes it in her mouth and begins to suck slowly and sensually again.

Chris smiles at her, "Vickie ... you were amazing." he says to her as he watches her move down his body. He quickly begins to harden again as she takes him into her mouth.

Vickie sucks, licks, and kisses his shaft until he again has another huge orgasm. She swallows as much of it as she can, then licks up any that has spilled over.

When she snuggles up to Chris again she coos, "Ohh sweetie ... baby love the taste of a virgin. You're always so sweet."

This makes Chris blush again as he puts an arm around her to cuddle her close. He is still feeling the bliss of his orgasms as he lays there with her. His eyes slowly drift closed, he is rather worn out.


The 2 of them are all snuggled up and have their arms and legs wrapped around each other as Vickie's Mistress walks into the den. Melissa is not happy. She sees her Love Pet and a strange man on the love sofa. It is more than obvious he has taken her Love Pet without permission.

Melissa leaves the den quietly only to return shortly. She walks over to the sleeping couple ... she places a soft cloth under Chris' nose and over his mouth very gently so as not to disturb his slumber.

Melissa knows the Chloroform will keep this man asleep ... until she can exact the perfect punishment on him.

End Pt-1

Part 2 - Punishment

Chris slowly starts to wake feeling a little out of it. He has a slight headache and feels like he has been drinking a bit too much. The first thing he notices is that when he tries to shift and move he can't. His arms and legs are stuck causing his eyes to quickly shoot open nervously. The last thing he remembered ... was falling asleep with Vickie.

He cries out in shock as he realizes the position he is in. He can feel his butt sticking up in the air and realizes he is completely nude.

A door opens where Chris can see the 3 who enter. 2 of the ladies are dressed in very short black leather skirts with black knee high boots and black leather halter tops. They are both shapely and extremely beautiful. Vickie is dressed in a way that makes her look like a babydoll. She has on a very short all white and pink smock dress with a white pinafore. It has puffy sleeves with lace around the openings and hem and soft pink and white crocheted booties on her feet.. She has on matching rumba panties and it is obvious she has on her diaper.

The first two ladies make Chris nervous but when he sees Vickie he immediately calls out to her sounding desperate " Vickie! What's going on? "

Melissa bends over sligtly and says softly, but loud enough for Chris to hear, "All right Pet, Mistress wants you to take this Virgin's manhood. Be gentle ... make sure he becomes a proper sissy. No need to be shy ... your one of the best Milk Maids around."

Vickie says in a very cute voice, "Yes, mommy ... baby do it right."

Melissa hands Vicki a strange toy with a soft bent tip. Vickie skips lightly over to the rack where Chris is bound and helpless.

Vicki says in an adorable voice, "Mommy upset cuz we made love wif out permission. I am gonna milk you n make you into a veery sweet sissy girl." she giggles adorably.

Chris doesn't exactly understand but the part about taking his manhood scared him greatly and he starts to struggle desperately against his bonds when he sees Vickie approaching him with the toy. " Wh-what are you doing Vickie? P-Please just let me go! "

Vicki's next words do better to explain her plans for him and the color drains out of his face.

"Please Vickie... don't do this! I'm really sorry I didn't know we weren't supposed to do that! Really I didn't "
He begs her, pleading to be set free. Vickie kisses Chris lovingly as she caresses his manhood. His manhood immediately responds to her caresses and he can't resist her loving kiss. It gives him hope as he bends his head around as far as he can and looks at her.

She coos, "Aww sweetie, baby no allowed to set you free. I gotta take your manhood. we can play later when your a girl."

She then picks up a large tube of KY jelly. She squeezes a large amount of it on her index finger and middle finger. She then begins to lubricate his bottom opening with many shallow and soft penetrations.

His eyes widen when he sees her with the KY and hears her telling him he will be a girl. He doesn't want to be a girl, he had just finally gotten to be a man! He struggles harder against his bonds as he feels her lubricating his bottom causing him to squeak blushing pink with embarrassment and squirm

"No! Please! I don't wanna be a girl! Don't you like me as a boy?!" he whines pitifully.

Vickie answers sweetly, "Baby loved you as a boy sweet heart. It felt so good to have all your wet pleasure in my privacy." she giggles adorably then continues, "I only had 1 other boy in my life. You were magnificent. And to think ... I gets ta be the one to make you into a Sissy Girl ... such an honor for me." She hugs and kisses Chris lovingly again
Chris dares to feel hope again but they are quickly dashed with her continued talking. Little tears are forming in his eyes when she kisses him again and he makes muffled little sounds of protest.

Vickie is obviously enjoying herself. She is very loving and understanding to all of Chris' fears. She takes a bit more of the KY and lubricates the toy well.

She whispers into Chris' ear, "Baby hope you enjoyed making love to me ... I'm going to enjoy taking your manhood. I love to watch as you become a girl."

She giggles softly as she turns the toy on low. She walks behind Chris and puts the toy to his bottom opening. She softly, but intently begin to penetrate him.

She coos softly, Aww sweet little girl ... I will be gentle .. I know what it's like to loose your virginity."

The soft buzz of the toy vanishes as it penetrates Chris' bottom. Chris whimpers as he feels the soft buzzing toy penetrating his tight virgin hole. Tears have started to drip down his blushing cheeks as he cries, "No please, Vickie ahh s-stop! I thought... I thought you loved me and I want to make love to you again! Please don't do this! "

Vickie replies in a soft loving voice, "I can't stop sweetie. Mistress will be mad at me is I do. I do love you sweet heart. Aww .. baby unnerstan. We can make love again soon ... but you gonna be a Sissy Girl then."

Vickie then takes his hard rod in her hands and begins to caress it lovingly. She manipulates the toy so that the tip massages his prostate. This, combined with all the other loving caresses, licks, and kisses Vickie is giving Chris, sends massive confusing, but pleasant sensations all through his body.

Chris whimpers and moans softly as she caresses his hardness while manipulating his prostate sending tingly feelings through his body. He is finding it hard to concentrate enough to protest as he starts to sob weakly being terrified of what was happening even if he didn't totally understand.

Vickie coos, "It's ok sweet heart ... baby make Chrissie a wonderful Sissy girl. Mommy already gots a Mistress for you. She think you are an adorable little girl n take good care of you for the rest of your life. She start you on Female hormones and androgen blockers right away. In a year, you will be so adorable ... even gots cute booby bumps."

Both of the Mistresses were very pretty. Melissa looks to the other woman and says, "Did you bring your collection beaker?"

The other woman says softly, "Sure did."

The words only serve to cause him to cry louder begging out of desperation, "No please I don't wanna Mistress ... I don't wanna be a girl! I just... wanted to be with you, Vicki."

Melissa says, ignoring his protests, "You best put it in the collection slot or your going to loose his virgin milk."

Vickie caresses Chris a bit more intently as she replies, "You will be with me sweetie. You will make a very cute and beautiful Sissy girl."

The Mistress places the beaker in the slot under Chris' thing.

She says to Vickie, "Ok Pet, you can taste his virgin milk. I give it to you as payment."

Vickie is obviously over joyed with this.

She coos to Chris, "Hear that sweetie?? Baby gets ta taste the very last of your manhood. Would you want some too?"

Realization dawns on him as he sobs harder shaking his head in response to her question.

"No please! Not that! " Chris begs

The woman that had placed the beaker under Chris says in a stern voice, "My sissy will taste some male milk right away. To get her into the mood of her new life."

Vickie responds in a very demure and subservient manner, "Yes, Mistress, Pet Lives to Please."

"No I won't! Please ... no I'm not gay ... that's gross " Chris begs with fresh tears flowing down his face as he looks at the impressively beautiful woman who seems to be in charge of his torment with pleading eyes. "I don't wanna be a sissy! "

The woman bends down and kisses Chris on his cheek. She runs her hand through his hair in loving manner and says softly, "My name is Mistress Anna. You belong to me now. You are my property to do with as I choose. You have no rights at all until I give them to you. I promise I will love and protect you for the rest of your life. I also promise I will dress you in the most adorable clothes I can find and make you into the best young lady I can."

Chris is comforted a bit by her gentle loving touch but her words scare him causing him strong conflicted emotions as he starts to feel completely helpless. He is realizing there isn't anything he can do to escape these women.

Vickie coos softly as she feels Chris about to milk, "Ok sweetie, this is what a female orgasm feels like. "

She turns the toy on high. The sensations are immediately electrically intense. Chills and goose flesh run all over his body. He begins to uncontrollably milk into the beaker. Vickie giggles sweetly as she watches with big eyes. She can feel his manhood slowly dissolve away as his member goes limp in her hand.

The beaker now has a large quantity of white 'milk' in it. Chris has tears flowing freely down his face as his body fills with the new sensations of his first female orgasm.
He can't believe how amazing it felt and he feels all tingly over his body as he hangs limply there breathing a little heavily. It takes a bit for him to recover.

Vickie hugs Chris and says softly, "I officially name you Chrissie. The shots your about to get will sting a bit ... but they will make you into a cute little girl."

Mistress Anna approaches Chris with 2 large syringes. Fresh fear appears on his face when he hears her words.

"Sh-shots? " he whimpers questioningly.

He had up till that point still been harboring some hope of escape and return to his normal life. He eyes the syringes with terror. "No please! "

Mistress Anna says, "These are Estrogen and an androgen blocker so you won't produce anymore nasty boy testosterone."

Mistress Anna sticks Chris in his exposed bottom cheek. She administers the 2 huge shots. Chris can feel the hot burning hormones as they enter his body. Chris sobs louder whimpering as he feels the shots enter him.

"Wh-what are those going to do to me? What's going to happen? " he questions nervously scared for the answer.

Mistress Anna speaks softly to her new Pet, "These are the shots that will change your body from the nasty boy into the beautiful little girl I want you to be. In about 6 months, you will start having your boobys start to blossom. Your body will redistribute your fat so that you have a nice round bottom and a narrow female waist. Even your face will change. You will no longer grow a beard or any body hair, We have taken care of that permanently. We caught you at the perfect time too. You're young enough that you will make a very beautiful Sissy Girl."

Chris doesn't share her feelings as he tries to picture himself as she is describing "I-is it permanent? I ... what will everyone think? I ... don't wanna be a girl " he whimpers between sobs scared for what his future is becoming.

Mistress Anna hands the beaker to Vickie. Vickie giggles with glee as she takes it and dips her tongue in it.

She says in a very pleased voice, "Ummmmmm!! It's so sweet Mistress. Not like the next time. IT so salty n sour then."

Mistress Anna says softly to Vickie, "All right baby, give some to Chrissie so we can make her officially a Pet."

Vickie replies demurely, "yes Mistress."

She walks to Chris' head and puts the beaker up to his lips. It is all over his lips as she takes her finger and dips it into the white gooshy stuff and pushes it into Chris' mouth.
Chris struggles to keep his mouth clamped shut as she pushes her finger in. He gags a little as his own cum hits his tongue turning his cheeks a bright pink of embarrassment.

His mind struggles to comprehend what is happening to him. He is so scared he just wants to curl up and cry himself to sleep. He is filled with intense shame and humiliation as the girl he thought he was falling in love with is feeding him his own cum.

Vickie gives the beaker back to Mistress Anna. She then begins to unstrap Chris from the rack. She helps Chris to stand on his weak and shaky knees. His bottom feels slightly sore ... but pleasant too. He can still feel the penetration.

Mistress Anna holds out a pair of really lacy little girl panties and says softly, "All right sweet heart, step into your panties like a good girl."

Chris hesitates momentarily before deciding that he would be best if she was pleased with him considering from all appearances his new life depended totally upon her. He slowly and with much apprehension places one foot and then the other into the panties.

As Mistress Anna pulls up Chrissie's cute panties, she says softly, "When we get home sweet heart, Mistress will properly diaper her little girl .. Ok ?"

Chris' cheeks flush a fresh shade of pink when he hears her words and he looks at her nervously, "D-diaper? But... I'm not a baby " he whispers softly shocked by the new turn of events.

Suddenly, Mistress Anna says in an angry voice, "Chrissie will not talk back! Is that understood?"

She then swats Chris on his bottom 3 hard times with a resounding SMACK! Chris can't suppress a little nervous squeak when he hears her angry voice for the first time. It scared him ... he had grown used to her affection and he cries out sobbing with fresh tears more from the shock and embarrassment than the pain although the smacks did cause him to sting.

He stammers in a helpless voice, "I-I'm s-sorry please don't hurt me "

Mistress Anna hugs her baby girl lovingly a she coos softly, "I'm sorry baby, Mistress didn't want to spank her little girl. You have to learn ... I tell you what you are from now on."

She kisses Chris lovingly several times. Chris' sobs disappear as he calms pressing tight against Mistress Anna as he is hugged. He is blushing pink when she kisses him and he smiles enjoying the attention. He is feeling so vulnerable after everything that is happening to him he gives into her affection and is falling completely in love with his Mistress. He makes a mental note not to disobey her again. More because he is scared of losing her affection but also because he doesn't want to be spanked again.

Chris apologizes in a sorrowful voice, " I-I'm sorry ... I'll be good I promise ... "
Mistress Anna turns around and takes a cute Raggedy Anne dress from under the rack. She unties the white lace pinafore and unzips the dress.

Mistress Anna says, "I know yu will sweet heart. I will train you to be the best little girl in town. I promise I will show you off all the time to everyone."

He starts to get scared again at the prospect of other people seeing him and voices his concern in a soft submissive voice not wanting to upset her "Other people will see? "

Mistress Anna removes several tags from the dress and continues, "Yes sweet heart. You didn't think I would let such an adorable little girl be in seclusion did you? Hold up your arms love, so Mistress can get you in your dress. I bought it especially to make you adorable."

Chris eyes the dress nervously as he looks down over his body gasping as he realizes his skin was smooth and hairless. He doesn't remember it happening and lets his hand run along his now soft body. He looks back at his Mistress and blushes holding up his arms obediently.

"What's going to happen... with everyone I knew before? " he asks scared and feeling ready to start crying again as he pictures his friends and family seeing him.

Mistress Anna replies in a loving voice, "Sweet heart, that part of your life is over. From now on, you are a little girl named Chrissie. If they met you, no one will recognize you. As far as they are concerned, you left school and vanished."

Mistress Anna fits the sleeve openings to Chrissie's hands. She fits the dress over his head, and with a tug .. it settles over his body. She zips it up and fits the pinafore over his arms and ties it into a pretty bow in the back.

This causes mixed emotions within him. He loves his family and he had some really close friends. He can feel fresh tears forming in his eyes as he starts to cry feeling a terrible sense of loss. He is happy that at least they won't see his new shameful state though as tears run down his cheeks. He can hardly concentrate on what is happening to him as he feels the dress fit over his body.

Mistress Anna takes a soft brush and brushes Chrissie's hair and arranges it's medium length into a really cute, short little girl style. She puts a beret on both sides to complete the look. Chrissie is very adorable.

Mistress Anna takes Chrissie by the hand and leads her to a mirror across the room and stands him in front of it. What Chris sees looking back is a very pretty little girl in a very short and adorable dress. Chris is so shaken up at the thought of losing his family and friends that he finds it hard to pay attention to what she is doing. He looks up and when his eyes reach the mirror he is shocked. It's hard to recognize himself as the sad little girl looking back at him from the mirror causing him to blush a fresh shade of pink.

Mistress Anna hugs and kisses Chrissie lovingly as she coos, "From now on, your a little girl. I will be giving you large amounts of hormones to insure it. Your breasts should start to blossom in about 6 months."

Mistress Anna reaches around under Chrissie's dress and caresses what's lets of his manhood. She continues, "And if this stops working, Mistress will make sure it is removed so your panties fit better."

This new information brings more tears into his eyes as he pressing up against her wrapping his arms around her. When she hugs him he is seeking comfort from his Mistress as he finds himself enjoying the attention. Her caress surprises him a little but what's worse is that he doesn't respond in the way he would have expected remaining soft within the panties. Her latest words cause him to shiver with fright.

"N-no please not that " he whimpers begging softly. His fear of losing that overcoming his fear of her for the moment.

Mistress Anna looks at Chrissie with a momentary scowl that quickly dissolves into a loving smile.

She hugs him tenderly and coos softly, "Sweet Heart, your not a boy anymore. If you and Mistress can't play with it like it's supposed to be, I want you to know how the toys feel deep inside you here."

With this he caresses his limp manhood again in a very pleasant manner. Chris doesn't miss the scowl but is relieved when he sees the loving smile. He snuggles against her as she hugs him tenderly and he can feel himself giving into her loving attention. All he wants is to be comforted after what just happened to him. He's feeling so vulnerable it makes him more agreeable to suggestions as he presses up against her. Her caresses still do nothing to get a response from his limpness but they do bring a soft whimper to his lips as he can still feel the stimulation. Her words still scare him, but they are starting to make sense to him and he actually does find himself wondering what it would feel like to be penetrated there like a girl ... he is finding the idea erotic.

Mistress Melissa took Vickie by the hand and walked her over to Chrissie and Mistress Anna.

She bends down and straightens a wrinkle out of Chrissie's dress and says softly, "Now, sweet heart. Your a girl now for the rest of your life. Your Mistress Anna's property ... she owns you. Your her Love Pet. She makes all your decisions. Now, the reason this happened to you, is because you took my Love Pet without permission. I will not allow that."

She puts Vicki's hand in Chrissie's hand.

She continues, "You and Vickie will be girls friends if you want. I will let you play in her playpen with her dolls and other baby toys. I hope Mistress Anna lets you be a baby too. You would be adorable. What do you think?"

Chris is feeling a little overwhelmed and doesn't know what to think at first as he holds Vicki's hand softly. He thinks she went a little overboard with the revenge and tells her so in a soft little nervous voice "Did you really have to do all this? I didn't know ... I had no way of knowing "

He knows it doesn't matter now though and at that moment the idea of playing with Vicki as a baby without a care in the world greatly appealed to him. He looks at Mistress Melissa after thinking a little.

"Sounds ok ... " is all he can get out as he blushes intensely pink.

Mistress Melissa runs her fingers through Chrissie's hair softly as she replies, "Yes, sweet heart, I had to do this. No one is allowed to touch a Mistress' Love pet without permission. Your lucky, I could have made you a Gimpy Pet. They love to be mistreated and tortured."

Chris' eyes fill with fear at that suggestion. He knows what a gimp is he'd seen them in movies and the thought makes him shiver and press closer to his Mistress Anna.

Mistress Anna Says softly, "Ok, sweetie ... I am going to start training you how to be a young lady. First, when you stand, stand straight with your shoulders back. You want to make sure you keep your hands close to your body and be demure. Understand? Mistress will be lenient at first, but will punish you if you are disobedient."

Chris nods his head softly in response to her as he tries moves to try and do as she said. He feels strange standing like that.

He asks in a very lady like voice, "Like this Mistress? " he really doesn't want to be punished and he decides she is being really nice to him. The idea of what could have been had shaken him a whole lot.

Mistress Anna giggles and replies, "That's very good.", she kisses Chrissie softly on his lips then continues, "Now, when you sit, sit with your legs together or crossed like this."

Mistress Anna sits gracefully in a chair with her legs together and her hands in her lap.

She stands and says softly, "Now baby, you try it."

Chris practically melts when she kisses his lips and he finds himself eager to please her again. He watches her movements before copying them for himself in another chair. He can't seem to stop blushing as he holds his legs together with his hands in his lap.

The Mistresses and Vickie clap in support at the wonderful job Chrissie had done. Mistress Anna kisses Chrissie again and says softly, "Now is the hard part. To get you to quit walking like a brute and walk like a young lady. You must be graceful and place your feet softly toe to heel. It is paramount that you be graceful."

She demonstrates as she glides gracefully around the room.

Mistress Anna coos, "Now you try it."

Chris' face brightens again when he is kissed. He stands up a little apprehensively. He's not sure if he can pull it of as he does his best to glide gracefully across the room. He is careful to move his feet toe to heel.

The 2 Mistresses giggle. Mistress Melissa says softly, "Very good for a first attempt. You must be one of those boys who secretly wish they are a girl. You are doing amazingly well."

Mistress Anna puts a pair of shiny black 3 inch heels on the floor. She beckons Chrissie to come closer.

She says softly, Ok sweet heart. Come here and lit Mistress help you into your shoes. Sit here and I will show you how a young lady puts on her shoes."

Her words shock him a little as he blushes a bright pink and moves over to her obediently. He is eyeing the heels a bit nervously as he sits down forgetting to sit properly and leaves himself exposed with his legs apart. He offered everyone a great view up his dress.

Vickie gasps softly as she puts her hand to her mouth and closes her eyes. Chrissie sees her do this and only has a second to wonder why.

Mistress Anna says sharply, "Young lady!! I told you that is not how a lady should sit!"

She swats Chrissie hard on her bare thigh. The sound of it resounds in the room.

Chris has a little high pitched sound escape him as the slap causes his eyes to water.

"Sorry Mistress, I try harder." he quickly says trying to appease her as he pushes his legs closed with his hands where they belong in his lap.

Mistress Anna says softly, "I forgive you young lady, " She slips Chrissie's feet into the heels and puts his feet back so that he is sitting like a proper young lady should before continuing, "You must remember at all times ... you are a very pretty young lady and belong to a very influential Mistress. You must be demure and graceful at all times. Especially when I am showing you off ... Is this clear? I will punish you if you don't."
Chris feels her placing the heels onto him as he watches her. Her words make him feel a fresh sense of nervous apprehension at the thought of being ... shown off. He was starting not to mind so much being so feminine around his Mistress because he really loved the attention but he thought he would die of embarrassment if anyone else were to see him.

He finally responds softly "Yes Mistress " not wanting punishment.

Mistress Anna stands back up and takes Chrissie by the hand. She gently helps the wobbly Chris stand up. He is very unstable in his new shoes.

Mistress Anna says softly, "All right sweetie, now walk in your new shoes. Show us how it's done."

Chris is a bit nervous as he wobbles there in the heels. He slowly takes his first couple steps but it doesn't take long for him to stumble forward and land with a soft yelp. He blushes with embarrassment as he rubs himself where he hit the floor.

Mistress Melissa and Mistress Anna rush over to where Chrissie had fallen. The both help Chrissie to stand up again on his wobbly feet.

Mistress Anna hugs and Kisses Chrissie on his lips and says in an encouraging voice, "That was very good sweet heart. You have to remember though, Toe to heel. If you try to walk any other way, you will be grossly awkward."

Vickie giggles and says softly in a shy and demure voice, "A Pet is graceful and pretty at all times."

Both Mistresses coo softly, "That's very true Vickie. Good Girl."

Vickie blushes shyly as she sucks her thumb

Mistress Anna says softly as she helps Chrissie, "Now, try it again. We have to go to my bridge club when we leave here. All the girls will want to meet you."

Chris finds himself falling more and more for his Mistress with each hug and kiss he receives throughout his training and he finds himself more eager to please her than ever and smiles at her, happy for the praise for his efforts. He is shaken from his thoughts by her words though and he gets a very nervous look on his face stammering softly in response " w-we are already ... p-people are gonna see me? " he manages to squeak out

Mistress Anna helps Chrissie back up after her last tumble.

She says in response, "Why of course sweetie. Your a very cute little girl and Mistress wants everyone to see."

Chris is thankful for the help as he is feeling a little faint at the thought of people seeing him as he is. He just knows they will all be laughing and making fun of him.

These thought brings a couple tears to his eyes "B-but... wh-what will they say? I don't want anyone to see me... "

Mistress Anna takes Chrissie by the hand and walks him back to the mirror. She stands behind him and hugs him lovingly.

She says softly in an encouraging voice, "See who that is sweetie?"

In the mirror is a very pretty little girl with a short pixie hair do looking back.

She continues, I am so proud of you. I can't keep you hidden. Everyone will adore you. Just remember ... you're a girl and everything will be well with you. If not ... well .. let's not go there ... ok?? I want you to be a happy and pretty little girl."

With this, Mistress Anna kisses Chrissie on her lips again. This time, she explores Chrissie's mouth with her tongue for a second before breaking the kiss.

Mistress Anna says softly as she helps Chrissie, "Now, try it again. Remember, we have to go to my bridge club when we leave here. All the girls will want to meet you."

Chris looks at the pretty little girl looking back at him for the second time. It's all starting to sink in as he realizes she is right people probably wouldn't notice he actually had been a man. As she kisses him he wraps his arms around her hugging her a little tightly for comfort. He then blushes, "Sorry Mistress."

Mistress Anna takes Chrissie by the hand. She tells Mistress Melissa bye, hugs and kisses Vickie. She thanks Vickie for being such a wonderful Milk Maid and making such a beautiful Love Pet.

She takes Chrissie and leaves for her Bridge Club with a very pretty, but wobbly Chrissie in tow.

  ~~End Pt2~~  

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aww what a cute story. I loved it and think chrissie is soo lucky to be a baby love pet. I love your stories so much dear. so well written and I love the love pet ones.  )
The first part is sweet and intensely seductive.     It gets a bit frightening after that for a timid creature such as myself,   but you are, as ever, careful to keep things ultimately loving and caring, which I always appreciate in these forced scenarios.  
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
  Your stories are always great I Thank You for them sweetie    
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
 Amazing story Miss Miki! I normally get scared by forced scenerios, but the loving way this story is written makes it very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing it with us. 

How did you learn to write love scenes like the one between Vicki and Chris? Such a stunning amount of detail leaves me awestruck.
I wish I could be Daniel in "Summers of Rebirth"
Sweet Heart
This is another well written story. It's very touching .. and scary too.

There's a lot more love and tenderness than other forced femms I've seen.

Do keep up the wonderful work.
great story !
Thank you ! Great story !
well done miki very nice reading
likes my fanny in warm hands and to be foundle by anyone you would like to play .
This story is, like a lot of the stories you write, both beautiful and disturbing at the same time! It's an interesting combination! Well done! I wonder whether there will be more (and hope there will)!
Sunshine & rainbows,

"So sing aloud now, your favorite music
Because Heaven needs to hear it too."
-- Jennifer Funshine
another good story to share with Mistress
a very cute story ^_^ I liked it very much.
lots of love
from lilgirl stephy :)

 a very cute story ^_^   I liked it very much.  

looks like everyone enjoyed this one more than our last hehe   i had kind of guessed they might   as always it's beautifully adapted from our roleplay  
Baby Johanna
Very well written as always. You are a lady and a scholar. That helps me understand a little more about baby/pets, but I have one question still. If one is both a baby and a pet, are they usually exclusively with Mistress, or is it kind of more an open thing? I hope chris likes his new life. It sounds fun.
If I cannot fly, let me sing!
Miki Yamuri

 Very well written as always. You are a lady and a scholar. That helps me understand a little more about baby/pets, but I have one question still. If one is both a baby and a pet, are they usually exclusively with Mistress, or is it kind of more an open thing? I hope chris likes his new life. It sounds fun.  


The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

Very very nice story. As always
I wish that were me
cute story
your stories are so fantastic will do you more baby/pet stories
such a cute story
Baby wuvs dat stowy miki. Sometimes mes eben wishies tings wike in woos ofer storwies came twues. Mes means evwyting. Woos hab a vewy goo imagination an mes wuvs woos vewy muchies hehehe. >>baby giggles
veryy beutiful story sweetie. If only it were true. I enjoyed it so much that i wish it were a true story.
Encore Encore please continue it. it can't end like that, can it?
Mina Silverwind
I simpy adore this fantastio story, Miki you are an excellent writer, and you make everyone's day full of sunshine.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
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