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A man who has a diaper fetish orders a diaper online, but finds it's more than just a diaper.
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Chapter 1

Caleb lived alone in a one bedroom apartment, was 22 years old, and was currently holding down a job as a waiter at the local cafe. All his life, he had loved to wear diapers. The feeling of them, the look, everything. He never used them and he didn't want to be a baby or act like one.....he just loved to wear diapers. He never could find a girlfriend who was comfortable around him when he wore them, which was almost constantly.

He was browsing the internet for more diapers in his bedroom, unsatisfied with the others he had ordered. There was nothing wrong with them, they were just so........bland. He searched and searched for what seemed like hours, searching several different sites. He was just about to give up hope when he came across the most beautiful diaper he'd laid eyes on. It was pink, with lots of ruffles all over the bottom and lace at the leg holes.

He wished that perhaps it wasn't so girly, but it was miles better than the plain old white diapers he'd been wearing! The description of the diaper below the picture read, "Once you put it on, you'll never take it off. ;)" It sounded good to him! He ordered it immediately before turning off his laptop for the night and heading over to his bed.

Chapter 2

The days did not pass quickly for Caleb as he waited impatiently for his package to arrive. Then, the day arrived! All day at work, all he could think about was what was waiting for him at home. As soon as work was over he drove straight home, nearly getting pulled over for speeding. He walked up to his apartment door and saw the package waiting at his doorstep, he smiled widely as he brought the package inside.

"Alright, let's see if you're worth the trouble!" He ripped open the box and saw the diaper, waiting for him at the bottom, beckoning him. He could've sworn he ordered an entire box of diapers, but at the moment he didn't care. He pulled the diaper out and examined it, but found it was too small. "No!"

Caleb sighed in depression, "Figures." He was just about to put the diaper back in the box when he saw something else in the box......a note. He pulled it out and read it, 'Looks can be deceiving. Try it on. ;)' But....he couldn't put it on, it would tear! He looked back to the diaper and gasped, it looked bigger than it had just moments ago. Could it have......grown? No......impossible. He must just be imagining things.

Filled with new hope, he rushed into his room and threw off his pants and old diaper. He laid the pink diaper down on the bed and lowered his bottom onto it, pulling it up between his legs and snapping it shut. He stood and looked down at himself. It looked exactly as it had online, it was perfect. He rushed over to the mirror and examined himself. While he looked rather silly in nothing but his t-shirt and a frilly pink diaper, he thought it looked amazing.

He noticed that the diaper seemed to be moving, adjusting itself.....tightening around the leg holes and climbing further up, the top just below his belly-button. He stood and stared, "What the hell?" Was he hallucinating? Maybe.....he was just sleep-deprived? Yeah....that was it, he thought. He climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep, unaware of the changes that were happening throughout the night.

Chapter 3

Caleb awoke from his slumber, feeling refreshed and ready for the day. He slowly sat up and got out of bed, heading for his bathroom for a quick shower. As he walked towards the bathroom, he felt a He entered the bathroom and looked himself over in the mirror, still same old Caleb. Nothing had changed, from what he could tell. He threw off his t-shirt and reached down to un-tape the diaper. And.....the tapes wouldn't budge. Confused, he pulled at the tapes, still they wouldn't move an inch. He tried pushing, pulling, stretching....but nothing would work.

He shook his head in confusion, "How the hell am I supposed to get this thing off?" He looked up and opened his bathroom cabinet, finding a pair of scissors. He reluctantly grabbed them, debating whether or not he should cut it. He had paid for the diaper....and there was only one in the box. He tried pulling on the tapes one last time before deciding he had to just cut it.

He took the scissors and tried to cut the side of the diaper open, but the scissors would cut it. "What?!" Now in a panic, he desperately tried hacking at the diaper with the scissors to no avail. He shook his head in defeat and put the scissors back. "What the hell is going on?" He looked down at the pink blob that had refused to move itself from his body and frowned. It didn't feel quite.....the same as it had yesterday. The crotch area didn't feel as snug as it had yesterday....and the waist felt more constricted.

Caleb sighed in exasperation when suddenly a thought dawned on him. What would happen when he needed to use the bathroom? He'd never used a diaper like that before.......

He was snapped out of his thoughts when a knock came at his front door, "Hey, Caleb!!! Wakey-wakey, pal!"

Crap......that must be Kyle. Caleb had told him they could hang out today. He quickly threw on his t-shirt and rushed back into his room, grabbing a pair of sweat pants and putting them on over the diaper. He looked in the mirror, he looked okay.....except for the big bulge caused by the diaper. He swore, hoping he could convince Kyle he was sick or something.......Kyle didn't know about Caleb's love of diapers and Caleb had no intention of letting him know. He ran over to the door and opened his door a small crack, "H-Hey, Kyle. Listen.....I'm feeling pretty crappy right now. Can we do this another time?"

Kyle frowned, "....You hiding something?"

Caleb shook his head rapidly, "N-No.....just.....sick."

Kyle grinned slyly, "Oh, gotcha. Lil' Caleb's finally got himself a girl. Good job, pal. I never knew you had it in you. Give her a squeeze for me, huh?" Kyle laughed loudly and walked away from Caleb's apartment door.

Caleb sighed in relief and slumped against his door. He felt a growing pressure in his bladder and knew that the gates would soon open and he would flood his diaper. "Dammit..."

Chapter 4

He sat on his couch and turned on the TV, hoping to ignore his increasing need to pee. He sat there for about twenty minutes before the need became unavoidable. He rushed into the bathroom and tried one final time to remove the diaper, still unsuccessfully. Then, it happened. He soaked his diaper through thoroughly, a warm wetness filling the crotch area and slowly spreading down towards his crack.

He stood there for a moment, somewhat shocked. He had just wet a diaper. He, a full-grown man, pissing himself like a baby. He reached down slowly and tried the tapes once more, this time....they came undone with ease. The diaper fell to the floor with a thump, soaked through. "What the hell?!" He reached down and took the diaper in his hand, tossing it into the garbage. He shook his head in disbelief before thinking that a shower was in order, considering he had just wet himself.

He climbed into the shower and cleaned himself off, he wrapped himself in a towel and wandered back into his room. He reached his dresser and opened his underwear drawer, inside.......were dozens of identical pink diapers. Exactly the same type he'd just thrown away. "WHAT THE HELL?!"

Chapter 5

He stared at the rows of frilly pink diapers, shocked to see them lying there instead of his normal boxers and plain white diapers. There had only been one of those diapers in the box! How on Earth did these ones end up here? Was he going crazy? He searched his others drawers, but found no sign of his boxers nor his white diapers. There were just gone. Well, there was no way he was going to put those on! Not after what had happened already. would be a little difficult to walk around without any underwear at all. Maybe it was just that one diaper that was defective?

"Damn!" He reluctantly reached into the drawer and pulled out one of the diapers, laying it on his bed and lying on top of it, expertly pulling it up between his legs and taping it shut. Suddenly, the diaper adjusted itself.....once again tightening around the leg holes and waist. Caleb gasped, "Oh, God...." Was he going crazy or did he really just see the diaper self-adjust? He thought he had seen it the other night, but.......

He shook his head and threw on a pair of sweat pants and a new t-shirt, he had some shopping to do today. He grabbed his keys and headed out to the local supermarket. He entered the store, hoping the bulge in his sweatpants wouldn't attract any attention to himself. He wandered around the store, throwing various food items into a basket, mostly junk food. He looked down to his basket to see if he had everything he wanted. ".........WHAT?!"

All of the food he had just picked out had been replaced...with baby food. His chips had been replaced with mushy carrots. His soda had been replaced by baby formula. All of the food he had wanted was replaced.... He shook his head, first the the food. He must be going crazy. He left the basket in the aisle and rushed home. "No, no, no.....this can't be happening to me......not me."

He walked into the kitchen to splash some water on his face when he realized something.....the kitchen counters were higher than they had been. They were almost up to his chest. He shook his head and closed his eyes tightly, ", this isn't real. I'm not crazy......" He opened his eyes and reached into his cabinet, he felt the glass and pulled it out......discovering that it was not a glass, but a baby bottle. "Oh, God!!!" He dropped the bottle quickly and it fell to the ground with a clang.

" bottle? Baby food?! Baby formula?!? I'm not a baby!!!! DAMMIT!" He was convinced now....he was going crazy. He reached into his fridge and made himself a ham sandwich, trying to ignore all of his surroundings. He finished his meal and made his way back to his room, plopping down onto the bed and trying to sleep. He closed his eyes tightly, "This is all just.....a bad dream or something. Just sleep....and everything will be normal....." He lied there for awhile, unable to sleep. Finally....the stress of the day caught up to him and he fell into a sound sleep.

Chapter 6

Caleb awoke slowly the next morning, he glanced at the clock. The clock read, '10:30' "Ten-thirty? Crap, I'm late for work!!!" He rushed into his bathroom and threw off his clothes, his diaper as well. "Hm....I guess it was just the one that didn't come off." He glanced up at the mirror......and screamed. Staring back at him, with horrified eyes, was a girl with shoulder length blonde hair, a cute little hairless privacy, and small boobie bumbs protruding from her chest. She couldn't be older than 14.

Chapter 7

Caleb shook his, or rather her, head. This couldn't be happening......please, God, let this be the worst dream ever. He couldn't be a girl! A prepubescent girl!!! this.....this just doesn't happen! This is the kinda stuff you'd see on a stupid sci-fi show, not real-life!!! He looked closely into the mirror, wondering if it was....some kind of trick or something. But whenever he moved, the girl in the mirror moved in exactly the same way. "No....." He gasped at the sound of his own voice, it was so small and cute. He couldn't believe that was his voice. He reached up and felt all of his, to make sure that they were actually there. He didn't know what he should do..... He had to call somebody something!

All of this all started when he...... A light-bulb suddenly went off in his head. This all started right after he put on that diaper. Could it be that....the diaper was the cause? No.....that's just....coincidence? had to be! He was sure!

He reached down for his clothes and found that they too, had changed. His pair of sweatpants had been replaced by a short pink skirt and his t-shirt had turned blue with a picture of a Disney princess on it. He sighed heavily and decided that it was better than being naked. He put on the diaper and pulled on the skirt and t-shirt. He was rather annoyed that the bottom of the diaper poked out from the beneath the skirt, but he really didn't have a choice.

He walked back into his bedroom and, surprise surprise, things had changed. His comforter was now pink, as was his night-stand. His desk was now in the shape of a flower and on top of it were various types of makeup. The walls were painted with a mural of a forest with an assortment of fluffy and cute animals. He shook his head with a sigh, the changes to his life becoming more of an annoyance than a shock. He walked over to his bed and searched around for his laptop, "Where did I put it...." He searched around for awhile, under the bed, behind the bed, behind the bedside table, but he couldn't seem to find it.

He wondered if perhaps he left it in the kitchen, so he wandered into the kitchen and began to search. Suddenly, a tall woman with long brunette hair entered his apartment, her arms full of grocery bags. "Hey, look who decided to wake up!"

He whipped around to face her, "H-How......who are you and how did you get in?"

The woman rolled her eyes, "Forgotten already? C'mon, sis. Help me put these groceries away."

"S-SIS?!" He shook his head, Caleb had no sisters....only a brother named Scott!

The woman turned to him and noticed his expression, "Kaitlin.....are you okay?"


Chapter 8

The woman shook her head, "Don't tell me you forgot your own name."

Caleb, or rather Kaitlin, shook her head. " name......m-my name is Caleb!"

The woman raised an eyebrow, "Huh?"

Kaitlin's eyes filled with tears, "I-I'm Caleb!!! I-I'm n-n-not.....t-this......." She collapsed to her knees and began to sob.

The woman knelt next to her and hugged her tightly, "'s okay. You're fine, everything's fine. I'm here...."

Kaitlin weakly returned the hug and cried into the woman's shoulder, "T-Thank you...."

The woman smiled, "That's what sisters are for." She gently wiped away Kaitlin's tears.

Kaitlin smiled slightly, "T-Thanks....." She stood slowly with the help of the woman. "' s-sister, right?"

The woman nodded, "Yes......Kaitlin, what is this about?"

Kaitlin shook her head, "I-I just...... Where's our parents? A-And Scott?"

The woman gave her a confused expression, "Our parents....have been dead for years." that hadn't changed. "But.....I don't know any Scott."

Kaitlin's eyes widened, "What?! I mean S-Scott! As in my brother!"

The woman stared at Kaitlin, "'s just us. You and me. We don't have any brothers...... Are you feeling okay? Why are you asking all these questions?"

Kaitlin shook her head in disbelief, "S-Scott's.......g-gone?"

The woman stared at Kaitlin for awhile, "As soon as we're done putting groceries away, I'm making a doctor's appointment for you."

Kaitlin looked up, "Huh?"

The woman shook her head as she began to store the groceries in the fridge, "You're acting really strangely."

Kaitlin sighed, "M-Maybe......that's not such a bad idea...."

The woman glanced over at Kaitlin, "Cute skirt, by the way."

Kaitlin blushed, "I....... Thanks...."

The woman smiled, "Hey, do you need changing?"

Kaitlin's blushing increased, "W-What?! No!!!"

The woman shrugged, "Okay, just thought I'd ask."

"Why would I need changing?"

The woman shrugged as she stored the rest of the food away, "I've been gone awhile, I thought you might have gone while I was away."

Kaitlin shook her head fiercely, "Well, I didn't!"

The woman glanced over at her, "Hey......don't feel bad, okay? I know you can't help it...."

Can't help it? Was her sister telling her that she was incontinent?!

Chapter 9

Kaitlin's answer came when she felt a pain from her tummy. Her face burned a deep red as a gooey mess started to push out into her diaper, she tried to stop it....but she had no control over it. Her eyes filled with tears as she felt the mess squish around in her diaper, making her feel very small and babyish. No...not this too.

The woman noticed her expression and nodded knowingly, "Did you just go?"

Kaitlin nodded, her face completely red.

The woman sighed, "Okay, let's go get you cleaned up." She led Kaitlin into the bedroom and over to something Kaitlin hadn't noticed before. A changing table.....fixed to the wall.

Kaitlin struggled against her sister's grip, "I don't need any help, you know. I can change myself."

The woman raised an eyebrow, "Since when? You've never changed your own diaper before..."

"I, uh.....I've seen you do it plenty of times. I know how to do it."

The woman shook her head, "Not yet, Kaitlin. Maybe when you're older."

Kaitlin tried to pull away, "Excuse me? I'm old enough to change my own diaper, thank you! I'm not you're kid and you're not my mom, you're my sister!!!"

The woman held a steady grip as she lifted Kaitlin up onto the changing table, expertly removing Kaitlin's skirt and dirty diaper. "You know......I was starting to think that my little sister was finally growing up." She cleaned Kaitlin with baby wipes and powdered her before taping up another diaper. "I can see that I was getting ahead of myself. Never has that diaper looked more appropriate on you."

Kaitlin glared at her sister, "How dare you! Just because I wanted to be independent and change my own diapers?!"

The woman shook her head, "You weren't being independent, you were being impetuous. You just didn't want ME to change you. You threw a tantrum, just like a baby. Maybe I should start treating you as a baby."

Kaitlin's jaw dropped, "You can't do that! You're just my sister, you don't own me!"

The woman shook her head, "I'm your guardian, remember? Just keep something in mind, sis. If you act like a baby, you'll be treated like one." The woman pulled the skirt back onto Kaitlin before she could react.

Kaitlin glared, "What's your name?"

The woman raised an eyebrow, "Forgotten your own sister's name? That's sad.....and you always used to compliment my name. It's Summer."

Kaitlin got off the changing table and stuck her tongue out at Summer.

Summer rolled her eyes and headed back into the kitchen, "What do you want for dinner? We have food again, so take your pick."

Kaitlin sat at the kitchen table and crossed her arms, "I don't care..."

Summer glanced at her, "Oh, so you're just going to pout now?"

Kaitlin shrugged, "Maybe."

Summer grinned, "Okay....then let's have meatloaf."

Kaitlin shook her head, "No!!! I hate meatloaf!"

Summer nodded, "I know, but you said you didn't care. So, I'm going to make meatloaf."

Katlin shook her head in exasperation. How could this have happened? Yesterday, she was Caleb, a guy who lived on his own and made his own calls. Now she was Kaitlin, an incontinent, prepubescent, teenager with an overbearing sister who thinks she's her mother or something.

They ate in silence, not exchanging anything other than the occasional glare. After dinner, Summer called the doctor and made an appointment with the pediatrician for Kaitlin. She turned to Kaitlin after she hung up the phone, "I scheduled your appointment for tomorrow. I'll have to pull you out of school for it, though."

..........SCHOOL?!? As in, HIGH-SCHOOL?????
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This is a great start! Maybe the diaper will alter the rest of his clothes?
AWESOME< lov e the idea of an unwanted gender change in the mix:)
Great start! I want more please! What a cliff-hanger ending for chapter 2!
Lots of tight and long hugs!
Nice start more to the story please
Thanks to everyone who read my story and thank you so much for your kind words!!! Don't worry, I plan to update very keep an eye out!!! ;)
awesome! so uhm, if the diaper wans't so snug around his crotch, did he notice his willy shrinking? :)
This is a fun story. Please keep going.

I'd like one of those diapers!

- Sissy Desiree
- Sissy Desiree

Usually I'm not one for sci-fi/fantasy based stories, but this is highly entertaining! Well done!
thank you for a good story
Well-done so far, you make a fast-paced story but don't go so fast that you lose a lot of details. Enjoyable!
Hi, everybody!!! I just want to thank everybody for taking time to read and for all the people who wrote those nice things. And don't worry! The story isn't over yet!!! ;)
What a great story. I hope there is more on the way because im looking forward to reading it.
This is enjoyable.
Great story, keep it going.
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I'm very sorry I haven't updated in awhile! I've been so busy...but I'll try to keep up with the story. :) Oh, and thanks to everyone for your views and kind words.

*huggles and hinny-pats for all*
Can't wait for more!
I really like the direction this story has gone in. It'll be fun to see what happens at school.
- Sissy Desiree

love the way this story is starting out and love the way the changes work great imagination keep it up, can't wait to read the next part
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