Soul Bound. (PG) (Story Now Complete, Epilogue Added)
Two Realities, One Fate, One Destiny, Both Are Bound Together.
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She, she knew that she had to mask her self from the others, those of her own kind that had gone bad, she knew that she would not take any pleasure in keeping up with appearances, just to ensure that no one else would suspect her to be one of the so called outcasts. But she and a few others in hiding were like her, good and kind and only wanted a peaceful coexistence with the rest of humanity, however the ones that had turned to the dark side had grown both in power and dominance, there had to be a way to correct this, all hope was not lost....


'Bound in one life, only to be bound in another. This was my destiny, I was drawn to her from the very beginning, for our souls are as one. And this special connection is known as the Soul Bond. How I had longed to be free, for I had been bound all of life. But being bound to her, the soul of my life, that was different, I was so lost and in a way, I was found.'

'And I know that as crazy as this sounds, I am happy with joy to belong to her, but out of the bond that we have together, which makes us both truly Soul Bound' (A Sonnet By Katie Fenryn)

In the ancient times of when there was once Fairies, Magic, Unicorns and Dragons, there was once also a race of magical beings, but they were creatures, that were human like, in that they stood on all twos and had two arms, and two legs. They could even talk, but their language was even more ancient than the language of the Elves, but these creatures were not Elves, these were Fox like, they had long snouts, large, but thin slanted eyes, and they had twin thick bushy tails.

And these beings/creatures, were known simply as the Fae (pronounced as Fay) They were swift, as fast as the wind... well all of the females of the Fae kind were. The Fae was a female dominated race, they had magical powers, but the source of their magical powers was a huge giant red crystal which was in the shape of an eye. It was known as The Eye Of Harmony.

But when Mankind eventually had found out about it, they plotted to destroy it, fearing that the Fae would rule over the Earth, they had soon found a way to destroy The Eye Of Harmony, once the crystal was destroyed, the Fae were no longer Immortal, so there was a direct link to the crystal after all, but the Fae went down fighting and the female Fae were fierce warriors.

But humanity had managed to wipe the Fae right out of existence... Mankind saw to it that no records of any kind, or evidence left of the Fae race... and so Mankind ruled the world, but the human race had made things worse with things like wars and pollution, which slowly killing the very planet they were living on. But some humans did not simply care, just like a typical teen-aged boy did not care if he got hit and killed by a car as he suddenly ran out into the middle of a busy road.

Just so that he could get back a football he had foolishly dropped near by the busy road in the first place, traffic going both ways swerved and skidded in a desperate attempt to actually not run the boy over or even run right into him and kill him. The boy in question was 18 years old, his name was Kevin Hardy, he had short brown hair and blue eyes.

He laughed at the disarray of traffic that had piled up on the road. "Hey... you are really lucky to be alive... You IDIOT..." Remarked a very angry driver. "Up yours." Replied Kevin as he ran off off with the football in his hands, still laughing. But just then, from out of nowhere an 8 year old girl called Molly Mayflower ran towards him Kevin.

She had long blonde hair and hazel brown eyes, she was wearing a pretty pink satin dress with white lace trim, Kevin never even saw her coming until she ran right into him which made him drop the football. Hey... watch where you are going you silly girl."
"I'm... I'm ever so sorry..." Sobbed Molly, who thought that Kevin was a great big bully.

"Now what look at what you have made me done!" The football had gone back into the middle of the road, Molly could see that. "I'm so , so sorry... I'll get your ball back for you" Replied Molly crying her eyes out, as she ran off to go over and pick up Kevin's football. Unbeknown to Molly, call it a cruel twist of fate, but she was destined to die this very day.

Molly bent over to pick up Kevin's football, it was surprisingly a very short dress and as she bent over to pick up the football, the skirt of her dress lifted up which showed off her knickers, Kevin smiled as Molly was wearing a pair of pretty frilly pink knickers with white lace trim. But then he saw it... in the distance a large truck was driving towards Molly, actually it had managed to go around the pile of cars, it's breaks had failed to stop, the truck was out of control.

Suddenly... Kevin not knowing why, ran out over towards Molly, he shoved her clear out of the way, letting the truck hit him instead... There was a blinding flash of light, Kevin was expecting to die, as so was Molly. Both were not sure what was happening, suddenly there was a tear in the very fabric of reality itself, before Kevin and Molly knew what was happening, the reality of Earth was changed completely...


Everything had changed... Mankind did not rule the world, because in this reality, they did not succeed in destroying the Eye Of Harmony. Though it had been effected in some way. The magic of the Fae had been reduced to the need to invoke incantations, brewing potions etc to make the power of magic work. Gone had the power of raw pure Magic.

The Fae however had become the more dominant race, they had instead invented such things as the Steam Engine, Television and Computers etc. However... cars had not been invented, there was no aeroplanes either, instead there was an armada of sailing ships, horse and carriages rode on near modern like roads, only there was no need for traffic lights.

The design of cloths had become a mixture of near Victorianesque and modern like styles. The Fae had learnt the Human tongue very well, they even actually proffered to speak in the Human language, even though their bodies were completely covered with fur, the Fae even dressed in the same clothes as Humans, however Human society had been reduced to being treated like nothing more than Pets...

In fact, that was the new term for the humans... Pets. But they were treated most cruelly, some times not being fed, or left outside chained to a wall with nothing to protect them from the cold, the wind and the rain. Only had a minority group of the Fae did not agree or approve of this treatment of the humans, they in fact believed in equality and living in harmony with the human society.

But this was seen as a bad Omen by the others who's wicked ways had blinded them into believing that their way and what they were doing was good. The rogue Followers of Insight, as the group had called them selves, were all gathered together and were exiled to a place called The Dark Lands, where the Followers of Insight never escaped and had all died out.

The Dark Lands was a place where the remnants of where Dark Black Magic exists, a never place, because nothing can ever survive or exist there, the only thing that can is the ancient power of Dark Black Magic. But a small hand full of those followers had managed to survived and escape. They fled however to avoid being discovered, they fled to a sacred place, the Island of Harmony.

Though this place was believed to be be a myth and nothing more. The Island is said to be the place where the crystal Eye itself one was held there set into a giant hand that held it, one carved out of solid gold that stood upon a base centre of the Island itself. It was such a strange thing to see, yet ominous, one hand and a partial arm raised high up with the hand holding firmly the great crystal.

But the crystal Eye Of Harmony had been shattered, its fragments scattered, the hand itself that was nowhere to be found, not even the base it stood on. Yet the essence of the crystal eye could be felt as to where it once stood, no one could really say if the Island was a real place, even so stories were told about it, though such stories about the eye or the Island were forbidden.

Because, the power mad evil Fae did not want humanity to even remotely try to find the scattered fragments, just incase they do manage to find a way to find them all, unlock the power of the eye, learn of their true future and use the eye to alter history. They simply could not allow this to happen. So stories about the the crystal eye and of the Island became forbidden...

However, there were a few Humans that did carefully and secretly tell the stories of the Eye of Harmony and the Island, which was what John Fenryn was doing now, telling his only son Kevin those tales, Kevin loved hearing those tales, as so did Sarah, Kevin's mother. Yes Kevin lived, but in this alternate reality he had short blonde hair instead of short brown hair and his surname was not Hardy, in this reality he had the Surname belonging to the Fenryn family line.

Taking on the Fae surname was part of the ownership, Humanity all men women with or without children, their own surnames held no meaning, for they are the property of their Mistresses, no, not Masters, as since the Fae race are a Female dominated species, therefore each house hold has a Mistress, the Fae race have large families, so it helps to have a large stock of Pets.

For this, the house hold of any Fae are manor houses, though there are those of the Fae that have only few or no offspring at all, which was not uncommon. The mate of a Mistress however was not the Master of the house hold, how ever the code of conduct for the Pets was that they are to refer to the man of the house hold as Sir. There was a dramatic effect in this reality to that of the entire Human race, their growth into adults stopped at the height of 6 foot.

No grown adult male or female was ever taller than 6ft tall, with them being like Pets they wore collars, however... for all male Pets, they wore Dog like collars, they varied in design, they were of the male colours, blue, brown and black and all female Pets wore Cat like collars, only larger versions of these, though they were still small enough to signify femininity, these collars were pink, white or red in colour, these varied too in design.

All female Fae's in a Fae house hold the Pets had to refer as Miss, be that a child or a grown adult female, only the Mother of the house hold held the rank and title of Mistress. Even though on the whole Pets were mistreated, some were pampered, but only in the sense with wealthy owners would pamper any Pet so long as it remained obedient. There was even in the Fae society a structure of rich wealthy house holds right on down to those that were simply commoners.

However the wealthy and the commoner types got on along with each other, as there was a mutual respect for each other. All Pets slept in Human sized baskets, the ones owned by wealthy owners, their baskets were made either out of silver or gold, padded with luxury silk and satin cushions. Beds were for the Fae only, there was even a Queen that ruled over the world, Queen Fenara. All the names of the many different countries had changed however.

The land of Great Britain was instead Great Faedark the main city was called Lyndus, which was one of the grandest cities in all of Great Faedark. Pets, not all Pets were allowed to keep their own first names, but others were given new names by their Mistresses. John and Sarah had been lucky, Freya had very rarely shown kindness, but she she did show it when she was happy or pleased with her Pets.

Freya had no offspring or a mate, she lived alone apart from having a litter of Pets. Freya had bought John and Sarah at the Pet Market in Queen's Market. Buying them was not the sign of ownership, it was part of it, only when the collars had been placed around their necks and they signed and sealed a written binding contact, were then John and Sarah truly owned by Freya.

They had given birth to Kevin and under the guidance of Freya, raised their son to be a good Pet like themselves. John had by now finished telling Kevin the wonderful tales about the Eye Of Harmony and the Island. "More... please Father tell me me more..." Cried out Kevin in excitement. Sarah smiled, she looked at the clock in what was their own room.

It was like a living room that was separate from the main Master Living room, Freya would let her Pets to have time together in their own room, such occasion was this moment, Freya would usually have her Pets with her in the main living room sat near to her on the sofa, on the floor if they had displeased her. They would also be kept on a leash, which was like a dog walkers chain, but just as effective of keeping her Pets in line if they ever dared step out of line, but whilst in the house John, his wife and his son were un-chained.

It was getting late Sarah turned to face her son. "I'm afraid it's time for you to go to your basket son." John and Sarah slept in a basket that was big enough to sleep up to two people with just enough room to move about and not get cramp or uncomfortable when sleeping, Kevin had his very own basket to sleep in, both were placed in a good sized bedroom.
"Awww..." Moaned Kevin, he was far too exited to want to go off to sleep.

Sarah was about to firmly tell him to go off to his basket, when suddenly... a hand full of warrior maidens, the Valkyrie, the most fierce female Fae fighters, came crashing through the living room door and grabbed hold John, Sarah and Kevin. "What is the meaning of this?" Demanded John. Vara the leader of the Valkyrie commanded in a harsh tone.

"Silence... Pet... your story telling was over heard by us, Mistress Freya had suspected for some time that you had been in secret speaking of what is forbidden... though she needed proof to warrant your arrest and for you and your wife to be cast out into the Dark Lands. Where as your son shall be taken to a dungeon and left chained there."
"No...." Boomed a loud voice, the way all Fae spoke, there was what was like almost a purring lilt to their voice, even though they were fox like, it was part of their natural evolution, no matter how strange it was.

However the purring lilt did have a greater significance when the Fae are angry, it becomes harsh in a way, deep, threatening like. the Valkyrie turned to see who had spoken, they lowered their heads as Freya entered into the living room. "I shall keep the boy and give him my own unique punishment, in his part in seeking to here that which is forbidden."

"As you wish Mistress Freya." Replied Vara addressing Freya in the respect of her title. She and the other Valkyrie took both John and Sarah away. "Noooo..." Kevin cried out, but he was now held firmly by Freya as the Valkyrie took away his mother and farther. Kevin cried bitterly, his punishment was to be dressed and treated like a baby girl, he got spankings too, even when he had done no wrong, it was all part of his punishment.

Kevin was made to wear the most frilliest of dresses and matching frilly plastic pants over thick towelling nappies, his hair had over time grown longer enough, down to his waist to put in pig-tails. He was however not taken out like that, when dressed as a baby girl, he even had to wear a pink collar, only form time to time was he allowed to go out, but in the back yard instead of out in the front garden.

Kevin thought that the nightmare of his punishment would never end, a whole year had passed and he was at long last back to being a boy again, but Mistress Freya did not cut off his hair, it would be trimmed, but never fully cut off, it was to act as a reminder to Kevin of his punishment. He was so glad to being a boy again, he had remained on his best ever behaviour, that Mistress granted him something very special in deed.

And that was to be able to go down to her cellar with her, where it served as her shrine, and temple if you will for invoking magic. It was the greatest privilege that could ever be bestowed upon a Pet. Where such a sacred place would be off bounds and forbidden to all Pets in the house hold of any Mistress.

The cellar was lined with candles everywhere, there was shelves lined,up, all filled with books, bottles and crystals, there was an assortment of Pentagrams, other various Talismans etc, all the sort of things you would find in a good Occult Store. There was an altar, a Cauldron bubbling and foaming at the top, the cellar was like a Wizard or a Witches work shop. All of the Fae were in a sense Witches or Wizards.

After all, they had once been magical beings. Kevin looked on in awe of the cellar, however, Mistress Freya kept Kevin on his leash, as she secured it to a near by wall that had a place to secure the chain too. Freya checked her stock of books and bottles, she held a pen and a writing pad, she jotted down notes of items she needed, or things that were so old, they had to be replaced etc.

She then left the cellar leaving Kevin exactly where he was, he could not really go anywhere, he could move from one end of the cellar to the other end, any further than this, like try to go up the stairs and he would get yanked back by his leash. Kevin could not help but explore the cellar etc. everything fascinated him, then he had a thought. There had to be something useful, something in which he could use to get unleashed and escape from his Mistress.

Kevin looked around carefully, there was many books that had in them spells for almost everything, but there was one spell book that caught his eye, it was a thick red and gold rimmed leather bound book with a strange golden embossed seal on the centre of it, the book had a closing lock clasp, Kevin un-clasped the clasp buckle, to his amazement it was not fully locked.

He then open the pages of the gold edged pages of the spell book, the paper was of the richest quality and thick too. There was pictures as well as writing on the pages themselves. Kevin looked at the pages in awe. a lot of the writing he could not understand everything was written in English, only some of the words were long and complicated to pronounce, however, there was one spell he could manage to read and it was perfect.

His eyes gazed over the perfect incantation, it looked so very easy, a little too easy. But Kevin was by now gripped with the thoughts of escape, nothing else mattered. The words of the incantation were so easy. "Chains of steel... Liquefy..." Kevin looked at the chain to his collar that was his leash, and nothing happened. Kevin frowned. "Awww... stupid spell..."

Kevin felt like an utter complete idiot, there seemed there was no hope of escape what so ever. Kevin's heart nearly sank, but just then, the need to escape became so strong now in Kevin, he was not about to give up now. "Wait... maybe I'm saying the incantation all wrong, somehow, there must be something I'm not doing right." Kevin said to himself, he looked over the words of the incantation again to make sure he had read it correctly.

He read precisely word for word, waved his arms in a certain manor thinking that this had to be done too along with the incantation. "Chains of steel Liquefy." But the steel chain leash defied the incantation, it remained forever solid. "Awww... why won't you work?" Kevin cried out in utter disappointment.
"That's because are saying all of the right words, but in the wrong language..."

Said a sudden voice, which not only startled Kevin, it made him jump and scream out almost like a little girl. "Who... who said that?"
"My what an utter and complete girl you are." Remarked the mysterious voice. Kevin looked all around the cellar, but clearly there was no one else in there but himself. Kevin wondered if he was actually starting to go mad, by hearing voices, due to the after effects of his long punishment.

He had been told by his father once about the effects of madness caused by the many different levels of stress brought on by most long term punishments, what ever kind they were. Even if Kevin was going going mad, he was not about to let any strange voice insult him. "I am not a complete girl."
"Well you certainly could have fooled me... you actually screamed like a complete girl."

"No I did not."
"Did too..."
"Did not." Kevin remarked in annoyance.
"Look Boy... do you want to escape or not?" Kevin froze, the words, said, when ever Mistress Freya when she was displeased or cross with Kevin, she would then not call him by name.

He didn't like it, but during his time spent being a baby girl was the worst, he had to at all times respond to the given name of Sissy. was this the voice of Mistress Freya? Was she now in some way testing him on his loyalty? The voice was definitely female, but it had no purr like lilt to it. Yet someone or something talking to him.

Kevin again looked all around him, there was no one and nothing else in the cellar, apart from himself, then he noticed a spider in a web. Kevin looked up at the spider, he did not much like spiders, which was different, most boys his age like bugs etc. As frightened Kevin was, he spoke to the spider in the web. "Hey... you spider... are you talking to me?"

There came a slight chuckle... "No, you silly mortal Human child... it is not the spider that is speaking to you... I am..." Kevin looked confused, but replied. "I am not a child. I am eighteen years old..." This was true, but however he was the height and build of an 8 year old. "Then who is speaking to me?" Kevin asked, then he remarked. "You must be really very small or invisible, is that it? Are you invisible?"

Again there was a chuckle of laughter. "I'm right in front of you silly child." Kevin looked down at the spell book, then he suddenly realised, the voice was coming from the spell book itself. "Oh... I... I... I did not know that books can actually talk!" There was another chuckle.
"Well of course I can talk silly... I am after all a book on magic, there for I am a book of magic."

Kevin had remembered what his father had told him about magical objects maybe more than just objects of magic, they may have the power to talk. Kevin felt like more of an idiot. "I'm sorry I should have realised that."
"No worries. Now do you want to escape or not then?"
"Well of course I do"

Replied Kevin sounding surprised.
"OK then... you need to say the exact same spell but in Faeden tongue. I shall help you."
"You shall?"
"Just listen to me, carefully. There is not much time, Mistress Freya is bound to to return soon."

"I shall, thank you."
"You're welcome. OK... Listen, now repeat after me. Farook, Shedwar (War: Not as in the battle kind, this is pronounced as saying the word Are), Kaledyn (Kal-edyn), Kalashar. (Kal-ashar)" Kevin listened to each word carefully and the pronunciation.

Kevin took a deep breath and very carefully and clearfully he spoke. "Farook, Shedwar, Kaledyn, Kalashar." To Kevin's shear amazement and relief. The chain of his leash turned into liquid metal, at last he was FREE... But just then, there was the sound of foot steps, Freya had returned...


Suddenly the spell book quickly spoke. "Rue-El, Kaledyn, Fynious, Zah." Kevin looked on in amazement, not only did the steel leash reform back into a solid chain again, he also heard at the same time the spell book speak in English as she spoke in the Faeden Tongue and the words he heard in English were. "Chains of Steel Solidify." Not only that, the spell book put itself and all of the other books back that Kevin had gotten out to read.

She, was only 8 years old, but she had the body of a 4 year old. It was a shear oddity how Human Society had evolved to be no taller than 6ft tall, compared to the Fae who were between 8 to 10ft in height, they were practically like giants. She had long brown hair and her name was Molly, Molly Fenier. Once Moly Mayflower in another reality, she was well treated by her Mistress of the Fenier House Hold.

However well treated Molly was, she was unhappy which broke the heart of her Mistress, Mistress Felicity, he mate was called Fazahn, they both loved Molly so much and she was the best well behaved Pet they ever had, but it wasn't just that, Molly was equally as loving back. The Fenier' House Hold was one of the Followers of Insight, in hiding.

They were a private people, which was not seen as odd, this helped to keep themselves from being found out, not only that, they did not have to bee seen to be cruel just to please the other Fae. The Fenier House Hold Knew of the Island of Harmony, as much as they wanted to leave and go there, their sudden disappearance would draw suspicion, which may even expose other Followers of Insight that are also in hiding.

The Fenier's could not risk exposing the other Followers. Right now both Mistress Felicity and Sir Fazahn were in the living room together enjoying a cuddle. "Fazahn my love." Mistress Felicity called out to her mate.
"Yes my lovely?"

"I am thinking that we perhaps should let Molly go. Sir Fazahn gave mate a shocked stare. "Now why would you say a thing like that for? We both love her and she loves us both back just equally as much."
"I know Dear, I know, but Molly is clearly not happy, no matter how hard we try to make her be happy out of our genuine love for her."

"Yes I have noticed my self how unhappy Molly really is, I just simply can not understand as to why. We have never treated her badly or anything like that. When we try to to ask her why she is unhappy, she becomes distant to us, not saying anything, it breaks my heart to see her that

"Yes it breaks my heart too."

Mistress Felicity agreed. She then had a sudden thought. "Maybe Molly is not happy being a girl." Sir Fazahn could hardly believe his ears.
"That is utterly unbelievable... I mean, what is there not to like about being a girl?"
"Oh... you know Humans... they can at times be a strange lot." By this Mistress Felicity meant no disrespect, it was merely just an observation.

"You mean Moly is one of those girls that love to be more like a boy and wear boys clothes, is that what you are trying to tell me?" Remarked Sir Fazahn in slightly irritable tone.
"Yes dear and what is so wrong with that?"
"Oh nothing my lovely I promise you. I have known of boys that have wanted to be more like girls and even dress like them, before now..."

Sir Fazahn paused briefly. "I have personally my self thought that girls over all do have a somewhat better and happier life. I guess I can't quite understand why girls would want to be more like boys and live a boys life."
"Maybe to Molly a boys life to her is a better life. Clearly she is unhappy I do not know what else could be making her so."

Remarked Felicity tearfully. Moly her self was playing out in the front garden wearing a pretty frilly white dress, which she was getting increasingly dirty, as she was digging up the garden and burying items, pretending them to be treasure and she was a Pirate.

Molly was truly more like a boy than she was a girl. Sir Fazahn was thinking over what his mate had been saying. "I agree with you my lovely, but... we can not as much we would love to, give Molly what she wants. We are taking huge risks as it is."

"Yes I know my love, I know... That is why we must let her go, I do not know if I can go on any longer seeing our Pet being so unhappy."

"Then, we have to find away to make it look like she left on her own free will, so that we can keep the others from ever knowing." Remarked Sir Fazahn.

"Agreed." Replied Mistress Felicity. Molly had by now stopped playing in the garden. The living room over looked the garden, Mistress Felicity looked out where she could see Molly, who's pretty frilly white dress was by now completely caked in mud and Molly was unhappy again.

Which Mistress Felicity had noticed... "Oh dear... Molly is unhappy again... and she has gone and completely ruined her new pretty dress."
"I think that for now you and Molly should have a girl to girl talk." Remarked Fazahn rather suddenly. "But we have already agreed my love that Molly is not happy being a girl."
"Yes I do know that, but we must not let on to her that we know this."

Mistress Felicity understood as she replied with a smile. "Yes my love, you are right..." She stopped doing her needle work and left the living room... Mistress Felicity soon approached Molly out in the garden. Molly had realised that she had muddied her dress terribly. She then noticed that Mistress Felicity was stood looking at her.

"Oh I am so sorry about the dress Mistress Felicity, I did not mean to ruin my pretty new dress..." Molly uttered and then began to cry. Mistress Felicity wrapped her arms around Molly, giving her a loving embrace. "Oh Molly my sweet Pet... I am not cross with you..." Molly looked surprised. "You... you... you aren't?"

"Of course I am not cross with you sweet Pet."

"But, but... the dress..."
"That can be easily replaced. I promise you. You look bored sweetie, would you like to come down into the cellar with me and help me to sort out a few spell books?" Replied Mistress Felicity with a smile. Molly's face seem to brighten, her eyes widened. "Oh, I would love to Mistress Felicity, thank you, thank you so much."

Molly was happy again and Mistress Felicity was happy as she took Molly into the house, down into the cellar and she even taught Molly a few spells or too. The more time Mistress Felicity spent with Molly, she could see so clearly now that Molly truly wanted to be more like a boy, Mistress Felicity could read Molly's mind of how she would like to be a Wizard more than a Witch.

"Mistress Felicity did not mention anything of this to Molly, Molly her self did long to want to leave, run away. But she really did not want to upset the feeling of her Mistress etc. Molly did not know what to do, it was not easy for Molly, she had to think everything through, she too could no longer stay, and remain so unhappy.

Days passed, Molly went out to play in the garden wearing an identical frilly white dress. She suddenly noticed Kevin chained up outside in the next door garden. There was no need for fences, both houses, the Fenryn House Hold and the Fenier House Hold shared the same land, to which they had joined ownership to, it was purely a very beneficial and economical way of doing things for the Fae society.

Molly was surprised, yet equally happy to see him, they have on occasions played together in the front garden, though she had not seen of Kevin in a long while, so both were friends, little did either of them realise it was fate that had drawn them together, would they now in this reality be drawn and have their lives altered by fate again?

Kevin at first had not noticed Molly playing out in the front garden, he was so miserable and feeling sad, until he heard a cheerly voice call out to him. "Kevin... it is so good to see you... where have you been? I have not seen you in ages..." Suddenly Molly saw the sadness in Kevin's eyes. Kevin looked up, he was so happy to see Molly there, he wiped the tears from his eyes and he just simply hugged her.

Molly was surprised, but she accepted the hug, she held Kevin and hugged him in return. "I have been a naughty Pet..." Kevin remarked in between sobs, Mistress Freya punished me..." Molly had noticed that Kevin's hair was long, kept in a pony tail. "Wow... your hair is really long... Oh I am sorry I meant to say I am sorry to hear you were punished Kevin."

Kevin just simply cried more, this distressed Molly, never had she seen Kevin like this ever before. Mistress Freya was out in the back yard hanging up her laundry. There she was talking to Mistress Felicity, out in the front of both houses, Molly and Kevin were the only ones outside, there was no other owners with their Pets out in their gardens, Kevin suddenly stopped crying and broke his embrace with Molly.


"I have finally decided, I am no longer going to suffer or be punished anymore..." Molly looked shocked. "Kevin... what are you saying?"
Kevin suddenly spoke in the Fae Tongue. Farook, Shedwar, Kaledyn, Kalashar." But at the same time Molly also heard in English. "Chains of Steel Liquefy."

Molly looked on and saw the leash to Kevin's collar turn to liquid steel, but she suddenly countermanded his spell as she spoke too in the Fae Tongue.

"Rue-El, Kaledyn, Fynious, Zah." To Kevin's horror his leash began to re-solidify and he too had heard in English at the same time the words. "Chains of Steel Solidify."

Kevin looked at Molly horrified... "Noooo... what are you doing?"
"I do not want you to escape..."

Kevin's voice raised a pitch high, even from the back yard both Mistress Freya and Mistress Felicity had heard Kevin call out.

"Now what is wrong with that Pet of mine this time I wonder." Mistress Felicity sympathised with Mistress Freya. "How do you keep him under control?"
"Oh I have my ways..." Replied Mistress Freya with a smile, Mistress Felicity smiled back and they both began to make their way towards the front garden.

Meanwhile... Molly put her fingers to her lips indicating for Kevin to keep his voice down. "Not so loud..." Kevin gave Molly a harsh stare. "Why do you not want me to escape?"
"Because... I'm not ready yet." Kevin was startled by Molly's reply.

"What? What are are you talking about?"
"I am wanting to escape too."

Replied Molly in a low whisper. Kevin looked at her in disbelief. "What?... Why? I mean your Mistress loves you, even I can tell that."
"But I am not happy..." Replied almost tearfully,

Kevin looked shocked and confused. "But why? Why are you unhappy?" Molly wanted to tell him, but she feared that if she did that, Kevin just might make fun of her. "I don't have to tell you that. My reasons are my own, just accept please that I do so much as you do, want to escape. But neither of us are going to get very far if we do not take with us plenty of provisions..."

"What?" Remarked Kevin who was still confused. Molly sighed and placed her hands on her hips, she looked at Kevin with a shake of her head. "You haven't thought through this whole escape thing very well have you?" Kevin went red in the face... but Molly was right.

He felt such a fool and he began to cry again, Molly was shocked as Kevin almost now sounded like a baby girl crying, she could hardly believe her ears, just then, Mistress Freya walked over towards Kevin along with Mistress Felicity.

"Kevin... why are you crying like a baby?"
"Me iseths not a wittle baby..." Kevin suddenly remarked in baby talk with a Sissy Lisp too... which surprised both Molly and Mistress Felicity. "Well honestly Kevin, if you are going to cry like a baby and lisp like a Sissy, then from now on I shall treat you exactly as a Sissy Baby Girl."

Molly but could not help her self burst out into fits of giggles at Mistress Freya's remark, Mistress Felicity simply gave Mistress Freya a nod of approval, took Molly's hand and left. "I knew that you would not remain like a boy for too long... come along my Sissy Pet. Tomorrow I will have you back in your rightful Sissy baby clothes."

Remarked Mistress Freya as she undid the chain that was hooked up to an iron handle hook on the house wall at the front. She yanked on Kevin's chain, as she took him back into her house. "This will be your last and final time as you are Boy. Tomorrow you shall be my Sissy Baby Girl Pet again, but this time, for the rest of your life."

Remarked Mistress Freya. All that Kevin could do was cry like the Sissy Baby Girl that he was. Mistress Freya placed Kevin in his basket, but left the chain on which she secured to a similar hook ring in what was the bedroom, which was now more like a nursery...

Mistress Freya had changed the main bedroom during the time she had spent placing Kevin under Petticoat Punishment. Kevin could not get to sleep. he had stopped crying by now, he wanted his life to end... Just then he heard a sudden voice say out in an audible whisper... "Farook, Shedwar, Kaledyn, Kalashar. (Chains of Steel Liquefy)"

Kevin looked up and saw Molly dressed all in boys clothes, even her hair was now short. His mind could not take this all in. "How... how did you get in here?"
"Why by magic of course... Now do you want to escape or not?"
"Yes of course I do. But how did you manage to escape and why do you look like a boy?"

Kevin's voice nearly raised a pitch. "Shhhh... not so loud, quickly take my hand and I shall explain everything to you I promise."
"Just take my hand will you... please?"

Molly replied anxiously, Kevin's leash was completely by now liquid metal, he got out of his basket and took Molly's hand. She took out of her pocket a small red crystal, she held it tightly in her hands and suddenly, both her and Kevin vanished.

Soon they were both outside of the Fenryn House Hold. "So... how did you escape then?" Kevin suddenly asked.
"Not here, we are not safe here. Come on, I know of a place where we can be safe, for a while."

Replied Molly, she even sounded more like a boy, than as a girl, which surprised Kevin. Molly took Kevin by his hand and they soon arrived at a lone house that was empty. Molly took Kevin inside there, the place was still furnished, Moly switched the living room light on.

"OK, we are safe, but we can't stay here."
"Why not? This place looks perfect."
"Kevin, we are Pets, we can not go out buy food for our selves etc. This place will eventually be searched, the Valkyrie shall eventually come looking for us."

Replied Molly who now sounded incredibly more mature than her own actual age. Kevin sat down on a sofa, Molly sat next to him and began to tell him of her incredible escape and her discovery... She too had not been able to sleep.

Although the thought of him being made to dress in Sissy Baby Girl dresses etc had amused her, Molly however had not forgotten the terrible sadness he had seen in Kevin's eyes, so she too had cried in her sleep.

That was when Mistress Felicity had entered into her bedroom and picked her up out of her basket. "Oh my sweet little Pet, what is wrong? Why are you crying so?" Mistress Felicity wept too, it broke her heart to see her Pet so unhappy. "Oh... Mistress Felicity, I do not mean to be so upset, I weep mostly for Kevin, he has been suffering terribly at the hands of his Mistress."

"What?..." Remarked Mistress Felicity in shock. Molly looked at her surprised. "Do you not approve Mistress Felicity?" Molly asked but feared now that Mistress Felicity would be very and extremely cross or mad at her for asking such a thing. Mistress Felicity cried, she could not keep her secret anymore.

"Molly, come with me to my bed chamber, we have a lot to tell you." Molly suddenly looked worried. Mistress Felicity gave her a reassuring smile, she soon took Molly to her bedroom where Sir Fazahn was woken up when Mistress Felicity had turned on the bedroom light.

"What's wrong my Love?"
"My dear, we need to tell Molly the truth, she needs to leave and she needs to help another Pet too, to leave as soon as possible."

Fazahn got up in his bed, Mistress Felicity sat on the opposite side, to the left, she placed Molly between her and her mate.

"Molly my mate and I are followers of Insight. We are not the only ones in hiding from the rest of our kind, who have all gone bad. There once was a time when we Fae lived in harmony with you Humans, but your kind turned against us, it was this that began to make the other Fae become more aggressive back and soon they dominated over your kind and thus you all became our Pets..."

Molly listened in utter fascination and amazement as Mistress Felicity continued to tell her story about the history of her own kind. "Those of us who believed in the greater harmony of all things were banished to the Dark Lands, only a few of us with what little powers we had left inside of us, we managed to escape the Dark Lands..."

Mistress Felicity paused briefly, then she continued with her story. "But we had to take on new identities for our selves and live among the others, be like them as so to avoid being detected. My mate and I had decided to part of the more Private groups we had come to know about, that enabled us to keep our treatment of you to be good and pure without the others from knowing, but we had to sometimes, just to be safe, pretend occasionally be cruel to you, we took no pleasure in this though."

"I had no idea Mistress Felicity..." Replied Molly, still a little tearfully.
"We both know and have known for some time now that you are truly unhappy being with us."
"Oh No Mistress Felicity...." Molly cried. "I... love you both dearly and I... I..."

"You are unhappy..." Remarked Mistress Felicity, who was now tearful too...

"It's alright Molly, I am not mad or cross with you in any way." Molly looked at her Mistress in total surprise.
"You're... you're not?"
"Yes sweetie, I am not cross or mad at you. All I ask of you now my sweet Pet, is why are you so unhappy?"

Molly cried as she spoke. "Kevin is suffering terribly Mistress Felicity and I don't want him to suffer..."
"Neither do we sweetie, but you have been unhappy for the longest time, it's not been because of Kevin's suffering has it?"

"N,n, n... no Mistress Felicity, I really not happy being a girl."

"But why sweetie?"
"You... you're not mad or cross with me?"
"Of course I am not mad or cross with you dear."

"Yes, honest and truly dear."
"I... I have always liked boys things as long as I can remember Mistress Felicity, the dresses you always got me were pretty, but I so much wanted them to be boys clothes..."
"I perfectly understand dear."

"You... you DO?"
"Yes my dear Pet..."
"And you really don't mind?"

"Of course I do not mind dear..." Replied Mistress Felicity with a smile, then she gave Molly an affectionate hug. Molly smiled, she was so happy...

But just then, Mistress Felicity said something rather unexpected to her. "Molly, my mate and I really and truly want you to be happy. So We have decided to let you go."

Molly's eyes filled with tears. "Go... but Mistress Felicity, I love you so, so much and Sir Fazahn too."

"We know dear, but you can not stay here and live out your life as a boy, as much we want to give you that my sweet dear Pet, you know deep down inside that we can't."

"I know Mistress Felicity, though I really do not want to leave you..."

"I know dear, we feel the same way. But you must leave and you have to rescue poor Kevin. But first, it is only right that before you do go, we grant you your long life wish." Molly's face and eyes lit up... "You mean you are going to turn me into an actual boy?"

"No dear, magic does not work that way. Magic is part of nature and it would be wrong to tamper with that nature. Girl though you are, at least with cutting off your lovely long hair, whipping up some boys clothes out of magic, that at least can be done to help you look more like a boy, the rest is then up to you my dear."

Molly looked all exited. "What do you mean Mistress Felicity?"
"I do not have time to teach you everything, but you need to learn to talk more like a boy, walk like one, you bow before another Mistress and her mate, at no point do you curtsey. I will provide you with a money pouch and something else, but that is to be a surprise."

Molly's face was of such joy, Mistress Felicity was so happy. It had not taken Mistress Felicity long to cut off all of Molly's long hair, Molly was helped to undress and she was now dressed like a boy. The collar around her neck by the use of magic was soon changed to a nice light blue one with little silver studs in a row on it.

Molly's transformation was now complete and she looked at her self in a full length Mirror. A boy in the reflection of the mirror looked back in equal amazement. Suddenly Molly dashed towards Mistress Felicity for a hug.

"Oh Mistress Felicity I am so happy." Molly squealed in shear delight. Mistress Felicity held Molly firmly, but gently. "My dear, you need to control those girl like tendencies of yours, or you wont be so convincing as a boy."

Molly nearly almost cried... "I'm, I'm sorry Mistress Felicity."
"Now, now dear, I am not mad or cross with you. I only wish to help you be what you most want to be..." Molly stopped crying.

"Yes Mistress Felicity, thank you." Replied Molly in a very good convincing boy like voice and she executed a very smart bow in deed. Mistress Felicity was so proud of her Pet. "Oh Dear, that was utterly remarkable. Now which boy's name would you like to have my dear.?"

"Are you not going to give me my new name Mistress Felicity."
"No my Dear, once you leave here, you shall be a free Pet."
"You must therefore, chose your own name."

"Thank you Mistress Felicity, I am most honoured." Replied Molly with yet another courteous bow. Mistress Felicity smiled. "You are quite welcome young man." Molly liked the sound of that, being called and referred to being a young man.

He soon had the name he wanted to be called by. "My name is to be Andrew from now on." Replied Andrew, perfectly pitched, it was hard to belive that he was in truth a girl.

Mistress Felicity hugged Andrew and then broke the embrace. "I am so very very proud of you Andrew. You shall have money for your journey, you shall be in need of it, though do try to travel as light as you can. As it will make your escape much more easier. Here is the money pouch for you."

Remarked Mistress Felicity, as she gave to Andrew a fur skin like wallet. Andrew took it and gave another bow. "Why thank you Mistress Felicity."
"You are welcome my young man. Now listen to me very carefully, as I am now going to entrust you with this..."

Remarked Mistress Felicity very mysteriously, as she held out her right hand/paw and suddenly a fur made pouch appeared, with her left hand/paw, she took out of the pouch a small hand held crystal. It was gleaming red and it throbbed with a small pulse of energy.

Andrew felt it as Mistress Felicity handed over to him the red crystal. "Keep and guard this with your very life Andrew, for this is a piece, a shard of the Eye Of Harmony. With it you can do a few things by the use of real magic, no incantations etc are needed, but most importantly of all, it can help guide you and Kevin to the Island of Harmony."

"But... but Mistress Felicity... I thought that Island was just a Myth?"
"No, Andrew my dear. It is very much real... seek out Mistress Gaia, she is the main leader of the Followers of Insight there, she can help to protect you and Kevin and keep you from ever being found by the other Fae. It is time for you to go Andrew, you must. Go, go and free Kevin."

Kevin Looked at Andrew in amazement after he had finished hearing his story. Both Andrew and Kevin found a bed each to sleep in, oh how wonderful it was to, to sleep in a bed instead of a basked, both Andrew and Kevin got a very good night sleep.

Morning soon came, Andrew and Kevin washed separately and got dressed.

Andrew new that he and Kevin would need a set of clothes to change into, but not too many, remembering what Mistress Felicity had told him.
To travel as light as he could.

Andrew soon had realised that Kevin would need to be disguised in someway, as he knew for certain that the Valkyrie would soon be looking for the both of them, he already had the perfect disguise, but right now he had to get Kevin and himself out of the disused house, Andrew had to move fast, both children moved out of the house, but will they get caught and more importantly, will they find the Island of Harmony?


Both Andrew and Kevin walked on toward the City Centre, Kevin looked worried though. "Wait... wont we get recognised if we head right for the City Centre?"
"It will be some time yet before the Valkyrie will be informed of our being missing, I hope to have you disguised before then..." Kevin looked at Andrew worriedly.

"Disguise! What do you mean disguise?"
"I thought that be obvious... When Mistress Freya discovers you are missing, she will call up the Valkyrie and tell them precisely who and what to look for."
"But won't your Mistress do the same thing?"
"Yes, only she will have them looking for a girl called Molly."

"Oh yeah... Say why did you chose the name Andrew and not a name that begins with an M, like Mark etc?"
"Does my name have to start with the letter M?" Replied Andrew with his arms folded looking cross. Kevin looked down feeling stupid. "Sorry, I guess not. So how are you going to disguise me? What kind of a disguise will it be?"

"I don't know just yet... But I shall think about it as we get more closer into the City Centre, it's a fairly long walk, but we will at least arrive there by opening time of the market place"
"The market place... why do you want to go there for?"
"Why to find you your disguise of course."

Kevin felt even more stupid and had stayed quiet throughout their journey towards the City Centre.

It took several hours to get there, both Andrew and Kevin had stopped by near by parked benches to stop and rest from time to time.

The City Centre was huge, there was a hustle and bustle of Fae crowds going this way and that to and from Queens Market, the central market place of Lyndus. But the Fae crowd were far too busy to pay much attention to Andrew and Kevin who were essentially stray Pets.

Though it was just as well they were and had not been noticed. This Andrew was relying on if their escape was to succeed. They were not out of danger yet and things could still go wrong, even Strays... are not such a good thing and there are Stray Catchers that can do even more terrible things to a Stray if caught, than what some Mistresses do to their Pets, the Term Stray was used for any Pet that was without a Mistress.

There was only a rare few Pets that could go out in public without their Mistress, but these such Pets wore very identifying specially made collars, control collars, designed with an in-built smart chip that controlled the neural path ways of a more disciplined and well obedient Pet, but the neural chip was a way to maintain that kind of discipline and obedience.

Andrew had not realised that Mistress Felicity had made his collar look exactly like one of these control collars, only this one had no smart chip inside of it.

Even the clothes Andrew was now wearing looked like the sort of clothes any well controlled Pet would wear, only Kevin looked somewhat out of place, though it was not overly uncommon for a Fae House Hold to own both the well obedient and the more common type of Pets.

The well obedient Pets were used in some House Holds as examples to the lower Pets. Andrew and Kevin had soon entered into Queens Market, the very place where Kevin's parents had been bought at the Pet stall, which was in itself a mini market inside the main market, well not mini as in small, the Pet Market as it was more commonly referred as, was quite large, but in comparison to the over all size of the main Market itself, the Pet market really was small.

Hundreds if not thousands of Fae all shopped at Queens Market, trade there was the biggest ever than anywhere else. The more that Andrew thought about what Kevin's disguise should be, one trail of thought he could not help but come to his mind, but however it was the perfect disguise, it will be, so long as Kevin goes along with it, he had to. Before Andrew could put any plan into action, he needed something light weight and easy to carry around.

Remembering about travelling light and he would need something suitable enough to place a change of clothes etc inside. He soon came to a stall that was selling all manner of travelling bags, some had wheels with retractable handles etc. That sort was the ideal one Andrew needed, no carrying involved apart up and down steps. Now all he needed was the right size of Trolly Bag to be just big enough to fit in all of the essentials.

A female Fae was wearing a lovely white summer dress served behind the stall, most of the stall owners were females, with the Fae Society being mostly a female Dominated one... she had a pleasant smile upon her face and she had noticed Andrew looking at the various Trolly Bags deciding which to chose, the stall keeper also had noticed right away the control collar, therefore she had no need to sound any alarm for a Stray Catcher, these were not part of the Valkyrie, however they were just as deadly in force and were breaded specially for catching Strays.

The stall keeper came out from the stall and approached Andrew, he kept perfectly calm as the stall keeper said to him.
"May I help you young Pet?" Andrew gave a grand bow to the stall keeper, as he replied in return.

"Yes, I am looking for a suitably good sized Trolly Bag for my Mistress, she wishes to take my brother and I out for a day trip and wants to keep things light for the trip, but still have enough room for everything." The stall keeper smiled at Andrew, it was such an honour to meet a well controlled Pet.

It made a pleasant change from her usual customers. "I know exactly the type of Trolly Bag you are after..." Replied the stall keeper and she lead Andrew to a row of medium sized Trolly Bags, they were not to big or too small, they were perfect for what he needed.

There was various colours and designs, there was even a nice pink one. Which Andrew chose, with a remark that made Kevin go pale. "I will take this one please..." The stall keeper looked surprised... "Are you sure you want this one young Pet?"
"Yes please, this is to be honest, it is for the sole use of keeping nearly most of my brother's stuff inside, he is to spend his first day under Petticoat Punishment you see and..."

The stall keeper smiled and cut in... "You need say no more, I perfectly understand." She even giggled, it seemed even in this alternate reality that the practice of Petticoat Punishment was not odd, then again, the Fae were a Female Dominated race, such a concept for badly misbehaved male Pets was bound to be a natural way for Mistresses dealing with such troublesome boy Pets.

Kevin wanted to object to this whole idea, but knew if he did so, it would most likely cause suspicion upon Andrew and himself. He stood there saying nothing he almost wanted to cry, but he did not. "That will be Ten Crescents please." Remarked the stall keeper. Crescents was the currency of Great Faedark. There was coins and notes of varying values, a One Crescent Coin was the size of a two pound coin.

The coins had an intricate design to them as did the Crescent notes that went from the value of 5 to 100. Andrew took out of his suit pocket the money pouch that had been given to him, he took out a Ten Crescent Note and handed it to the stall keeper. "Thank you young Pet, it was a pleasure doing business with you."

"You're welcome Miss."

Andrew executed a perfect bow again and left the stall with the Trolly Bag now firmly in his position, he began to go over towards a Baby Clothes Stall... Kevin yanked on Andrew's arm... "What do you think you're doing?"

"What does it look like I am doing? I am about to get for you your perfect disguise, your Mistress will least expect you to be disguised in such a way..."

Andrew argued, Kevin wanted to argue back, but he realised that Andrew was right, as much he had no real wish to under go Petticoat Punishment, even in this case as disguise...

Kevin knew that there was no other way out of the situation, so he reluctantly went along with Andrew's plan. "OK... but I am not going to like this..."
"I'm sorry Kevin. But it is the only way..."

"I know." Remarked Kevin with a sigh, Andrew could tell that Kevin was not happy with this, but he respected his decision in this matter.

Andrew turned to face Kevin with a smile. "I promise you Kevin, you only have to appear and be like a Sissy Baby Girl until we reach the Island of Harmony."
"Why can't we just use your crystal to just simply go there direct?"

"Mistress Felicity would not have given me so much money if the crystal that I have could do such a thing. I felt it's power Kevin, it is only a small shard of the Eye itself, the crystal is simply not that powerful. Pieces of the Eye are scattered far across throughout the entire of planet Earth. No one knows where these pieces are, the shard I have gave me this such knowledge."

"Wow! It can really do that?"
"Yes Kevin, though it is not completely very powerful, the crystal is powerful enough for doing certain things, but not getting us directly to the Island of Harmony."
"I understand." Replied Kevin who tried hard not to cry as Andrew now continued on his way towards the Baby Clothes Stall.

There was a female Fae at this stall to, she was wearing a floral patterned dress, she noticed Andrew approaching the stall and go directly over to where a row of cute pretty baby girl dresses were all hung up on a rail. "May I help you young Pet?" Andrew again gave a grand bow, which the stall keeper was glad to see.

"Yes, my brother here is to spend his first day under Petticoat Punishment and my Mistress is in need of clothes and supplies, would you happen to have any in stock?" The stall keeper smiled at Andrew, though her stall was for selling baby clothes, it catered too for Petticoat Punishment, which within itself was very good trade too.

"Why yes certainly I do, I keep a god stock round the back, if you would just follow me please young Pet." Replied the stall keeper with glee as she came out of her stall and began to take Andrew and Kevin round to the other side of the stall itself where all of the larger sized version of baby clothes etc were all kept on display.

Andrew's eyes lit up and he could not resist to buy first a pretty frilly pink dress, it was made of fine satin with silk white laced frills, there was a beautiful multi layered petticoat a pair of pretty frilly pink plastic pants, lots of towelling nappies, in this alternate reality, towelling nappies were not replaced by disposable ones.

They were however designed to be more washable, fuller thickness and softness which all babies loved, even young Faelings, that is what the Fae called there young.

Andrew bought a few more dresses, along with matching shoes and frilly plastic pants, several frilly white socks, two dummies and of course a good set of towelling nappies and nappy pins. He had spent in total 100 Crescents, which made the stall keeper very happy, Andrew byd the stall keeper good bye with another grand bow and all he needed now was food and of course a place for where Kevin could get changed.

Andrew found the girls toilets and quickly made sure no one was in there, there was a facility for changing both ordinary, teen-aged to adult babies. Andrew quickly began to undress Kevin, who suddenly stepped back from him. "Say what do you think you are doing?"

"Undressing you of course, after all you are a baby."
"But you are only eight years old..."

"So" Remarked Andrew sounding very cross with Kevin. "And I am a boy of eighteen years old."
"I know... However I have seen it all before, just trust me OK? If we stay here any longer we are both going to get caught." Remarked Andrew anxiously, reluctantly Kevin allowed Andrew to undress him, he knew then, he would be fated to be a Sissy Baby Girl for the rest of his life...


Even though Andrew had promised him that he would only have to be and act like a Sissy Baby Girl until they reached the Island of Harmony, Kevin just had this sinking feeling that somehow, he would remain as a Sissy Baby Girl. Andrew did not laugh once or even remotely stare at Kevin's penis by the time he came to rub on baby oil and talcum powder on him.

Andrew had expertly pinned into place the corners of the towelling nappy, he then placed over that the pretty frilly pink plastic pants, the rest of the clothes followed, socks, shoes, petticoat and the dress to match the plastic pants. Andrew untied the ribbon that held Kevin's hair in a pony tail, Andrew had bought a good hair brush and he brushed Kevin's hair with it, then with a set of pink ribbons retied it, but into pit-tails instead.

Kevin had upon his feet a pair of pink Mary Janes shoes, there was a full length mirror in the changing room, but Kevin did not seem to look too shocked or surprised when he saw him self looking exactly like a 8 year old sized baby girl. Andrew looked at Kevin with curious eyes. "You have done this before... haven't you? Been dressed like this I mean?"

Kevin this time did cry. "Yes I have... are you happy now?" Andrew felt really awful, he was shocked that Kevin should even dare ask such a stupid question.
"Of course not... Kevin I am so, so sorry. I did not realise Mistress Freya had given you prior Petticoat Punishment, though it would explain the length of your hair."

"Well she did OK?" Kevin sobbed.

"Kevin... please, please do not cry, someone is bound to hear you and we do need to be getting out of here soon." Said Andrew anxiously desperately trying to comfort Kevin. "Please do stop crying, you can even chose your own name as a girl, just please Kevin stop crying..."

"I... I can't think of one. You chose, so long as you do not chose the name Sissy."

"OK... though a Sissy Baby Girl is what you will have to pretend to be from now on, so long as you know that?"
"Me do Andwew." Replied Kevin in a perfect pitched Sissy Girly voice.

"Me twusts you wivs my new name." The baby talk was so wonderful, Andrew tried very hard not to giggle, though Kevin sounded so cute with his baby girl talk.

"How about the name Katie then? Is that OK with you?"
"Yeth Andwew." Oh the lisp was just as cute, Andrew could hardly believe his ears, but he soon realised Kevin/Katie really had been under Petticoat Punishment before.

Andrew, just simply gave Katie a hug. "Are you sure? If you really do not like the name, I can chose another one for you." Andrew genuinely wanted Kevin/Katie to be as happy as possible. "Honestly and twuly, me do wike the name of Katie..."

Replied Katie, really meaning it. She was simply so adorable, Andrew could not resist to hug her more tightly then realised he was almost behaving like a sister to Katie, Andrew re-composed himself, he at least could be a brother to Katie, he then broke the embrace.

"OK, we have to go now, we have been here long enough. It's too risky to stay here any longer."
"Me understands Andwew." Replied Katie, sounding as cute as ever. Andrew smiled, Katie somehow seemed so much more nicer than she had been as Kevin, but he did not want to say this to Katie for fear of upsetting her.

"Oh, I nearly almost forgot..." Remarked Andrew all of a sudden, Katie's collar was still a blue one, he took out the crystal and touched the collar with it, it shrunk in size and it changed colour too, to pink, obviously, the collar looked also like a control collar.

Andrew offered Katie his hand and she took it, they both soon left the girls toilet and no one had seen them leave, which was just as well, Katie looked perfect as a Sissy Baby Girl, which did not make anyone stop and stare.

It was not so unusual for a Sissy Baby Girl to be paraded out in public, usually they are paraded around by their Mistresses, but as a means of additional means of humiliation, a Sissy Pet can be paraded around in public by a well disciplined Pet.

So no one so much battered an eye lid other than look on in total amusement, which Katie tried to get used to as Andrew began to make his way now to Queens Cross Station. Queens Cross Station was a train station, the central Train Station of Lyndus.

There was a massive array of various types of steam trains and various platforms too, but Andrew did not head for any of them, instead he headed for the Flight Steps, these were a fight of steps, but which moved, the Fae had called these Flight Steps, but as both Andrew and Katie got on them, as they placed their hands on the hand rails.

Suddenly wrist and leg restraints came out of the Flight Steps and hand rails. Katie screamed in shock. "It is OK Baby Girl. There is no need for you to panic or worry, the restraints are there to keep you secured." Katie was not sure what Andrew meant, but she calmed down, just then...WOOSH... the Flight Steps went on down at great speed and both Andrew and Kate were down at the bottom before they knew it.

That was when Katie realised that she and Andrew was in some kind of a sub-underground tunnel of some kind. There was a gaping tunnel at two ends and two very odd looking rail tracks side by side. Katie had never seen anything like them before. "OK Baby Katie... say I like that even better, is that OK with you Baby Girl?"

"Yeth Andwew me iseths OK's wivs that."

"Cool... OK Baby Katie. do not get frightened. There will be a Tunnel Rider here any second now..." Katie in all of her life had never heard of one of these, she was scared and exited all at the same time. "Pwease Andwew, what iseths a Tunnel Rider?"

Andrew looked at Baby Katie with a smile. "Well sweetie... a Tunnel Rider is almost like a train, though not one of steam, it runs off electricity, hence why the rail tracks look very different..." Just then a sleek long link of carriages pulled up at the platform, doors slid open automatically. Of the few Fae that were on the platform began to board the Tunnel Rider.

"Come on sweetie, take my hand, I promise to tell you more whilst we travel to our next destination." Andrew offered his hand to Baby Katie and she took it. As they both go into the Tunnel Rider and sat down on very nice comfortable seats, the doors slid shut and the Tunnel Rider whisked off down towards the dark tunnel at high speed.

"The Tunnel Rider was lit up inside so it was not overly too scarey being in the long dark tunnel, which was very, very long, no day light shone through, so the windows were smaller, rather like those of an aeroplane. The Tunnel Riders are air conditioned as Andrew began to explain more to Katie about them.

"It is a very special kind of Electricity too, as it acts like a magnet and instead of wheels these Tunnel Riders have special conducting couplings underneath. From which the Tunnel Riders get their power and speed from, as well as creating a stabilisation field which keeps the entire carriages of the Tunnel Riders up right, never toppling over or leaning from side to side..."

"Wow!" Remarked Katie with child like amazement. Andrew could hardly believe that this was the same person. Katie was so very and completely different to how Kevin was, or used to be. "

The Fae had discovered this new power source and a means of digging large tunnels that go completely underground and can get carriages to and from one city to the next in a matter of minutes instead of hours, hence why they called these train carriages instead as 'Tunnel Riders.'

"Are we going to go all the way to the Island of Harmony by a Tunnel Rider?" Remarked Katie all excitedly, Andrew could not help giggle, but he was not laughing at Katie.

"No sweet Baby Katie, I doubt very much any mode of Transportation actually goes anywhere near there. We shall be getting off at the next City. Farrow-Gate." Baby Katie looked puzzled. "Why there?"

"It is the crystal telling me in a way to go there, Mistress Felicity did say it would help guide me to the Island of Harmony."
"So where will we go form once we get to Farrow-Gate then?"

"The crystal shall let me know." Katie looked a little worried, Andrew hugged her reassuringly. Katie had changed so much. There was a female Fae a few seats behind Andrew and Katie. Though she looked to be asleep. Katie looked tired and Andrew said to her.

"This ride will take a maximum of Twenty minutes before the Tunnel Rider reaches Farrow-Gate. Why don't you try to get some sleep sweetie, I promise to wake you as soon as we reach Farrow-Gate."
"Oh... OK." Replied Katie obediently and she placed her head on Andrew's lap, he feel off to sleep too.

Only that the female Fae had not been sleeping, she had noticed Andrew and Katie, but was suspicious, even though they were wearing what looked like to be control collars, their behaviour suggested they were not true well disciplined Pets and so the female Fae had alerted the Valkyrie via a special communicator, now Andrew and Katie were doomed...


Whilst Katie slept, she was having a dream, where she she not Katie anymore, but was Kevin Hardy instead and there was no Fae ruling the Earth. But in this dream, Kevin was much more meaner than he ever was, right now there was an 8 year old little girl before him, Kevin was holding her and lifting up the skirt of her pretty pink dress. "Oh Kinky... Frilly Pink Kickers..."

Kevin taunted, expressing each word with deliberate glee. To his surprise the knickers seem to bulge out. "Well... well... what else to you have on?" The 8 year old girl was sobbing and crying like a baby, which only further amused Kevin as he then began to pull down on the girls knickers who then began to plead for her very life.

"Please, please don't pull my knickers down, PLEASE.." The little girls pleads went on in vain as Kevin began to pull down on the girls knickers, which to his surprise there were actually plastic frilly pants. "Say... plastic frilly pants, even more kinkier... Oh my GOD... You are wearing a nappy..." The little girl was helpless, powerless to stop him from pulling down her plastic pants and there it was as large as life a disposable nappy in a girlie print too.

A pattern of pink flowers were on the back. "Why you're nothing more than a pathetic Big Cry Baby..." The little girl cried even more, in fact she cried her eyes out... Suddenly the scene changed... Kevin was now chasing after a football he had just carelessly dropped and it had gone out into the middle of the road, which Kevin foolishly dashed off after it in order to get his ball back.

Cars from both directions swerved to try and avoid hitting or even remotely trying to kill Kevin where he stood. There was the sound of loud shrieks as breaks were slammed down hard, but the cars had instead collided into one another, causing utter and complete mayhem. Kevin just simply picked up his precious football and began to walk off.

Only now did he see the mass of cars mangled together, he saw the wreck and carnage he had caused and he just simply laughed his head off. Just then a little girl looked on in fear for Kevin's life, not knowing why, she ran out towards him in an attempt to save his life, but instead, she ran right into him, making Kevin drop his football again.

"You stupid little girl, now look at what you have gone and make do."

"I am so, so sorry..." Cried the little girl. "I will get your ball back for you." She said tearfully, Kevin blinked at her in amazement but then shouted after her. "And so you should, after all... you made me drop it in the first place."

This made the little girl in this dream cry even more, she ran over to pick up the football, but a truck had come from like nowhere, it could not stop, it's breaks had gone completely. Kevin looked on unmoving as he watched the truck run right into and over the little girl, who died instantly. There was a sudden out burst...

"Noooo... me no want to be wike that... Noooo.... Pwease Noooo...." Suddenly Andrew woke up to the sound of Baby Katie screaming and crying her head off. But a couple of Valkyrie were now making their way towards him and Baby Katie, not knowing how or why, there was nothing else Andrew could do, but to surrender.

Baby Katie had to be sedated... as there was no way to calm her down. Andrew had been bound, blind folded and even gaged... However Andrew had somehow himself shared the exact dream and he now realised that Kevin in another reality, for it was more than a dream, the crystal he had in it's own way had shared this knowledge with him.

In one reality Kevin had let her die, but in another he had exchanged his life for Molly's life.

That did not change the fact that Kevin had been Molly's bully and tormentor in those two other realities and this was just another reality, where the strands of time had become a lot more complicated.

Because there was two out comes, but one was either Molly's fate or fortune, for her life to be spared. Andrew had changed the way he felt now about Baby Katie completely and when he was un-blind folded, he was in a room with Baby Katie who looked at him with crying eyes.

"You... you have been the one that has bullied me and tormented me in the life that I had once as Molly, to think that in this reality I had befriended you... You make me sick... Now the tables have been turned, the shoe is on the other foot as they say. You only have gotten what you so rightfully deserve..."

Baby Katie cried bitterly... "Me iseths so, so sowwy... twuly me is..."

"I don't care... why should I?"
"If you don't, then you will become no better than him." Said a sudden voice. Both Andrew had turned to see who had suddenly spoken to them.

"Noooo." Cried out Baby Katie all distraught, even Andrew looked shocked. "Mistress Freya... I do not understand."
"Silence Child."

Freya's voice boomed, Andrew quivered in response... "Pwease, Pwease don't hurt me Mistwess Freya, Pwease don't be mad or cwoss wivs me, Pwease don't hurt me..."

Baby Katie cried, she trembled and sobbed so much, even now Andrew was beginning to feel bad about being harsh on her, realising he had been almost like Kevin they way he had taunted Baby Katie back.

The tables really had been turned... Andrew felt his heart sink.

Mistress Freya then surprised both Andrew and even Baby Katie as she lifted up Baby Katie's face to face hers, Mistress Freya gently kissed Baby Katie on her forehead. "Shhhh... it is OK Kevin, you no longer need to pretend with me, as I no longer need to pretend with you anymore."
"Me don't understand"

Remarked Katie who was feeling very confused. "I am in truth Mistress Gaia. Head Founder of the Followers of Insight and I can not apologise enough for putting you through what I had put you through all the time you was with me when I was under the disguise of Mistress Freya... I now give to you the gift to take all of that back, to make things as they were, as though they had never really happened."

Katie was now more confused than ever. "Me still don't understand."
"Drop the act Kevin... I promise you that I shall not be mad or cross with you. You and Molly are not meant to be part of this reality, which you in a sense you had created Kevin."

There was only a very small part of what had been Kevin that was still there and he spoke, he sounded like a boy now. "Me? I still do not understand. Where are we, what is this place?"

"You are at the Island of Harmony."
"WHAT?" Both Andrew and Kevin replied in equal shock and disbelief.

"This is the very Island and place where once the Eye Of Harmony used to be, right here, held by a giant hand on a giant arm that rested upon a base. This spot is the very focal point in which the Eye got shattered, when that happened, time and space itself got altered, causing multiple alternate realities to form..."

Both Andrew and Kevin were equally shocked to learn of this fact. "You Kevin also became part of the focal point too." Remarked Mistress Gaia.
"Who me? How?"
"You are at the very heart of this my dear. You save or either do not save Molly over there, from dying. In other realities you do save her, hence the paradox in which you created."

"I still do not understand, how, why?"
"Because... in the real, real one and only reality, Molly is meant to die."
"What?" Both Andrew and Kevin gasped together.
"I am truly sorry Andrew. You truly were at the wrong place at the wrong time... However, your act of compassion even against your tormentor could yet save you."

"Now I am the one that does not understand. What are you trying to say?"
"Silence please Andrew... I have not finished yet." Replied Mistress Gaia, but in a firm, yet gentle tone of voice.

"Sorry." Replied Andrew tearfully.
"No worries dear, just please be quiet. Thank you. I found this Crystal on Andrew..."
"Hey... that's mine... Mistress Felicity gave that crystal to me." Andrew cried out.

"Yes I know dear, as I knew that one day that it would return back to it's rightful owner. That is why I gave the crystal to you in the first place." Just then, Mistress Felicity appeared along with Sir Fazahn.

"Mistress Felicity..." Andrew cried out as he ran over to hug his Mistress and she hugged him back. "I was asked to keep safe one piece of the crystal, by Gaia her self."

"Yes I had to do that, keep all of the pieces hidden, I entrusted the last of my followers to keep a piece each until the time was right to put all of the pieces back together. Actually that is where you come in Kevin."

Kevin looked more shocked and confused than he has ever been in his entire life. "ME!"
Mistress Gaia smiled at him and kissed him on the forehead again.

"Yes you Kevin, as I have said, you have become part of the focal point, I have all of the pieces of the Eye of Harmony, but only you can reassemble them."

"Just hold in your mind this exact spot, as in several thousands years time in your reality, this is where that truck shall strike you down, where you had saved Molly's life."

"You have the power to go back and let her die..."
"WHAT?" Gasped both Andrew and Kevin... "Please I don't want to die." Andrew cried. "The only way you can get back your life Kevin as it is was before, is to go back and let Molly die..."

Mistress Gaia gave now unto Kevin all of the pieces of the Eye of Harmony, he held them there in his hands, they were shards of crystal fragments.
They suddenly began to reassemble themselves as soon as Kevin held them there in his hands.

Kevin could now feel the power of raw magic corsing right through his entire body, a tear some how began to appear before his very eyes, to his and Andrew's shock another Earth identical to this one appeared, the very road in fact where another Molly was frozen on the spot.

The truck was frozen in its destiny to run her over and there Kevin could see himself frozen too.

"The window of opportunity has opened to you. Take it Kevin, the moment you step through that window, time shall resume itself, there shall only be just the one version of you and Molly, but remember you have to let her die."

Kevin suddenly felt something inside of him... something he had never felt before... "Noooo... I shan't... I won't do it.... Mistress Gaia please I beg of you, don't make me chose... If I have to, then I sacrifice my life gladly..."

Just then the tear in the very fabric of time and space began to close, ever so gradually. Mistress Gaia now took the Eye of Harmony from Kevin. "Firstly, do you truly and freely give your life for Andrew's life here?"

"Yes... yeth Mistwess Gaia..." Cried Kevin, his voice had suddenly changed. Mistress Gaia smiled.

"And secondly, do you freely call me Mistress of your own free will?"

"Yeth... yeth Mistwess Gaia, me... me wuvs you, me don't understand, but me know in my heart and soul that me twuly wuvs you."
"That is because my sweet Baby Katie, of the Love Bond you have for me as I have with you."

Kevin cried, happy to hear his real name, this time, it felt so right to be called by that name.

"Wuv Bond?"
"Yes sweetie, my sweet Baby Pet... It is a love so strong, so great, it binds our souls naturally together, as I am part of your soul as you are a part of mine. That is the power of the Love Bond Baby Katie."

"Oh Mistwess Gaia, me wuvs you so, so muchies." Katie cried, Mistress Gaia held her Pet Baby girl in her arms and the power of the Eye of Harmony connected them both together.

The history of Earth was changed once more, but this time in this new reality, Humans and the Fae lived in harmony, they were no longer Pets, however, for those who loved the life of being a Pet, stayed and lived with their Mistresses, as Katie lived and served her Mistress. But this time out of the love bond she had for Mistress Gaia, for their love was truly forever Soul Bound...


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  a wonderful story dear can,t wait to read more THX so much sweetie    
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
Fank you ever so muches fwo your comment Mommy Princess.


Sissy Missy Baby Amy.


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

this is a very good story so far. can i have more plest

come to the light
Your imagination shines. <3 This is another wonderfully original premise from you, that manages to work in sissy themes an an almost incidental touch, but elegantly so, and not dominating the fantasy aspects of the tale. I look forward to seeing it develop.
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Very good! So much imagination in that sissy head of yours.:)
Fank you ever so muchies Francescd fwo your nice and wonderful comment.


Sissy Missy Baby Amy. 

 Very good! So much imagination in that sissy head of yours.:)  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fank you ever so muchies Andreea, your comments are wonderful, beautiful, warm gentle, amazing, just wike you, fank you.


Sissy Missy Baby Amy.  

 Your imagination shines. <3 This is another wonderfully original premise from you, that manages to work in sissy themes an an almost incidental touch, but elegantly so, and not dominating the fantasy aspects of the tale. I look forward to seeing it develop.  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fank you ever so muchies shilong, don't worry, more iseths to come soon, me alweady working on the next part right now.


Sissy Missy Baby Amy.

 this is a very good story so far. can i have more plest



'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

~*Christie Luv*~
What a lovely story! I look forward to see what will happen to Kevin and Molly!  
Going strong with part 2. :-) I do like the fact that you acknowledge that just as there are sissies, there are "reverse sissies", and wouldn't the world be boring if we were all the same? ;-) I eagerly await Kevin and Molly's meeting and whatever may ensue ...
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Fank you ever so muchies Andreea fwo your most magnificent comment, me hopeths not to disapoint wivs the third instalment, fank you.


Sissy Missy Baby Amy.   

 Going strong with part 2. :-) I do like the fact that you acknowledge that just as there are sissies, there are "reverse sissies", and wouldn't the world be boring if we were all the same? ;-) I eagerly await Kevin and Molly's meeting and whatever may ensue ...  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fankies ever so muchies Sister CC fwo your comment.


Sissy Missy Baby Amy.  

 What a lovely story! I look forward to see what will happen to Kevin and Molly!    


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

baby amy this tale is best so far. do you play [EMAIL="d@d"]d@d[/EMAIL] or any table top rpg becould you are tell a story that me or any gm (game master) would give are heart or soul teal are player.

one of your bigges fan
come to the light
Fank you ever so muchies Shilong fwo your most wonderful comment, yeth me iseths a gamer, mostly PS2 & X-BOX games, as thats all me only have, the Fox wike race me got inspired by were featured in the Jade Empire Game fwo the X-BOX.

Me wuv Role Playing Games, fank you once again fwo your wondeerful comment.


Sissy Missy Baby Amy.  

 baby amy this tale is best so far. do you play d@d or any table top rpg becould you are tell a story that me or any gm (game master) would give are heart or soul teal are player.

one of your bigges fan


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

I was confused at the start, but now this is turning out to be a very interesting and different story! Thank you for writing, and for posting your writing for us to see!
Sunshine & rainbows,

"So sing aloud now, your favorite music
Because Heaven needs to hear it too."
-- Jennifer Funshine
Thanks for keeping me updated, and for continuing your saga with such style and sensitivity, as we have grown to expect of you. **Kisses** You are one of the most talented and simply nicest writers on this site, and I always like the way you treat your themes, never treating unpleasantness and humiliation without acknowledging that they are grim things indeed to have to face in reality, but that is a subject we have already debated to death elsewhere ;-) ...
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Fank you ever so muchies LilJennie fwo your comment. Me nearly got confused my self when wring the first part, but once me knew that the main charcters in the stowy were the same, only slightly different, because they exited in an alternate reality.

So natuarally not everyfing iseths going to be exactly the same, they are the same, but different. It's not easy to get that concept right in the fictional telling sense, me only hope me got that right? Me wike to fink me have delt wivs this complexity well, but me will welcome any other comments fwom any one else on this matter.


Sissy Missy Baby Amy.

 I was confused at the start, but now this is turning out to be a very interesting and different story! Thank you for writing, and for posting your writing for us to see!  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fank you ever so muchies Andreea fwo your comment. Each one always means so much to me. You are so wonderful wivs your words, and me knows you mean every single word you say to me in your comments.

Yeth, it is goood to acknowledge the fings we don't wike in life, yet they are part of life. Me iseths pwoud to have been able to put that perspective so well in this stowy. Again fank you fwo your comment Andreea, all of your comments are a pillar of strength to me, making me want to strive to do better, they are working wery well by the way, hope you haveths noticed that?


Sissy Missy BVaby Amy.   

 Thanks for keeping me updated, and for continuing your saga with such style and sensitivity, as we have grown to expect of you. **Kisses** You are one of the most talented and simply nicest writers on this site, and I always like the way you treat your themes, never treating unpleasantness and humiliation without acknowledging that they are grim things indeed to have to face in reality, but that is a subject we have already debated to death elsewhere ;-) ...  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

baby amy i love how you tie two get in gave the tool for there escape. i hope thay get to Island of Harmony.

from your bigges fan
come to the light
Awww, fank you ever so muchies Shilong fwo your comment, me weally appweciates it, next part shall be on it's way soon, me hopeths you are gripped? Fankies again.


Baby Amy.  

 baby amy i love how you tie two get in gave the tool for there escape. i hope thay get to Island of Harmony.

from your bigges fan


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

another interesting story, original too, love it
Fank you ever so muchies Lonnie fwo your comment.


Sissy Missy Baby Amy.

 another interesting story, original too, love it


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

what a lover add ot this love story. i hope it go for ever.

your bigges fan
come to the light
Fank you ever so muchies Shilong fwo your comment.


Sissy Missy Baby Amy. 

 what a lover add ot this love story. i hope it go for ever.
your bigges fan


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

You really develop the culture of your fictional world in chapter 4, dear. Things are looking very detailed, textured, and promising indeed for both an exciting and an interesting adventure to come in the quest to redeem that fallen world ...
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
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