XXX Sissy mansion fantasy
A flier drops through your door offering sissy servitude
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It's funny but it seems that more and more young men have been going missing since the mansion atop the hill was purchased. The lady who bought it seems to never leave the house but there always seems to be a different beautiful service girl letting guests in and polishing the Bentley on the drive. You think very little of it for the most part until today when a leaflet drops through your letter box. It is an advertisement for a position in the mansion and it reads as follows:

The mansion has a very grand room for mommy to sleep in, a few bedrooms, a large barracks, a nursery and "private dance" rooms.

There are several different roles and gradings of sissy, each with its own special tasks and privileges.

Stage 1 - Sissy Baby/Dedicated Baby Pet

Sissy Baby

Uniform: Frilly dress (pink only), 24/7 diapers, bed time lockable onesies (pink)

Tasks: Every new sissy entering the mansion will have to spend at least a month in this stage. Only ones who can show that they are able to regress and submit will be allowed to stay. Duties include being really cute, polite and sweet at all times. No access to a bathroom but will be changed a maximum of twice a day. At least 6 hours of baby hypnosis and brain washing. Babies will never leave the nursery and are not expected to serve any guests to the mansion although a guest may choose to visit the nursery. Sissy babies report to mommy and mommy sissy princesses. Good babies will earn a maximum of 3 milkings per week at the discretion of superiors.

Holdings:A cot within shared accommodation and shared toys.

Dedicated Baby Pet

Uniform: See above

Tasks: Similar to above, however these babies have proven themselves that they are worth more to mommy staying as a baby. These girls will be the sweetest most obedient cute babies. These babies will never ascend up the rankings but will often be called upon to mommies room for cuddles and will sometimes get personal milkings from mommy.

Holdings: As above, although some nights you'll get to sleep in mommies bed too

Stage 2 - Sissy Slut/Domesticate Sissy

Sissy slut

Uniform: A collection of different fetish outfits, including but not limited to: school girl, fairy, disney princess, lolita, ballerina, cat girl, gypsy girl, nurse, secretary and cosplay. Sissies will be allowed a fresh choice each day until she has a reputation for a certain theme whereupon she will take on that role forever.

Tasks: Sissy sluts will be the main work force of the mansion. They will be in charge of getting money for the household through any means necessary. These sissies can be expected to spend a lot of time working at the local docks and public bathrooms. These sissies are the only sissies who will be allowed to have their own money as they will be allowed to keep a small percentage of what money the earn. All the money earned will go towards upkeep of the house and maintenance for the sissies such as new clothing and diapers (after a very modest surcharge). Sissies will be expected to watch at least an hour of slave training hypnosis each day. On slow business days you'll be expected to help make content for the website.

Holdings: They will live in a sissy barracks, 2 will sleep to a bed (preferably in the 69 position). Love making between the sissies will be highly encouraged (and let's be honest here, inevitable!) as there will be live webcams around the room for the premium subscribers to our website. Each sissy pair will have a little end table against each side of the bed where they can place any little trinkets that they decide to buy with their earnings.

Domesticate Sissy

Uniform: French maid (obvious I know but can you think of a more perfect outfit?)

Tasks: These sissies will have 2 roles, firstly they must always keep the house spick and span, I will have a very clean establishment. Secondly they will help entertain any guests that come to the house, they will be expected to provide my guests tea, coffee, hot chocolate, oral sex etc. If they are lucky enough to receive any gifts from my guests they'll be allowed to keep them unless it's money. Domesticate sissies are unlikely to ever have to leave the house so will never have any need for it.

Holdings: They will live with the sissy sluts

Stage 3 - Sissy Princess

Sissy Princess

Uniform: long white dresses. Wedding dresses

Tasks: A stage 3 sissy is a very privileged sissy. She will not be expected to work in the house directly but will be asecond in command after mommy for the other sissies. They will work mainly like nurses or caretakers, will provide emotional support and cuddles, help with the changing and milkings. Not many sissies will attain this rank as those who qualify will be gelded and this may put off many sissies, also places will be limited but will become available as more sissies join. Expect to have very formal meetings with mommy from time to time.
Holdings: Sissy Princesses will actually qualify for their own rooms in the mansion

So little one, mommy has her manicured hand outstretched to you if you wish to take it and enter her service. Which role do you think you'll end up taking?
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Baby Butch
Interesting idea going on at the Mansion.  Stage 1 - Sissy Baby/Dedicated Baby Pet

Enter the mansion and become sissy slut/ domesticate sissy, like the story very much, many nice options to choose from. 
i would love to apply and hopefully i can make a great dedicated baby pet one day
Oh I would be in heaven as a sissy baby, dressed in pink with a big fluffy nappy and smooth pink plastic pants, ready to serve on any pink bottle. 
Yes I would like to live in the mansion as a sissy baby forever in nappies plastic pants and frilly dresses madam could do what ever she wanted to me 
   would be thrilled to progress and stay at stage 2
What a wonderful opportunity - I would love to be the Sissy princess one day, willing to do whatever it takes. XX 
Just wannabee a girl in lingerie 
It looks like we're getting a perfect ratio! I'm so proud of you girls! X x x x 
dedicated baby pet :)
Stage 1 - Sissy Baby/Dedicated Baby Pet
Sounds perfect hehe would definitely want to stay there 
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