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Sissy Maid's perfect day of pure pleasure.
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It is just the two of us in the house. I wake up to the most wonderful sensation. You are gently sucking on one of my nipples and slowly pinching the other one.  I open my eyes with a groan of ecstasy. You tell me that I am going to enjoy today. You go back to sucking on my nipple. Your other hand starts to work its way down. You find my clitty already hard. You start to stroke me. I can’t believe how good you make me feel. You stop sucking to ask me if I like that. I tell you I love it when you play with my clitty. You tell me what a good little girl I am. You go back to sucking my nipple. You rub my clitty faster. You rub my precum all around. I know I won’t last long. I tell you. You tell me it’s okay. You pull the sheets down. You move down to suck my clitty. One hand stays on my nipple and it feels so wonderful being stimulated in both places. You place the penis gag on my stomach, I briefly wonder why, but soon am distracted by the wonderful sensations you are forcing on my body. You have always been the only one that can make me feel this good. I have never imagined or wanted anyone else. Thinking of you rubbing me and sucking my clitty is almost as much of a turn on as the act itself. I can’t take it anymore and cum all over. You guide my clitty to the gag across my stomach. It gets covered in cum. After I am done, and you have rubbed it all out of my clitty, you tell me that good girls swallow. You pick up the gag and tell me to open my mouth. I am so excited. I open like you tell me and you put the gag in my mouth covered in cum. I close my eyes as I taste it in my mouth. Now you tell me to go get cleaned up and put on my harness and cage. You want my clitty locked up for the rest of the day. I am so excited!

After I am done you come to inspect me. You run your hands over my clitty and ask if I like being locked up. I nod because the gag is still in my mouth. You tell me that you are the only one with the key and that you are not letting me out any time soon. You then ask me if I like having a big cock in my pussy. I nod again. I like it when you ask me about being your sissy. I love it when you are in control. Next you tell me you want me to dress up in a nice sissy outfit. I love to hear you tell me to wear sissy clothes. Next you tell me you have a surprise for me. You show me a new satin sissy dress. It is a sexy French maid dress with a short skirt with petticoats that pushes it out. I am so excited. It comes with sissy panties and a suspender belt for my stockings. You tell me to get dressed and come see you when I’m done. I put on the outfit loving every minute of it. I love the feel of the stockings on my smooth legs. You can see the ruffles of my panties poking out of the bottom of my dress.

I come find you. You ask if I like being such a sissy. I nod again. You ask if I like being your sissy.  I can only nod.  As you walk behind me I hear a click. You tell me you just locked the back and you are not going to let me out of my dress unless I do everything you tell me to do. You tell me it is going to be a very long day for me. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Next you tell me to put my pink heels on. After I do you put my straps on my feet and lock those too. You tell me that you have all the keys, so I had better be a good sissy today. As you rub your hands on my clitty I feel a nice bulge under your own skirt. I tremble with anticipation. You ask if I like your cock. I nod. You ask me if I want to suck on your cock like a good sissy. You tell me I will need something else first. You put my collar on me that says “I love cock” and lock that too. You tell me to kneel down and take out your cock. I do as you tell me. You take the gag out of my mouth. You tell me to suck your cock like a good sissy. I love sucking your cock with you staring down at me. You tell me what a good sissy I am and what a good cocksucker I am. You tell me how much I love a cock up my pussy while you push my head on your cock. I love sucking your cock, but after a little bit you tell me to stop. You tell me you want me to do the chores like a good sissy in my sissy maid outfit. You tell me you are going out and the house better be clean by the time you get back.

I do as you tell me. I pick up and clean the house, the whole time dressed up and feeling the dildo inside me and my heels clicking on the tile. I am in a constant state of arousal. I go about my chores, but never with my mind 100% on what I am doing. I constantly drift to what might happen later when you get home.

Finally you get back. You check my clitty in my panties and see that my panties are soaked with precum. You wipe some off and tell me to suck it off. I do so hungrily. You tell me I’m a good sissy and ask if I am done with my chores. I tell you I am. You tell me I’m a good sissy and have earned a treat. You tell me that you need to get dressed and I need to wait for you. You want me to wait in the time out chair. You tell me to sit down on the chair, then you strap my hands to the chair, put a blindfold over my eyes, and put the cock gag back in my mouth. You tell me what a good little cock sucker I am. Then I feel you putting something on my nipples. When you turn something on I realize it is the breast pump. I am now totally aroused and stimulated all over. You whisper that you will be back, but it might be a while since you have to shower.

I am lost in the sensations I am experiencing. As I shift even a little I can feel the cock in my pussy, my nipples are constantly being pulled and then let go. I can feel the satin fabric rustle as I shift some more in the chair. The big cock in my mouth is a constant reminder of the situation I am in. I can’t help but let soft moans escape as I am totally in your control. I can still feel the high heels locked on my feet as I wiggle around on the chair. I start to thrust on the cock in my harness a little bit because it feels so good. The sensation from my nipples is shooting like lightning through my core. I both want it to last forever, and end at the same time. I can feel my clitty as it tries to break out of the cage. I know my panties are soaked with cum. I want so bad to take off my cage and pump your pussy with my clitty.

After what feels like an eternity I hear you come back. You turn off the breast pump and take the cups off my breasts. Then you ask me if I want you to unlock my clitty. I strenuously nod my head yes, but you just chuckle. You say not yet, your sissy isn’t done yet. You tell me that it is my turn to please you. You take off the blindfold and gag out of my mouth. I stare at the sexiest woman I have ever seen. You are wearing a corset that shows off your beautiful figure. You are wearing hose with lace at the top clipped into the corset with suspenders. You have heels on that accentuate your wonderful ass. I can tell that you have a dildo on because of the way your panties are poking out. I stare into your beautiful face entranced by the sexy goddess I am seeing.

You sit on my lap while I am still strapped to the timeout chair. You pull out one of your breasts and tell me to start sucking on your nipple. I do so happily. I can feel your cock push against me and I suck your nipple. I want to make you feel even better than you have made me feel. I suck gently on your nipple while teasing it with my tongue. You encourage me by telling me what a good sissy I am. You whisper how you love what a good sissy I am as I play with your nipple. After a while you switch and pull out the other one. You also unlock my arms so I can gently pinch the nipple I am not sucking on. I play with your breasts happy to hear you moan softly in pleasure.

Then you stand up and tell me to follow you. I get off the chair and follow you to the bedroom. You sit on the edge of the bed and tell me to get on my knees. You tell me I was so good now I get to suck your cock some more. I can’t wait. I kneel down in front of you and pull your panties down your legs while giving you soft kisses all over. Your cock is sticking out, but I go to grab some of your favorite toys first. I know you love it when I play with your clitty, as much as I love it when you play with mine. I love giving you that pleasure. First I suck your cock. I love sucking your cock while you have your hand on my head. I feel like you are in control and I love it. As I suck your cock I start to finger your pussy. It is already so wet. I rub your clitty gently and push two fingers inside you. I start to hear you moan softly. It turns me on even more knowing that I can make you feel good too. I ask if my mistress likes when her sissy plays with her pussy. You tell me what a good sissy I am. Then I move down and start to suck your clitty into my mouth. I know you like it when I run my tongue over your clitty. Next I start to slide a dildo into your pussy as I am still sucking on your clitty. You tell me what a good little sissy I am to please her mistress. I love hearing you talk to me as I suck your clitty. I love to hear you tell me how much of a sissy I am, what a good girl I am, how I love having a dildo in my pussy, how I love sucking cock, and all the other girly things I enjoy doing. I start to gently fuck your pussy with the dildo I got before we started. I go back to sucking your cock as I pull out a vibrator to use on your clitty. Now I am pinching your clitty with a vibrator and sucking your cock, while fucking your pussy with a dildo. You moan in pleasure. I know you are going to tell me you want me soon. I have been on edge for so long; I know I won’t last long inside you. I love pleasing you so much, I don’t want to stop making you feel good. I know I have to listen to my mistress though.

You tell me to stop, you tell me you want me inside you. You tell me to stand up. You pull out the key to my cage. You unlock me and scoot back on the bed. I put on the cock ring that stimulates your clitty while I am inside you. I lean down and push myself inside you. I also feel your cock sticking up as I get on top of you. I love feeling my dress still on with my stockings and my collar. I love that I am finally able to please you too. With all the stimulation I have had today I don’t last long inside you. I cum harder than I have ever come before. I collapse on top of you. You are exhausted as well. You tell me that I am your good little sissy. I am so happy in the moment.

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good story!! I absoloutly ador your avatar picture!!! My favourites pic i ever saw!! tell me where can i see more pics of that shoot or pics like it! pweeeeease!!! ill be your best friend if you share! xxxx
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Absolutely wonderful story! 

I am working on some other stories too. =)
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