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I'd stumbled on yet another website for sissies! But this one is proactive.
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    It was my friend Mandy who found me this website.
It announced that it offered "practical sissy-changing experiences," for a consideration naturally.
Once I had eagerly registered, I went to the option Mandy had told me about.
Live Your Sissy Dreams/ Nightmares!
Complete the form and we will try and do the rest. So I did.

There were ten questions about the bestest things you like being a sissy,
These included favorite name, sissy age,
Then some multiple choice options on your nicest dress, and things you must love doing as a sissy.
Then, of all the many sissy activities, those things you couldn't stand, on a scale of 1 to 10... these were listed, and related to sex, AB issues, doms, and so on, any you actually did like, you rated as 0.

After fifteen minutes, I had dashed off my form with an initial small processing fee, and awaited a reply. It warned, depending on your tastes, it might take a few days. I was giving up hope after a week, when at long last I received what I was longing for.
"Hi Sadie. Thanks for your application for a day with us.
Sorry, it has taken so long, but we had quite a job sorting your tastes out!
But I am pleased we can offer you everything on your form, the cost is either $450 or $1449."
The letter ended by explaining the two different prices were for the two different options, but it didn't say which was which. Also, possible dates.
I chose the cheaper option and sent money and the date I wanted.

Saturday 9am!
Hard it had been to sleep last night, hard to keep myself from emptying my emotions prematurely. If even some of my deepest sissy fantasies were fulfilled today, I'd be thrilled.
Alas! There was a 'no guarantee, no money back' clause for this little sissy who called herself Cheryl.
I'd chosen the cheaper offer, as a trial run. If it were really good, I'd splash out on the big one.
They insisted you wouldn't know in advance which of your deepest desires you'd be getting, but I imagined I'd only get some of my choice for the price I'd paid.
Would they be giving this sissy ten year old Cheryl the full beauty treatment, curly hair in bows, sumptuous dress with matching frilly panties, or maybe a trip to the shops with my mummy, or maybe even a lesson from mummy in learning about my body's grown up functions? Any of them would be just marvelous.

How wrong I was!
I know now that the site must be run by sadists who delight in teasing sissies. They knew what I loved most, and they made me go thru everything I most hate.
It began okay, as they welcomed me nicely and bid me go to my room, a beautiful pink room with lovely toys to delight any sissy. The cot in the corner wasn't for me was it, I was teased into acting AB once and it definitely wasn't for me.
But today it was. In came two strong men covered in plastic overalls, who lifted me up. I thought this was gonna be the start of my fun, but I soon learned otherwise. Plop into the large cot.
I began my protests, you've got the wrong person!
"You Miss Cheryl?"
I nodded dumbfounded, and wriggled to get free to sort out the matter with someone in charge. But they were too powerful. In other circumstances I might have liked the domination, but these were two burly blokes, not the stern dominatrix Mandy whom I loved submitting to.
"It's not what I wanted," I screamed.
But they ignored me, removing my clothing. One gave my little nipples a peck, but the other pushed him away. I began to feel frightened.
But they didn't molest me, instead as the kisser gripped me tight, the other put a baby's bonnet on my head, admiring it in mock seriousness, who's a pretty girl then?
I shouted for help. That was stupid as a large dummy was thrust into my open gorge, and secured in placed, tied behind my head. It was then that the truth first dawned on my frozen mind, I was being given what I hated the mostest as a sissy!

The cot was locked, as I vainly protested. They left and I lay in bewilderment, My costume was a shiny metallic pink, covered with shiny petals, exactly what I said was not my taste in dresses. As the magnetic sides of my cot were activated with a whirr, I was pulled irresistibly to the cot side, held helpless prisoner.
My mind raced thru what other sissy things horrified me. I shuddered.
A nurse came in, thick glasses over her blue eyes, tall, willowy, I'd have liked her in other circumstances, if she hadn't worn that pompous uniform. It made her look so important.
Without a word, she reached thru the bars in my cot, pulling out my gag, but not allowing me a second to cry out. In was inserted a large teat on the end of huge bottle.
I tried to shake my head, I don't like being treated like a baby, my face was trying to tell her. I hate being fed!
It tasted vile as well. I tried not to swallow, but nurse had the whip hand.
Actually I was wanting her to punish me, I like being smacked, especially in public, but I suppose she knew that and by holding my head back, I had to swallow, no choice. Down the filthy stuff poured.
"There, that wasn't so bad, little Cheryl, was it?" she cooed at me in the most irritating way. I shook my head, the teat restored to its former home.
"The drink will help you poo!" she added by way of explanation. It was what I half feared. She turned off the magnetic field and lifted steel sides to the inside of the bars, so that I could move, maybe escape? There was no top and I could stand up, and I did. Nurse pushed me down and the two men came in with a glass panel which was fitted on the top of the cot. Plenty of air holes, but horribly cramped in my tiny cage.
I was left to let nature take its course. I regretted being so honest filling out my form.

I had been struggling for some time to stop myself from pooing, but it was hopeless. How long was I to be kept here? If only I could hang out until then. I never even enjoy wiping my bum after doing a poo on the toilet, but this time I would not have to wipe myself.
Whoosh! It came bursting out, loose sloshy poo, a relief in its own way, but I had to keep my legs still to stop the mess from dirtying me. Some more forced its way to the cot base. Why oh why did I let myself in for this? I was paying for it too! "No guarantee." No fun.

It couldn't get worse, but it did.
Nurse returned with the two bullies and pressed a button on the cot side. The lid opened and I saw my chance. I tried to hit her, but the brutes grasped me. My pink dress was removed, that was all to the good, and my hopes were raised that freedom was coming. But no, the nightmare wasn't over. I was pushed back in, sitting on my mess very unpleasantly, and locked in again. Another button was pressed which began a tipping motion, that threw me from side to side, end to end.
All three of them were laughing loudly as I rolled in the poo, I held my head high, but the rest of me soon bore a browny squelchy ashamed appearance. Absolutely awful.
Now they're releasing me, I told myself. It was another false dawn. Twisting for all I was worth, past caring about the mess or the pong, I vainly resisted another feeding. If only they'd got dirty themselves it would have been some consolation, but their latex gloves protected them, and the most each was tarnished with was a few dark splashes on their plastic clothing.
The worst was, they were enjoying it.
They held me as nurse embarrassed me by feeding me again. "It's to make you pee a lot," nurse explained. "Bath time next."

I was glad of that. The first almost good thing, though wait a minute, what is it?
It was more an immersion tank. I knew what was coming. I'd answered that at bath time I didn't like mummy to put my head under the water.
The two bullies held me, dousing me once up to my neck. That cleaned me off nicely. But then they carried me to a larger vat of water, they warned me to breathe in and dropped me in. It was deep and I was submerged, my life seeming to pass before me. Scared, I was thankfully pulled out, dripping, and dried. The same amorous man enjoyed drying my nipples while the other spent some time round my wet fanny. I might have liked it if nurse had done this, but not these hulking lumps.

I dashed away when I was free from them for a split second. But it was a game to them, and before I'd managed half the length of a corridor, I was firmly grasped and taken back to my pink room.
The pongy cot made a horrid smell, but fans were at least blowing in a comforting fresh strawberry odor that masked the after effects of my poo.
I felt weaker after my exertion, or probably it was the effects of the drink, I'd been force fed with. I could not fight the powerful hands that tied me rigidly to a post, and forced me to lie down, nor could I resist the tube that replaced the teat.
I attempted to force it out my mouth, but it was tied in too firmly.
What were they doing to the tube?
A thick red liquid was being tipped in from the other end. Ugh! It was another nasty taste. Not too much of it thankfully.
Then the other end was taken, where was nurse putting it?
I gasped in horror. I couldn't see, but my fears were confirmed when I felt the tube being plugged into my other end.
In my bestest sissy fantasies, top of my joys was sucking and tasting girly cum, it was how I like it, I have tried man cum, but it's not as sweet, not that I dislike it too much, the odd time I've tried it.
But I had filed in the form that I didn't want to taste my own pee, it wasn't something I wanted to try, even though I've heard about the benefits of urine therapy.
Whatever they be, I was gonna sample it today. I remembered what nurse had said before the bath.

It was with a doomed anticipation that I waited the worst. I valiantly fought off the pangs of peeing, but it was impossible not to secrete a sample. That forced the nasty liquid into me, what on earth was it?
But I'd staved off the inevitable for the time being, the wee had pushed its way as far as my neck, I could see it there, lurking behind the red dose, the two liquids seemed not to mix.
Before much longer, I had to yield. I was made to push out a huge burst of hot wee. It filled my mouth, bitter taste, then I had to swallow. Quickly I had to take down more, my worst nightmare, I was filled with this acrid feeling inside me.
"There, that's over," nurse was still laughing.
I tried to ask to be freed, and do you know, she obliged!

Was my day of worstest sissy hates over?
I asked myself the question, but in my heart I knew the answer.
There was one hate that they hadn't tortured me with, surely it couldn't be that?
As soon as the apparatus was disconnected, I made my bid for freedom. But I was far too weak.
"Not long now, " nurse promised, "your best desire will round off your lovely day!"
The teat was shoved back in before I could object. She was reminding me that I had signed the form agreeing to it all, I shaking my head, trying to explain I only wanted the nicest things, I hadn't expected the worst. Anticipating my thoughts, she concluded,
"Cheryl, you definitely signed this form," waving in my face my on-line application that I'd signed this morning.
"However," she went on, and I breathed a hopeful sigh, "our policy in these circumstances is to double check, and remind you that you can withdraw."
"Yes, yes," I nodded.
"You can," she ignored me, "but then we invoke the waiver clause that takes an additional $995 from your account."
I paused, but only an instant. I nodded again.
"On the other hand," nurse seemed to be ending, you wouldn't be permitted to return to fulfill your sissy dreams, even if you want to."
I shook my head definitely, but half regretting that response at once, but vowing I didn't want ever ever to return here.
"Very well," replied nurse, "it's a pity, cos we were prepared to give you a free taster of your bestest sissy dream!"
She saw me hesitate. My teat quivered. She pulled it out.
"Yes, of course, we'll do that first so you know I'm leveling with you, that..."
"I see, I interrupted, "but I don't know if it would help me face the, the..."
But my wavering was taken as consent which I suppose it was.

The first part was simply delicious.
Nurse removed her severe glasses, and before I was ready, her tongue slipped in my mouth. It's what I love the most. I sighed deeply.
"More soon," she promised.
But now it was the dreaded baby costume. I lay awaiting my fate. The most ghastly frilly lilac satin outfit with more of those petals I so much disliked. A matching bonnet, and bootees and mittens while she cooed lovingly at me.
"Now we can start!"
I lay back resigned. Her licking me was lovely enough, then she crouched over me and offered me her fanny. Yes, that would have put me in dreamland, only I was waiting fearfully for the next action.
You see, my sex has nearly always been with my lovely Mandy, as I told you, I've tried a few men whom I have sucked, but it wasn't for me. I am a virgin with men, and my bestest love about being sissy is that I am young at heart and innocent. It's a protective reaction against having a boyfriend, and I had come to consider sex something I only wanted with my Mandy.

On the form, in the hates questionnaire, I'd put 10 by sex with men, and as nurse rubbed herself on my mouth, here I was, surrendering, I think willingly, my sissy self to these two hulking beasts who were approaching me.
I quivered, and shook with horror as they stripped down.
I was hardly aware of the pleasantness of nurse's attentions, my eyes closed and I braced myself as I was taken from behind and in front simultaneously.
To be honest, once I got over the pain, I think I enjoyed myself as much as any of them!
But I'd better not reveal to you their web address....
                     THE END 

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