Sissy Amy Beynon by sissybelindababes (X)
I meet Belinda. We start talking in the cafe. I tell her my fantasy and Belinda agrees. She would love me to be her little girl
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Sissy Amy Beynon by sissybelindababes
I meet Belinda. We start talking in the cafe. I tell her my fantasy and Belinda agrees. She would love me to be her little girl
Characters  (Babification), (Bad Boy 2 Good Girl) - Rating  none - Chapters: 2
Published  07.05.07 - Completed: No


Chapter 1. Mummy Belinda Beynon by sissybelindababes
Genres: (Babification), (Bad Boy 2 Good Girl)
Warnings: none
Summary: I meet Belinda. We start talking in the cafe. I tell her my fantasy and Belinda agrees. She would love me to be her little girl (558 words)

I thought I had kept my secret save from everyone. At 46 years of age being a sissy, was a hobby of mine that kept my life exciting. Being an adult baby girl was also a lovely pastime. The only thing I really needed was a pretty Mummy who would appreciate me.

Walking down the road one Saturday morning, I decided to go into the local cafƒ for my breakfast. It was full of women and the only table available, was occupied by Belinda Beynon.
Belinda was 35 years of age. She was pretty and petite. Belinda had not talked to me for 10 years. I had spilt a drink over her, when I was jealous of her dancing with another boy.

Belinda Beynon became pregnant at an early age. She had a daughter called Amy, who would now be a young lady of 19. One thing about Belinda, was that she had been a very good Mummy. Oh! I wish She would mumsie me, but that was just an idle dream, at least that was what I thought. I was wearing a small pair of pink, satin panties underneath my trousers. Belinda smiled at me, as she could tell what I was wearing.

¢‚¬“Why don¢‚¬„¢t you join me at my table, it¢‚¬„¢s ok I forgive you, that was all in the past,¢‚¬ said Belinda in a soft voice.

¢‚¬“Well thank you Belinda, that¢‚¬„¢s very kind of you, ¢‚¬“ I replied sitting opposite her.

¢‚¬“So sissy boy, wearing panties under your trousers, whose a naughty girlie boy then, ¢‚¬“ said Belinda teasing me.

I blushed as Belinda gave me a sweet smile. Women in the cafƒ were staring over at me. They could here everything. Joan Harries who was an attractive 70 year old, was especially interested as she chatted to Sonia White.

¢‚¬“So are you going to tell me your kinky fantasy, my pretty sissy girl,¢‚¬ taunted Belinda.

¢‚¬“I want to be your little baby girl Amy Beynon, please say yes Belinda or I will cry my eyes out,¢‚¬ I replied pathetically.

A microphone had been hidden under our table. Everyone could here our conversation. I blushed as all the women in the cafƒ laughed out loud. Sonia White put on some more fresh lipstick on to her sweet lips. Sonia was 66 years of age, but she was gorgeous.

¢‚¬“Of course you can Amy, I would be proud to be your Mummy Belinda,¢‚¬ giggled Belinda.

I was delighted at Belinda¢‚¬„¢s response. I blurted out my memories of her when she was a young Mummy. Things that stuck in my mind was Belinda¢‚¬„¢s white, lacy hanky. It was lovely to watch Belinda wipe lollipop stains from Amy¢‚¬„¢s mouth. Belinda had been blowing her nose in it only minutes earlier. Another kinky episode I also loved was Belinda sucking the dummy before putting it into Amy¢‚¬„¢s mouth. Belinda promised me that I would allowed to relive these fantasies. This made me very excited. Belinda told me she had kept all Amy¢‚¬„¢s clothes from baby up to 12 years of age. I was going to be the new Amy Beynon. Rose came over to us to take our order. She was trying not to giggle. Joan Harries and Sonia White had joined us at our table. My kinky fantasy had already began.

Chapter 2. Feeding Time For Amy by sissybelindababes (X)
Genres: (Babification), (Baby Food, Baby Bottles, etc.), (Breast Feeding)
Warnings: none
Summary: Fed by Mummy Belinda and also tasting Nanny Joan Harries's bodily juices. Joan is determined that I enjoy myself (816 words)

Joan Harries looked up at Rose, telling her that she was ordering for everyone. Rose¢‚¬„¢s daughter Hayley brought over a baby¢‚¬„¢s highchair. Joan wanted 8 jam doughnuts and baby porridge followed by baby muesli for me. Hayley went over the road to buy pampas and baby lotion.

¢‚¬“I have wet wipes and bibs here in the cafƒ, is that all Joan,¢‚¬ asked Rose.

¢‚¬“Can we have one straw please as well,¢‚¬ said Joan.

¢‚¬“You don¢‚¬„¢t need a straw, I have a baby bottle ready in the kitchen,¢‚¬ replied Rose

¢‚¬“Amy will need a straw to stick up my nose, she enjoys a little treat, said Joan in a menacing voice.

Belinda giggled as she helped Sonia undress me. I didn¢‚¬„¢t struggle as I was enjoying myself. Hayley returned with a carrier bag of baby stuff. Hayley was 23 years of age. She was a tall girl with long, blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. I had now been stripped naked. Joan pinned me down on a baby¢‚¬„¢s changing mat on the floor. Belinda put on some rubber gloves, rubbing me all over with pink baby lotion. This was followed by sticky Vaseline which was plastered onto my balls and bum. Belinda then put a tight pair of girls pampas on me. Then she picked me up, putting me in my highchair.

¢‚¬“There¢‚¬„¢s a good baby girl for Mummy Belinda,¢‚¬ cooed Belinda.

¢‚¬“Thank you Mummy Belinda, I love you so much yummy Mummy,¢‚¬ I said in a lisping voice.

Rose came over, placing a white, satin bib around my neck. Rose in her late fiftie with short, black, curly hair. She had a common voice, but had a heart of gold She arrived with two large bowls of baby porridge and muesli. The doughnuts were put on the table. I was wondering where the breast milk was coming from to fill my bottle. Belinda smiled at me as she blew her cute little nose into her white lacy hanky. This made me hard inside my pampas. Looking over at another table, I recognised Lynda Christopher, a local nurse, unbuttoning the top of her navy blue uniform, lifting the cup of her brassiere and squeezing milk from her nipple into a baby bottle. Lynda had enormous breasts and this really turned me on. Lynda was not a small women, but I had always fancied her.

Belinda started to feed me my porridge with a baby spoon, which she had put in her mouth first to wet it. I gulped it down hungrily followed by the sickly muesli. Belinda wiped my mouth with her snotty, pretty hanky, which I found so comforting.

¢‚¬“Whose a good baby Amy Beynon, eating her gooey baby food for Mummy Belinda,¢‚¬ said Belinda happily.

Joan Harries was eating her sticky jam doughnut. She was a real stunner for 70 years of age. Jam was now stuck to her red, lipstick lips. Sonia White made funny faces at me, as Joan teased me by picking her large nose at the same time. My obsession with Nanny Joan¢‚¬„¢s nose had been with me all throughout my life. The bottle was now full of Lynda Christopher¢‚¬„¢s creamy breast-milk. Belinda wet the teat with her saliva, forcing the bottle into my mouth. Lynda smiled as I drank her breast-milk. Every couple of minutes, Belinda wiped my nose with her snotty white, lacy hanky.

Joan Harries was now looking very menacing. She was cramming another doughnut into her mouth. Her mouth was wide open as she ate it in a provocative way. Joan came over to me, just inches from my mouth. Joan put her mouth onto mine, kissing me sloppily. She then placed the soggy mess of the doughnut on her tongue. Joan pushed her tongue into my mouth. I could not resist. Belinda was delighted. Sonia just gave a stupid smile. I ate the doughnut which had been chewed especially for me by Nanny Joan.

¢‚¬“Look at me Sissy Amy, I¢‚¬„¢m picking my nose especially for you, now let Nanny push my snobby finger into my little girls mouth,¢‚¬ said Joan in a strict voice.

I was so shocked that I wet myself in my pampas. Belinda was so pleased with me. Joan Harries had not finished with me. Joan gave me the straw, which I stuck up her large nose, sucking it hard.

¢‚¬“Mmmmmmm delicious Nanny Joan Harries, I do love your bodily juices,¢‚¬ I said surprising myself.

¢‚¬“Then you won¢‚¬„¢t mind eating my paper hanky then,¢‚¬ said Joan smiling.

Joan Harries took a crumpled white paper hanky from her handbag, blew her nose hard on it. Then she held my nose, stuffing the snotty hanky into my mouth. I vomited all down my bib. Belinda and Sonia gave me a round of applause. Rose and Hayley nearly wet their panties laughing.
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