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A long story for nice sissy girlies, about Alice, who dares to join a club for shy sissy girls, and makes some sweet sissy friends with whom she enjoys some wonderful adventures
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       If I have always liked dressing up in sissy clothes, it's also true that I have always been too scared of anyone else seeing me, specially my family. So I have always had to wear my pretty pink outfits in the privacy of my own bedroom.
   Yet I did long to be admired by others, for them to see me in all my frilly finery, and that is the craving that urged me to overcome my inhibitions and join a club that's opened in our town.
   It's another dating agency really, called New Friends, but it also offers "speciality introductions for specialist tastes," one of which is "Shy Sissies." I was attracted to the byline, "come and meet other sissies, and maybe make a special friend of one!"
   I had plucked up my courage and phoned, and was offered an interview. Now, here I was, face to face with the lady that held my fate in her hands, Miss Tomkinson.
Young and business-like, she sported thick black glasses and black hair down to her shoulders, with deep penetrating brown eyes, taller than me in her high heels. She certainly didn't look the sissy-type in that get up. But perhaps I didn't either.
  "Welcome," she bade me sit down in front of her large desk. "From what you said on the phone, I gather you're interested in our Shy Sissies?"
"Er, er, yes Miss Tom-Tomkinson." I stumbled out the word.
"Why?" she asked coming uncomfortably quickly to the point.
"I- I- well, I- I want to," I replied, feebly.
She graciously helped me out.
"You like dressing as a sissy?" she began.
"Oh, yes! I do!"
"Right. So how long have you liked being a sissy?"
"Nearly as long as I can remember, miss, er, at least ten years."
"I see. And who do you like dressing up with?"
"Ah, miss, you see, er, that's why I've come to you."
"So you have let nobody see you dressed like a sissy?"
I shook my head slowly.
"Well, you've come to the right place. I'm sure we can help you," she smiled reassuringly. "To start, you must complete this form," she handed me a six page document.  "The joining fee is £100."
 "We hold a monthly tea dance, we call it the Shy Sissy afternoon, that's your  chance to enjoy yourself with others like yourself. That costs £50 for the three hours including refreshments." She looked at me inquiringly, and I nodded. It sounded exactly what I was longing for.
"If you make friends with any of our other guests," she continued, "you are free to make your own arrangements with them for future meetings, but as our application makes clear, this is done at your own risk. In fact most of our members are shy and we find they prefer to mix with our own employees, we call them escorts, who wear a distinguishing rosette like mine."
"I see miss."
"Look, this rosette is stamped with our name New Friends, so you can have confidence these escorts are carefully vetted by us. At the dances, they will make you feel at home, and if you like any of them specially, you can ask them if they will make a date with you one afternoon or evening."
"Oooh, that sounds nice. Are these, er, escorts, male or female?"
"Either," simply responded Miss Tomkinson, "we believe that all sissies are girls at heart, and that it's important that this is your common bond."
"I see, miss."
"As we are on to the subject, I'll cover what I would have added later." She paused. "We see it as our job to unite sissies like yourself. Our sissy escorts are  normally sissies themselves, and their job is to bring out the sissy in you- in that sense they are in charge. Their duties do not include escorting you to any premises on our forbidden list, places where we deem it inadvisable for sissies to go. Nor do they offer a sexual relationship. You understand?"
I nodded sweetly.
"We charge £50 per two hours when you date an escort, plus all expenses. The escort pays all expenses, which we deduct from you account . Several of our sissies have been regulars with us since we opened four months ago."
She showed me a couple of their highly flattering testimonials.
"What do you think?" she came to the point.
"Oh yes, please!"
"Then  I'll take you to our tea room where you can complete the form and your bank details."
  She held out her hand, unexpectedly, and I took it. It reassured me I was  doing  the right thing.
She led me from her office to a large double door with a stained glass window. It opened into a large old fashioned room with a parquet dance floor surrounded by chintzy tables.
"It's all ready for the old people's afternoon today," she explained. "We make some changes for other special events. Anyhow, sit there and fill out your details." She indicated a wrought iron chair with flowery ornamentation, by a table.
"Hand it to reception, when you leave. Oh, the next sissy afternoon is on Wednesday. Perhaps we'll see you then?"
"Thank you," it was my turn to smile.
"Oh, one more thing, make sure you choose a sissy name for yourself, one you really like, that will be what we call you in future."
"Yes miss, I know who I wanna be!"
"Oh good. Tell me," she urged when she saw me hesitate.

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stefano diapered
simply amazing : )
m spiral ing
 Princess are kind, brave, beautiful and determined they can do or be anything 
even change the world.  

 All girls are princess what you see in the Mirrors doesn't define you.
It doesn’t meter if you weren't born a girl. As long as your one at heart you too
are a princess 

sissy kimmi a
I read one to three I would start again back were I already read started reading slowly so it wouldn't end
Great job I loved it and not just because my name is Alice

 Princess are kind, brave, beautiful and determined they can do or be anything 
even change the world.  

 All girls are princess what you see in the Mirrors doesn't define you.
It doesn’t meter if you weren't born a girl. As long as your one at heart you too
are a princess 

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