The Secret Playroom ( PG )
Pts 1,2 - A man finds his dream fulfilled by a young neighbor
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Title: The Secret Playroom ( PG )


Vickie Carter - 18yo neighbor: Played by - Miki Yamuri

Glenn Blunt - 36yo Engineer: Played by - verylittlejennie

Scene: In Glenn's very large basement

Glenn wiped his brow with his wadded-up bandanna and stepped away from his basement workbench. He was done with that for the day. His project never worked properly, and he was starting to think it never would.

He went up the lightweight wooden stairs, which strained to hold him up -- he was heavy, over 270 pounds, but it was mostly muscle. Muscle he had never wanted or asked for, but life had given him anyway. He had to think. There was too much in his head. He went outside, and down the street.

He hoped she wouldn't be there. He went down to the small playground on the corner and sat down on one of the swings. The metal swing set creaked a bit, but it held him. It was made of strong steel pipe and 5/8 chain. It was strong enough to hold a horse.

Then, there she was. She even scowled at him out her window before coming out. Agnes Pent, gray-haired neighborhood harpy.

shaking her cane at him and scolding, "What is wrong with you? I keep telling you! Those are for the children! A big man like you sits on them, they're gonna break! Get off there! What do you wanna sit on the swings for anyway? Are you one of those perverts? Yes! That's what you are ... one of those perverts!"

It was incessant. He sighed and got up off the swing.

Somewhere, hidden deeply away in the playroom, a little girl started to cry when the mean old lady took her only toy away.

Vickie Carter was a very pretty young woman who had just moved into a new house. Vickie had received a full scholarship to attend the College of Computer Engineering near by. She had plenty of money left to her by her mother, and wanted for nothing.

She loved the neighborhood, and especially this huge man that lived next door. Vickie had wanted nothing more than to meet him. She and he both appeared to be very shy, which made it hard for her to meet him. As she looked out the window, she saw a very old wrinkledy crone of a woman come and chase him off the swings at the park across the street. This gave her the perfect opportunity to meet him.

She ran down the stairs as fast as she could, forgetting that all she had on was a cute powder blue babydoll jammie. The top was a cute smock type top with puffy sleeves and the bottoms were bloomer type panties with lace around the legs and the waist. She was a very pretty girl. She did have a secret though, but her panties hid the fact she had to wear diapers or pull ups.

She ran across the street to where the man stood dejected and shyly introduced herself, "Hello?? My name's Vickie ... I'm new in the hood. What's your name?"

He had been shuffling toward home, his thoughts turned inward, but he looked up to see this vision of beauty in powder blue.

"Huh?" was the first word he said to her, but he quickly recovered and said, "Oh. Hi. I'm Glenn. Glenn Blunt. You moved into the Millers' house, right? When they moved to Arizona?"

Vickie realizes she has on nothing but her jammies and a diaper. She blushes rather pink and nods her head, causing her pony tails to fly.

She says softly in a shy voice, "Yes ... the Miller's place. Umm ... would you like to come to ... my house? I have a rather large wooden play set in the back the Millers left when they moved."

She looks at him and smiles a shy smile, fidgeting over how little she had on in the middle of the street.

"Oh yeah, I ... remember that one."

He did. He had helped put it together when the Millers had gotten it for their three children, but although he had longed to use it, he knew there was no way it could happen. Their backyard was surrounded by a privacy fence, so he couldn't get in sometime when they weren't home, and he knew there would be all sorts of uncomfortable questions if he had gone to the family and asked to play on their kids' swing set. But this was someone new ...

Somewhere, in the playroom, the little girl stopped crying when the nice lady across the room took out a dolly and showed it to her.

Vickie takes the large man by his hand. She is so excited by how large and strong it is. The calluses on them feel pleasantly rough in her hand.

She says in an excited tone, "Kewlies, I can makes us some cookies and Kool-Aid ... you do like ... Kool-Aid?" as she leads him back across the road with the old crone staring a hole in them both.

They knew she was making some kind of nasty comments, but they were too far away to bother with her.

Vickie continues, “I hope you don't mind me being so forward ... it's just ... I can't stand grumpy people running others off for no reason."

They had reached the gate into the back fence. Vickie dialed the combination quickly on the new lock ... the gate opened with a rusty metallic squeak. There in front of them, was a huge wooden play set. More than sturdy enough for both of them to play on and then some. Vickie sees Glenn's eyes light up and sparkle as a smile crosses his face.

"Yeah, I don't know what her deal is. That swing set creaks, but it can hold me just fine. I know how much I weigh, and I know what kind of steel it's made of," said Glenn. "... And I do like Kool-Aid."

When they reached the fence and she opened the creaky gate, it was like the gates of Heaven opening for him. He knew the play set was sturdy enough for him. He had added extra supports just in case, when he'd put it together, more than just what had come in its crate, even though he knew the chances would be slim that he'd ever get to play on the swings himself. But now, here he was.

"If you knew ... if only you knew how kind you were being to me."

He stepped up to the swing set as if in a trance, then, not wanting the opportunity to evaporate before his eyes, sat down and started swinging. He did not notice the huge smile on his face. He didn't care who else noticed, either. It was like the lifting of a great weight from his heart. And ... he had this beautiful girl to thank. He didn't even know her last name.

In the playroom, the little girl happily hugged the nice lady and sat down at the play table to play with the dolly. She didn't really know how to play with a dolly. But the dolly had some different outfits to try on her.

Vickie watched as Glenn played on the swing. It pleased her so much to see him having this much fun. She runs inside, forgetting she was still in her jammies. She prepares the plate of cookies and a pitcher of Kool-Aid. She takes it out to the picnic table and set it down.

Vickie says, "Here's the treats, Glenn. Is it fun?" She walks over and sits in the swing and starts to swing.

Vickie couldn't believe how much fun it was to swing. She began to swing slowly back and forth. Glenn watches as she swings. She looks just like a little girl in her jammies. He wasn’t sure, but it seemed she was wearing a diaper too. This only added to the adorable little girl look Vickie had.

Glenn was the happiest he'd been in months, since his trip to Florida, which he had told his friends and relatives was to go to the Daytona 500. Although he had gone to watch the race, he had also made a bit of a side trip to Disney World. Now he was thinking how much more fun it would have been if he hadn't been there alone.

"Have you ever been to Disney World, Vickie?" he asked as they swung.

Vickie continued to swing as she replied, "I've never been there before. Thought about going to the MGM Studios place once, but no one wanted to go with me ... so I didn't wanna go alone. It would be fun if someone went with me though."

Vickie continued to swing higher and higher. She didn't realize how invigorating it felt when gravity pulled her into the seat on the upward swing, or the weightless giddy tingles in her tummy on the way down.

She asked, "Do you like this swing set? You can come back here any time you want. That way, that old lady won't bother you."

Glenn gasped, but kept swinging. He could scarcely believe his good fortune.

"Do you mean it, Vickie?" he asked, in a voice that seemed oddly childlike coming from such a large man. "You don't know how difficult that Agnes makes things. She has even called the cops. She's got it in her head that I'm ... something terrible. Good thing the cops think she's a batty old crone."

Vickie giggles adorably and replies, “Of course I’m serious. Even adults need to play some times.

Glenn closed his eyes and swung higher, enjoying the feeling at the moments when he weighed nothing. At that point where he stopped going up and started back downward. It felt like it used to feel, when he used to be able to swing on the swings as a child, in his family's back yard, before the accident that had taken his parents and his childhood away.

"Vickie?" he asked. "I ... I just have been noticing ... you have on such a cute outfit. Do you ... dress like that a lot?"

Vickie stops pumping higher and looks down at her clothes. Her eyes get big as she realizes again .... she's only in a cute babydoll jammie and a diaper. She looks at Glenn with big eyes as she slows down.

Her pretty face turning a wonderfully shy crimson, "I ... I uuuuhh ... Not out side ... I don't."

She stopped the swing and stands up like she's going to go. Glenn takes her gently by the hand and stops her. Vickie looks at him. She looks just like an adorable little girl.

Vickie hadn't felt this way since her mother had passed away when she was 9 and her dad had brought her Aunt to live with them. The woman was sort of eccentric and had always dressed her very young because of her incontinence. She had accepted her outfit as just normal until he had brought it back to her attention.

"But ... you are outside," said Glenn, reaching out to gently catch her hand. "Oh, please don't go ... I didn't mean any harm. I mean ... please, if you'd rather, go in and change, but ... please come back." He was blushing, he realized. When was the last time he'd blushed?

Vickie stands there for a second in a state of confused embarrassment. She looks down at her jammies and decides she had already run all over the neighborhood in them already, so it probably didn't make any difference now. Glenn was such a wonderful person, she felt safe in his presence.

She sits back in the swing and replies softly in a shy voice, "Ok ... if you want. I ... I normally don't run around outside in my jammies like a little girl. It's just ... I had to do something when the old woman ran you from the park. You looked so ... sad. I just had to ... you know?" She looks at him with wonder in her expression.

He looked at her with no less of a sense of wonder. "You ... you know, you sort of ... well, you saved the day. You're like ... a super heroine, saving me from the mean old lady. The cutest super heroine ever."

Vickie's mouth falls open as she gasps softly. Her hand goes to her mouth as she blushes even deeper red if it were at all possible.

She giggles like a little girl as she says, "Aww, that's ... silly. I'm just your next door neighbor." She looks shyly at the ground, "I just couldn't let that old woman do that to you. It's ... not right."

Glenn sighed. "No it isn't," he said. "I mean, there wasn't even anybody else in the playground." He paused. "I guess ... I guess I could explain why I want to swing at all. Agnes doesn't care. You ... you might. I think."
Vickie says softly as she squeezes Glenn’s large hand gently, "I would ... love to know, tell me."

Glenn nodded and looked in her eyes as he went on, "Well ... it was where I was when I found out ..." His voice got ragged for a moment. "Found out that my parents had died. It was a car crash. Drunk driver. He lived. The police came and got me. I was on the swings in the back yard. And ..." He swallowed. "I got put in foster care. I didn't use swings again until ... until I was too old for them."

Vickie sat with a feeling of compassion building in her heart. She gets out of her swing and walks to Glenn. She wraps her arms lovingly around him as she coos softly in his ear, "It's all right Glenn. I promise you can come here and swing on my swings any time you feel the need. I will even give you the combination to the gate."

About that time, a squeaky old whiney voice rings out, "Aaahhhaa! Caught you, you old molester. Come to molest a little girl has ya. I'm callena cops! They'll put you where you belong and fast!"

The 2 of them look to the gate and see the old woman shaking her fist in their direction for a second, before she turns and hobbles off.

Vickie says with incredulity in her voice, "Wow! Just what in the world is her problem? This is my house ... she's on my property. Why in the world would she even care?"

Glenn shook his head in bewilderment. "I really don't know what her problem is," he said. "I just know that ol' Agnes seems to see perverts hiding under every rock."

Vickie looks down at her jammies and blushes. She says with a tinge of shy in her voice, "Well, I'm sure I look rather young dressed like this." She sighs softly, "If the cops are coming, I probably should put some clothes on. I don't think I should talk to them dressed in my pajamas."

Vickie bends slightly and kisses Glenn on his cheek, before she turns and runs to the sliding back door on the patio and vanishes, leaving Glenn to his many thoughts.

Glenn sat at the picnic table, chin in one hand. His thoughts were spinning. On the one hand, the cops had to come; it was the law that they had to investigate all reports of child molestation. On the other hand, the number of false reports that Agnes had made was, by now, in the dozens. The only reason she hadn't been charged with making false reports was because of her age, and because there wasn't a law demanding that all false reports cases be prosecuted. The cops would do what they'd done before, he was sure.

He was also thinking about Vickie. She was unlike any girl he had ever met since ... the memory was too painful. Vickie was a ray of sunlight, a burst of color. He was thinking that he might already be falling in love with her when she came back outside.

Vickie came back out the sliding door. She was dressed in a pair of tight jeans, a pair of hidden pull ups, and a very cute smock top with puffy sleeves. She looked every bit of the little girl. She had on a pair of white tennis shoes to top off the look.

She bounds up to Glenn and hugs him, "Don't look so glum. I promise, I will take care of this and make sure she won't bother us back here again. Crazy or not ... she has no right."

Vickie pokes out her bottom lip adorably and looks so cute. The 2 of them could hear the old woman's voice screeching how she had caught Glenn dead to rights this time. They both turn just in time to see a policeman with a very board and disgusted expression come in the back gate with Agnes in front.

"There he is!" crowed Agnes, pointing a gnarled finger at Glenn, who was looking up worriedly. "Caught him this time!"

The policeman looked at Glenn, then looked at Vickie, then sighed. "Please calm down, Ma'am; I'll take it from here," he told Agnes. To Glenn he said, "I'm sorry, Sir; you know we have to investigate every --"

Nodding his head, Glenn finished, "Every report of child molestation, yes, I know."

"So, just for the record, you're Glenn Blunt, right?" The policeman was filling out a form on a clipboard. Glenn nodded. Turning to Vickie, the officer said, "You must be new in the neighborhood, Ma'am. Is this your home? Could I ask your name?"

Vickie reaches into her back pocket and pulls out her driver’s license and hands it to the officer.

She replies, "Vickie Carter, and I just bought this house, yes." She points to Agnes and says with a tinge of anger in her voice, "What gives this old woman the right to open my gate, trespass on my property, yell at an invited guest, and then call the police on me? I want it put on the record, if she bothers me again ... I'm .... I'm gonna prosecute for trespassing!"

She puts her hands on her hips and gives Agnes a real dirty look. The policeman sighs again as he too gives Agnes a dirty look.

He says, "Miss Pent, this young woman is perfectly within her rights to have you arrested for trespassing and for creating a disturbance. I will have to ask you to leave this property immediately, or I will have to arrest you."

Agnes looks at the officer with wide eyed surprise. He shakes his head and points out the back gate. She turns with a disgusted snort, and hobbles off.

The officer sighed. "OK, just for the record, Miss Carter, do you have any children, or are there any on the premises?" When Vickie shook her head no, he filled out more of his form, saying, "All right then, folks, just give me a moment and I'll be on my way."

Somewhere, in a secret playroom, a little girl was cheering so loudly that she was wetting her diaper, because a policeman had come to take away mean old lady who had stolen her toy.

Glenn was smiling tiredly. "Sorry that this had to happen again, Officer Morgan," he said.

"Me too, and I wish we could do something, but the captain says arresting old ladies would make us look bad," said the policeman. "All right, then, this is filled out -- you are free to file a complaint against Agnes if you want to, either of you, but I'm afraid not much would come of it. Still, call the station if you want. Good day to you both."

Officer Morgan nodded at them and let himself out through the gate. Vickie takes Glenn by his hand and walks him back to the swings where they both sit.

Vickie says softly, "Well sweetie, I can be your little girl if you want me to. That way, When you come over we can both play on the swings together and have fun." Her cheeks turn a soft pink as she looks at the ground. She continues softly, "My Aunt used to dress me as a very little girl all the time. I was ... my Aunt's babydoll." She blushes even more red. “Because I was the baby and the youngest. It was always a lot of fun ... and I really don't mind. Why does that old woman hate you so much Glenn? You are such a sweet person ... it doesn't seem right."

"I don't think she hates me," Glenn said. "I think she really thinks she's protecting the neighborhood children, but there aren't many now that the Millers have moved away and the Johnsons' and Charlese’s kids are all in high school." He paused. "Would you want to come to my house?" He pointed next door. "I've been making a ... well, I'd really have to show you. We could talk more, too. Away from ..." He pointed without looking toward Agnes's house across the street, knowing that she would be watching them from her upstairs window.

Glenn stands up and takes Vickie by her hand and leads her out the back gate. Vickie only pauses long enough to lock it and hand Glenn a card. On it ... was the combination to the gate, a phone number, and the words: The key to my playpen. Vickie stares hard at Agnes' upstairs window where Vickie could see the sparkle of the old woman's glasses.
Vickie snuggles comfortably into Glenn as they walk across the road ... putting on a show for the old woman she was sure to go into a fit over.

Vickie asks, "And just what is it your working on? I'm sort of a computer geek myself and love messing with them. I’ve even got a scholarship to college for it.. I can actually build one from parts." She beams a beautiful smile.

"Well," said Glenn as he unlocked his front door, "I'm not a professional computer geek -- mostly I do construction contracting -- but I do a few things. Want a soda?" He was looking in the refrigerator for a Mountain Dew Livewire, his only addiction.

Vickie giggles, "Sure, I could use a soda. We didn't get to drink any of the Kool-Aid."

She looks around the living room. There are several Engineering Diplomas in frames hanging on the wall. Vickie walks over to them and sees they are from MIT. Vickie is most impressed. She sees many book cases full of book from all over the world.

She’s standing admiring a wooden carving when Glenn walked back to her with a Mountain Dew.

Vickie turns and says, "Now, show me this secret thingy in your basement. It's not going to eat me or anything is it?" She giggles.

"Well we don't actually have to go in the basement," Glenn said. "Just wear these."

He handed her a pair of goggles. They had mirrored lenses and some glowing indicator lights along one side. There were ear buds to go in the ears too. Glenn had another pair and was putting them on.

"It's a virtual reality." He said.

Vickie giggles, "This is so cool!"

When Vickie held the goggles up to her eyes, it was as if she saw the same room, but changed. Everything was brightly colored. The diplomas on the walls changed to framed crayon drawings. And the ceilings looked very high up.

Vickie can't believe it. It seems as if she had become a whole lot smaller and was looking at the same room, but from a Toddler's perspective. She lowers the goggles for a bit and sees the room back to its normal self. She puts them back on as she looks at Glenn. He appeared to be a little boy, dressed in a cute playsuit. She was very impressed.

She said excitedly, "This is so neat! If this had a mobile feature, we could play on the swings ... and make it feel like we really were children."

She walks over to Glenn and hugs him around his waist. She can tell immediately, what she sees isn't reality.

"Try looking in the mirror," said Glenn, smiling. His voice sounded to Vickie like a little boy's voice.

Glenn points to a floor length mirror. Vickie bounces over to it. What she sees looking back is a very cute little girl in a Strawberry Shortcake romper. There were large ruffles around the bib and legs and several rows across her bottom. She had on no top and her hair was held in pony tails by adorable strawberry berets. Vickie turns and looks at the ruffles on her butt. She suddenly realizes .... in the image, she's in a very thick diaper.

She gasps, "Glenn, I'm in a diaper!" She turns and looks closely at Glenn's adorable outfit and realizes ... he was too.

She giggles more, "Glenn, this is so precious. I look just like I used to when I lived with my Aunt."

Glenn laughed, which came across as a child's giggle through the earphones. "I ... well, I like cute. You are the only one I have ever shown this to. I ... I guess my childhood was kind of ... lost. This is sort of a way to try to get it back." He paused for a moment. "Wait, did you say something about going out and playing on the swings? Wouldn't it be great if they could do that? But -- that would mean extending their range, and programming in more of the neighborhood ... or would it? Would it? What if ...?" His mind was racing. "Vickie! You've given me a great idea!" he said. He hugged her, reminding her that he was in reality a lot larger than she was, and very strong. "I'm going to have to totally rewrite the programming, and I might need more powerful hardware, but it could mean we could go almost anywhere!"

Vickie replies, "What if you put an algorithm in that ... extrapolates? I mean ... it takes the real image and ... adjusts it accordingly. It would take less memory and would add more room for upgrades."

She walks back to the mirror and looks at herself. She can't believe the accuracy of the images the goggles are producing. It sends a tingle down her spine. She wonders what Glenn would think if he found out she was in a pair of little girl pull ups right now.

"Yes! That's just exactly what I was thinking!" Glenn said enthusiastically. "Augmented Reality, instead of Virtual Reality."

Vickie giggles, "I'm not a master coder by any means ... but if you let me ... I know I can help you lots."

She then whines adorably as any baby, even the ear buds had no problems ... they had no modifications to the sound to augment.
"Vickie ... you would want to help? That would be ... wonderful!"

Somewhere, in the playroom, a little girl's eyes glittered with wonder as another little girl joined her. For the first time in a long time, she had a playmate.

Vickie says adorably, "I would cry a whole lots if you didn't let me help." She then pokes out her bottom lip.

Several months pass as Vickie and Glenn work steadily on the new algorithm. A new pair of goggles emerge as the relation between them deepened as well. Amid the piles of components, emerged a new pair of goggles that looked remarkably advanced and compact. They contained Blue tooth and WiFi internet connections and could pick up the central broadcast of Glenn's main server from over 2 miles away. They were also capable of connecting via cell phone networks, so they could communicate with the server from anywhere there was cell phone service if necessary.

During those months, Glenn and Vickie showed each other sketches and diagrams they had made, worked in front of computer screens, and even just sat on the swings in Vickie's back yard talking.

Vickie of course, dressed as adorably young as she could to please Glenn. She even began to wear a thick diaper when she was in a romper so she would have a cute poofy butt. Glenn was suspicious, of course, but he never could prove it convincingly to himself enough to believe it.

Old Lady Pent called the police several more times during those weeks, of course, and every time, Officer Morgan or another officer came over, wrote out a report, warned Agnes, and went away.

They had had to totally redesign Glenn's project, so it really wasn't possible to test the result until the rebuild was nearly finished.

Somewhere, in a secret playroom, a little girl was having one of the happiest times in her life playing with her new friend.

Finally, though, the day came. Glenn got home from his construction work and rang Vickie's doorbell. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Agnes watching him from her living room window, but he didn't care.

He just waited for Vickie to answer her door. Vickie came to the door dressed in an adorable babydoll dress. It was a soft pastel peach color with white lace adorning the hem and the flutter sleeves. She had on soft black flats, a hand crocheted pinafore, and a pair of the goggles. In her other hand, she had the other pair of goggles. Vickie looked all the world like a little girl of about 4 or 5 dressed as she was.

She giggles and says in a cute voice, "Would Glenn likes ta play wif me onna swings in back? Ia little girl n woulod love ta has my friend come n play."

She bats her eyes as she lifts the hem of her short dress enough for Glenn to see her ruffled panties underneath as she puts her thumb in her mouth. Glen couldn't be sure, but it looked like she might even be wearing a diaper. She hands the goggles to Glenn with her other hand and waits for him to react.

Glenn couldn't help smiling happily at Vickie's choice of clothing and cute voice. It was all he could do to keep from breaking into giggles himself.

"Hi Vickie!" he said, almost shouting with enthusiasm. "I'd love to come over to play!"

It was actually difficult for him to hold back and not answer her in a similar childlike tone of voice. He put on the pair of goggles that Vickie had handed him, and saw the world change as the system started up. He supposed that Agnes could probably see him putting them on, but all she would see was him putting on what looked from a distance like a pair of mirrored swim goggles anyway.

But what he saw was a transformation of Vickie's house into a small child's playhouse and a transformation of Vickie into an adorable little girl who looked a lot like Vickie and was wearing a very similar pastel peach babydoll dress ... only she looked just like a girl of 2 or 3, even wearing visibly thick diapers under the dress.

He looked at a mirror Vickie had in her hallway and saw himself -- as a little boy of 2 to 3 years old wearing a short-legged playsuit with obviously thick diapers underneath it. His smile dimmed just slightly, as there was a secret here that he had been keeping from Vickie, but he just didn't know how to go about telling her about it.

Vickie giggles happily as she takes Glenn's hand in hers and pulls him towards the swing set. Vickie couldn't believe how everything looked. It was so perfect. Before she got to the swings, the pile of sand that had been the other family's children's sandbox became irresistible. Vickie ran into it and plopped on her hinny in it and started to dig. She giggled happily as Glenn stood and watched her.

Agnes had now seen enough. She saw the cute little girl pulling Glenn to the sand pile and plop on top of it. She was going to get him this time as she called the police and started to fuss. It wasn't long before the 2 of them heard Agnes’s voice screeching about the monster and what he was doing to the helpless little girl hidden in the back yard.

Vickie stood up and brushed her panties and the back of her dress off as she exclaimed, "Oh, no ... not again. And this time, I'm dressed for the part ... my Id is in the house."

"Oh, don't worry about it," said Glenn. "Every time she calls, the cops take longer and longer to get here. You've got lots of time if you want to get your ID."

Vickie had pulled him down onto the sand pile, so he was helping her make a big mound of sand, and wishing they had a plastic pail and shovel.

"But in the meantime," said Glenn, "maybe we should take these off." He took off his goggles and helped Vickie take off hers. He put them in a padded briefcase they used to store them in, so they wouldn't be damaged when they weren't wearing them.

Vickie sighs softly as she goes into the house. She returns shortly with a cute little purse that goes wonderfully well with her outfit. Glenn smiles happily a he looks her over. She is perhaps one of the prettiest women he thinks he has ever seen. Vickie walks over to Glenn and is hugging his neck and kissing him on his lips as Agnes and Officer Morgan entered the back gate.

Agnes screams, "See!!! I told you so!!! He's molesting that little girl back here!!!" Officer Morgan sighs. He recognizes Vickie, although he has to admit ... she does look just like a little girl.

Officer Morgan clears his throat and says, "I'm sorry to bother you fine folks ... but it seems Agnes is having another psychotic attack."

Glenn and Vickie both giggle. Agnes is furious as she has a real tantrum.

"But she -- little girl -- he --" spluttered Agnes, and she continued her incoherent tirade until Officer Morgan gently put a hand on her shoulder and ushered her back to her home.

"Ma'am, I am concerned for your health," he said. "You need to calm down. There's no crime going on here, and you're working yourself into a fit. That can't be good for you, Ma'am."

Agnes, however, wasn't listening and continued spitting out incoherent syllables.

"I'm sorry again, folks," said Officer Morgan, when he returned to Vickie and Glenn after seeing Agnes home. "I'm really afraid that lady's going to give herself a heart attack one of these days. Wonder why she's so darned afraid that there's some kind of child molestation going on when she knows there are no kids in either of your houses?"

"I don't know," said Glenn. "She's just been that way, since I moved into the neighborhood about eight years ago, and maybe even before that. Was she like that before then?"

"I'm not sure," said Officer Morgan. "I'll have to look in the files. Anyway, I'll just finish filling out this form and be on my way. Sorry again, folks."

Vickie says with a bit of irritation in her voice, "I would like it if you would keep her from barging into my back yard. Old woman and nuts or not, it's still trespassing ... and there is a sign on the gate stating it is. At least, give her a ticket for trespassing. You don't have to arrest her."

Officer Morgan nods his head and says tiredly, "I agree, that’s the least I can do."

He gives Vickie a copy of the report and the Ticket resolution form as he walks to Agnes’s house. The 2 of them can hear her still screeching as he gives her the very expensive ticket.

Vickie puts he goggles back on and the ear pieces back in her ears. She giggles and says in a really cute little girl way, "Would Glenn swing wif me onna swings?" She takes him by the hand and pulls gently in that direction.

"Me would wove to," said Glenn, not noticing his imitation of Vickie's cute childlike voice.

The two of them swung on the swings for a while, talking and giggling like little children about how well the augmented reality seemed to be working.

"Vickie, this is working so well!" said Glenn. "You look just like a little girl swinging on the swings!" He briefly lifted one of the goggles away from his eye. "And it's starting to get dark, but there's no sign of that in the goggles -- the graphics routines are using the stored information about the surroundings to draw a day lit scene, and the infrared cameras are keeping the server updated when something moves. We could even make it a night-time scene,"

He pressed some buttons on the goggles. Suddenly, from Glenn and Vickie's perspective, the sky suddenly turned a dark blue, with lots of big five-pointed stars in it and a big crescent moon with a happy face and a nightcap.

"Look! Hi Mr. Moon!" Glenn waved at the Man in the Moon, who smiled and winked back.

Vickie stops swinging and walks close to Glenn. She scuffles her feet and acts really shy.

She says softly, "I wanna kiss little boyyeee."

She bends quickly and gives Glenn a wonderful little girl kiss on his lips. She stands there and blushes adorably in character as she waits for Glenn to say something.

Glenn sat there in the swing, blinking and blushing, too stunned to say anything, but obviously smiling.

Without warning, both of them see a very cute little girl standing in the sand pile. She had her thumb in her mouth and was wearing a cute little hello Kitty jumper and a hugely thick diaper and panties.

She turns quickly with a giggle and runs hides behind the corner of the house as she chants, "Run, run, fast as u can,! Can't catch me ... no matter how fast you ran!"

The both of them look at each other with big eyes and amazement written all over their faces.

Vickie gasps softly, "Who .... or what was that? I don't remember programming any people exactly into the code ... did you?"

Glenn was stunned, "N-no," he said. "I mean -- h-her outfit was one that I entered -- along with a hundred others ... same with her hairstyle and her face and her shoes ... but I never programmed it to generate whole people out of nothing!"

Vickie gasps softly in amazement, "Then who ... is that??"

Glenn ran to the corner of Vickie's house that the girl had disappeared behind. "She's gone!" he said. "I wonder if she could have been some kind of glitch in the system. But ... for a glitch she sure acted realistically ..."

Vickie shook her head. She smiles finally as she holds out her hand to Glen.

She says in an adorable voice, "Wanna come in with me and ... play for a while? I promise not to bite ... at least ... not hard." She giggles, "I have a surprise for you inside."

"Surprise?" Glenn asked. "Come inside and play?" He actually blushed a bit. "Who could resist the cutest girl in all of Playtown?" He took her hand and looked into her eyes. Glenn always loved the sparkling energy he saw there. Even in the goggles, it was still there.

Vickie giggles adorably as she kisses Glenn on his cheek. She leads him in the back door by his hand to the hall across the living room.

She says softly, "Now, silly, close your eyes I have the first of the 2 surprises for you in that room. Glen Closes his eyes as a huge grin crosses his face. He hears Vickie open the door and feels her gently pull him into the room. He hears the door close with a click.

Vickie says in her adorable little girl voice, "Mmk sweetie, open your eyes n getsa biiiggg surprise."

Glenn slowly opened his eyes. He wasn't sure whether what he was seeing was in reality or in the augmented reality of their playful overlay-world. It looked like a child's playroom and nursery, with a white play mat on the floor featuring colorful letters of the alphabet and animals whose names started with those letters. There was a rocking horse big enough for Glenn to use, let alone Vickie, and there was a big toy box with some very large plush animals peeking out. But then ... there was a huge crib, painted a pale pink with a Raggedy Ann and Andy theme, and there was a baby changing table too, large enough for someone Vickie's size, or even possibly Glenn's.

"W-wow, Vickie," said Glenn. "Is this ... real or programmed?"

He looked at the fine details with appreciation. Whether it was real or just in the computer, everything had been thought of. The wallpaper featured a pattern with tiny pink strawberries and had borders that showed Raggedy Ann and Andy playing, matching the crib. There was even a night light shaped like a little pink strawberry.

Vickie reaches up and removes Glen's goggles. The room remained unchanged, although the perspective changed to normal.

Vickie was blushing softly as she said, "This is my bedroom. If you follow me, the rest of the surprise is in tha potty room."

She took Glen by his hand and led him into the next room.

Vickie says in a shy whisper, "I want you to know something ... I ... I'm ... I'm, wearing a diaper under my panties. It .. seemed appropriate."

She pointed to the padded counter by the bassinette looking tub. On it lay a hugely thick diaper, just Glen's size ... and an adorable romper. It has snaps between the legs and crisscross straps that fastened to the bib in front. It had cute little Raggedy Andy motif.

Next to it, was a cute little shirt with snaps across the shoulders and down one side. Vickie says shyly, "I hope you like it. I'll leave and let you change if you want." She blushes an adorably deep pink.

"It's ... real?" Glenn asked, looking around and seeing the room firsthand. "And you're wearing a ... diaper?" Vickie was always full of surprises, but today she seemed to be exceeding her quota. "I, well, I --" he began, but then he saw the outfit she'd laid out for him.

It was more adorable than anything Glenn had ever really imagined himself wearing. Could it be that he was allowed to be that cute? Would he feel as happy and good as he imagined if he put on that diaper and romper?

"V-Vickie ..." he said, "I guess ... I guess you know by now that ... I sometimes wish I was little and cute again and could play like a little kid. But I ... well ... I always felt like I didn't have permission to. Like ... it wasn't OK." He turned away shyly.

Vickie says in her adorable little girl voice, "Silly baby has my mission. *giggle*"

He turned back toward Vickie and hugged her! "Oh, Vickie, I think you're the wonderfullest girl in the whole world!" There were tears in his eyes. He let her go. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to grab you like that."

Vickie's expression was one of awe. She slowly came up to Glen and wrapped her arms around his neck. She stood on her tippy toes and kisses him softly on his lips.

She backs off a step and says while she blushes several shades of red, "I hope so much this pleases you. I'll leave and ... let baby dress. I waits for u inna play room."

Vickie turns and skips out, shutting the door behind her, leaving Glen to his many thoughts. Glenn stood there for a minute at first, unable to believe this was happening. Frankly, his life had become like a dream since meeting Vickie, and he sometimes wondered whether he was imagining her, or whether she was a character in his computer simulator, but of course she wasn't. She just made him feel so ... free.

He turned toward the tub. It really did look a lot like a bassinette. But aside from that, on it lay a very thick diaper of some kind and a wonderfully cute romper. He undressed and picked up the diaper. It appeared to have a waterproof outer cover and several snaps on either side. It wasn't hard to put on, but when he had it on, it felt very thick and awkward, but on the other hand very soft and comfortable.

He put on the shirt and snapped the snaps, then the romper -- it was a lot like putting on overalls, so it wasn't difficult. He was soon dressed in this wonderfully cute outfit that Vickie had somehow picked out or maybe even made for him. He looked at himself in the mirror and could hardly believe it was him.

Then he turned to the door and started to open it. "V-Vickie?" he called.

When Glenn opened the door, he saw Vickie sitting spraddle legged on the floor with lots of large ABC 123 colored blocks. Glen could see that Vickie was wearing a diaper under her cute panties, just like she had said.

Vickie looks up and smiles, "Hi silly baby, wanna come play wif me? No gotsa weara goggles less ya jus wanna. *giggles* it won't change muchies ... promis." She looks at him with bright sparkles in her eyes.

"I don't think we need 'em in here, and ... I'd love to play! Those blocks look so fun!"

Glenn sat down on the soft floor and helped Vickie build a tower of blocks. Vickie so naturally put her thumb in her mouth and began sucking it as she began building another tower beside the first. She grabbed one of the plushy toys sitting near by and hugged it to her.

She giggles softly as she says, "Now silly, we can b babies aww we wanna. Can even" she blushes adorably pink, "potty in our diapers like I jus did."

She lifts the hem of her short dress. Glenn could see the shadow of the wetness creeping around her bottom. Vickie looks at Glenn and says shyly, "I no can helps it ... amma baby." She pokes out her bottom lip and looks so precious.

Glenn blushed, seeing her lose control like that, which struck the everyday adult side of him as weird, but there was another side of him that had been longing to return to those innocent and simple days of childhood for many years. Glenn couldn't help feeling so drawn to the inner little girl that Vickie was obviously expressing.

"Aww, Vickie," said Glenn, "every time I think you can't get more adorable, you do! How do you manage ... to be so free spirited? I just feel like ... like I couldn't possibly ever go as far as you. But ... I also feel like I want to."

Vickie dropped the plushy toy and got up on her hands and feet. She stood up from there and seemed to toddle over to Glenn.

She hugged his neck as she whispered in his ear, her warm breath tickling it, "Sweetie, remember I told you, my Aunt keeps me as a baby lots of the time. It's easy, just ... let go. If your inner baby needs help, I have some suppositories and diuretics ... that will make it happen. If you will excuse me .... this baby has to go and change her diaper."

Vickie then Toddles adorably to the potty room, blowing a sweet kiss in Glenn's direction before she shut the door.

Glenn smiled at Vickie even after the door was closed, but then just smiled bemusedly at himself. His eyes fell upon his goggles, which had been lying on the padded floor nearby. He picked them up for some reason, and put them on. Sure enough, the room looked a lot like it did in reality, although it had a higher ceiling and a forced perspective that made Glenn feel even smaller than the oversized toys and furniture already did by themselves. He looked around and admired the work that Vickie and he had done.

Then he looked at the toy box and spotted a pair of eyes looking at him that didn't belong to a plush toy. It was the girl, the same girl from before. She had blonde pigtails and that same Hello Kitty jumper. She looked as if she had been watching him, smiling, for some time. But she wasn't speaking.

Glenn blinked at her. "Who are you?" he asked. "You seem -- familiar."

The girl's eyes suddenly widened, as if she were surprised. "You no 'member me?" she asked. Then she frowned. "You gonna 'member me. Soon." Then she disappeared into the toy box with a fading giggle.

Glenn was sure that if he looked in the box, he wouldn't find her there. He just sat there scratching his head and wondering.

The door to the potty opened and Vickie emerged. Now, all she had on was a very thick diaper, an adorable powder blue pair of plastic lined rumba panties with large ruffles on their bottom and around the legs, and a matching baby Tweety babydoll shorty top.

She poses adorably as she says in her cute way, "Would ... baby likesa spenda night wif me? We sleeps inna crib there." She points to the large crib. "I even gots 2 bottles made up. They makes sure we wakes up wet inna moring too, baby promis."

She stands there with her thumb in her mouth and big eyes waiting for Glenn to answer.

Glenn took the goggles off again, putting aside the confusing vision for now -- Vickie was a vision of cuteness as it was. "Vickie ... if you are sure ... I would love to!"

Vickie nods her head in agreement. She toddles out of the room and is gone for a few minutes. When she returns, she hands Glenn a warm bottle of pink colored liquid. Glenn tried to stand up but was a bit awkward with the thick diaper. He ended up looking like a toddler pushing himself up with his hands, which actually made him feel good, as if he were doing something right.

"Oh! Hey," Glenn said, taking the bottle Vickie gave him, "what's this?"

Vickie giggles as she says, "Is baby's night time bottle silly. Is strawberry quick n milk. It also gots sompin in it ta makes sure you aww wet inna mornin likesa goo baby."

"Ohhh, OK," said Glenn. "I'll drink mine if you drink yours. And ... I hope you are giving lessons on how to talk as cute as you do!"

Vickie giggles again as she takes Glenn by the hand. She puts the nipple of her bottle in her mouth and begins to suckle it as she leads him over to the crib. She lowers the rail and climbs in and sits, as she begins to suckle her bottle again. She reaches over and takes Glen by his hand and tugs him towards the crib.

She says in her adorable way, "Is easy silly. Jus gotsa say things lik me. Baby giv u lessons alla time is ya wanna." She then continues suckling her bottle.

Glenn held Vickie's hand and came with her to the crib, where he sat down by her and put the bottle in his mouth. A drop of sweet strawberry-flavored milk came out. He wasn't sure how to go about drinking from it, but it didn't take him long to figure it out ... again. "You gonna 'member me ... soon," echoed the voice of the mysterious little girl in his memory.

Glenn remembered to take off his goggles, laying them carefully on the padded floor to one side so neither of them would step on them.

"Wike dis?" he asked Vickie. "Me twy talk wike Vickie."

Vickie giggles more and says, "Is perfect." She leans over and raises the rail. She pushes Glenn on his back as she snuggles up close to him. She continues softly, "Baby hopes u no mind dwessin likesa girl sometime. Auntie Nana will wanna dress u thata way when u meets her. Is so wunnerfuls ta meetsa nuther Adult Baby *giggles* I so wanted ta hasa playmate ... now I do."

She hugs Glen tightly as she kisses him softly on his cheek. She then snuggles in comfortably beside him and continues to suckle on her bottle. As if by magic, the lights dim suddenly, the soft pinkish glow of the strawberry night light fills the room as a soft lullaby begins to play as the night time program for the nursery begins to run.

Glenn was impressed. Vickie had gone to a lot of trouble to make this nursery as realistic as possible. Dress like a girl? Glenn wasn't sure, but ... there was something, something deep in his memory. He couldn't track it down. But he wasn't worried, especially not here, lying down in a crib next to the most amazing girl he had ever met.

Somewhere, in an invisible playroom, a little girl with blonde hair in pigtails, wearing a Hello Kitty jumper, happily hugged her new best friend.


~~ End Pt1 ~~


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ooooh i lubs its berry berry muches sooooo cutes an wunnerful cants waits tils nex chapper

>>huggles & smoochies to bof
imma orphan lil love pet :)

Oh... this story is so romantic, it made me feel happy. 

Vickie is sexy from the very beginning. And Glenn is a nice, big boy.  

The pacing is wonderful. And the romantic buildup is so nice! 

I like the mystery of the alternate nursery and the spooky baby girl.  

The goggles remind me of Bobby Chombo in Spook Country by William Gibson.

Thanks always, Miki, Queen of Stories! 
Baby talk rocks!
This is a wonderfully paced and sweet story. I love Vickie too, she's just adorable! I think it's heart warming the way the realtionship between Glenn and Vickie has developed thus far and can't wait for the next chapter to see how the plot develops. As always Miki, you and your roll play partners seem to capture the very spirit and emotions of all the characters.

Keeps up the good work.
Miki Yamuri
Thank you for the praises. *blushes* liljennie isa wunnerful Rplay partner without whom this story wouldn't be as vibrant. When we doina story, is like we bof are reading each other's mind. IT flows smoothly into a wunnerful story.

This particular story is liljennie's suggestion n it has been really fun ta do *giggles*

The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

Sissy Jot
Good morning baby. Susan and me have just finished reading this wonderful story. It is another very cute and heart warming tale full of love and tragedy all mixed together to form a perfect union

I too love the secret play room and the mysterious little girl that appears in the augmented reality program. We can't wait to see who it turns out to be.

Susan is betting that it's a little girl Glenn knew as a real young child. I'm betting, it's who Glenn was ... as a real young child. Would be sort of like a real life event I have personal knowledge about. I hope the 2 of you complete the 2nd part soon, we are dying to find out more.
pwease continue da stowy? more more more more more more more more more more more
Miki Yamuri

 pwease continue da stowy? more more more more more more more more more more more  

baby gots liljenny commin to my playpen taday ta do more sweetie.


No wets ur diper, is commin soons baby can do it ... promis.


The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll


 baby gots liljenny commin to my playpen taday ta do more sweetie.


No wets ur diper, is commin soons baby can do it ... promis.



fanks you queen stowy witer i will keep me eyes open for da post
Mina Silverwind
I simply adore this cute story, you have become a fantastic writer, and an even better sharer of all of your excellent work.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Awwww I loved reading this, fantastic story <3 I have a sneaking suspicion that the mysterious little girl is somehow related to the crazy old woman who is constantly harrassing Glenn. You're a mistress of suspense, cutting it off where you did =( Looking forward to reading your next installment, hope it comes fast =D
Mikiiiiii it is always so fun RPing with you! I just hope I am managing to make it as wonderful for you as it is for me!

And yes, I guess the original idea for the story was mine, but that just started out as something like: "A story about a guy who wishes he could sit on the swings in the playground every once in a while but isn't allowed to, so he's building a secret world in his basement." Then I threw in the character of Agnes, to fill out the "isn't allowed to" part, and then Miki decided she was going to be the cute neighbor girl who brings a ray of hope. I am a little worried about readers' reactions to Agnes's molestation accusations, but they are completely false, rooted in her fears and worries.

Then it turned out that Agnes keeps calling in false child abuse reports. And that Vickie likes to dress like a little girl. And it turns out that the secret world is a virtual reality type thing. And Glenn built the swings for the Millers next door but never got to swing on them. And it just kept growing. And we're going to write more starting tonight!

Miki -- I have sooooo much fun writing these wif you!! *patpats*
Sunshine & rainbows,

"So sing aloud now, your favorite music
Because Heaven needs to hear it too."
-- Jennifer Funshine
Miki Yamuri

 Miki -- I have sooooo much fun writing these wif you!! *patpats*  

Baby lov writin wif u too Jennies


Has lots n lotsa fun cuz alla stories uniques n fun!  

The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

Oh my gosh -- adult babies have so much fun!  
Baby talk rocks!
Me know that there is a lot of us out here that feels that same way that they do every day. You can feels the sadness and love in their hearts. It pulls at the heart string at every turns and make you wish very badly that it was happening to everyone and my self. Another very good story Ms . Very well done. Do please continue.
Sweet Dream
i wuvd weading thi stowie
i thought it was so adowably cute
Once again baby Meekee, you have made anuther wunnerful stowie.
Cant wai to weads mow!

Time fow me to nap...
I love this story!!! Please continue, there so any possibilities with this story!
Lots of tight and long hugs!
Miki Yamuri
Baby n Baby Jennies doina next part fas as we can.

We gotsa nuther playdate tongiht ta do more. Aww weady done lots .... is gonna bea kewlies Pt2.

The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

that was a fun story. Will we be seeing more of these characters later, like in a sequel or anything?
Very Sweet ending. Very good work.
Sweet dreams
Baby Flo
Oh Gawd!
This is sooooo sweet!
I love it! *sigh*
Love everybody
everybody will Love you
Mina Silverwind
You rock as a writer, you have from word one, and you made a wonderful story that everyone should read.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Miki Yamuri

 You rock as a writer, you have from word one, and you made a wonderful story that everyone should read.  

Thank you so very much for your sweet comment. Baby lovesa hinny pats lots **blushes pink**

This wasa fun Rplay ta do ... an Jennie a neat playmate ta do it wif.

Hopes you have lots of fun and gots lotsa toys n stuffs.

The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

Sissy Jot
Hi babygirl!! This is a magnificent Role Play story. As always, it is really sweet and heart warming. I love the way it ended too. It brings tears to this sissy's eyes for real. I hope as I see others do, that perhaps there are other places the characters in this story appear again?

good work babies **Pat Pat on both your butts**
Yayyyy Miki that was so much wonnerful fun to do! And I am so lucky because I got to make a story with the cutest baby ever!   We bounced ideas back n forth like usual!     Was lots fun! *patpats for baby*  
Sunshine & rainbows,

"So sing aloud now, your favorite music
Because Heaven needs to hear it too."
-- Jennifer Funshine
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