Schoolgirl like me. by sissylacy (PG)
what would you do for money?
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Schoolgirl like me. by sissylacy
what would you do for money?
Characters: - Genres: (Feminization) - Rating: PG - Warnings: none - Chapters: 2
Published: 08.04.07

Chapter 1

Alex was an only child. Both of his parents were only children. His grandparents wanted a grand daughter. His grandparents had amassed a descent sized fortune over the years. And Alex knew that there was little chance of him ever getting any of it. When his grandparents said they wanted to give him part of their fortune, he couldn’t believe it. Then he found out what they wanted him to do for it. He couldn’t believe it. They wanted him to go through all of high school as a girl. He had two months to think about it before he had to resister for his freshman year. Alex already knew that his family would be moving during the summer, so no one at the new school would know him anyway. Alex knew that if he decided to attend school as a girl, he would have to live as a girl for the entire four years. If he let his guard down for one second, someone would find out that he was a guy. His grandparents said that if any one found out that he was a guy during the four years of high school, he wouldn’t get any money, not even a penny.

Alex was torn by the choice that lay in front of him. Option one, attend high school as a guy, maybe even make the baseball team. Option two, attend high school as a girl for four years, and receive one million dollars. Alex was glad he had two months to think about it. On the one hand, he wasn’t sure if he could make it through four years living as a girl. On the other hand, he always did want to take ballet. This was going to be a hard decision to make.

As summer was winding down, Alex saw something in a store that made his choice so much easier. He saw a bedroom set that he adored. He had always wanted to have a set of sheets and a comforter that had the Disney princesses on it, but he never could because his friends wouldn’t understand. If he could live as a girl he could have a set of sheets that had the Disney princesses on it. When he got home, he gave his answer to his parents. He would live as a girl for all of high school.

Chapter 2

Alex's parents decided to have a yard sale the week before they moved. The plan was to sell as much of Alex's clothes as possible. The more they sold in the yard sale the less they had to take with them. Alex's mother brought him a pair of pink overalls that he would wear the day they moved. As for the rest of the clothes Alex would need, they would buy those in the town they were moving to.

Everything was set. All the necessary arrangements ha been made. The day of the move finally came. Alex helped his parents load the moving van. Alex and his parents got into their van and started off down the road. Just as the were leaving the town that they had called home for ten years, Alex said, "I have been thinking. How am I going to hide the fact that I am boy? What happens when I change for gym the first time? How will I go to the bathroom and not get caught?"

Alex’s mother said, “Honey, you just have to be extra careful. Just remember to always sit down when you go to the bathroom, even if you just have to pee. Girls can’t pee standing up.”

Alex said, “That’s all the advice you are going to give me? Girls pee sitting down. I already knew that. You’re a lot of help.”

Alex’s mother smiled. She said, “Honey, we still have a month before you have to start school. We can work on the way you talk and act during that time.”

Alex said, “What’s wrong with how I talk or act?” His mother replied, “You act like a boy. You need to act like a girl, if people are going to believe you are a girl. You sound like a boy as well. Which is why we need to work on how you talk. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it that matters.”


Seven and a half hours later, the van pulled up in front of their new house. As the family was getting out, the neighbors noticed them and came over to introduce themselves. They had a girl about Alex’s age. She introduced herself as Wendy.

Alex said, “Hi, I’m Ashley. Nice to meet you Wendy.”

Wendy said, “So what grade are you in?”

Alex said, “I am staring my freshman year of high school when school starts. When does school start anyway? For that matter what school distract are we in?”

Wendy said, “I’m going to be a freshman too. This is so cool. We live in the George Washington High School distract. Classes start back in the middle of August. That is unless you go to private school. They start back at the end of August. The only private school in the area is Madam Beauty’s School for Girls and Sissies. It cost a lot of money to go to school there though. If you were a boy you could go for free. Because Madam Beauty likes to take boys and turn them into sissies. She gives every boy that attends her school some sort of discount. Most of them are there by court order anyway, so the tax payers pay for it. Hey, maybe we would be in the same classes at school. Wouldn’t that just be great?’

Alex replied, “Yeah, great. Hey, Wendy, could you tell me where the mall is? I need to buy some new clothes.”

Wendy said, “Why? You just moved here. Didn’t you bring your old clothes with you?”

Alex said, “A lot of them didn’t really fit anymore. Plus some looked like they were made for little kids.”

Wendy said, “I’ll take you to the mall and we can make a day of shopping together.”

Alex said, “Actually, my mom buys all of my clothes.”

Wendy said, “What are you ten? No girl over thirteen lets her mother buy clothes for her.”

Alex said, “Well, I don’t really know what my sizes are.”

Wendy said, “We can find out at the store. Just tell me you know your cup size.”

Alex said, “Cups size? That means boobs right? I don’t really have any boobs.”

Wendy said, “Neither do I. They haven’t developed yet. Just do what I do. Stuff tissue into your bra. We can figure out your cup size at the mall as well.” She turns to her mom and said, “Mom, Ashley and I are going to the mall. We need a ride.”

Chapter 3

Alex and Wendy stood in the check out line. While they were trying on clothes, they realized that they were the same size. So Wendy just figured she would borrow some of the new outfits from Ashley. Because Wendy wasn’t buying any, the pile of clothes was rather small for two teenage girls on a shopping spree. Wendy helped pay for the outfits though, cause she was planning to wear them just as much as Ashley. The two girls paid for their clothes and left the mall. Wendy’s mom drove up to pick them up. They both got into the car. Wendy’s mother drove them home.

Alex said, “So are there any cute boys around here?” mainly because that was the most girly things he could say.

Wendy smiled and said, “Well, there is this one boy. He’s on vacation at the moment. But you should get to meet him before school starts back. He lives on the end of our street. He will be a sophomore this year. Apparently, all the girls at the school have a crush on him. I can’t blame them. He is on the basketball team at the school. In fact he is the star of the team. It doesn’t hurt much that he is hot and smart.”

Alex asked, “What exactly do you mean hot? Just how hot is he? How smart is he?”

Wendy said, “You’ll see when you meet him.” Wendy’s mother pulled into the driveway of Alex’s house. Alex got out and walked inside. When Alex saw his new room for the first time, he was awestruck. The room was embodiment of all things girly. The carpet was a light pink. The walls a slightly darker pink. There was a set of lavender sheets on the bed. There was a pile of stuffed animals on the bed that Alex had never even seen before.

Apparently, Alex’s parents had done some shopping While Alex and Wendy were at the mall. Alex could tell that the furniture was the same. It was just decorated differently. Plus some one had stuck flower stickers on everything. Alex stood there not knowing what to say.

His mother said, “Ashley, honey, do you like your new room?”

Alex just nodded. His mother continued, “ I’m afraid you can’t sleep in here tonight. The paint is still wet. You will have to sleep on the couch tonight.”

Wendy said, “Could she just sleep at my house instead?”

Alex’s mother said, “It’s okay with me if it’s okay with you.”

Wendy’s mother replied, “It’s okay with me. Should I just take Ashley over there now. Or should I come back for her later?”

Alex’s mother said, “Ashley dear, it’s up to you.”

Alex said, “I don’t want to go right now. I need to put all my clothes up. Plus I haven’t had dinner yet.”

His mother said, “Okay, It’s settled. Come back around seven to pick her up.”

Wendy’s mother said, “That’s good cause I need to run do some errands first. I trust Wendy enough to leave her home with a friend. As long as it’s just one friend.”

Wendy and her mother left. As soon as the door closed behind them, Alex said, “Are you nuts? You want me to spend the night there. What happens if they discover the truth?”

His mother replied, “Just look it this way, it’s more practice before school starts.”

Alex said, “I can’t believe this, I haven’t been a girl for twenty-four hours, and I already have an entire wardrobe, an invitation to stay at a girl’s house for the night, permission from my parents to do so, and a pink room. Not to mention, we talked about boys on the way home from the mall.”

His mother said, “You talked about boys? Who started the conversation you or her?”

Alex said, “I did. Why?”

His mother said, “you started it. Willingly? See you are becoming the perfect little girl already. Why else would talk to your new friend about boys?”

Alex said, “Can we focus here. What am I supposed to do tonight? What do I say?”

His mother replied, “You can talk about boys more. Or you can ask her to show you how to do your make up. I will teach how to do it next week. But for now just ask her to do yours for you. If she ask you to do hers just say that you’re not that good at doing it yet, because you haven’t worn any in your life. If she ask why just say that you used to be a tomboy. If she ask why you are acting like a girl now, tell her you grew out of it. Or you could just say we are making you act like the girl you are. Ask her to show you how to put your hair into a pony tail while you’re at it. And most importantly, have fun and relax.”

Alex turned to his dad and asked, “Are you going to say anything?”

His father replied, “This was your idea. You have to deal with it yourself. Listen to your mother. She knows what she is talking about. Believe it or not she was a girl once herself.”

Alex said, “That’s all the advice you are going to give?” Both of his parents nodded. He said, “This is just great.”

Chapter 4

Alex stood in the front room. He was a nervous wreak. He was holding a bag that had several of his new dresses in it. He had mixed feelings about this night. On the one hand, he didn’t want to go over to Wendy’s house. On the other hand, he looked at the opportunity to sleep at girl’s house as a learning experience. He stood trying to figure out what to say if for some reason Wendy should find out the truth. His thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell.

Alex’s mother opened the door. She said, “Come on in. Ashley, honey, Wendy and her mother are here. Are you ready to go?”
Alex reluctantly said, “I guess so.” He walked into the front hall.

Wendy hugged him. She said, “You don’t know how much this means to me. I don’t really have any friends.”

Alex asked, “Why is that?”

Wendy said, “Well, I’m kind of a social outcast. Just because my parents don’t make as much money as some of the other kids. So my house isn’t as big as theirs, I don’t see how that would give them a reason to treat me differently. Just so you know, some people might treat you bad because you are my friend.”

Alex said, “Any one who doesn’t want to be friends with me because I am friends with you isn’t the type of person I want to be friends with anyway.”

Wendy smiled. She said, “Let’s go.” Wendy, her mother, and Alex all walked out of Alex’s house. Because Wendy just lived down the street, they all walked to her house. As soon as they got inside Wendy’s house, she grabbed Alex by the hand and lead him to her room. The sight that greeted Alex when Wendy opened the door to her room was what Alex was expecting. The room looked like a typical girl’s room, if that girl was six or seven. There were dolls and teddy bears thrown around haphazardly. There was a poster on the wall that had the Disney princesses on it. The sheets on the bed had Disney’s Tinkerbell on them. Wendy said, “Now you see the other reason why I am a social misfit.”

Alex sat down on the bed. He thought it felt weird. He lifted the sheets and saw a plastic sheet under the sheets. He looked up at Wendy and said, “Is there something you want to tell me?”

Wendy said. “I have a bed wetting problem. I was involved in a car accident when I was nine. As a result I have no night time control whatsoever. Some of the girls at school found out about and they tease me about it. Thankfully it isn’t too bad. Most of them do acknowledge that it isn’t my fault. I only get taunted about it once or twice every couple of weeks.”

Alex said, “Sorry, I had no idea.”

Wendy said, “How could you? We just meet today.” Alex started to ask Wendy a question, but before he could Wendy said, “Hey you want to watch a movie?”

Alex said, “What do you have?”

Wendy said, “Pretty much everything the Disney Princesses collection.”

Alex thought about it for a minute and said, “Can we watch The Little mermaid?”

Wendy said, “That’s my favorite one.” They went to the front room. Wendy asked her mother if they could watch the movie. Her mother smiled and put the movie in the DVD player and started it. Wendy asked if they could have some popcorn and cokes during the movie. Her mother agreed and went into the kitchen to make it. She returned a few minutes later with two glasses of coke. She went back into the kitchen to get the popcorn and her coke. When she sat down on the couch she started the movie.
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keep writing keep writing!!!!!!!!
Thank you for your comments. Thank you for reading my story. I hope you like the rest of it.
its good so far keep writing though its getting good i wanna know if ashley gets caught or not i hope so that would be interesting!
great story so far. Need more - Im dyin here. Does he get caught and have a trusted friend, or is no one the wiser? Gotta know, gotta know. lol
I really liked the story line, especially when he was asked to reveal his cup size...  I still don't know mine.

Keep up the writing

hugzzz ellie
Great history. I liked so munch, but please finished it.
Chapter 5

Alex drunk his coke a little too quickly. As a result, just as Ariel started singing Part of Your World, Alex realized he had too pee, badly. He stood up and ran to the bathroom. In his attempt to relieve himself, he forgot to lock the bathroom door. If even if he had locked the door, it wouldn't have done any good, he didn't close the door all the way. Just as the last few drops were leaving his penis, he heard a female behind him gasping in surprise.

Wendy said, Oh my god! You're a boy!

Alex turned around to look at Wendy and saw not only Wendy standing there but her mother as well.

Wendy's mother said, Would you like to explain?

Alex said, Can I pull my pants up first?

Wendy's mother said, No, I want you to explain why you are dressed like a girl, even though you are clearly a boy. And I want you to explain now!

Alex said, This is very uncomfortable for me like this. I will explain, but please let me pull my panties up first.

Wendy's mother said, Go ahead and hide your shame.

Alex reached down and pulled his pink panties up to his hips. He said, My grandparents are rich. And extremely rich. They wanted a daughter and ended up with my dad. The wanted a granddaughter, and got me. My mother isn't able to have any more kids, so they are extremely disappointed. They decided that they weren't going to give me or my parents any of their money. Then a few weeks ago, they suddenly decide that they would be willing to give me some if not all of their money if I were to go through high school as a girl. Seeing as we knew we were moving to a new town were no one would recognize me, I decided to go for it.

Wendy said, That's why you didn't have any clothes when you moved here?

Alex said, Yeah, my parents and I decided to sell all my boy clothes before we left our old house, because I would never wear them again and they would just take up space.

Wendy said, If you want to be treated like a girl you have to act like a girl.

Alex said, I thought I was.

Wendy said, First thing you got to learn is Girl's Pee Sitting Down!

Alex realized what position he was in when they found him. He said, Oops! I forgot!

Wendy said, I assume if some one finds out, you don't get any money? Alex nodded. Wendy said, If some one else finds you peeing standing up, they probably won't accept it. And you might convince them to remain silent but not before a lot more people know your secret. By the way, what is your real name?

Alex said, It's Alex.

Wendy's mother said, There's one more thing missing.

Alex said, And that is?

Wendy's mother walked over to the sink knelt down and opened the cabinet under it. She reached into a box and pulled out a thin object wrapped in pink plastic. She turned to Alex and said, Do you know what this is? Alex shook his head. He had never seen one before in his life. Wendy's mother continued. It is called a maxi pad. Here I will show you how to wear it. She pulled Alex's oink panties down to his knees. She undid the plastic liner on the maxi pad, unfolded it, and held it up for Alex to see. She said, This strip here is the adhesive. She pulled the strip off the adhesive and stuck the pad to Alex's panties. She pulled his panties back up to his waist. She tucked his penis into the panties so that the end was pointing into the maxi pad. She said, There. Now, you will pass as a girl when you go to the bathroom.
Your a very good writer, very creative.
Sister to babymarcie
What a really good well written story! The way the story line is going hopefully there should be plenty more..... I can't wait!!!!!!!

Happy New Year,

babymarcie XXXXXX
Marcie xxxxx
Sister to lisa123
please please please you ahve to write more  

plz could you post the rest of this story soon im absolutely dieing in suspense
I want more this story it's going so well
april baby
this story is exciting, thanks :)
The story is so wonderful. Please keep writing I can't wait to see what else happens
wif wuv and kissies from me

keep it coming im loving it cant wait for more 
Alex, Wendy, and Wendy's mother walked back into the front room and finished watching The Little Mermaid. Just as Ariel kissed the prince at the end of the movie, Wendy's father walked into the house. He said, I'm home. He saw Alex sitting there and said, Who are you?"
Wendy said, Daddy, this is my new friend Ashley. She just moved in down the street. She is staying here tonight cause her parents just painted her room and the paint has to dry first. You don't mind do you?
Wendy's mother said, I already said it was okay. How was work dear?
Wendy's father said, Well, I got a new product I have to try. Just one of the perks of being the head of the R&D division at work. I get to test all the new products.
Wendy said, You mean I have to test the new products right?
Wendy's father said, Well, it's not like I can do it myself. You know we make diapers and other bed wetting products at Sleepy Time Inc. He pulled a very large pink diaper out of a bag.
Wendy said, That almost looks big enough to fit mom. She laughs. Her mom laughs as well.
Wendy's father said, Actually it is. I made sure it was.Wendy said, If it is big enough to fit mom, why did you say that I had to test it?
Wendy's father replied, This isn't what I want you to test. He reaches into the bag and pulls out a smaller version of the diaper he was holding. He said, This one is.
Wendy said, Why do you even have the other one then?
Wendy's father said, There is a party at work tomorrow night to welcome the new executive. He stopped and looked at Alex. He said, You're a girl? They told us that Jason Freeman had a son. You are Mr. Freeman's daughter right?
Alex said, Yes I am. He looked at Wendy. Wendy shook her head. Alex said, And, yes I am a girl. Definitely a girl. I don't know who told you that he has a son, but he doesn't.
Wendy's father said, I will have to remember to tell everyone at the office tomorrow.
Wendy's mother said, So you drew the short stick this time?
Wendy said, Well, I haven't got ready for bed yet anyway. So I guess I will just wear that one tonight. Wendy laid down in the middle of the floor. Her father pulled her pants down and diapered her in the middle of the room. Wendy looked up halfway through and realized that Alex had left the room. She was thankful for that.
Wendy walked into her bedroom wearing only a diaper. Alex was sitting on her bed. He was pulling a pink tee shirt over his head. He said, That diaper makes you look cute. I wish I could wear one.
Wendy stopped. Her jaw dropped. She said, Are you serious? You want to wear one? I'm sure I can arrange that. My mother would be happy to accommodate you in that request.
Alex said, Yes I am serious. I want to wear a diaper just like the one you are wearing.
Wendy said, I'm not sure if my dad has another one. This is a prototype remember? I am testing it for my dad? Though I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask him.
Wendy's mother, who was standing in the doorway, said, I already did. She was holding a pink diaper in her hands. She said, I noticed the look in your eyes in my husband pulled it out of his bag. She diapered Alex and both girls went to bed.
wow its brilliant so far i cnat wait ot see the rest by any change areoy ugonna make the diapers a biggerpart of therstory or areyo ujsut sticking withfeminisation

its a great story byw i hope yo ucna think of more ideas yo uhave me hanging on
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
" by any change areoy ugonna make the diapers a biggerpart of therstory"I haven't decide the answer to that yet. they are a big part of wendy's life but I don't know how that will affect the story.
okay that s inteseting i look forward to seeing wahts gonna happen in the stroy ihope yo uwill post again
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
cant wait for more
Such a great story.. keep writing.
Alex woke in the middle of the night. For a brief moment he didn't remember where he was. When he saw the young girl laying next to him, he quickly remembered everything. He really needed to pee. He didn't want to actually use the diaper. He shook Wendy awake. "Wendy, i have to pee."

Wendy replied, "Use your diaper and go back to sleep."

Alex said, "But I don't really want to use the diaper. I only wanted to wear one to see what it felt like to wear one."

Wendy said, "Well, the purpose of wearing one is using it. I'm not going to remove it for you, and neither will my parents. You will just have to make due with it."

Alex said, "But I'm not a ba..." He stopped not wanting to insult his new friend. His only friend. Then the conversation became a mute point as Alex's bladder let go, completely soaking the diaper in the process.

Because of the position the two of them were in, Wendy's leg wed right next to Alex's diaper. She felt it get warmer. She smiled, and said, "Now was that so hard? I'll see you in the morning."

Alex said, "You aren't going to tell anyone, are you?"

Wendy said, "Of course not. We are friends aren't we?"

Alex said, "Yes we are. In fact you are really the only friend I have ever had. I didn't fit in well back ho.." He was going to say back home, but Alex realized that he never really called that place home. He continued, "Back where I came from, I was an outsider."

Wendy was half asleep, so she really didn't pay attention to what Alex said, but it would come back to her in the morning.

Alex and Wendy were woken up by Wendy's mother. She noticed both girls were wet, but didn't say anything. She removed the diapers from both girls. She said, "Which one of you gets to shower first? And no you can't shower together."

Wendy said, "But mom, Alex, I mean Ashley, needs to shower with other girls before school starts so that she gets used to showering in front of other girls."

Alex said, "Yeah I have never showered with other girls before, I'm not sure if I could do it."

Wendy's mother sighed and said, "Okay, but make sure you lock the door, and close it all the way."

The two girls walked into the bathroom together. Wendy closed the door and locked it. Alex got two towels out of the closet and hanged them on the rack by the shower. Alex removed his clothes and laid them on the floor. He started the shower and stepped into it. Wendy waited to Alex turned his back before she removed her clothes. She quickly stepped into the shower stall with Alex and closed the door.

As the warm water poured over them, Alex suddenly found himself very attracted to Wendy. She turned around so that the water would hit her back. Alex stepped foward and kissed Wendy on the mouth. Wendy was so suroprised that she imeadately pushed Alex off of her. Alex said, "I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking."

Wendy said, "It's okay. you just got me off guard. Don't do that again."

Alex said, "Don't worry, I won't. I don't want you to push me again." Both of them laughed at that. They finished taking a shower, dried off, and got dressed.

Just as Wendy was pulling her shirt on, she remembered what Alex said the night before. She said, "Am I really your only friend?"

Alex knodded. He said, "In our old town, everyone thought I was gay. I don't know how that rumor got started anyway."

Wendy looked at Alex and smiled. She said, "I can thing of a few things that might give people that impression."

Alex said, "I didn't dress like this there remember."

The two of them walk out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast.
I can't wait what to happen next 
Alex and Wendy sat down at the breakfast table. Wendy said, "We need to find a way to get you out of gym class. There is no way you can shower with the other girls."

Alex said, "How do we do that?"

Wendy said, "Well if you were put in the special comp class, then you won't have to take gym. But you can't get in that class unless you are physically or mentally handicapped. The teachers will know you aren't physically handicapped. And it would be very hard to get them to believe you are mentally handicapped, unless you want to act like a retard all the time."

Alex said, "I'll pass. I will just have to take gym. I don't know how to get around the shower thing."

Wendy said, "We will think of something."

Alex and Wendy finished eating breakfast. Alex went home. As soon as he walked in the door, his mother grabbed him and said, "Honey, I just find out that tonight is a black tie affair. We need to go get you a dress. While we are out, we can also get you a pedicure, manicure, and facial. We need to doll you up for tonight." The two of them of them rushed out the door, got in the car, and left.

Thirty minutes later, the car stopped at the only beauty salon in the town. Alex and his mother walked into it. Alex was so happy. His first manicure and pedicure ever. He couldn't wait to tell Wendy about this. As he was sitting down at one of the stations in the beauty salon, he thought about his old house and old classmates. He wondered what they would say if they could see him now. He thought to himself, "Maybe I am gay." Then he remembered what he did in the shower. He thought, "No, I like girls. I just want to dress like one. I just got to keep telling myself, that acting like a girl doesn't make me a girl. Plus there is a lot of money on the line here." He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't even noticed he got the pedicure.
What got his attention was when the woman doing his nails asked him what color he wanted them painted. He thought about it for a few seconds. He smiled, and said, "Pink." The woman smiled and pulled out seven different shades of pink. Alex looked at all the nail polish and pointed at a rose pink one. He said, "That one." The woman applied it to Alex's toe and fingernails.

Shortly after his facial was finished, Alex and his mother left the beauty salon. They went to a dress shop. Alex picked a few he liked out and tried them on. He finally found one that he liked that fitted him. He took it off and put his regular clothes back on. His mother paid for the dress. They went to another store. Alex went to look at the video games, while his mother took care of a few things. She found him looking at a pink Nintendo DS. She smiled at him. She had the store clerk add one to her cart. She paid for everything and they left the store.
When they got home Alex grabbed his new dress, and ran to his room. His mother got the rest of the bags out of the car. She put the bags down in the front room. She took Alex's new video game and a pair of high heel shoes that matched his dress and took then up to Alex's room. She knocked on the door. Alex opened the door already wearing the dress. He smiled. His mother smiled and handed him the shoes. Alex sat down on the bed and put the shows on. He stood up. It was awkward at first, but Alex quickly got used to
standing and walking in high heels. He ran over and hugged his mother.

She said, "What was that for?"

Alex said, "Thanks for letting me do this."

That night, at an office building just outside of town, a small car with three people pulled into the parking lot. Alex and his parents got out and walked inside the building. On the top floor there was a party to welcome the new executive and his family. When the elevator door opened, a man in his early forties, a woman in her mid thirties, and a teenage girl steeped out. The girl was wearing a red dress and matching high heel shoes.
Wendy instantly recognized her friend and ran over. She wrapped her arms around Alex's neck and kissed him on the lips. Every one in the room was shocked, including Alex. He said, "What are you doing?"

Wendy said, "Declaring my feelings for you, silly."

Alex whispered to Wendy, "I thought you didn't like me like that."

Wendy said, "You didn't look like that this morning when you kissed me." She leaned in and said, "Plus I found a way to get us out of gym class. The school doesn't know how to deal with lesbians. They think it is some kind of disease or something. They don't let know lesbians take gym class. They are afraid that the lesbians will effect or infect the other normal, and I use that term loosely, girls."

Alex whispered, "We are not lesbians."

Wendy said, "Actually, I am. And now every one here thinks you are." She kissed him again, and said, "You're welcome."
this is fnatastic so welel thoght out and carfulyl palnned i cant wait for some more
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
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