R Sam's sissy baby humilation
A naughty boy is humiliated by his hot family and taught to be a good little sissy baby
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I woke up with a splitting headache. I’d had a heavy night of drinking after visiting my favourite strip clubs and brothels. My stepmother, Andrea, walked in. She is an extremely attractive blond with natural D cup breasts. She is tall at 5’ 11” but this increases to around 6’ when she wears heels. She is extremely athletic and loves going to the gym. I am 19, my stepmother is 29 and my sister, Katie, is 18. My mum died when I was 2 and my dad married Andrea when I was 12. My dad then died when I was 14. Now Andrea looks after me and my sister. I do not work or anything like that because my dad was very wealthy and I got a pretty good inheritance off him. For years now I have been spending huge amounts of money on alcohol and prostitutes and there always seems to be more there when I need it.

My Stepmother announced “Don’t forget I’m going on holiday for two or three days so you and Katie need to behave. Call me if you have any problems. The taxi’s waiting downstairs so I’ll see you later.” She smiled and called behind her as she walked down the corridor “Be good.”

I walked downstairs to get some breakfast. I grabbed a packet of crisps and made a coffee before taking everything back upstairs. I barged past my sister on the stairs and went back into my room. Katie is really into Cheerleading and always has her hot friends around for sleepovers. I closed my bedroom door and chatted to my girlfriend, Sadie, online for about an hour. Then I felt thirsty again and began to walk back downstairs. As I stepped out of my room I tripped over and as I looked down I saw my legs were ensnared in a trip wire. Suddenly Katie and six of her friends leapt on me. I’m pretty weak for a boy and the seven strong girls easily held me down. I flayed my arms but they wouldn’t get off so I gave up trying. My sister slipped a pair of pink booties over my feet and a pair of matching mittens over my balled fists. I realised I could no longer flex my fingers out of the position I was in and as I tried to stand up I slipped over. The booties had no grip whatsoever and I couldn’t stand up in them. Katie rolled out a Disney Princess changing matt and pulled out a disposable diaper again marked with Disney Princesses. Her friends tore all my clothes off.

“I’ll tell Andrea,” I screamed.

“Andrea’s not here,” Katie replied smugly.

“I’ll fuckin…” I was cut off by a pacifier being rammed into my mouth. The plastic nipple must have been much larger than on a baby nipple because it still managed to fill my whole mouth and I couldn’t spit it out.

“Little girls should be seen and not heard,” Chided Katie. She seized my penis between her finger and thumb and roared with laughter.

“Look at this little thing. It clearly belongs in a diaper. Why, I bet it’s the size of a baby dick. Ahh it’s kind of cute in a pathetic sort of way.” She picked up the bottle of talcum powder in her hand and shook it all over me rubbing all over by bum cheeks and balls. “This’ll make you smell like the little baby girl you are,” she teased mercilessly.

I was bright red with humiliation as the soft disposable diaper slid under me. It was taped up tightly and my balls were squished up against me.

“There,” Katie sighed “That’ll stop your pee-pee and poopies leaking out and making a mess. Now let’s take our baby sis downstairs.”

I was made to crawl downstairs. All the way my diaper crackled and rustled. Angie, one of Katie’s hottest friends nicknamed me “Crinkle-butt.” I’d always had a real crush on Angie. She was a brunette with bright red lips and large boobs for her age. She kept swatting my diapered backside if I moved too slowly. I was led into the kitchen.

It was with horror that I noticed the giant pink plastic highchair sitting at the table. Katie and one of her friends lifted me into the high chair and locked the crescent shaped plastic tray on the front. They took a large bowl of baby food of the counter and placed it on the tray. Katie took a heaped spoonful of the mush and said

“Open wide babykins, here comes the choo-choo train.” She tipped the oatmeal into my mouth. It was surprisingly sweet.

“Are you wondering why it’s sweet, baby?” asked Angie mockingly, “It’s because we used a whole tub of sugar lax. Enjoy doing you poopies in your cute little diaper crinkle-butt.”

All the girls roared with laughter. I was so humiliated that I burst into tears. Of course Katie instantly seized upon this and cooed

“I our widdle baby tired? Well will feed you a nice bottle of formula and then put you to bed how about that? That’ll be nice for our special sissy girl won’t it? Yes it will.”

Two of the girls lifted me out of the highchair and carried me through to the living room. Angie sat down and they placed me on her lap. She held me like a baby resting my head against her ample breasts. She picked up a baby bottle filled with formula and stuck it in my mouth. I began to suck on the teat and the sickly sweet formula flowed into my mouth. I began to felt tired as I finished the bottle. I was carried into the guest room. It seemed to have had all the windows blocked up and it was painted bright pink with the walls lined with dolls and rattles. A large crib stood against one wall. I was lowered into it and Katie stuck the pacifier back into my mouth.

“Sleep well widdle girl. Cuddle up with your dolly and catch a soft pillow to beddy bye land.” She locked the roof of the crib and as she walked out she pressed a button on a remote. The wall next to the crib opened up to reveal a giant floor to ceiling window. It showed out onto the street. Just before I fell asleep a pair of hot girls from my school walked past the house. They saw me and laughed their heads off when they saw me. They took lots of pictures on me on their phone and blew kisses at me. I began to cry into my dolly and felt a hot gush of poo flood my diaper. Slowly I fell asleep.

To be continued

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Fun premise looking forward to more :)
I agree with sarahpenguin: a promising start! And we definitely have an emphasis on humiliation. Will Sam be redeemed of his ne'er-do-well ways?  (I hope not TOO soon...let there be some struggle on his behalf against his newly imposed diapered and sissy-status...this generates more drama!)

To be continued...
MORE, MORE, MORE.  An excellent start, very anxious to see where this leads
great start love the humilation aspect
This is looking like it's gonna be a GREAT STORY!!  
This is absolutely Fantastic! i love the story and the humiliation, especially at the end <3 please do more ^_^

and tell us where to find a girl like that hehehee
I love your stories 
will this one be continuing seems intresting :)
cant wait for another chapter.
a new me teehee
more pleeeeeease AMAZING, i luv it and you!!!!
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