Ryan's New Life
A young man is captured and sold to a giantess to be her baby.
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Twenty-two-year-old Ryan White was a worrywart, plain and simple. He was obsessive- compulsive if anybody ever was. Everything had its proper place and had to be clean. He insisted on always having something in his hands be it just a clipboard, a pen, a piece of paper, etc. He was also terribly shy. He had always supposed that it was simply a result of being abandoned as a baby and growing up in a wild orphanage. Because his blonde-hair, blue eyes, and soft features gave him a slightly feminine look, he had been bullied and beat up by many of the other boys when he was younger and it didn’t seem to stop until he reached his peak height of six-foot-three. However, despite his height, Ryan was incredibly weak. He had sticks for arms and they provided practically no upper body strength.

He began earning and saving money at an early age by volunteering to do various dirty jobs around the orphanage (cleaning toilets, sweeping floors, catching and killing bugs, etc.). He used the money to pay his way through college, earning an advanced degree in business.

He started a small computer company of his own. It employed twenty people, all of whom Ryan tried to avoid after hiring. He would duck and turn his head when passing one of them in the hall and avoided talking to anyone unless it was on the phone.

One day, Ryan’s doctor warned him that he needed to get his stress under control or face serious health problems. That night, Ryan decided he would go out to a nightclub just down the street from his apartment.

He sat at a table in the corner of the room watching everyone else dancing, drinking, laughing and just having a good time. He just couldn’t bring himself to join them.

Suddenly, a tall, thin woman approached his table. She had long black hair and deep brown eyes. Her complexion was slightly pale but alluring. She carried two glasses. She sat down and placed the glasses on the table.

"Care for a drink, big fella?" she said, pulling a glass bottle out of a black purse and filling both glasses to the brim.

"O-o-okay," Ryan stuttered.

Being rather nervous, Michael finished his drink quickly, taking large gulps. This made the woman laugh. Michael’s head began swimming.

"You in a rush?" she asked.

"Always have been," he replied.

"What do you mean?"

And suddenly the words were just pouring out of him. He told her about his parents abandoning him as a baby and growing up in an orphanage, about the beatings and humiliation, about the stress and dissatisfaction. He began sobbing.

The woman rubbed his arm sympathetically.

"You poor thing. You had to grow up fast. You never had the chance to be little."

Suddenly, everything was spinning faster and faster. Everything around him became just a blur of colors. Ryan fell to the floor, feeling weak and queasy.

And then, for a split second, it seemed as if everything was in slow motion. The woman pulled a long black wand out of her purse and gently flicked it and a large black portal appeared in front of Michael. She stood up and walked toward it, Michael magically floating behind her as if he were a balloon on a string. He passed out just before he went through the black hole.


It was pitch black when Ryan awoke. The first thing he noticed was his head pounding. Hangovers were never any fun. Second, he had almost no clothes on. He could feel the cold air hitting his skin.

He tried to sit up, but found that his arms and legs were bound to some kind of table. He could feel something around his waist and as he shifted from side to side, he could hear a crinkling noise. He tried to scream but found that there was some kind of gag in his mouth.

Fear was quickly replaced by anger as Ryan pieced together what he could remember. The woman must have drugged him.

"What a b-tch," he thought to himself. "When I get my hands on her, she is going to pay dearly."

In an instant the room was flooded with light and Ryan’s eyelids slammed shut. He opened them slowly and as his eyes became focused, he realized that he was in an enormous white circular room. There were cameras all around the ceiling pointing directly at him. Looking up at the mirrored ceiling, Ryan could see that the room was bare except for two tables, one of which Ryan was strapped to right now. Not only that, but he was wearing only a large disposable diaper and had a large white pacifier in his mouth that was strapped around his head. On the other there lay only a single remote control. It was small, but had buttons and switches and knobs of every color. Next to it was a computer. He could see a picture of himself on it and below a list of information.

Suddenly, Ryan heard a door open and the woman from the nightclub walked in. She was dressed in a stunning blue dress and was wearing a nametag that read: Cassandra Stone: Head Witch.

"Witch?!" Ryan thought, panicking. She walked over to the end of Michael’s table and smiled down at him.

In the voice an adult would use when talking to preschoolers, she said: "Well, little one, I suppose I should tell you a little story before we get started.

"Once upon a time, in a world far away from the one you knew, there lived a large collection of magical creatures, including giants and giantesses. The giants were strong, rough, and tough. The loved to fight and raised their sons as such. The giantesses were soft and sweet and raised their daughters as such."

"One day, for one reason or another, two giants began fighting. This fight lasted for days, until some of their friends joined in. Loving a good fight, every giant (man and boy) eventually joined in and when it was all over not a single one was left alive."

"The giantesses tended to their daughters, who became full-grown giantesses themselves. Soon they were just a large group of giantesses whose hearts were aching because they had no young ones to tend to, as they had always had before."

"That’s where we witches come in. We know of your world and how to create portals to and from it. We began capturing humans such as you to sell to them as babies. You are sure to fetch a high price thanks to this," she said picking up the remote control.

She snapped her fingers and a little red light on each camera lit up.

"Smile sweetheart," she said, "there are hundreds of Mommies watching you on their computers right now. Let’s show them that you are a worthy purchase."

She smiled up at the camera and began speaking to her audience.

"Good afternoon ladies. I am so happy to have so many of you tuning in to our first baby sale in over fifty years. Let’s get right down to business."

Cassandra placed the remote control down and put on a pair of white gloves. She reached down and pulled Ryan’s diaper off, leaving him completely exposed. He blushed and began to cry. He also noticed that his entire body was smooth. There was not a single hair anywhere but his head. Cassandra then picked the control back up.

"As you can clearly see," she said, "Baby’s toy is extremely small. Perfect for humiliation. However, you may wish to change that."

She slowly began turning a knob on the remote and Ryan’s member slowly grew longer and longer. She stopped when it was just over a foot long.

"You can also change the sensitivity of Baby’s toy," she said.

She turned another knob and Ryan felt an enormous tingling sensation that only intensified as Cassandra placed her gloved hand around it and began stroking. After only a few seconds, Ryan was sure he was about to cum. But Cassandra stopped short and turned both knobs in the other direction. Ryan’s member shrunk dramatically and went limp.

"Now some of you may prefer a baby girl over a baby sissy boy."

She pressed yet another button and Ryan’s member almost seemed to melt in to his body leaving behind a hairless little slip.

"Once again, Baby’s sensitivity is completely at your discretion."

She picked up a vibrating dildo and lubed it up. She turned it on and slowly began sliding it in and out of Ryan who moaned in pleasure. He was going to orgasm. He could feel it. 3…2…

"Whoops!" Cassandra said, laughing and turning the knobs again. Ryan lost all sensitivity and Cassandra pulled the dildo out, "Almost got carried away there. Now that isn’t the only thing about Baby that Mommy can change."

Ryan watched his reflection in the mirrored ceiling in horror as his hair went from short and blonde to long and black. It then turned curly and brown and straight and red and so on and so forth. Then his eyes changed from blue to green to brown. He grew enormous breasts and lost them. Then he got them back along with the foot long member and lots of baby fat. He grew two several feet, then shrunk to the size of an action figure and then grew back. His eyes were bright red from all of the crying he had been doing.

After what seemed like forever, Cassandra pressed a button and Ryan changed back to normal, still with the pacifier in his mouth.

"Let’s let the Mommies hear your voice sweetie," Cassandra said, taking the pacifier out of his mouth.

"I am not a toy you crazy b-tch!" he screamed. "I want to go home! I wan…I wa…aaa…gaaa…googee. Goo? Gee! Gaagee!"

He had lost the ability to speak. Not only that but his voice was slowly increasing in pitch and becoming more and more feminine.

" Naughty little baby," Cassandra said. "You must be punished."

She undid the straps and rolled Ryan on to his tummy. She pushed some buttons on the remote and then picked up a large wooden paddle. She raised it high in the air and brought it down on Ryan’s behind with a large smack! The pain was incredible and it was almost too much for Ryan to bear. He began squealing in anguish and kicking his legs furiously.

"I have reduced her motor skills and emotional level to that of a toddler. Also, any pain inflicted on him can be magnified many times over making punishments very effective. Plus, any pain that she may attempt to inflict on the owner of the remote will be transferred to her."

After fifty blows, and lots and lots of screaming, Cassandra stopped and turned Ryan over.

"Now little one, are you going to behave?"

Ryan looked miserably up at her.

"But I don’t want to be a baby. I just want to go home. Please let me go."

"It’s too late for tears now my dear. Anyway you should be very happy. All of these women are very wealthy and want to take good care of you for the rest of your life. You had to grow up too fast. Now you’ll never have to grow up at all."

Ryan began crying again and Cassandra popped the pacifier back in his mouth and tied it behind his head again.

"As you can see, we have permanently removed every hair from his body except for those on his head. You will never have to worry about shaving him."

"Also you will all know what this is," she said taking a small glass bottle of pinkish liquid out of the sleeve of her robe and putting holding it up. "The new Mommy will get a full gallon. Now let’s begin the bidding! We will start at one

Ryan heard a lot of beeping noises coming from the computer as Mommies accepted and raised the price. After about thirty minutes the beeping got slower and slower and finally stopped.


Cassandra walked over to the computer, looked at the screen, and came back to the cameras.

“I am happy to announce that we have set a new record! The new mommy is Debbie Snow! Congratulations ma’am! Your little one is on the way!”

She walked over to the table and waved her wand again. The diaper on the table disappeared and newer and thicker one appeared on Ryan. She then undid the straps.

Ryan quickly rolled over, falling off the table in an attempt to get away from Cassandra. She waved her wand Ryan froze in midair.

“Oh no you don’t, honey,” she said, giggling. “We have to get you ready and on your way. Your mommy has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Cassandra walked over to a large pair of double doors and pushed them open. She walked through, Ryan floating behind her. His eyes opened wide at the sight before him.

They were standing in a large hallway with enormous changing tables lined up against either wall. Each was positioned below a large window, all of which were open. Stationed at each table was a beautiful witch, each of them tending to a “baby” floating in front of her. Ryan could see the young men and women struggling as the witches used their wands to wrap them tightly in blankets and strap them in to large baskets.

As soon as a new baby was ready, a stork swooped down from the roof and picked up the basket. It then flew out the window, carrying the baby to his/her new lifelong home.

Cassandra walked down the line until she came to a young red headed witch with an open table.

“Hello, Cherry. Would you mind getting this little one ready? I have to get back to the show.”

“Of course, Cassandra,” Cherry said, giggling. “This one is certainly a cutie!”

Cherry reached out and quickly tickled Ryan’s tummy. He couldn’t help but giggle and squirm.

“Thanks so much, Cherry,” Cassandra said. She tweaked Ryan’s nose and then turned and walked out, closing the doors behind him.

“Now let’s get you ready to go.”

She gave her wand a series of practiced flicks. Ryan became stiff as a board. Then a large white baby blanket flew off of a shelf on the changing table and wrapped itself tightly around him. A second blanket soon followed. He was then lowered in to a large white basket that was already lined with two other white baby blankets and a series of very soft white pillows. Cherry waved her wand and three straps appeared, binding the blanket wrapped baby securely.

“I almost forgot,” she said, picking up a large brown box that Ryan could only assumed held the gallon bottle of the pink liquid Cassandra had mentioned earlier. Cherry magically secured it to the bottom of the basket. She then took another box that obviously contained the remote that had just been used on him and secured it in the same way. However, Ryan noticed that the box was rather large, even for such a large control.

Cherry then took a large handkerchief and another brown bottle. She folded the handkerchief and poured a little of something in to it.

“For a smooth journey,” she said before quickly placing the handkerchief over Ryan’s mouth and nostrils.

He was quickly overpowered by a strong, sharp smell. If there was ever such a thing as a sour smell, this was it. His head began spinning and he tried to turn it but it was no use.

He was getting weaker and weaker. His eyelids began to droop.

“Pleasant dreams, honey bun,” Cherry laughed. “When you wake up, your new life with your new Mommy will begin.”

Ryan felt the basket begin to rise as one of the storks lifted him up. He passed out before they were even out of the window.


Ryan awoke an unknown amount of time later. It was early morning. He was looking up at two enormous white doors. He noticed that his body was no longer stiff. He could wiggle around, but just barely.

Suddenly, the doors swung open and Ryan’s eyes opened wide. Out stepped Debbie Snow, a woman who must have been over thirty feet tall. She was heavy, but not huge. She carried her weight well. She had a smooth round face framed by brownish-blonde hair. Her eyes were a bluish-green eyes. She wore a long white skirt and white blouse that showed off her ample breasts. She beamed down at him. She exuded a warm maternal glow. At her feet he could see three dwarves. They each stood about four feet tall and wore lose blue clothing. Looking at their faces and hands Ryan could see that their skin was extremely rough it looked as though they had sat out in the sun day after day for years. The dwarves were arguing with each other.

Ryan’s heart almost stopped in fear and he felt himself wetting his diaper. Tears filled his eyes and began rolling down his cheeks.

“I’m telling you,” one said to the other, “we’ll need at least one hundred to get it all done in one day!”

“No, you dunce! Seventy will be fine and it will free up more of us to work the other farms!”

The third dwarf shook his head and said: “Either way, the price will be the same. Two hundred gold coins.”

“Of course, of course,” Debbie said. “Now be gone, I have to get my baby ready for the shower.”

The dwarves snapped their fingers and suddenly, with a loud pop, they disappeared.

Debbie, smiling from ear to ear, reached in to the basket and lifted Ryan, still wrapped in the baby blankets, out. She lifted him up and held him so that her left arm was under him and her right arm across his chest. She walked out on to the lawn which was hundreds of square feet and surrounded by a large white picket fence. The lawn contained a large circle of trees bearing almost every kind of fruit that Ryan could imagine that formed a large circle around the house. Beyond the white picket fence was a field that stretched as far as Ryan’s eye could see. It contained many crops. It made Ryan’s head ache to imagine how many tons of food this farm produced.

Debbie turned around and said: “Look at your new home, sugar.”

The house must have consisted of millions of square feet. It was a bright white and three stories. The windows were wide and on the second and third stories were large balconies.

Debbie walked back to the front porch, picking up the basket and carrying it and Ryan in to the house.

They moved down a long hallway and turned in to a large kitchen. Debbie detached the two boxes from the bottom of the basket and placed them on the counter. She then placed the basket on the kitchen table and then gently placed Ryan back in it.

He watched as she opened the largest box first and removed the gallon bottle of pinkish liquid. She opened the fridge door and put the bottle inside. She then opened the second box and removed not only the control that had been used on Ryan, but five more. She lined them up on the counter.

Ryan’s stomach began growling loudly. It suddenly occurred to him that he had not had anything to eat or drink since that night at the club with Cassandra.
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