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Waking up in the morning to find my sheets with skid marks and a turtle hanging out….
Oh dear ….I thought to myself…
I was in a room all to myself for this very reason.
The windows were open and it still stunk…
I was not coping very well…
To make matters worse was the door to my room opening by one of the boys to see if I was up and ready for breakfast.
Ohhhh you dirty bustard….
Shitty arsed bustard ….was his comments.
I jumped in to the shower before anyone else seen me in the dorm corridor.
Having showered and still dripping and still got soap suds behind my ears I made my way back to my room.
All screaming and shouting could be herd from out side the door…
I stunk the shower room out in my attempts at cleaning myself up.
As the all boys school bullies piled into my room to show there dis-satisfaction .. I got a good kicking.
Limping out to breakfast… I was confronted by the staff .
Grabing me by the jaw and lips like a fish … my hair was ripped into conformity which I failed to atchive.
Sitting at the table and saying grace I was booted under the table and in my pain I yelped.
Not grassing up the culprits I was told to behave and have some respect…
Ok …. I reply.

After breakfast it was time to walk down the corridor to the school assembly.
I was in hiding to be out last…
Every one is now in the diner hall and I was out the door and over the playground .. over the field and thinking I was in the clear of absconding .
Wrong… one of the staff knowing me quite well knew I was off…
I spotted his huge spotlights on his huge 4x4 land rover gaining down on me…
I made for the little beck about 800 yards to my left…
I made the stream as the land rover was forced to stop or crash…
Out jumped the staff and I was over and up into the tree line.
This member of staff was the best at bringing in the absconders but he knows ive been caught many time before by him and was wise to his tricks…
To be caught would mean more torturer at break times , dinner times and home times…
I cannot afford to be caught.
Through the tree line and over fields I was away and gone..
I know he dosent give up… I know he is hot on my heels … I know I don’t stop running.
I make it to town… I try to blend in…
In a school uniform is hard… and smelling again I know it was going to be even harder as I cannot go in to a shop smelling of my accident so I head off for the supermarket to clean my self up.
Walking through to the toilets I find the baby changing rooms and lock myself in.
Taking off my soiled underwear I put it in the bin and got one of the pampers off the shelf which was available from product testers and money off voltures
I know I have a long way to go as home was 25 miles away.
From previous experiences I know my uniform would be a give away around here and states to the public in that area I wasn’t aloud out of school without staff present
So I need to change.
I know the charity shops have cheep clothes and stuff that’s supposedly no good is thrown out.
So I arrive and change into anything that fits and roll my uniform up and place in a bag with spare diapers I got from the super market.
Walking some distance I get tired and as I was walking down an alley way…
I see this caravan sticking out.
Looking around .. I see no one so I snuck inside and fell asleep.
I woke up realizing it was morning an a lady was putting out her washing on the washing line.
She seen me through the window of the caravan and came to the door and blocked off my escape route…
She started screaming for her husband and me in a state of panic myself said I mean you no harm.. I was just resting…
Anyway.. her husband came out and confronted me and asked what I was doing and I explained myself….
Call the police she was demanding.
Please don’t do that… please…
The husband grabbed me by the arm and said lets go inside and talk about this…
Without hesitating … I allowed to be taken into the house where he sat me at the kitchen table …
I was planning escape.. any weapons if things get out of hand…
There was another girl at the table eating breakfast ..
Hello I said politely…
The woman put a plate in front of me and served me something to eat.
I was very grateful because
1 they diddent phone the police
2 I was hungery…
(three days after I popped a thank you card through there door.)
he placed the bag I had my diapers and school uniform on the table…
I think you need to change …
Blushing and not knowing where to put myself… I nodded.
The girl at the table was smirking at me while looking at her food.
The husband showed me the bathroom and I took off the dirty diaper and cleaned myself up…
I was quite sore from walking in that diaper in summer and hot.
But I knew I needed to use them so I put the pampers on.
Back at the table the girl asked me where I got my shirt from.
Ohh… I got it from a charity shop I replied…
Ohh… she says
I have one just like it…
She continues to explain that it was a blouse and it was woman’s clothing…
I didn’t mind too much as it wasn’t school issue.
As I said my thank you and sorry for causing any distress I made my way to the bus stop and got the bus home to my nana who gave me a hug of relief I was ok and followd by a clip around the lug hole only to find social services in the front room…
Come in and have a seat…the big man said.
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Mina Silverwind
I love what you have so far, keep up the nice work, and I hope you succeed in the future as a writer&storyteller.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Baby Flo
I like it! Keep it going!
Love everybody
everybody will Love you
hi is this story ever going to be finshed just as he got home and think he was safe what next
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