The Rowan Family (pg)
thsi is my saga Bethan ythechose n one as 1 stand alone full story complete with epilogue with every chapter in order and edited/added to
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The Rowan family: 1-9 including epilogue
The rowan family are a family of powerful white withces whoahve a turbulant past and much strife intheri lives. this is theristory pelase i hope yo uenjoy it now the whoel story is here with now breacks jsut one novel

is walking trough a field of daffodils hugging her teddy close to her she hears a voice
the voice is sweet and kind and she trusts it for some reason. The voice belongs to a women or a little girl but she cant see who it belongs to she begins to get a little scared she feels a little warmth spread into her pull-up but stops it from flooding out by crossing her legs then she cant hold it any more and she floods her thick pull-up but feeling much better.

The owner of the voice appears in front of her and it belongs to a beautiful woman with long silver hair and a kind face with just white eyes, she has a beautiful golden dress on and has 4 angel wings. "You are a very special child Bethany. You have power child you can do things no other child can. You can heal and cast spells you know because you have done it. Now you must learn to use your powers or they will eat away at you must learn and develop child there will be need of you later."

The figure vanishes leaving little
Bethany with dozens of questions
"Who are you?"
"Why me"
"What must I do?"
Please comeback I need your help please. She begins to sob and as she does the fields disappear and are replaced by her bedroom carpet which is pink and fluffily and the four walls of her room also pink and her own little bed. she opens her eyes and she feels warm wetness between her legs and her think pull-up is soaked that she always has to wear to bed it is still dark so she takes of the pink Disney princess pull up and throws it away then puts another pull-up on cos she knows she will wet again .

Chapter 1:Back to school after half term
Bethanys mum Marina came into Bethany's room at 8 oclock to wake her up shes still sound asleep when she comes in
Marina wakes her gently and Bethany moans then marina talks first the same question every morning. morning Huni how are you feeling. Its time to get up and ready for school."

at this point Marina does not mention Bethanys pull-up
for she knows her youngest daughter is very sensitive about her "condition and she knows
Bethany can sort herself out anyway.

Bethany got up finding herself dry for the time being first puts on her soft t pink panties over the dry pull-up then her school uniform. She packed her bag with her book, pencil case, reading record and 2 pull-ups from her dresser then she goes into the bathroom which is empty since Lexis: Bethanys 11 year old sister had already caught the bus to her high school.
She undresses again wondering why she got dressed in the first place then had a shower and put her long Blonde hair in a pony tail. Then gets dressed again and goes downstairs where her mum had a bowl of jammy ready break waiting for her and a glass of apple juice.
She eats and drinks her breakfast and then is ready to go so goes into the lounge and watches cartoon till mummy was ready to take her to school.

It doesnt take long for
Marina to be ready to take Bethany to school. So once they are both ready Marian says to Bethany come on sweetie time for school up you get and hop into the car
Marian follows the eager little girl out to the car and once they are strapped in
Bethany on her booster seat. They set oft to the school both attend the little girl as a pupil and her mother as an art teacher. Once they arrive Marian drops Bethany outside the school gate to join her friends and then goes to park her car.

Bethany walks to the tree that her and her small group of friends hang out near. The girls dont really mix with the other girls at the school for various reasons. Bethany sees her friends and happily waves to them, they wave back and she goes over. Bethany has 3 close friends firstly There is Marium Khalid who was an Indian girl with sort brown eyes and frizzy black hair she always covered her legs because she was Muslim, then there is Jessica Sanchez who was a small slender girl who was the best under 8 gymnast I n the school and was a ballerina, she had olive brown skin and dark brown hair, she was Spanish recently come to America, finally there was Chloe Kristofsky who was a fantastic artist and loved to draws and paint. She was Jewish and had slightly pale skin and red hair that was in ringlets. Bethany sat with them and they talk about what they did over the half term holiday. The bell went and they lined up with the rest of year 2 for the teacher. The girls noticed two new girls in the class they were both red haired and blue eyed and they looked and dressed identical and they were stood next to each other.

Miss summer came and took the kids into class then when they were all sat down she told them
That the first order of business today children is to welcome Sophie and Abigail Brightwaters some twins from the UK to our little family girls would you like to come up in front of the class and tell us about yourselves?
Of course miss summer, The two girls said in unison.
Good morning every one I am Abigail and this is my twin sister Sophie our daddy is now one of the school governors. We like gymnastics, ballet, drama and reading.  The girls both spoke
with heavy Irish accents it was clear that Abigail was the leader and Sophie followed her sister.
Miss summer stood up and told the girls to sit down. They so and then miss summer asked if any one would like to talk about what they did over the half term. There were many volunteers but not Bethany who had a really sad experience concerning her daddy.

A few girls stand up to tell the classes. The 4 of us had a pool party at Sonjas house and had a great time, and then we had a slumber party which was cool.
Wow Natasha Im glad you had a good time any more volunteers year 2?Miss Summer chuckled brightly
What about you Bethany have you anything to tell us.
Bethany goes all quiet and sullen and sad no miss summer I dont want to talk about half term not in front of the class something bad happened to daddy.
Okay thats fine sweetie I understand. Anyone else want to say anything year 2?
Jessica stands up I went to see May family in Spain and we had paella and I got a little cousin called Antonia shes 4 months old a whole class of the 20 girls oh and aww at this.

Bethany suddenly felt a desperate need to go so she asks and goes out to the toilet but is too late so she ends up wetting her pull-up before she even left the class room. One of the bright water girls hears it since she was right next to her when it happened. Unbeknownst to Bethany her pull-up leaked a little and although not obvious would in plain sight of Abigail if she turned around which she did and then giggles and shouts at the top of her voice

Look Bethany has wet herself. Bethany goes crimson with embarrassment and sits down knowing she has been found out and starts to cry. As the twins begin bullying her calling her baby, and saying look at you Bethany baby 7 years old and you still wet your pants like a baby.
By now
Bethany is crying her eyes out and is unable to speak because of the embarrassment and humiliation. She then stands up with her bag and runs out of the class room crying firstly to getaway form the hurtful taunts from her class secondly to change her clothes and her diaper, she is so upset and so angry while she rediapering herself some words come into her head but she doesnt understand them:

Abigail wethan pantarax imadall.
Sophiran wethan pantarax imadall

Strangely the words dont scare here and she realises they are being said in her voice but inside her head. She thinks back to the dream she had last night and remembers the women saying
You have power child you can do things children cant

The little girl in the school bathrooms in just her diaper and blouse thinks on this and decides to listen to the words and decided what she will do next time the twins upset her and see what the words do if they doe anything at all¦.. Then she puts on her clean skirt, shoes and socks and plans her next move.

Chapter 2: Revenge!
Bethany made up her mind. She decided she would let the bullying stew for a while then hit the twins when they least expected it. It was no secret to her now that she could cast spells cos her mother could and her sister could but a spell can easily be a curse. The worlds began to make sense to her now the ones that she heard in her head.

Abigail wethan pantarax imadall.
Sophiran wethan pantarax imadall

These words meant the following:
You will wet you pants immediately. Bethany knew it was a curse and knew it would embarrass the twins but she didnt know how long the effects would last, nor the repercussions it might have on her with the Wicca rule of three .she was completely unaware of this rule at the time.

She returned to the class room just in time to start literacy time and as soon as she got in the twins started with the snide remarks and hurtful taunts.
Does baby enjoy her change, how does it feel to know you dont have to go to the bathroom like the rest of us of us with that thick padding between your legs baby?

The last one really hurt the little girl she decided let her emotions get the better of her because she was so angry and upset.
She got so emotional she felt a little warmth flow into her diaper, this only added to her anger she put her hand on Abigails forehead and felt the dreadful words come to her mind and could not control herself anymore

Abigail wethan pantarax imadall

The words were spoken in her mind alone there were no words spoken out loud
As so as her minds voice finished saying the words Bethany felt a tingling in her hands and the next second Abigail felt a desperate un ignorable urge to go potty and without warning she felt warmth trickle in first into her thick panties which absorbed some but then she couldnt stop even though she tried and down her legs did her hot pee flow. Luckily none could see the puddle under her chair or smell her but she knew as soon as she stood up her accident would be visible to the whole class.
Miss summer noticed and went over to Abigail very quickly and spoke to her quietly so she wouldnt be embarrassed now you know how it feels Abi. Go now to the nurses office I will deal with Bethany separately okay goes on be quick your closes must be cold and clammy by now.
Abi was now weeping softly as Bethany had but at least Bethany who saw everything allowed her to retain her dignity.
Miss summer can I take Abi to the nurse office I need to talk to her about something.
Miss summer replied of course you can Bethany perhaps help her keep her dignity.
Okay miss summer ill do that. Bethany was surprised Sophie hadnt rushed to help her sister perhaps it was to avoid embarrassing her or perhaps it was something else.

* * * *
Bethany walked with Abigail through the deserted hall towards the nurses office holding her hand.
Abi was still crying so Bethany took the opportunity to speak first.
Abi I am sorry I had to do that to you but your insults were really hurting me here. she puts her hand over her heart. that last one you said about the padding hurt the most and I just lost control know a spell that can dry you off and you wont need to go to the nurses office would you like me to try it.?
Abi Looked at her earnestly and dried her eyes she was so stunned.
Bethany what are you,? Exactly how can you cast spells are you a witch? Also how long will this problem last that you have forced me to have.
She spat the last words angrily
Yes Abi I guess you could say I was a witch just like I know you are but your sister isnt. By the way I dont know how long that spell will last Abi
It was a curse you see cos I was so angry with you im so sorry all I know is it will certainly last all today and night.
Abi. Is horrified she sobs a little W...What am gonna be havin accidents all day? Isnt there anyway you can stop it. I swear ill never say nothin nasty to ya ever again.
No I cant Abi I am not powerful enough but I can give you something that will stop you embarrassing yourself but you have to trust me. Come with me to the girls bathroom.
Abi looks at her dumfounded what are ya talkin abut Bethany like diapers.
Yes Abi like diapers unless you would rather wet the floor all day. She casts the drying spell.
Abi reluctantly aggress to the pull-ups knowing her has no other choice. She is so ashamed¦.

Chapter 3: the rule of 3
Bethany and Abigail decided to put their differences aside and they become friends. They talk while Bethany helps Abi into the pull-up but neither are embarrassed sine the pull-ups are necessary for both girls now. Bethany gives Abi. A spare pull up for when the inevitable happens and she accepts it gratefully. Once they are ready they go back to class. The rest of the day passed in a blur for both girls but sadly her other friends Chloe, Jessica and Marium were less forgiving and less accepting although none of them mentioned it. Sophie was strangely quiet it was pretty obvious who the lead twin had been who was now wearing a thick pull-up instead of panties cos she had been cursed for her unkindness and she regretted it.
Before the day was out both diapered girls had to be changed then they went home. It turned out that they only lived a street away form each other Bethany on Ash Street and the twins on Elm Street just up the road.

As Bethany and her mum were driving home marina asked how was her day so Bethany told her everything about the bullying and the curse and the making up and forming a new friendship with Abi. Her mum was shocked all of a sudden and full of anger. They pulled up at their house Lexi wouldnt be back for a while.

Once inside Marina sternly told Bethany to sit down on the sofa and then marina sat with her next to her. She didnt shout but her message was clear.
You Bethany are a good witch, im so disappointed in you; because you are a good witch using dark magic has dire consequences for you. Bethany looks away in shame, Marina firmly pull her back to face her.
look Huni im not mad at you but I should let you know that all witch are bound to a rule of three which means whatever we use magic to do it will come back threefold you understand?.
Bethany nods and starts to cry.
What you did to Abi was a curse which means you will get it back three times worse very soon.
Bethany become frightened mummy what does that mean for me will I die?
Marina hugs her daughter close
no you wont die but you might have some real problems in a few days you might lose complete control of your bladder and even mess yourself uncontrollably but thats the worst that will happen and it will lonely last as long as the original curse will. But there is a way to reverse it.
Bethany stops crying and looks hopeful I dont want to have that happen to me what have a got to do and how long do I have?
You have to take the curse back to yourself using a spell that I must do with you and Lexi before the moon is fully up. Otherwise the rule of three will cause you to loose control. Are you ready?
Yes mummy im ready if it saves me.

At that moment Lexi came in who also had long blonde hair and was very petit. Even thought she was 4 years older then her sister she was only a little taller her eyes were emerald green. Lexi knew of her powers as a witch ad knew of the rule of three by seeing the look on her mums face she knew betray had cursed someone, and she knew of the ritual they would all have to perform to save Bethany from the rule of three..

Marina told them all to get ready for the ritual they would need white robes, dandelions, rowan sprigs and the pentagram in the attic. Marina then tells Lexi of the curse that Bethany had cast and its repercussions. She also told her oldest daughter of the circumstances the curse was cast. Bethany had started crying again and her big sister hugged her real close and told her soothingly
Dont worry baby we will make sure you dont suffer form the rule of three here all that you will have to do is take the curse back unto yourself thats not so bad. All it means is that you will wet more then usual but it will be okay miss summer already knows about your problem you, will be fine baby honest.
Bethany took the hug and kissed Lexi thank you Lexi that helps a lot lets do it¦..

* * **

Meanwhile At the bright water home.

The twins come in and Sophie immediately tells on Abi. And tells her daddy everything that had happened she left out the bullying so it seemed like Bethany was the nasty one not them. Abi defended her new friend and all of a sudden helplessly wet her pull up allot. It leaked and Paddy Bright water noticed straight a way and shouted at his now incontinent daughter
What the hill are ye playin at Abi for gods sake I thought youd grown outta this wetting b now after 5 years git upstairs and git changed ill deal with you later.
She protested but dadio I was cursed someone put a spell on me that made me wet myself please listen to me. Paddy stormed off and she followed getting angry.
look dadio its not like Sophie said we were bullying the lass about having a bladder problem an she turned out to be a witch like me daddy, like me.
Paddy turned on his daughter then and slapped her hard enough to make here cry and run off upstairs but before she does alrig that does it lass ill not ave any more a your hocus pocus shenanigans in mi home. Go to your room and stay there till teatime.
I hate you daddy I hate you. Screamed Abi and ran upstairs crying her eyes out
I know ya dont mean that you hate me Abi git to ya room or ill whack ya again.

In her room crying Abi thought of something:
Mams not here any more so im the only one with the gift in the family now so why does dad treat me like this.
I cant cast spells yet even never been taught, I cant make potions or read Gaelic, as for my power its easy to block I cant believe even my own sister fears me. But im so helpless to do something about it without any knowledge of magic. My own power can only be used to hurt people I cant help anyone e with it. I wonder if Bethanys family can help me. If she is like me then perhaps her whole family is.
With this thought in her head she felt happier then she had in a long time and fell asleep after removing her wet school diaper and putting on her thick overnight diaper.
Back Bethanys house the ritual was going ahead

Marina was saying
Fire form the north we call you to aid us
Lexi said
Water from the south we call you to aid us.
Bethany said
Air from the west we call you to aid us
Marina said
Earth from the east we cal you to aid us spirits of the elements awaken and guide us In the name of the goddess

All three girls say together.
The power of three will set us free
The power of the elements will set us free
The power of spirits will set us free.
Bethany whispered
The curse so foul I did call return to me from beyond the wall, I take the wake of those I curst recall to me and make me worst.

The girls are holding hands with eyes closed the pile of rowan sprigs and dandelions burst into read flame, then green flame then yellow flame then true flame they burned away and the smoke was inhaled by Bethany. The curse was on her now not Abi. They had broken the circle.

Chapter 4: Abis calling
Abi had a dream!
She was in her baby doll night gown and she found herself in a plain of darkness
She started to walk then she heard a voice, the voice warm and soothing but seemed to come from all around. The voice for all its coldness dint scare here no it was what the voices said that did
Your powers are calling to you Abi, cant you fell it the yearning for pain and violence. You must embrace it my sweet. Its time to show your father what you can do
Abi was terrified now so scared was she that she lost control and wet herself.
She cried out to the surrounding inky blackness
What do you want; show yourself im not afraid of you. Show me who you are!
The voice laughed and then whispered
As you wish
then a flock of crows flies together and circle each other then becomes the shape of a women, with long read hair wearing a black dress, her eyes were green of the purest emerald and her face full of pain she was chained to a post and her face was tear streaked.
Here I am my dear you must avenge me.
Abi screamed in terror as she recognised her mum form the pictures she had salvaged form the bin who died when she was 1 who was chained to the post with the spiked chains


The women spoke quietly to her daughter
Come closer my sweet come and realise me from torment I beg you please the pain is indescribable the w women was weeping now bitterly in pain as the chains bit deeper.
You must help me my child you must break the wards around me so I can be free from this. Then around the chained up woman 5 wards appeared in unbroken circles around her

First was the ward of fire. The ward of rage and suffering to ward against evil
Next was the ward of water. The ward loyalty and cleansing to ward against lies
Third was the ward of earth a great ring of jagged stones. The ward of justice and strength. The ward against treachery
Then the ward of the storm impassable: the ward of ignorance and selfishness the ward against all dark or corrupting influence
The final ward was the ward of light the ward of purity and healing. The ward against dark magic.

Abi dined not know the truth of what her mother had done to end up like this all she saw was her mummy trapped and suffering behind walls of elemental energy.
Another voice told her

No leave her here she is trapped for her sins she can never be realised. Realising her would doom your whole family and all your friends. Leave her just walk away she is not your mother any more child I swear this to be true.

With that the dark plain vanished and she woke screaming in a cold sweat with her sheets soaked with it. She felt her crotch and found herself to have wet the diaper she was wearing to almost saturation point. She just lay there terrified for a time that seemed like hours then came to her senses with horrid thoughts from the dream in her mind. She stripped her sheets and pulled the spares from under the bed. She knew she had to tell someone of this and not her daddy or her sister. That left only one choice Bethany. maybe she will be able to help me thought Abi but she could not get back to sleep she was so scared and so she quickly took off her diaper and pulled on some thick woollen panties with an absorbent pad I n the centre to absorb any of the slight night wettings she was prone to often the diapers were for very bad wettings and sleepovers. She looked out of her window the sun was rising slowly it was dawn.

She played with her toys for a while and thought to herself then she waited for her daddy to get up and make her breakfast. He always woke soon after dawn and trained in martial arts and weights for a while till it was time for him to go to work. She waited patiently and wept bitterly. She knew here sister would sleep through it she always did.
Abi thought to herself why was she always the one with the problem Sophie had long ago grown out of night diapers and pads, Sophie was clearly the favritie and sometimes gloated about it where as Abi was always the younger one, always the one doing wrong she was filled with deep anger at herself and her family so she decided to practice the little magic she knew.

She took up her violin and sung to herself
By a lonely prison wall I heard a young girl callin.
Micheal they have taken you away
For ya stole travaleions corn so the young might see the morn
Now a prison ship lies waitin in the bay.

Low lie the fields of Athenerye where once we watched the smaller free birds fly
Our love was on the wing
We had dreams and songs to sing
Now where so lonely round the fields of Athenerye
The song brought back memories of better times that made her heart ache
She stopped paling and cried herself to sleep
At this same time as Abi was doing this Bethany was suffering form the effects of the returned cause had a lot on her mind and could not sleep. She had to change her pull-up once already and was running out she dreaded what tomorrow would be like.
It was coming to dawn and she watched the sun rise with great joy and feel asleep there after only a minute or two thinking of her new friend Abi and hoping she was okay now and how they could get to know each other better...
A great idea struck her while she slept.

Chapter 5: Humiliation and pain
Next day Bethany knew she would be spending the whole day under the influence of the returned cure so made a point of putting a much thicker diaper on today under her skirt . It was so thick k she couldnt wear panties but her skirt was long and her walk was still unimpeded however this was little comfort since she had gymnastics today with her whole class , she realised she would have to explain her terrible situation to miss summer and sort something out to stop her embarrassment. She knew she could leave nothing out so after she was ready she spoke to her mummy over breakfast.
Err mummy I need you to help me, you see you know I reversed the curse against Abi? Well I need you to explain discreetly to miss summer what that will mean I dont think I will have the guts to its just so embarrassing it was bad before but now its much worse I swear Ive learned my lesson mummy ill never curse anyone again.
Marian smiled and touched Bethany diaper covered crotch. It was warm already and Bethany hadnt noticed but she muttered a few words under her breath to help her daughter.

The curse returned the lessen learned
Remove the curse to end her pain
This deed will never happen again
I break the spell
So all things will be well
There you go baby Ive broke the curse because I know you learned your lessen you will lb e back to normal now but if you are not keep the thick diaper anyway. Oh by the way youre wet.
Bethany cringed and cried out
Why didnt you break the curse before ive bene having accidents since the curse was returned, I mean I did any way but many times more often.
Marian laughed kindly

I had to be sure you had learned your lesson. White witches like us must never use our magic to hurt or humiliate or for anything evil. Its a hard lesson but you learned it now and if you do curse someone again I wont bail you out. By the way Huni dont forget you gym whites and take some panties with you since the curse is lifted just keep that thick diaper on till you know for sure.

Are you ready to go sweetie? Marina asked after Bethany had finished her breakfast and gathers her PE whites.
Yes mum but do I have to keep this thing on I can hardly walk.
No dont baby just go change into a pull up and put your panties on we are late. So hurry up."

Bethany went to sort herself out peed again in the thick diaper to be sure her bladder was empty before going to school land then they arrived at the school she still had her idea, her idea was a sleepover with Abi, Chloe, Marium and Jessica at her house on Friday so they could get to know her properly and make friends with her. Also Bethany finally felt ready to tell her friends her secret even though they had known her four 4 years they still didnt know she was a witch neither did they know her mum and her sister were as well.
The day went on with out incident the girls played, and did art; Sophie and Abi didnt say anything unpleasant neither did any of the other girls. Then it was time for gymnastics just before lunch. Her other friends were still very unkind and called her all sorts of horrible names to Abi for what she and Sophie said to Bethany about her problem that they all knew about.

However Bethany broke up the squabbles and spoke to her friends. The had gone too far and mad Abi cry by Jessica calling her a unmentionable word she heard form her arguing parents
Leave Abi alone please shes not been nasty to you all day and shes my friend now. Please just lave her alone I forgave her for yesterday and she has stopped. She didnt mention the curse to them because they wouldnt understand lets leave it at that and try to be big girls we got the best less on next gymnastics. Bethany went over to Abi and comforted her with a hug.
Dont worry abbey ignore them I have a plan that will get you all to be friends please dont cry?
Abi dried her tears and whispered to Bethany.

Thanks fir stickin by me it woulda been easy ta just join in. the way you took that curse back from me last night showed me how nice a fiend ya are. But why did ya do it after I was so horrid ta ya?
Bethany looked very uneasy
err if I dint take it back then the next few days would have bene a lot worse for me suppose I had left you wetting yourself then I would have lost all control of my body and would have smelly accidents if you know what im mean.
Alright I git ya lets get ready for games.

Soon al the girls were read y and we went into the hall. They were asked by miss summer to show what we could remember from their group work before the summer holiday Jessica decided to show off. Then did a perfect back flip and landed on her feet showing her panties a little when upside down. Every one clapped it was no secret she was the best under 8s gymnast in the whole county
Abi and Sophie did a routine they ahead practiced since before they arrived
It was impressive and well combined but the moves were basic.

It was Bethanys turn and she was nervous, she could do a cartwheel into a hand stand followed by a roll to finish. She did it but mid way through the handstand her nerves got the better of her and she wet her pull up whilst her pull-up was in full view of the class. Because she had forgotten to put on her panties.
Everyone watched as the font of the pull up went yellow and to make things worse when she landed her roll it went wrong cos she was nervous and she landed on her bum causing her full pull up to leak and it was obvious she had wet herself as there was now a small puddle around her as the impact caused the pull up to burst.
Every one was stunned then the whole class including her friends laughed at her misfortune the only one who didnt was Abi who kindly pushed past the other giggling girls and help the stricken Bethany .up standing in front of her to maintain her last shred of dignity.

Abi turned to face the still laughing girls and look absolutely furious.
She screamed angrily
How would you like it if it happened ta you and everyone laughed at you?
Its not her fault; she has a problem and if anyone laughs at her again ill make ye regret it yourselves got it. Now shut up, and leave her alone!
One of the older girls in the class decided to be stupid and push Abi further.
So how would you make us regret it then Abigail?
Abi laughed coolly. I take it ya never met a witch before did ya.
Abi still furious looked at the older girl and her power manifested itself

Imperia agona wethan

Then she looked at the girl eye to eye Abis eyes blood red for a second then a streak of read light to fast to follow hit the other girl in the stomach and knocked her flying
The girl then felt great pain in her bladder. The impact from Abis spell provided too much for the other girls very full bladder.

Abi snapped out of her rage and was horrified at what she had just done. She knew not where the words in her mind came from then she said them out loud she had no idea what she and just done and knew that miss summer had seen every thing.

Miss summer glared at Abi and said barley keeping her voice under control
Abigail bright water I will talk to you after the session takes Bethany to the nurse room then goes and gets changed and dont come backing to the lesson your in real trouble.

Bethany now equally horrified and both girls in tears went to the nurses office to showered and fixed up and Abi full of self loathing went to get changed and cried till the class returned. She knew what would await her when her daddy heard about this and didnt want to think about it.

Chapter 6 the Dark maiden
At the end of the gym lesson they girls all came back in and got dressed while they were dressing miss summer took Abi into a side room and left the class with the class assistant. She didnt look angry but she did look disappointed. Once inside she closed the door and gestured for Abi to sit down on one of the chair. Abi did as she was told abut squirmed uncomfortably. Miss summer sat down and Abi looked at the floor ashamed. Miss summer gently took Abis chin in her hand and turned her to face her. She met Abis eyes for a second and Abi averted her eyes slightly.
Miss summer spoke quietly.
I am very disappointed in what you have just done to Jennifer Abigail. You know you will have to be punished but that can wait. I need to know how long you have had this power Abigail.
Abi looked down cast and a few tears escaped her eyes.
Well miss summer that was d first time I knew I had it, that was the first time it ever manifested. I was really scared at d time. Ya see my daddy knew I was different, he told me all d time that he didnt want me ta use my powers ever. Any books I had about witchcraft that me mam left me he burned, He told me it was for the best but I knew there was another reason. You dont take ya daughters inheritance off her for not reason¦ She trailed off now and couldnt continue she was crying so much her body was being shaken by sobs.

Miss summer stood up and held out he arms for this sad little girl and Abi accepter the embrace and cried into her teachers shoulder for a full minute before she was ready to carry on and even then she was still sobbing a little. Miss summer decided t o take the chance to put things right. She whispered in Abis ear:
Look Abi I know all about magic and witch craft Bethanys mummy is one of my best friends and has told me all about it. Your behaviour was wrong but your intentions were good. I know cos I saw the whole thing but there are some rules about being a witch that you must know if your daddy has kept them from you. Are you ready to know what they are?
Abi nodded weakly and dried her eyes and took a deep breath to get herself composed
Yes miss summer im ready.
So miss summer told Abigail bright water all about the rule of three and what being a witch actually meant.
She told Abi that Bethany and her whole family had the power.
Miss summer also told her that Abi could learn a lot from Bethany and her family if she asked the right questions.
The last think the teacher said is that Abigails power would be a gift if she used it right and a curse if she didnt.
Then she left Abi to think on all this and digest it in the side room to go and see what the other girls were up to. They were dress and sat in their seats but they were talking and staring at Abi and glaring at her Bethany had not arrived back yet.

When Bethany did arrive back no one said anything to her about her accident and humiliation they just got on with their work. The class didnt even stare at or talk about Abi it was as if nothing had happed. Miss summer must have had a word with the class about Bethany and Abi; Abi would rather not think about what might have been said. It was clear though that Bethanys friends did not like Abi or Sophie and because Bethany spent more time with Abi then them they werent bothered about her much either.

Also they knew Bethany hadnt forgiven them for laughing at her humiliation and she wouldnt for several days. They knew it better to leave her in such situations without trying to force conversation. The rest for the day progressed like normal with only glares and whispered conversation about Abi and Bethany form the other girls.

It was Friday and Abi and Bethany had arranged a sleep over at Bethanys house to get to know each other better. Abi had a lot of questions for Marina and she didnt know about Lexi so she was in for an interesting evening.
Abi stop at her house first to pick up her overnight stuff and violin and then they walked to Bethanys house.
The two girls had a great evening playing with dolls and sharing stories about their lives with marina and Lexi. It soon became clear that Lexi was not keen on Abi after what Bethany had told them both earlier in the week. Abi told Marina that she had no mummy because she died when the twins were very young. After a fun night Marian told Bethany and Abi to get ready for bed. Lexi was very tired and was already asleep. Abi decided she had to tell marina about her bedwetting but she anted to tell her when Bethany wasnt around. So when Bethany was in the bathroom Abi spoke to marina downstairs.
Miss Marina I ave something to tell ya but I don want ya ta tell Bethany cos its really embarrassing. Promise you wont tell her?
Marina sat down next to her and said reassuringly
Dont worry sweetie I wont tell Bethany if you dont want to and please call me marina so what do you want to tell me?
I sort of wet d bed some nights marina, I hope thats okay. She blushes crimson.
Thank you for telling me Abi, of course its okay Huni. Bethany has lots of diapers if you need them. I wont tell her I promise go n go upstairs to Bethanys room and set out your beds.
The two girls go and sort out there beds and after saying good night to Marina the two are soon asleep they are both very tired.
Abis dreams are tormenting her to her very soul:

She is walking into a church, there is a large man sitting at the front pew dozing.
Abi calls to him but her voice is not her own. It belonged to women much older.
Good evening father Murphy. Time ta settle d score.
The priest turned round with a gun in his hand he laughed coldly
And good even to ya my dear daughter time ta ends your Godcurst family once and for all. Before he pulled the trigger
There was her voice again.

Sepentia tansmophax

The gun in the priests hand becomes as black viper and the priest hurls it form him
Then Abi in her new body that spoke in her mothers voice ran at the priest drew a curved dagger and slit his throat and threw him to the ground.
I dont think so daddy you killed too many of us already.

Then all went black and Abi found herself poring arsenic into a mug of ale which she then went and gave it to the man in the chair by the fire. She then kissed him it was obviously her husband. So after he died. By now she was desperate to wake up but there was still more horrors for her to see yet. And she could not wake up.

The last thing she saw was a bubbling black brew and her mother (herself)
Saying words to a doll that looked like a young boy

I curse thee Sean o Reilly.
Before the next full moon.
You will die of the dreaded pox
For your fathers crimes against my family.
Now your family will suffer the same fate.
Then she dropped the doll into the brew and the next thing she saw was a large house wit ha Red Cross on the door and the windows blocked up. She turned and walked away.

It struck Abi like a sledge hammer then. These were only some of the unforgivable deeds that her evil mother had done. She knew she had to have answers what ever the cost¦

Her mind breaks free from the frighteningly vivid, all to real dreams and she awakes Bethany is still asleep and Abi makes up her mind there is no way in hell she is going to free her mother and from now one she will try hard to block her mothers dark influence. She had to tell Bethany the news so she quickly but gently shook her and said excitedly Bethany, Bethany wake up I got something really important ta tell ya.

Groggily Bethany turned over and moaned but she a was awake what is it Abi she said in a sleepy voice.
I had their horrible dream just now and it proved to me that me mam was evil so I vowed to block her from me mind.
Bethany listens intently but says nothing while Abi told her all about the dreams she and exactly what happened in them and she also told of having he meetings she with her mum. Explaining everything in detail and Bethany was fascinated and revolted at the same time. Abi finally finished then the two sat in silence for awhile. Abi felt wetness creep into her diaper with out thinking. She didnt know she had wet till she felt it in her diaper. Bethany quickly got up and ran to the bathroom
The girls then chat for a long time since neither can sleep now knowing what they knew.
Abi decided to stay quiet about her accident. The girls talked till dawn about all kinds of things but they dont mention Abis mum again. They are just two little girls in diapers at a sleep over for now.

Chapter 7: The ritual of purification and protection

Girls woke up wetter then they had been when they went to sleep but luckily there were no leaks. Bethany then recalled the events of last night that Abi said she saw In dreams and no w the shock had warn off she had some thoughts to share with Abi.
Hey Abi were you serious about those weird dreams last night?
Abi nods solemnly, Bethany frowns,
Well I dont think you should be having those dreams they are horrible perhaps my mummy will be able to help you get rid of the awful dreams or at least find out the cause of it. I think my mummy can help you but you have to let me tell her or she wont be able to help you at all okay?
Hey Bethany id rather tell her myself if thats okay when I feel ready, I dont want you to tell her or anyone else please.
Okay I understand shall we get out of this wet diapers and go have breakfast then Abi
Abis tummy rumbles.
Yeah lets im starving.
The two girls help each other out of their wet soggy diapers and Abi although she dont need them decides she wanted to wear a pull-up like Bethany so she didnt have to go potty when they were playing.
Then they each had their time in the bathroom cos Lexi was still asleep, it was only just after dawn.

The girls went down stairs expecting Marina to still be in bed. As it happened she was up already and Abi and Beth were invited to sit down and have jammy ready break. Marina smiled and laughed
Morning girls, you two are up early did you both sleep well?
Abi stayed silent stirring her ready break it was obvious something was troubling her.
Whats wrong Abi are you okay? Marina asked in a concerned tone
Abi replies immediately
im having these horrible nightmares marina , I sees some things a horrible women did to people many years ago and the womens keep visiting me in dramas and begging me to free here but I darent not after what she did am I loosing my mind Marina?
Marina hugs Abi close to her chest because she is crying now
No sweetie you arent loosing your mind you just need some help to get the images out of your mind, btw who was the women Abi if you dont mind me asking?
Abi cries out in anguish
Shes my mummy who died just after my sister was born. Please help me block her out marina she is driving me crazy, some nights I scared to sleep, thinking of what dreams she will send me next, shes called Morgana
Abi is becoming hysterical and cant speak any more. Bethany tries to help but Abi just pushes her away
Marina grabs Abi's arms and makes eye contact
She says in a slightly hypnotic voice
Abigail look at me, dont look away, keep looking into my eyes listen to my voice, allow it to fill your mind, listen to me,
The troubled child slowly relaxes and stares deeply into Marinas soft green eyes.
Marina begins a spell:
Morgana mother of Abigail Brightwaters
End this torment of your daughter
Leave her be
She is not like thee
Now be purged from your daughters thoughts
The Earth Mother Shadira commands it to be so!
With those marinas eyes turn gold and Abi feels a dark influence leave her mind.
Its okay Abi youre save now, your safe here. Now rest and be at peace, Morgana wont trouble you for a long time.
Abi feels exhausted and bone weary all of a sudden slumps in Marians arms her rest was now the most important thing.

While Abi sleeps marina and her two daughters are preparing the ritual of protection form evil spirits for Abi then marina plans to teach her defences. For she knew Morgana was far more then just a dark witch, she was
A true dark witch or Bavanshee
A witch whose very soul has been consumed and twisted by the dark magic they used till they became almost pure evil. The true dark witches also lived one after death to torment and weaken before steeling the life force of victims and could live for centuries.

One the ritual was ready they brought Abi into a circle then closed it behind them, each white witch had a wand fro ma different tree, chanting word in a language ancient even to the Celtic druids they were descended from, they encircled the sleeping girl holding hands an went round her 3 times clockwise three times anti clockwise, then they each touched a different part of Abis naked body with their wands her fore head to protect the mind, her heart to protect her soul ,and her neither regions to protect her body. They did this three times till all three wands had touched all three areas till finally Abi was ready. They woke her up and the first think she noticed was she was naked,
Second thing was Bethanys family were all around her an d thirdly she had to pee really badly .she went bright red with embarrassment and covered herself and Bethany came forward and gave her a white robe which Bethany then helped her into then they took Abi to the sacred pool in the attic where the ritual was held and told her to go in and fully submerge herself in the healing waters to complete the protection ritual. Marina told her not to take off her robe.
She did as she was told and to her surprise found the water to be warm and very refreshing.
Then marina brought her out and kissed her on the forehead, and then Lexi did the same as did Bethany.
Abi felt wonderful, like she had not been this content and happy for years. In her mind there was not trace of the Morgana, there were no nagging doubts or uncertainties, she was almost euphoric, and she was so content that she didnt even notice the pleasant warmth spreading into the thick built in panty padding which absorbed most of it but not all of it. A wet patch spread on the robe and down her legs onto the floor. This was done in plain sight of the whole Rowan family

Chapter 8: the Bavanshee Returns!
There are some atrocities that are so vile that even the all loving Earth mother Shadira can not forgive. There are some things even those who she views as her own children, the Witches are forbidden to ever do, even the dark witches. Those who commit these atrocities are abandoned by Shadira and marked as her enemies then when Shadira finds them they are imprisoned in Sarathar. This is the cold and empty world of the dead and forsaken, bound in unbreakable silver chains that burn their Heathen flesh, surrounded by 5 wards of power so they are tormented forever without respite or rescue. Those marked by Shadira die of seemingly natural causes then their torment begins. There are 4 unforgivable crimes in the eyes of Shadira: Using dark magic to incur the cause or spread of deadly diseases, murder in cold blood, and using dark magic to wilfully destroy any member of your own family and stealing life force form another being.

The witches who commit these atrocities soon loose their way and fall to become Bavanshee.
These are the blackest witches , witches whose very souls are consumed and twisted by un clean thoughts, and a love of death and suffering, beautiful Young women who start to use their depraved powers to seduce men and weaken then before they steal their life energy. Some of them can even contact other young witches beyond the wall (between, Sarathar and the world of the living) to lead them down a similar dark path. Although everyone knows you cant contain that much evil in one place for long soon the bonds will fail¦
The euphoria soon wore off once Abi realised she had wet herself in front of the 3 members of the Rowan family Marina, lexi and Bethany. Marina did not look impressed, strangely she didnt look surprised at the turn of events either as one usually does when an 8 year old wets her in fresh clothes she spoke
How do you feel Abi?
Abi went very red all the nice feelings were gone now to be replaced by burning shame all she could manage was
Err wet. Im sorry I ruined the dress
Marian dismissed the other two girls and knelt down so she was at eye level with Abi and talked sternly
You know what im meant Abigail but that doesnt matter. Im guessing your family arent practicing witches is that right?
Abi nods still blushing
Well my family is so these ritual robes are sacred to us so im very upset with you about wetting the robe, but the robe itself will now have to be burned but im not angry cos that ritual does sometimes have effects like this and we have more. Okay but take off the robe and ill show you how to work the shower then ill get you your change of clothes.

So Abi goes and sorts herself out and the family get back into regular clothes and tidy up the wands etc. It is still early so there is no rush but marina feels uneasy about something, she has a very bad feeling that she cant place and doesnt like she tries not to let it bother her¦
Morgana suddenly feels that the chains bonding her have loosened slightly. She casts out her mind to find the cause finding nothing.
She then tries to reach her daughter but when her mind comes close to her daughter she hits a wall that no matter how she tries she cant break down to communicate with her daughter. Morgana can get no closer then the house that her daughter is in. Its not the warding round the house that is stopping her entering it is the older woman in the house who is meditating and strengthening the warding round the old house. It seems she already knows Morgana is there.
The women look into her eyes and then Morgana hears a voice in her mind that she cant ignore yet doesnt recognise
*be gone form here Bavanshee you will not enter this house as long as I protect those within*. The voice came from the woman but was not her voice

The force of the words proves too much for the weakened Bavanshee and she retreats back to her body. Using all her power on the weakened chains she focuses and closes her eyes. Gradually links begin to stretch and break then they are destroyed completely.
Now the chains are broken the wards are weakened so she destroys them one after another which tires her massively but she is free.

For now she is merely spirit she needs to find a body. She opens her mind and soon finds her host. A host who she knows will have no defence against her Bavanshee possession she becomes as smoke and breaks through the wall. Now she must reach her host soon or she will fade away. Her host is taken completely by surprise holding her mothers hand and can offer no resistance as a dark spirit invades her mind, and body. And takes control instantly. Morgana gains access to all her hosts life experiences and memories, and knowledge of a recent fall out with a young girl named Bethany¦
The young girl soon becomes Morgana in every aspect she ceases to be Jessica Sanchez but Morgana is still Jessica Sanchez and now knows exactly how she normally behaves.

Morgana already has her first target planned,
Paddy Bright water.
It was time for her revenge; he had tried to force his principles and belief about magik onto her and her unborn daughters. He had tried to force her to give it up but magik was as much a part of her as his unnatural gift was part of him. Now he must die, his gift was to dangerous to her and her daughters. He was always scared of the magik and now he had a good reason to be.

Jessicas mums sees her daughter a little shaken and asks why, Morgana replies
In Spanish im okay mama it was nothing just I felt guilt about laughing at Bethany after her accident in gym class can I call her when we get home to see if she wants to come round?
Mama replies Sie chica if thats what you want but I think they have visitors But there was some talk about all of us mums going round to Marinas for a drink and im sure you could go if I asked Miss Rowan.
Oh muchas gracias mama.
Morgana plan was going perfectly now she now had sure passage into the Rowan house because she and her mum would be invited in the warding spells on a Wiccan household dont work if one is invited in.

Chapter 9: Shadiras Wrath
Once inside the house Morgana immediately felt her power over the child weaken. A combination of the girls childish thoughts of ponies, teddies, paella, her bedroom, little kittens, love hearts together with her babyish insults and the power of the house itself meant that she wouldnt be able to hold the child much more and would soon have to leave her. She would then have t materialise properly in the house but she would rather wait as long as possible before she had to do that.

Jessica was shaking and shivering and crying immediately y Marina Rowan and Chiquita Sanchez knew something was wrong. The girls noise also attracted Lexi who was doing her homework upstairs, Bethany and Abi who were playing together in the play room as well as he two mums who were already there. Mama Sanchez was the first to ask
Bambino are you okay what is wrong?
Jessica took the opportunity to tell the truth before the evil spirit inside her could speak she cries.
there is something evil in my head mama shes trying to control me please get her out ,please Miss Rowan please help me.!
Suddenly Marinas voce changed and became hypnotic like it had done with Abis exorcism of the same spirit.
Morgana I know thats you now leave the child alone, show yourself to us properly, hide behind an innocent 7 year old girl no longer come out and let her be.
Marinas eyes went gold again and she stares right at Morganas eyes through Jessicas. This last attack proved too much for, Morgana to hold her victim any longer and black mist left the little girl who immediately fell to the ground.

The mist slowly materialised into the most beautiful women any of the girls had ever seen: her hair was black and wavy; her eyes the most piercing shade of blue and her dress a blood red dress with gold edging that hugged her figure. The stunning women then grabs the fallen child in her way and takes her to one side and whispers in her ear thank ya child for getting me in ere you will be rewarded Morgana then kisses Jessica on her fore head and gently lays her down. She then turns to the women and girls in the room and Chiquita Sanchez runs at her with a kitchen knife she keeps in her purse as she connects with Morgana, becomes mist and the Spanish woman falls down next t o her daughter having banged her head on a table after over balancing.
Then she looks around and asks almost conversationally in a soft Irish accent
Any one else want ta try and kill me?
No one moves although its not because is stopping them it is because she asked the question in such a friendly manner that stunned them all. The Bavanshee laughs coldly
Well Dats a shame then cos I woulda liked a challenge since im gonna kill all of ya but one anyway. Let me show you the power of The Dark maiden of Holloway.
Morgana sends 3 jets of red energy towards the three white witches who only just dodge them. Bethany who knows no offensive spells land cant levitate things yet dives be hind a sofa at her mothers instruction. Marina telekinetically levitates a chair and launches it at Morgana who sends a fire ball to reduce it to dust. Lexi calls the banishment of Dark sprit spell which doesnt cast properly cos she is panicking. Then Morgana levitates her while Lexi is recovering because the spell took allot of energy. Then and throws her as hard as she could into the sharp corner of the kitchen sideboard, there is a very audible ,sickening crack as some part of Lexis anatomy is shattered in many places.

Seeing this Marian loses the will to go on and breaks down into floods of tears, unable to fight any longer she begs for the Life goddess Shadira to help her.
Mighty Shadira goddess of all life I beg thee to aid me against one who turned from you, only with your power I can beat her and destroy her she is too strong for me to fight alone, I beg you Shadira. She falls to her knees distraught and Morgana whispers sadistically in her ear.
how pathetic, The Matriarch of the Rowan Family who were once such a deadly threat to their first cousins the Murphys now kneels broken before one she swore to destroy and even her goddess has abandoned you after all you have done for her. Your oldest daughter is dead your other daughter is paralysed with fear and knows no way to defend herself. You are finished Lady Rowan and so is your whole family since you have no relatives left on the Rowan side and your husbands side wont even let you see them because they blame you for your husbands disappearance. If I had a heart it really would bleed for you cousin. Just like yours is about to
The Bavanshee laughs evilly and draws a curved dagger from her dress and theres no resistance form the broken women as the knife plunges deeper. OR is there not?

As the blade touches her heart something takes over Marina Rowan, the dagger melts and pours from her wound but causes no pain or burning, the wound instantly heals and Marina slowly turns to face her cousin. Her eyes so bright Bethany frozen I n fear and shame before is realised from the spell that fear wove over here and can see them from where she is hidden. Marina specks straight to the Bavanshee In a voice that is not her own.
No betrayer, fallen one it is you who is broken and finished. It is you who fell so far form my grace that you were beyond redemption; it was you who murdered your own father because he was doing my will of ridding the city of Holloway of your kind. Did you not give your half brother small pox for being the sun of a rapist?

Now it is Morgana who fell to her knees in tears and what was marina Rowan stands over her.
This act of senseless cruelty had sealed your fate Bavanshee, I was going to offer you one more chance of redemption but possessing an innocent child to get into a house you are forbidden to enter and then killing a child who was only defending her mother. You will suffer my greatest wrath.
No please my Goddess please give me one more chance I beg you please. Morgan is in hysterical tears of fear.
Shadira took pity on the broken women she decided to show mercy and compassion as an example of what she had lost for she wasnt a vengeful goddess and couldnt bring herself to condemn one of her own to such a dire fate.
Morgan Murphy Dark maiden of Holloway, you will not be condemned for then I am no better then you, instead you will be forced to live as a Rowan child without magik or powers. I will give you back your soul and you will be saved and forgiven. You will replace the one you killed and will become as a baby and you will be raised as one of the Rowan witches. Your soul is saved you are my chid once again and you shall be Marinas child also
With that Shadira touched Morgana on her forehead and kissed her on the lips and she began to change. Then Shadira left Marina to bury and greave for her dead daughter. Bethany came out of her hiding place and threw herself onto Lexis chest and cried her heart our, for her dead sister. Marian came along side her but want crying she embraced her youngest daughter and Abi came over and marina embraced her to Abi was traumatised and it wasnt surprising, after all she had just watched a fight with magik and had just seen her mummy kill someone. Slowly The Sanchezs got up and saw the body and left the Rowans Giving they time to grieve for their lost love one.

Abi then noticed that Her mother was gone and so were her cloths and in their place was a naked, bewildered looking baby girl ,she pick up the baby and let marina know ,the baby had blond hair and green eyes and was very pretty, she was sitting on a beautiful red dress all scrunched In a heap. Who was this Baby girl they all wondered but one amongst them knew exactly who it was¦..

Epilogue: a family reunited
After 1 year Marian got married to Paddy Brightwater after they got to know each other really well and it was discovered they had both lost a child Marina had lost her oldest daughter to a sorceress and paddy lost his youngest twin to a hit and run accident, she went into a coma and died soon after. This mutual grief brought them closer together and the big Irish man was like a gentle giant with the kids he never shouted or slapped the girls and he fully accepted that every girl in the house except the 3 year old Jessica was capable of magik and all of them followed the wiccan faith, he even agreed to enter in to it himself and learn the magik that Mariana taught to her children.
The Brightwater- Rowans were a family once again, Abi had a mother who loved her and Bethany and Jessica had father to protect and teach them. Then things started to go wrong after the couple had only been married for 3 years they began to row constantly about little things ,the 3 girls were worst affected, the now 5 year old Jessica started regressing a little ,she started having accidents at school and she became withdrawn and sad, Bethany and Abi started falling behind in school and couldnt always sleep properly and the memories of their dead sisters came back as new wounds. It seemed that after many months of heated rows, angry words and tears things started to settle down but the family was nearly destroyed in the process and there was nearly a divorce, the ill feeling lasted for 9 months until October the 31st2009 when the was two new additions to the family: two identical baby boys called Jonathon and Joshua. It then became obvious to the kids why their mum and dad were arguing so much and why it settled down after the twins were born. Both parents were overjoyed at the new additions to the family but marina would rather have had other girls to add to the Rowan coven although she never let this on to anyone.

After another year Paddy had a dream and he was called to the Oath bound cause his family had pledged three hundred years ago to Them, he was called before the Raven hallow council but marked for execution not to take up his oath of service although he was not aware of this at the time¦

No-one defies the Raven hallow council and lives for thine oath is in thy blood¦
Lord Malchus RavenHallow 1st 1512

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