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12 y/o boy gets reformed from a bully
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Jake sat nervously beside his parents in the principles office. He was in trouble AGAIN. he was always in trouble for fighting, bullying, bad language and basically being a right pain in the butt.
"this is the final straw" Miss Adams announced as she stared out her window at her charges below. "this behaviour is unacceptable, pulling up the girls dresses in the yard and then cursing at Miss Roache when she reprimanded him, UNACCEPTABLE"
"how long do you plan to suspend him for this time?" asked Mr Kent (jakes dad)
"suspend him? its far too late for that. We have no option but to expel your son"
"Isnt there another option, no other school will touch him if he is expelled" begged Mr Kent.
"well!" replied Mrs Adams "i do have a sister who runs a reform school for Delinquent boys but you must understand that you will have absolutely no say or control over your son while he is enrolled in this school. Her methods are unusual but they work"
"i dunno if i like the sound of that..." said Mr Adams
"your choice expulsion or reform school"
A week later Jake found himself in the back of Miss Adam's car heading to her sister's reform school.
"hhhow long will i be here? miss" he nervously asked
"Aslong as it takes you to Reform" she replied
They drove in through huge rotiron gates and up a long driveway till a huge victorian house came into view, dark and scary to Jakes 12 year old eyes. They parked outside and climbed the 6 steps to the hall door of the school.Miss Adams rang the bell and the door was opened by a cute girl in a white blouse, a pink pinafore, white knee lenght socks and pink mary jane shoes.
"I am Mary Adams and i'm here to see Miss Adams your principle"
"Very pleased to meet you" replied the little girl as she curtesied "Please come this way"
The little girl led them down a corridor and into a reception office.
"Hello Miss Grant, These people are here to see Miss Adams"
"Thank you dear" said Miss Adams
"My pleasure Madame" replied the girl as she left the room.
"you can go in now" Miss Grant told them "Miss Adams will see you now"
They entered the room where a lady that looked exactly like Miss Adams greeted them.
"Hello Janice" said Miss adams as she hugged her sister.
"Hello Mary, it has been too long. Is this the boy?"
"yes this is the little troublemaker, Do you think you can save him?"
"My Dear Sister, my methods will cure any little hooligan" She pressed a button and a few minutes later a lady entered the office in a nurses uniform.
"ahh Miss Williams here is your new charge, will you get him sorted out"
"Yes Madame, Come along boy"
Jake followed Miss Williams out of the office pulling his case behind him.
"Leave that here, the staff will look after it" She ordered. He placed his case against the wall and continued to follow this rather big, strong and intimidating woman along a corridor, passing by a number of classrooms as they went. Jake glanced inside each classroom as they walked, but all he saw where girls, no boys.
"Where are all the boys?" he asked
"Shut up! you will only speak when you are spoken too." She replied.
"but i don...." before he could finish his sentence she gripped his face in her hands
With tears welling in his eyes he nodded yes. She released her grip and continued down the corridor, meekly he followed behind. She led him into a room, it was a changing room. "Strip in here and take a shower. you have ten minutes"
Jake watched as Miss Williams leave the room, then did as he was told. While he was showering he heard the changing room door open and close but nobody came into the shower area. When he had finished his shower he went back to dress himself but all his clothes where gone there was only a light pink bathrobe. he put it on to hide his nakedness. Miss Williams re-entered the room.
"where's my clothes?" asked Jake. SMACK, right accross his face she slapped him.
"For the last time YOU WILL REMAIN SILENT!" she warned him. Tears flowed down his face as he nodded to indicate his understanding and submission.
"Follow me and stop that whimpering" She led him through to another room. Pointing to a chair she ordered him to sit.
"Now as you know already this is a reform school to teach boy to respect girls. You are here because you do NOT know how to treat and respect girls. Here YOU WILL learn not only to respect the female race but also to realise that they are your superiors whom you will respect and obey. Do you understand? you may answer"
"yes i guess" Jake replied. "YES WHAT??" she demanded "Yes Madame"
"Here we treat our inmates how they act, we will start you as a schoolgirl but any and i mean ANY misdemeanor will result in a re-evaluation of your position. Do you understand?"
"Yes Madame". She pointed to a pile of clothes at the end of the bench. "There is your uniform, get dressed" she again left him alone. He moved over to the pile of clothes. He picked up a pair of panties, they where pink with lace around the waist and each of the legs. He put them on, the lace tickled his legs and felt completely strange compared to the boxers he usually wore. The next garment was a slip which matched his panties. As he slipped it on over his body he started to feel very girlie. Next he put on the blouse which apart from the frilly coller and cuffs reminded him of a shirt. He followed that with the pink school pinafore. He then pulled on a pair of frilly white ankle socks. He finished his ensemble with a pair of pink mary jane shoes. He looked at himself in a mirror, apart from his tight haircut he looked like a girl. Miss Williams returned. "Very nice, apart from your hair but you have to earn a wig here. follow me and i will introduce you to your new classmates" They left the dressing area and made their way to one of the many classrooms.
Miss Williams led Jake into a classroom. He glanced around the room, it was full of girls or if they where boys they sure looked like girls.
"Please Excuse me Mrs Keating but i have a new pupil for you. This is Jasmine"
"well Hello Jasmine, Say Hello Girls"
"Hello Jasmine, welcome to St Catherine's" the class called out
"sit down there beside Margaret, she's in your dorm" said Mrs Keating
Jake moved down the classroom towards a girl with long brown hair.
"Hello i'm Margaret" she said cheerfully flashing him a welcoming smile
"hi i'm jak..... i mean Jasmine" he replied "can i ask you? are you a girl"
"hehe no i'm not unfortunately, well not yet"
"what.....what do you mean?
"shhhh i'll explain after classes"

After class Margaret brought Jake to meet her friends Susan and Anne and they showed him around the school till it was time for dinner. they went into a huge dining hall where they collected theirs meals and sat at along table with other girls from their class.
"What did you mean by not being a girl yet?" Jake well asked Margaret
"Well Jasmine, every pupil here is a boy who doesnt know how to respect women and had to learn that the female race is superior to the Male. Once a boy has learnt this he can leave but most stay because they like to wear girls clothes so they become sissy boys or go on to become real girls" Margaret replied
"you look like a sissy candidate to me" added Anne
"NO.....NO F**KING WAY, I'M NOT BECOMING A F**KING SISSY OR A F**KING GIRL" Jake Screamed. The whole room fell silent at his outburst.
"Jasmine, shhhh sit down and be quite or they'll punish you" appealed Susan
Before he could react two very burly security gaurds appeared and took hold of him.
"GET OFF ME GET OFFFFF........." jake said as he fell asleep. They had injected him with a sedative.

He awoke very groggily a few hours later.He looked around, he was in a bed with bars on each side, he had something in his mouth, he tried to spit it out but he couldnt, it was tied inplace. He tried to sit up but his wrists and ankles where strapped down. He struggled for awhile but gave up when he realised how futile his action where.
"Ahhhh is Little Jasmine awake" said a Blond woman in a nurses uniform as she came into view. With the gag inplace he couldnt speak, well not properly.
"whaat misssf goooong onnnnnmpf" he muffled
"shhh Baby, no point trying to speak, you cant, even if i took out your pacifier you still would not be able to speak. Your outburst in the dining hall was disgraceful, totally unbecoming from a lady. We offered you the chance to learn and change your ways but you acted as a thug, so we have gone right back. You will now be treated and will behave as a baby girl, we will retrain you and we will get it right this time. The longer you resist change the longer you will stay a baby. Do you understand?"
Jake nodded yes and started to cry.
"Ahhh dont cry baby, it'll be alright, just wait till you see all the lovely baby clothes we have for you, you'll be a real pretty girl in your frilly clothes"
She lowered the side of what he now realised was a cot and gently lifted him out. Although he was small for his age he was amazed how easy she kifted him and carried him towards a large table. On the way he noticed himself in a mirror. He was wearing what looked like a pink footed babygrow. She placed him on the table and undid the bottom buttons of his babygrow and reached inside
"ahh baby Jasmine's wet, good girl but why didnt you let nanny know so i could have changed you quicker"
WET? had he really wet himself, he thought to himself not noticing how easily Nanny had stripped him of his babygrow and was in the process of removing his plastic panties. she pushed him flat on the table and removed his disposable diaper. Quickly and efficiently she cleaned him, powered him and re-diapered in a disposable diaper all the time telling him how cute and well behaved little girl he was being.
"Now baby lets get you dressed for today and then we'll go down for breakfast" said Nanny. She went over to a dresser and returned with some garments. The first garment was a pair of pink rumba panties with white lace accross the bottom. She slipped them over his feet and up his legs. She smiled as he lifted his bottom to allow her to pull them up over his diaper. She helped him sit up and gave him a hug.
"you're such a good girl for helping Nanny dress you in your pantie's, now for your dress". She held up the rather frilly and lacey pink and white baby dress. She lifted his arms and pulled them through the puffed sleeves then pulled the dress over his head and down over his body. She lifted him down off the table and helped him stand in front of the mirror.
"Dont you just look adorable baby?" He stared at his image in the mirror, he was too big to actually be a baby but he sure looked like a giant baby. He didnt look like a girl though his hair was too short. he tugged at his hair in a vain effort to lenghten it.
"I know baby, your hair is too short but you havent arned the right to a wig yet, wait maybe this will do?" she lifted him back up on the table then she got some more items from a drawer. Firstly she applied a light pink lips gloss to his lips and alittle bit of blusher to his cheeks. then she tied a frilly baby bonnet on his head. Again she displayed him to the mirror. This time a very girlish baby stared back at him.
"isnt that better baby jasmine"
he nodded yes.
"arent you happy i've made you my pretty little baby girl"
He thought for a second, then smiled at her and nodded yes. She offered him his soother which he accepted eagerly.
"we're goning to have some real fun being a girl arent we baby" Again he smiled and nodded yes.
"ok baby Jasmine, time to head to the canteen for breakfast" Nanny told him. He started to panic a little at this, yet at the same time he was a little excited. In the space of just over a day he had gone from a boy to a baby girl how much worse could it get. He sucked frantically on his pacifier as she carried him into the canteen hall. Inside sat about 100 young girls eagerly chatting while waiting to start their breakfast's. Nanny carried him down to a section where four more large baby girls sat in their high chairs. Nanny strapped him into his and the room fell silent as the Headmistress said a prayer before their meal. When she finished the hall erupted with the sound of the girls eating and chatting lively. Nanny placed a bowl of cornflakes infront of him, then she tied a frilly white bib around his neck before starting to spoon feed him his breakfast. Every spoonful eaten was followed by a "good girl, Arent you being a really good girl". He smiled broadly with each word of praise. When the bowl was empty Nanny produced a babys bottle full of milk which she then began to feed to Jasmine. Three girls approached them. It was Margaret, Susan and Anne.
"Oh My nanny Jones, Jasmine is just... just...adoreable, she is sooooo Pretty" cried Margaret
"Yes Nanny, She's soooo cute, May we take her for a walk in her stroller after classes" asked Susan.
"would you like that? Jasmine, would you like your girlfriends to take you out?" Nanny asked him
He thought for a second, then smiled and nodded yes. Nanny smiled this was the exceptence he needed to make, it would not be long before he was a perfectly behaved young girl.

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