Pretty In Pink (PG)
Christie's brother Kevin is taught a lesson by being made into a sissy by his Mother and Sister
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Hi! I wanted to share this story that Baby Amy made for me. It is so sweet of her to do that!   Thank you sooo much hun! I love how this story turns out so see for yourself:


This story is for
Christie Luv, for being such a wonderful Big Sister to me and I have been wanting to do something special for her, for a very long time. I hope that you like my story for you Sister CC.



C 2010

My name is Christie Lavender and I am 18 years old studying Hypnotherapy, Psychology and Psychotherapy. I live with my Mother and my bratty brother Kevin who is the same age as me and goes to the same college as me too and he can be so annoying and he was the most arrogant chauvinistic boy I have ever known, even Mother was getting at her twits end with him, something had to be done to change Kevin's behaviour and I had just the plan.

Kevin has always been a bit of a brat since his early teen-hood, but he was too young for Mother to spank, it just was not allowed to be done to children any more, even to teen-aged children between the ages of 16 to 17. Kevin could do with a good slap, only to make him realize that he can not get away with his wicked ways, he became worse with each age, it was hard for Mother to discipline Kevin, for our father had died when Kevin had reached 13 years old.

My mother, called Catherine, she was 35 years old had long blonde hair and blue eyes, I took after my mother, where as Kevin took after his father with curly long red hair and blue eyes. Kevin had begun growing his hair at the age of 16, he would not get it cut either, and his hair had grown down to his waist by the time he reached 18, he looked like a reject Heavy Metal star.

But he was so arrogant because he was far brighter than me and he took the greatest delight in rubbing my nose in it, so to speak. But he would leave his room in a mess, talk back to Mother as though she was dirt, which got her so angry, then just simply getting so upset at how her son could be that way to her. Kevin was studying Science, Mathematics, Astrophysics and Aerodynamics.

If it was not for the fact how disgustingly clever Kevin was, he would be such a laughing stock because of his long lose curly red hair, because it made him look almost like a girl. Since he never even bother to put his hair in a pony tail, saying that pony tails were for Sissies. It was that remark that got me thinking, when Kevin said something else to me that got not just me, but even Mother really ticked off which got me to put my plan together...

It had been a nice warm day and I was just off loading dirty clothes from the laundry basket into the washing machine, our house was part of a group of detached homes in a lovely rural housing community in England, Anglesey Court, just a mile from Preston City. I loved gong to the open market place, there was so many stalls and so many things at cheap prices, Mother and I, sadly Kevin too would go every Saturday morning to Preston Market.

Mother and I loved going to the baby clothes stalls looking at cute outfits for baby girls, there was two stalls in the outdoor market place and there was two more baby clothes stalls in the indoor market place. Kevin absolutely hated that part of our window shopping, that for him was far more embarrassing for him than having to go with us to shop for things like lingerie.

Anyway, I was offloading the dirty clothes into the washing machine, when I had dropped the pile of clothes I had taken hold of and Kevin had just passed me by and laughed. “Hey... just don't stand there laughing Kevin... help me out please?” Kevin gave me a look that spoke volumes at me. “What? Me... help you... with the laundry! Get out of here, that is work only fit for girls to do...”

My blood had boiled, I was not going to take this from Kevin and I shouted to my Mother... “Mum.... Kevin won't help me with these dirty clothes to put them in the washing machine.” Mother soon came into the kitchen and saw the clothes that I was trying to pick up from the floor and Kevin just standing there laughing at me. She looked crossly at Kevin.

Kevin stop that laughing at once and help your sister with the laundry... in fact you should for once be doing the cleaning up, your bedroom is an absolute disgrace, I think you should even clean our bedrooms too and around the entire house.” Kevin gave a shocked look at Mother... “You have got to be out of your F**** mind woman... there is no way you are going to make me do WOMAN'S work...”

It was shocking to hear such language from Kevin, he was no taller than me at 5 foot 4 inches tall, Mother was the tallest of us two at 5 foot 6 inches tall. It was shocking because Kevin never swore, not before now... He was rude sometimes, but he never used a swear word.... Mother was livid... “Kevin... how dare you talk back to me, not only but to use such foul language, I do not care how old you are or how outdated this is, but I am going to wash your mouth out with soap.”

I was both shocked and amazed at how Mother suddenly before Kevin could even reply or protest. She had grabbed Kevin from around his neck and was holding him in a kind of a head lock, the sort a Wrestler would use... and with Kevin's head trapped in the head lock like hold, was quickly dragged over to the kitchen sink, there was a bar of soap on a nice soap dish, it was more of a display item than it was for practical use.

Though it was a real bar of soap, it was one of those ornamental ones with a perfumed scent, I am not sure if I am the only person to remember these, I have not seen many around and my Mother hardly buys them these days. Anyway Kevin was near choking, Mother quickly moved one arm, but without letting go with her other arm still around Kevin's neck, with her free hand she ran the tap water, then took up the bar of soap and run it under the water, then she began to force the soap into Kevin's mouth.

Kevin was mortified that this was happening to him and he sputtered as he got half a mouth full of soap.... “There, I hope that will teach you a lesion? You are going to clean up this house and do the laundry and the ironing young man if you like it or not...”
Mother... are you not letting off Kevin a little lightly?” I called out in anger, as amusing as it was to see my bratty brother get his mouth washed out with soap.

That wasn't enough and Kevin would most likely moan even swear some more even if he does end up doing all of the house work... My mother looked at me quizzically... “Why... is it not enough that Kevin does all of the house work Christie?”
Mum.... I think it is great that you are going to make him do that, but... but...” The thought that I now had in my mind was something I was sure Mother would most likely disapprove of.

You heard what he said about how much this whole thing was woman's work...”
Yes I did, though I can't see your point... If you have something in mind Christie, you know that I will always listen to what you have to say.” That much was true, Mother loved listening to my ideas or suggestions, she found a lot of them very helpful... Despite how much I was sure Mother would say no... I had to tell her what I had in mind, if Mother was to say no, I will try to plead with her, convince her it was a good idea.

Well, do you remember that French Maids outfit I wore once at that fancy dress party I went to last month?” A friend of mine was going to place that holds fancy dress venues all year round every month of the year. It was a themed party girls had to go dressed as Wenches, Bar Maids or as French Maids, the boys had the better deal who had to dress up either as Pirates, Bar Men, Or Waiters.

Even then I wished just once one of the guys would turn up as a French Maid, even just for a laugh, or be game enough to want to swap costumes with one of us girls... Oh I tried to persuade a guy or two, but I had no such luck getting any of them to swap, now I had the perfect opportunity to get a guy to dress up as a French Maid and I could not think of any guy more deserving to be humiliated in such a way, especially since the dress was made of PVC, it had satin petticoats and a PVC pair of frilly knickers, lovely black satin ruffles on the seat of the PVC with white lace trim.
Mum... I was thinking that Kevin should be made to wear that French Maids outfit whilst doing all of the house work, it would help to make him think twice about being so chauvinistic...” Mother looked at me in mild surprise, but not in shock, I am ready to nearly plead as Mother thinks the mater over, but I notice a wide grin stretch across her face as she turned to face me, what she said next, was music to my ears.

You know Christie, I actually like the idea, love it in fact and you are absolutely right... Kevin will definitely learn his lesion, I am sure that will set him straight, wont it Kevin?” Mother turned to face Kevin who had turned pale white with shock at to what Mother and I now had planned for him... “No F**** way am I going to be wearing any French Maids outfit, you have to be out of your F**** mind if you think for one moment I am going to put on some dam stupid dress, you can forget it. It ain't going to happen...”

Mother as before, grabbed hold of Kevin's head in that head lock of hers and was again washing out Kevin's mouth before he could try to prevent another soapy moth wash. Not letting go this time as Mother wanted to make sure Kevin was going to pay attention to her.

Oh you shall do just more than wear a dress, You will not only put on that French Maids dress, you will wear the underwear and everything else that goes with that entire outfit and you are to stay as our Maid right up until it is time for you to go to bed, DO I MAKE MY SELF CLEAR?” Mother emphasised the last part of her sentence, Kevin fearing for his life, nodded his head.

Mother let go and Kevin dared not do anything. “I will give you just long enough for you to be able to get the taste of this soap out of your mouth, once you are done, go and wait for me in my bedroom, is that understood? “ Mike again nodded his head, I was surprised by his sudden obedience. Mother smiled, she was not happy that she had to do such a thing as wash Kevin's mouth out with soap, but Kevin had pushed her and my self to our up most limits. He aught to have been grateful to have not had been spanked, that idea soon entered my mind, I wanted Kevin to be spanked, I wanted to humiliate him as much as possible, his arrogance and behaviour deserved all of that.

Kevin rushed up to the bathroom and used antiseptic mouth wash a few times and he soon had managed to get nearly most of the taste of the soap out of his mouth, there was only a tiny bit of after taste left, but it would soon pass, so Kevin not wanting to go through having his mouth filled with soap or something worse done to him, he went right into Mother's bedroom.

Mother had given Kevin long enough and she told me to at least just pick up the dirty clothes, but put then only on the kitchen table, it was Kevin's job now to do everything. Kevin was sat on the bed not knowing what to do, he was shaking like a leaf and crying his eyes out like a baby, so Mother later told me when she had entered the bedroom. Oh my mind was now racing onto the next humiliating thing that I could do to Kevin, the ultimate humiliation of all, but everything had to be planned right as I feared Mother may put a stop to everything should she feel things are going too far.

I did not want to push my luck, I had to play everything careful, I knew I would have to come up with a plan, right now I was content to see my brother dressed in the French Maids outfit. This was what happened from my Mothers account of finding Kevin in tears on her bed.


I was not expecting Kevin to be crying, maybe shaking in fear knowing what was to come, but I was not about to let my guard down just in case Kevin tried to weasel his way out of not putting on the entire French Outfit.

Look Kevin... you really have brought this situation upon your self, there is not much you in crying about it it, is there?” Kevin looked up at me and I saw fear in his eyes... “Please, please do not make me do this Mother, please...” Kevin cried to the point that he was crying exactly like a baby... A boy of Kevin's age crying like that, I could hardly believe it, but I knew had to be firm with him or Christie would not forgive me should I suddenly drop the whole matter and not make Kevin wear the entire French Maid's outfit.

Kevin for pity sake, stop crying like this... You are crying like a baby and if you do not stop crying like a baby I shall treat you like a baby, but do not think for one moment that will stop me from making you do the whole house work in nothing but a diaper, If I have to do that Kevin, so be it.” Kevin stopped crying immediately, which was just as well, I really did not want to be having to treat Kevin as a baby, even though he would probably deserve such a punishment.

Though I hoped making Kevin to be a Maid for the day would really make him realise the error of his ways. “That's better... you are going to be our Maid for the entire day and I expect you to act politely and above all do your job properly or I may have no choice but to make you clean up the house every day dressed as a Maid. Now wait her, while I go and ask your sister to get out that entire outfit for you, I will help dress you as I am sure that you would not want your sister doing that I take it?”

No Mother, I would not want that...”
Very well then... You stay here and you had better not be crying like a baby by the time I return, understood?”
Yes Mother.”

I was happy to be able to leave Kevin sat on my bed, he did look regretful and to me that was a good sign. I had returned to the kitchen and I noticed that Christie was not there, I soon found her out in the back garden basking in the sun, I could not blame her really, it was a nice warm sunny day. I told her of how I had found Kevin, she took a delight when I told her he had been crying like a baby.

I guess I can just about see the amusing side of things, which helped me as I was so mad with Kevin, I needed to be able to turn this situation into a light hearted one, it certainly would help me calm down a little. Christie was only too eager to help, she took my hand and with a giddy mood in her step she rushed right up to her bedroom with me in tow, she was like a little kid again almost as she excitedly went through her things in her wardrobe.

The dress had been immaculately hung up and Christie was soon getting out the high heals and I decided that it would not do for Kevin to break his neck trying to do shores in high healed shoes, Christie understood this and she had a pair of old patent leather shoes she had stopped wearing and the funny thing was, she was no taller no wider than Kevin both of them were thin, not overly skinny, just thin, they were nearly almost the size of children the both of them.

More like the build of a big ten year old, they had small feet and I must admit I did grin from ear to ear seeing the childish like shoes, the rest of Christie's foot wear was unsuitable for Kevin to wear, so the patent leather shoes it was. Christie had a clothes chest, it had all sorts of clothes in it, mostly dressing up costumes, yet they were all neatly separated by polythene bags to help keep everything in top mint condition.

I was very impressed with Christie for taking such care of her things, unlike Kevin who just had little to no regard what so ever for anything that was his. What was most annoying was when he complained about that nothing of his ever seemed to last very long, trying to make him see sense that by looking after his things, they would actually last a whole lot longer, had fallen on death ears.

I smiled as each item of the French Maid outfit was passed to me by Christie, I saw the joy in her face, I have never seen her look so happy... “That's the whole stuff Mum, may I get a chance to see under Kevin's dress...” Christie blushed and I did think it kind of odd to ask as she knew what the items looked like, but I then realised, she was eager to see what they will look like on Kevin...

I mean, I...”
It's OK, I get it now, you want to see what all of this stuff will look like on Kevin?”
Yes Mum, I would, could I?”
Why of course you can, it can be another punishment to add to his further embarrassment, he deserves that too.”
Oh thank you Mum...”

Christie gave me a big affectionate hug, she always called me Mum, I liked it, where as Kevin was very formal calling me Mother with as little affection to that as possible, it always broke my heart. It would not hurt him to be a little affectionate sometimes, boys.... Why do they have to think that showing affection is just for girls or Sissies... I know that I did not plant such ideas into Kevin's mind. I did not like the kind of friends he had either and I was pretty sure that they were a bad influence on him.

I took all of the items that Christie had given me and I soon returned to the bedroom, I closed and locked the door behind me, holding carefully the pile of clothes that I had in my arms, I looked at Kevin with a smile and I told him to get up off the bed. He did as he was told, and I began to place the items out on the bed, Kevin looked on in horror, his face turning pale white.


I cant believe what is happening, my God... Mother is going to dress me up in a French Maids outfit and I am unable to stop her, she has the moves of a professional Wrestler. Which I simply just can't believe... I mean a woman should not be able to do that stuff, let alone somehow have the strength to pull off a near choke hold like that... Mother is not very muscular, she is all prim and proper like how a woman any any female in my opinion should be.

Where and when did my Mother learn such Wrestling moves? How can she be that impossibly strong? Damn, I wish Father was alive, I am sure he would not have stood for this kind of c****. It's like being part of a feminist movement with my Mother and sister, though this is more of a conspiracy on my sisters part. After all this whole thing was her idea.

But it is bad enough that Mother is actually going along with it. The humiliation of it all, to have my mouth washed out with soap... Man... I can't believe that just had happened... Twice... Now I am going to have to put on some fetish French Maid outfit, frilly knickers, garters and all... I c****, I'm doomed.
Well don't just stand there start to get undressed, unless you want me to undress you my self? Mother demanded of me all of a sudden to me.
I had been in the bedroom for a while, why wasn't I trying to make an escape for it? I could have so easily just have slipped out of my Mothers bedroom, been real quite going down the stairs and out of the front door before anyone would notice I am gone. I was so shaken by what had happened to me, I just couldn't move.

Things were beginning to happen as though they were a bad dream, a part of me was hoping this was a bad dream, the after taste of soap in my moth was all too real... I was not wanting my Mother use more Wrestling moves on me to get me undressed and I certainly could do without that kind of humiliation. It's going to be humiliating as it is to put all this stuff on I see before me.

No Mother that wont be necessary.” I finally told her as to her remark of undressing me her self. I began to undress to the ever watchful eye of Mother... I was soon down to my underwear... surely she was not really going to make me remove it and have me put on the PVC knickers I could see before me?
You are to remove your underwear too Kevin, I was not joking when I told you that you will be wearing the underwear too that goes with the dress as well as wear everything else that you see right here on this bed and I I shall make sure that you do wear absolutely everything.”

Mother was deadly serious and that was the final matter, my sentence had been past down, now I was about to be maid to carry out that sentence. Boy I can imagine this as a new in thing of the law as criminals etc get put on a stand for their crimes and rather hear the judge say... 'I sentence you to a life time of prison.' It is instead... 'I sentence you to a life time of being a Sissy Maid.'

I think every male criminal would want to commit suicide or something rather than be made to go through such humiliation... Anyway, I quickly removed my underwear as I did not want Mother doing it for me... I slowly approached the PVC knickers with unease as I so did not want to be putting them on, but a sudden voice stopped me in my tracks...

Who said you are to dress your self!” Mother remarked... I looked at her, no way was she going to dress me... “I can dress my self thank you Mother... I'm not a baby you know...” I said guessing correctly as that was exactly what she had in mind, but Mother had the last say of the matter, as she moved over towards me, I feared for my life...

Do not push your luck with me Boy! Or I just maybe inclined to dress you up as a baby girl instead. Now... you will let me dress you or I can simply force you into these clothes, but that will be most unpleasant for you... So which is it going to be?”
It was not much of a choice, but I relented... “OK, I will let you dress me...” I even cringed as I said it, I thought to my self, it can't possibly get any worse than this... Little did I know of my fate yet to come....


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Miki Yamuri
Kewlies story ... wanna see is there more too. BabyAmy isa wonderful author.

The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

i hope there more amy is very good author. i hope my little sis add more to this story.

shi long
come to the light
Great story I hope there is more to come

Sissy Jenni
I truly luv this,  

Excellent writing technique, to tell the story from viewpoints of different characters in the story!!!  Such an enjoyable story!!!   Very, very, well written!! ... so far...please do more?!!  Thanksie for sharing this story!!!!  
Sissy Jenni
Fank you fwo the comment Jenny, me shalleth get to work on the next part, there iseths more, but me was not wanting to do more until my Big Sis Christie Luv wiked the stowy and posted it.

There was no point doing more, just in case she did not wike it. Me hoped she wubs wike it, she does as it is here fwo everyone to wead. My experince has taught me in life, not to take people fwo granted, me had a feeling Big Sis Christie Luv wubs wike the stowy, but me always wait fwo appwoval, or any changes made, should their be any Christie wanted to be made.

Now me knows she wiked it and haseths posted it, Me now can work on continuing this stowy, me so glads you wike it too.


 I truly luv this,  

Excellent writing technique, to tell the story from viewpoints of different characters in the story!!!  Such an enjoyable story!!!   Very, very, well written!! ... so far...please do more?!!  Thanksie for sharing this story!!!!    


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fank you ty666 fwo your comment, yeth there will iseths more to this stowy, will be getting to work on that right away.


 Great story I hope there is more to come  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fank you sister Shilong fwo your comment, it's so wonderful fwo me to have so many wonderful sisters here at this site. Me appweciates it wery much and your comment, more of this stowy to come soon.


Your Baby Sister,

 i hope there more amy is very good author. i hope my little sis add more to this story.

shi long  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fank you Miki fwo your comment too, me was happily surprised to see my stowy here, me was not sure how long me had to wait fwomy wonderful Big Sis to finish weading the stowy before posting it.

And me do know how busy my Big sis can be, which iseth OK, she works so hard and iseths the most wonderful Web-owner of a website there is, there maybe other sites wike this one, but they do not compare.


 Kewlies story ... wanna see is there more too. BabyAmy isa wonderful author.  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Sister CC, curtsies to you.

It iseths a pleasure and an honor to do a stowy fwo you, you haveths done so much fwo me, me want to do as much in weturn fwo you, me know you not or wubs ever ask me to do so.

Me want to genuinely return the kindness and wuv you haveths given me, you and others here too haveths made me feel so welcome, so accepted and so wuved here at Sissykiss, it feels wike one big family...

Which makes me wonder who's the Mommy of this great big family? *Giggles* You are worthy of my wuv and affections Big Sis and all the fings me want to do fwo you, me appweciates you so wery wery much.


Your Baby Sister


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Cushie Chloe
me be baby sister too?

I wuv everyone no matter what.
I am happy to take any cutie that needs me :)

Fank you fwo your comment Bruinskid, though me not understand what you mean.

Yeth me and you are sisters too, me haveths lots of sisters here at sissykiss.


 me be baby sister too?  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'



I was being dressed by my mother, I could have died of embarrassment as she first put on me the black PVC knickers that was part of the French Maids outfit that my Sister Christie had somehow plotted to have me be made to be put into this entire outfit.

I clearly did not deserve this happening to me, but Mother and my sister seemed to think differently.
I would get her back for this I swear... God the knickers were PVC inside and out, it felt strange as the cold, but smooth PVC touched my flesh, my body shook, not so much from the coldness, the cold feeling had faded quite quickly once the knickers were on me.

It was that I felt such a strange sensation wash right over me and I had no idea why that happen to me.
I certainly felt humiliated having them on me right now, there was a suspender belt and that went on next, that felt really wired too, as so did the stockings.

There was two garters too, to put on, then Mother placed the French Maids outfit on me, which had sewn underneath it a frothy layered petticoat. Then she slipped the Mary Janes on my feet, they looked out of place.

Mother brushed my hair and placed a black Alice Hair band over it, then I was led to the full length view mirror, only to get the shock of my life... “Noooo........”


Once I had passed everything to my Mum, I quickly ran down stairs, I knew that mother would be so caught up with dressing up Kevin, she would not even hear me run downstairs, which was just as well as I kept on thinking in the back of my mind...

If she knew what I was up to, she may change her mind about punishing Kevin. And really did not want to push my luck, Mum was happy so far with the idea of punishing Kevin.

Though it was what he said, that had got Mum to finally act, I was sure that she would not have so easily and so readily taken to my idea if Kevin had not acted the way he did and said what he had said to her.

I went to where the phone was in the living room, I picked it up and dailled up my very best friend Vicky who had a twin sister called Katie, they were both identical in every way and in age, they were both a year older than me, but they had a younger sister, not another twin, but she did look like a very young version of them, it was quite uncanny, her name was Shelly and she was only 6 years old.


I have known Christie since we were children and she loved playing with me and my twin sister Katie. I have been witness many times to her brothers chauvinistic, rude and arrogant ways. He has even before now been mean and horrible to my youngest sister Shelly, we are all blondes, a very strong genetic feature in our family and the blue eyes to go with our beautiful looks.

I have often told her that she aught to teach that bratty brother a lesion.
I could not believe that Christie's Mother, Catherine refused to punish him, with the laws against child cruelty which protected even 16 to 17 year olds only made it easy for teenage boys to get away with doing anything they wanted to do.

Now don't get me wrong, I am all for protecting young children from new born right up until they are 15 years old.

But in my personal opinion a 16 year old is adult enough, even if they are not at the legal drinking age. Oh well... the modern times I suppose require modern ways of thinking, even so, some good old traditional values like politeness etc, should be kept and can work just as well in the modern day of society.

I did not much like Kevin, heck, not even some boys his own age did not like him, apart from that silly lot of boys Kevin calls his friends, Darren Hardy, Mike Tucker, John Carter and Mat Fines.

They were a bad bunch if there ever was one and that lot were practically no better than what Kevin was. It was a warm sunny day, but I and my other two sisters had nothing to do, poor Shelly was nearly quite literally bored to tears, just then the phone rang, I immediately got up and went over to answer the phone.

I knew pretty much no one phoned my parents on a Saturday mornings, I was glad and a little surprised to hear that it was Christie on the phone.
She usually does not phone on a Saturdays, as she usually spends Saturdays doing chores all day as Kevin is to born idol to help out at their place, by the time both Christie and Catherine have finished doing all of the house work, they are completely tired, they just want to rest relax and have a nice quiet weekend.

I don't blame them, for wanting to relax, Kevin was just a lazy teen-aged slob.
Hello, who's speaking please?” I always ask that, its the polite and correct thing to do, then I heard Christie's voice answer me.

“Vicky it's me...” Having a twin sister means that even Katie sounds like me, but somehow Christine could tell us apart and that always amazed me. “Wow, this is a surprise Christie, say aren't you supposed to be busy helping your Mother do the house work?”

Actually, Kevin is doing it...”

What? No way... you have got to be kidding me, surely?”
Oh, I am not, but it is better than that...”
What? How can it possibly get any better?”

It's better as Kevin is cleaning the entire house dressed in that lovely French Maids outfit I wore at Harlequin Hall last month...”

Yes I remember the place, they are always holding fancy dress venues there, I love that place... Kevin is actually wearing that French Maids Outfit, the PVC one?”

Vicky you silly girl, it's the only French Maids outfit that I have, I don't have another one...”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing, this had to be a wind up or something. “What Kevin is, just wearing the French Maids Dress!”

No... he is wearing the entire outfit, the PVC frilly kickers, the suspender belt, everything apart from the high heal shoes as Mum does not Kevin breaking his neck trying to do the house work in high heals, so he's wearing my old Mary Janes instead...”

No way... you are having me on... Aren't you?”
You know me better than anyone that I know Vicky, you know I would not joke about such a thing, never mind make something like this up for the fun of it.”

Christie was right, as I have said, we have known each other since child hood...
You're right, sorry, it just that this sounds too good to be true...”

Which is why I am calling you up, I want you, Katie and especially Shelly to come on over as soon as you can... Oh and I need a real special favour from Shelly too.”

Oh...” I listened to what Christie had to say to me, I could not help smile from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat.

I had a little bit of concern over one aspect of Christie's plans, but if all does go according to plan, which I was pretty confident that it would, that particular part would be worth it.

It was a gamble as the thing in question was something that belonged to Shelly, though I knew once I told her and explained everything, she would agree, which she did, she seemed a little reluctant at first, which I completely understood.

I told Christie that I would ring back once I had gotten the OK from Shelly and of course the OK from my parents to take Shelly with us over to Catherine's house.


I could not believe what I had just seen, in the reflection of the full length mirror of my Mothers bedroom, what looked like a ten year old girl wearing a fetish French Maids outfit. But of course the girl was me...

There was no part of me that looked remotely like a boy in anyway. I was sure that I really would die of embarrassment, if it was possible. I had no such luck I had not died, I was simply frozen to the spot staring at my self in shear and utter disbelief, Mother was smiling the whole time.


Oh it was a joy I must admit to dressing Kevin up in every feminine item of what made up the entire French Maids outfit, the looks on his face were truly magical, I regretted not having a camera with me to have captured each and every one of Kevin's expressions as each feminine item was placed upon him.

Those photos would have been worth so much... I made a mental note to my self to make sure should needs be, to dress Kevin up again, to capture each part of his humiliation on film.

You look so pretty, now I want you to curtsey.”
What? No way... It's bad enough that I have to wear all of these girlie clothes...” Kevin's response was what I had expected from him.

It was time to show him who's boss around the house. “Kevin you will do as I say, so help me God, I will spank you if you don't.” The look on Kevin's face was priceless, I wish I could have captured it, I was determined now more than ever to get my digital camera out, no way was I going to miss out on taking pictures of Kevin in the French Maids outfit.

Kevin's hands went to the hem of the dress and lifted up the skirt of the dress, it was so short without even meaning to, Kevin had flashed his Knickers at me, I could not help but laugh, obviously Kevin had no clue on how to curtsey.

“Nice try Kevin, I will give you five marks out of ten at least for your efforts. Sorry to say that is not the way to curtsey.”

Kevin look down cast at the floor. “Kevin, look at me and never look down at the floor again, as much as you may want to hold your head in shame, you are to face me when I am talking too you, now watch me and I want you to copy me as I show you, is that understood?”

Yes Moth-er... Mum....” Kevin had stumbled, he was not sure what to call me, I could tell by the look in his eyes how he felt unsure of everything, I could see clearly that the clothes on him were having an effect on him.

For me that was a good sign and I was certain Kevin would learn from this lesion. “Mum will do fine, now watch me Kevin.”
Yes Mum.” His voice had nearly changed, it was softer, I smiled, this was better than I had hoped, I took hold the hem of my skirt to the left and to the right, Kevin watched and copied my every movement perfectly.

His compliance was a breath of fresh air. Such wonderful obedience, it was only right I encouraged this, rather than have Kevin think it was something he had to do, in order to prevent being spanked.

“Good, well done, now at both ends lift like this.” I lifted up at either side of me the hem of my dress, at just a reasonable height, then I told Kevin to watch my legs.

Kevin I need you to look at my legs and watch what I do with them.” Kevin's face was an absolute picture and as I bent down just very mildly on left knee, I placed my right leg just behind it.

Kevin copied me and nearly did the splits when he tried to tuck his right leg just behind his left leg, he lost his balance, fell backwards and landed on his bottom, as he did so, with the skirt of the French Maids dress being so short, it flew up and I just laughed laughed.

Kevin looked as though he was going to burst into tears, I think he swallowed his pride at that point as he just sat on the carpet floor looking defeated, I there and then got to my dresser drawer and got out my camera.

I pressed the button and Kevin blinked in shock as the flash of the camera flashed before him and I had taken a shot that was worth a million pictures.

Kevin with his legs spread, the PVC panties peaking underneath and his shocked helpless expression on his face just added to the perfect camera moment I could possibly ever had asked for.

I went over to offer to Kevin my hand, he took it, he was trying so hard to hold back the tears of his humiliation, I could see it in his face and yes. Kevin had gotten to his feet, I managed to stop laughing.

OK, lets try that again, shall we?”
No way... I am I going to try to do that again...” I felt a flash of anger build up in me, I nearly almost was about to slap Kevin in the face, real hard. I managed to quickly hold back from doing that, but I did grab hold of Kevin's face in a near vice like grip, forcing him to face me.

“Look here Kevin, this is your last warning, do as I tell you to do, or I shall spank you.”

OK, I will do as you say.” Kevin nearly cried as he replied to me. I was beginning to wonder if Kevin was more of a baby than he was his own age.

I took hold of the hem of my skirt at either side and Kevin did the same, but this time when I went down on one bended knee, putting my right leg just behind my left leg, Kevin did the same without losing his balance, it was a perfect curtsey.

Good girl... That was wonderful... it was a lovely curtsey...” I had just realised I had called Kevin a girl, it was not deliberate, but I was glad I had, Kevin's face was a picture and this time I snapped a photo of it, making Kevin go further red with embarrassment.

“You are now ready to do the chores... But first, Christie has a request, you are to go to her room and I will be right behind you.” Kevin made his way to the bedroom door, tears were on his cheeks, I would have to wipe them away once I got into Christie's room.


I was back up in my room just looking at a fashion magazine, I had returned to my bedroom just after I had finished on the phone to my best friend Vicky, I heard a knock on my door, I saw Mum stood there with a big grin on her face.

“Close your eyes Christie, no peaking...”

I promise not to peak Mum.” Oh I really wanted to peak, but I wanted to savour the moment of seeing Kevin in my French Maids outfit.

I closed my eyes real tight and I heard my bedroom door being quietly closed... “OK, Christie, you can open your eyes now.” Mum had said in a happy voice, I looked and my jaw just dropped...

Kevin no longer looked like the idiot boy that he was. A very red faced young girl was stood before me, looking disgustingly thin, yet the French Maid outfit complimented her skinny frame at the same time.

Mum had done a beautiful job on Kevin's hair, he looked so utterly different with his hair all brushed with a wonderful shine to it, the Alice hair band was a wonderful compliment to it. The patent shoes on his feet looked out of place and the skirt of the dress was so wonderfully short on him.

Wow! Kevin... is that really you?” I saw Mum gave Kevin a stern nod, as if it was a signal for him to do something, which he did, to my delight and shock, Kevin did a perfect curtsey as he replied to me. “Yes Christie, it is me...”

He nearly sounded like a little girl, he was so timid, that his voice was so soft and slightly high pitched, I blinked in amazement.

It was my idea to teach Kevin how to curtsey and get him to do it.” Mum proudly said, I wanted to give her a hug, but Mum was stood behind Kevin, I would have to hug her later. “It's a great idea Mum.”

Thank you honey, I knew you would like it. You have a request I believe you would like to make of Kevin.”

Yes Mum, I do...” I replied a little hesitant.
Go ahead honey and ask him.”

Kevin I want to see those PVC knickers on you.” I know I should have said please, but Kevin was not really of my being polite to him. I saw Mum gave Kevin a warning look, he turned around slowly and lifted up the skirt of the French Maids dress at the back.

I looked on in shear delight as to how the ruffled PVC knickers looked on his little butt, I was nearly half jealous of Kevin's cute little butt. I cud not resist to run my hands over the ruffles, I could not see Kevin's face.

I heard a click and I looked up and saw Mum smiling, holding a camera. “Do that again Christie, I missed the most adorable look on Kevin's face I have ever seen.” I could hardly believe my own ears.

Mum want me to run my hand again over the ruffles on the PVC Knickers, Kevin's face must have been one of utter humiliation of epic proportions. I gladly obliged Mum's request, much to the discomfort of Kevin.

I did later on, get a chance to see the photo of his face, the expression was a delight to see for both me and Mum, I was right... Kevin's humiliation was one of epic proportions and it had been so well captured on digital film.

OK, you can put the skirt down now.” I told Kevin, he did so with a sigh of relief that both me and mum heard, but said nothing. I was smiling, so was mum, The garters could be clearly seen on Kevin's left and right thighs, oh my GOD, his legs looked better in stockings than mine did.

It was definitely not my plan to have Kevin look more stunning in the French Maid outfit than I do, so I had to put in phase two of my plan into action and soon.

As if on cue, the phone rang, Mum was the nearest to the bedroom door... I near panicked, as I knew who that was. Mum was opening the bedroom door. “It's OK Mum, I will get that, you have done such a good job with Kevin, you deserve a rest.”

I said, hoping that I had not given anything away. I hadn't as my Mum smiled at me.

Why thank you Christie, that is very considerate of you. I hope you are taking notice of your sister Kevin, as I would like to see the same amount of consideration from you too.”

Yes Mum...” I could not believe my ears, Kevin said Mum, not Mother, it was a good start, but I knew Kevin better, he would fight what was being done to him soon enough, I had to change that, but there was only one way to achieve that, and that was to hypnotise him.

I knew I should not be misusing my field of expertise, but Kevin I knew to be a boy stuck in his ways.
I could tell he hated every moment of his somewhat petticoat like punishment, I knew his mind better than he did and from the photos of him, I could see in his eyes, plans of revenge.

I could not let such plans to bare fruit, so to speak, getting to hypnotise Kevin was going to be a hard task, but I had a plan, one he would not even suspect, not even Mum.

Kevin, you can get to work now and you had better to do your chores right or you will be in serious trouble.”
Yes Mum...” replied Kevin again in that soft voice of his, that I certainly would have to bring out more in him.

I had soon reached the phone, to my delight, Vicky could come over and she had been given permission from her parents for her and her two sisters to come over, but more importantly, Shelly had agreed to my request of her.


I could have died the moment Mum had asked me to do a curtsey, I can't believe that she had even made me do that, I was darn sure it was something my sister had gotten my Mum to agree to doing to me.

So I was really shocked that she owned up that the whole thing had been her own idea.
Not that had made me feel any better... Oh my God! Why am I calling her Mum? I never call her Mum...

It has to be these damn clothes I am wearing, I swear to God they are having a darn right strange effect on me. I will so make my sister pay back for all this mess, big time, once this whole thing was over, I am going to plan the biggest pay back, that Christie will regret ever doing this to me.

I had an idea she would want to see the PVC knickers on me from behind, so she can get a good hoot and a great big laugh out of it all... I had gotten to her bedroom and I was about to knock on the bedroom door, but Mum came from behind me and stopped me...

“I think it would be better that I go in first, then you come in and then get past me so that Christie can get a real good look at you.”

"She would want to get a real good look at me.” I remarked in a manner of a protest.

Mum was not happy with me. “You deserve everything coming your way Sissy Boy... Now not another word out of you and do as I say or there will be trouble.” I could not believe my ears, Mum had just called me Sissy Boy.

There was just no way my nightmare could not get any more worse than this. So I thought. I entered into my sisters bedroom after Mum had gone in first, my sister looked like the Cheshire Cat right out of Alice In Wonderland, as she had a great big grin from ear to ear.

But she also looked very surprised, as though she was looking at someone else, even thought I was someone else until she asked me if it really was me.

Right there and then I felt like telling her, she was a complete idiot, but I feared that my sister would get angry at that, as so would Mu, that worse things would happen to me. So I simply let my sister know it was me after all, if it was possible, her grin had become even wider.

I had to curtsey in front of Christie as Mum had given me a look to indicate I was to curtsey or I would be in trouble.

I could tell all of that from one look, then the dreaded thing of having to show my sister the PVC knickers, came.

I cringed when she asked, no matter that I had known that she would ask me to do that, but what my sister did next I was not expecting at all. I suddenly felt a strange shiver over flow me.

I had felt Christie stroke the ruffles of the PVC Knickers, somehow this sent a wave of feelings I thought not possible, but at the same time I was humiliated by it all on the deepest level possible.

It was bad enough to experience those sensations once, to feel them a second time around was even worse, I could not believe what I had been feeling, I was shocked and mortified, I just wanted the ground to open up beneath me and swallow me up. I was glad when I could put the skirt of the dress down, I was humiliated beyond mention.


I was so delighted and I ran out to the back of the house where there was a table with a parasol on a pole that went right through the table, the sort you see outside sea side resorts. The parasol offered shade, not that it was needed, as the weather was just on the right side of being warm. I went over to Mum with a happy smile on my face, she gave me a curious stare.

So who was that on the phone honey?”
That was my friend Vicky...”
That's odd, she does not usually call on Saturdays.” Remarked my Mum and she gave me a suspicious look.

I had to try and make the situation appear to be just a natural coincidence, other wise my Mum would know I am planing something and all of my plans would all fall apart.

I know, I am just as surprised as you are, she knows that we are usually hard at work doing the chores and for once she rang up wanting to offer her help, her and her other sisters to help do the chores. I told her they were being taken care of by Kevin, I am sorry Mum, I had to tell her how and why. Vicky can hardly believe me.”

Mum looked at me as though she believed me, I was not happy of the fact that I was making things up a little, but I just wanted all of my plans to work, other wise Mum would put a stop to everything and Kevin will be worse than ever before, he had to be stopped.

What I had planned for him, was by comparison a blessing. As I knew that most troublesome 18 year old boys get sent into the army or sent to correctional facilities, which don't always work.

Mum Vicky would like to come over, she really would like to see Kevin all dressed up and he has been just as equally mean to her as he has been mean to you and me. Can she come over and bring her two sisters with her too?”

I practically pleaded, I had Vicky waiting on the phone for me as I had asked her to wait while I ask my Mum that she could come over.

Mum thought over my request, then she smiled at me. “Yes why not... I think having Kevin be seen by other girls dressed as he is will add to his humiliation and that will hopefully be enough to make him change his ways.”

Oh those words were music to my ears, I went over to hug my Mum, she hugged me back. Kevin was busy doing his chores, I soon broke the embrace and got back to the phone.

Mum says you can come over, are you sure that Shelly is OK with my request of her?”
Oh yes, she can't wait..” My Mum walked into the living room, I knew what else Vicky was going to say, but I had to put the phone down and not give anything away.

But I quickly told Vicky that I had to go.
"Vicky, I'm so sorry I have to go so sudden on you, call of nature, I will see you soon.”
OK, bye.”

I knew that excuse to get off the phone all of a sudden would work, I did not not want my Mum over hear my conversation with Vicky. I actually needed to go and use the bathroom anyway, I was just so exited, I guess that my bladder was reacting to my intense excitement.

I quickly made my way to the bathroom and Kevin was there before me. “I need to get to the loo, get out of my way?” I ordered him, but Kevin took a delight in not moving out of my way. “No...”

Look you... I will call Mum over and you will not like that.”

I do not think she can do possibly any worse to me, so therefore, call her, I am not moving from this spot, besides, I need to clean up in there.”

To my shock and annoyance, Kevin had just quickly dashed into the bathroom and locked the door. I pulled hard on the door handle... “You little runt, you... Open this door right this minute...”

No, go and tell Mum, I will simply tell her that you was trying to stop me from doing my chores.” I screamed my intense fury at him, I was near wanting to strangle him the moment he unlocked the bathroom door, I was unable to hold my bladder for much longer, I tried though very hard.

I could hear Kevin laughing as he cleaned up in the bathroom. I knew that dressing him up would not be enough to make him change his ways. His deliberate act of not letting me get to the loo and use it, was very much evident of that and I was not very happy about wetting my self, wee went all over the carpet.

Mum had come upstairs to see what I had screamed about and she saw the wet patch on the carpet and could smell the wee.

What is going on here? Christie honey, why have you wet your self?”

Because Mum, Kevin deliberately got in my way of wanting to go to the loo, he said he had to clean the bathroom out and then he locked the door on me, knowing full well I needed to go for a wee...” The look on Mum's face was more than I could have hoped for, she looked not just shocked but also furious.

"Kevin, you are to open this door at once, so help me God I will brake it down if you don't.” Immediately the lock of the bathroom door was heard unlocking, Kevin had a big grin on his face. “I'm sorry, but you did want me to do the chores Mum...”

Doing the chores is one thing, but to deliberately not let your sister get to the loo is just down right low and mean...”

Kevin was still grinning despite Mum's fury at him. I had never seen such arrogance, neither had Mum... “I suppose you think that to be very funny do you?” Mum's voice was one of the most intense fury I had ever seen and Kevin's face had dropped, which was just as well.

I think Mum was on the verge of slapping Kevin's face so hard, that smile of his would turn to a blood red frown.

Kevin how could you be so cruel to your sister and let her wet her self? You will clean up the mess of the carpet, clearly you are not learning your lesion, for that, from now on, you are going to do the chores every Saturday and wearing the clothes you are wearing now until you learn to behave...”

Kevin's face was one of horror, but this was not the fate I had in mind for him, I was determined now more than ever that the fate I did have in mind for him was going to happen and no mistake...



'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

very lovely sis. what will happen next little sis.
what will Christie hypnotise him to little sis you can tell me.

from your big sis
shi long
come to the light
Cissy Crissy
This is a great story I can't wait to hear what happens next. The apperance of more girls at his door to torment him will be priceless. 
Being a sissy is soo much fun
I think I'd almost rather be sent to the army than face up to his mother in any style of dress ... A classic petticoat punishment story, skilfully written, and with the original and effective touch of multiple viewpoints showing you to be, as ever, one of our most inspired authors.
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
WOW! Oh fank you sweet Andreea fwo such an awesome comment, much appweciated.


 I think I'd almost rather be sent to the army than face up to his mother in any style of dress ... A classic petticoat punishment story, skilfully written, and with the original and effective touch of multiple viewpoints showing you to be, as ever, one of our most inspired authors.  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fank you fwo your comment SissyTami, much appweciated, all comments are.


 This is a great story I can't wait to hear what happens next. The apperance of more girls at his door to torment him will be priceless.   


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fank you fwo your comment Sister Shi. Giggles, can't tell you what Christie is going to Hypnotize Kevin into doing fwo her, but me hopeths you and everyone else here will wike what she does do, you will have to wead the next part to find out what that is.

Me hopeths you are all on the edge of your seats, don't fall off now. *Giggles*


 very lovely sis. what will happen next little sis.
what will Christie hypnotise him to little sis you can tell me.

from your big sis
shi long  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

I have a suggestion.
You know, the punishment should to some extent fit the crime here right? Why not have Kevin wearing a diaper underneath those PVC panties while cleaning? It would only be fair since he made his sister wet herself.
very well writen story so far. a fem mistakes here and there, but very enjoyable. Is there going to be a part three? Im on a cliff hanger right now.
Fank you fwo your comment, me twy wery hard not to make mistakes, we all make them, even the best of us make them. But cuds you pwease point out which mistakes me haveths made pwease and me will twy to correct them, if it is in spelling, me use the British English language, where as this site uses American English, but these two are not the same.

So pwease bare this in mind and the fact that me iseths learning disabled, fank you.

 very well writen story so far. a fem mistakes here and there, but very enjoyable. Is there going to be a part three? Im on a cliff hanger right now.  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fank you ever so much prissymina fwo your comment and suggestion.

Not to worry Kevin will end up in more than just a diaper, but can't tell you any more than this, upi will have to wead the next part of this stowy to find out what else Kevin is fated to end up wearing.



 I have a suggestion.
You know, the punishment should to some extent fit the crime here right? Why not have Kevin wearing a diaper underneath those PVC panties while cleaning? It would only be fair since he made his sister wet herself.  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

~*Christie Luv*~
Yay! Thank you Baby Amy! I loved part 2! I'm excited thinking of what Christie will hypnotize Sissy Kevin with! I love that you put him in a french maids outfit! Those are so adorable! It has a very English style to it too that I love! Like how little girls call their Mommies "Mum" We don't hear that too much in the States. I think its cute! Its wonderful how elaborate you are making the story. I can tell you are putting a lot of work into it. Thankies!



 Sister CC, curtsies to you.

It iseths a pleasure and an honor to do a stowy fwo you, you haveths done so much fwo me, me want to do as much in weturn fwo you, me know you not or wubs ever ask me to do so.

Me want to genuinely return the kindness and wuv you haveths given me, you and others here too haveths made me feel so welcome, so accepted and so wuved here at Sissykiss, it feels wike one big family...

Which makes me wonder who's the Mommy of this great big family? *Giggles* You are worthy of my wuv and affections Big Sis and all the fings me want to do fwo you, me appweciates you so wery wery much.


Your Baby Sister


Fank you wery muchies fwo your comment Sister CC, me weally appweciate it, me glads you wike the idea of hypnosis. Me was not sure if you wubs wike the idea. Me working hard on the next part, me haveths done nearly most of it, now me know you are happy withs the second part and the way my stowy is going.

Me will finish off the next part. Me weally did not want to do too much of it until me knew you was weally happy and was ok wivs the way the stowy iseth going, as since it is fwo you and me so sincerely wespect you so much and me will not do do anyfing or subject you not wike or not approve of in anyway, ensuring you of my most sincere loyality and devotion to you sister CC, always.


Yay! Thank you Baby Amy! I loved part 2! I'm excited thinking of what Christie will hypnotize Sissy Kevin with! I love that you put him in a french maids outfit! Those are so adorable! It has a very English style to it too that I love! Like how little girls call their Mommies "Mum" We don't hear that too much in the States. I think its cute! Its wonderful how elaborate you are making the story. I can tell you are putting a lot of work into it. Thankies!


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'



Kevin said nothing, he did not even say sorry to me, I cried. Mother took me into the bathroom, closed and locked the door, Kevin began to clean up the carpet.

We talked in soft voices so we would not be over heard, I had told Mum that Kevin was not really learning his lesion, but she was confident that knowing his new fate he would soon behave.

I knew better that he would not change his ways. But I said nothing, I did ask her to get Kevin to apologise to me. Mum had left me to clean up in the bathroom, while she left and approached Kevin.


I was on my way to get a cool refreshing glass of Lemonade when I heard Christie scream in rage, surely Kevin was not misbehaving himself after all the humiliation he had been through and I was sure the entire French Maid outfit was helping to also keep him in his place.

I immediately rushed upstairs to find out what was going on, to my shock I saw Christie standing there looking not very happy and I could see why, there was a wet patch on the landing and I could smell wee.

I could not believe that Christie had just wet her self, when she told me that Kevin had deliberately prevented her from going to use the loo, I could hardly believe my ears and I tried the door handle on the bathroom door, the door was locked all right.

Kevin opened the door after I commanded him to do so. He was grinning from ear to ear, much to my shock and dismay. I was livid and he was still smiling, I was prepared to slap Kevin so hard in the face, his mouth would be covered in blood most likely.

I had to restrain my self. If Kevin thought this whole thing was a joke, I was going to make sure he would regret thinking other wise.

I had gotten him to clean up the mess on the carpet, I could tell that he did not like that, I took Christie into the bathroom, she seemed pretty convinced making Kevin wear the entire set of clothes that made up the French Maids outfit, every Saturday would not change Kevin's ways.

I was however sure that this form of Petticoat Punishment would work very well, as Petticoat Punishment usually does work.

Christie was right though. Kevin did need to say sorry to her for what he had done. He should have said sorry, I was so very disappointed with my own son. I left Christie to clean up and had promised her to fetch her a new skirt and pair of underwear.

Kevin was on his hands and knees trying to mop up the pee stain that was in the carpet. I approached him.

You can stop doing that for a moment, stand up.” Kevin got to his feet and I could see fear in his eyes, but not remorse. “You are to apologise to your sister once she comes out of the bathroom, I am very ashamed of you Kevin, I know I have given you a very good upbringing, there is no real excuse for the way you are behaving. I will not tolerate such behaviour from you any more. Now get back to work, Oh, we are soon to have house guests, you are to serve them, as well as me and your sister drinks, you can do the rest of your chores later. I want this mess cleaned up however by the time I get back with a new skirt and a fresh pair of underwear for your sister.”

Kevin looked pale and shocked, but I was in no mood to capture it on camera, I went on towards Christie's bedroom, I soon got her the things she needed and Kevin had finished mopping up as much as possible that wet stain in the landing carpet.

I knocked on the bathroom door and Christie opened it, I handed her the new skirt and fresh new underwear.

Thanks Mum.”
You're welcome honey.” It did not take long for Christie to get dressed, she came out of the bathroom and I stood there with my arms folded, if I had to give a cue to Kevin to apologise to Christie, I will be sure to have a quiet word with him later, but he did not need any prompting from me, which was just as well, otherwise Kevin would have been in big trouble.


Kevin was going to pay big time for making me wet myself, even I did not think he would stoop that low. I have been planing to hypnotise Kevin for a long time now, but I needed a good cause and reason for doing so, now he had provided me with exactly those things.

Still, I had to be careful, I want Kevin to pay back for everything that he has done, but I do want to help him, not that he actually deserves to be helped.

But I am not vindictive, once Kevin has been punished enough, then I will help him, not to be a better boy, that was just simply out of the question, I will help him to be the best behaved Sissy Baby that he can be, by the time I am finished with him, he will want me to help him and I will gladly guide him.

Anyway I cleaned my self off and I heard a light knock on the bathroom door, I knew that to be Mum, I opened the door and she handed me a new skirt and a fresh pair of knickers to put on.

I gladly took them and I was soon out of the bathroom, Kevin looked my way looking unhappy, he had nothing to be unhappy about, Mum had her arms folded, Kevin looked as though he was not going to apologise unless prompted to do so by Mum.

I could tell by the look in Mum's eyes she was not wanting to have to prompt Kevin to apologise, but he did.

I'm sorry, OK.”
What kind of an apology do you call that Kevin?”
I said I was sorry didn't I?”
Don't you dare talk back to me like that. Honestly Kevin, you seem to be no better and I honestly thought that this punishment of yours would make you see sense and have you behave in a better manner.... Obviously, I was wrong, go and get the drinks ready, our guest have arrived.”

Just then the door bell had rang and I knew that was Vicky, Mum was right, Kevin's apology was the lamest apology I had ever bear witness to. I could ell that Mum was not going to get Kevin to apologise properly, that may have taken some time to do and it was not polite to keep guests waiting at the door.

So Mum let Kevin's poor excuse of an apology go.
I can't really blame her, Kevin did not mean a word of his apology and I had to keep my temper too. I defy anyone not to lose their temper with Kevin, truly he is the sort of boy who could make a Nun get mad at him.

I watched Kevin go off downstairs, and I realised that the bottom of the steps lead to the hallway where the front door was and our front door had a glass panel, he would be seen by my friends.

I did not want them to see him just yet. I had to act quickly. “Mum, our guests will see Kevin as soon as he reaches the bottom of the stairs, it's too early for that isn't it?”
Yes, you are right Christie, get back up here this once Kevin, do not go into the kitchen until I tell you it is OK for you to come down, is that understood?”

Yes Mum...” Replied Kevin, but I could tell he hated calling her that and was only calling her that as he felt he had to do so. The moment he could get out of that French Maids outfit, he would be back to calling her Mother again and being far worse than he's ever been. He was nearly almost being that as it was. Kevin turned around and came back up to he landing.

I quickly rushed of downstairs to open the door. Vicky was there with her sisters Katie and Shelly, all with eager grins on their faces. Then they almost looked disappointed when they saw me at the door to welcome them.

“Awe.... where is Kevin, we want to see him in the French Maids outfit.” They all chorused together. I beamed a happy smile at my friends.

Don't worry girls, you will all soon get to see Kevin in the French Maids outfit, come, I will take you out to the back garden.” I lead my friends out into the back garden where the table was and I took my seat next to Mother, she got up. “I will just get Kevin to bring us our drinks.” She said with calm, but I could tell she was holding back her anger, I was holding mine back too.

Kevin... you get down here and serve us ladies our drinks at once.” Mother made sure for her voice to be heard even all the way from the back garden, the girls giggled, I laughed too, I certainly needed that laugh, if only to let my anger subside, I think Mum wanted that reaction and was needing to her anger to subside too, her face had a nice smile upon it.

That was a good sign and Kevin finally came out into the back garden and at once we all roared with laughter, as he walked ever so delicately near girl like with a tray full, it had our drinks on it and for good measure a plate of cakes and biscuits, trying so hard not to spill anything or completely drop the tray.

Wow! Kevin... is that really you?” I was surprised, as so was Vicky, Katie and Mum when Shelly had suddenly asked Kevin and in such a way that was so utterly adorable, if Kevin had said anything nasty to Shelly right there and then, I believe my Mum may have made my plans come true without me having to put my plans into action.

Kevin sure looked as though he was going to lash out at Shelly no matter who was there watching... Kevin then amazed us all when he replied in a sudden soft voice. “Yes it is me Shelly.”
I really like your outfit.”

It's not mine, it's Christie's...” Kevin nearly snapped, he looked as though he was going to say something else, but he saw a warning look cast at him from Mum and he just placed out the drinks before us.


I had just about had it with being humiliated and I was determined to tell Mother this fact, things had gone far enough, with having Christie ruffle the ruffled frills on the back of the frilly knickers and the sensations they had caused, was the last straw for me.

First a little pay back time for Christie, I needed to think of how I could get back at her and by a chance encounter I was given the perfect opportunity.
The phone had rung earlier which I was surprised to hear and I knew it had to be Vicky calling, only that she does not call on a Saturday.

I tried to lean close over the banister of the landing to hear what Christie was talking about, but all I could hear was her voice in a muffled sound, as the house was well built with thick walls, so sound did not escape as badly as it does in not so well built buildings, the sort where you can hear the next door neighbours television being on, even at normal volume.

Next thing I hear is the living room door being opened and Christie rushing up the stairs, she looked as though she was in a rush to go to the loo, I could not resist the opening opportunity. I quickly got in my sisters way.

I went a step further and I rushed into the bathroom and locked the bathroom door, then I put my ear to it, I could just about hear Christie starting to wet herself and the carpet.

It was music to my ears, but Christie made such a fuss about the whole thing screaming her head off, which was typical of a GIRL... I heard Mother rushing upstairs I could guess where this situation was going to go, of course Mother always takes Christie's side. Girls seem to get away with anything, well, I was not going to let Christie get the better of me and I had the upper-hand.

I had to clean out the bathroom, so that is what I intended to do after I took pleasure in hearing Christie wet her self. But Mother took her side when I tried to argue the fact that I was just simply doing what was expected of me to do.

I should have figured that Christie was up to something the moment she announced that guests would be arriving at the house any time soon and that could only have meant one thing.

By guests, she had meant that Vicky and her two sisters Katie and Shelly will be visiting. It was just like Christie to call up that lot and tell them I wearing a French Maids outfit, etc.

I could not believe my ears that Mother told me I will be doing the chores every Saturday and wearing these exact clothes. Well she can get lost, that ain't going to happen.

I was more shocked that I had to give my sister an apology, she did not deserve to get one. I would not be in the mess I am in now if it had not been for her suggesting to Mother that I wear this entire French Outfit.

I can't stand these weird feelings I keep getting and they are driving me nuts. I need to think of a way I can get Mother to change her mind and have me take off these clothes, I will find a way and good cause to get her to do so.

I had at least one up on Christie, my loss was having to mop up where she had weed all over the carpet and made to say sorry to her. She even had the cheek to say that my apology was not even good enough for her, the door bell had just rung, I knew who would be at the front door.

It was not ideal that I would be going downstairs first, but I was told to get the drinks right away.
Knowing full well that Vicky and her sisters will see me through the glass panel of the front door, but Mother called me back upstairs again, I did not want to disobey, I still needed to figure out a way to get Mother just mad enough at me for her to want me to take off these clothes I am wearing.

I was soon called down by Mother to serve the drinks, I should have known that all of the girls and Mother would burst out laughing the moment I appeared carrying a serving tray filled with glasses and a plate full of cake and biscuits.

It is harder than it looks trying to walk and balance a full tray. Trust Shelly to ask such a stupid silly question, I wanted to tell her how stupid she was, but a cold stare from Mother made me think twice.

You look very pretty in that French Maids outfit, are you wearing knickers underneath it?” Asked Shelly with a delightful squeal... I went red with anger, not with embarrassment, then Vicky only made things worse followed by Katie's remark that followed. “Oh yes, what a good question to ask Shelly, I am too eager to know if you are wearing knickers under that nice dress of yours.”

Yes, Kevin, show us your knickers.” Katie remarked and I just lost my temper, I did not care that Mother was there giving me a cold hard stare. “This is not my dress you stupid girls and yes I am wearing knickers, but neither of you are going to see them.” Just then, Mother got out of her chair, then she came up from behind me and hoisted me out of mine.

She had me in a Full Nelson and she said to me harshly. “That is no way for you to talk to Christie's guests. You shall show them your knickers, once done, you are to bend over.”
What? What for?” No way was I going to bend over, no way was Mother thinking of spanking me.

I have held back from doing this long enough, now you leave me with no other choice to spank you.”
I was not going to be dominated like this, I tried to break the hold my Mother had over me, but she had an iron like grip, no way should a woman be this strong! Or any woman for that matter...

The pain is agonising, I feel Mothers grip tighten on me, my eyes start to water. I feel my limbs slowly start to go limp, this just can't be happening to me.
Kevin, last chance, so help me GOD, I will force you to show off your knickers to these girls here... Now are you going to be a good Sissy and show them your self?”

OK, OK, I'll do it.... Just let me go.”
Sorry, that was not the correct answer...” My mother had to to be out of her mind if she was expecting me to say yes. But I felt my limbs getting weaker now, if I don't say yes, I am going to pass out, that would be just too humiliating.

Yes, Yes Mum, I will do as you ask.”
No, I want to hear you say Yes Mum, I will be a good Sissy and show these nice girls my pretty knickers.” NO WAY! GOD, why is this happening to me? I feel my self near to passing out, I can't let this happen, I relented, only so that these girls don't see my Mother have victory over me and forcing me to do what the girls had requested.

Yes Mum, I will be a good Sissy and show these nice girls my pretty knickers.” I hated having to say that and I could tell that Christie was enjoying every moment of my submission to Mother, oh the humiliation of it all...

Mother let me go and I walked over to where I could stand before the girls sat at the table, so I could then turn around, lift up the skirt of my French Maids outfit and show off the frilly knickers...


Kevin was the perfect picture carrying the drinks tray before me, Mum, Vicky, Katie and Shelly. To my surprise, but equal delight, Mum was taking pictures of Kevin's humiliation.

Shelly was a real star, Kevin's face burned red with anger however the moment Shelly asked if he was wearing knickers, Vicky encouraged that and what Katie said was just icing on the cake, but I did not like the look of anger in Kevin's face, he looked as though he was going to either hit Katie, or Vicky, or worse, hit little Shelly.

If he was to so much raise a fist at her, never mind hit her, I would have half throttled Kevin, if Mum does not do it for me, should he dare try to hit Shelly or her other sisters for that Matter.

I was shocked, but not surprised to witness Kevin's Macho reaction to Katie's and Shelly's onslaught of humiliation, which he only rightfully deserved.

But what Mum did next, astonished me, it was not so much as to what she did, but what she said to Kevin. I could hardly believe my ears, Mum was calling Kevin not only a Sissy, she was making him say he was one, which he did, and like the good Sissy that he was for only a moment, Kevin walked over to where he could face us, turn around and show Vicky, Katie and Shelly to their shear delight, the PVC, lace covered knickers.

Just then Vicky called out. “Now stay like that, I want to get a good close look of those knickers on you Kevin.”
Me too...” Replied Katie with excitement, but Shelly was the most eager and excited of the sisters. “Me too, me too.”

Her shrills of glee was a delight to us all, I was almost expecting Kevin to outright refuse, but he did as he was told.
I knew he was was going to crack soon and retaliate on a big scale, it was now only a matter of time, I could feel it in my gut. I had to wait for Shelly to play her part in my next plan, if Kevin loses control before then, I fear Mother may call in the police, then have him sent off to the army. I knew in my heart that Kevin will be better off with what I had in mind for him.


It was bad enough having to bend over, lift up the skirt of this stupid French Maids Dress, letting the girls see the frilly covered PVC Knickers casing my ass...

I nearly died when Vicky told me to stay where I was as she wanted a closer look at the knickers on me. But then so did Katie and worst of all so did Shelly. When will this nightmare ever end?

Each girl then did as Christie had done before, they ruffled the frills on the back of the knickers. What is so damn fascinating about lace frilly ruffles anyway? Why have them on the rear side of knickers?

I mean, it is not like anyone will see them, unless the dress like the one I am wearing is so short, that they can bee seen. I think that is the whole point of the knickers having rows of ruffled frills on the back, so they can bee seen from behind under very short dresses.

Which does not make sense, I know for a fact that girls hate it when guys look up their skirts or short dresses to get a peak of their underwear. This whole very frilly knickers and very short dresses obsession had to be a Sissy sort of thing.

As much as I know about Sissies, they seem to enjoy very much showing off their frilly knickers and wearing very short dresses to do so.
They had to be mentally insane or something. What really bugs the heck out of me, it seems like a lot of girls really like Sissies, or better still Sissifying naughty boys.

I was now determined more than ever not to let these girls get away with this. This was all Christie's fault, oh GOD! No... No.... I feel... GOD Noooo....

My horror was short lived as after each girl had ruffled the frills on the back of the knickers. Mother came from behind me and lifted down the knickers, she did not pull them down fully, which was a saving grace, but they had been pulled down far enough that all the girls could clearly see my exposed naked butt, then my Mother spanked me.

I had no time to react, my horror had frozen me to the spot, I was frozen in my bent over position which helped Mother to spank me very well and very hard, I cried.


Kevin was such a doll in his French Maids outfit, it was his now, I was going to make sure of that. He had such a wonderful delicate little walk as he came to the dinning table out in the garden, I took shots of his cute little walk and demeanour as he tried so hard to walk slowly being careful not to spill the glasses that filled the drinks tray.

I can well understand Shelly's reaction, Kevin was hardily recognisable looking so girlie like. It was hard to believe he was a stupid arrogant boy beneath all of that lovely French Maids outfit, his hair looking so girlie, his posture was perfect. A shining example of being a girl.

But then he began to show his true colours of the arrogant boy that he really was. The moment he talked back to Christie's friends the way that he did, he looked as though he was going to hit one of them, I was ready to stop him, should he even try. I had just about had it it with Kevin, he had pushed matters now too far.

As much I really did not want to do this to him, Kevin had given me very little choice, the fun ended the moment I pulled down the PVC knickers, I did not pull them all the way down, but just far enough, I knew that there was a young girl watching, not only that, I saw something which if it was not for Shelly being there.

I would have made Kevin's embarrassing little problem be known to the rest of the girls, as a means to further embarrass Kevin.
But as since the matter was of a delicate nature not fit for little girls to hear about, I decided not to mention the matter, but would do so to Christie in private, when I can get a chance to talk to her alone.

Kevin by now was crying like a baby. I am seriously considering of treating him like one, he only half behaves wearing his French Maids outfit.

Since he refuses to behave under the conditions of his current petticoat punishment, I do not see why not I should not treat him like a baby, maybe that will get him to fully behave, as I am rapidly losing my patients with Kevin and if babyfying him does not work. I will have him sent to the army, though I doubt that will do him much good.


It was music to my ears when I heard Kevin cry like a baby, after Mum had pulled the knickers back up on him, letting Kevin lay out on the grass of the garden. I had to get him to sit up, I knew how to do just that, so phase two of my plan can be put into action.

I waited for Mum to go off to the kitchen, as I knew she would need to get a cool drink in order to calm her self down. “Well you really are a Sissy after all, and a baby too...”

I am not...” Kevin sobbed.
Oh come now Kevin... You are crying like a baby, it is foolish of you to deny other wise and you are a Sissy. If you were a big boy, you would not be crying so much from such a spanking.

The fact that you are crying only proves you are a Sissy. And since you are making such a fuss of being spanked, and crying so much. That does make you a baby too.”

I am not a Sissy or a Baby...” Kevin cried... He was not convincing me, or Vicky, Katie or Shelly for that matter. “Prove it the. Come and sit back in your seat, stop crying and serve out the cakes and biscuits to me and my friends as we would all like some.”

I was half expecting Kevin to refuse even after being spanked. He slowly got up and I could tell he was trying so hard to hold back his tears trying to show us all he was no Sissy.

But he was, Kevin wont ever admit it, not even if his life was at risk. He's the worst type of idiot you can imagine... He did not deserve my help. But as I have said, I am not really vindictive.

Kevin was a soft nice boy, I had a feeling he was a Sissy long before I planned to humiliate him.
I wanted at first to help encourage his softer side, find ways to bring that out more in him, but when he began being friends with Darren Hardy and his mates.

That and the death of our Father did not help matters. Kevin soon lost all of his innocence, his softer nature had been diminished, but not driven from him fully. I knew with the right level of hypnosis, I could reawaken what was already there within him.

Then I would be able to regress his mind to an infantile state, to only strengthen his soft nature, to help keep him gentle, kind, loving even. I had seen in Kevin his more baby like nature, though he tried to hide it, or not try to act on it, fearing what he could not understand.

But I understood all too well, with my degrees and all. I had to give back to Kevin what had been taken away from him, but he still had to learn his lesion, but he will be able to soon understand why.

Kevin sat back on his seat, he flinched, gritted his teeth and crunched up his eyes to stop himself from crying, he wiped his eyes with the back of his hands, he was in pain we all could tell by the look on his face, but we did not laugh at Kevin's futile efforts to prove he was brave.

He served us all our pieces of cake and several biscuits. Just then Shelly on cue held out her baby doll to Kevin, it had on a pink baby dress and plastic pants even, which covered a doll sized nappy.

The Doll was the size and height of an infant baby, it was one of those new Surreal Susie Dolls, so named as the doll looked so realistic, it could wet it's nappy like a real baby and make several baby like noises.

The doll series sadly did not last too long, as there was some sort of fault or an issue with safety that got them all recalled. I can't remember which, it happened all sudden like and there was a big media circus about the whole thing and how every little girl got upset, some were even traumatized of having to give up their Surreal Susie Dolls.

Do you like my Dolly? Her name is Susie, she likes you Kevin.” Remarked Shelly in the most cute adorable voice I have ever heard from her. She held out her doll to Kevin who backed away abruptly. “I don't want your stupid little doll...”

I wanted to smack Kevin for insulting a little girl and Shelly nearly looked she was going to cry.
I quickly came to the aid of Shelly. “Don't you dare talk to Shelly that way Kevin. Have you not learned anything? Wasn't Mum's spanking enough to teach you?”

Kevin tried to answer, but I did not let him do so, I was on the attack and I was not going to give Kevin a break.

Do you want me to call Mum back in here and get her to give you another spanking?”

No.... No... Don't do that, please don't do that?” Kevin's pleas were music to my ears. “Then I suggest first of all to say sorry to Shelly, then take the doll she is so kindly wanting to give to you and do not forget to say thank you.”

I'm sorry.” Remarked Kevin, but non too convincingly, I was not going to let him get away with that. “Apologise properly or I will call Mum in and she will sort you out. Say, I'm sorry Shelly. I would like to have your Dolly, thank you very much for giving it to me. You are to say those exact words... Or else...”

The look on Kevin's face was an absolute picture, if only Mum was here to take another picture. Kevin took in a big deep breath I could tell he hated me for making him to have to say sorry to Shelly. “I'm sorry Shelly. I would like to have your Dolly, thank you very much for giving it to me.

Shelly gave him her doll, Kevin took it, looking at it as though not having a clue what to do with the doll. “Would you give my Dolly a kiss Kevin. Susie just likes to be kissed.” Remarked Shelly... What a star, she was. Kevin was really feeling the pressure now.

Yes Kevin, kiss Shelly's doll.” I prompted, Kevin reacted just as I had expected him to do so. “No way am I kissing this doll, that sort of thing is only for girls and Sissies.”
I was about to force the issue when Shelly suddenly remarked. “But Kevin, you are a Sissy, you said so your self.”

Kevin's face was one of infinite fury, but he had been beaten by a little girl. I stepped in, just to make sure he would not try some lame excuse to back out of the situation. “Yes, Kevin. Shelly is right, you did admit to being a Sissy.

So there is no reason why you can't or should not kiss Shelly's doll. Or do you want me to call Mum back here to sort the matter out?”

Kevin was in no hurry to be spanked again, so he brought the doll close to his face so he could kiss it. He did so as quick as he could make it, to his utter shock and horror, Susie's head came right off and fell to the ground. To which Shelly suddenly burst into tears.

Mum rushed in like lightning, the moment Shelly had burst into tears, as loud and as clear, she could be heard from next door, I was slightly worried that a concerned may pop over any time now to see what all the commotion was about.

But thankfully Mum had arrived just in time and was doing everything she could to calm down Shelly.

What is the matter, has Kevin been mean to you?”

Shelly was still crying unable to speak. I soon took control of the situation. “I saw it all happen, Vicky and Katie too, Shelly offered her doll to Kevin to play with. Which I thought was a very nice gesture, then before our very eyes Kevin snatched the doll saying that dolls are only for pathetic little girls and then he pulled the dolls head off.”

I knew that wasn't true, but this was all part of my plan. Shelly was very brave to let her sisters to cut the dolls head off, it was hard to get it fixed back on. Lucky for me that Vicky was clever and she found a way to put the head back on which would stay so long as you was careful how you moved the doll.

I knew Kevin would be pretty much clumsy with the doll anyway and the head was bound to come lose and fall off the moment he would try to kiss it. “Shelly, is that true?”
We all saw it happen Mrs Lavender...”

Remarked Vicky and Katie together. Mum does not miss a thing as she replied firmly. “I am asking Shelly. It is OK Shelly, you can tell me, I will make sure that Kevin will get another spanking.”

Yes Auntie Catherine... Kevin did say that I was pathetic and he did pull Susie's head off... I'm not a pathetic little girl, I love playing with my dolly.” Shelly replied, crying even more. She called my Mum Auntie, as my Mum had become like one to her and so she gladly accepted being Shelly's Auntie.

No of course you are not a pathetic little girl. It is Kevin who is a pathetic little boy who is going to get another hard spanking.” That was all good and well, but I knew it was time to put my plan into action.

“Mum, do you think giving Kevin another spanking is really going to make him learn his lesion?”
She looked at me with a look of confusion. “He is Sissified from head to foot, what other lesion can he possibly learn?”
Well, I since he so brutally destroyed Susie's doll, I was thinking that Kevin should replace it.” Mum gave me another confused look, not understanding what I was getting at.

Replace it how? Kevin does not play with dolls for a start and you gave all of your dolls away a long time ago.”
No Mum. I did not mean that Kevin replace Shelly's doll with another. I mean he should be made to be her doll, as she only has the one doll and now she has no other doll to play with.”

Quickly Vicky and Katie were all agreeing with me and pleading with my Mum to make Kevin to be made to be Shelly's dolly. She thought it over as she said out loud.
Being a little girl's doll and having to do everything she told him to do, just may actually teach him a lesson.” We all looked on eager.

Yes, why not. Kevin, you are to be Shelly's doll for the day and do everything she tells you to do.”
But Auntie Catherine, my dolly was a baby girl.” Replied Shelly on cue, she has been doing school plays since she was 3 years old. She loved acting, she should have been given an Oscar for her star performance.

She loved wearing her pretty frock, she loved wearing her nappy and her frilly plastic pants too.” Shelly was so good, even I felt for her, as so did Vicky and Katie. Which only helped with my plan, I could not have asked for a much better opportunity.

That won't be a problem Shelly, I kept a few things Christie once used to have that may just fit Kevin, a towel will have to do for a nappy, sorry I do not have any plastic pants to put him into for you.” I caught a tearful look in Shelly's eyes. “Mum I can help you with the clothes, you wont need to use any of my old things.”

WHAT?” Mum said in shock, but not as much shocked as what Kevin was right now. My Mum looked at me. I knew I had to explain, but I had a further plan. “I had someone make a costume for me to be identical to Susie's doll's clothes for the next annual fancy dress event held at Harlequin Hall, which is a week away from now...”

This much was true, I did have a new costume in mind to wear, of course it was not one that looked like the clothes Shelly's Susie Doll wore. But I could not let Mum know that, I did not like deceiving her this way, one day I will come clean and tell her everything, I only hope I wont regret it, or have Mum make me undo what I am about to do to Kevin.

She may come to accept that it is for his own good, only time will tell. “I was going to be brave enough to go dressed as a baby girl, I even bought a pack of disposable nappies, cute ones to with Princess printed on them. I just wanted my all outfit to look authentic and be the best one, it is a thousand pounds prize money for the winner this year...”

That part was true too and lots of people were finding new and very barmy outfits anyway, as those were the ones the judges at the fancy dress venue looked for and awarded prizes on. “I was also planing a little surprise Shelly by turning up at her house wearing my costume, but I guess I have spoiled the surprise now”

I had a few tears now trickle out of my eyes and down my cheeks. My acting was not as good as Shelly's. But Mum was convinced and she dabbed away at my eyes with a tissue. “It won't do for you to end up crying too Christie. No... nothing has been spoiled too much, instead of you wearing that costume it will be Kevin.”

What? No way...” Remarked Kevin, but Mum grabbed hold of him and as before pulled his knickers down, just enough to expose his bare bottom and hammered hard on it, harder than last time. “I have realised now Kevin...”

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. “That having you dressed as a Sissy French Maid is obviously not teaching you a lesion at all.” WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. “So as to further compound your punishment, you are going to dress and be like a Sissy Baby Girl instead...”

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. “You are to apologise to Shelly for damaging her doll and you are to do what ever she tells you to do, or you will get a few more of these from me.” WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. I have never seen my Mum be so angry, to the point she began to cry.

Now look at what you have made me do.” She scolded Kevin with her words. “You are not ever to be a boy ever again, as long as it takes, you are going to learn how to be a good Sissy Baby Girl. If I have to beat you into being that, so help me GOD I shall.”

Mum pulled Kevin's knickers back up and got him to turn to face Shelly, she held Kevin firmly by his right wrist. Making it very clear to him that he was not going anywhere. “I'm truly sorry for damaging your dolly. I am willing to be your dolly for you.” I can't believe that Kevin said all of that all by himself, with no prompts from Mum.

Thank you.” Shelly replied, still a little tearful. “Christie bring your costume up to the bedroom. This time you can watch as I dress him. I spared you from having your sister see me dress you once. This time, you are not going to be so lucky Kevin.” Kevin said nothing and I quickly went off to get the clothes I had a dress maker, made them for Kevin.


I had given Kevin a good spanking, he cried like a baby, which only made me want to treat him like one even more, I needed a good strong drink, just to settle me down. I do not normally drink alcohol apart from at Christmas times and on New Years Day.

Oh and for birthdays if the person is of the right age. I had a bottle of wine in the fridge and I was going to use it for an exotic French meal I was planning to do, which would have gone well with having Kevin all dressed as a French Maid.

Now I had lost all interest in doing the French meal that did require about half a bottle of the wine. I was hoping the spanking I had given to Kevin would make him behave at long last. No such luck, just as I had finished pouring for my self a glass of wine, I heard Shelly crying. Kevin had done something to make her cry.

How could he do that? Especially after the spanking I had just given him? I was starting to fear, I may have to send that no good son of my to the army. I immediately gulped down my wine and dashed out into the garden, and I soon saw what Shelly was crying about.

Just on the grass near to the patio was the head of a Surreal Susie Doll's head and Kevin holding the rest of the doll and in the wrong way too.
I simply could not believe my ears when Christie told me what Kevin had done.

Was there no end to his utter cruelty? Not satisfied of locking his sister out of the bathroom when she needed to go and wee, now he's tearing off doll's heads belonging to little girls. I had to make sure what was told to me was true, it just seemed so unlike Kevin to be so mean.

But when Shelly told me it was true what he had done to her doll and what he had said to her. My blood just boiled, I have never known Kevin to be so spiteful. I know I have not gone wrong with his upbringing. Christie has told me about the sort of friends he has. I was determined to make sure Kevin never sees or be around those friends ever.

It was clear to me now that they had their hand in his wicked ways. Kevin has become so used to being that way, it is no wonder he can't see any wrong in what he is doing. I was surprised when Christie had suggested having Kevin be Shelly's Doll to make up for the one he damaged.

That was a good idea and it may just make Kevin behave. Then Shelly pointed out her doll was a baby girl doll. Well, I had tried turning Kevin into a Sissy Maid and that was obviously not working. Since I had the idea to treat him as a baby, having him instead as a Sissy Baby Girl would be better and it was what I had been thinking about.

So it was just right Kevin be a living version of the Surreal Susie Doll for Shelly. When Christie however remarked she had the clothes to dress up Kevin with, I was not liking what I was thinking, that Christie had somehow planned all of this to get back at Kevin.

Not that I can blame her. But if it was her plan to turn Kevin into a Sissy Baby Girl, she should have told me, I would have granted her request.
No, thinking about it, I would not have gone along at first thinking the idea to be too extreme.

But Kevin has shown and proven at least that he deserve no better and only rightly should be treated as a Sissy Baby Girl. Now I will have to spank him again, since the first spanking did not drive home to him he should start behaving.

I am going to regret the kind of spanking I am going to have to give him now. Kevin's sobs as I spanked him so hard, I could have made his eyes pop out of his head began to make me cry. I begin to cry, I love my son... well I did... but since this change in Kevin, it has been near impossible to love him.

Now I am hurting him real badly, I don't want to. But he has gone too far and I have now no choice. I really do not want to beat my son into submission just so he will start to behave.

When Christine had told me she had a costume made for her, and planed to let Shelly see her in it, that was the most sweetest thing of her.
She was willing to make a fool out of her self and she even went as so far as to buy some disposable nappies, Princess Print ones too.

Her consideration and thought for others is truly remarkable. If only Kevin could be that way, I had spared him once, I could not do it again, I was going to let Christie watch as I transform Kevin from a Sissy Maid into a Sissy Baby Baby Girl...



'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

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