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A young man gets turned into a sissy pet.
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   Kelly Tran was tired, he was in the 11th hour of a 12 hour shift driving a delivery van for the Alice Courier Co.
   Kelly was a new hire, he was only in his second week on the job. Being only 5' 1" tall and very slight of build, Kelly was glad he only had to deliver light packages with his van, nothing heavy.
   His route took him around the outskirts of the city and into the countryside. Most of his deliveries were to upscale houses in posh neighbourhoods, most of his customers were women.
   Kelly usually did not know what he was carrying, all he knew was the packages were light so that was okay. Every time he made a delivery the van's computer would chime in, as he got into the van it said, "successful delivery of package number 241-617."
   Kelly smiled at the dashboard, to him it seemed as if the van did most of the work, the GPS system made sure he did not get lost and the van was even self driving. Whenever he got tired or wanted a break he could engage the auto drive system. So far this job was a breeze, Kelly was glad he'd got it, he felt lucky.
   His van was now empty, but the onboard computer chimed in again, "final delivery at number 165 Sunnybrook Lane."
   "What?" Kelly double checked the back to be sure the van was empty, it was, there was nothing left to deliver.
   "Negative, error!" Kelly spoke the over ride command, but the computer responded by engaging the auto drive mode.
   The doors automatically locked once the van was in gear and Kelly was now a passenger. He tried the over ride again, but it failed. He tried to call his dispatcher but the phone would not dial, weird he thought.
   The van drove itself onto the highway and out of town with a confused Kelly Tran onboard wondering what the hell possessed his van.
   After a trip of about 15 minutes the van turned off of the highway and onto a country lane, soon it was pulling into a tree lined driveway at the end of which a large metal gate was sliding open.
   "Must be an automatic gate," he thought as the van drove inside. Kelly eyed the walled estate with envy, it was surrounded by what appeared to be 12' walls topped with spikes, inside was a large manor house with a massive flower garden with ponds and a large white gazebo in the backyard. The drive was wide and circular giving Kelly a good view of the well kept up estate, he pushed a button and his window opened hitting him with the smell of flowers.
   "Nice place." he thought, hoping they would understand his van made an error. He knew once it stopped the doors would unlock and he could explain to the butler why he was here, he figured a place this fancy would have a butler or something.
   As expected the van unlocked and Kelly hoped out, as he closed the door it locked and he heard the van chime in through the closing power window, "successful delivery of one Kelly Tran, untrained sissy pet."
   "What!?!"  Kelly exclaimed as the van began to drive away.
   "No!" Kelly raced after the van, but it was too fast, it sped through the gate which quickly slid closed behind it.

   He ran panting up to the gate just as it closed, trapping him in behind the 12' walls, he turned to stare at the manor house which now seemed sinister to him, "untrained sissy pet!?! WTF was going on?"
   Kelly started for the house warily, "this must be a gag," he said aloud, "must be." He saw a girl emerge from the house and he gasped at how childishly she was dressed.
   She was wearing what appeared to be an elementary school girl's uniform. She was in a short baby pink pleated mini skirt under which she wore white tights and black Mary Jane shoes with big bows on them.
   Her blouse was a sailor's style with a pink sailor's knot and pink piping around the collar. Her long dark hair was loose and her face very pretty, she was smiling and waving at him, not at all threatening, though she was dressed very young for someone he figured was about his own age, early 20's.
     As the young woman got closer Kelly realized that she was really a he as "she" said, "Hi Kelly I'm Timmy," To Kelly's astonishment the girlish young man performed a flawless curtsey, "welcome to the Sissy Pet Academy!"
   "The what!?!" Kelly asked in shock.

   To be continued.
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Baby Butch
Off to a good start with your story and it is getting better with each update. I like how the beginning sets up the story mysteriously.
@ Baby Butch
  Thank you Baby Butch, I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my story. It is people like you who keep me writing. :) 
a simply wonderful story so far...please keep up the good work, dear 
permanently a sissybaby 
@ babygirlpansy
  Thank you, I plan to add more once I am finished night shifts this week. :)
lil sissie
 mes just woves dis stowy  was sorwy  to see it stop can't wait to reed more
 lil sissie
@ lil sissie
Thank you lil sissie!  I plan to add more soon, I am on my night shifts now so I will be adding more on Monday or Tuesday :)
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