A Perfect Birthday For A Perfect Sissy ( R )
Imagine if your birthday went like this...
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It's seven o'clock in the morning and its Saturday.

You are still fast asleep in your crib when Mommy enters the nursery.

She reaches down into the crib, places a hand on your shoulder, and shakes it as gently as possible.

Your purple eyeshadow-covered eyes flutter open, revealing your beautiful blue eyes.

"Its time to wake up (Your name)." Mommy says. "Mommy has lots of things planned for you today."

You say nothing as there is a large pacifier tied into your mouth with pink ribbons knotted behind your head.

Mommy undoes the straps that hold your arms and legs down, which had prevented you from getting out of the crib during the night.

She carefully lifts you out of the crib and carries you over to the changing table.

She sets you down on the soft carpeted floor in front of the changing table and lifts up your pretty, yellow, satin babydoll nightie.

You blush as Mommy begins to squeeze the crotch of your extra thick diapers.

Then she squeezes the backside of your diapers.

Mommy smiles and says, "I think a certain baby girl needs her diaper change."

You smile and nod your head 'yes'.

"I thought so." Mommy says as undresses you from the babydoll nightie.

Then she lifts you up onto the changing table, laying you down on your back.

The soft, smooth changing pad feels good against your bare back.

Mommy removes your smelly, wet, and soiled diaper and throws it into the nearby trash can.

She takes out the baby wipes and lifts up your legs so she can clean your little bottom, then she does the same to your crotch.

Now she repeats the action with powder and slips a dry, fresh diaper beneath your bottom.

The diaper is very thick and soft and you know that you will be wearing it for most of the whole day because it is very absorbent.

Mommy tapes up the diaper and lifts you down from the changing table before leading you over to your closet.

Mommy opens the closet and your eyes light up with excitement when you see all the brightly-colored, frilly dresses, blouses, skirts, petticoats, tights, and bonnets all neatly hung up on their hangers.

Mommy reaches into the closet and you smile very pretty as Mommy begins to dress you in your pretty daytime clothes.


A pair of white nylon tights come first.

Mommy holds them up in front of you and you step into them before she pulls them up your legs and around your waist.

They feel so comfortable! And they keep your diapers firmly in place so that they don't shift around or fall down.

Next, a petticoat is driven up your legs and around your waist just as the petticoat had been.

You know now that you will be wearing a dress today instead of a skirt and that the petticoat will make it flare out a lot.

Mommy puts shiny, black, patent leather Mary Jane shoes on your pretty little feet and pink fingerless mittens on your hands. She ties the mittens on with pink ribbon and smiles as you fidget ever so slightly in discomfort.

"We can't have you fussing with your outfit, now can we, (Your name)?" Mommy asks and pats your head. "Now its time for Baby (Your name)'s pretty dressy-poo!"

Mommy reaches into the closet and pulls out the cutest dress you ever saw!

It is a light shade of pink and has lots of white frilly lace on the collar, arm openings, and hem of the skirt. The sleeves are puffed out and there is a white satin sash around the waist of the dress. You almost faint from happiness!

Mommy helps you into the dress and places a long, curly, blonde wig on your head before turning you to face a mirror.


And you see her... The most beautiful girl in the whole world!

You smile at her and you smile back.

You wave at her and when she waves back... you realize... It's you!

"Does widdle (Your name) like her outfit?" Mommy asks.

You shake your head 'yes'.

"Well, good." Mommy says. "Then let's get you downstairs for breakfast, shall we? Mommy's made you something extra special today."


Mommy leads you by a mittened hand downstairs to the kitchen where your highchair is waiting for you.

Mommy lifts you into the seat of the highchair and snaps the tray table into place.

Then she straps your arms and legs down so that you can't fidget while she's feeding you in case you decided to be a fussy baby today.

Your pacifier is taken out and you sit still while Mommy goes over to the refrigerator. And your mind runs wild as you wonder what extra special breakfast Mommy has made you.

You gasp when Mommy approaches you with a giant chocolate cake in her hands and she shouts, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, (Your name)!!!"

You see two lit candles on the cake and realize now that today is your birthday and you must've forgotten.

Mommy cuts you a slice of cake and puts it on a pretty pink plate.

She picks up a forkful of chocolate cake and holds it near your lips.

"Open wide, Baby (your name)." Mommy says. "Its time for your special birthday breakfast."

You open your mouth without hesitation and allow the chocolaty goodness to enter your mouth and rest on your tongue as you chew it, savoring the deliciousness.

You finally swallow and open your mouth again to have more cake put inside.

Its like a little piece of heaven! You always did love Mommy's cooking.

To be continued...
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I imagine that would be just about the best birthday ever!
Baby talk rocks!
What a pretty story to read ^^ I like the touch of having our names in there ^^
My 37th - 1st birthday is coming up, i would love it to be like this
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