the panties (PG)
a young boy about 6 lives with his 19 year old sister alone she has some cute panties of course so he tries them on but is caught by his sister
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This is a story told from first and 3rd person view and you’ll love it]
pg possibly

character yukinari age 15

character asuna age 20

chapter 1
found out
yukinari had been bored out of his mind that day
no school for two weeks he thought I think why not try on her panties nothings good on TV
*he goes in his sisters room and looks in her underwear drawer and pulls out a pair of her white panties. Yukinari try on her panties and is about to pull up his jeans when his older sister asuna sees him I was horrified when she asked me go ahead wearing my panties I knew there was something fishy about you
she questions me how long have you've been sneaking been wearing my panties come on tell me
scarily I told the truth 2 other times i was sacredly I told her
so wearing my panties ehh well guess what I think im going to send it to all of your school and have them know that you like to wear panties
unless you become my slave for the time being until you work off the cost of those panties ill say two hours opps you need a dress baby she said *she pulled out her Halloween outfit which was a maids uniform
okay lil brother or should I say maid you will work off wearing my dress and panties I think that’s at least 6 hours of work
okay sis ill do it please don’t send this out please
good now I want you to work for me
she took pictures of me and took off all of my guy clothes
*she put on the maid outfit and had me picking up trash
one more thing I don’t want to here a peep about you unless the house is on fire and don’t leave the room either
I worked in their for 2 hours when pressure on my bladder started to build
as she woke up I by now was doing the potty dance sis I need to go pee
and without warning I wet her white panties and left a spot on the carpet in front of her
so you little brat wet my panties I swear you act like a little sissy baby and you have the nerve to ruin my panties you brat
she was about to hit me when I said please no
you know what yuki I think I still have a pair for you
now finish cleaning up that carpet and take off the dress you have to work off the dress and panties as well as training pants
training pants I mumbled your the one who decided to try my panties on and wet them
your right sis I wont argue with you
I finished cleaning up the carpet and waited for her
chapter 2
my diapering
she took off my uniform and panties and threw the panties in the trash she pulled out a pair of training pants from her stack of supplies from when she babysat kids okay mister i want you to be still *she pulled up the training panties* we might have to go shopping now for you because I cant take chances of you wetting my good panties
ill add it in to your debt understood *I nodded*
good now stay there *she took out her old school uniform and put on a skirt and shirt on me good baby you might be liking this secretly i wanted to yell out no but I was afraid of her hurting me
okay yuki lets go to the store I followed her bout to get in her car when she said wait every time I help you in and out extra 5 minutes work for me
she made me wait and had me helped in the backseat of the car as she drove to the medical supply store i told her i needed to go pee she told me be a big girl and hold it in i made it to the parking lot of the place but ass soon as i got out of the car i horrifyingly walked slowly as my training panties tight already became pufier and wet to capacity
asuna looked at me and said
did you wet your pull-up
i meekly nodded
well good thing you made it here follow me i walked in the medical supply store and followed her it was just me her and the checkout lady
she asked where the diapers were the lady showed her some new diapers
ahh we have some cute one thicker and much bigger than those baby diapers
here they are they are pink perfect for her size okay ill take 2 jumbo packs [about 80 diapers][5bottles of baby powder[12 pacifiers[[10 baby bottles[
sis why do i need the pacifier and baby bottles I asked cuz you are a wittle baby she continued and got some 6 pink plastic pants 36 nappy pins 24 cloth diapers[[a teddy bear[ and 5 cans of baby formula[
i started crying she whispered my my my you are a wittle sissy girl
the lady asked what’s wrong asuna said ohh its my wittle sissy brother her i mean his nappy is wet and he needs a change

the lady thought ohh you poor thing let your big sissy get you changed
as asuna bought me the stuff she open up a pacifier and put it in my mouth while I sucked on it she took off my old pull up and threw it away as she lifted up my legs and placed a new diaper unfolded under it she took some wipes and wiped me powdered me and taped up a new diaper and handed me my teddy bear and said you’ve been a good sissy girl ill take you home now
chapter 3
her plan
as I had went home I had wet my new diaper a little while cramps in my lower gut had been building up suddenly right before i had been brought in I began to fill my diaper up in front of my sister she evidently knew what happened and asked me did baby yukina make a poopy shamefully I nodded being the actually nice sister she became no she first made me sit in my poop to get used to it as she said then 45 minutes later right when my bottom was really starting to hurt she gladly and lovingly decided I needed a change so she had laid me on the bed and untapped my messy and smelly diaper being nice she put a pacifier in my mouth and had me suck on it while she cleaned my privates rubbed Vaseline on me and powder me as well as place a fresh new diaper n me as well I felt so comfortable like this I actually cooed a little being changed so she told me as soon as she finished diapering me

okay enough of the CRAP!!! i want you to be honest with me yukinari tell me the truth why did you go into my panty drawer if you were bored you would have resisted more a long time ago now tell me the truth NOW!!!! sacredly I didn’t want to lie I told her what i had mustered okay for the last 3 years ever since I lived with you it was first great but now you ignore everything I do I win a school award you’re like yeah cool i get special stuff but your always with your friends partying and having schoolwork being your excuse for everything sis that’s why I tried on your panties i cried out all at once asuna saying so this was all a publicity stunt first things first she had quickly pulled down my diaper and bare bottom spanked me for about 50 times after words I was crying like a little sissy girl

okay so this stunt of yours is really that important ehh well guess what your going to be in diapers 24/7 until you are 18 and I contacted mom about your shenanigans don’t cry to her she thinks you deserve what punishment you get ughh I cried again out of sadness I told my sister its you lying i never get attention from, you asuna realizing I wasn’t lying decides to calm down and realizes I needed comfort because of this she decided ill have you stay home for the whole week from school ill talk to mom about enrolling you in a different place and I guess I was a little to harsh on you back there i realize you really wanting to be a baby girl is no different then if you were truly gay I guess dear ill let you slide just come lay down on my lap asuna began to rock me and lulybuy me into sleep.
Chapter 4

my new life begins
as I was lulybuyed my big sis had put me in bed and during the night I had wet my diaper when I woke up I was scared of going to school in diapers. Then I realized I was late but asuna had kept me asleep. i asked sis what are you doing im late she said "no worry little yukina you aren’t going to school im not i felt in a sigh of relief and worry. Well little sister your simply to young for school in fact when you do go back to school you’re going to start off in nursery school first pre school sis and where’s my bedroom sis why am I in your bed being kind she told me "ohh baby sister were making your nursery darling my nursery I thought queasily "yep baby your going to be living here for the next i dunno17 years in your nursery but sis what about colleague and wont i be considered to big "nonsense baby I had your growth stopped for now a friend a cute doctor gave me medicine which reverses your puberty meaning my bad little girl wont be having wet clittys or be making sticky creamys in her diapers I was scared about this thought "an don worry baby your big sis is going to be your mommy from no on mommy "yes baby mommy and oh looks like your clothing is here she signs for a package and shows me new clothing instead of me wearing frilly dresses and sort of clothing like that im wearing pink onesies and frilly mickey mouse rompers i even had footed sleepers and clothing like that when i asked why she showed me my room or nursery which she took out al of my old clothes and donated them off the goodwill she showed that my bed was gone and my closet had special dresses of hers in it for me and my pjs were in my dresser as well as my diapers and spares were in stacks or drawers she put a paci on me and rocked me again to calm my bad nerves she rubbed my back and tummy relaxing me in her arms she made me a bottle of formula and put it in my mouth letting me suck my troubles away allowing the warm formula to help me relax as she rocked me and cradled me to a nap again. As the hours went by my nursery neared completion when I awoke from my nap I saw that it was now different instead I had a crib instead of a bed in the corner there was a changing table for me my sister also in the den had set up a playpen for me there in the kitchen she put in a hi chair as well as found a rare stroller big enough for me which was very comfortable and the car now had a special chair in the backseat making me feel tiny to my mommy driving the car I couldn’t get out unless mommy said I could which meant every time I messed or wet she was goanna be sure I was her baby for the rest of my life she told me saying I wasn’t ready for a big girls life yet she told me that I should be her baby first.
I started to think being a baby girl wasn’t so bad after all
more to come [writers block[[

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not a bad story at all... I can't wait to see where it goes ^.^
lots of love
from lilgirl stephy :)
I think you have the start of a very good story here cant wait for more.
okay heres my story ive added another chapter
it should be good
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*
love the comments my story will be getting bigger
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*
It could be better, but for some reason it leaves me lagging. Not to mention the story doesnt add up either
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