Pamper Tales: Pampered By Mummy (PG) (Added: Pampered Pretty)
A Collection Of Short Stories Of A Very Sepcial Nappy/Diaper (Read On To Find Out More)
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Authors Notes: This is a set of short stories that revolve around a design of a Pampers Reusable Nappy. (Not available anywhere in any store around the world or online. These Nappies are a figment of my imagination and are just for a little fun) Please bare in mind that this is the 1st of 4 short stories before commenting and saying something like its too short. It's a short story, though I promise you that its not overly too short, but it is short compared to what I usually post. If you really do like these short stories and wish to see more, please mention so in your comments, thank you. Oh and one last thing, this story does not entirely represent or reflect real disposable nappies, this story is a complete work of fiction.






It was like a grave yard, a man made hill all in one. Bags and bags of rubbish littered and filled an entire area that was so vast, that it nearly covered the length and breath of large city area.

This site and others like it were all over the world, these were land fills, they had to be this huge, ordinary land fill sites could not handle the increase in waste products, mostly the disposable types that could not be recycled.

The land these rubbish bags were on already had deep beneath them buried rubbish bags. There was no more room to put anymore underground, so the bags just kept on piling up, even in these large areas that was nearly taking up more space than most cities were...

Meanwhile and elsewhere...
A lovely old woman sat at the desk of her office dreading that this day would come, she had been fighting a losing battle with the world governments.

All over the world, disposable companies were being closed down, some even by force. Disposable nappies were now a great hazard to the Earths Ozone Lair that had been rapidly declining even after all chemical fuels etc had all been replaced with safer alternative fuels that were good for the environment.

The kind and most wealthy old woman was trying so hard to find a better alternative solution, but time was against her, she had been given a deadline to meet, come up0 with a better and environmentally friendlier reusable nappy or be shut down p

God bless her she tried everything she could think of and got in the best researchers in the field of nappy making.

It seemed that reusable nappies were the only next best thing other than a big come back of toweling/cloth nappies to be used and they had now been most favored to be used.

So there was not much point in going into the reusable nappy industry. Everything seemed all hopeless and lost. Mrs Pierce long divorced, but had kept her long family name.

She looked up and saw a woman smartly dressed in a business executive suit. Which was a black short waist jacket, a crisp sharp white blouse, a conservative short black skirt, in that it was not too short, but short enough,
black tights, not stockings, black low high healed shoes and a black tie.

The woman was in her early 20's she had her long blond hair tied in a tight official kind of pony tail, straight and immaculately brushed. She carried the typical government issue black and gold rimmed executive brief case.

And had attached to the lapel of her so immaculately pressed suit jacket her ID Badge which clearly stated that she was a Miss Shelly Harley,
Administrator of the Government Enforcement Agency.

Shelly walked dominantly up towards Mrs Pierce. "Mrs Pierce, I have come to close you down, I hereby give you my documentation that gives me full rights to close down your main office and all of your other office buildings that you have world wide, however I require your signature..."

Shelly paused and had placed right on top of Mrs Pierce's office desk her black brief case, it had two combination locks on the front side panel in which Shelly had deftly turned the brief case to face her and with speed, keyed in the correct combination and clicked the release buttons on either side.

And in one fowl movement, scooped up a brown folder containing well padded piles of official papers. Which she had handed out to Mrs Pierce.

Who was surprised that the woman was actually an American, not that there was anything wrong with that. In fact... Mrs Pierce was expecting to see some guy in a suit before her.

She was at least grateful of the fact that the A.G.E.A. Had at least the decency to have sent a woman in. "You do realize that I stand to lose millions if not billions or more if I should sign your legal papers."

Mrs Pierce remarked, sounding rather upset. Shelly did not show a shred of sympathy or any other emotion for that matter.

She looked completely emotionless, that she would make if they were real, Vulcan's to be very proud of her.

"It is my duty to remind you that your cooperation would be appreciated, however, I have full authority to close you down by force, if necessary. Though I hope that you will cooperate Mrs Pierce and the Government is fully aware of the financial loses involved..."

Shelly paused and tried to tell Mrs Pierce as gently as possible. "But those loses can not be refunded in anyway, they are acceptable loses, compared to the cost it is actually taking to shut down all disposable nappy head quarters, all of their officers and their factories world wide..."

Shelly paused again trying to find the right words to say, maybe there was some saving grace to her after all. "Compared to all of that Mrs Pierce in all due honesty you will have to be prepared to cut your losses, if you end up bankrupt, I am sure you will be able to get a lone like everyone else."

Or maybe not any saving graces, as that last statement from Shelly sounded so cold. Mrs Pierce looked hurt, but was not going to give the cold woman before her the satisfaction of seeing her being really upset...

Several Years Later:

Mrs Pierce had signed the official papers and true she did lose a lot of money from her business being closed down, for she was the founder and head of the Pampers Company.

Pamela was fortunate enough to have her long standing family fortune to rely on and there fore she did not go bankrupt, which was just as well. It had not been easy getting over the loss of what had been the worlds largest disposable nappy making company across the globe.

Pamela had retired, there was nothing else she wanted to do, making and producing the best designed disposable nappies was her whole life. Coming up with new and better ways to make her products the most absorbent nappy ever.

So that meant the age old once used plastic pants for babies to 2 year old's were no longer needed. No more leaks meant no more plastic pants, no matter how pretty their designs had become over those years.

They were completely phased out and were only made for incontinent adults, with that said, adult disposable nappies were soon being made the same way.

Super absorbent, that even adult plastic pants were no longer needed, apart from producing for the niche market that was Adult Babies.

Mrs Pierce was one wet day in her living room drinking tea, her favorite brand. Earl Grey, when her phone suddenly rang. She was not expecting to get any phone calls that particular day or at the time her telephone had rang.

It had been a long and tiring time for Mrs Pierce making and receiving many phone calls the day after her main office in London had been closed down, then they all had been closed down one by one and all demolished too.

As so were all of the factories, which hit the news big time, how could it not? Pampers ruled the disposable nappy industry which Huggies had tried so hard to beat, but never could.

Mrs Pierce looked surprised. "I'm not expecting any phone calls... I wonder who could be phoning me? It better not had not be some stray press reporter trying to get an update of in the life of a wealthy woman now fully retired sort of thing! I hate those types, they do pop up when you least expect them."

That had been very true, she had once or twice, have had reporters try to get a scoop for the news media of how she was coping or living now she was fully retired etc.

It had been very painful having her... what was and had been an Empire to be suddenly all wiped out of existence. Even all the fond memories she had making the lives of her many devoted fans and customers of her products had kept her happy.

The loss of her Empire had strongly the biggest impact on her, she wanted nothing more to do with the nappy making industry or have any memories of it in any way.

Mrs Pierce went over to pick up the phone. "Yes who's speaking please?"
"Mrs Pierce. My name is Miss Katrina Falcon and I have a business proposition for you concerning a new kind of nappy, but please I beg of you not to put the phone down on me until you at least let me say what I need to tell you..."

Miss Katrina Falcon paused... "After then, if you do not like anything of what I have to tell you, then I shall understand should you put the phone down on me, but please not before."

"Is this a prank call?"
"No, on my life I swear to it that it isn't Mrs Pierce and for what it is worth, I do have the utmost sincere respect for you."

"Very well, I shall listen to what you have to say, only because you do sound and seem to be so sincere."

So Miss Katrina Falcon told Mrs Pierce of her idea for Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy in a clear concise way that Mrs Pierce could understand and that the explanation did not take too much time to explain everything to her.

"I must admit Miss Falcon that I very much fascinated by your idea and your proposal. In fact, I would very much like to meet with you first, talk more about this idea of yours and see where that leads to."

"Oh that is great, and please do call me Katrina."
"And you may call me Pamela, I am not promising you anything other than to talk more about your idea Katrina."

"I fully understand and appreciate that. Just to be able to sit and talk with you would be something I will treasure, no mater what the outcome of our talk should be." Katrina arranged a place and a time to meet Pamela, they both had discovered they had a lot in common with each other and together, they founded a new nappy company...

One Year Later:

A very attractive looking woman with long blond hair, that almost shimmered, giving her hair a remarkable glow, her sapphire blue eyes sparkled and her face was positively Angelic, one could almost say she was an Angel, even though she was sat at a desk she had an hour glass figure to die for.

Who would have thought that such a woman would or could ever possibly be a News Broadcaster. Her eye lashes were lustrously long, but very natural, she batted her eye lids in a way that had every camera man in the News Studio going Gaga over her.

She had a sweet sensuous smile and then... she... spoke.

“Hello, my name is Angel Star for Woman's News World Wide...” Just then Angel Star got up from behind her desk and sat on it instead of behind it, she was well developed in the chest area, her dress was very short, it was a nice shade of pink with some lace.

The cameramen followed her every move, but there was no zooming forward to get a closer at Angel Star's breasts, no cameraman tried to get a cheap shot from close behind of Angel Star's sassy ass.

Though their tongues were hanging from their mouths, and their eyes were popping out of their heads, the cameramen seemed to not go beyond their duties no man in the entire News Room Studio acted out of line.

They seemed to be so subdued somehow... Angel Star gave an all knowing smile to the camera, as she proceeded to get on with telling the news to a nation of women, for this was an all exclusive News Channel just for women only and it was so very, very different from all the other news channels that have gone before.

It was not boring, it was not about politicians, it was not about global or local finances, it did not cover crime etc. This was informative engaging news for women, about fashion etc.

“Breaking News just in... The once famous and the worlds most leading disposable nappy making industry Pampers have made a come back since the the phasing out of all disposable nappies world wide due to the global impact all disposable nappies had which added and escalated the damage to the Earth's Ozone Lair due to the land fill waste in which disposable nappies had become the greatest part of the landfill problem...”

Angel Star paused for a moment, her morning guests were just settling in with microphones being attached to them, she also wanted to make sure she had her fellow lady viewers hooked this far in the news bulletin and sure they were, every woman that was tuned into the news channel waited with baited breath wanting to know about this new come back for Pampers.

Other companies like Huggies, etc had all been closed down, many mothers all over the world was devastated, but not as devastated as they were when official reports could confirm that due to the fact disposable nappies world wide were not recyclable.

The governments all over the world had realized that their recycling efforts was not working, despite best efforts to make it as near possible for nearly all things to be able to be recycled.

The disposable had become every Mothers dream nappy, it was the best labor saving product ever to be made, in the beginning when disposable nappies had first come out as market product, they had mixed reviews since toweling nappies had been long used and they were part of Earth's history going a long way back.

It was a tradition in a sense too, but it was not long before every mother world wide began to take a liking to the disposable nappy.
It did help bring time down on nappy changes, not only that, for the more modern day woman who no longer had the time on their hands to be taking too long to change a nappy, disposable nappies became a Godsend.

But the landfill crisis began to rise and recycling was introduced, yet there was still many things that could not be recycled, debates went on for years and nothing was being done to help save the beloved planet of Earth.
One of those debates was about disposable nappies, they had dominated the nappy industry by great force and the toweling nappy was long nearly gone, only places online still made them.

Though those were mainly and mostly for adult babies who wanted or loved the feel of a more thicker nappy, other adult babies loved the disposable ones, some were being made to look like the pretty baby printed nappies the kind only made for real babies.
Cute designs were becoming competitive between all of the disposable nappy companies, but of course the top leading two disposable nappy companies no other company could compete with were Pampers and Huggies.

Huggies was forever trying to take the No. 1 spot that Pampers had dominated since disposable nappies first came out. But they never could quite reach that goal though some loyalties were divided over the years between mothers across the world.

It was a near 50/50 split of a number of mothers preferred Pampers to Huggies and the other 50 percent preferred Huggies to Pampers.

Though Pampers was gaining more and more customers over time, which soon had burst that 50/50 split wide open and Pampers was near to getting a 100 percent loyal customers.

Then that fateful day when world leading experts that all came together to look into the problem of disposable nappies.
There was no real way to recycle them because of what they were made out of, no matter how much the disposable companies tried to come up with new ways of making disposable nappies, none could be made that could be fully 100 percent recycled.

Those world leading experts looked at the landfill sites which was still causing a huge debate of why they were still being used and ways to stop landfill all together.

It was discovered that unfortunately disposable nappies was not only the biggest contributor to the problem, no matter what they got made out of, they were contributing also to the rapid decline of the Earth's Ozone Lair.

Fossil fuels was the other main biggest contributor to global warming, when that had been finally solved, there was still a problem with global warming.

All tests results showed that all disposable nappies were the heart of the problem, a sad fact that could only be resolved by putting a stop to disposable nappies ever being made, those that were being used had to be all collected and taken to a special furnace to be burned, the landfills were filled with small mines to obliterate the waste contained within.

Angel Star continued with her breaking news bulletin. “Pampers has made a merged joint effort with the once leading company of lingerie products across the world, Supreme Wear Limited. To make a reusable nappy unlike any other. It is a better solution to the comeback of toweling nappies, it is better than any other reusable nappies which eventually become none usable...”

Angel Star had paused to take a drink. “This Reusable Nappy has the thickness of a toweling nappy, with the toweling inlay, but with the outer cover and style of a disposable nappy, but has the advantage of a pull up nappy.

Supreme Wear Limited have had the idea for this kind of a nappy for a long time, but could not get anyone interested in not only in a joint effort of making it, but also marketing it, they approached Pampers who were desperately trying to make a come back in the nappy making industry...

There was another pause, but this time Angel Star was teasing her female viewers to see how long she could keep them all in suspense. It was working, as every woman across the world by now were all glued to a TV set, those women who were out shopping or working were all in one way or another were all sat on the edges of their either watching TV, or listening to the radio.

The broadcast of Woman's News World Wide was being transmitted via every type of media across the world, the network had even it's very own News paper and a glossier magazine.

Woman's News Of The World, the news paper was called and its sister magazine was called: Woman's World. Angel Star continued with her news bulletin.

“Pampers actually liked the idea that Supreme Wear Limited had, but of course they were no experts in making nappies and they were not sure how to go about making one them selves, which was why they wanting to go into a joint ownership, they had the idea, but not the experience in the nappy making industry...”

Angel Star paused again, but this time she was just getting an update via her ear piece. “I have been told that we do have footage of an advertisement for this new reusable nappy, which I promise we shall show to you all, but first I would like to introduce to you the founder of Pampers Mrs Pamela Pierce the great great grand daughter of the original Pamela Pierce who made an anagram of her very own name and cleverly adding the S from her title...”

There was another pause for good measure. “And the name Pampers was made, though originally, the original Pamela Pierce had nearly almost named the first disposable nappy after herself, but after thinking about it, she decided to make an anagram out of her own name and to make it work, one letter was needed which completed the anagram form of Pamela Pierce's name. Also with me is the founder of Supreme Wear Limited is Miss Katrina Falcon. I thank you both for coming here today to give me your exclusive interviews.”

“You're welcome and thank you for having us here.” Both replied Mrs Pierce and Miss Falcon at the same time as each other. “You're welcome, both of you. Before I start to ask any questions, I need to tell my loyal female viewers just exactly the name of what you have both agreed upon calling this revolutionary reusable nappy. Its called the Pampers-Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy. Please tell us more about this Miss Falcon and what had given you this idea.?”

Miss Falcon had long brown hair and blue eyes, she was in her mid 30's she wore a nice white summer dress, Mrs Pierce was in her late 50's she had white hair and hazel brown eyes.

She was a spitting image of the original Pamela Pierce. Katrina Falcon smiled as she began to explain the origins of her idea. “To be perfectly honest with you, I just thought to my self really why can't there be something that is like a disposable nappy, but rather than the usual stuff the disposable nappies are filled with, I asked my self...”

Now she paused just to add to the suspense. That was just as effective. Women all over the world were screaming at their TV's or radios.. “For crying out loud, do not keep us in suspense, tell us please, don't stop now.”

Miss Katrina Falcon smiled all knowingly. “Why can't the inlay of a disposable nappy be that of a toweling nappy, so that way it becomes instead a reusable nappy. I knew it would not make the nappy as absorbent as the disposable nappies that have gone before. So I thought to my self to try and compensate that, would to be add onto the outer lay of the nappy a washable PVC cover making the nappy a perfect cross between a towel like nappy that looks like a disposable, but goes on like a pull up nappy and a pair of plastic pants. In fact the nappy being both a nappy and a pair of plastic pants in one. Was the best and perfect solution, I just did not know how all these things would be able to be all put together, so I approached Mrs Pierce here with my idea.”

Just then Mrs Pierce began to speak. “And I am very glad that you did Katrina, I was intrigued by Katrina's idea though I had doubts it would work, but was willing to try and come up with something that would be as close to her idea as possible, both of us worked together in fact on seeing what worked and what did not. In the end we both came up with a medium thick toweling nappy inlay, a thinner one did not work so well and we needed the main part of the nappy to soak up as much as possible or be as to near dry...”

Mrs Pierce paused, but not to add to the suspense of this wonderful new product, her throat was actually dry and she took a drink that was near by on a table for her.

“The outer fabric is exactly the same to that of any disposable and pull up nappy, wrapped and sealed around that is a medium thick PVC outer lining, a thin one had not such great results either, the special sealant actually broke, making the nappy leak, but a medium thick PVC cover holds the wetness very well and the PVC cover has a special fiber molecular formula added to it that makes it unlike other plastic pants, spin dryer resistant. Meaning the PVC wont shrivel up or weaken in anyway.”

"That is fascinating, but wont this new nappy of yours be a bit on the very thick side?” Asked Angel Star, not mockingly, but out of genuine concern. Mrs Pierce gave her a reassuring smile.

“It's not as thick as you and your viewers may fear it to be, true its still a thick nappy, but believe you me my self and Katrina here tried very hard to bring the bulk of the nappy down as much as possible, the medium thickness of both the towel nappy inlay and the outer sealed PVC cover is the only best practical solution to make the Pampers-Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy, work.”

Angel Star at least could sympathize with all the trouble and lengths both Pierce and Falcon had to go to in order to make this nappy not only work, but be as near practical as possible.

“Tell me, why did you call the nappy Super Deluxe though which you added onto your combined company names?” Angel Star asked, who was curious to know, which I am sure those of you reading this story would also like to know.

This time Miss Katrina cut in. “That is because the nappy is not just a nappy, it is a nappy and a pair of plastic pants combined, so I really could not think of any other better accompanied name than Super Deluxe, because in a sense its a super deluxe model if you will, of all other nappies and pulls ups put together and the nappy goes on like a pull up, there are no tapes to re-tape. But unlike a super deluxe car, the nappy does not come with a heavy price tag to pay...”

"Yes I was just about going to ask you both about that?” Remarked Angel Star. Mrs Pierce had decided to answer that question.

“We had talked to the people who are going to be our suppliers and to all the other retailers, it was agreed by all that there would be a fixed price and we made it sure to exert by law that no retail outlet is allowed to sell Pampers-Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy higher than its fixed price at One Pound, of course this price will vary a little being sold in other countries which there is an allowance for that factor, my self and Katrina will decide should the price of the nappy go up, we feel it wont ever need to go up.”

“Why that is wonderful, great news in fact. Does this new nappy come in different sizes?” Asked Angel Star in exited enthusiasm. Both Katrina and Pierce smiled and replied together like they were twins.

“Oh yes, the Pampers-Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy will come in a wide variety of sizes even up to adult size for those who are incontinent.”
“Oh that's wonderful news and I love the design.” Remarked Angel Star in shear delight.

(Concept Picture Of the Pampers- Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy)

The front of the nappy was pink and white (Pink instead of the light purple as shown in the picture) There was a baby pink boarder that went all the way around to the back, with a white middle section and printed on the front of the Pampers-Supreme Deluxe Nappy there was this cute little baby girl. (Instead of the teddy bear as shown in the picture)

(Baby Girl printed design for the Pampers-Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy)

The Baby girl had cute blue hair based more on an amine type character, her hair was set into cute little pig-tails at either side tied with cute dainty pink bows.

She had big expressive blue eyes, a cute little nose and one could well imagine a cute mouth too that was obscured by the huge pretty pink dummy that was sticking out.

She also had on a cute pink fluffy nappy sat with her legs in an almost crossed position, but her feet were pressed together and held in her little hands was a big baby bottle, milk was pouring out of the bottle, it could be a bottle of baby powder, however the effect would still be the same.

With the whiteness of the middle section of the Pampers-Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy, it looked like the milk or powder was being poured all over that section, filling it up from front to back, where the pink boarder continued and went down on either side.

(Back part of the Pampers-Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy)

It gave the illusion as though the nappy had soaked up the milk or was only covered in those areas with baby powder, either way, the over all result was just so darn cute add that to the cuteness of the baby girl and the design of the Pampers-Supreme Deluxe Nappy.

It was thick but also by far the most cutest design of nappy to have ever been made and it most certainly deserved it's name.
“Why thank you.” Replied Katrina to Angel Star's compliment.

“I like the pink boarder, is there going to be a blue one for boys with say a teddy bear or something else in the middle instead of that cute little girl?”

“Pamela and I have also agreed for the time being on this one design, we feel this nappy can be for both boy or girl regardless of the design, we are now in this modern day world beyond such things as pink for girls or a certain design just for girls and another one for boys.”

Just then Mrs Pierce cut in. “Exactly, we live now in a different society and besides which most boys of our lovely today's society are pretty much like girls anyway and so this nappy if perfect for the girls and the girlie boys.”

If this had been said at an earlier point in time of Earth's history, that remark would have caused a huge uproar and be a major taboo. But things were very much differently now as you all shall soon see for your selves.

Angel Star nodded her head knowing exactly what Mrs Pierce had meant by her remark. “Yes that is so true. I just wanted to make sure of the fact that there would be no boys designs.”

“Definitely not.” Replied both Pierce and Falcon together with gusto. The male members of the News Studio said nothing, they looked on with muted shock, but they accepted their place in this lovely twist of modern day society that was now female dominated.

Angel Star looked very pleased and was now eager to announce. “And now as promised here is the advert for the Pampers-Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy.

A boy of 1 years old not yet potty trained was happily playing with dolls and cuddly toys. A lot of laws had been changed, and it was not a taboo for a boy so young to be seen doing such things, it did not portray anything remotely gay like etc, with his curly mop of hair he could have so easily have been mistaken for a girl.

But he was in fact a boy, enjoying all the wonderful things of what it meant to be as a girl, though not every male was made to wear dresses etc, nearly a good half amount did and had to wear dresses etc, the rest were kept under some sort of control only to face being dressed up should they go against the rules of conduct.

This boy was not being forced, he was chosen from those who leaned towards more naturally to the girlie side.

Therefore it was even more OK to use such a boy at that age to model the Pampers-Supreme Supreme Deluxe Nappy. It was a very sweet adorable advertisement and the boy that modeled the Pampers-Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy.

“What an awesome and super cute advert that was?” Squealed Angel Star in delight. Katrina gave her a huge smile.
"Why thank you. That was both mine and Pamela's idea too, little Bruin was lovely and likes to be called Katie, he responds so much better to that name...”

“And such a sweet lovely name that is too.” Replied Angel Star happily. “Yes Katie is a shining example as some boys that do not become or chose to be girlie boys can learn valuable lesions, but sadly do not and extreme measures then need to be put into place, we have a video dairy we have prepared to show you and your lovely female viewers of those such unruly boys being taught a lesion or two.”

Angela Star's eyes lit up upon hearing such news. “Oh that's wonderful, I am sure all of our loyal viewers would love to see that, for those listening on radio a full description by description shall be given so that way you can almost see it in your minds, so no need to worry if you are listening by radio.” Reported Angel Star with shear delight.

“Also we have other video diaries too we thought you would like to cover too and those too will also help to promote our new product.” Remarked Katrina with equal delight.

Angel Star gave Katrina her prettiest biggest smile she had. “Oh that is wonderful, thank you, I am sure my viewers out their will love those too.”

"Oh I can personally guarantee it.”
Replied Katrina happily. The video feed was being given to the people in the back area of the studios and that was being loaded up ready to play.

Confirmation of that was given to Angel Star via her ear piece. She gave another big sweet smile. She looked at Katrina warmly. “I have been told the first of your video diaries is ready to be shown.” Katrina smiled.

“By all means show it.”
The camera cut to a big screen that was behind Angel star. On it was an image of a 14 year old boy with a short mop of thick mousy brown hair and it was spiked out like he had not brushed it, but this was the new look for most boys of Simon Slater's age, but it was a hair style not really much approved of by the female society, however it was tolerated so long boys like Simon did behave without the need to to turn them into sissies.

(Character Concept:
Simon Slater)

Simon was your typical 14 year old boy, he wore a baggy T-Shirt, which was red and white stripes, he wore baggy jeans and a black pair of shoes, it was in this day an age not fashionable for boys to were socks any more.

If Simon could at least make himself look smart, he would look really nice, he wonderful baby blue eyes.

Simon lived with his mother and his father, though his dad was nearly almost as bad as he was, so he was a lousy role model for his son.

So Simon's mother Susan, was at a loss as what to do, she was pretty looking, with long blond hair and baby blue eyes, she a had a nice decent slim build and was a kind loving mother and wife, her husband Darren was the total opposite, he was domineering despite the fact that role was by all rights a position that belonged to Susan, though she was too soft and too kind to really effectively undertake the dominant role.

So Darren was glad of the opportunity to do the dominating for her, though this sort of thing in truth was breaking a few laws, the new new laws that is under the newly female dominated society.

There was bound to be a few men etc that were not really going to let an exchange of rule and power get the better of them or be forced to live by the new laws laid down for them.

Darren had nearly a similar hair style to his son, though he had hazel brown eyes, Darren was not muscular.

He was tall and thin, but was able to throw his weight around if needed, even though he had a near light weight frame, he had big feet though and big hands, he was hairy and proud of his manly hair.

Which was just typical of a man like Darren, he was as butch as a butcher, meaning he was very much manly.
Simon should have been home from school by now, which had finished by 3 00pm as Susan looked at the clock on the kitchen wall worriedly, as she was getting tea ready.

She was wearing a nice floral dress, she stepped out of the kitchen, walked through the dinning room and entered into the living room where Darren was typically slouched on a sofa watching TV, with a glass of bear in his hands, alcohol had not been completely banned, since women liked booze just as much men did, but they had at least learned the dangers of alcohol better.

This was something men in general were still not really able to fully grasp and to be blunt, they really did not care until they got to a point where their kidneys or livers had completely failed and only then they got the message, some still even kept on drinking despite having numerous operations.

So no real change there then, in man's behavior.
“I'm worried about Simon, he has not come home yet and it is now getting onto half past four. Do you have any idea where he might have gone to from school?”

Darren drank a lot of beer, but was not lucky to have a beer belly, as the saying goes, because he always went to the gym, which in his mind gave him the license to do pretty much what he wanted to do to his body, in the stupid belief that so long as he did his work outs, he had nothing to fear from smoking or drinking etc.

Darren cast an annoyed look at Susan... “How the heck should I know? He's your son...” Susan could not believe this sort of arrogance, but also uncaring attitude from her own husband and often wondered her self, just what exactly did she see in him.

Why had she married him and go so far as to give birth to his child? Susan loved him, when Darren was not a complete utter slob and a sod kind, he could be quite a romantic, kind even, on those rare occasions Susan would think it would be Christmas or something else special that did not happen all that often, apart from once nearly every year.

“He's your son too you know?”
“So?” Remarked Darren, in the most utter uncaring way possible. “What do you mean so?” Replied Susan getting mildly cross now with her husband.

“So what that he's my son?” Replied Darren rather coldly. “You could at least try to show some concern for your own son at best show how annoyed you are that you mad at him for coming home late.”

Susan had near raised her voice. Darren did not like her tone much. “Don't you dare raise your voice at me WOMAN.” Replied Darren with a scolding remark emphasizing the word 'Woman.' To Susan, she lowered her head.

“I'm sorry, but are you not at least cross?”

“Why should I be? It is not as if he has committed a crime, the day he does, then I shall have good enough reason to shout or be cross with my son and not a moment sooner, understood?”

“Yes dear.” replied Susan sounding weak, she nearly started to cry when Darren say tears nearly form in Susan's eyes. He gave her a look of disapproval.

“Oh no you don't. I wont stand for any sappy crying from you WOMAN. Now cut that out and get back to doing tea, I'm hungry and I am sure that Simon will be hungry too.”

Susan returned back to her work, Simon had not returned, the evening meal was ready Susan served her husband his meal, then she sat down to eat hers.
But she did not look too pleased.

“Simon's tea will be cold by the time he gets home.” Darren sighed, as he got up to leave the dinning table. “Then put his plate in the oven and leave it on a low setting, but enough to keep his tea warm. That way Simon can still have his tea for when he does get back here.”

Susan looked down cast, but she took up her plate and her husbands plate and entered into the kitchen.
The time was now 5:00pm, Susan was getting really very worried, but knew that she could not show her feelings, she was about to leave the kitchen and go off up to her bedroom where she could go and have a good cry.

When suddenly the sound of the front door opened, then a familiar voice called out to Darren. “Hi Dad... great football you're watching.” Darren smiled but did not turn to face Simon exactly.

“Yep... England this time are doing so much better they have scored 5 goals against Germany who have no goals at all.”

"Wow that is an impressive score Dad.”

“Yes an impressive score when you learn how to over look and ignore the fact that the football players all have to wear short skirts instead of shorts.” Simon smiled knowing all too well how the great beautiful game had been radically changed since the new female domination.

“It could have been worse, the football teams all over the world could have been made to wear female underwear too under their skirts.”
"OK Son, I know what your mean, don't push your luck there.”

"Hey I was just saying...” Replied Simon a little annoyed with his dad. “And I am reminding you who's boss and that was your last warning about pushing your luck with me Boy.”

"OK, Yes Dad...” Replied Simon with a sigh and wished he had now kept his big mouth shut. Oh and just to mention the fact, boxer shorts were quickly phased out, all males could only wear the old style of Y-Fronts or it was wear knickers instead, not even boys briefs were accepted, as it was argued that they were near like to girls briefs that the males may as well wear those instead.

That law had caused quite a few riots, until the new world female order had soon settled matters once and for all and the male population accepted accepted wearing Y-Fronts when the alternative was just no option at all.

Football became a much less aggressive game and had gotten a more female following, it was a hoot for the girls just to be able to see under the football players skirts when ever they leaped to do a header or jumped up to hug a team mate for scoring, yes... the football players still did that, surprisingly enough.

The fools still thinking it was a manly thing to do, yet it was also a tradition they were not going to give up, even though it put them in a humiliating compromising position each time they did that.

But not much could be done about that, but male tennis players and cricketers were no better off as they too had to wear skirts, however as a rule and it was made law, that the male players did have to wear tennis knickers instead of Y-Fronts.

Though as a fair trade off, the female tennis players were made to wear Y-Fronts until a lot of guys found that sexy and a turn on so that was changed to the female tennis players all wearing plain white shorts and because of the male stupid attitudes, the Men's tennis knickers were made to be even more lacier and more frilly by adding tiered rows of lace frills on the front of the knickers matching the back of them.

And because of that fact, Tennis had become the worlds top most watched sports, second to that was water sports, the man-kini was such a laughable idea, that it was decided that all male swimmers had wear the same bikinis and swim suits as the females wear.

In gymnastics guys had to wear leotards and male figure skaters had to wear the skirted leotards but as a trade off the females had to wear the leotard like tops and the long trousers.

Simon sat at the dinning table and looked to the empty place where his plate should have been. He did not look too happy as though it was something he had expected to be there regardless that it would be certain his tea would be cold.

Giving him an excuse to have a go at his own mother. “Mum... where's my tea?” Simon asked in a tone that was more like a demand.
Sarah rushed into the dinning room half upset, half angry.

“Where the heck have you been? Your tea is in the oven keeping warm. Do you have any idea what time it is?” Susan's voice was half way between shouting and in a upset distressed tone.

“It's just gone one minute past five, what's the big deal about that?” Susan could hardly believe her ears she was close to losing her temper now.
“How dare you talk to me like that.... School finishes at half past three. You are an hour and a half late... You should have been back here before now. I was worried sick about you...”

Simon looked annoyed at his mother... “What? For crying out loud Mum, I was just having a look around the stores before all the shops closed... I am also fourteen years old, I am a big boy now and I do not need you telling me what to do.”

“Simon how can you say that and dare talk back to me like that?”

“Get lost Mum, I can talk to you any how I like...” Just then Darren walked into the dinning room.

“He's right, he is a big boy now, so stop laying into my son WOMAN, get out and serve him his tea. Oh and he can talk back to you any how he likes, he's becoming a man. That's his right of passage.”

Susan could not believe what she had just heard, but she got out Simon's plate and brought it to the table, but once done she rushed out of the dinning room crying her eyes out as she rushed into the the living room to get to the hall way up the stair case, onto the landing and up to her bedroom.

Darren just looked at his son shaking his head. “Typical female hysterics...” Simon looked at his Dad and shook his head too.
“Yeah, I know. Females are so weak and pathetic...”

Darren smiled at his son, placing his hand on Simon's shoulder. “Too right son, too right.” Simon saw how proud his father was of him and he could not look any happier.

Meanwhile... Susan could no longer cope, she reached over to her bedside cabinet, upon which there was a jewelery box, it had a key to it which Susan wore around her neck, the key was on a chain, resembling a necklace.

Susan removed the key from around her neck.
She unlocked the lock that was on the front of the jewelery box, the lid popped open and inside there was of course lots of jewelery.

But underneath that jewelery, which Susan rummaged through, there was another key on a chain, not wanting to get the two keys mixed up, Susan quickly placed the jewelery box key around her wrist and looped it a few times making the necklace into a kind of bracelet.

There was just enough length of key dangling down to which Susan could easily re-lock the jewelery box with, the second key necklace Susan had now picked up and placed that around her neck.

She put the lid down put the jewelery box key into the lock and the jewelery box was locked, then she removed the key from her wrist.

Placed it down on top of the bedside cabinet, which had a single drawer at the top and a single cabinet door with a shelf between it and the top drawer.
The drawer had a lock on the front, the key was like a small house key, where as the other one looked a little like a fancy version of the Yale Key.

Susan opened the drawer, it was empty apart from what looked at first to be a pink stylish case, but as Susan opened it up, it turned out to be a mobile phone.

But this was no ordinary mobile phone, there was no key pad on it, just lead screen, a mouth piece, the screen of the phone was some sort of smart screen which sound came from it in crystal clarity.

The moment Susan had flipped the phone open, the lead screen display immediately came on. A beautiful woman's face appeared on it and she immediately saw the teas on Susan's face and could hear her sobs...

“Thank you for calling Woman's Emergency Aid Services, my computer has confirmed that you are using Emergency Phone Serial Number 154687 dash S...”

Although this was the official response, it had been said with a tone of compassion and care. “Mrs Slater... Susan, do not say anything, I want you to just do as I say please, place the phone down in a good open area of your bedroom please. I shall do the rest.”

Susan walked over to a good wide area of her bedroom, she then placed the mobile phone down onto the carpeted floor, a beam of light suddenly came from the screen then a hologram image of a woman began to to appear and that hologram seemed to get larger and larger somehow.

Before Susan's very own eyes there was a full human sized holographic woman suspended above the phone screen, then it did the impossible, it moved away from the mobile phone and seemed to glide towards Susan.

The shimmering holographic life sized woman floated down until her feet touched the carpet. Then her image flickered and fluctuated for a few moments, then suddenly the image was solid.

The beautiful woman flung her arms around Susan, given her a most startled, but affectionate hug. The woman was of flesh and blood, Susan cried, it did not mater, even if the woman was a robot or a hard light hologram.

She embraced the woman back, crying so glad to have someone comfort her. Suddenly, Susan felt the most incredible soothing sensation flow right over and right through her.

It was a little startling, but not enough to disrupt the most wonderful wave of comfort she was receiving.
The beautiful woman, gently broke the embrace.

She stood before Susan. “Hello there Susan, my name is Freya, I am the founder of Sanctuary the provider of the Woman's Emergency Services. I can tell by the look of you Susan, that you have been made to be most upset and distraught for no real good reason, you are in need of my help?”

Susan blinked in shear utter amazement. “Yes, that is absolutely right, its as though you can read my thoughts!”
Replied Susan just sounding so relieved. Freya smiled at her.

“You could say that.” She replied cryptically. “Just be glad knowing that I know that you need my help, now tell me Susan, what has been the exact cause of your distress and despair? I do not know everything...”

Freya suddenly remarked knowing what Susan was going to ask her. Susan smiled, happy to be given the fact to tell someone of her troubles.
She had finished, all though what she had to say was upsetting, she was glad that she had not started to get upset and cry all over again.

Freya had listened to how Darren was a bad example for Simon and how badly her very own son had even treated Susan.

“I am sorry to say that both your husband and your son have committed the worst offenses of our laws. Both your husband and your son will have to be arrested and punished.”

Susan looked sad, some punishments were not punishments at all, but others were a little severe in places, but that has been in the rare case where there has been no other choice but to be that severe.

Susan wanted to cry, but could not, she loved her husband and her son, even though they had been so mean and cruel to her. Freya could tell that Susan loved them both.

“Your husband and your son are not really worthy of all of the love you give to them, they both do not appreciate you, they even treat you like dirt...”

“I know, but I am sure that if my husband behaved better and was more nicer to me, I am sure that my son would follow in his footsteps...” Said Susan sounding upset, but she was not at least crying.

“I am sure your son may try, or he may not. Both your husband and son have to be punished, they have both broken our laws. But do not worry Susan, I have something in mind for them both, but you need to trust me.”

Susan looked hopeful, she did not know exactly what it was that Freya had in mind, but anything than severe punishment was a relief to her.

“Yes... Oh of course I trust you Freya, absolutely.”
“Then I have your consent to make the arrests?” Susan was so happy, but sad on the inside knowing that her husband and her son would have to be arrested, but what ever punishment Freya had in mind, it was something Susan was hopeful about.

Susan took a deep breath and bravely said.
“Yes, Freya... I give you my full and complete consent to make the arrests.” “Thank you Susan, I assure you, that you shall not regret this.”

Suddenly Darren and Simon who were both sat in the living room watching football were surrounded by a group of female like officers wearing uniforms that were akin to police uniforms.

These were the Woman's Rights Squad, they had placed pink fluffy handcuffs on both Darren and Simon, despite how cute the handcuffs may have looked, both Darren and Simon were dragged from the sofa, lead out to a van, forced but not too heavily forced, into the van which drove off.

Susan was sorry to see them both go. Susan however was taken too, but was escorted out of her house by Freya to a near by waiting car.

It was not long before Freya, Susan, Darren and Simon were all stood inside a building that looked almost like a court house. A sentence was passed on both Darren and Simon.

Both were to receive correctional behavior... The father to be the first, Simon would be taken to a sort of youth camp, but it was not a fun place and it was tough on naughty boys of the ages of 12 to 18.

Susan looked on concerned and approached Freya. “Freya, may I ask please about this Youth Camp... Will my son come to any harm? Is it severe?” Freya smiled at Susan.

“Now, now Susan, you said that you would trust me. I assure you that no harm will come to Simon, the camp will be rough on him, so he may welcome the correctional punishment once your husbands course of the exact thing has been completed.”

“How, how long will that take?” Asked Susan concerned. Freya gave her a reassuring smile. “Two weeks.” Susan looked shocked and confused.

“Two Weeks! Are you sure? Does not correctional treatments take months, years even?”

“Oh they used to Susan, but not any more, we have come a long way in advanced sciences... Only two aids will ever be needed...”
Replied Freya.

“Only two?” “Oh yes, one is in the form of a very pretty but very effective correctional collar that contains smart neural behavioral emitters that sends neural behavioral signal patterns to the human brain. The second aid... well... you'll see what the second aid is for and its the most natural thing in the whole world. The two aids work together and are so effective, that it only takes precisely two weeks, not a day less and not a day more.”

Susan Slater just looked gob smacked, she could not believe it, two weeks was not too long and she would have her husband back, then it would be another two weeks to get her son back, so she thought...

“That's wonderful news. Will I be able to visit my husband while he undergoes this behavioral correction treatment?” Susan asked in half hope.
“Susan, the terms of your husbands correctional, places you directly as your husbands correctional behavioral officer, if you will...” Remarked Freya.

Susan looked shocked. “Who me? But I can't possibly give him behavioral treatments...” Remarked Susan worriedly. Freya gave her another reassuring smile.

“The correctional behavioral Collar and the other behavioral aid will help in those things, but over all. He is your husband, you are responsible for him...”

Freya paused, she wanted to make sure that the next thing she had to tell to Susan, that she got it absolutely right.

“And with the two correctional behavioral aids being used, your husband is sooner going to be not only very responsive to you and your needs, but he will need your guidance and a slightly firm hand, to help him through his training. Once it is all complete, your husband wont need the collar, but the other aid he will need, but it will stop its method of controlling him, but he will still need it...”
Replied Freya all mysteriously.

Susan was intrigued. “Need what?”
Freya gave a slight chuckle... “All in good time Susan shall you find that out for your self, all in good time.” Susan could not wait to find out what that was, she was totally and completely amazed at what the second correctional and behavioral aid was.

Those two weeks had passed very quickly and soon Simon was return to Susan's care, he looked very sad.
She wanted to hug her son, but she had someone with her that gave her a disapproving nod, the person was a woman to help train in house, Susan to become a Correctional, Behavioral Officer.

“Where's Dad?” Asked Simon nearly almost timidly. “He's not your father any more Simon...” Replied Susan in a gentle, but firm voice. “What?”

“In two weeks from now, you wont be my son any longer and that will be a good thing.” Replied Susan in a near happy tone of voice.
Simon looked at his mother in shock... “What? Have you lost your mind? What are you talking about?”

Susan was not hurt by Simon's harsh words, she was stronger emotionally, but she still cared. “You'll see, say hello Simon to your new baby sister...” Replied Susan very happily. Simon looked at Susan as though she was utterly mad.

“What baby sister? What are you talking about?” Demanded Simon, who was being restrained the whole time. Susan smiled as she called out loud. “It's OK sweetie, you can come out to meet Big Bad Simon who's not going to be bad any more, soon he will be exactly like you...”

Simon froze with shock, his mother had gone completely mad, he had been returned to a mad house.
There came a sound of a nervous shuffle, it stopped. Susan smiled.

“It's OK sweetie Big bad Simon can not and wont harm you and I am sure you will want him to be your new play mate very soon, come on out to say hello.”

Said Susan in a very encouraging way to something that Simon could not quite see, but it sounded like his mother was talking in a way as though she was talking to a real baby.

Firstly, a head popped into sight, a lovely blond head of hair set into cute little pig-tails, a big pink dummy could next be seen it looked a little too big, as so did the head, slowly a body that was near naked apart from a pair of pink booties on it's feet appeared and lastly he saw it...

Simon's eyes looked on in utter disbelief, the item in question was a pink and white girlie style and thick nappy.

But that was not the biggest shock of all when it finally sank into Simon's head who or what was the over sized baby like girl. “OMG! Dad!...”
Susan smiled.

“I told you Simon, he's not your dad any more. This hear is Baby Jessica...” Suddenly the head of the once used be Darren Slater turned to face Susan, looked at her with delight and uttered a near like baby girlish squeal.

“Mummy...” Darren or Baby Jessica as she was now called crawled and waddled over towards Susan who knelt down to embrace the oncoming hug.

“Who's my sweet little baby?”
Remarked Susan in mock baby like talk the way adults would talk to real babies. Baby Jessica replied sweetly. “Mes iseth Mummy.” Susan smiled at her baby girl with shear delight.

“And who's my precious Sissy?”

“What?” Gasped Simon in shock, even more to his shock, if that was possible, Baby Jessica gave out a high pitched baby girlish squeal of shear delight.

“Mes iseth Mommy, mes your pwecious Sissy Baby.” Susan cuddled her sweet Sissy Baby Girl and praised her. “That's right precious, yes you are, oh yes you are...”
“Gaga, goo goo, gaga, goo goo.” Cooed Baby Jessica ever so sweetly.

Simon could not comprehend any of this. “What have you done to my Dad?”
Susan sighed, as she said to Simon in a very firm tone of voice.

“That will be the very last time I tell you that he is no longer your father. It's pretty plain enough for you to see... That sweet little Sissy Baby over there is what I have done and now...”

Susan paused and her tone of voice had changed, she had a wicked grin on her face and she replied in a sinister tone. “Now I am going to do exactly the same thing to you!”

Simon desperately tried to break free from the two Woman's Rights Squad Officers hold on him, but it was no use, they held Simon very firmly whilst another two officers came towards him and removed nearly all of his clothes but for his shoes and his Y-Fronts.

He was brought before his mother who was left to do the rest. Simon was frozen now with utter shock.
But Susan knew that she could not take pity on Simon. She had to see this through in exactly the same way she had to see through turning her once abusive husband into a Sissy Baby Girl.

Baby Jessica was still a male physically, even in her gender reproductive organs, but her mind had been changed, thanks to the correctional behavioral Collar that was around her neck.
She had on of course the Pampers-Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy

But it had a top secret thing added to it, a Smart Molecular Balm that actually helps to encourage all babies to go more naturally in their nappy, or induce it for those babies that don't go so naturally, this also included Adult Babies who could have before this nappy, only dream of somehow retraining their body to use the nappy to make them wet and poop in their nappy.

This Smart Molecular Balm made it possible to effect an infant to an adults body natural systems that control the bladder and the bowels for wetting and pooping.

For an adult who so much needed and wanted to go like a baby. The Smart Balm, as it was better known as, would pick up on those such desires and get to work on the bladder and the bowels making them both weak to where they are near close to how they were when the adult baby had once been a real baby them selves.

It was thee most remarkable thing in modern day science next to that of the correctional behavioral Collar. Simon was still frozen by the time Susan was ready for him.

(Simon Stripped Down To His Y-Fronts And His Shoes)

Susan had ready in her hands the control collar. Simon simply could not move. As Susan approached her son, placed the collar around his neck, and fastened it, but not too tightly.

“Good bye my son.” She said half tearfully, as this was the hardest thing she had to do.
She was not really stripping anything from her son, actually, the collar tapped into the female side that every male has inside of them, with some its buried deep, and not so deep for those males who are naturally a Sissy.

The collar only took away those impulses to misbehave, disobey, all of the bad and worst traits that exists in all males that are born.
Leaving only the gentler, more affectionate side, that feminine part that in so many males gets suppressed somewhere and almost lost.

The dominant and more near primeval instincts sadly kick in, the volatile, aggressive, destructive dark nature that makes so many and mostly males, get that urge to... kill....

Simon could do nothing now, that collar once on, acts immediately, Susan soon had removed her son's shoes and Y-Fronts, she had Simon to lay down for her, Simon had this overwhelming compulsion to please and obey his mother.

He lay down on the carpet in the room he had been left in. Susan gently began to put Simon's feet through the leg hole of the pull up like Pampers-Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy.

Before continuing further she began to rub in some baby oil around Simon's delicate little area. “Lift your legs up for me please Baby Missy.” Said Susan who had even before the moment he had been returned to her, after naming Jessica, she knew exactly what name she wanted to give to Simon.

Baby Missy accepted her new name, though part of Simon's mind was trying to fight off the effects of the control collar. But it was no good. Those smart neural behavioral emitters were the top most advanced made in neural biological technology.

They were mighty powerful and good at what they could do. As was the Smart Balm, that was of the most advanced science too. Simon now Baby Missy seemed a little uncomfortable being on her back on a carpet, it wasn't even a soft tick one.

She cried a little as Susan completed the task of pulling up on her the Pampers-Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy into place.

“Oh don't cry my precious Sissy Baby Girl.... Mummy promises to change you in future on a proper changing table, but there is still a lot you need to learn.”

Simon's fate had been sealed, Susan cared for Baby Missy a little more than she did for Baby Jessica, but Baby Jessica somehow understood that Baby Missy was finding it more harder to adjust to her new life.

Which was why Susan had to spend more time with her.
However, the claim that was made by Freya was true, within two weeks Simon had too been fully and successfully be turned into a sweet Sissy Baby.

Baby Missy had been given hair growth treatments to make the head of her hair grow longer, it was the same length as Baby Jessica's hair, which was down to the waist.

It was slightly shorter than that by the time the hair was tied into high pig-tails at the sides, giving both baby girls that extra cute really girlie look.

(Concept Character: Baby Missy)

In two ways both baby girls had been Pampered by their Mummy, in the 1st sense, after a long time of training them to be good Sissy Babies, they got rewarded by being pampered like Princess, the 2nd sense was the fact they both had been put into wearing the Pampers-Supreme Super Deluxe Nappy. And the two Sissy Babies lived with their Mummy Happily ever after after.

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it so loverly sis i like you add some pic of your avatar from imvu. i hope you are fill beter sis i will talk to soon or later

your big sister
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Cushie Chloe
Me hopes you feel better soon too, Me can't expwess in words how much me misses you.

I wuv everyone no matter what.
I am happy to take any cutie that needs me :)

Fank ooo sister Shi fwo your comment, and get well wishes.

Firstly pwease in all due respect and fairness, dis applies to ooo too Sister Katie, pwease leave any comments about my helath to da post where comments about my health are relevant.

Me is grateful of your concerns, so pwease let me make dis clear, mes is well, mes miss ooo both, mes been hard at work putting dis stowy together.

Me wubs also pwease appreciate and ask ooo both to pwease tell me what you part of da stowy ooo wiked, pwease say if ooo can a bit more dan a few words.

As more said weally and sincerely so helps me, plus dis is da wery 1st time me habs ever done a stowy dat has pictures in it and me need as much feed back of dat fact pwease.

Just a few more words dan it was wonderful, me need to know if ooo can pweas let me know if all or a certain part was wonderful.

Pwease, pwease, if ooo can do comments wike dat for me, me sincerely will appreciate dat wery much. Me wubsnot ask dis of ooo and dis applies to tothers too, if such comments did not help, they will help more dan me can say.

So pwease ty if ooo can to gib me as much feed back as posilble, me work so hard on these stowies and me not do dem often, so it is wery important to me, fank ooo, fank ooo all.


 it so loverly sis i like you add some pic of your avatar from imvu. i hope you are fill beter sis i will talk to soon or later

your big sister
shi long  


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you ask more beter reply about your so i made one. yes i said made one little one you put so much work in to your story i thout i put some my work my reply. flowl this like becould i can not get it to embed in to this reply
come to the light
Cushie Chloe
That story was very impeccable! Good from the start to the interesting finish. I liked the fact that you started it out with a bit of factual evidence. It does seem that a lot of disposables are in our landfills, and it was somewhat soothing to know that there is some sense of reality. This is not saying that I am against fairy tales and the like, far from it. I just prefer a little factual piece. However, I understand that the factual pieces are not for all stories, and I have read many without those pieces that are still good. I seem to be getting sidetracked however, so I will get back to the story review. I used to think that collars were a form of restraint, but the way in which you used them, it made them sound allright. I also liked how you inserted me in there, while for a line or two, lit up my eyes. I was kind of sad to see Simon and his looking hopelessly at his father, now of course a sissy. The Smart Balm was an excellent idea and I wish something like it were invented. The avatar pics were cute as ever, and I am impressed at how you came up with this wonderful story.
Great job!

I wuv everyone no matter what.
I am happy to take any cutie that needs me :)

there okay storeis i like them hope to see good work
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*
ooh little one i wish i can give you hug in real life becould i whould never let go of my dear little sister. you have touch my harth. that has not seen light some one as kind as you are little one. i see to much hate in tist world. so as i talk to someone like you it take the hart awy of sometime.

your sweet and care sister
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come to the light
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This is a review and a request. I will not mind you saying no, I just want to open some doors for you to use if you choose. Anyway, here it is.
If you like, you can also use my avatar for the stories. Me would be overjoyed to see my avatar in a beautiful story written by a very talented writer. Me hopes dat you use my avy although if you have planned things out, I don't want you to change anything to please me. It would not be fair to you or to the story. Again, the story was excellent, I liked how you mentioned a character named Bruin. Me hopes to see more of him..... Her in the future, but if it is not in the cards, that is ok too. Again, the Smart Balm was a wonderful idea. The brain can control when to go, and you found a very clever and cute way to modify the brain. Me can't wait for the next installment of this series, and feel free to contact me if you do decide to use my avy.
Lots of love,
Bruinskid/Sissy Katie

I wuv everyone no matter what.
I am happy to take any cutie that needs me :)

A thoughtful and very well-written near future story. Interesting speculative fiction, with well realised characters. Thank you for entertaining us all so pleasantly. xxx
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Awww fank ooo so much fwo your comment Andreea, much appreciated, and hope me get more comments eben if dey are short ones.

Pwease to all dat want to comment not to be put off by what me said before, just pwease comment. It is nice to be able to hab my weaders let me know a bit more about which or what dey wike in my stowies.

Onwy as a better means fwo me to know da thoughts of my weaders more and ot help me do better me draw great strength fwom any comment, big or small.

Fank ooo again fwo your wonderful comment Andreea, much truly appreciated.


 A thoughtful and very well-written near future story. Interesting speculative fiction, with well realised characters. Thank you for entertaining us all so pleasantly. xxx  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

I think this is very coherently written and a compelling science fiction vision. If I might be a bit critical, though, you might have cut back on the exposition a bit, letting us see what happened to the characters rather than describing the millieu in such detail before finally settling into a narrative. One possibility might be if you started the "video diary" earlier in the Katrina/Angel Star interview and returned to it from time to time, interspersing the two sequences, so we could see the world as you tell us about it. It's a well realized world; it's just that from the beginning I find myself wishing I could see it instead of being told about it.
Sunshine & rainbows,

"So sing aloud now, your favorite music
Because Heaven needs to hear it too."
-- Jennifer Funshine
Some interesting ideas in the story as well as some interesting products. The balm was really kind of interesting. Nicely done and a lot of the art was cute.

"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" Agnes, Despicable Me.
Fank ooo so, so much fwo your comments and suggestions LilJennie.

Mes hab added a few new scenes to dis stowy and hope dis is what ooo wanted? It is da best me can do without altering da whole stowy itself, the exta scenes are da onwy other inspired ideas me had dat just came to me on da spur of da moment.

Plus me did not want to spoil my stowy too much going too much into da backgrounds of Katrina Falcon or Pamela Pierce, da stowy was typed pwetty much as it happened in my head and fwom those perspectives.

Mes do hope ooo will be able to understand dis or at least will now know why me did da stowy in da way me did it? Mes hope ooo do wike da aditional scenes.

Mes hope da stowy better?


 I think this is very coherently written and a compelling science fiction vision. If I might be a bit critical, though, you might have cut back on the exposition a bit, letting us see what happened to the characters rather than describing the millieu in such detail before finally settling into a narrative. One possibility might be if you started the "video diary" earlier in the Katrina/Angel Star interview and returned to it from time to time, interspersing the two sequences, so we could see the world as you tell us about it. It's a well realized world; it's just that from the beginning I find myself wishing I could see it instead of being told about it.  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Sissy Wanda C
Yay hoorah, very well told story/ies. 4.2 out of 5.Your stories are becomming must reads. I wish I could write this well! Ah to dream dreams.
Bestest wishes
Sissy Wanda C
XOXO wink and blush.
Awww fank ooo Sissy Wanda fwo your wonderful comment, me sometimes wish me could write in da way Miki here does.

But mes gwads to hab a writing style of my own.


 Yay hoorah, very well told story/ies. 4.2 out of 5.Your stories are becomming must reads. I wish I could write this well! Ah to dream dreams.
Bestest wishes
Sissy Wanda C
XOXO wink and blush.  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

umm well thank you for thanks i want to see if ud like to do a story idea for me
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*
Fank ooo nekoboyorgirl fwo your comment, mes will need ooo pwease to send a Private Message to me here letting me knows what kind of stowy ooo hab in mind, a rough outline of what ooo wub wike to see happen in da stowy fwo ooo.

Just a basic outline, don't hab to be fancy. ooo are welcome by da way. Mes hope though ooo are not in any rush? Me wub wike to finish off this series of Pamper Tales den me will look at your stowy idea fwo ooo and see what me can do wifs it.


 umm well thank you for thanks i want to see if ud like to do a story idea for me  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Kandy Delight
Pet Baby Girl, I enjoyed your story. It was interesting how you developed the story and
moved it to a brilliant ending. I wish I could write wonderful stories like this.

love Kandy
Kandy Delight
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