PG 13 The Obedience Spell ~ A Teenager's Obedient Story (PG 13) (Chapter 6 added)
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What if you had to be obedient all the time, no matter what someone told you? From making your bed, to wearing diapers, commands that you cannot refuse. This is a story idea I had after watching Ella Enchanted. I hope you enjoy! If you girls like it I'll continue writing it.

The Obedience Curse

Chapter 1
It was my last year of highschool and I was excited. After graduating I could go to college and get that Computer Science degree I had always wanted. My name is Man-, um, erm, Mark, well, at least Mark was/is my name and below is my story.

It all started when I was 16 and started to disobey my Mom as any rebellious teen would. It started with the simple things and gradually got worse. By the time I was 18 I didn't pay any respect to my Mom. She wasn't particularly strong and with her at five foot six I was definitely taller than her. It was a wonder that she didn't kick me out of the house.

I can remember the day that things changed like yesterday, I was coming home after school to get some homework done before going to a friend's house to party all night (I may have been rebellious, but I still wanted to get into college). My mom was on the couch with this other lady I had never seen before, she was smaller than my mom at only five feet tall, blonde hair, and blue eyes. There seemed to be some kind of sparkle to her, but I couldn't place it.

“Ah, here he is,” my mom exclaimed as I came through the door lugging my backpack. “Come here Mark, I have someone I would like you to meet.”

Even though I didn't obey my mom much those days there was something about that woman that intrigued me, and I wanted to learn more. So I obeyed for the first time in probably over a month. I set my backpack on the floor and walked tentatively towards them.

“Mark, this is Grace; Grace, Mark. He's the one I've been telling you about.”

“So, you're the child that is out of control,” Grace replied thoughtfully. “Well, I have a gift for him then,” she replied, pulling a small, delicate wand out from the light yellow sun dress she was wearing. “Your gift is obedience.” She said with a flick of her wand.

“So, that's what you are going to do huh Mom,” I laughed, “get some fake fairy to come and make me obedient? Nope, not going to work.” I replied, picking up my backpack defiantly and heading quickly towards my room.

“Mark, stop.” My mom ordered. So, right there in mid stride, I stopped, frozen to the spot, unable to move. “Come here.” Automatically I spun around and stomped defiantly towards her. “No stomping in this house Mark,” my mom ordered me again, and I found that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stomp, like there was some invisible force controlling my muscles. “There, that's better.” My mom said softly. “Thanks Grace, I appreciate it,” she said, turning her head to Grace.

“No problem, happy to help out,” Grace replied. “Oh my, but I need to go, my classes for the day are about to start!” and with that she twirled her wand and she was gone.

“Yup, a real live fairy,” my mom said, addressing me, “we've known each other for a long time, even before she knew she was one.” With that she got a far out look in her eyes and a small smile creased her face, but in a second it was back to regular mom. “Now, as for you,” she said firmly, “you will go up to your room and work on your homework, then go straight to bed after wards.” With that my feet turned automatically and headed towards my room.

Chapter 2
The next day went by smoothly in school, and, well, for at least most of the day. It was after the last period and I was talking to my close friend Ryan. He was dark skinned and five foot eight with short black hair and brown eyes. We had met the first day of highschool when one of the teachers handed out a group assignment. We both didn't know anyone there and ended up getting stuck with each other. Well, maybe not stuck, but we were the only ones left. We had found that we both loved computers and had been fast friends ever since.

“So you mean to tell me some woman just waltzed into your life, waved a stick thingy at you, and now you have to obey everything someone tells you to?” Ryan asked.

“Yup, that's about it.”

“Well then, would you tie my shoe?”

“Nope,” I said crossing my arms, winking at him.

“Hmm, maybe it doesn't work with instructions given as suggestions, but only by direct command,” Ryan said thoughtfully. “Would you mind if I tried it as a command?”

“If it's only tying your shoe, sure.” I said with a grin. “But, I'm going to try my hardest not to, just to see.”

“Tie my shoe,” Ryan ordered, pointing down to his shoe. Automatically my body bent forward and tied his shoe, no matter how hard I tried to resist. “Hmm... does that mean I could command you to win a race, and you would win?”

“I guess so,” I replied skeptically. It was a known fact that Ryan always won no matter how hard I tried.

“Race me to the tree and win,” he stated, “1, 2, 3, go!”

Ryan had started a few feet in front of me, yet I passed him and won the race easily, to my great surprise. It was after this that he promised never to use it against me, and that he would tell no one. We spent the rest of the day at his house, studying for a big test coming up, and he was careful not to make anything a command.

I got home at nine thirty that night. No reason to make mom mad and make her make me do something, but just as I got to my room my sister, Gabrielle, stopped me. She was eighteen as well, we were twins, about the same height as her mom, with wavy brown hair and green eyes.

“Now look here,” she said, with her hands on her hips, “this is the last time you're going to tie up my skirts into knots. You turn into a girl and see how it feels!” she roared.

Now, she hadn't meant to give me a command, she said that all the time, but she did. Within seconds my body started shuddering and an enormous pain shot up my back as my sister got taller right in front of my eyes. I passed out.

Chapter 3
I awoke groggily a few minutes later on my sister's bed, but even through my groggy state I knew something was not right. There was something on my chest, my back hurt, and I felt funny right at the crotch. On my head my sister had placed a cold pack, well, at least that's what it felt like. I opened my eyes to see her bending over me with concern and worry etched into her face which turned into a small smile when she saw me open my eyes.

“Are you alright,” she paused, hesitating, “M-, Mark?”

“My back hurts,” I groaned. As I said it the voice sounded foreign to me, too girly to be mine. My hand flew up to my neck, yet it was too small to be mine. “Wh-, what?” I exclaimed, confused. I sat upright, only to have the room swim around me so bad that I sank back down. “What happened?” I asked, in that voice that still wasn't mine.

“You fainted, and you, you.....,” her voice stuttered and trailed off, then came back in barely a whisper, “turned into a girl.”

I opened my mouth to say something, anything, but I was speechless. “How could this happen,” I thought as I lay there. I brought my hands in front of my face and sure enough, they were small and dainty, nothing like the hands I knew.

“Mom's out tonight and won't be home until midnight,” Gabrielle said, a tinge of worry in her voice, “I tried calling her but her cell phone is dead.” She paused, looking at me, then asked, “Do you want some water?” I shook my head yes as I didn't really want to hear myself, but as I did, I felt a new sensation on my neck. “Great, now I have long hair too,” I thought.

As my sister hurried to the kitchen I tried to remember what happened. Why was I a girl? But my mind was still too foggy to remember.

“Here you go,” my sister said, handing me the glass. I took it, almost dropping it as I figured out my new hands. As I drank the water my head cleared and I could finally remember what had happened.

“Hey, you know,” I squeaked out, “maybe if you command me to turn back into my teenage male self, I would. Since you telling me to turn into a girl actually turned me into a girl.”

“Worth a shot,” Gabrielle said, shrugging her shoulders. “Turn into your teenage male self,” she commanded in a stern voice.

I expected to instantly start growing, and maybe faint again, but nothing happened. “Wh-, why isn't it working?” I asked confused. “Whenever Mom tells me to do something, I have to do it, because of that 'gift'. Besides, you gave me a command too and I obeyed it, why not this one?”

“I don't know,” a bewildered Gabrielle said. “Let me test something. Go to sleep,” she commanded.

I don't know what happened after that as I was asleep, but five minutes later I was awakened by the command “Wake up,” to find pink fingernail polish on my nails. Ugh. Oh, and also, I was still a girl. Double ugh.

“So, I can command you to go to sleep and wake up, but not turn back into a boy? That does not make sense.”

It didn't make sense to me either, but I did want to know what I looked like. As I sat up I noticed that I was still wearing my boy clothes, which were several sizes too big for me now. It also looked like that weight on my chest was boobs, real ones. I turned to look at the mirror to find a fifteen year old Gabrielle, with an oversized t-shirt and pants on. I laughed, it was just too funny not to.

“Hey, um, Gabby, you wouldn't happen to have something my size would you?” I asked holding my pants up as I got off the bed. I knew I certainly didn't have anything I could wear, and last thing I needed to do was to hold up my pants all day.

“Um, I might, let me look,” she thoughtfully said, turning to her closet.

Chapter 4
It must have been a good five minutes before she finally found something for me to wear.

“There!” she exclaimed proudly, with a nightgown in her hands. “It might be a little big, but it will tide you over for tonight.”

“Um,” I hesitated, “what about some underwear?”

“Oh! That. Well, um...” she hesitated on this, like she wasn't quite sure what to say. “I think the only thing I have that might, and I mean might fit you, is a pair of Samantha's diapers.” she said, with a big emphasis on that 'might fit'. Samantha was the little girl down the street that my sister watched about once a week when her parents went out. She was about four, but she still had to wear diapers to bed, so my sister had a stack.

I sighed. It was a big, long, drawn out one. Well, as drawn out as you can expect from a fifteen year old girl. “I suppose,” I said, groaning.

As my sister pulled out the diaper, I was cringing underneath. It was definitely girly, to any strech of the imagination, well, basically no strech once I got it on me. It was pink, with several of the Disney Princesses on it with those oh so adorable sparkles sprinked about. I tugged on it once more, just to make sure it wasn't too snug. Then it was time for the nightgown. Over my head it went reaching all the way to the ground. Even my hands didn't poke out the sleeves. Seriously, it felt like I was a four year old playing dress-up with my sister's night gown, especially with that oh so snug diaper clinging to my waist. Looking in the mirror in front of me I could see my sister trying to hold back a smile, and probably a giggle, yet for my sake she held it back.

“Well, this is the best I can do, especially tonight,” she sighed. “You might as well get to bed.”

Ah, it wasn't a command. “Right,” I said, realizing that I probably wouldn't be able to get any work done in the predicament I was in. Once in bed I tossed and turned for a good hour or two before I found a position that I could sleep in, ugh.

I woke up at six the next morning, like usual. The nightgown from last night had seemed to grow legs and was now only covering the top half of my body while the diaper had seemed to grow to twice the size it was last night. As I got up I realized that it wasn't just me, but that the diaper truly was twice the size, and that I had actually wet it! “Wow, this week just keeps getting better, doesn't it?” I whispered to myself sarcastically as I opened my door to go to the bathroom.

Chapter 5
I sat there squirming a bit. My mom had caught me and was just about to ask what I had been doing in my brother's room when Gabrielle opened the bathroom door. My mom turned to look, and Gabrielle just froze there, hand still clasped on the door knob. Puzzled my mom looked back at me, then Gabrielle.

“I, I,” stammered my sister, “kind of turned him into a girl.”

“You what!” my mom exclaimed as my sister sat there, guilty face plastered all over, hanging her head.

“Um, Mom, this diaper is getting a little uncomfortable here,” I squeaked.

“Oh, right,” my mom replied. “Gabrielle, let your brother here use the bathroom.”

Gabrielle backed away letting go of the handle. I quickly went in, locking the door behind me. Standing in front of the toilet I pulled up the nightgown and by degrees finally slid the wet diaper to the floor. I then released my overfull bladder. It was then that I noticed a warm sensation going down my leg. Looking down I quickly turned around and sat down. Oooops. Hopefully I wasn't going to need to do this again.

It took us over an hour to calm Mom back down and tell her over and over again that it was just an accident, that it wasn't on purpose. I don't think I had ever seen my mom so flustered, so flabbergasted, so, so, whatever you call it. Well, after we got her calmed down enough that she could think she immediately phoned her fairy friend.

It was only a matter of minutes before Grace popped in, or should I say poofed in, as there was quite a cloud of smoke on her appearance.

“My my,” she clucked to herself as she took a look at me. “I didn't know the spell could do all that. Oh, no matter,” she shrugged, waving her wand at me. I felt dizzy for a second, but that quickly passed. Shaking her head she did it again. For a second there it seemed like I was getting taller, but the feeling quickly passed and I was back down to my new height. “Now why isn't the spell working?” She was bewildered. Well, frankly, I was too, but she did say that she was still in school or something, right? “Well, I guess I'll just have to ask one of my professors. Be right back!” Poof! And she was gone.

We all just stood about in the living room for about five minutes until my mom got up from off the couch. “Well, might as well make breakfast while she's gone,” she said going into the kitchen.

“Oh, yeah, right,” Gabrielle replied, “might as well do something while we're waiting.” With that she headed off to the bathroom to take a shower, leaving me there standing by myself in the middle of the living room.

I didn't know what I was supposed to do, but I decided to go to my room at least so I wouldn't be standing around. As I sat on my bed I ran through a mental checklist of things I could do. I couldn't shower, as the bathroom was full. Getting dressed was definitely something I couldn't do at the moment, last thing I needed was to hold up my pants until Grace got back. Breakfast wasn't ready yet, so that wasn't an option, but helping Mom was. “Ha! Yeah! I found something.” I thought to myself as I headed back towards the kitchen.

Chapter 6
Word to the wise: don't try making pancakes when you're stressed, it doesn't turn out too well. Or, well, they would have if I wouldn't have come in when I did, as using salt instead of sugar isn't my idea of a good recipe substitution. I was able to catch her before she did it, thankfully, and she all too willingly let me take over.

Let me tell you, a few inches makes an incredible difference when cooking and I found myself on my tip-toes a lot as I worked.

“So Mom,” I asked, trying to help her calm down, “you said that you and Grace went really far back. Just how far back is that?”

My mom smiled, “We met the first day we both started sixth grade. We were on the same bus route and I got picked up before she did.” My mom's smile widened into a grin as she told the next part, “When she got on the bus she was so nervous that she tripped on her own feet right in front of me and landed in my lap!”

“Well,” I said, while slicing the butter into the mixture trying to stifle a laugh, “I guess she made quite the entrance into you life.”

“Indeed she did!” my mom said laughing, “Unfortunately for us that wasn't the last time she fell into my lap either.”

The rest of the time I was preparing breakfast was filled with Mom telling me all about the times that they had together: how Grace missed a whole page of her speech without noticing during a presentation, how it would seem that she would always cut off mid sentence and go in a completely opposite direction (making for quite the funny moments), and a few more embarrassing tripping stories. Before we knew it breakfast was ready and I had a pile of steaming hot pancakes ready to be eaten.

“Mmmmm.... I smell pancakes!” Gabrielle said, sniffing the air as she came into the kitchen.

“Yeah, Mom almost ruined them,” I replied with a smirk.

“But you stepped in just in time to save them,” Mom quipped.

“What were you going to do, burn them or something?”

“Mom thought the salt container was sugar,” I replied.

“Eeew, yuck!” Gabrielle exclaimed, wrinkling her nose, “That would have been a nasty surprise.”

“Yup, you'd better eat them before they get cold though,” I teased, handing her a plate with a couple pancakes on it.
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Wow! Thanks everyone for your great replies. I never really expected to get this many views so fast! Well, I just wanted to say that the next chapter, Chapter 5 is up! Enjoy. ;)
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