Nothing (No One) Can Come Between Us (PG)
A boy is totally in lvoe with his best friend...just one problem. His best friend is straight.
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(again! member...first story, I thought I would post the first part, just to see if its any goods. Its probably not but thats otay xD if its good ill continue it :D okie, onward!)

Nothing (No One) Can Come Between Us (Chapter 1)
Rated PG (No Violence, No Sex, Femnization, yum :D)

"Ey, bro! Dude, are you zoned out again?"
"Uhm, coming!"
Hello, allow me to introduce myself, my names Jayde, no, not Jade, Jay-dee. And the bueatifull person just talking to me is my bueatifull everything, mine...that kind of person! The only problem...hese not intrested in me...straight as a **** arrow...
"Youve got to get over that man, always drifting off!", David laughed as we continued walking to my place.
"Uhm...ya I was just thinking, you know the usuall...", I said slightly hushed, what am I supposed to say? I can't tell the truth at all, not even hint at it!
"Well whatever, just don't get hit by a car when you stumble into the road silly. Im not going to pull a flash and rush at ya!", David chuckled, nearing the finall block home.
I certainly wouldn't oppose to it, those strong arms, loving glowy smile and dark hair I get lost in...and im just the kid with average Blonde hair, quite long actually, and fragile enough to be broken by wind...oh who am I kidding!? I need to stop obsessing! "And who says I couldn't save myself? I mean, just at Mrs. Johnson's Class I was back to focus right when she asked that question ya know!" I didn't have much else to say.
"Ya, ya...after four times, maybe?", David said after patting my shoulder...
After that things got quite. The random talk about sports here and their...I had no intrest in it but whats a guy to do? We slowed our pace to fit in more conversation, catching every word of it...I didn't want to let a single thing from him escape. Do I have to get home? Can't we walk forever? Im closer to him than ill ever be!
"Well, we are here man. 'Aight, enjoy your day ok? Don't forget tommorow is Friday so you can keep those hopes up!" David said after giving me one last "bro" hug..."Love ya bra."
He walked away..."I love you to..." I mumbled...
I darted through the kitchen, up the stairs, and to my room. Time to flip on the stereo and do some "lovely" home work...and think...about things. I can stand it! Whats the use of this dark room and posters staring back at me if I can't get out of it and be with the person I want to be! Tears began to hit my text book...I knew this would happen. The text had better not smudge...just cross your arms and relax Jayde...
"Awh, not this again!"
Oh sis heard me again!
"Alice ill be fine!" I tried and shout without sounding like I was wimpering.
She slowly opened the door and sat by my side, holding me close...shes the only person who knows about my love obsession, and that can be a problem and a burdon.
"You REALLY love this boy dontcha' Jade?" She said still trying to comfort me, using the name she gave me because im like her little sister chasing a boy, as she says. I hate it!
"W-w-why does it matter?" I couldn't form to much speach...I just held back wanting just a little love.
"Their, their...its ok...Listen, you cant go crying everyday when your in here! You either have to make things happen or leave it a dream Jade." Alice said in that hushed, comforting voice so is oh so good at...
I couldn't help but just be quite and stare...then hide my face in her arm because I had a lack of words. Shes so understanding...I dread what ide do without her!
"Ill be in my room ok? You just chill ok?" And with a hug, she was off.
Shes right, I need to stop the water works everytime I think of things. Ive ruined countless a home work paper as is. I closed my book for later, tucked it into my book bag, and walked out to make a snack, I was craving some chocolate right about now! I walked down the stairs and to the kitchen and began my epic search, where is a good, huge bag of Hersheys when ya need em! Ugh, I gave up and crashed on the eyes getting heavy as I flipped through
Woah! What time is it!? FOUR HOURS!? Time is a mysterious little creature. I walked upstairs and gulped, I knocked on my sis's door.
"You rang dear?" Alice laughed, I wasnt about to make a come back.
"Alice...wh-what would you do...I mean, in my situation...I can't deal with this!" I sounded so stupid I know!
"Well, Jade, what's his intrests?"
"Exactly ya silly!"
What was that supposed to mean? I don't know, I don't ask questions im an observer...oh, who cares? "What do you mean by that, Alice? Last time I checked I can't quite do that can I now?"
"Thats the funny part, you could...I mean, your not the burliest guy around! Youde be a great girl for your darling wouldn't you?"
Is she nuts!? That's the most insane idea ive ever heard! And im me! Not the most sane person alive! But she was right, it would be my only choice...
"That is insane!" All I could reply with!
"Do ya want him or not? Sometimes you have to get right on a man's level to get him, and if you think about that wrongly ima tie your legs into a knot Jade." Alice giggled...I couldn't help it...I did to. I...I think im smiling!
"Well...its still nuts..." I said...oh please no...
"Awh your blushing, c'mere!" And at that moment she hugged me way to tight! But I couldn't help it. "Here, you think it over ok? Big sis isnt crazy she just wants the best for ya Jade. Now you need some sleep. Kiss kiss!" Blah! She gave me like a bagillion kisses, but I didn't care. shes right, I need sleep.
"Alright...g'ni sis...much love to you!" I walked to my room again, but not to cry, to sleep, and also to think over things, again. My bed cover fealt like it weighed a ton, I sank into the sheats wondering...what my sister said...was it, could it be the answer? And if so how? I can't change the fact im a guy and so is he...right? I don't know...
The next day went in a blur. I couldn't help but wodner about my sisters words! And lookign at David started to make more and more sense. I only remember his daily good bye hug...making my seconds melt away into years. I rushed through the door, but not to my room, to my sisters.
"V'welcome to my Lair Child." She told me smiling...I worry about her sometimes.
"Ive been thinking..." I had to admit.
"Pray Tell"
"...Ill take that help..."
"WONDERFULL!" Ugh she squeezed the living day lights outa me!
"Now you wait here Ms.!"
I sat I was told...wondering exactly what am I getting myself into? I can't turn back now! I want him! No...I need him. Just what I was doing, I don't know. Hopefully this won't totally destroy me! But then again hopes are made to broken it seams? No, think positive!
"Im back! Had to get all my proper utenils" She grinned explaining things to me...she is going to enjoy this.
She threw assorted clothes at me, High Heels, Leggings, a skirt, plaid in black and red to be percise, a black tank top, arm sleeves and gloves also. Is this halloween, a joke? How is this going to help me!
"Hese not going to want a tom girl im sorry babe, now just get all prettied up, ALL prettied up, we want ya used to everything tip top! Oh, almost forgot!" She threw a pair a black panties at me..."Pretend their extremely short breifs."
I didn't know how to respond...what do I do? This is getting so sudden! I could feal myself blush, my legs got shakey, I hadnt an idea what to do!
"Jade im not going to peak, now make it snappy we have lots to cover!"
What was a guy to do? I had to. I slipped off my boxers and slid on the "breifs" That where handed to me, they feal so silky nice against my skin and...wait no, stop enjoying this! I then put on my new shirt and the followed it with my sleeves and leggings, they fit so nice and tight, almost like another layer of skin, except smoother and velvetier, I was enjoying this to much...erm, after some strategic hiding, I finally put on my newly commisioned skirt and shoes. I looked at myself in the mirror...was I didn't notice at all! I fealt around with my hands, actually breaking a smile...untill I tried walking to my sis and well...feal to the floor.
"Guess that means our lovely lady is ready for round two!" Alice said gently, holding my hand helping me keep balance, sitting me down to the bed. She applied some nice cheery red lipstick on my lips...applied the proper mascara and eye shadow, a couple sparkles on my face. She didn't need blush...I was doing that enough. Im like her personall doll!
"Their ya go...we shave those icky arms and legs tommorow Jade. Now lets get you walking, and resist poking while your make-up is being done dear its un-lady like" She laughed and held my hands helping me keep balance.
Things where happening so fast! Ugh, was I even me anymore! This is so confussing! I feal I don't know how many times, but she had me up and was getting easier, except I didn't like my toes in a triangle, but I spose it's worth it.
"Good, good! Your a naturall Jade! Now, the walk is a bit easier. Just sway your hips every step, if ya don't, hese going to definatly figure out its you and then your gonna have lower chances for sure." Oh gee! That helps my confidence! It fealt so weird...but I got it down at the very least every other step.
"Im done..." I sounded so quite...
"Lift that Voice Jade!"
"Oh right, sorry!" I coughed, "Im done" Trying to remember what she taught me about keeping a high yet solid voice. I think 2:00am passed by when we got finished! I don't think ill ever stop blushing, and this shaking is making it difficult to stay balanced in my new shoes...
"Good girl, now, tommorow after shaving your going to meet your future hubby in the park and say your names Theresa and your from another school, er, ya know what? Ill tell ya tommorow sweety."
We sat down and wiped the reimnance of my make-up off, and I quickly re-dressed into my "boy clothes". Today was so alien...I didn't say good night, I just hugged Alice and ran to my bed room, I jumped under the covers, my heart racing 100 mph! I enjoyed that! I...fealt complete...I feal as if maybe...I have a chance! But this is just my fealing...the truth however, is yet to be revealed...I don't know what to do, but sleep and relax...sleep and dream...try to be Theresa, not Jaydee, for tommorow anyway...I waited with hesistated breath...

Nothing (No One) Can Come Between Us (Chapter 2)

I woke up in a daze...what happned? Did I really just do that? Am I willing to go that far for my Davey? Ide do anything to have him....ide walk through hell itself but, lie to him? No...I have to move onward if I want to finally get myself alighned!
School once more was just a twisted blur of nothingness, I can't even remember any questions! Are my grades falling? All I remember is getting yelled at for smudging my text book (Ugh!) and being jelous of seeing the other, the girls with their noys. un-afraid to show it, not having to hide like a scared turtle, oh Davey...
"Ey sleepin' bueaty! Your zoned out again." David said to me holding my, his sleeping bueaty!? No...just me, Jayde the pin coushin.
"Sorry! Uhm, thinking of alot as always."
"Youde make a great story teller if what your thinking of is originall as you are on occasion bro." David he melts my soul!
We neared my house...I didn't say much this time, I was so intent on my hidden agenda, im like a pink fluffy ninja, I swear! I think he knew something was on my mind by the way he kepy looking over to me, giving me reasurring gestures only "guy friends" could do to help themselves. I didn't care, I knew I was, in some strange way, neing looked over by my David, and I don't want my safety in any other mans hands...ever.
"Hey going to be at the park in, oh, about two or three hours. You wana, I don't know...chill? Dude it's completetly fine I have all the time in the world." He said as he grasped me in him arms for our "good bye" ive grown so accustomed to recieving from him...
A few hours!? I don't have much time! Oh what do I say. what do I do! Theirs so much racing and speeding in my mind right now, my heart on a pace maker connected to a motor, oh! "Er, sorry Im going on the Science project we have upcoming so I can be ready when I need to be..." Please, Davey, buy it...
"Thats my man! Alright, don't let me stop ya. Oh, and man?"
"Love ya, all these years and you can stand me eh? It's more than enough payment!"
He loves me, he loves me! Ok so it's not love, love but he said it! "Thanks...have fun..."
I ran inside as always, I dropped my stuff off, and immidieatly visited Alice, she was instinctavily sitting their. What is into that girl? "Theresa, youve got some 'splainin to do!" Alice smiled as she handed me a razor and shaving cream, it wreacked of flowers, this will definatly leave me in a state of severe shock before it's over.
"How did you know I was coming through the door Alice!"
"Hop to it little soldier!" Alice told me and directed me to the bathroom.
Once in my destination I suppose it's time to get to buisness...swipe by swipe, small cut by microscopic cut, I was turning into Theresa, no more Jayde, not Jade, but Theresa. It smelled heavinly, and by the time I was done I saw no trimnance of who I was! I even shaved off my (albiet almost non-existant) moustache, I didn't know this girl looking back at me in the mirror, but I knew she had more chances than I ever will.
"I think this time you pick your close hun. A girl has to be dressed to KILL when she is hunting boys. Seeing as though you want some attention go something not to revealing, but give him a bit of a zing. Afterwards, go artsy, boys love a girl that can express herself in clothing." Alice said to me as she swayed her legs on the bed happily, like she was constructing the little sister she never had.
I gave it a though...the skirt was nice, but today is warm so...ill leave the leggings and arm sleeves. The gloves where cute! Oh god, er, they will do! I finally decided, Alice covered her eyes thank goodness. I slipped on some nice blue "breifs" this time around. They wherent silky this time, which actually dissapointed me...but I don't need to get any more exited! I did don't think ill need high heels for walking in the park, so I took some of my sisters pink vans, they actually fit my feat better than my shoes! I figured why not...a bra never hurt anyone, and Alicia isnt carrieng much so they wont look to akward...after another tank-top And finding my sisters baby blue hoodie, even though the purple writing said "Dangerous" I was fealing quite the opposite.
"Awh! Theresa you dressed yourself without sissys help! Im so proud of you!" Again with the hugs, again with the lamps lighting up in my face...
I coughed and remembered my "girl voice", ahem! "Thank you Alice, can I please go now? I have a date." I couldn't help but smile at myself.
"Oh, fiesty lil' lady! You hold on just a sec ma'am!" And just then my sisters utensils where at work. Powdering my face to hide un wanted achne scars, applieng my lip stick for, obvious reasons. The mascara, the eye shadow, the glitter. I fealt like I was made again in a laboratory, except, the test subject has a choice in the expirement, and she wants to remain her best, both for her sisters and her loving Daveys sake. Alicia kissed my cheek...and with that I was out the door...
It seamed like everyone was out to get me! I got stares from every direction, but none looked hatefull...some looked intrested! My sis was a mad scientest indeed, now she just needs the lab coat we scraped last summer and she is set! I inched to the park bench and waited...trying not to look at the other lovers...turning the butterflies in my belly into barbed wire. It seamed like I waited forever, but it was just two minutes that...DAVEY! Calm down, calm down! Deep breathes, oh, stop blushing its going through your make up, no!
David sat down on the bench across from me...he gave me a quick glance then looked I did him...I wanted to curl into a ball and bawl my eyes out, hese so bueatifull I can't stand it! But how do I talk to him, how do I talk to the most wonderfull man in my life and not mess it up? Oh no...I wouldn't have fate would have it...hese coming this way! Of butterflies now you have rockets!
"Hey their, im, sorry if im interpting anything." His sweet laugh hit my ears soft as pillows...filled with clouds. "I am waiting to, but I don't think hese going to show, so I need someone to talk to. don't mind."
Did I mind! This was the moment ive always wanted! Oh god...thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Ok...the voice...the voice..." Im just being myself, sitting around as well." I smiled enough to span the expanse of this park..."Thanks for the company...?" I know his name, but Theresa doesn't.
"David, it's not to hard to memorize...?"
"Theresa, I don't go to the school, just curious so I came to the park today." Such lies girl...
"Right, well, Theresa, nice to meet you for once love. Would you...mind a walk? If ya get tired Im not afraid to pack you around!" He smiled with me...oh how I wanted to inch my hands to his...
"That would be lovely, David" Mhm...forever carry me.
The walk was heavinly...shoulder to shoulder, around the pond. Sitting on that lush green grass, thowing stones and laughing with my dream boy. I need a pinch, im dreaming, this isn't real, Theresa you lucky girl...! Chit-chat turned into long, involving conversations...shoulder to shoulder turned into my head on his shoulder...and friendly distance became holding. His only exuse was he though I was to tired to keep it up, and in all honestly, physically I was tired, but emotionally, I was bubbling like mentos and diet cola, wanting to explose and scream to the heavens "David, I love you!" but no...I had to keep up the innocent act, atleast today.
"Oh jeez! Look at the time! Its...its past midnight! Oh god mom is gonna be so mad at me! Uhm, im so sorry Theresa!" David said in a rush, I understood but...I didn't zone this time I know, we both lost track of time!
"Oh," I siad still blushing...and shaking...and holding..."Its fine David uhm, ill talk to you tommorow. Saturday sounds good right...?"
"Of course...oh...don't hate me after this Theresa."
"Whatever do you mean Davey?" at that moment he held me below my back and held me close...I could feal both our hearts beating...and finally, the big moment, my whole life, endless years of preperation and crying over what I can't leads to this! His bueatifull lips inched closer to mine...I had to wrap my arms around his neck...and with this, our lips met, like a collision that sparked a fire my heart had been legs grew so weak...Two minutes passed and our lips never left, untill fnally he withdrew our endless summer.
"Thanks...Theresa..." Hese doing it, he is blushing with me!!!
"Thanks...David..." My smile by this time was glowing bright as it Davey...he was mine!
"You look tired, hold on..."
"Bu- David Im fi-"
"That won't do for an answer dear!" David cradled me in his arms, I could feal his strong arms holding me...I had to cross my legs to avoid...akwarness once more. He is him...forever....And like that, after all the wonder, the suspense...I feal asleep in his arms...cuddling in, not a care in the world, not a stuffed animal needed to rest my weary soul...nothing but my darling David...and I loved every minute and pro-longed second.

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