XXX Dear Miss Clara- emails from her sissy friend
From Clara's website: "I aim to bring out the Little Girl in you!" "I encourage my clients to provide feedback, so in future sessions, I can meet your every need." "Please note, I am a carer, I do not offer sexual services."
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    We are enclosing this exchange of emails to disprove local rumor that our daughter Clara was a prostitute.
We know she encouraged her friends to give her feedback by emails, and although she normally wiped these, she did retain this lengthy exchange, for reasons which we think will become obvious….
   Note- This is NOT for the faint of heart

    Clara's surviving Emails:

Hi Miss Clara
Thanks for a great afternoon!
   You must have seen that I was shaking like a leaf when I rang your door bell. But you quickly made me at home, and I was so grateful for your gentle understanding.
   I expect you guessed, I'd not dressed in female clothing much before. Actually I did try once, but I was so scared my mum would discover me, it stole away any pleasure. But I knew I was busting to, and safe with you, I didn't need to feel so anxious.
    Of course, I was still nervous, when you stripped off my male clothing, and left me sitting on your sofa in only my yellow Y-fronts!
Then you brought in that long olive green evening dress, and pulled it over my head, and I was in heaven. That flowing auburn wig, and dark red tights that you pulled up over my Y-fronts, that completed my dressing, and when you showed what I looked like in the mirror, wow!
    I must admit I fancied myself, when you added that perfume, and touched up my eyebrows, and painted my fingernails, and finished it off with a dash of lipstick.
Thanks for talking to me as I sat there happily next you. As I told you, you gave much such a wonderful hour, that I want to leave it entirely to you, cos I know I can trust you, for a wonderful time next Wednesday- it will be two hours of heaven!


Dear Miss Clara
I left it to you, and I'm so glad I did.
    I wasn't so nervous, but still, waiting in my underwear on your sofa is a bit stressful. But then you melted my cares away with that sweet girly dress- I felt like a three year old- all those pretty pink ruffles and frou-frou, and that satin-feel was so-oo-oo smooth!
    I hope I didn't embarrass you by dancing round the room. You told me to do it, after all. But looking back, I can't think how I had the nerve. You made me feel young.  
    As for skipping into your kitchen, I don't know what came over me. But you sat me at the table and offered to feed me some corn flakes, and it was real lovely your putting the cereal on that big spoon, and making me open my mouth and eat it. I really did feel like a happy toddler, and I trusted you like my own mummy.  I really think I'd have dared dance in your back garden if you'd ordered me- though now I'm back home, I can't think I'd really do that!
    Look forward to next week, same time, same lovely time,


My dear Miss Clara,
Thank you for another wonderful afternoon.
    I wasn't so nervous today, only full of eager anticipation.
   That coffee when I came in was a bit of a surprise, but I see now the reason!
Then you found me another lovely dress, in lilac, a sissy dress you called it I think, it was heaven wearing it, so soft an' smooth, and I even loved that pretty bonnet with the big bow, cos it somehow suited my looks! Then those bootees, and the mittens....! I never thought I'd love them on me, but I sure did.
    I am sorry I let you down.  I wasn't expecting it when you put your hands under my skirt and pulled down my Y-fronts. I should have trusted you, sorry. But you did arouse me, and I'm afraid I got carried away, I know I shouldn't have lifted my dress like that- I hope you can forgive me.
    I know you said you did, and that slap you gave me certainly brought me to my senses.
    After that it was lovely again.  I wish you could have pinned up my terry diaper, but I realize after what I'd done, I shouldn't have expected you to do that. Okay, I was very apprehensive about wearing it, but somehow after all the other babyish things, it seemed sorta natural.
    I did love it when you ordered me to crawl round the room, I felt so proud with my bum poking in the air. I did want you to slap me, to be honest. Looking back, I'm amazed I did such things- somehow it was you bringing out the Little Me, as you reminded me.
    That feeding time was so much more fun in the huge high chair! I loved it when you held that bottle, and then fed me again, delicious!
    Thank you for letting me curl up on your lap for a story. I understand now why we had coffee, cos I was soon bursting not to wee. I just wanted to stay in your lap but you knew didn't you? Thanks for saying I could go to the little room, but somehow I felt I should do it in my diaper. I'm pleased I did brave it and got myself all soaking!
  You said you'd have removed the diaper if I hadn't been naughty. I promise I'll try to be good next Wednesday. Until then, I can't wait,

Hi John
Glad you wanna come back. Please sign the enclosed and return. From now on, your mummy is gonna call you Janey, love Miss Clara


My dear Miss Clara,
It was another great time, the only trouble was, it was over so soon! I did try and behave myself didn't I?
    You gave me another surprise, I'm amazed how no two times are the same.
    That sailor dress with fancy bows and shiny golden buttons look so cute on me- and I loved the fact that you were wearing a similar, more grown up version.
    I shut my eyes to keep myself in control, when you had undressed me and got to that nice part when you took off my undies. I loved it when you kissed my forehead. I suppose you did notice how excited I was down there?
    I hadn't been ready for that thing you shoved up my backside. No, it really didn't hurt, and you did explain.
    I was looking forward to that diaper, and you deftly sealed that disposable round me, so that I felt warm in its embrace.
    You knew, of course, I was scared, when you told me I must crawl round the back yard before I could have my treat. I did look to see if neighbors were watching, and it was an ordeal, but I did manage it, didn't I? Not sure if I'd dare crawl down to the bottom of your garden, which is more open- but maybe I'm giving you ideas! Perhaps if you came with me...?
    I was glad we were indoors for my feeding. You knew I would be doing a poo, but I didn't- until you began feeding me that cereal!
    You told me not to struggle, and thanks for offering to let me use the small room, but you said you were pleased I wanted to see it thru.
I did, and it was a mess. You were a real mummy, cleaning me up. Okay, I'll admit I did long for you to touch a certain part, but I held myself well didn't I?  
Your Janey.

Hi Janey
Firstly, if you find the time goes so quick, why not come for a day? We could start at eleven and finish at your usual time of 4. That's five hours, but the cost works out as for two two hour sessions.
Secondly, don't feel you can't tell me how you felt about touching. I do like my clients to give me feedback, but you understand the guidelines under which we meet. So please do be honest when you are emailing me.
Finally, It's a deal. I'll come down the garden with you next time- be brave! There are some nosy neighbors, but what can they do?!
Love Miss Clara

Dear Miss Clara
Look forward to next time in the garden- I'm half hoping it will be raining!
I can't afford such a long session, but what I'll do, if it's okay, is come once a fortnight for the five hours. It'll be an eternity having to wait so long, but worth it for such a longer session with you.
Your Janey.

Hi Janey
See you Wednesday week at 11am - I'll promise you a great time!
Love Miss Clara.


My dear Miss Clara
    I had almost decided that that long long wait wasn't worth it. However you made it all so special that I don't regret it at all. However, another fortnight's wait seems impossible!
    It would turn out to be the hottest day of the year, my hope for rain never had any chance.     
So I was more nervous this time, but that lovely lemony pvc dress with such gorgeous golden bows made me feel so young, I'm glad I leave it all to you, my nice mummy.
    So I wasn't at all scared. I even saw some people watching us as I crawled aside you on the grass. Sorry I did cry when you left me for a moment. It was what I felt, I mean it was what I felt that little Janey would do.
    It was a bit humiliating when you came back and smacked me. That woke me up, as it were. I did feel embarrassed then, when you made me put my thumb in my mouth.
But you promised not to be long away, and you weren't.
    I hadn't expected you had planned for us to stay in the garden for a picnic, and I becameterribly shy when you pulled me up on to the high chair you had fetched.
    But your comforting words saw me thru, and I very much enjoyed that feeding al fresco.
    I wondered why you hadn't given me a diaper, only a transparent plastic pantie covering. I liked its feel on me, and I liked having to wee. I didn't care who saw us. I didn't care that my wee was trickling off the seat and down the high chair legs. I loved fighting the desire to poo. I thought as I hadn't been given another enema, it would be okay, but you did whisper you had put a laxative in my meal....
It was fun, you encouraging me to poo, I was hoping by now the neighbors could see us! It was a big one wasn't it? I hoped they could see the mess in my pantie as I crawled back up the garden.
  I was sweating in the heat and did want you to clean me, but you told me I had to wait- so I did. I sure needed that extra diaper that you wrapped over me- it was the wrong order really wasn't it? But I suppose I had to keep that lovely cot clean.
I enjoyed that last hour with your hand caressing my head as you soothed me to sleep. I didn't drop off, cos I didn't want to miss anything.
 Sorry you saw me erect when you cleaned me. It couldn't have been a turn on!
Your loving Janey.

 Hi Janey
You did real well out in my garden, well done. I did have my camera running, and I have put a clip on my site, don't worry, your face is hidden!
Now the good news. I do offer special clients a night session- don't worry, the cost is the same as for five hours- you come at six in the evening, and are tucked in by ten. A final hour for feed and clean up from 7am. The only extras are if you want me to clean you during the night, that is extra, according to the time taken. But you might like it.
Don't apologize for your erection, it's quite normal, and it's flattering to me,
Love, your Miss Clara.

Hi Miss Clara
Let's go for a night, Wednesday evening would be marvelous!
 Love, your Janey.


My dearest Miss Clara
You looked so lovely in your black pvc outfit. I hadn't expected you'd be so overpowering!
    But I enjoyed your being much more firm and rough with me, I enjoyed being naked apart from my diaper, and that crazy bonnet and bootees! I think you must have put something in my evening feed, or was it your bullying demeanor, cos I was more than horny than I'd ever been, though I didn't give myself away all evening did I?
    But I reckon you knew. I loved your caning me when you said I'd been naughty. I even put on that red pvc dress with petals all over it when you dressed me in what were supposed to be night clothes.
    You must have known I was bursting with excitement. I couldn't sleep. I didn't wanna call you, out of consideration, for you and for my wallet. But you did come in to lift me from my cot and on to the changing mat to remove my soggy diaper. I'm very very sorry for the foamy stuff I sprayed on you. I know you'd hardly touched me, and then only to clean me, but I really couldn't help letting it out.
You didn't say anything over my morning feed. I hope you weren't cross. You didn't say much. You did clean me so nicely, and I didn't disgrace myself again, though I was tempted. Thanks for a lovely night, your bestest big baby

Dear sweet Janey,
  Don't keep saying sorry, your mama enjoyed your stay as much as you did. I've something real special next time!
Love and kisses,
Miss Clara.

Hi Miss Clara
Can't wait!!
Your Own Little Janey


Hi Miss Clara
  I know you can't read this, but I wanted to send you my usual feedback.
  You had planned a sensational night, and so it should have been!
  You found me such a sweet sissy satin dress in bright orange, those alluring ribbons made me look so babyish. I wondered why you had only slipped on another transparent pvc pantie, but I found out!
  Then you left me to play with "my little thing," you said, while you changed yourself. I tried to keep control, you almost looked disappointed when you returned in that amazing sailor outfit- it was identical to the sissy one you dressed me in once! So I knew you'd planned something different, as we were "little sissies together."
    Wow. I didn't really wanna go for a walk, specially not in those unfamiliar high heels,  but anyway it was dark,  and when you order me, I always obey.
"Follow me," you commanded, and I didn't appreciate what you were up to for an age.
    But when we stopped after a few minutes on the sidewalk, I had an inkling. Two of us dolled like that would be bound to grab attention!
   I admit I was hiding my face when that young man approached us. I'm glad you told him where to get off. But he wasn't the only one.
   Then you seemed to respond to a pair, one each I decided to myself, and these two lads took us for a drink. They got pretty fresh, and I took my cue from you, though I was puzzled.
   I was amazed when you agreed they could take us to a hotel.
   Another drink in the bar there, and I think I was feeling as fresh as them!
   Then we went up to the third floor room they'd booked, and I was worried for all sorts of reasons. But I see now what you were up to.
   The penny dropped, when the older one tried to kiss you at the door of our room. He handed you the key and you told him how things stood. We were sissies, you blurted out to the bewildered pair, the fun you wanted was for them to clear up our messy diapers! I let out a pissing noise as the pee zapped into my pantie.
   Never saw anyone clear off so fast.
   But we had the room, that was what you wanted, and we made ourselves at home.
   I took what you'd told the lads literally, and I loved it when you changed me, and specially when you kissed my wet private part. I see that turned you on. You know it got me erect in seconds.
   Yes we were two sissies, but, Miss Clara, you weren't my mummy no more. You were better than even that.
   You'd licked me clean, and then you made it clear you wanted the same treatment. I confess I found it hard to begin with. Perhaps as I was hard myself, that got me excited doing it, and I was even hotter when I'd  pulled down your sailor's dress. By this time I was enjoying licking all your wetness off.
    Then you thrust my head so I squeezed into you, and my tongue went in places it had never dreamed of exploring before.
    I think we were both on the boil now.
    Then you pulled me to the balcony. I didn't care who saw us.
    I was dripping excitement like you, and you stood me like a statue for all the world to admire, while you gently touched me to suck in my overflowing juices.
    I didn't want you to stand on the balcony ledge, however wide it was. But you stood there, legs splayed, arms aloft simply begging me to lick your choicest parts anew. I was worried in the breeze you'd lose your balance, but you kept urging me in deeper, deeper please, you shouted.
    That got me wild with passion, and you crouched down, head facing the object of your desire.
    So why did you pop back inside? You told me to wait there and I know why now. It was so you could set your movie camera in motion.
    Then back you returned, I had calmed down, I think you wanted that. As you re-climbed on to the ledge, my little thing gazed at your open mouth.
    You told me to keep calm. I did and you waited until my excitement had all dissipated.
    I think you must have wanted to feel me soft and floppy, for suddenly you gripped my buttocks and pushed me into your waiting mouth.
    I loved it when you shivered and gave an ecstatic moan.
    I loved it when you quivered as I grew inside your mouth to thrill you to the uttermost.
    I never thought I could experience such a powerful sensation. Maybe you hadn't expected it so much either, for as you swayed there in your high heels, my sheer force pushed you backwards, and you toppled...
    I am so very very sorry. I heard you cry out, though it definitely wasn't fear, more like ecstasy, as you hurtled downwards, accompanied by my gushing torrent of foam that I had all too soon thrilled you with.
  Thank you, my lovely Miss Clara, for so very very much you have taught me. I'm spending the next three months I'd saved up, for a full size statue of you in that sissy dress, that I want erected where you fell.
  I'm calling it simply Miss Clara-
The Bestest Sissy Mummy Ever.


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