The Magic Squirt ( X )
A boy with a power is determined to make as many sissy boys into girls as he can
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Title: The Magic Squirt ( X )


Jeremy Corruthers: 18yo Bisexual boy - Played by: Miki Yamuri

Alex Matthews 18 year old boy - Played by: lilhottie

Scene: Jeremy's house

Jeremy Corruthers had a secret. He wanted all the gay boys he knew to have sex with him, so he could show them exactly what it was like to be female. He had this power ... and an over powering urge to use it.

There were many rumors and weird happenings going around recently, although no one admitted it openly, it seemed all the gay boys were disappearing.

There were many new girls appearing that were in a dazed dream like condition, and no one had been able to get any information from them as of yet. They seemed to be too dazed ... or scared to talk.

Alex was over at Jeremy's house. He was about 5feet tall and was very effeminately figured. Stories had it Alex was Bi, but no one could say one way or the other. He would easily pass as a girl if he dressed as one.

Jeremy had invited Alex over and was trying to convince him to spend the night and ... party with him. He told Alex that it would be just the two of them, and he had outlined a rather fun and pleasant evening.

Alex headed over to Jeremy’s house. While driving over he did think it was strange that most of the gay guys were disappearing and lot of hot girls were popping up not remembering anything of what happened to them. It was all over the news and the town was beginning to take notice. Alex shrugged it off pulling into Jeremy’s parents house driveway. Jeremy was standing on the front steps waiting for Alex.

Jeremy was an extremely handsome boy and cut a mean figure. He was 6’1 and weighed 190 pounds. He had short cut neat hair and sparkly blue eyes. Jeremy walks to Alex's car and opened the door. He took Alex's hand and helped him out of the car as if he were a girl on a date with him.

Without warning, Jeremy kisses him on the lips. Alex can feel Jeremy' tongue exploring the inside of his lips and his strong arms wrapping around him. He gasps softly as Jeremy's hands caress his butt in a very nice grip and pulls him up against his body. The hardness of Jeremy’s manhood thrilled Alex in a way he wished it hadn’t. The kiss lasts for about a minute before Alex gathers enough of his wits to break it.

Jeremy says softly, "Don't protest silly, I know you have the hots for me ... and I'm willing to explore it if you are. Only thing though, you're the girl ... ok?"

Alex pushes Jeremy away, "What the hell are you doing Jeremy? I’m not bi like you!"

Alex slams his door shut and grabs his bag from the back of the car. He can feel himself getting aroused at the possibilities this night is offering. He really is interested.

He says instead, "Any more crap like that ... and I’m heading home."

Jeremy smirks and pats Alex on his butt softly making Alex squeak in an adorable way. Jeremy understands a girl has to be coy at first.

Jeremy says in a cool sensuous voice, "What ever you say."

He walks to the door and opens it for Alex and escorts him into the living room. Alex notices right away, Jeremy's parents are not home.

Alex asks, "Where's your mom and dad?"

Jeremy smiles and replies, "They're off to the Alps for 6 months. The house is mine to play in."

He point to the table. There is an assortment of drinks, some alcoholic, and lots of food and snack items.

Jeremy continues, "I bought several of the newest Video Games to play on my Virtual Reality Platforms too. One is the new Space War game everyone is raving about."

"Wow ... nice!" Alex gasps in a very effeminate happy squeak.

Alex runs over to the table and grabs a beer and runs back and sits down on the couch. He picks up the controller gloves and helmet and puts them on, then starts to play the game.

Jeremy sits down next to Alex with another smirk after putting on the same equipment, and starts to play the game with Alex. After a short time in the virtual reality of the game, Jeremy is Obviously kicking Alex’s butt. Alex is amazed at the fact it’s like ... he is actually a part of the game. Every where he looks, it seems like he’s part of this world. He can even sort of feel it when he takes hits .. and finally could tell how severe the hit was.

Jeremy gets a bright idea." Hey Alex, wanna bet on the next round?"

Alex replies, "Sure ... what’s the bet?"

Jeremy smiles and answers, "If I win, you have to wear what ever I choose and ... act accordingly. I promise it will be a lot of fun."

Jeremy’s eyes sparkle as he empties his beer and grabs another one. Alex has a tingle of apprehension within him ... and as badly as Jeremy had already beaten him he knew he shouldn't ... but Jeremy is a cute boy and ... he was tight .. Alex was attracted ... and aroused.

Alex says, "Deal"

Jeremy smirks when they play this round. Next round was brutal as Jeremy absolutely smashes Alex without Alex even hitting him.

Alex whines like a girl as he pokes out his bottom lip, “You cheated me!" Alex removes the gloves and helmet and throws them on the sofa, " but a bets a bet ... I guess ... so what are you going to have me wear? Your going to have me wear a diaper or what? Something humiliating I'm sure. Just tell me what it is so we can get this over."

Jeremy smiles as he replies softly, "Nothing so dramatic as that love, but it is something I'm sure you'll like too."

He gets up and walks to the back, leaving Alex alone with his thoughts. Alex grabs another beer and chugs it quickly down and opens another. He really hopes this wasn't a mistake ... but a bet's a bet.

In a few minutes, Jeremy returns with a cute powder blue babydoll night gown and bikini bottoms. The gown was adorable and had a ruffled hem and puffy sleeves with ruffles around them. The neckline was cut in such a way, that it would enhance Alex to where it would look like he even had small breasts.

Jeremy hands it to Alex and places a matching pair of slippers on top.

He coos softly, "Ok sweet heart, time for my girl to get dressed." He miles a huge smile, "I'm already turned on thinking of your cute self in that outfit already."

He bends and kisses Alex softly on his soft sensuous lips one more time.

"Your having me dress like a girl." Alex stands up pretending to be shocked and mad, " You have got to be kidding me."

Alex looks at Jeremy. Jeremy has a huge smile on his face and it was obvious he wasn’t buying the mad routine.

"A bet’s a bet" Jeremy says softly.

" Fine." Retorts Alex like a girl as he grabs the babydoll and bikini bottoms and walks into the bathroom.

A few minutes later, Alex comes out and Jeremy is very pleasantly surprised and happy with what he saw. Alex no longer looks like a boy at all, but as a rather pretty girl. The nighty fit him to perfection. The only thing that was out of place, was Alex's erection showing in the panties causing them not to fit well in front.

Jeremy stands up and walks to Alex.

He takes Alex in his arms and coos softly, "Just relax sweet heart. I know your secret and I'm willing ... trust me. You can you know, I won't tell a soul ... I promise."

He takes Alex's hand and places it on his huge erection. Alex feels a tingle run all through him. Jeremy kisses him at that point, Alex helplessly kisses him back ... a bet's a bet ... but He is turned on by Jeremy in a big way he can’t explain.

Alex can’t help but live in the moment as Jeremy slowly slips down his jeans and his boxers exposing his huge trimmed erection. Alex looks down as Jeremy kisses his neck

Alex gasps at the site of it, "Oh my god ... my dick compared to that ... I might as well be a girl."

Alex moans as Jeremy reaches in and plays with Alex’s small erection in his panties.

"I cant believe I’m doing this." Alex squeaks softly in an airy sweet voice.

Jeremy nibbles on Alex's ear as he tickles it with his soft reply, "Why is it so hard to believe that inside, you're a girl wanting to make love to a handsome boy?"

Jeremy puts his hand slowly down the back of Alex's panties as he kisses him again. Alex feels the wonderful squeeze again ... and then Jeremy's fingers as the begin to probe his bottom opening.

Jeremy coos softly, "Come with me to the bedroom sweetheart. So we can ... get to know each other better." He places his huge cock in Alex's hand, "You can taste all you want there."

He takes Alex by the hand and leads him into the bedroom, and onto the huge water bed.

Alex lays down on his back on the bed and speads his legs. He is beginning to actually feel like he’s a girl.

Alex says in a voice as female as any girl’s could be that even surprises him, "Jeremy ... I don’t ... don’t know how you know about ... me ... I mean, my fantasies ... but thanks."

Jeremy crawls on top of Alex as they passionately kiss again. Jeremy’s massive cock massaging against Alex’s Crotch. Alex moans as he feels Jeremy begin to caress his ... breasts. The nightie did make him seem to have really small perky breasts because of the way it was made. Each soft squeeze gave Alex wonderful tingly sensations all through his body that easily mingles with all the other wonderful sensations.

Alex can't help himself, he begins to squeak softly as Jeremy pushes one, then 2 fingers into his bottom. Slowly in and out. Alex helplessly realizes Jeremy is treating him just like a girl. He feels so much like one ... he truly wishes ...

Jeremy removes all of his clothes and lays on his back and holds his cock straight up.

He says softly, "Go ahead girl, enjoy it. I know you want to."

He reaches over and pulls Alex over, interrupting his dreaming. Alex is so turned on he can't believe it. He takes Jeremy's huge head into his mouth, it barely fits. The soft salty taste is so wonderful as he begins to suck. Jeremy takes hold of Alex's head and makes him bob up and down slowly.

After a few minutes he says encouragingly, "Take your tongue and lick it up and down the shaft."

Alex does as he is told as he takes it out of his mouth and uses his tongue to massage Jeremy’s erection up and down. Jeremy moans in pleasure and lets out a smile as his dirty plan is about to begin. Alex massages his own cock with his hand as he continues to suck on Jeremy’s massive erection.

Jeremy continues with a gasp in his wavering voice, "And around ... just under the head too ... it's very sensitive there."

Alex can't help it. He loves the way it feels in his mouth ... the taste is so wonderful. The more he does it, the more he wants to. It pleases Alex to no end to see how much Jeremy is enjoying it too. Alex soon is giving a blowjob that any girl would be proud of.

After several intense minutes, Jeremy has Alex lay on his back again, then pulls off his panties. He picks up a tube of sex wax and lubes his huge erection well. Alex gasps and his eyes get big as he feels Jeremy begins to lubricate his opening.

Jeremy kisses him softly and coos, "Relax sweetheart, every girl looses her virginity one way or the other. I promise to be gentle."

Alex gasps softly as he feels the head of Jeremy's penis begin to penetrate his bottom.
His sphincter spasms ... it hurts ... Alex can't stop Jeremy at this point. He feels his opening as it stretches to accept Jeremy's massive cock. He feels the hot burning as it penetrates deeper and deeper on each thrust. He gasps and squeaks ... each one sounds so .. female to his own ears ... he is ... super aroused and embarrassed at the same time. He realizes he’s falling in love with Jeremy.

Alex moans in pleasure and in pain. Looking down between his legs he can see Jeremy’s erection disappear inside him, but not all the way as with each thrust it hurts more and more. Alex feels something strange tingling thru out his whole body as it feels really weird but hot at the same time. Alex kisses Jeremy passionately.

Jeremy is on top of Alex. Alex wraps his thighs around Jeremy and pulls ....he can't help himself ... he heeds to feel the penetration. There is a burning deep inside that needs to feel it. Alex is unaware that his hips begin to widen ... his waste to narrow. His nose and face become extremely feminine and cute. He even begins to sprout really cute little booby bumps with each of Jeremy's thrusts. Jeremy sees all this happening and smiles ... he can feel the fulfillment as Alex’s maleness energy drains into him.

It excites Jeremy so much to know another Gay Guy is going to know what it feels like to be a girl. He feels it build within him ... it’s so strong.

He coos softly before kissing Alex, "Sweet heart .. I’m .. I ... I'm cumming."

Alex's eyes get huge as he feels Jeremy thrust deeply into him. He can feel his body as his virgin hole stretches to accommodate Jeremy. He feels Jeremy's cock as it throbs deep within his body as Alex squeaks softly ... the hot, wetness spreads ... how slippery he becomes deep inside him ... it’s hot ... and wet .. and ... *GASPS!!* he can feel himself dripping!

Alex lays there with his now curvaceous thighs wrapped around Jeremy ... truly enjoying every spasm ... more than he ever could imagine.

When Jeremy finishes enjoying his body, Alex lays there ... panting and sweating.

Looking up at Jeremy, Alex says in a very cute female voice, “Wow! That was amazing.."

Alex doesn’t know what has happened to his body. All he knows is the dazed and happy after glow of wonderful sex with the man she loves with all her heart. Now that Alex is under the spell of Jeremy’s cock until he changes completely into a girl, he will be obsesses with it and act more feminine.

Jeremy kisses Alex's small booby bumps. Wonderful sensations course all through Alex as Jeremy suckles their nipples. He can feel a new and wonderful type of arousal between his legs ... a longing he had never known before ... a wonderful longing,

"I have ... other outfits for you to wear pretty girl." He kisses Alex and explores his mouth with his tongue. Alex is spell bound, "I even have a cute little halter top so you can show off your cute little breasts."

He suckles them softly causing Alex to gasp in ecstatic pleasure.

"Halter top? Breasts? Jeremy, I did your bet and its over. It was a fun one time thing you know.." Alex says in his cute voice.

Alex stands up pushing Jeremy away. Alex noticed it seemed he had to use more force to push Jeremy away. He puts his hand to his throat and wonders what’s wrong with his voice.

"So now can we just hang and not have sex?"

Jeremy smiles, he knows that in most cases the spell takes a little time to reach mental status. He laughs to himself at the reaction he thinks Alex will have when he realizes ... he’s ... a she.

As Alex walks out of the room wearing only the babydoll, Jeremy laughs loudly. Alex feels chills rise all over him while he does. Jeremy gets out of bed and pulls on a pair of track shorts. He follows Alex from the room. He takes him by the shoulders and turns him so he can see himself in the mirror.

Jeremy says softly as he kisses Alex and caresses his cute round female butt, "Well, you see sweet heart, it's like this. My mission is to make sure all of the gay guys I can get to have sex with me, are turned into girls. It's for real and there's no way out. You can try as hard as you want to reject me ... but the cravings will be super strong ... you won't be able to resist."

Alex looks in the mirror. He knew he looked effeminate before ... now, there was no mistaking. Alex couldn’t believe Jeremy was right, he was looking more like a girl with soft facial features and how his face looked different.

He looked down at his hips and was shocked at how they had widened and his stomach had become flat. He looked at his butt. No change he could tell ... although at this angle ... he couldn’t be sure. He turns around and wiggles at different angles in the mirror. IT had ... changed ... it was a lot rounder and cuter. The soft folds of the butt cheeks very visible.

Alex felt a chill run down his spine as he looked down at his penis. *GASPS!* He gets huge eyed as he sees it seems to have ... shrunk some how ... pulled back into his crotch. He reaches down and pulls on his very shrunken penis. IT was only half an inch long now and smaller than his delicate little finger.

Alex did his best to pull his gonads from the cute little slit that had formed. As he dug deeper into his body, he began to feel more and more intense waves of wonderful sensations run all through him. Chill bumps began to rise from the intenseness of it.

Alex couldn’t fight the feeling of wanting Jeremy to make love to him. Jeremy saunters back up to Alex and holds him in his arms. He pulls Alex close to where he could feel his large and stiff manhood beneath the thin track shorts. Alex feels very pleasant tingles rush all through him as Jeremy rubs it into his bottom.

Jeremy begins to kiss Alex's neck and caress his newly forming boobies. Alex experiences emotions he had never known before. Each caress of his boobies sent wonderful waves of pleasure all the way through him and aroused him. His little penus stood up as erect as it could, although it was very much smaller now than ever before.

Jeremy turns Alex around and engulfs him in his strong arms and gives him a wonderful French kiss. Alex is totally helpless as he realizes he was kissing Jeremy back with passion. Jeremy want to do it with Alex at least one more time .... to complete the process.

As Alex passionately kisses Jeremy, he slowly pushes him away.

Alex says in his cute female voice, "What’s the rush then Jeremy? You have your parents house for 6 months. You have your best friend literally your sex slave girlfriend. Why not give me the experience of starting living as girl? Maybe have me as your girlfriend? Like you said, I’m going to be changing either way."

Jeremy smiles broadly as he replies, "That's exactly what's happening sweet heart. I told you I have lots of other outfits for a girl like you to wear. Just don't wait too long to fulfill the urge to make love. It will get to the point where you can't help yourself and we might not be able to at that moment. It could prove rather upsetting for you until we can."

He kisses Alex one more time before taking him by his hand and walking him to the walk in closet. Jeremy opens the door. Within, was a complete wardrobe any teen age girl would envy.

Jeremy smiles as he says softly, "It's all your sweetie."

"Wow...." Alex looks in shock." This wardrobe is amazing..."

Alex walks in and looks all around. Alex grabs black tank top with black low rise panties and some daisy duke shorts.

"I will be right back.." Alex giggles as he runs off into Jeremy’s bathroom.

30 minutes rolls by, Alex steps out of the bathroom. Alex dyed his hair completely blond and was wearing the flattering outfit.

"How do I look?" Asked the extremely cute Alex..

Jeremy looks Alex over. His body was transforming nicely and he looked really sexy. Jeremy could see Alex's perky nipples poking through the tank top. They stood hard and erect. Alex's cute butt cheeks stood out wonderfully in the Shorts. Alex's facial features and complexion were transforming him into a really beautiful young woman.

Jeremy hugs Alex again and coos softly before kissing him once again, "You will make a very beautiful woman. I hope you don't mind ... but I would really love it if you would let me ... make you pregnant. I mean ... you're a special one ... not like the others."

"Pregnant?” Alex gasps in surprise as a wonderful tingle run through him, “Jeremy, I’m not even completely a girl yet and ... I’m only 18 ... I wanted to go to college and have a life before having children."

Alex cant believe this that his best friend is asking to knock him up but then again he cant believe he is turning into a girl. The really amazing thing was ... Alex knew if Jeremy really wanted to ... Alex would have as many babies as he wished. Alex closes his eyes and shivers with the realization as he holds himself between the legs. Alex knew ... he no longer had any external male organs ... the shorts and panties fit with a perfect female V.

Alex tries to lie, "Jeremy, you’re a cute and amazing guy ... but a baby is a big step and ... I ... just I ... dunno Jeremy."

Alex looks at the ground. He knew deep inside he was now longing to be pregnant for Jeremy. When Alex looked up ... he knew Jeremy knew too.

Jeremy grins as he replies sardonically, "I don't think you understand how intense the urge is going to be. When the time comes and your penis and testicals have transformed completely, You will want me to cum inside you ... you will need me to ... and I think I'm going to do it anyway."

Jeremy walks out of the closet and into the bathroom. Alex can hear the shower running. He stands with his mouth open as he feels how intense the need is now. Alex shivers ... if it gets more intense like Jeremy was saying, Alex knew it was hopeless. He really hopes Jeremy was only kidding, he wasn't ready to be a mommy.

"You are not going to get me pregnant Jeremy ... you won’t. *whimpers* you just ... won’t."

Alex yanks open the shower door and sees Jeremy naked. Alex has an instant arousal. He is totally helpless as she too takes off her clothes. As Alex’s panties fall to the floor, she sees her vagina ... all her male components were totally gone, leaving a very cute hairless slit in place. She steps into the shower.

Alex squeaks passionately, "Do me now Jeremy. Do me in the shower you dirty filthy man."

Alex walks up to Jeremy and places her naked body against him and passionately kisses him. Alex feels Jeremy’s erection pushing against her body in her new vagina. The need deep inside her was incredible. Before Alex can think, he's on his knees in the shower with Jeremy's huge thing in his mouth. He is sucking and licking the best he knows how.

It is so large, he is having trouble getting it in his mouth. As Alex flicks her tongue around the head, Jeremy has his eyes closed and is leaning against the back of the shower moaning softly. Jeremy is absolutely sure Alex is going to be the perfect girl, and will make a really good mother.

Jeremy finally Has Alex stand up, Jeremy's huge thing slips from Alex's mouth causing intense sensations. Jeremy shivers with pleasure as he bends Alex over and spreads his butt cheeks with his hand. Alex closes his eyes and tries to relax as he feels the head of Jeremy’s penus touch her new quivering vaginal opening.

He feels a push as Jeremy hold onto his hips. Alex can feel her vagina as it streches to accept Jeremy’s huge thing. Chills run all through Alex as he feels the massive insertion into his tight place. There is a really sharp pinch that causes Alex to squeak and gasp . It brought tears to her eyes it was so sharp. It made her feel ... so strange and .. wonderful at the same time. There was a tingle of fear too, intermixed with other really nice sensations that made it ... hurt so wonderfully.

Jeremy is not so gentle this time as he begins to rock back and forth , faster and faster. Alex gasps and moans ... then begins to screech as Jeremy pounds him faster and faster.
Alex looks back at Jeremy and bites his lower lip knowing full well after this sex act that he will be more like a girl than ever .... probably .. pregnant. This makes her ... feel so nice .... and scared ... and ummmm ... oh so dreamy.

Alex likes that Jeremy is going faster and harder than last time. He loves how the water feels against his butt and on him. Alex also thinks that the wet sloshing of Jeremy’s balls against his butt is amazing. That the intense feeling he has for Jeremy might not ever end.

Alex feels each intense thrust as it burrows into his tummy and causes his virginal tightness to stretch more and more to accept Jeremy. He squeaks and shivers uncontrollably each time. He has never experienced this kind of sexual intensity. The nipples on Alex’s budding boobies were hard and erect. They tingled incredibly. He couldn’t think ... didn’t have a care in the world. The only thought ... the intensifying .... building of passion within her.

Jeremy feels it building inside him. He wants to give Alex a big one. He pounds him until Alex is in tears of passion, trembling in his hands.

Jeremy gasps out, "I ... I'm cumming .. I'm cumming!"

Alex shivers as he feels the hot juice fill his opening with each throb of the massive thing inside him. He can feel strange waves of intenseness run through him at the same time. His mind feels so clouded with strange emotions and desires he had never known before. He squeaks as a fear runs thought him as well. Alex can feel his nipples ... they are so hard with desire they almost hurt with each spasming squirt. Jeremy gasps several times before pulling his manhood from Alex's vagina. Alex gasps with the separation. He feels so ... strange at this point. He suddenly realizes ... his penis ... his scrotum ... where are they ... GASP!!

Alex stands up in the shower shocked as she looks down at a bald pussy where a penis should have been. She can feel the hot wetness of Jeremy’s cum inside her ... and the small dripping trickle that began oozing from her abused opening ... white, intermingled with streaks of bright red.

She hears the water hitting her back and falling to the mat. She can’t believe that Jeremy actually did it. Shocked even more she sees her breasts have grown as she turns and cups them. Jeremy lets out a huge laugh.

Jeremy says with a smirk, "Well now sweet heart, I think you have worked out well."

He walks up behind her and snuggles close. Alex can feel Jeremy's still hard thing between the cheeks of his really cute round bottom. Alex shivers and gets goosy bumps all over as Jeremy gently takes her breast in his hands and caresses softly. As he kisses her on her neck, Jeremy nips Alex gently on the neck, causing many strange and wonderful emotions to quickly rise within her. She feels her new vagina tingle and wiggle as a new desire she had never experienced before begins to build strongly within her once again.

Jeremy leads Alex from the shower and dries her briskly in a wonderfully soft towel. He kisses her and caresses her new femaleness at every opportunity, causing Alex to loose her mind.

Jeremy leads the helpless Alex back to the bed and helps her into it on her back. Alex bends her knees and spreads her legs, and allows Jeremy to enter between them. Alex kisses him ... Oh! She is so in love with him ... her whole body is on fire with the need of his attentions.

The only thought on Alex’s mind as she again feels her vagina begin being stretched by Jeremy’s huge penis ... was the fervent hope she would make a good mommy ...
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Great story! I loved Alex's transformation and eventual submission. Its also great that you brought pregnancy into it. I hope you continue it with Alex as a mom.
You have a wonderfull imagination, and a good grasp of descriptive writing. :)
Pampered Baby Sissy
This is a wonderfully sweet story of transformation. I'm not even sure if it was .. foced or not. It's quite obvious Alex had fantasies , and he also wanted to make love to Jeremy. At one point, Alex even askes how Jeremy knew his fantasy. It's a beautiful transformation into a beautiful teenaged girl, and the love scene is so vivid and has a lot of extremely discriptive feelings. The story felt like I was Alex and was the one being transformed!! I could even feel the tingle of fear that ran through Alex when Jeremy climaxed inside her the first time! OMG!! you are such a wonderful author ... please ... this story demands another chapter! Keep up the wonderful work.
I was a little confused but I pretty much liked it
Sweet Heart
Another wonderful story sweetie. I would also like to see another part. it could be short, but one of Alex pregnant and having her baby.
It was a cute story, and very erotic as well.
Love unchains us all

Baby Doll Sissy
This is an excellent story Miki. I too would like to see more. Alex is such a lucky ..... girl

and to know the joy of mother hood too! a TG's dream come true
Mina Silverwind
A lovely story indeed, you have become one of my favorite artists & writers, and your style brings a smile to my face at all times.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
more pwease?
very wonderful!! Loved that pregnancy was added :P
Sissy Jot
This is a wonderful story. I am so glad that the new girl learned right away how it feels ... to be all female. Lots of us sissys would love to meet this Jeremy if we could. The end results is wonderful.

Keep up the good work Miki ... I love all your stories
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