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Hello my name is James and this is my story of how i got to be dependent on diapers forever...
It was a normal day I was walking home from yet another boring day of high school. As I walked I saw a teenage girl walking down the side of the road. Man she's cute i thought to myself so i stopped her and said,'Hey whats your name?"she said,"I'm Autumn whats your name","My name is James","Your cute why don't you call me sometime"
she said. As she handed me a note with her number on it. I noticed a slight bulge in her pants but I thought nothing of it. The next day at school i had the weirdest feeling I felt like i needed to call this girl as soon as i could. I had never felt anything like it before. So right after school I called her and we set up a date at the local coffee shop for later that night. We meet at the coffee shop and talked for hours about different things and I had a great time maybe the best date of my life. Eventually I looked down a my watch and it read 11:00 since it was late we said our goodbyes. The next day all I could think about was her and for days after that. It just felt magical.So we talked all the time and set up dates. After many dates she eventually told me to come over to her house. I of course did. At her house she explained to me that she wore diapers which explained the bulge I saw in her pants. It was for medical reasons she explained. I didn't think much of it.

Two months later we were still going strong I love her! All I could think about was her. So I mad a big decision, I dropped out of high school and moved in with her. She was born rich so it was okay with her that I lived there. I lived with her for about 2 more months before i was ready to marry her. The feeling of being with her forever was just a fantasy of mine that had to come true. I wanted to spend my life with her forever and ever(Little did I know she had different plans for me). So when I asked the big question she said,"of course my love anything for you."I was overjoyed! We got married shortly after. We spent the next 2 years loving each other until it was at the point I never left her side. I was an infant and she was my mommy. All was great until she told me,"i want you to try a diaper on just for fun." I of course said yes I would have bite my arm off for her at this point.

She was excited as she ran up to our room and came down with nice dry diaper as soon as I saw it coming I ran across the room to get it. It wasn't me it was like my body took over and I had to run to her . She quickly changed me into it and it felt like 1000 angels were rubbing my bottom. It felt great I looked over at here and her and she had a sly expression like she had me in her trap or something(which she did), but i wasn't focused on that i was focused on the warm diaper giving me a warm hug. The feeling only lasted for so long before it wore off and I was wearing just a plain old diaper. So i took it off and went on my way.

After that experience I had that feeling in the back of my mind growing and growing wanting to go free. I tried holding it back and did successfully for about a week before I came to my wife asking to be diapered again. She said,"yes,so you like diapers." I nodded and said said,"good"
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