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Sissy babifying a guy from the perspective of his girlfriend
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this was meant to be a short story hope everyone who reads will enjoy it.

Augh!!! I can't believe my boyfriend looks at sites like these is all I could think as I was browsing the sites that were in the keylogger I had installed on his computer, I thought he was cyber-cheating on me with another girl but after finding out everything that he's into I might've preferred that. I found it odd every time I went to use the computer that the history and cookies were deleted *pfft* thinking he could stop me from finding out what sites he goes to it's kinda cute really, that is if it wasn't for the fact how perverted and gross places he goes. I am definately breaking up with him... although maybe I should have a little fun with him first before I toss him away like the garbage he quite clearly is. First things first I'll order up everything he wanted before kicking his ass out; This site here looks like it would have everything I need *click* *click* *click* there that should be enough items I need. "Sweetie, I'm home." Dan yelled out to me the gut wrenching sickness I feel for him will have to wait a while I'll just pretend to still love him, "Hey Babe" I replied to him before clearing the history.

1 week later

*ding dong* Hmm I wonder who that could be I pondered as I got up from my chair to go to the door being greeted by a man in a UPS uniform. "Afternoon miss I have a package for Jenny Thompson" I replied to him "Yes that's me" as he handed the
package to me and left wishing me a good day. I brought the package inside to the living room and got a pair of scissors to open the box perfect I thought everything I needed was finally here, now just to wait til Dan gets back home. Finally I heard the door open and in walked Dan that was the longest 4 hours of my life I wanted to use this loser up and be rid of him for good. I greeted him at the door and told him I had a surprise for him taking his hand and bringing him into the living room, the look on his face was priceless he just blushed and tried to stammer something out but before he could I interrupted him and told him I saw the sites he went to. I hauled out the first item which I strategically placed on top and spread it out on the ground it was a my little pony changing pad I ordered him down to the ground he unquestingly obeyed. I undid his pants telling him to lift which he did as I gently pulled them down and hauled them off his legs the same went for his underwear of course the sick pervert got an erection because of all of this I thought of something devilish to do to him and got a scarf of mine and wrapped his eyes. I then got one of the baby bottles which were in the box opened it before starting to jack him off and saying "awwww wooks wike someone is excited, well we better fix that if someone needs to get his pwesent on him". *Splurt* wow he filled up almost half the bottle and came almost instantly heh
which is about twice as fast as he usually does when he's with me I thought chuckling to myself as I put the nipple back on and placed the bottle to the side.

I got one of the diapers out of the box and placed it under him after that I got the next thing out which was a vibrator it was a wireless one so I could have some fun with him, I lubed it up and shoved it in he shuttered and yelped when I did this but all I had to so was to tell him to be a good wittle baby girl and he quieted down. I taped the diaper up and grabbed a few more out of the box as I wanted him to have a massive diaper I just taped on a half-dozen more before taking the next thing out which was a pair of pink locking ruffled plastic panties with baby girlie printed on them and proceeded
to lock them on with the supplied lock. I told him to get up and got out the next item which was a onesie and got him to step into as I lifted it up and fed his arms though the sleeves this too added some bulk to his already thick rear end as I had opted to get the kind that were called spreader pants this too was lockable which I also proceeded to lock as soon as he was completely in. It was funny seeing him in this outfit as it was forcing his legs apart so far and was no way in hell that you wouldn't know what he was wearing I rummaged through the box for the last thing a two tone pink frilly dress that
matched his changing mat with the my little ponies playing on the front. I got him to lift his arms and placed the dress over him knowing that the dress would in no way cover his diapers I let out a chuckle he just blushed not knowing exactly what was happening to him.

I untied the makeshift blindfold I had on him so he could inspect his new attire he just started trembling more I tried to calm him down by telling him it was alright and that I understood all of this and continued to say I wanted him to do something for me to prove that this is what he wanted and knelt down to get the cum filled bottle. As I stood back up I told him to drink his cummy bottle he was a little apprehensive at first but that was quickly rememedied by pressing a button on the remote I had in my pocket. His eyes and knees went weak as he took the bottle from me and started to drink it, I chuckled to myself glad that I decided to the wireless vibrator and decided to leave it on til he finished his baba. After a few minutes of the little cum guzzler nursing back his own cum I handed him a trenchcoat and got him to put it on
and said we were going for a little trip. Obviously in his perverted horn-dog state he readiy agreed as I took him by the hand and together we went out the door and to the car I blindfolded him as we entered. I drove for about an hour to the busiest place in the city and went to an alley when I got him to take off the trenchcoat which in his lustful state wasn't too difficult. I got out of the car went to his side and helped him out and closed the door behind him and told him to leave the blindfold on for a minute before sneaking back to my side getting back in the car yelling to him that I was
breaking up with him and drove off bursting out in laughter. I could see him take his blindfold off chasing and yelling at me before I left him.
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Wow, this was a nice little revenge story. Maybe I better be more careful with deleting my browser history and cookies, too.....

I would humbly request that you rewrite this (by your own admission) very short story - not because it is bad, but because there is so much more detail you could go into. Perhaps turn this "be careful what you wish for" (or "be careful what you browse") story into a trilogy? Just a thought....
   What a great start please more ???   
thank you both for the kind comments. I fully intended it to be a quick story so I'm not sure if I'll be updating it just playing around with a few ideas for my other story that I'm in the middle of writing, but I might eventually.
This story is *GREAT* but needs to be taken to next more detailed level.


I am a bit puzzled why the need for the onesie although it apparently has an attached spreader bar of sorts.
The locking onesie in my opinion is overkill as the diaper cover has a locking waist and the short dress is also locked on.
A locking collar with a bell and a short leash fasten at the waist would make a nice touch.
A pacifier clipped to the collar of dress lapel and a petticoat also would have been nice.
Missing is an bra oversized with or without inserts.
No mention of footwear - i.e. locking Mary Jane shoes with lacy frilly anklets sox.
A bonnet would have been neat.
And when you let him loose downtown - I was thinking it would be nice to have had locking mittens on the hands.
And finishing this off with a small purse with just enough money to get transportation back to home not that you wanted him back.

Hey sissywanabe, thanks for the compliment on the story and the critiques. I didn't mean spreader bar with the onesie but rather spreader pants they are used to make the diaper area thicker. I was mainly just playing around with this story while I was listening to some sissybaby audios from this site to try and get some ideas down so I could figure out which path I wanted to go with my other story, of course having some input from people would be a great addition to this as well and I appreciate the thoughts.
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