A LIVING DOLL. (PG) (Story Now Complete)
Ash Gordon, space explorer crash lands on a planet full of gaint Wonen & Little Girls. But This is where all of his problems begin.
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The planet Valeria:

They, were giants compared to most other beings in the known universe, they were also the most oldest known race to exist, for the Valerians had existed when the universe was young and it was not as big as it was now.

They have seen many races come and go, die and new ones born that rise to take the place of those that have died.
The natural order of life you might say, the Valerians lived in a futuristic way, but there were some things that were old fashioned and nearly mirrored the way of Earth.

Such as nappies, these were very much like towelling nappies, very thick and soft and had a lot of wear to them. Plastic lined frilly pants, but these had ruffled frills that went from the front all the way round to the back and they were the delight of all the females of Valeria.

The planet of Valeria was an all female race, though it never used top be, there had once been men, but a strange and mysterious plague reached their home world carried on the back of a strange meteorite that landed on their home world and only effected the male population.

The females had before this point dominated and ruled over Valeria, but the men did not seem to mind.

In fact they loved living under a hierarchy of Females. And they were treated very well and for that they respected their female rulers.

Both the men and women were so very happy with the way things were, only a few males had nearly survived, but they faced death, it was a great female healer that by chance came upon something that existed in a certain animal, but with studying the natural chemical for many years, she had perfected something very much like it.

Not only that, but it worked, the only real draw back, was that the chemical administrated to the males had turned them into females.

But at least they lived and were part of the female society. It took a while for them to grow accustomed to their new gender as well of set of new clothes to wear. All of the little girls of Valeria loved having baby girl dolls to dress up and to care for.

Giving them a chance of course to play Mummy, there was was in the employ the best doll makers in all the land of Valour, which was the main city of planet Valeria, some could make dolls that wet and cry, realistic looking too, some could crawl or poop their nappies.

But very few could do all of those things and speak and interact like a real baby.
Only one doll maker in all of planet Valeria could make such a doll, Madame Demure, Grand Doll Maker.

Proud owner and overseer of the Living Doll Enterprises LTD. She had perfected the most realistic looking dolls in the known universe, her dolls sold to many planets across vast galaxies, though not many of planets species ever did visit Valeria.

Their giant size seem to intimidate others, but the Living Doll was so popular, buying direct by Express Transmat Beam Delivery to any other planet, there was no need for anyone to actually go to collect them.

The Valerians were surprisingly not offended by this, they felt a little sorry for those who felt intimidated by them, but it was something they came to accept and understand.

The Valerians almost lived in a land of wealth, though some struggled like any other human to pay bills and so on, just as a certain couple were struggling, Mrs and Mrs Buttercup, Susana and Katie had a darling little 6 year old girl called Jessica.

Katie once known as Kevin had been one of the males that had been given the Wonder Chemical as it had been called that had saved the lives of the last remaining males.

Jessica took no time at all to adjust having another Mummy, the Wonder Chemical did not work over night, such a radical change in gender would have had grave consequences, if such effects were naturally too fast or accelerated in anyway.

The Wonder Chemical took a twelve month course to fully complete itself allowing the body to slowly adapt to change in gender, breasts would form within the course of 6 months with some changes to bodily hair.

The other 6 months a Vagina would perfectly form along with the rest of the other bodily changes. With no adverse side effects, a fully grown male would be a woman, for young boy, he would become a complete girl and would only develop breasts at puberty.

The Chemicals somehow knew exactly what to change, when to change and knew the difference between a young and old male.
One now can see why it was simply named as the Wonder Chemical.

Jessica had fun with Daddy dressing up in female clothing, for a short time he had dressed in adult sized copies of her dresses, just so he could be for a while, a play mate for her and Kevin/Katie did not mind and Jessica thought he was the best Daddy in whole wide world.

Katie loved her daughter very much and would do anything to make her little girl happy as would Jessica's Birth Mummy, Susana. Both were lovely girlie names, even though Susana was an adult, she had a girlie like nature to her, this she imprinted and encouraged in Katie.

So Jessica had the perfect parents, she also had a grandma, Grandma Daisy, another girlie name and she nearly practically acted girlie too and she was at least a hundred and two years old.

Jessica could not be any happier, a new doll had been brought out in the Living Doll series, as great as they were, sadly they had a limited life span, so to speak.

They were just so vastly advance, that they just simply did not last that long. The dolls would simply just shut down, you have to bear in mind that they acted in every way like a real baby 24/7 year in, year out.

The complexities of the nano-microprocessors to handle all of that right down to wetting and pooping, not to mention the inner molecules that needed to produce water and so on, all controlled by the most complexed

nano-biological systems.

Constantly mimicking to the tiniest detail real baby movements was something the nano-biological systems and thousands upon thousands of nano-microprocessors, could not sustain indefinitely, so sadly every Living Doll ever made, had a 3 year life cycle and then in a sense, they... would... die.

It broke every little girls heart until they got a new and improved Living Doll, not in its life cycle, but it would have extra processors to enable the new doll to do more complexed things like doing ballet or all manor of other things the previous makes of Living Dolls could not do.

And Living Doll Enterprises LTD were coming up with more and interesting new features for each new Doll Series, the 5000 series were already being phased out to make way for the 6000 series of Living Dolls.

They were being sold quicker than they could throw out the old 5000 series of Living Dolls, there were selling like hot cakes and the only girl who did not have one, was Jessica.

Mummy Susana...” Called Jessica to her Birth Mummy, naturally by having two Mummies, it would get confusing saying Mummy and both Mummies respond in turn, which would be a natural thing to do of course.

So it was established in this case that Jessica would call each Mummy by her first name to make things easy and less confusing.

Susana had long red shimmering red hair, and cat green eyes, her features were nearly almost cat like, where as Katie had sandy coloured long hair, near to being like blonde and she had blue eyes.

Jessica had Susana's hair, but Katie's eyes. Susana had been busy in the kitchen, but she had heard Jessica call out to her.
She stopped what she was doing and she came out of the kitchen to see what her sweet little girl wanted.

Jessica stood waiting for Mummy Susana to come to her, she did, Susana lifted her little girl from where she stood and then swung her around in the air. Jessica just loved that.

Wee... wee... wee....” She cried in fits of girlish delight. Susana soon stopped spinning Jessica around in circles and gently put her back down on the floor. “What do you want my sweet poppet?”
Mummy Susana, can I please have the new Living Doll that has come out, please, please please?”

No, I'm afraid not this time honey?” Jessica looked as though she was going to almost cry. “Why not Mommy Susana? Mary has one, Tricia, Molly and Polly have one. In fact all of my friends have one...”

No they don't sweetie, you are just exaggerating everything, only a few of your friends have one, the rest of your friends don't, so you are not the only one who is missing out this year.”

But why must I miss out Mummy Susana?” Now Jessica really was crying. Oh how much did Susana not want to see her little girl cry, but she could not give into her little girl. “Mary's parents are making more money than us. Mummy Katie and I simply don't have the money to buy you another doll."

"But its not just another doll," her daughter insisted. "This one eats and cries, and moves its arms and legs, she can even wet and poop her nappy Mummy, She can do all the things a real baby can do."

But Jessica you have different dolls that can do all of those different things...”
I know Mummy Susana, but this doll is better than all of my other baby dolls put together. Please, please Mummy Susana, if you get her for me I promise to take care of her and be the best Mummy that I can be."

Susana's heart nearly almost broke.

"I’m sorry sweetheart, but we don't have 150 credits to spend on a doll right now. Things are already tight and with our transportation unit breaking down..."

Susana stopped and looked at the sadness in her daughter's face. It wasn’t easy being 6 years old and learning there were things you could have and things you couldn't.

She wanted to give her daughter the world but unfortunately, they couldn’t afford to; not even a small piece of it like this doll.

"I understand, Mommy Susana." Jessica responded, lowering her head in disappointment.

"Maybe for your birthday," her mother said with some encouragement.

"But that's 6 months away," Jessica pouted. "I want her now. I already have clothes that she can wear." Susana got down on her knees and held Jessica in her arms.

"I know baby, I know. Maybe if we get ahead on some of these bills we can buy her." She patted her on the back for support. "It's time for bed, young lady. Did you brush your teeth and say your prayers?"

"Not my prayers, Mommy Susana." This was not really a religious thing per-say, although the Valerians do worship a female deity called Gaia.

In this case saying prayers was more of a family tradition and part of an oldfashioned ritual. Susana slightly shook her head, but she was not cross with her precious little girl.

It won't do now for you to be forgetting to say your prayers would it Jessica?”

I'm sorry Mummy, I did not mean to forget” Cried Jessica. Susana picked her up and held her tightly. “It's OK sweetie, I am not cross with you, neither is Gaia. Come, I will take you to your bed and you can say your prayers there.”

Susana carried little Jessica into her bedroom, it was the most beautiful little girls bedroom any little girl could ever ask for, it had pink and gold boarder wall paper, pink and gold rimmed edged matching furniture, and matching bed with covers and pillows to also match.

Susana placed Jessica just before the bed, I shall come and took you in once you have said your prayers sweetie.”

Thank you Mommy Susana.” Susana briefly left Jessica's bedroom, she knelt down beside her, placed her elbows on her bed cover, her hands placed up against each other and pointing straight up.

Then Jessica closed her eyes shut and began to prey.

"Gaia bless Mommy Susana, Mommy Katie and Grandma Daisy. Amen... Oh, and if you could give me a Living Doll 6000 Series Gaia, I would never ask you for anything ever again. Amen!"

Her mother smiled softly as she was only stood behind the door ajar, she entered into Jessica's bedroom, picked her up and tucked her daughter into bed. She was such a wonderful child...why did things have to be so hard for them.

"Good night, Jessica." Her mother reached down and kissed her on the forehead.

"Goodnight, Mummy Susana," Jessica smiled back. Her mother turned off the lights and left, leaving the door partially open.

Jessica turned to the moon outside and sighed. "Please Gaia if you can hear me I really want that doll. I promise I'll take good care of her." Jessica closed her eyes and quickly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Jessica was disappointed to not find a new doll in her bedroom. After having breakfast and waving her parent’s goodbye, Jessica went outside to play while her grandmother put the dishes away.

Next to her house was a creek, and the little girl was overturning rocks searching for frogs when she heard a loud Woosh!. Jessica looked up and saw a small star falling from the sky. It made a sharp turn and landed in the woods not far away. Was this a sign? Was this an unexpected answer to her prayers? Who knows, as Jessica ran off towards where that star had fallen...




Ash Gordon, was a man of near medium height of 5ft 4in tall, he had short blonde hair and blue eyes, but he was a very skinny man and not the vision of his idol and hero the very Famous Flash Gordon, he nearly resembled his images, if his face did not look near girlie, then he would be a bit more close to looking like his idol, minus the muscular body.

He had been named by his adoptive parents Ash, they had hoped for a girl to call Ashley, but they accepted their son. Their surname however was bluebell, Ash hated it, when he was old enough, he changed it to Gordon.

He wanted to change his first name to Flash, but the Bureau Of Identities would not allow him to have a fictional name, Gordon was a real surname, so they let him change his surname of Bluebell to Gordon.

Ash accepted that, but his parents were outraged at what he had done and he never saw his parents ever again, this made Ash even more arrogant than ever before, it was a small wonder that he actually made being a captain and space explorer in the Space Core.

The Space Core needed damn good pilots, any pilots and Ash could fly any one man space craft, he loved space crafts and got to know about each one and how to fly them.
Very few men could fly as many different space craft as he could.

Most one man space crafts were nearly the same in principle on how to make them fly, no matter how different the controls were, but there were some one man space craft that had controls and cockpit configurations no other pilot could ever figure out.

But Ash could nail it in one as they say and know how to exactly not only how to fly these space crafts, but what all the controls were, which infuriated most of the other pilots in the Space Core.

This made Ash Gordon both popular and unpopular at the same time, popular only to the Space Core itself.

But not popular to anyone else. Ash was assigned to a lone outpost dead middle of nowhere to over see a small space colony, this was to ensure to keep Ash Gordon out of the way from those who hated him at Space Core Central.

Space Core 6 was a small space port, it was smaller then most space stations and it had a total crew compliment of 20 people.
The smaller the better, Deep Core Central thought and even those at the outpost really could not much stand Ash Gordon either.

But because of his fine record of being the best pilot Space Core ever had, was the only thing that lend Ash any actual respect, so everyone somewhat grudgingly put up with, but secretly all wished they could get rid of him somehow.

Then a chance opportunity landed in Ash Gordon's lap. He was sat at his office going through paperwork, he did not like being a space captain of a space port, he would rather captain his own ship.

Or at least have a space craft of his own, a whole ship to command had it's perks, but Ash Gordon preferred the one man type space craft any time.

He was grateful of the fact to have an android to clean up around his office, she looked a little like C-3PO, only she had metallic like breasts, but she was wearing clothes, a pink shiny French maid like outfit, the fabric was called Metallica, as the fabric had this metallic look to it, it was finer and more seductive than any satin or silk, that it fast became the replacement fabric over satin and silk.

Silk or Satin lace was used, but as trimmings, of course, only the females wore Metallica, where as the males got away with wearing woollen or cotton like fabrics, some wore some leather, but it was seen and treated as a more erotic type of clothing, only fit for women to wear.

One wonders how mankind had gotten so far in this future with these outdated concepts.
Sadly such concepts were the norm and have been for a Millennia, so much for equal rights then!

The android in Ash Gordon's office had a certain intelligence as Ash loved a challenge, but he did not want the android to be anywhere as intelligent as what he was, so that he could have a intellectual conversation with someone, but for them to be bound to serve him at the same time.

And Cindy 4 was the perfect android, they all had personalities, the Cindy range of androids was a steady growing popular model, four more had been already made and to the specifications of each Master.

Very few androids were taken on by a woman. Cindy 4 was cleaning out Ash Gordon's office when there was a chime at the office door.

Get that will you Cindy Four?”
But Master Gordon, I have my hands full.”

Drop what ever it is that you are doing and answer the door.” There was nothing really to stop or prevent in anyway Captain Ash Gordon from getting out of his swivel chair and releasing the auto-lock on his office door.

With there being android to do most the the work for anyone, there was little to no point having computers with say voice recognition to open doors or turn lights off, when an android could do those things instead.

Cindy 4 looked indignant at her Master.

But Master Gordon, if I drop everything, your office will be back in a mess again...”

Well... you will just have to clean it all back up again won't you! Now get the God Damn Door... NOW!”

Captain Ash Gordon commanded in an angry voice that was a loud audible shout, which made Cindy 4 drop all the piles of papers and everything, but mostly out of shock, not out of compliance. “Yes Master Gordon...” She remarked, nearly almost sounding tearful, although she did not have the capability to do so.

Cindy 4 released the auto-lock and there stood before her was...

Admiral Cartwright... what an unexpected pleasure, please come in... oh and please do mind the mess...” A Big built man wearing a sharp white uniform with gold trimmed cuffs and trouser leg-ends, with a badge of declaration pinned to his right chest was sttod before Captain Ash Gordon.

He had a mop of brown short hair, hazel eyes, the declaration on Cartwright's chest, was the declaration of Admiralty, his boots were a shiny black, so shiny you could deflect a laser beam off them.

He paid no attention to the poor android maid, he went over and sat down in Ash Gordon's chair. Ash looked a little shock, but he stood at the other end of his desk, not accustomed to be stood at the opposite end.

Um, er... what brings you here Admiral Cartwright?”
I have some very good news for you Captain Ash Gordon. I have a mission for you, a very important mission...”
Avery important Mission! I am honoured Admiral...”

I shall ignore your slight insubordination of interrupting me when I have not as yet finished talking.”

OH, I am terribly sorry Admiral, I...”
Shut up and just listen to me Captain Ash Gordon.”
Yes sir!” Ash gave Admiral Cartwright a respectful salute.

Thank you, as I was saying, I have for you a very important mission, I do trust that you do know of the planet Valeria Captain?”

May I speak Sir?” Ash Gordon almost sounded like a little school boy saying that, which brought a smile to Cindy 4, that is, she would smile, if she could, but the way she happily continued her work, suggested she liked it when her Master sounded inferior in her presence.

Admiral Cartwright gave a heavy sigh. “Yes you may.” But was thinking to himself. 'This guy is an utter complete moron.'

Yes I have heard about the planet, isn't the one said to be inhabited by Giant females?” He said this almost with a smirk. But Admiral Cartwright did not look as though he found this amusing. “As far as I can make out those reports are true. So do not mock...”

But Admiral, stories of giants are but myths?” Admiral Cartwright did not look too impressed with Captain Ash Gordon, however, he replied.

Interrupt me one more time Captain Ash Gordon, and I shall see to it, that your android maid here gets promoted to captain in your place and you get demoted to her position, do I make my self clear on that?”

Yes Sir, perfectly clear Sir.” If Cindy 4 could smile right now, she would positively be beaming right now. Admiral Cartwright had a little smile on his face at the thought of Captain Ash Gordon in that maids outfit.

Good, Now look here, I at first doubted such beings as Giants, but since we have met a few tall looking aliens, who am I to doubt there aren't any Giants! We have sent ever possible probe to verify that there are Giants living on planet Valeria, but they have been destroyed, possibly seen as some kind of threat, no matter how many times we have tried to make them friendly looking...”

Admiral Cartwright paused for a moment. “It was decided that sending probes was not the way to set up negotiations with the people that live on Valeria, also with the reports of their Living Doll Series, every little girl of the Intergalactic Foundation wants one. So You have been chosen to go to planet Valeria and open not only negotiations with them to join the Intergalactic Foundation, but more importantly which is you foremost priority right now, which is to negotiate sales of their Living Dolls to the Intergalactic Foundation...”

As much as this was beneath him, Captain Ash Gordon had put his hand up, looking ever more now like a little school boy and not the pretence of a macho man he tried to portray himself as.

Admiral Cartwright mildly shook his head. 'This guy is such an Ass-hole.' He thought to himself, now he was beginning to understand why everyone else hated him so, but only Captain Ash Gordon was the best pilot in the whole of the entirety of the Intergalactic Foundation.

Not only that, his loyalty to the Intergalactic Foundation was faultless, he had gone above and beyond his duty, it just was a crying shame that he was in fact, such a complete and utter, jerk. “Yes, what is it Captain Ash Gordon?”

May I speak Sir?”
Yes, you may?”

if the reports are to be true Sir, the planet is full of all females, why is it that you want to send me to the planet?”
You have an outstanding record Captain Ash Gordon, you are our most finest the Intergalactic Foundation has to offer, so you are all we have, but in a show of good faith, we shall be sending you with your android here, plus you will get a chance to try out one of our new two manned space craft.”

A two man space craft was nothing really new, but they were few in numbers, Captain Ash Gordon had a worried look on his face and not one of joy that he was given this assignment. “This is an opportunity of a life time, what is the heck wrong with you Captain Ash Gordon?”

Asked Admiral Cartwright scratching his head at Ash Gordon's reaction.

Oh, nothing Sir really. I will feel um a little uncomfortable I suppose going to a planet full of nothing but just females there...”

That is why you are taking with you your android... Be grateful that you are, the President and the High Council of Intergalactic Foundation all half nearly wanted to have you dressed up and go planet Valeria dressed as a woman... Only at a last moments of deep thought did everyone decide against the idea., so count your self darn lucky Captain Ash Gordon!”

Oh, I, I, I do Sir...”
I am glad to hear that, you are to be at hanger bay six immediately, do not worry about the mess, I have another Cindy android clean up your office...”
Yes Sir, right away Sir!” Captain Ash Gordon gave to Admiral Cartwright one final grand salute and he briskly walked of, dragging his maid android with him.”

Master Gordon, I must protest...” Cried out Cindy 4. “I am not suitably dressed for something as important as first contact negotiations...”
Captain Ash Gordon stopped for a moment to face Cindy 4.

“You heard what Admiral; Cartwright said, we are to go to hanger bay six right away and that means immediately.” Suddenly he eyed her up and down and said with a devilish smile.

Besides, I like your clothes just as they are...” Captain Ash Gordon was already aware that Cindy 4 was actually wearing a pair of Metallica pink frilly knickers on underneath that French Maid outfit that she had on, the dress was short that revealed the Metallica matching garter on her left thigh.

“And I'm sure your clothes will be presentable enough.”

Captain Ash Gordon added. “Just to make sure that these female Giant know that we humans, it is the males that rule mankind, if they do not like what they see, that is their problem not mine...”

Remarked Captain Ash Gordon with every male arrogance anyone could possibly ever imagine.

Master Gordon. I would strongly advise against that kind of attitude when setting up negotiations with the Valerians, after all Admiral Cartwright does want you to succeed in your mission.”

Captain Ash Gordon stopped abruptly, he swung Cindy 4 to face him, as he had grabbed her and held her mere inches off the floor by her elbows.
But she was too heavy for him and he put her immediately back down again.

But he did not let go of her. “Look, let me make this clear to you Cindy 4, I shall deal with these negotiations my way, if the Valerians do not like it and if Admiral Cartwright don't like it, he will have to fire me, which he can't as I am the Best of the Best and there is no one better than I.”

Such arrogance, such rudeness, even Cindy 4 was shocked to be witness to this. Captain Ash Gordon suddenly dragged her again towards hanger bay 6. She knew that the mission was doomed, but there was nothing she could do about it, or could she?

Cindy 4 wondered about this as she got into the two man space craft that was there waiting for them inside of the hanger bay.
Captain Ash Gordon did not like the colour as it was pink, it was sleek, grand and everything a space craft should be, but rather it being black or maybe hot red, it was a bright shade of pink that made Captain Ash Gordon cringe, as it threatened his very man-hood.

Even the seats and the cockpit interior right down to the control panels, they were all pink too.
And yes so were the helmets were pink with a pink visor, Only Cindy 4 in her own way found all of this to be very amusing, but Captain Ash Gordon heaved in a heavy sigh, grateful at least he was in his own clothes as he buckled himself in and activated the controls of the space craft...

This had to be someone's idea of a joke, it had to be, so Captain Ash Gordon thought.
He just focused very hard on taking off, the hanger bay doors opened, the force field deactivated and Harmony 1 was away, that was the name of the space craft.

To which Captain Ash Gordon groaned at underneath his breath the moment he had seen it, largely painted along the craft's side. For what it was worth, Space Core 6 just should of gone the whole hog and named the space craft Sissy 1 instead.

Captain Ash Gordon's flying skills were flawless, even on his approach to Valeria, the moment the crafts instruments began to read out a higher gravitational pull, Captain Ash Gordon was quick with deft speed compensating for the sudden increase of gravitational pull.

Surprisingly, Harmony handled like a dream, there was no turbulence inside of the cockpit, which surprised, but also impressed Captain Ash Gordon.

Amazing, simply amazing, this craft is gliding with ease like a graceful swan, I really should have expected as such from a Sissy space craft like this." That remark for Cindy 4 was the last straw, so to speak, she had just had about enough of Captain Ash Gordon's attitude.

Not only that, she was convinced he was going to completely ruin the negotiations with the Valerians.
Cindy 4 knew she had to do something, and fast. So far they had not been shot down, which was a good sign.

Cindy 4's programming did not permit her do do any harm to her Master, even so, she had to do something to try and stop him, if nothing else, stall him for as long as possible, in the desperate hope that he may come to his senses.

A simple ships malfunction would not be convincing enough, as everything so far was working like a dream, but sabotage was something Captain Ash Gordon could readily accept, even though he really did not want to take these negotiations with the Valerians, if someone else felt as he did about them, then sabotage would be something he would not think twice about.

Quickly and carefully, Cindy 4 began to calculate which systems to effect, that would not make the craft crash in such a way that would bring harm to her Master and the sabotage had to look very convincing. Cindy 4 now had what she needed and she quickly began to manipulate remotely, each of the crafts key systems.

Captain Ash Gordon blinked in shear disbelief, as suddenly a bright pink flashing light had come on inside of the cockpit, it was a warning sign, but it was not red, there was a whining sound too.

He turned as best as he could to face Cindy 4 who had a blank expression upon her face. I can't believe it, someone has sabotaged this craft. Did you have something to do with this?”

Me Master Gordon?” Remarked Cindy 4 in a dumb blonde like sort of tone in her voice. “That's no real surprise, of course a pathetic android maid like you could not possibly sabotage a craft like this.”

Cindy 4 swallowed the insult, as Captain Ash Gordon furiously tried to gain what little control he could over Harmony 1. “I don't think I can control her, damn, we're going to crash...”

Everything was suddenly plunged into darkness, but slowly, light began to seep through into the wind shield of Harmony 1, Captain Ash Gordon came to, somewhat groggily. “Ohhh...” he moaned. A now worried concerned Cindy 4 immediately spoke to him.

“Are you hurt Master Gordon?” She sounded too concerned. “No, I think I am all-right, what is the crafts status?”

I am afraid to report Master Gordon that Harmony 1 won't ever fly again...”

Ash Gordon was surprised at how upset Cindy 4 seem to sound. “Oh, it's not your fault we crashed, at least we are lucky to have survived the crash, I'm sure these Valerians will be happy to supply me with a new space craft, if not, I shall demand one from them.”

Cindy 4 was about to protest, when she sensed something... “Master Gordon, my sensors are picking up a life form, a very large life form at that.” Captain Ash Gordon looked a little worried...

“That has to be a Valerian, they really must be giants after all... They may not be friendly, activate your neural link communicator, so we can keep in touch at all times, I'm going out there, you stay here until I know it's safe.”

But Master Gordon...”
For God's sake, don't argue with me, I'm giving you a direct order you stupid android...”
Yes Master Gordon.” Ash Gordon's insults were becoming almost intolerable, but there was nothing Cindy 4 could do about it.

Captain Ash Gordon unbuckled the safety belt that had him strapped into the pilots seat, he opened the hatch of the space craft and got out, water immediately drenched him the moment the hatch opened. “Oh great, just great. My clothes are absolutely drenched right through, we must have landed in a tropical forest or something!”

Yes we have Master Gordon, though we are in a glade of grass, definitely it had rained here...”
I don't want an, analysis right now Cindy 4. Just shut up and stay where you are, you stupid android.”
Yes Master Gordon.”

Cindy 4 was naturally programmed to obey Gordon's every command, but she was finding his commands to be more than she could bare to follow... Yet she could do nothing, it was so frustrating and infuriating for Cindy 4.

If she could, she would teach her Master a lesson or two, Captain Ash Gordon had his laser blaster ready, set to stun, as he tried to fire upon the on approaching little girl giant running towards him, which frightened the life out of Captain Ash Gordon.

He naturally fired his laser blaster.

The only thing that came out of the laser blaster was water, for that shower Captain Gordon received had gotten into the inner working of the laser baster. “Damn blasted blaster, now what am I going to do?”

Cindy 4's automatic response was to protect her Master at all costs, but he had commanded her to stay where she was, this caused a conflict in Cindy 4's programming.
Captain Ash Gordon was on the verge of calling out for Cindy 4's help, when a giant hand suddenly had grabbed hold of him and he was near half deafened by a loud piercing shriek...

“Oh my Goddess, you are a Series Six Thousand Living Doll... Gaia has answered my prayers... Oh thank you Gaia, thank you”

What?” Gasped Captain Ash Gordon in shock.
Oh you are a six thousand series, you can talk.”

After his ears had stopped ringing by the giant little girls shriek, Captain Ash Gordon looked up at her with a furious gaze in his eyes.

Look you silly little girl, I am not one of your stupid little dolls.” But all Jessica heard were baby like noises.

Ga goo, gee-gee goo...”
Oh how cute you sound...”
Remarked Jessica in a high pitched squeal of shear delight.

Captain Ash Gordon shouted at the top of his voice, but this to Jessica sounded like her new found baby girl doll was in distress and crying.

Oh... Don't cry my sweet baby doll, I'm your Mummy now and I promise to take good care of you.”

Captain Ash Gordon tried to use his telepathic communication to Cindy 4. 'Cindy, can you hear me?'

'Oh yes, perfectly well Master Gordon.' Came back the voice of Cindy 4 to Ash Gordon's mind. Which meant that the neural communication link worked.

What is going on? I can perfectly understand everything the girl giant is saying to me, but she seems to not be able to understand me in return.'
'I'm sorry Master Gordon, but the Universal Translator seems to be malfunctioning in some way. Right now all it can manage is a one way translation, hers.'

'Well don't just sit there you pathetic heap of trash, fix the damn Universal Translator... NOW!' Captain Ash Gordon screamed back in a mental form of shouting at Cindy 4. 'I'm sorry Master Gordon I can't, I have scanned the Universal Translator and it is beyond all manor of repair... The best course of action for you right now if for you to go along with the girls belief that you are a baby doll, Sir...'

WHAT? NO WAY AM I GOING TO SECUMB TO THAT...” Without even realising it, Captain Ash Gordon shouted out verbally, which sounded like another cry to Jessica's ears.

“Oh my poor baby doll, please do not cry, I know, I can't imagine why Gaia would send you to me wearing those dreadful clothes you have got on...”
Captain Ash Gordon desperately despite the situation, tried to get the little girl giant to understand that he was not a baby doll of any kind.

But it was no use, his screams and rants sounded like dreadful tears to Jessica, which only made her now squeeze him tightly to her chest. “Hush little baby, please don't cry. Mommy promises to put you into more prettier clothes...”

WHAT? No... No... No..”




Captain Ash Gordon tried with all of his might to fight for his life, to little Jessica, this looked like her doll was most severely distressed, which made her little heart ache. “Oh baby doll please do not cry so much I did promise you I would take the best care of you, what is distressing you so?”

What do you think you stupid giant little girl?...” Captain Ash Gordon screamed at the top of his lungs... Jessica was aware that the clothes on Ash Gordon were utterly wet through. “I have promised you something more pretty, oh you must be so cold being so soaking wet?”

Remarked Jessica in a soft cooing voice in a desperate hope this will calm down her new found Living Doll.
Jessica was wearing a lovely blue Metallica dress, white shocks, blue Mary Janes upon her feet and in her hair she wore two blue Metallica ribbons, her hair was set into pig-tails.

She definitely had that very girlie little girl look to her. And Captain Ash Gordon was beginning to get some idea of what Jessica meant by pretty.
'Cindy 4, help me please... you can understand this giant girl can't you?' He asked via the Neural Link.

'Why of course I can Master Gordon.'
'Can't you talk to her for me and try to make her understand?' 'No my Universal Translator has the same fault yours has Master Gordon.'
'Wait a moment... you have your own internal translator unit, why don't you use that?'

'I'm afraid I can't Master Gordon.'

'WHAT? Why not?'

'I think I may frighten the little girl...'
'What? Look here you stupid worthless piece of metal, tell this little girl giant to put me down NOW' Captain Ash Gordon's voice was in a rage.

'I'm sorry Master Gordon. I can't do as you ask, the little girl giant has not notice me, I fear if she does, that could make things worse.'

'You would make a better Living Doll than I would.'

'Master Gordon, I am made of metal, you are a more better fitting description of a Living Doll... There is very little I can do for you Master Gordon, but I do highly recommend that you calm down. I would advise that you go along too, with what the little girl giant thinks you are until a way can be found to fix the Universal Translator, I promise you that I will use what resources I can to fix that, but that will take time to do Master Gordon.'

'WHAT? I do not have time for all of that, I am giving you a direct order Cindy 4. Tell this little girl giant to put me down IMMEDIATELY.'
'There is no point in me doing that Master Gordon. Not only that, I am technology belonging to the the Intergalactic Foundation. I can not allow my self to fall into the wrong hands and that directive Master Gordon overrides your direct orders.'

'Then I order you to hurry up with fixing the Universal Translator ASAP. I will not have my self be turned into a baby girl doll.'
'Master Gordon, no said anything of the kind.'
'The little girl giant said she was going to make me pretty.'

'Master Gordon, that word could have a different meaning entirely on this planet..'

'This planet is full of giant females only, what else can the word pretty mean you stupid pathetic android? Now do something.'

'I can't. You are already at the little girls house.'


'All your distress has only upset the little girl giant Master Gordon and she only wants you to be happy.'

In all the time Captain Ash Gordon had been communicating with Cindy 4 via the Neural Link, Jessica had began to as quick as she could, carry him back to her house. She had no wish for her Living Doll come down with a cold and she had cried terribly, to the point that it had distressed Jessica.

'HAPPY! How can I be happy? This little girl giant is about to make me be a baby girl...' Jessica had by now reached the front door of her house. Cindy 4 quickly responded to her Master.

'If that is so Master Gordon, there is nothing that I can do as her actions are not hostile ones. I beg of you Master Gordon to please just go along with the little girl giant's beliefs until I can get the Universal Translator fixed.'

Jessica had entered into the house, as the front door closed, somehow the Neural Link was cut off. The reason why Captain Ash Gordon had not been effected by the heavier gravity of Valeria, was that it had a remarkable smart inner gravity field, only the outer gravity of the planet had the full force of effect.

The planet had always existed this way, it was the marvel of the entire universe.
The buildings of Valeria were built to prevent unwanted probes penetrating through and seeing into peoples homes, the Valerians knew about telepathy and how powerful that can be, a small group of Valerians themselves were telepathic, they never meant to pry on peoples private thoughts.

But it was near impossible not to pick up on the thoughts of their fellow people, they worked hard on developing something to put a stop to this, and all the homes of Valeria were remade with a smart cellular compound that was part of the bricks that made up the walls of their homes.

That wasn't quite enough, so the telepaths left Valeria to live far away in seclusion. Captain Ash Gordon was not aware that he could no longer communicate with Cindy 4. Jessica had quickly gone right upstairs and into the bathroom.

She began to run the hot and cold water to fill up the bath tub. “Don't worry my baby Living Doll, Mommy will put you into this nice warm bath and get you some pretty clothes to wear.”

LOOK... LITTLE... GIRL... GIANT...” Captain Ash Gordon spoke, in a manner that was slow, very precise and very clear, in a desperate hope that Jessica just might be able to understand him... But all Jessica could hear was: “Ga goo gee-gee goo goo gaga.”

Awe, you're such a cute baby. Yes my sweet baby, bath, bath...”
How utterly thick can you be? I AM TRYING TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU. YOU SILLY LITTLE GIRL.” Captain Ash Gordon raised his voice again, but when he spoke slowly again, it was in anger.

Oh please do not start crying again baby, please. Mummy loves you very much and only wants what is best for you and for you to be happy.”

Jessica turned her attention to the bath water, she did not want to fill up the bath tub to high. She tested the water, it was just right, not too hot and not too cold.
Jessica was very pleased with her self managing that.

She had tested the bath water with one hand and held Ash Gordon with the other.
"Oh... I’m so happy you’re here," Jessica grinned. "I already have a name picked out for you. Do want to hear it?"

Captain Ash Gordon yelled. Jessica nearly began to cry her self at her Living Baby Doll's distress.

Oh please don't cry so much. Mummy is going to put you in nice warm bath soon. My sweet Baby Angelica, as you do look like a cute Angel with that blonde hair of yours, though it is a bit too short for a baby girl... No worries, Mummy will give you something special to make your hair grow long, then I can put it in pretty ribbons for you.”

'I have just about enough of this.' Remarked Captain Ash Gordon in his mind. Cindy four, you worthless piece of trash you are not helping much... Hey!... C4 Are you mind deaf or something?' Captain Ash Gordon suddenly began to feel that something was wrong.

He had noticed that the Neural Link had stopped working the moment he had entered into this house, he not notice that before, because of his shear rage.
Cindy 4 nearly half panicked the moment she became aware of the fact that she could no longer communicate with her Master.

But she was beginning to question her programming that made her subservient, loyal and obedient to Captain Ash Gordon, who has been nothing but abusive towards her in return. Right now her self valuation was not an immediate issue.

But she was determined to do something about that at the soonest best opportunity, she had no choice but to make her self known to the Valerians.

Meanwhile... Jessica had gone over to the bathroom cabinet and found what she needed, there was a fabric disintegration powder, that dissolves fabric that is hard to get off things it may be stuck too, like what the cotton fabrics had become against Captain Ash Gordon's skin, as they were so soaked wet through, the cotton clung to him like cling film.

Jessica sprinkled the powder all over Ash Gordon's clothes and all over his boots. “Why did Gaia give you such ugly looking clothes Baby Angelica?” Captain Ash Gordon was beyond being furious, but there was nothing he could really do. As he lay now on the bathroom rug on the floor where Jessica had placed him down on, so she could sprinkle the powder on him.

The stuff was like acid, yet strangely it did not burn or scorch his skin in anyway, Ash Gordon really could not move much as the wet clothes had become so tight on him, he could hardly move at all, he looked on in horror as he watched his clothes dissolve right before his very eyes, even his cotton underpants.

And that was when Jessica got a shock and a surprise.
"What’s this!" Remarked Jessica as she now looked real close at between Ash Gordon's legs, as she spread them apart with one hand and held Ash Gordon's upper body with her other hand, so there was no way he could cover him self up.

The again, he did not want to cover himself up, Captain Ash Gordon thought stupidly that once the little girl giant realises her error, she will immediately release him.

Why... you're a little boy... Wait! But all of the Living Doll Six Thousand Series are all girls...” Remarked Jessica who seemed most upset to find that her Living Doll was boy instead... Then she had a sudden thought. She still had Captain Ash Gordon pinned to the bathroom carpet, which was pink.

Oh I know, you must be a reject Living Doll, you was meant to come out as a girl, but something went wrong... Well don't worry Baby Angelica, I will make you back to being a little girl again... You'll see...”

Remarked Jessica in a happy tone, as she picked Captain Ash Gordon up and placed him into the bath tub. Once in, there was no escape, it was like being in a giant size swimming pool almost, the sides of the bath tub were too high to climb.

Not that Captain Ash Gordon could and he could not see where the bathroom plug and chain was, as there was so many foamy bubbles obscuring his view. He had been placed dead centre of the bath tub and either end looked like several miles of swimming distance either way.

He wondered what Jessica had meant about turning back into a girl.
Jessica had left the bathroom and sneaked down into the cellar that held various things and she found a bottle that contained the Wonder Chemicals, they were in a special liquid form that did not need to be consumed in the way of a drink.

These chemicals were so advanced that they seep into and through the skin and get right through into the blood stream and into the genetic make up of the male Valerian with the female gene resequencing formula.
There was half of the liquid Wonder Chemical left in the bottle.

Sometimes, a whole dose is not always necessary on some male Valerians, the bottle was kept as a keep sake, the Wonder Chemical can be kept for many years. Wonderful stuff it was indeed. Jessica quickly took the bottle and dashed right away out of the cellar and back upstairs to the bathroom.

Captain Ash Gordon wanted to dive under the water, but he was not a very good swimmer and was just able to keep himself afloat. Jessica smiled as she saw him still wading in the bath tub. She opened the bottle of the Wonder Chemical and poured in the whole lot.

She was not really sure if it would really work on her new Living Doll, but it did not matter.
Jessica had made sure however to pick up Captain Ash Gordon and pour the liquid all over him, just to make sure it came into contact with his flesh. Suddenly Captain Ash Gordon had a fit, it felt like he had been smothered in a whole set of Nettles.

Jessica could not understand why her Living Doll was so distressed all of a sudden. “Oh please do not start your crying again Baby Angelica...” After emptying out the bottle of the Wonder Chemical all over Captain Ash Gordon, she dropped him and he plunged right into the bath tub.

Jessica quickly washed her hands, the Wonder Chemicals effected male Valerians only, they were advanced enough to not effect the females, but the liquid did leave the skin feeling itchy if not treated right away with a good dose of good femme saturated soap.

Captain Ash Gordon tried as best as he could to swim for his life, his entire body still stung all over, but the stinging sensation began to subside.
Much to his relief. Jessica rushed back and scooped Captain Ash Gordon back out of the bath tub...

“Oh I am so sorry... Mummy is very sorry that she dropped you Baby Angelica.” Just then Jessica planted a big wet kiss all over Ash Gordon's face... then she gently placed him back into the tub and began to scrub him everywhere, much to his discomfort, even up his bottom and all over his privet parts.

Jessica had noticed his discomfort. “Now, now, even babies need to be a little extra clean.” She said with a childish giggle, as she proceeded to sprinkle baby talcum powder all over Ash Gordon's butt and all over his private parts.

She rubbed the powder in and then Jessica poured baby oil into her hands and rubbed that to in all of Ash Gordon's delicate areas.
Jessica then finally reached for a very thick and fluffy white towelling nappy and she slipped it now under Ash Gordon's butt.

It was so thick and fluffy, the nappy almost looked like a giant sized fluffy bunny.
With pure, childish delight, Jessica wrapped the towelling nappy around Ash Gordon's groin and waist tightly. Pins were inserted into the thick cloth to hold it in place.

'Oh no... it can't be...' Gasped Captain Ash Gordon in shock, as he could feel strange tingling sensations in his groin. His pee pee was on the verge of becoming hard. Just then, Jessica began to put his feet into leg holes of a most sensual garment, as she delicately pulled the garment up over his legs and around his waist.

The garment was a pale pink pair of rubber lined pants, on the outside, they were covered in matching pale pink Metallica fabric with white lace ruffles going from front to back, 6 rows in all, of ruffled bliss...

'Oh GOD... NOOOOOOOO!...' Captain Ash Gordon mentally screamed, as his pee pee had a full blown erection...
Jessica went off to her wardrobe to get something. She returned to the changing table gingerly holding onto what Captain Ash Gordon could make out was a pile of lace and ruffles.

Jessica held out in her arms the whitest, frilliest petticoat he had ever seen and
she stuffed the petticoat over his head. It stopped just short of covering his rubber lined Metallica pants and the thick, and fluffy nappy.

Next Jessica went back to her wardrobe again and had returned with a pale pink dress and it was as equally as frilly as the petticoat Captain Ash Gordon was now wearing. The dress was made out of the Metallica fabric too...

This now went on over Ash Gordon's head and it was securely fastened up by little delicate buttons at the back, right up to the nape of the neck.
The dress was short in length, it had short puffy sleeves, a Peter-Pan collar and even around the waist was a pink satin sash that was tied into a cute bow at the back.

Jessica was quick to place upon Ash Gordon's feet a pair of pale pink Booties, lastly and since his hair was still yet short, Jessica placed on top of Ash Gordon's head, a a pale pink frilly bonnet securely tied with pink silk ribbons underneath his chin.

Now that his transformation was complete, Jessica excitedly picked him up off the changing table and carried him over towards a full length mirror and set him down now in front of it. Captain Ash Gordon looked on in shear deep shock and utter horror...

"NOOOOOOOO!" He cried out loud, as now in the reflection of the mirror, a little baby like girl looked back at him in equal shock and horror.
Jessica was alarmed to hear her baby girl Living Doll cry. “Don't you like your new clothes my baby? They are my best ever clothes, the finest dolls clothes in all of Valeria. Oh I know what you need... How silly of me to almost forget...”

Remarked Jessica and she quickly rushed off and immediately returned with a pink dummy that was attached to two pink silk ribbons.
She momentarily untied the frilly baby bonnet, she placed the dummy into Ash Gordon's mouth, which was not hard to do, as he really was crying now like a real baby.

Jessica tied the ribbons around the back of his head, keeping the dummy in it's place. Then she retied the baby bonnet underneath Ash Gordon's chin and he was now the perfect picture of a Sissy baby girl.

Tears streamed down Ash Gordon's cheeks... Jessica picked him up... “Awww... are those tears of joy I can see Baby Angelica?” Asked Jessica in a soft cooing voice. Captain ash Gordon could do nothing but cry...

Jessica held him close to her chest and rocked him back and forth in her arms, as much as he did not want to, somehow her rocking and cooing was making him feel sleepy.
Captain Ash Gordon fell off to sleep.

This all had to be some kind of a night mare he thought to himself, as he closed his eyes and quite literally sleep like a baby... Jessica could not have been happier, with her new found Living Doll all dressed and ready.

She quickly carried Ash Gordon out of her bedroom and went down into the main living room, where Grandma Daisy busy knitting away, sat in a rocking chair.

Grandma Daisy, look... I have a new Dolly.... A Living Doll, the six thousand series...” Daisy wore thick framed glasses. She stopped her knitting immediately... “What.... a six thousand series did you say?”

Yes Grandma Daisy look, I have given her a name, say hello to Baby Angelica...” Jessica excitedly handed over Captain Ash Gordon to Daisy who took him. She peered down at him through her think lensed glasses.

"Oh, isn't she pretty, Jessica What a cute face. She looks so real. Did mummy and daddy buy her for you? They can't have done... We are all near broke.” Jessica shook her head and said proudly. "Gaia gave her to me, grandma. I asked her for a new doll last night and she showed up this morning."

"Of course she did, dear," Remarked Daisy with smiled. "My, what a pretty outfit she's wearing. Did Gaia dress her like an angel?"
"Oh Grandma Daisy," Jessica giggled. "You made that outfit...don't you remember?"

"Not as much as I used to dear," she remarked with a smile. "Can you hold her for me grandma while I go fix her some lunch, my baby is feeling very hungry. She has burst out crying terribly, it must be food she needs grandma.”

Why yes... Of course my dear, I'll take good care of her. I have had lots of practice with babies you know, and by your description, I would say she must be hungry.”

Thank you Grandma Daisy.” Jessica ran off into the kitchen and was the most happiest girl there was in all of Valeria. Jessica had returned and Captain Ash Gordon was awoken by a big wet kiss.

He saw Jessica looking down on him and another face he did not recognise. “Has my baby girl been asleep all this time?”
He then realised that his nightmare had not ended.

“Oh yes she has Jessica, your Living Doll has been a very good baby girl.”

Oh goody...Thank you for looking after Baby Angelica for me.”
My pleasure poppet.” Jessica took Ash Gordon from Daisy's arms and took him to a kitchen, he was placed into a high chair and made to eat baby food.

It was not as bad as he feared it might be, he was forced to drink out of a baby bottle too, just when he thought his nightmare couldn't get any worse, Jessica had a nasty surprise for him.

“Now that's better, you have eaten all your food, drank from your baby bottle finished off the milk completely and for being such a good baby girl, I am going to take you out and show you to all of my friends.”

What? You can't do that.... Please I'm begging you, please don't take me outside.” Remarked, despite the fact knowing full well that Jessica simply could not understand him... But her, his pleading just sounded more like baby noises.

“Gee-gee Gaga Goo Goo, Gaga...”

Oh you sound so sweet and adorable, I love you Baby Angelica and I'm sure that my friends will simply adore you too...” Jessica managed to clean captain Ash Gordon's face, there was smudges of baby food on his face and on the bib Jessica had placed around him earlier not wanting Ash Gordon to get his new pretty dress dirty.

Jessica picked Ash Gordon out of the high chair and was strapping him into a baby buggy and was heading for the front door and there was nothing that Captain Ash Gordon could do about it.




Jessica opened the door and pushed the baby buggy out of the house and Captain Ash Gordon tried to protest, but his protests sounding like he was crying, much to Jessica's dismay.

“Oh not again... why cry so much my Baby Jessica? Is that why you are also a reject, because you cry too much and not quite the girl you should be?”

No you silly GIRL! How many times do I have to tell you? I AM NOT A BABY GIRL OR A LVING DOLL...” Screamed Captain Ash Gordon at the top of his voice. Jessica was only a few yards away from reaching what looked like a playground area, there were swings and so on, with little girls playing with their dolls.

“Jessica stopped abruptly and removed the frilly bonnet that she had placed upon Ash Gordon's head.

You will have to keep this in your mouth until you learn to stop crying too much... I so much wanted you to talk so I could show you off to my friends who at this very moment all at the park... I hope you will not further disappoint me, as I am going to need you to perform your best for me. And you had better do as I command or you will be sorry...”

Jessica remarked, not happy that she had to make a threat to her Living Doll Baby Girl.
Captain Ash Gordon was wishing for the ground to open up beneath him and just simply swallow him up.

But it did not and Jessica had now reached the park... “Hi there Jessica...” Called out a dark haired girl who had pale grey-blue like eyes.

Tricia...” Jessica cried out in excitement and she flung her arms around Jessica.

Then she broke the embrace and realised that Jessica had a new doll with her today. “Say... is that a new doll you have got there with you Jessica?”

Oh Baby Angelica is not just any doll... She's a Living Doll... A six thousand series...”
No Way...”

Tricia knelt down near by the side of the baby buggy and got a real good close look at Captain Ash Gordon. Who was unable but to suck continuously on the pink dummy that was in his mouth. “Oh she really can suck her dummy like a real baby...”

Squealed Tricia with glee. “Molly, Polly, come look at Jessica's new Doll, it is a six thousand series...”

Tricia called out at the top of her voice. Suddenly two brown haired little girls with baby blue eyes came rushing over in excitement, their dolls were a sis thousand series too, but they looked nothing like Jessica's doll.

They all looked on astonished how the doll breathed like it really was alive. Where as the other dolls were life like, the did not mimic Valerians too well.

But they did look and react near to real enough and that was a feat of the most advanced type of technology to ever exist... The older looking of the two brown haired girls was Molly, the younger one was called Polly. They looked nearly very much like each other, they were sisters of course.

She's soooo pretty and very cute too.” Squealed Molly in shear delight. “Say, what's her name Jessica?” Polly asked.
I have named her Baby Angelica.”
Oh that is such a pretty name Jessica...”

Remarked Tricia with glee. “Did your Mummy and Daddy buy her for you?”

No, Gaia, gave her to me...”
Replied Jessica proudly, but even her best friends suddenly burst out laughing at her...

“Oh come now Jessica... You should know better than that, there is no such thing as a Goddess, that's just a myth they teach us all at Sunday School.” Remarked Molly a little coldly. Jessica nearly half cried... “I had preyed to Gaia only last night ago and I had asked her to give me a Living Doll six thousand series...”

And?” Enquired Polly, who at least seemed very excited by all of this.
I woke up and there she was, on my bed...” Jessica lied and was not proud of the fact that she just did so. But she feared that if she had told her friends of the pink craft she had seen, and where she had found Ash Gordon, her friends may have not believed her.

I bet that doll don't even belong to you, it looks too good to be your doll, you little thief...” Came a sudden voice, all of the girls turned around to see who it was that had suddenly spoken to them...

A richly dressed girl in the finest ever Metallica dress ever made, but it looked very adult in style and not at all little girl like, she had long blonde shimmering hair and sapphire blue eyes.

Mean Mary...” Cried Tricia, Molly, Polly and Jessica together at the same time. “Hey... I resent being called names.”
And I resent being called a thief. I did not steal this Living Doll, she is rightfully mine.”
She looks like a reject model to me...”

Retorted Mary with an air of snootiness. I bet your model can not crawl, tumble over and wet her nappy on command.”

'What?' remarked Ash Gordon in alarm in his mind, as he could not say anything, because of the dummy that was still in his mouth.

'If either of you girls think I am going to do anything, anything at all, you are all greatly mistaken.'

Captain Ash Gordon remarked in his mind out loud, as loud as he could. He did not know why, it was not as if these girls were telepathic.

“Hey... I thought you said my doll looked way too god to be my doll?”

Remarked Jessica sounding annoyed. “Oh that was to make you feel good, so I could pull you right back down again...”

'Oh my God, the girl is a spoilt brat.' Remarked Ash Gordon in his thoughts, Jessica looked as though she was going to cry. Sadly he was right, Mary Townsend was such a spoilt brat of a little girl, that she got absolutely everything she wanted and everything her own way.

“I bet you're doll doll can't do all the things you said either.”

'Oh damn... A double dare, this is not good.' Remarked Ash Gordon... 'What am I saying? Why should I even care?' Something was slowly beginning to effect Ash Gordon, but he had no idea of what it was.

Mary was not about to let Jessica get the better of her. “Oh yeah... Just you watch and see. I'll show you...”

Replied Mary in a really threatening manner. And she went over to her gold plated baby buggy, where sat inside of it was a pretty baby girl doll, dressed however in a matching set of clothes she was wearing.

The only difference was, that this Living Doll was wearing a nappy and frilly rubber lined, Metallica pants, the Living doll looked like a baby version of Mary her self.

Mary soon removed the Living Doll from the baby buggy.

She then put her living doll onto the the ground of the play. “Baby Marry Sally, crawl, tumble and then wet your nappy.” Remarked Mary in a commanding tone. The Living Doll crawled, even waddled as it crawled, Jessica's friends could not help but be impressed as they watched Mary's Living Doll do a tumble next.

It was perfectly executed, a little too well, that it kept on tumbling, as suddenly it could not stop and Mary looked on in horror as she ran after the Living Doll to stop it, in the end she got in the Living Doll's path, scooped it up and quickly strapped it back inside the gold plated buggy.

“Ha... Your Living Doll only completed two of the three tasks., she did not wet her self on command.”
Remarked Jessica feeling confident as she looked at Ash Gordon. 'Don't look at me like that, I'm not some kind of a performing animal at a circus you know.'

He retorted in his thoughts to Jessica, but she obviously could not pick those thoughts up, as she began to reach down and remove Ash Gordon from her moderate pink painted baby buggy.

Jessica had placed Ash Gordon now on his hands and knees, the ground was not made of stone, it was an all rubberised ground cover in the park, it felt soft to the touch, not hard as Ash thought it might be.

'I am not going to do a thing and that is final.' Ash Gordon screamed from his mind. Jessica unafraid now said in a confident and loud voice.

Baby Angelica, I want you to crawl, tumble and then wet your nappy.”

Suddenly, Ash Gordon felt a strange surge go right through his body, he began to, much to his shock and dismay, crawl and waddle like a baby, he could not stop himself, then he did a perfect tumble. but this one, was just right.

Then he felt his bladder erupt. '
NOOOOOOOO!' Captain Ash Gordon screamed out so loud his head felt suddenly dizzy. Jessica came over lifted up the skirt of the pink frilly dress, slightly pull down his frilly rubber pants, then carefully placed her fingers inside of Ash Gordon's nappy and quickly removed them.

She brought her fingers right towards and under Mary's nose.... “Oh gross... Baby pee." She remarked, strangely in disgust. Tricia, Molly and Polly all gathered around Jessica to get a good smell.

But they did not look away in disgust. "Wow, the Living Doll six thousand really can wee like a real baby... COOL!” Mary was so furious... "You just got lucky, my Doll is still way better than yours...” She suddenly stormed off... along with her Living Doll.

Jessica was so happy with her Living Doll, that she ran over to give her a BIG HUG. But Ash Gordon had passed out, the embarrassment of actually wetting himself was too much for him, but it was not that, which made him pass out...

Jessica shrieked out in alarm... “BABY ANGELICA!” She immediately ran over to pick up Ash Gordon from where he fell to the ground, flat on his face, which was a dead shade pale of white.

Which shocked Jessica and even made her cry... “Oh Baby Angelica, you have become ill...” The girls gathered around Jessica now, they all looked puzzled. “Jessica, Living Dolls can't get ill, they can't imitate illness...”

Remarked Tricia trying to be logical about the whole thing.

Well my Living Doll can get ill... I mean, look at her face, you call see for your self that she does not look too well.”

Well something is obviously wrong Jessica.” Remarked Molly.
Maybe you just made her do too many things all at once and she has just simply shut down.?” Remarked Polly, trying to take a different kind of approach all together...

Suddenly two voices called out over towards Jessica.

Jessica, Jessica.” Two beautiful women were running towards Jessica, they were her two Mummy's. Jessica looked surprised, they were supposed to be at work today.

But a sad look came over her face the moment she saw a group of women in suit dress uniforms all white all wearing shades, their lips all the same colour of red, the black shades and the red lips meant that these women were the Government Officials.

But what were they doing here with her parents? She looked down at her Living Doll, and she began to realise that she was not meant to be hers, tears began to run down Jessica's cheeks. She loved her new Living Doll, she had given her nothing but the best of care...

Soon, Tricia, Molly, Polly and Jessica were all surrounded by the Government Officials.
Susana and Katie wrapped their arms around their daughter... “Oh Jessica, we are so, so sorry that it has come to this... but that doll you have, it does not belong to you and the Government Officials here want it back.”

But she is my Living Doll Mummy Susana...” Jessica bitterly cried in tears... “I love her Mummy Susana... I love her...”
We're sorry sweetie, but that Living Doll does belong to the Government Officials here.” Remarked Katie, trying her best too, to comfort her daughter.

“Oh please, please do not let them take her way from me Mummy Katie, PLEASE. Please do not let them take away Baby Angelica.., she's not well.”
Just then one of the Government Officials walked over towards Jessica.

She removed her shades. “Jessica, I promise you that I will take very good care of her. She is a special Living Doll, my special prototype, you might say...” Jessica looked up at the woman and got a good look at her face, she could hardly believe her eyes, she blinked in shear disbelief.

Say... are you Madame Demure?” Madame Demure, who suited her name, did have a demure look to her, she had long blonde shimmering hair and surprisingly, she had lovely honey yellow coloured eyes, not blue, as one might expect, but they only helped her look even more demure somehow.

Jessica cried even more, as she held the pale white faced looking Captain Ash Gordon in her arms. “Jessica, I promise you that I shall take good care of Baby Angelica, as you can see, she has malfunctioned in a very bad way and I am the only that can help fix her and make her better again. But for me to be able to do that I need to take her back with me. You do want me to make Baby Angelica better again don't you?”

Oh yes, me do want her to be better again Mrs Demure.” All of a sudden, Madame Demure gave a light chuckle. “Oh, I'm not married little one... It's just Miss Demure, but you can call me by my first name, it's Missy... Well actually it's Melissa, but I prefer Missy.”

Jessica's eyes widened in astonishment. Missy was by far the most prettiest girlie name she has ever known.

Wow! Is your name really Missy?”
Yes it is Jessica, I would like to take Baby Angelica now please, you can go with your parents back to your home...”

Suddenly, Jessica withdrew away from Madame Demure very sharply, holding Captain Ash Gordon ever more tightly to her chest.

No... I don't want my new Living Doll to leave me... I love her so, so much...” Cried Jessica bitterly...

Madame Demure kept her distance, but gave Jessica a reassuring smile. “Would you like to come with me and stay with Baby Angelica for a short while, that way you can see for your self that she will get the best of care...”

But once you make Baby Angelica all better again, she wont be mine any more. I have given her my love and care, even put her in my best ever dolls clothes... I'll never see Baby Angelica again...”

Jessica was so distraught, both Susana and Katie wanted to go over and hug Jessica, but Madame Demure could see that Jessica held Captain Ash Gordon in a defensive position.

She gave a signal to indicate for them not to approach their little girl. Not even the other officials that crowded the frighted Jessica, who was prepared to defend her Living Doll, with her life.

The rest of the Government Officials back off at a respectable distance. “I can see that you do truly care about Baby Angelica very much and do love her very deeply...”

I love her with all of my heart.” Replied Jessica, still in tears.

Yes, I can see that too. And that is why I am going to let you keep Baby Angelica...”
Really?” Jessica cried, yet she was nearly almost happy and overjoyed to hear such wonderful news.
Yes... Really, I sincerely mean that.” Remarked Madame Demure, reassuringly.

“But I will still need to take Baby Angelica back with me, so I can make her better again. But I do promise you, that once she is all better again. I will return her to you personally. I trust that you both Mrs Susana and Mrs Katie Buttercup will be OK with these arrangements?”

Both Susana and Katie looked in amazement but both replied at the same time. “Why, yes of course it is very OK with us.”

What do you you say Jessica?” Asked Madame Demure as she turned to face Jessica.

“I give you my word that I shall return Baby Angelica to you once I have helped to make her better again.”

I shall come with you, but may I still hold my Living Doll on the way?”
Yes, of course you can, actually Jessica, it would help for you to talk to your Living Doll, it is important to keep her conscious.” Remarked Madame Demure.

Jessica looked a little confused. “But she has shut down, how can I get her to hear me, Missy?”

She has not shut down fully, look closely, you will see that she is still breathing, but it is very slow, it is important that Baby Angelica does not shut down completely, that would not help me to be able tomake her better again I do need her to be semi active...” It was the best thing that Madame Demure could come up with....

I know that you are all wondering by now what had happened to Cindy 4 and what she had been doing all this time? Well... It was some time before the Valerians, detected the S.O.S transmissions followed by a code outlining that she was an off-world-er and that she came in peace.

An armed group of military females had been sent out to investigate the nature of who or what had been sending out the transmissions.

They were quite startled at first to find what looked like to them a golden metal version of a living doll, not knowing what to do with her, they took Cindy 4 immediately to the head quarters of the Living Doll Enterprises LTD.

Madame Demure examined Cindy 4 very closely and announced that she was in fact an android.
The military female force were about to take Cindy 4 away, but Madame Demure stopped them and got Cindy 4 to tell her what she was doing on Valeria.

So, Cindy 4 told her everything, even the shear cruelty given to her by Captain Ash Gordon. She no longer saw him or thought of him as her Master any more, Demure had listened carefully and she truly felt for Cindy 4.

She then asked her if she would tell Queen Vanessa Starling what she had told her, exactly everything, she was more than sure that Queen Vanessa would want to know about humans, and about the Intergalactic Foundation.

Madame Demure had been right, Queen Vanessa was very interested, but was appalled that Earth's so called best representative, was a complete and utter moron.
It was at this point Cindy 4 had an idea. “If I maybe permitted your Majesty... I would like to propose something.”

I would very much like to hear what you have to say Cindy.” Queen Vanessa refused to call Cindy 4 by her full name, she had intelligence and acted like any other being, there for treating Cindy as nothing more than a object was something Queen Vanessa would not do.

She made it clear to Cindy 4 that she would treat her as any other intelligent being, an equal. Cindy 4 felt so privileged, she had never before felt so special and she was eternally grateful for that.

“I would like for Captain Ash Gordon to remain as he is. I mean for That little girl to continue to treat him as though he is one of Madame Demure's doll's it may just change the way he behaves... It may just teach him something about humility and compassion...”

After what you have told me about this Ash Gordon, I entirely agree with you Cindy.”
Why thank you your Majesty.”
I too agree with you and of course Cindy here your Majesty, but I fear that if the little girl Cindy here described to us, finds out that this Ash Gordon is not a Living Doll, this may cause trauma for her, it would be best that there could be a way to keep an eye on her and for Cindy here to monitor Ash Gordon's behaviour at the same time.”

Why that is an absolute excellent Idea Madame Demure. I shall leave that matter in your hands, but you can have the support and help of my Government Officials to help you in your task.”

Why Thank you your Majesty. That will be most helpful.”
I look forward to having your full report of things as they progress Madame Demure.” It had not taken long for the Records Division to find and track down who was the little girl that had taken Captain Ash Gordon.

Both Susana and Katie were shocked when told of the situation and were also introduced to Cindy 4. They were simply amazed to see a doll sized android. They too wanted to help Cindy in anyway possible.

When Jessica's parents had gotten home, Grandma Daisy was the only one in the house, but she had told Susana, Katie and everyone else that Jessica had most likely gone out to the local park.

Sure enough that was where they all had found Jessica. She was now getting into an air limo that took off, other air limos took off and soon Jessica was inside a building that looked like a hospital.

There was a lovely ward all in pink, with lace everywhere, Jessica just loved it, she gently placed Ash Gordon down on the soft hospital like bed, she had talked to him for the entire journey giving encouraging words such as:

“Everything is going to be OK Baby Angelica, Mommy is taking you to a special hospital, where a lovely lady is going to help you to get better again.”

Just then some nurses appeared wearing lovely pink nurses uniforms came to undress Ash Gordon. Jessica was asked to wait for a moment, soon, Ash Gordon was put into a pink Metallica night dress, it had ruffles at the bottom of the night dress, lots of lace and the frilly rubber lined pants and nappy were changed for an identical set, with Ash Gordon being freshly powdered and given fresh baby oil on him too.

Captain Ash Gordon was in no real position to resist, he was so very weak and pale. Luckily for him Madame Demure was surprisingly a genius in biology among other things, which is how she was able to create the biological components for her Living Dolls in the first place and why they were so life like, that their name lend to what they really were... True Living Dolls.

Though it took so many different models to perfect the sense of what constituted as a true Living Doll. And each model cam a little closer to that definition, but they were not close enough.

But compared to all the other dolls all of the other doll makers could ever make, Madame Demure's Living Dolls was the Valerians equivalent state of the art technology in doll making.

The most advanced state of the art technology mind you, in all of Valeria. Although she had no prior knowledge of human physiology, Madame Demure was an absolute genius and it took her no time at all to examine and complete understand the genetic make up of Captain Ash Gordon and more importantly, what was wrong with him.

Cindy 4 was there when the discovery had been made. “Madame Demure, do you know what is wrong with Ash Gordon?” Her concern was not really out of his health, but she was more concerned for Jessica, should her Living Doll may not be able to be returned to her, as promised by Madame Demure.

Yes, yes I do, though it would help that from now on Cindy that you think of Captain Ash Gordon more as being Baby Angelica. I am not sure how she came in contact with the stuff, but Baby Angelica has been exposed to our Wonder Chemical, which effects our males only. The chemical should not be able to effect any other species. Hmm...”

Madame Demure had a sudden thought. Cindy 4 was on the edge of her seat in wonderment. “What is it Madame Demure? What have you found?”

I believe that the Wonder Chemical has attempted to change the male chemistry of Ash Gordon here... I mean Baby Angelica. The chemical had detected the male chemistry, even though it was not of Valerian in origin.

Yet it was designed to change any male genetic materiel and so that is what the Wonder Chemical tried to do.”
Cindy 4 looked amazed at Madame Demure in complete amazement.

“You mean, that ash Gordon, I mean Baby Angelica is now a real girl, or a woman in some way?”

No... not exactly, The chemicals have semi half effected Baby Angelica, she will not ever be a real girl in gender, in the lower region.
But as for the rest of her, she will have smooth skin to that of a real baby girl, no body hair shall ever grow, her hair shall grow long in a matter of a month to full length.”

Will Baby Angelica act, think and behave like a baby girl Madame Demure?”
Not exactly, part of her mind will try to resist the new conditioning process, but with the correct methods of teaching her, Baby Angelica will make a better baby girl, or Living Doll for that matter.”

I could teach her. In fact I would do anything to help teach her how to be a baby girl.”
Jessica can help with that too, Baby Angelica will require someone in a more authoritative figure to help in her behavioural training....”

Already Cindy 4 had ideas in her thought processors and began making plans.

It would be best also that Baby Angelica to under go a sex change to help complete what has been done to change her already.”

Remarked Madame Demure, but this news did not please Cindy 4. “No... I do not want Baby Angelica be turned into a full and complete baby girl. That would be an act of kindness, one which Captain Ash Gordon, now Baby Angelica, does not truly deserve...”

Cindy 4 began to go over her computerised thoughts. “Is there a way that you can stabilise Baby Angelica's condition without the need of having to give her a sex change to make her completely a baby girl?”

Hmm.” Remarked Madame Demure, thoughtfully. “I have never suspended the male to female genome before.” Cindy 4 looked hopeful at Madame Demure, but also desperate.

She then decided to impart her knowledge to Madame Demure about the nature of Sissies, who were mostly boys, though this could occur in girls, but it was not a common thing. Certain boys like to be like little girls, but be very girlie, but they have no desire to change their gender to being completely being a girl.

Which was pretty much the same way a girl that likes to dress and be like a boy in every aspect of being one, but not actually want to change their gender to become a boy, such girls are called Tom Boys. Sissies on the whole it seemed, that they were the opposite to that of Tom Boys.

That information proved to be very valuable to Madame Demure who was the first to invent an actual genome or more precise a gene that was perfect for Ash Gordon's condition.

The Sissy Gene, it was a revolution, but it was perfect, Captain Ash Gordon would be permanently male in gender, but would be however, permanently very girlie in nature for the rest of his life and with the help and aid of Cindy 4 to further guide his Sissy instincts.

Cindy 4 could not ask for a better and much suited punishment for Ash Gordon to undergo. For as Baby Angelica, he would have to obey Cindy 4's every instruction, which in essence would make her, the Mistress over Baby Angelica.

Madame Demure began to work on getting the Sissy Gene into Ash Gordon's system, by a series of needle shots. Soon Ash Gordon was slowly recovering, Jessica worried, as she was not allowed to visit her Living Doll, but was at least told the good news of Baby Angelica's recovery.

W, W, What happened? Where am I?” To Gordon's shock but surprise, there stood at the side of his hospital bed was Cindy 4.
Relax Baby Angelica, you are safe and well...”
What... what did you call me?” Remarked Captain Ash Gordon in alarm and dismay.

That is your new name now. Get used to it.” Remarked Cindy 4 in a commanding tone of voice. Captain Ash Gordon looked at Cindy 4 aghast. “Who are you to be giving ME ORDERS?” It was then and there Cindy 4 had told Ash Gordon of the situation, not all of it, just in case he may try to do something stupid, like try to escape or something.

He was not at full recovery yet, so trying to do too much would put him in danger. It was made clear to him however, that he would have to keep up the pretence of being Jessica's Living Doll and why.

“You have got to be out of your mind or something... As I am not going to parade around as some girls baby doll...”
Remarked Captain Ash Gordon in complete and utter anger.

You have no choice Baby Angelica...”
Stop calling me that you worthless pile of trash.” Just then, suddenly and unexpectedly. Cindy 4 picked up Ash Gordon out of his bed, placed him over her metallic lap and lifted up the short night dress he was wearing.

Then Cindy 4 proceeded to smack Ash Gordon's clad bottom, but the force was so strong, he felt the slap of Cindy 4's hand. If it had been his flesh, she would have done a lot of damage.

“Ouch... stop that, that hurts. Ouch, Stop that and that is a direct order you stupid piece of worthless junk....” Cindy 4's slaps came down even harder that Captain Ash Gordon found him self beginning to cry like a baby, much to his dismay.

Wah... Wah... Wah... Why are you doing this to me?”
Because you are not doing as you are told and I have had just about enough of your insults Baby Angelica. Now are you going to behave or not?”

Captain Ash Gordon could not believe as to what had just happened.
His own Android had just spanked him like he was a baby, even worse, he even had cried like a real baby too.

'What the heck is wrong with me?' He thought to himself. “I heard that thought, I still have my Neural Link switched on. So be careful of what you say in your thoughts. You have been told the reason why you have to continue with your pretence of being Jessica's Living Doll. You have been infected by the Wonder Chemical and it has already effected your body.”

Can these chemicals and what is happening to my body be reversed?” Asked Captain Ash Gordon with a simpering tone of voice, which pleased Cindy 4 very much. “No, the process can't be reversed, but I have managed to stabilise your condition...” Came a sudden voice.

Captain Ash Gordon looked to see who had spoken to him.
A giant woman's face now peered down at him... Captain Ash Gordon looked alarmed. “Who... who are you?”
I'm the one that has just saved your miserable life, that's who...”

Retorted Madame Demure rather harshly. Ash Gordon suddenly felt really bad, but did not know why he felt that way.

Oh... I am grateful to you, truly I am.... please tell me your name?”

Suddenly Ash Gordon looked shocked, his voice had suddenly changed, it sounded near little girl like. He shook his head, surely he was incapable of such a sweet cute voice like that. Madame Demure, mere smiled at Ash Gordon, only knowing full well, that the sound of Ash Gordon's voice meant that her Sissy Gene Serum was working, a few more injections and Captain Ash Gordon's journey into being transformed into a good Sissy Baby Girl, will be complete, with the help and aid of Cindy 4's Sissy Training of Course.

My how nice and polite that was. That was not so hard now was it?” Remarked Madame Demure talking to Ash Gordon in the manner as though talking to an infant, he was furious, but he did not want another spanking from his own android.

One spanking from her had been humiliating enough.

"No Mam....” Replied Captain Ash Gordon with a cringe, but he did not know what else to call the giant woman before him.

“My name is Madame Demure, I am the doll maker and creator of the Living Doll series. But I am also a Doctor, A very good Doctor I might add, as since I did save your life. However, you will need a few injections of the formula that is helping to keep you alive right now?”

Suddenly Ash Gordon became suspicious. “What kind of formula?”

You have already been told that, A LIFE SAVING KIND OF FORMULA.” Madame Demure spelt out slowly as though Captain Ash Gordon was an infant that was unable to comprehend what she was saying.

He also got a warning look from Cindy 4 that suggested he would get another spanking if he was to not be more compliant.
He decided to go along with everything for now until he could find a way some how out of his predicament, even though having to go along with this whole thing of being a good baby girl routine, which was beneath him.

Captain Ash Gordon could see no other way out. “What must I do?” Again his voice was near little girl like when he had asked, so nice and politely.

That is much better, an improvement in fact.” Remarked Madame Demure. “Just do as Cindy here tells you to do and be sure to take your shots on time, I will let Cindy when you will need them. She will be your observer, as she can not very well bee seen by Jessica, so this will be her eyes and ears so to speak.”

Just then a giant hand appeared before Ash Gordon.
Held in it's palm was a giant sized crystal ball, but to Madame Demure, this crystal ball was the size of a marble. “This is a communication's device of a sort, Cindy here will be able to see and hear you, but you won't be able to see it or her. The communications device will be cloaked, so you had best be careful when talking, as it it would not do for you to be seen talking to your self, would it?”

Remarked Madame Demure with a slight chuckle. Captain Ash Gordon groaned, but replied obediently. “No I guess not.”

Good Girl.” Ash Gordon did not like being called a good girl or a baby girl for that matter, but all plans of escape had been dashed away.

He was soon well enough to return back to Jessica.
And as promised, Madame Demure had turned up at the Buttercup house hold with Captain Ash Gordon looking all pretty, wearing the clothes Jessica had originally put him in.

Jessica hugged and squeezed nearly the life out of him, when he had been given over to her. “Oh I am, so very happy you are back and well Baby Jessica.”

I am happy to be back with you too, my Mummy.” Replied Captain Ash Gordon in the most adorable baby girl like voice any Sissy would be proud of. Jessica looked amazed as she actually could understand her Living Doll.

“Oh wonderful, you can talk as well as make cute baby noises!” Remarked Jessica in total surprise and wonderment. Madame Demure smiled.

Why yes of course she can Jessica, I have made Baby Angelica as good as new, better than new in fact...”

Oh thank you, thank you Missy... Baby Angelica is the most perfect and best Living Doll I could ever wish for.” Jessica gave Madame Demure a great big hug. She accepted the embrace and hugged Jessica back just as affectionately.

The days passed by and Captain Ash Gordon was finding it harder each time to fight the effects of the Sissy Gene Serum Madame Demure kept on giving him.

He became very obedient, but there was still traits of defiance that Cindy 4 would have to work on, in exchange in providing Queen Vanessa very detailed plans of Earth's advanced technologies, Queen Vanessa saw to it that Harmony 1 got fully and completely repaired.

So that Cindy could go back along with Captain Ash Gordon to Space Core 6 and tell Admiral Cartwright the good news, that sales negotiations of the Living Doll Series to the Intergalactic Foundation, as well as negotiations of a treaty also with the Intergalactic Foundation...

This was wonderful news, all except for Jessica.
Despite her sometimes bad behaviour, Jessica truly did Love Baby Angelica, her perfect Living Doll. Madame Demure began to work hard on making a Living Doll that looked and acted like Captain Ash Gordon, but no doll ever could be like him.

It was decided that on the last treatment given to Ash Gordon, would be the day Madame Demure would have the hard and terrible task of telling Jessica Buttercup that her Living Doll has Died prematurely...

It was the only thing Madame Demure could come up with as a means of a viable explanation.
Ash Gordon was wearing the frilly pink Metallica dress with matching panties, as this became his Sunday best dress and it was a Sunday.

By now he had several frilly dresses made out of the same material, all in various colours with Metallica, rubber lined frilly pants to match. He was sent to Madame Demure for his last injection of the Sissy Gene Serum.

This had become known to Jessica as a check up of Baby Angelica's systems and to make sure everything was still working OK. Which Jessica had come to accept and was not worried letting Baby Angelica be taken away for a short while, as she always got her Living Doll back again.

But this time, Jessica would not be getting her Living Doll back. Captain Ash Gordon was relieved, the moment he saw Harmony 1 ready to depart, Cindy 4 was making her good bye's to Queen Vanessa, Cindy 4 at best could only mildly imitate the sound of crying, she loved the Valerians and really did not want to go.

A communication had been sent in advance to Admiral Cartwright just basically outlining the brief proposals, though he was surprised that the message had been sent by Captain Ash Gordon's android.

He actually wondered what was wrong with Captain Ash Gordon, but knowing what he knew, Admiral Cartwright had slapped his head and said to himself.

Knowing that moron, as I do, he has probably gotten himself into a whole hep of trouble. When he gets back here, I am going to strip him of his rank and put him in the brig for a good long time.”

Captain Ash Gordon had not been released from the clothes he had on, as he had hoped he would be. He now felt silly being dressed like a baby girl in the pink cockpit of Harmony 1.

Some how the controls of the craft looked strange to him. He near half panicked. “Cindy 4... What the heavens is going on?” His voice only slightly changed and he sounded nearly almost like his old self and not the Sissy Baby Girl he nearly almost had become.

“What is wrong Baby Angelica?”

Hey, stop that you worthless... look I do not know what these controls are for, it is as if all of my knowledge has been taken away from me...”

Just then, Captain Ash Gordon had a dreaded thought.... “Wait a moment... those injections that Demure woman kept on giving me, they have something to do with effecting my ability to fly this craft haven't they?” He remarked in an angry commanding tone of voice.

Cindy 4 sighed, this meant that Baby Angelica still had a lot to learn if she was truly ever going to be a good Sissy Baby Girl.

Don't be so paranoid Baby Angelica and just let me fly this craft for a change.”

Captain Ash Gordon looked at Cindy 4 dumb founded... “What? You know how to fly! Yeah right... and I'm a Sissy Baby Girl...” He remarked in mock gesture. Cindy 4 gave a little giggle that surprised even Ash Gordon.

But you are a Sissy Baby Girl, silly.”
No I'm not and the very moment we get back to Space Core Six, I am going to have you dismantled and put into the mining furnace.” Remarked Captain Ash Gordon harshly.

That was the last straw... Cindy 4 got out of the Cockpit, but she activated the ejecta seat that Captain Ash Gordon was sat in, via remote control.

He was shocked, as one moment he was sat inside of Harmony 1, the next, he was high up in the air, the ejecta seat had been activated and he had shot high into the air like a rocket.

Then his safety harness had some how come loose and his sat fell away from him. Cindy 4 was to the quick, as she ran over to catch Captain Ash Gordon.
But not out of regret or concern as he had hoped.

In one mighty swoop as Cindy 4 managed to catch Captain Ash Gordon, she had some how managed to scoop him high up and over making the skirt of his dress flap up, over and upside down, exposing his frilly and nappy clad butt.

And in no time at all... Cindy 4 was spanking Captain Ash Gordon's bottom.
He cried like a baby to his shame again... Then Cindy 4 carried Captain Ash Gordon over her shoulder, with her frilly and nappy but still facing up exposed to the air.

“Right... when we get back to Space Core Six you bad naughty little girl, the first thing I am going to do, is to parade you around the entire complex, then set up a Sissy Baby Camp with you as the leading mascot...”

Remarked Cindy 4, as she began to make her way back to Harmony 1. “No... please, please don't do that to me Cindy 4, I beg of you.” Cried Captain Ash Gordon and he meant it, Cindy 4 could tell that his pleading was sincere, which only made her smile, in her own way.

“As much it would delight me to put you through that kind of humiliation. I have an even better idea as to compound your punishment.”
Cindy 4 remarked with such wonderful forcefulness, she was becoming a true Mistress.

With that thought, she then stopped, now turned Captain Ash Gordon so he was now facing her, but she still held him tightly against her. “I am from now on, shall be your Mistress and I shall train you to be a good baby girl, I will be your Mistress for the rest of your life...”

Cindy 4 paused. “But you shall not only serve me, you shall also serve Jessica, who shall be your mummy for the rest of your life. And you... my pretty... You shall be our Sissy Baby Girl Living Doll for the rest of your life.”

Ash Gordon froze with horror, suddenly... Cindy 4 had activated a Transmat device and she appeared before a very startled looking Madame Demure.

But once Cindy 4 had explained everything to her, which was in turn explained to Queen Vanessa, who absolutely agreed to Cindy's plans, that Jessica was sent for to meet Cindy and everything was explained to her, she had difficulty at understanding at first.

But she was delighted that Baby Angelica was not a toy doll, she was better than that, despite the truth told to her, Baby Angelica was the best Living Doll she ever could have.

It took some time turning Captain Ash Gordon into the perfect Sissy Baby Girl, but he had become so and was even happy for it too. Baby Angelica was shown images of how she once used to be, which made her even more not want to ever be like that ever again and so Mrs Susana Buttercup, Mrs Katie Buttercup, Jessica Buttercup, Cindy Buttercup and Baby Angelica Buttercup, all truly lived happily ever after...


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Miki Yamuri
Giggles .. cute sweetie

I do lotts livin babydoll ... cuz I one myself ya kno >>blushes pink

The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

Awww, fank you ever so much sweeet Miki fwo your delighfull comment and me sowwy me haveths not been in touch, and on here since my last post, me came down wivs a head cold and small fever, wecovered just last day ago and been spending all day doing this new stowy, so me cuds post it.

Me iseths so glads you wike my stowy and eager to see more, me will be working on that after me haveths had my baby sleep and me shalleths give that pat on my Pet Knarx's cute wittle bottom fwo you, gitggles.


 Giggles .. cute sweetie

I do lotts livin babydoll ... cuz I one myself ya kno >>blushes pink


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Mina Silverwind
wow another cute classic by you, I hope it has a very happy ending when complete. and hugs&kisses.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
very lovely little one. that muse of your is work overtime. i hope do not brun your self out. give a big kiss and biger hug

fron your big sister
come to the light
Arfan, fank you ever so much fwo your wonderful comment.


 wow another cute classic by you, I hope it has a very happy ending when complete. and hugs&kisses.  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fank you Sister Shilong fwo your wonderful comment too. Just sowwy this stowy is not the one me tolds you about in my IM. That came to a quick end, anyway who knows, me may do that at some point in the future, this idea iseths much better than the other one and my muse finks so too, giggles.


 very lovely little one. that muse of your is work overtime. i hope do not brun your self out. give a big kiss and biger hug

fron your big sister


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Sissy Wanda C
Good start. . . keep going.Thanks for the p m .ps Have you read Sistors of the sword yet?Series/story.Best wishes. Sissy Wanda C. xoxo
Another intriguing and highly sophisticated saga begins ... You have no trouble at all imagining convincing and multi-layered worlds for realistic characters to inhabit, without overloading us with unnecessary information (Always a risk of fantasy writing). You also have a great flair for cliff-hanger endings, and I am eager to see how this one is resolved ...
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Very detailed Baby Amy ^w^, where do you dream these up?
Simply lovely, though the cliffhanger leaves me wanting to continue :) Please write more soon darling
"Cotton streaks of rose tangerine
Shades the sunlight's parting gleam
I can feel the breeze caress my cheeks
Whispering melodies lost inside my heart
Violets and daisies line the fields of the park
As I see Ryobaby, picking flowers before dark
For the Sissy Kiss family playing just as they are.

As evening's twilight blossoms behind
The pale, silver moon arising into the sky
Sweet and girly sissies cradle their dollies
Each grasping a violet flower at their side
Given by the compassionate Ryobaby
Whose verses continue to inspire me
Yet time is fading, forgive my inconsistency
I cry for a dream that's more than make-believe
Forever in your honor, Princess of My Twilight"

~Funshine Bear~
One Cute Sweetie
wow what a great start, please carry on :)
Fank you ever so much Sissy Wanda, fwo your wonderful comments, me shalleths takeths a look at your stowy when me can do so and leave a comment fwo you, me do wike to comment on other peoples work, just pwease be patient wivs me.

Me iseths a wery hyperactive baby, so me need to keep doing different fings to keep me occupied, sometimes me suffer, emotionally, which drains me, so, me shalleths do my best to comment fwo you when me haveths some free time.


 Good start. . . keep going.Thanks for the p m .ps Have you read Sistors of the sword yet?Series/story.Best wishes. Sissy Wanda C. xoxo  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Awwww fank you fwo your wonderful comments Andreea, me so can totally relate to what you said about fantasies, me agrees wivs you.

Me find it challanging, even thogh at times difficult making sure wivs all my stories to provide the right ballance of just enough information so that my stowies can flow more fluently.


 Another intriguing and highly sophisticated saga begins ... You have no trouble at all imagining convincing and multi-layered worlds for realistic characters to inhabit, without overloading us with unnecessary information (Always a risk of fantasy writing). You also have a great flair for cliff-hanger endings, and I am eager to see how this one is resolved ...  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Awwww, fank you my sweet Baby Sister Ryobaby, me gets wery much inspired by some of the stowies me see and wead here at sissykiss, and the stories at the storysite.com

All of these help to inspire my imagination, sometimes watching some DVD's or somefing on TV inspires me and sometimes, my imgination all by isself with no outside influence, cunjures up some of the wonderful ideas fwo my stowies.

Me hopeths this explains fings to you and anyone one else who have been wondering the same fing?


 Very detailed Baby Amy ^w^, where do you dream these up?
Simply lovely, though the cliffhanger leaves me wanting to continue :) Please write more soon darling  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Fank you Sister One Cute Sweetie fwo your comment also, will be posting next part of this stowy today, me cuds not get on here at sissykiss yesterday to fank you and everyone else, glads to see the site iseths back up and running again.


 wow what a great start, please carry on :)  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

What another great story can't wait for next part pleeeease
Fank you Sissieann fwo your comment, me will be posting the next part right away.


 What another great story can't wait for next part pleeeease  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

very nice little one. your one hell of a wirther. you wrote fichin, horrer, your own tell now sci fi. this story is like land of the giants meet flash gordon.
i hope you get beter little sis.

form big sister
shi long
come to the light
Awwww, wow, oh fank you fwo such a wonderful compliment my Bis Sister Shilong, fank you, me twying to sleep, but me keep on being woken up by violent sneezes, me hopeths to get better and more importantly, some sleep.


Your Baby Sister

 very nice little one. your one hell of a wirther. you wrote fichin, horrer, your own tell now sci fi. this story is like land of the giants meet flash gordon.
i hope you get beter little sis.

form big sister
shi long  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Miki Yamuri
this is another cute addition sweetie. Only suggestions tho ... >>shygiggles

The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

Miki, fank you wery much fwo your comment, oopsies, giggles, fank you fwo letting me knows about the wittle height mistake, me a sillly Sissy, me hads not noticed that, fank you fwo bringing it to my attention in such a nice sweet way.

Much appweciated and me haveths corrected the matter, fankies ever so much Miki, you're so sweet. Me giveths you a BIG Baby Kwissy. 


 Giggles .. cute sweetie

I do lotts livin babydoll ... cuz I one myself ya kno >>blushes pink


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Thank you for another excelent installment. ***Hugs*** You have a flair for creating protagonists who are flawed enough for us not to feel too sorry for them, and the Flash Gordon connection in this case is nicely drawn, and reminds us how this whole premise is quite similar to early science-fiction serials and movies (Planet of giants, female domination, etc). Thus, a referential story, but one with its own unique beauty and appeal.
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
One Cute Sweetie
Thanks for posting the next bit, Cant wait for more.
Oooh, this part is even greater sis! I wonder what Ash is gonna do...? ^_^ I adore this story, please continue it soon!
"Cotton streaks of rose tangerine
Shades the sunlight's parting gleam
I can feel the breeze caress my cheeks
Whispering melodies lost inside my heart
Violets and daisies line the fields of the park
As I see Ryobaby, picking flowers before dark
For the Sissy Kiss family playing just as they are.

As evening's twilight blossoms behind
The pale, silver moon arising into the sky
Sweet and girly sissies cradle their dollies
Each grasping a violet flower at their side
Given by the compassionate Ryobaby
Whose verses continue to inspire me
Yet time is fading, forgive my inconsistency
I cry for a dream that's more than make-believe
Forever in your honor, Princess of My Twilight"

~Funshine Bear~
Oh wow, oh what a wonderful comment Andreea, me gushing posatively pink, giggles. Me so much a Sissy, me blush pink instead of red, giggles.

Fank you fwo the most wonderful pwaise and swetest comments you haveths ever given me Andrea, fank you so, so much.


 Thank you for another excelent installment. ***Hugs*** You have a flair for creating protagonists who are flawed enough for us not to feel too sorry for them, and the Flash Gordon connection in this case is nicely drawn, and reminds us how this whole premise is quite similar to early science-fiction serials and movies (Planet of giants, female domination, etc). Thus, a referential story, but one with its own unique beauty and appeal.  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Oh fank you wery much fwo your comment Baby Sister. Me so glads you wike this second part.


 Oooh, this part is even greater sis! I wonder what Ash is gonna do...? ^_^ I adore this story, please continue it soon!  


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

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