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a young collage student accepts more than he should in life
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"Bill did you pick up the dry cleaning for me I have that big dinner and oh make sure my blue dress is ready for tommorw nights dinner."

Bill did pretty much what his mom wanted him to do and he was a very agreeable person and in some case's more than he should.

Jane came to the door looking for Bill they had been best friends for as long as any one can remember .

"Ms Duncan is Bill here?"

"Yes dear he is here he is putting away my dry cleaning for me, I dont know what im going to do after he leaves for collage."

"Now look dear you two should stay out until around nine so you two go do something fun ."

Bill came down stairs wearing a blue t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Bill it's ninty degrees outside dont you ever wear shorts?"


"Dont like them."

"Oh well lets go ."

"hey lets go see that new romantic comdey I have been talking aobut."

"Sure why not."

"See Bill thats what i have been telling you your just to damn agreeable you hate romance and comdies you prefer crap blowing up but i suggested we go to it just to prove to you how much of a push over you really are."

"Im no push over I was being nice."

"Nice you call that being nice what about getting your moms cloths ready for dinner tommorow night guys dont do that sort of thing and yet your mom can get you to do it no problem or how about the time she made you model a dress she was altering for her birthday because your both the same size."

"Well we are twins you know."

"Yeah I know but your even talked into trying on cloths for your sister just to see if it makes her ass look fat."

"I know your a little more fem than most guys hell who am I kidding out side of your cock you look justl ike your twin and you let her use that."

"thats why guys have never really liked you as friend and the fact your only friends are girls."

"So all my friends are girls big deal whats wrong with that?"

"Nothing I guess I just wish you would not agree to every thing any one asks of you."

"Well do you want to go see the movie or not?"

"How aboout we go see something we both will like."

They finaly chose a action movie that both had wanted to see.

After the movie they were heading back to Bill's house.

"You know they have a party planed for us dont you?"

"Yeah my aunt gave it away last sunday when she told me she would see me this week end ."

"How did you find out?"

"How could I not with as loud as mom talks I mean she is like a damn loud speaker."

"Bill your terrible I know but you know it is what it is."

Bill and Jane walked in the door and every one jumped out yelling surprise.

The mood was very festive and finaly it was time for presents.

"Well I have a present of sorts for you two I found you a house we rented it for the duration of collage that way you have the chance to study with out any interuptions."

Now the rent is paid for three months then you may want to get some peole to help pay the rent.
Well its kinda late here im tired nay way so Im going to stop here

HUggs and Kiss's

Monday morning Bill and Jane took off for collage they had take they had went in two seperate cars.

Once they had arrived at the house ,the house was huge .

It was just off the road road abit it had a long drive way lined with hedges and it was inside of collage town.

Bill and jane were the first ones to arrive .

"Bill I invited some friends of mine to share the rent hope you do not mind you know you can ask some friends of yours to come live here too."

"Most of my friends went to other schools so it's cool."

Jane fumbled with the keys while Bill held her trunk while she did it.

once inside the huge place was furnished compleatly except for a tv and stero and other electronics.

Bill brought in Janes stuff and then his he found a room .

Bill started to unpack he started with putting his underware away.

"Aw thats great !!"

the dresser leaned forward and then fell.

With the loud crash Jane came running to see what had happened.

she saw Bill picking up the dresser.

"you ok?"

"Yeah the leg is broke on the dresser it will need to be replaced."

"I had just gotten my underware in it when it fell."

"I will Call my Dad in the morning Bill he will have it fixed for us. by tommorw Im sure."

I guess I will wait untill tommorw then to un pack my suit case then.

Bill finished hanging up the rest of his cloths then as he had just finished hooking up his computer the door bell rang.

Bill and Jnae both went to the door and it was a delivery guy.

I have a tv for Mr. Donner."

"I'm Bill Donner."

"Sign here and my guys will set it up . it was a huge 54" wide screen tv and a stero it was in fact a compleat entertainment syestem.

Bill had went out the next morning to regester and get books for his class's .

When he got back he saw the dresser had been replaced and the two new room mates.

"Bill great your home I want you to meet Tina and Tj they are my friends from Cheerleader camp and they will be living with us."

"Great nice to meet you ."

"Jane has told us all about you and how sweet you are."

Bill blushed.

the Bill and the girls talked and then got dinner ready for school the next day.

Bill procrasenated about putting stuff in the dresser .

Bill knew he had already put his underware in the dreeser .

He went to the dresser after a shower to get some underware and it was EMPTY!!!


"Whats wrong Bill my underware is gone and I dont want to go comando and I dont have the money or time to go get some more."

Hey Bill I got some un opend packs of panties in my room it beats nothing."

"BIll agreed and Jane went to her room and came back with the panties.

She handed him two packs of panties some with prints and others bright colors

"You had to give me the most colorful ones you have dont you."

I like bright colors ."

"Im sorry Its just the fact im having to wear panties.
Feeling a bit under the weather today so Im going to come back later sinus you know

HUggs and kiss's


Billl opened the pack and took out a blue pair with litte hearts on it .

he slipped them on .

hey these feel nice and soft. the soft cotton was very soft against his skin.

he had a rageing hard on but his penis was so small due to a acceadent you could not tell if he had one or not

Bill finished getting dressed.

"Jane whered did my underware go any way?"

" did you put them in the top dreaw of the dresser ?"

"Yes ."

"when they came and replaced it thats what happened."


Well Im feeling a bit ill Call it a day

HUggs and KIss



Bill finished gettting dressed and knowing it would be the week end before he could go and get some more for he had a very busy week ahead so he would simply have to deal with it.

Bill admitted to himself they were very comfortable ,he wondered if all girl cloths felt this good.

He then wondered if she had even think of buying any more underware it felt nice and soft unlike the baggy boxers and the corse feeling cotton briefs ,he did know that his small package was to blame for the lack of comfort in his underware but the form fitting panties seemed to be very comforrtable.

"Bill I got to go are you going to be ok in my hearts?"

"yeah I will be fine but you know its going to be the end of the week before I return them."

"Uh Bill you can keep them girls dont share panties even if they were washed and dry cleaned a thousand times it's just not done."

"did not know that I will keep that in mind next time."

Jane turned and gave him a look at the odd comment maybe he was just playing around are maybe he was serious who knew knowing bill.

The day went on and no one knew he was wearing panties even though to him they shouted hey man in panties here.

No one laughed or made fun of him at all it was as if nothing was out of place of course this was collage which ment things were ment to be tried but Bill knew he could not go around wearing panties sooner or later some one would find out.

Bill got back to the house when he saw Tina with a bed looking at it with a tear in her eye.

"whats wrong Tina?"

"This bed its too big to go in my room and I dont want to store it in a shed what am I going to do?"

"I dont know maybe I can come up with something ."

"Do you mean you will help me ?"

"Sure if I can"

Bill then got the old feeling he had when Jane would sucker him in to something but it was to late to back out now.

"Well I have thought of a way you can help me"

"I dont want to swap rooms and there is more to it than the bed its a whole suit how about we take the bed room suit in here down and set this one up the bed has a great mattress and you will get a great nights sleep."

Bill knew all to well the rest of the suit was in his room already from the way she was acting.

Ok sure I guess it's not like Im going to be bringing girls back here any way.

Tina had not thought about how Bill would feel she had heard from Jane how much of a push over he was but now she sinced there were issues with Bill she had not counted on.

Bill took the rest of the bed in his room and set it up.

"Tina please tell me you got my cloths out of the draws?"

"Yup panties and all."

"I even was nice enough to finish un packing for you and I have a question you dont have to anwser if you dont wont to ."

"Whats that?"

"She then held up his penil support."

"Bill turned a beat red"

"when I was a kid I was in a car wreck it messed my my penis if you can call it that any more and I use that to hold my penis in place the tissue is weak and the muscles are to weak and cause it to sag a bit to a painful point because underware is so lose on me."

"Except today when I had to wear panties I did not even need it and it felt more comfortable that I ever had."

"so thats what you ment when you said it's not like you would bring a girl back up here."

"I see you even put curtines up."

"Yeah it looks like my room back home except for the posters."

"You know Jane is right about you ."

"What that im a push over not just that its like theres more to you than any one knows and I intend to find out as much as I can."

Jane made it home to find Bill laying on Tina's bed with her suit in his room."

"Uh hi Bill whats all this?"

Bill told Jane about the situation and that he had agreed to keep it here until she could find another place for it.

"Well Bill your such a push over I mean really this is a girls bed room suit you know that I know your not dumb."

"I know but its not like im going to bring any one here I have no friends here accept girls ."

"Well this is true im not mad I just dont like anyone else takeing advantage of you other than me."

she then laughed so did Bill cuase she never really took advantage of him.

Over the past few days Bill had started to like the panties insted of the penil support he had to deal with the thing hurt when he used it and not to mention that the excitement of wearing panties had faded and a comfort issue had come to mind if he wore panties he did not have to wear the support .

Bill started to make excusses as to why had not bought any new underware but he had been secertly buying them here and there online.

He thought no one knew what he was doing.

"Hey Bill I need to ask you something?"

"Whats up Jane?"

"Well I have noticed different panties in your laundry bag lately more do more than the ones that i gave you."

"Uh well you see I uh um ..."

"Spit it out already!!"

"I have been buying them on line they are a lot more comfortable than that pennies support I have to wear if I wear the underware I use to."

Bill bowed his head in shame.

"Bill its ok I understand I have always wondered if panties would work better with you who knows may be girls jeans would work better on you."

"Uh why did you mention jeans Jane?

"You heard about the fire at the campus laundry?"

"The cloths that caught fire were yours."


"Yeah all your cloths went up in smoke."

"the school says that they will remeberce for for the cloths next month."

"So what do I do In the mean time?"

"Go naked though I dont think any one would notice"

"No once again its me to the rescue I found some jeans I dont wear alot that look more like guy jeans and I found a few generic t-shirts and some close enough to pass for a guys shirt."

"There in your room so you can try them on."

"Dman at this rate I might as well wear a bra."

Bill walked in and saw the cloths ,he tried on the jeans they felt better than what he had worn they were tighter around the crotch area which ment extra support for him not to mention they felt smooth.

The shirts were genric looking but on the insde of each was a sewn in breast support to help with Janes massive breast but no one could tell that they were there unless some one touched you on the chest.

Jane looked at the cloths as he tried them on .

It did not bother him she was in there when he was undressed nor her cause they both knew he could do nothing any way and beside that they were the best of friends he had seen her naked before too Jane looked at him like a sister of sorts.

"You know Bill my cloths fit you better than yours dose."

"Im discovering that I just might have to buy jeans like yours so I dont have to worry about comfort any more."

"Yeah and we can go shopping together."

"They both laughed at the idea of shopping together but Bill thought it might be nice to at least then he would have more in common with Jane nad other girls than just being friends ."
Well Im gonna stop here and start more later hope you like it

HUggs and Kiss's

Bill had all ways cosidered Jane his best friend in the world and he never showed a romantic intrest in her or any one for that matter but Bill wanted to be more than just that weird guy friend that always hung around.

Jane had always thought of Bill like a sister but most of the rest of his friends thoguht of him as that all most gay guy friend that you told secerts and asked opions of what other guys thouoght.

"Bill are you serious about going and buying some jeans like mine?"

"Sure why not they fit better and I wont have to wear that damn penial support that thing hurts."

"BIll have you ever thought of having it removed?"

Tina had asked not meaning to mean or cruel just curious.

"Well Tina I have and even asked mom and Dad to let me do it when I was twelve but dad always wante a baseball or foot ball player out of me but insted he got a male cheerleader he was pretty mad about it but it was the only sport I was accepted me."

"Really you were a cheer leader?"

"Yup he was ."

"Did he wear the skirt or the pants?"

"He wore the pants even though he has the body to wear the skirt and no one would know the difference even here."

"You do know Bill that the cheer leaders are looking for one more girl and you could be it."

"How do you know that?"

"Because the coach saw your videos of you cheering at high school and wanted you to be the new girl not a guy but a girl she already has enough guys."

"Hey its better than sitting up here doing nothing during the week end."

"This is true I may think aboout it."

"I would do more than think about it."

"Well i guess I could try out it's not like my dad is around any more to stop me."

"What do you mean?"

"His dad left them hi and dry after his mom put her foot down about park and rec sports he got hurt real bad and it was due yo the way his body is ."

"He has more the body of a girl than a guy any way he got hurt and his mom told him he was not playing any more he walked out a few days later."

"Jane can I answer my questions?"

"Oops sorry bill its just I lived it with you and I some times get carried away."

"Its ok I can use you as a recorder in class tommorow."

They all laughed and went to the mall.

once inside the mall they all went to various shops and Bill did not get one strange look the sales girls were all to happy to help.

"Bill you might as well buy some lingery while were here I odnt see you given them up."

"Your right I might as well it feels better than that supprt."

"Hey Bill lets go over there to Bellsha we can get your ears pirced there."

"Hell why not ."

"They went into Bellsha's and Billy sat down at the counter looking at earrings on disply counter.

"Hello dear lets see about a compleat facial and then you can chose some nice ear rings."

Bill shrugged his shoulders and let the lady start the girls noticed Bill letting the lady give him a facial.

"She had started with a mud mask and cucumber eye mask.

Bill was loving the feeling of being pampered and just went with the flow.

The sales lady convinced Bill he needed all the items used on him so he did what any collage girl would do and that was buy it all.

Shortly there after Bill found some dangly heart ear rings and bought two other pair one a piece sign and the other a cat.

He was eating all this pampering up like a old cat getting a good petting.

After ever thing was done the girls looked shocked at the out come.

" i dont think I can call you Bill any more I can call you Billie but the way you look right now your no guy and looked as if you never were."

The Girls agreed it would be Billie while he was made up like this.

"How about we get your hair done."

"Why not got every thing else done might as well finish the job."

Jane looked at him in a different light now Billie was a real girl and he seemed a lot happier than he had ever been.

They went To the scary hair salon.

there Billie got her hair done the ladie gave her some bangs and styled her long hair so there would be no mistake Bill was now Billie.

"Hey Billie you know what we need now?"

"what that Tina skirts dress's and most of all shoes."

"So the girls went to all the dress shops and shoe store's Billie ended up with a compleat wardrobe."

"We should go out tonight in our new cloths and show Billie off the new girl in school."

Bill hada not felt this good about himself or he thought maybe herself in a long time hell who was he kidding Bill now Billie had never felt this great about anything until now.

The girls got home and Billie tried on every out fit again giving a mock fashion show."

TJ could not believe that the boy she meet her first night here was Bill.

"Uh Tina Jane , Billie I got some bad news today and I have to leave collage for a while and Im not sure if I will make it back this semister."

"When are you leaving?"

"tonight I dont know what happend to Bill if I can call you that any more Billie is much better for you now."

"What happend TJ?"

Mom and Dad were in a bad car accident and they are going to need my help with things."

"we're sorry to hear that please stay in touch?"

"I will but that is a two way street."

"Billie Im sorry to be such a kill joy but I do have to leave tonight."

"Tj had taken the last of her things to her car and was sending a truck to pick up the rest of the stuff later."

"TJ had left and the girls did not want that to dampen the coming out party for Billie.

They went to a club call YOU SAID WHAT?really that is the name of the place.

Billie had no clue as to what kind of club it was not until he got there.
Well I had to write out Tj she did not get mentioned and I kept forgetting about her so I sent her home. lol

Any way leave comments and I hope you love the story.

HUggs and Kiss's


Bill decided on a pink skirt and black middrift top with rockstar in sparkles on it and a pair of white sandles.

Bill did not have toshave or remove his body hair because his skin was already that way of the fact of the conditions of the accident that had left him in such a fem state.

"Bill you cant go out like that."


"Sill you need to wear a bra all girls wear a bra , you dont want to look like a slut do you?"

Tina followed Bill back to his room and Tina found a black lacy bra that went very well with his outfit.

The Bra was bought a perfect size and filled itself because Bill did have breast small ones to start with.

the reason is that since testron could not be produced female hormons were reliesed in to his system and caused breast growth .

the pills he use to take stopped the growth for the most part but he was still growing.

Even though Bill had been wearing baggy shirts to hide this fact Jane and Tina knew it .

"Bill ."

"Yeah Jane?"

"I have a question."


"why dont you stop taking those pills that stop your breast growth?"

"Well according to the doc I would end up with breast bigger than my sisters and at a very fast rate."

"Yes and?"


"are you a girl or a guy?"

"I'm a girl."

"So if your a girl and girls have breast dont you think you got it easier than others because all you got to do is stop taking it?"

"All girls want big breast and you shoould be no different."

Jane walked over to his dresseer and picked up the pill bottle.

"what are you doing?"

She then walked in the bath room and flushed them down the tolit.

"Hey why did you do that?"

"It's obvious dont you think your gonna have breast and damn your dad you have been doing what your dad wants and his not even around any more."

"It's time to do what you want and what yoyu want is to be Billie you admitted that yesterday."

"So now there is no turning back."

"Whats My mom gonna say?"

"I know whats she is going to say."

"Hows that?"

"I called her last night and told her about what you had decided."

"she was very happy about it, when you get home oyu will have a whole new bed room suit at home."

A flash from a cammra went off.

"And now she knows what her new daughter looks like."

she then pressed the send button on her phone.

"Hey you two are ya'll going to mess around all night or are we going clubing?"

Billie and Jane followd Tina out the door and to the club called WHAT!!.

"So whats the name of this place?"


"I said whats the name of this club we're going to?"


BIllie was getting a little ticked at the answer.

"Billie the club is called What."

"Oh I see well that name could piss people off if they did not know it was a named that."

"Like you almost did?"

Billie smiled and noded.

Once there the club was really hoping it was full of people but not to many as to whwere you could not have a good time.

Billie started to look around and he noticed there were girls with girls and guys with guys and some very obvious cross dressers.


"What Billie see that over there in the blue dress?"

"eww gross he has a beard and every thing."

"just wait let him turn around."

No sooner had Billie said it the guy in the dress turned and his strapless dress and he had hair on his back not just a little that was noticable but it was almost like he had fur.

"I think we should call him fuzzy wuzzy."

They all laighed at Tina's joke.

The girls got up and started to dance with each other in hopes of a guy or a girl asking them to dance.

"Jane why did you come here I know it's me coming out but there's nothing for you two"

Jane smiled.

"Silly Im Bi I have laways been bi."

"Just not openly ,when TJ and Tina came I expearmented abit a bit and decided I liked it and lean more toward women."

"Oh so this is your coming out party to."

"Yeah I guess you can say that."

A guy behind them was danceing and had heard the girls talking and went to the Dj booth.

"HEY!!! Hey!!! we have two coming out parties going on here!!!.

Then a spot light shined on them .

"Wave so every one can see you!!!"

BIllie and Jane waved there hands and a siren went off and multiple different colored lights flashed
The DJ came out of the booth with his Mic and walked up to Jane and Billie.

"Ok you two how are you coming out?"

"Whats your name Little Lady?"

"OK Jane how are you coming out?"

"Im BI."

"Great there should be lots of ladies and gents here to buy you a drink here tonight."

"Im here with my girl friend."

"Aw to bad peps."

"Ok now Awsome babe How are you coming out?"

"I decide it was time for me to be the girl I should be."

"Oh ho!!! There should be some nice men here to buy you a drink and have a good time with."

"your not with some one are you?"


"Oh yea!!! Fellows this is your lucky night she is free single !!!!"

Well its getting good here and what is going to happen next?

Well here is where Im going to stop for now.

HUggs and Kiss's

It was not long before cute guy after cute guy was asking Billie to dance she danced with every one.

The guy that had heard the conversation and had told the DJ that there was a coming out party and thanks to him drinks were free and so were the snacks they served cheese stix wings and that sort of thing.

He finaly came up to Billie and asked her to dance .

"I'm Dale And your name is Billie now right?"

"Yup it is ."

"Would you like to dance?"

"I'm kinda tired im not feeling real well but ok one dance."

Tina noticed it first she was holding her groin a little something was wrong and they all three knew it.

After the dance Billie started to hurt worse a bit and you could see the pain on her face.

"Uh Dale Im feeling worse its not you are any thing but I got to go."

Dale seemd to be getting mad while he could not see Billie was in pain .

"Your nothing but some trick you know that your a cheap whore and I hope you get yours!"

Dale stormed out and was not seen any more.

Tina and Jane was helping Billie out just as they got to the parking lot there Dale stood with a knief in his hand.

"What do you want?"

"I want Billie she at least owes me a good blow job after what I did for y'all and I intend to get it one way or another!!"

"Tina was a small but resourcful girl so she tossed her purse to the ground while Jane was holding BIllie up."


Dale charged Tina and as he got close she close lined him knocking him to the ground.

This how ever did not discourage him one bit, he then got up with his knief in his hand he started to wave it around.

"Billie was really starting to hurt real bad now and Jane laid her down on the ground and tried to comfort her.

Dale ran at Tina again this time she tripped him.

Again he got up this time he tossed the knief aside and pulled a gun from his pants.

Tina knew she had to defend Billie and Jane .

Jane started to call 911 for Billie but Dale fired the gun and ordered Jane to put the phone down.

Then he turned back to Tina only she was no longer there while he was distracted Jane pressed the snd buttion and yelled help into the phone.

Jane looked up and saw Dale standing there with the gun pointed at her head.

Before he could even pull the trigger A arm came across his chest with the discarded knief and stabbed him in the gut.

The sound of sirens filled the air and screams cmae from Jane as she noticed Billie was not breathing and had started to do cpr on her.

Dale fell to his knees as the bounceer and DJ came running out of the club.

The bouncer was a huge bald guy who looked like the mr clean guy who went to make sure Dale was down .

The knief had done its job, he was not dead but he would soon learn sex would be way different for the assult which he would be a jail bird soon enough.

The cops arrived saw the state Billie was in and picked her up and not waiting on the ambulance he put her in the back of his car and Jane got in and off they went to the hospital.

Tina and the other cop spoke while his partner took Billie

"UH officer I can give you a lift and tell you every thing you need to know because I was the one fighting that jerk."

"Sure that will be fine."

"Im armed I dont think you can hurt me."

"Thats what he thought too and I kicked his ass."

"True but I have handcuffs , got to get them on me first."

She then laughed.

Tina made it to the hospital and found Jane sitting in the waiting room.

"Whats going on with Billie?"
Well so what is wrong with Billie? hmm I wont tell until Friday maybe lol
leave a idea or two on my blog and or here you guess.

Well well a cliff hanger of sorts so do you have a clue with Billie?

All for Now

HUggs and Kiss's


"I dont know yet I called his mom she is on her way she left a few minutes ago she's flying up here to be with her."

"So you have accepted Bill As Billie and as a girl?"

"Yup ."

"Why so quick to accept him as such?"

"Well I grew up with Billie and we have shared a lot of good times bad times and just down right nightmarish times ."

"You see when Bill was around seven he was injured in a car accident around his penis area ."

"The doc told his Dad and Mom that it would be best if it was removed compleatly."

"But his dad wanted his son to be the mans man he was but since he was so damaged he could not produce testron so he started to look more like his twin sister."

"The doctor went on to tell them if they did not have it removed it would be very painful for him if he did not use some sort of support,so his dad spent a small fourtune have a support made for Bill."

"None the less his mom wanted Bill to be comfortable and tried as she might she could not convence him to allow Bill to become Billie then .

"When Bill started looking more like a girl than a guy his dad spent more money and a lot of it on pills that could slow the female hormon devolpment."

"Did you not notice that after Billie stopped taking them in a few hoours his breast were 2 cup sizes bigger and his voice was higher."

"I did but I thought it was just me."

"Nope I knew it would happen that fast."

"Any way he was so damaged down there that he did have to have surgery to re route his urinery tract and has had to pee like a girl since then."

"I have been there for her for so long and she was there for me so we're more like sisters than friends for a long time."

"His dad's pride caused a lot of hardship on him no guy would ever be his friend because he was slowly changeing despite the pills so he was labled a freak until I stood up for him and well my friends accepted him ."

"Wow I guess he has had a lonely life."

"Not really since his dad travled alot he got to go to a lot of sleep overs but at my house and other girls house's as well he was aceppted a long time ago as a girl except by him."

"one day his mom told his dad he needed to take bill into consideration because he was always complaning about how the support always hurt him."

"His dad got so mad when she told him to let go of his macho male pride and let Bill be and allow him to wear panties insted of the support he had to wear."

"I noticed he was a lot happier when he started to wear panties and seemd to be in a better mood."

"I thought he had discovered his sexuilty but it was more than that I guess."

"Yes it was ."

"So what happend with his dad?"

"Well His dad finely got tired of his mom constant nagging aboout How bill would be better off if he had the surgey so he hit her no strike that he beat her to a pulp and no one has seen him but his lawers made sure Bill had no choice but to continue the path his dad had laid before him."

"So what now?"

"I dont know Tina I just dont know."

"So when Bill freaked oout about you tossing those pills down the tolite it was because of the attorneys?"

"Yup but I told him to tell his dad to kiss his ass and do what he knows he should do."

while Tina and Jane where talking down the hall Tina spotted BIll she thoguht.

"Jane look Billie is ok he is right there."

"she pointed .

"No thats Erica his twin sister."

"wow thats creeepy how much they look alike."

"Jane waved her hand and Erica saw them and went that way."

"Hi jane how is Bill?"

"We dont know he is in surgey."

"What do you know?"

"she started hurting at the club in her groin and things went from bad to worse so we came here."

"Im sorry Im Erica I did not mean to ignor you its just that my brother....

Erica started to tear up a bit.

"Uh Erica Bill is now Billie tonight was her coming out party a lot has happend in the past few weeks."

"This dose not sound good for mom."

"DOnt worry worry he did not have it removed he just started wearing panties and then it went into cloths and this after noon he did not take his pills so in a few hours he reached a c-cup and looks more like you than you do well you know what I mean."

"god I hope dad dose not find out about this."

As Erica looked down the hall she saw the one person she did not want to see ever again her dad."

"He saw Erica and Jane and came down to them.

"oh great he did find out."

Sam stood over six feet tall and towered over all the girls.

Sam is Bill and Erica's dad.

Sam grabbed Erica and pulled her to the side roughly but soon regretted it when she flipped him over her shoulder.

Sam found himself on the floor.

"Now lets get one thing stright I dont live with you and to me your no longer family and women today can defend them selves as you can see so dont put your hands on me or mom because oyu will pay."

"Im sorry Erica now please tell whats going on."

"Jane knows more she was just about to tell me what was going on."

A few moments later Bill's mom showed up teary eyed and stressed from worry about Billie.

Tina wanted to ask some questions but thought better of it until she knew to keep her mouth shut after what Jane had just told her.
Well are we still wondering what is wrong with Billie I bet you are hehe any way I plan on finishing up friday or monday not real sure.

hope you have enjoyed thus far I have and Im have a bit of fun by teaseing you about what is wrong with Billie

HUggs and Kiss's


"Kate whats going on here what is wrong with him?"

"How would I know he is in surgy and I got here after you."

"I just want to remind you of what the judge said about removing his penis."

"Really you came all this way to remind me of the suffering you have caused him by not letting that painful apendage remain."

"He is still a man."

"Sam your an ******* ."

Sam grabbed Kate Erica came around the corner to see what was going on.

she eyed her father with a look it was time to leave mom alone.

Erica knew all to well why he was there , Bill was in his will and no one else.

every thing went to a male herie not his mom or sister were mentioned in it and as long as Bill kept his penies Bill got every thing.

Bill had went through hell for that very reason because his plan was to give it all to his mom and let her do with it what she wanted and if his mom was gone he would split it between his sister and him.

It was hours that had passed by before the surgerical nurse came out to give them a update.

"Who here is family?

every one raised there hand except Tina.

"Its ok she is withu s she can hear it to."

Erica spoke befroe her dad could answer.

"Well the worst part is over for now but there are things lots of things that need to be dealt with before the doctor will go any futher."

"Whats wrong with him?"

"Well the poor soul should have his penis removed compleatly or it could cause another blood clot or a anurisim and kill him."

"we were able to remove the clot but there is a lot of work to be done. yet for he is far from out of the woods."

"Can we talk to him?"

"Not yet Mr. Donner, he is still alseep and will remain that way until the morning."

Kate looked at her ex husband with a angery look and if looks could kill they would have.

"Are you happy this could have killled Billie."

"Who is Billie?"

"Your former son he started wearing panties then girls cloths then he was happy and became Billie."

"Well we will change that right back the way it was."

Sam left the hospital and had already called his atorney trying get things to the way he wanted them.

"Kate was in tears for she knew what he was up to but she had been smart enough to get her own attorney .

"Mom why dont we get somthing to eat your tired I have already paid for a hotel for you."

"No dear bring me somthing to eat I will wait right here until I know he is ok I mean she is ok ."

"If your day has his way he will keep Billie in this same sad shape again."

"Mom it will be alright Jane looked up im not going any where either."

"Tina would you go get us something to eat my treat."

"Jane smiled as she offered it to every one."

about an hour later Sams atorney showed up with two police officers.

they were posted out side of Bill's door.

"Whats this all about?"

"Here Ms Donnor ."

"It's a legal writ it says no one other than the doctors or himself can enter."

"This is not legal and you know it just because Sam is rich dose not mean he can control Bill nor dose it mean He can keep me out."

Erica had just passed the bar and read the writ.

"Mom let me see it."


"Well Mom is right it's not legal it says the parent in singular as if mom dose not exsit how ever Mom has all legal rights to go in there if she wish's and there is nothing you can do about it."

"Why is that?"

"Look at his Birth cirtificate it say mother Kate Donnor and father Sam Donor the lettering makes the paper good for the trash."

"really either way you put it she still has rights oh and one other thing so dose Bill he is eighteen."

"The aggrement was voided when Bill turned eighteen for he has the legal rights to do as he wish's to his body and the paer states that Mom cant do any thing about have that thing removed."

The man looked at the paper laid it down on a chair.

"well there is one thing you did not coount on miss and thats the fact your dad has almost every judge in his pockets and can do what ever he wants law or not.

"I'm afriade your wrong beside who signed it?"

"Judge Watson."

Erica had a smile on her face ten miles wide.

"What are you smiling aboout?"

"Simple I knew dad would pull something like this and so I recorded the conversation."

"Its legal and before you ask your not getting any tape from me."

"there was more than just Erica's recorder Jane had her cell phone cam going and Tina had one of those school recorders the real small ones that fit in your ear."

No one else said any thing about what they had done.

"Give me that!!"


"I will get it by morning before you can go to court in the morning."

"Jane smiled because even if Ericas got took Jane and Tina still had hers.
Well now we know whats wrong now whats going to happen next will sam fidn a way to keep bill as he is or will Things go in another diraction.

Hehe just wait and see.

It's late so I must go hope you like the up date.

HUggs and kiss's

Billie had come too when Mr Donnor arrived Kate was already in talking to him making sure she was ok.

Sam looked at the two police officers.

"I will have your job's for letting them in why are they in there!!?"

The officer handed Mr. Donnor a injunction on the order he had made last night.

"Dad your not the only one with firends in high places."

"Since you last so us i graduated law school and Im now partner with one of the biggest law firms in the state."

"We eat documents like that for a snack."

"Now if you dont let up I will own every thing you have and that includes those kammen accounts your swiss accounts and what ever else can find."

"Your nothing Erica and I can do as i wish."

"I wish to speak to him alone."

dispite everyone's objection's Sam insisted.

Billie then raised his head.

"Dad you can kiss my ass it's my body and if I want to have that pain removed I intend on doing so and not just that i intend on haveing a vigina put there in its place."

"I just wish you knew all the pain I have went through your way all most cost me my life."

"I will stop you !!!"

"I can control what i want when I want and you Bill are not going to do any thing like that your still my son!!"

"I will get a injuction and stop this I will pay who ever to stop you boy you let these Women tant you!!" you will come home with me when you get out and we will man you up."

"Say's who Dad?"

"Says me boy!"

"You dont get it do you ?"

"get what?"

"Im over eighteen I can make my own dessions on what i want and IM not stupid I dont want to die so it will be removed."

The nurse had heard the comoation and made every one leave .

"Now lets get your blood presure done and tell me whats going on you looked stressed."

"Its my dad he is a ass hole who is trying to stop having that apendage that caused the clot to be removed because he thinks it whats makes a man a man and he is filthy rich and can almost get away with any thing he wants."

"Now ,Now dear I know a few people who can handle a problem like that ."

"I dont want him dead."

"No No you have me all wrong he will have a new look on life from a less controled point in life."


"Dont worry one bit Billie you will have what you want and your father will get what he deserves."

"Good ole Tulula will take care of every thing."

The strange nurse left and Bill thought she sounded like she was from some place like africa or some place like that he was not sure but she seemed nice enough.

Bill's dad snuck back in to his room.

"Bill I'm sorry for yelling at you thats now way for a grown man to act."

"Now you need to man up and not worry about what this doctor has told you."

"I have already sent for one of my doctors he will tell you the truth."

"Who's truth dad?"

"DO you even care that i almost died?"

"Of corse I do my sould herie to every thing i own dead befroe me."

"Is that all your worried about who gets your money after you die?"

The door to Bills room flew open and Erica came in to make her dad leave bill alone.

As Erica and Sam started yelling at each other the alarms went off on the monitor and bills has had rolled in the back of his head.

The head nurse Tulula came running in pushing a crash cart.

the doctor came running in and saw the blood presure was very very low and he was in cardiac arrest.

"Mr Donor get out!!! Now!!!"

"You to miss Erica let us take care of Billie here you two take that out side."

Just after a doctor walked in .

"Who are you?"

"Im Bills new doctor Dr. watts."

"he dont need a new doctor and if mr donnor hired you you are not wanted here the boy dose not need any stress he all most died from a fight Mr Donnor and his daughter had in front of him, now get out of this room."

"Do you know who I am?"

"I would say a ass hole like Mr.Donnor with a medical degree, now scoot."

"Ok the doctor wants to talk to the fmaily so go into the conference room he is tired of all the shananagins going on here."

"You to doctor fancy pants."

The Hospital has informed me since Bill is of legal age no one can preform any treatment on him un less its life saving nothing can be done until he makes a choice ."

"How ever that excludes surgey of any sort so if another clot forms which is what we are afride of there is nothing we can do."

"He could die from that you must be able to save him that way to."

"No Im sorry it's up to Bill who may wake or not because of all of this stress Mr Donor has put on him is one of the cause's."

"Mr Donor if you are seen within a hundred feet of Bills room are any of you you will be arrested and put in jail until he wakes do you understand."

"Every one but me right Doctor."

"Wrong your the main one we want to keep away."

So you none of you get any ideas My head nurse Tulula here will be in the room full time."

"Ms Tulula I need to speak with you after this ."

"Mr Donor no money can buy me so put your pocket book away."

"Thats all I got to say."

"Ms Donor you look like you dont feel well will you please stay for a minute."

The doctor checked out Kate.

"Ms Donor ..."

"Call me Kate..."

"Your heart rate is a bit high i suggest you get some rest yourself this is going to be a long bumpy ride for everey one more so for Bill."
Wow I wonder how many more turns this story is going to take.

well done for now more later

HUggs and Kiss's

Sam DOnnor's Attorney Mr. John Krisp came in to the room ordering people out of his way.

He approched Kate BIllie's MOm.

"Mrs Donnor I have a judge signed order here that states that Mr. DOnnor and only mr. DOnnor can speak with BIll when he wakes."

"Mr.Krisp can I see that order?"

"Here you go ."

"Mr Krisp I have some sad news here this paper says Bill is a minor."

"Yes so..."

"So he's nineteen he is of leagle age and can do as he wish's with his body as he see fits."

"Not to mention the other court order ran out when Bill turned eighteen this people is worth as much as used tolit paper."

"Oh and one thing the judge that signed this and the other are under investigation for takeing bribes."

"We have many judges that can help us with this matter."

"So you got judges on the pay roll?"

"Yes of course we do."

"Great how about some names."

"Well if you wish to know that your going to have to do a lot better than that."

"A girl's gotta try."

"Well maybe we could work something out."

"Such as?"

"You have a hot body you can do the math."

"I see you want me to sleep with you.."

"You got the idea."

"Hmm let me think ....."

"I would not touch with with a ten foot pole you bug fucker."


"Thats billie's room!!!!"

Every one ran to see what was happening.

Tulula came out with a concerened look on her face..

"Deary's he's in bad shape he had a seziure that stopped his heart and his privite place has swollen some the doctor thinks another clot is forming."

Kate broke down in tears.

"Now honey it's gonna be ok ole Tulula will see to it she is ok."

Tulula held Kate as tina and Jane as well as Erica hugged each other.

eighteen hours later Billie was stable but in a light comma.

"Mom I rented a room for us to go to for a rest."

"No Im stay ing right here."

"Ms DOnnor ole Tulula knows what its like to be a mother theres a courtesy room down the hall take a nap for ole Tulula .

"I will do that."

Tulula showed Kate to the room ,sitting in the cornor was a pot of hot tea.

"Here drink this it will help you relax."

"MMMMM thats good what is it?"

"Its a herbal tea I grow it its from jamica it helps calm and relax your poor worried soul."

"You will come get if something happens?"

"You have Tulula's word on it."
well sorry about being so short but my key board is acting up

and im tired.

sorry not much of a update

HUggs and Kiss's

shortly after Kate laid down Billie woke up.

Tulula was in the room when he did.

"Ah your awake I will go get your mother."

"No just do the surgey we both know im gonna die if we dont."

just as Tulula was leaveing she saw Mr Donnor going into Billie's room.

"Billie your awake."

"Good now we can talk."

Tulula decided to go get kate.

Erica spotted Sam And went to aid Billie.

As both Kate and Erica got to the room they heard the conversation.

"Dad your an ass hole and this time i must do what is right for me."

Mr krisp entered the room.

"I will stop you son Me anad Mr Krisp.

"Mr Donnor Mr Krisp there is a call for you two.
the rest in Little bit by little bit Out come of Tulula

HUggs and Kiss's

well sorry for the delay but i was sick all last week

now on to the story weeeeee!!!

Tulula went into Billie's room .

"Mr Krisp there is a phone call for you."

"Tulula will show you the way."

"Ok you crazy woman lead the way."

Two ordelys came in the room pushing a gernie to take him to surgey.

"Stop I have court papers stateing he cant have the surgey."

Mr Donnor waveing the papers at the two ordeleys.

Tulula saw this and just rolled her eyes.

She went into the room where all the comotiaon was taking place.

"Now NOw Mr Donnor Tulula will take care of every thing you just come with me."

"Billie looked at the two men and told them to continue."

Tulula had led Mr DOnnor in to the elevator.

"You just no give Poor Billie any peace at all no oh no you will never leave the poor boy alone until he's dead."

"What are you talking aboout you crazy woamn."

"Tulula gots to do something."

Just then Tulula took a pin from her hair and stuck Mr Donnor in the neck with it.

Darkness over took him as well as fear.

Weeks had went by and no one had seen Mr Krisp and all his court motions or Mr Donnor holding his leash.

Billie had went back to school but kept in touch with Tulula she liked her and knew she had something to do with Mr Krisp and Mr Donnor mIssing but she was glad.

"Billie There is so mail for you."

"What is it dont know but its from Mr Krisp's office."

Billie laughed.

"Whats he gonna do make em sew it back on."

"Lets see what it is this time."

Billie opend the letter and in it was a letter.

Bill or Billie Donnor

You are now the soul owner of all Sam Donnor's estate and monies.

"Hot Damn dont know what happened but I own it all so that means Mom owns it cause Im giving it to her she deserve it most."

Billie did just as she said she would and it all went to Billies Mother.

Mr Krisp could feel something huge and hard in his mouth but could not see but his vison was slowly returning he then heard tulula's voice.

"Ah Tulula found a better use for that mouth of yours."

"You acted like a whore for money so you were a mouth whore well you get to be a toatal whore now your mouth will no longer be full of lies instead it will be full of cock.

Mr Krisp turned his head toward a mirrior he saw on his kneews but he was not a he he was not a she a very sexy cum starved whore.

"Tulula will let you get back to putting your mouth to good use."


she then walked and and sealed Mr Krisp fate as Candy the cum whore.

Mr Donnor woke up to find he was no longer at the hospital but insted a little girls room but every thing seemed to be super sized for a baby.

HeRaised his head and found he was in a over sized crib wearing a diaper."

"Ah your awake little baby your now called cutie pootie."


"You acted so bad that poor girl almost diead poor Billie she good now no thnaks to you so Tulula decide you need to learn so Tulula made you a sissy Baby oyu learn right this time."

"Sam DOnnor unable to speak and all she could do was cry as she did she pooped in her diaper ."

Tullula laughed at the sight and shut the door leaveing Same Now cutie pootie.

Tulula now at her own home standing in front of the Goddess of Femeinty and girls smiled as she lay the pictures of Mr krisp and Mr Donnor on the alter.

A pink Mist formed infront of the idol and the pictures vanished.

"Tulula you have done a good job Now bring Billie ,Jane and the rest of them into the fold they will join willingly."

So I ask you all is there another story in this you be the judge and let me know

HUggs and Kiss's

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Baby Butch
Great job with starting a new story. I am only guessing what might happen next? Please add more when it is ready.
hi all I love comments good or bad so post some and even put a idea or two up here

Huggs and Kiss's

 HUggs and Kiss's
Great start. A clever idea and I wonder what direction this story will take. Will Bill become Billy (that could be a girl's name:) ) and continue to be a student or become the girls house maid. looking forward to the next chapter
"The Flowers of Friendship "
By Jennifer Funshine

~ Written For Amanda ~

A gentle butterfly flutters by her window
The subtle breeze kisses her cheek tenderly
Only Heaven can hear the words she whispers
Only angels have seen the color of her dreams

There's a special memory kept within a locket
Next to the ivory music chest upon her dresser
When that ballerina dances, Amanda remembers
How those dreams gave her the strength to be free

And believe...
In the flowers of friendship
Camellia, jasmine and daisy chains
And in my heart is sown only one wish
That she know the gift of love, unashamed

At it's core this earth we adore is loveless
People's compassion always plays hide and seek
Still, Amanda stands before these foolish judges
And with every word she expresses in her speech
The garden of her soul grows even more vibrantly

Rain like tears of joy descend upon supple twilight
Starry sky painted with majestic hues of rose-violet
Adorned in pink satin panties and tangerine sun dress
Amanda lovingly tends to her garden, full of happiness

So full of happiness...
In the flowers of friendship
Marigold, delphiniums and sage
Her love unfolds through the ages
She knows every one by their names.
With Much Love
Baby Butch
I see Bill is slowly being dominated by Jane and his new female roommates. He is now in panties and girls clothes. Nice addition to your story, I am wondering what the 3 cheerleaders are going to do to Bill? Maby he could be one?
Love were the story is going so far anna
Girl at soul stuck in a guys body
Just leaving a bit of a remider you can find out a few things about my stories on my blog your opion counts to me so please leave comments here and ideas on my blog.

Huggs and kiss's
 HUggs and Kiss's
Great story can't wait for more chapters it very well written 
you tease i would like to know what go on with billie. will her dad take her as who is she. pleas put the next part on friday becould it my brithday and it make nice gift

shi long
come to the light
Happy birthday Shi Long From Amanda
"The Flowers of Friendship "
By Jennifer Funshine

~ Written For Amanda ~

A gentle butterfly flutters by her window
The subtle breeze kisses her cheek tenderly
Only Heaven can hear the words she whispers
Only angels have seen the color of her dreams

There's a special memory kept within a locket
Next to the ivory music chest upon her dresser
When that ballerina dances, Amanda remembers
How those dreams gave her the strength to be free

And believe...
In the flowers of friendship
Camellia, jasmine and daisy chains
And in my heart is sown only one wish
That she know the gift of love, unashamed

At it's core this earth we adore is loveless
People's compassion always plays hide and seek
Still, Amanda stands before these foolish judges
And with every word she expresses in her speech
The garden of her soul grows even more vibrantly

Rain like tears of joy descend upon supple twilight
Starry sky painted with majestic hues of rose-violet
Adorned in pink satin panties and tangerine sun dress
Amanda lovingly tends to her garden, full of happiness

So full of happiness...
In the flowers of friendship
Marigold, delphiniums and sage
Her love unfolds through the ages
She knows every one by their names.
With Much Love
happy b-day shilong
 HUggs and Kiss's
I just noticed when I said read stuff on my blog I was meaning my wall sorry for the confussion any way hints and thoughts are there
 HUggs and Kiss's
Just read the lastest installlments. Keep it up. When will Billie's dad get what's coming to him? 
"The Flowers of Friendship "
By Jennifer Funshine

~ Written For Amanda ~

A gentle butterfly flutters by her window
The subtle breeze kisses her cheek tenderly
Only Heaven can hear the words she whispers
Only angels have seen the color of her dreams

There's a special memory kept within a locket
Next to the ivory music chest upon her dresser
When that ballerina dances, Amanda remembers
How those dreams gave her the strength to be free

And believe...
In the flowers of friendship
Camellia, jasmine and daisy chains
And in my heart is sown only one wish
That she know the gift of love, unashamed

At it's core this earth we adore is loveless
People's compassion always plays hide and seek
Still, Amanda stands before these foolish judges
And with every word she expresses in her speech
The garden of her soul grows even more vibrantly

Rain like tears of joy descend upon supple twilight
Starry sky painted with majestic hues of rose-violet
Adorned in pink satin panties and tangerine sun dress
Amanda lovingly tends to her garden, full of happiness

So full of happiness...
In the flowers of friendship
Marigold, delphiniums and sage
Her love unfolds through the ages
She knows every one by their names.
With Much Love

 Just read the lastest installlments. Keep it up. When will Billie's dad get what's coming to him?   

I couldn't agree more with Amanda66, I think it would be wonderful if Billie awakes, and deceides for the surgery to complete what the accident started, and some how, his nasty dad has something happen where he loses his ba----s, maybe a run in with some very bad dudes, where he is injured beyound repair?

Interesting story
Panties aren't only for ggurls!
sorry yall are not getting the updates but for some reason it will not post any more i will try again tommorow
 HUggs and Kiss's
due to the size of my story I will have to make a book two and i may even hint around abou Tulula aa=nd her goddess.
 HUggs and Kiss's
What inter net client are you using if it's Internet explorer than that might be the problem use fire firefox or chrome instead
Girl at soul stuck in a guys body
thank you for a very very very good story Please more more i love it
sorry I have not finshed it yet but I have been sick for nearly a week and have been unable to get on but will finish up soon
 HUggs and Kiss's
I enjoyed reading that. Thank you for all your effort.
Hey there! I hope this doesn't come across as rude, but your story is almost unreadable.
Your sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation REALLY need work.
It is so bad at times, that I can't tell who is supposed to be talking or the difference between narration and dialog.
On a more positive note, you seem to have a good, clear idea of the story you want to tell.
My advice would be to slow down and focus on how you are going to clearly and concisely express your story. And please, PLEASE use the spell-check function in your word processor.
i like the new part of the story thank you  
   I also like the new part more please??   
well this tale is done and a new one Im working on and soon you shall enjoy it as well but i do need to know if you are intrested in another story about Tulula let me know what you think
 HUggs and Kiss's
PLEASE do a story on tulula thank you
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