The Leprechaun (R)
Two young men meet their feminine side after a St. Paddy's day drink - Pts 1,2,3,4,5,6,& 7
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Title: The Leprechaun


Tommy Strouight - 21yo College Student partying for St. Paddy's “ Chris's best friend -Played by: Miki Yamuri

Christopher Lowe - 21yo College Student partying for St. Paddy's - Tommy's best friend “ Played by: Sissy Baby Crystal

Scene: A creek in the big woods


Luck had held and it had quit raining the day before St. Patricks Day. It had fallen on a Saturday and made it perfect for partying. Tommy and his best friend Chris had taken the 4x4 and loaded it up with 2 cases of beer and lots of food and other types of drinks and gone to their secret party place they had along the creek, deep in the woods.

When they had arrived, they set up the party place with chairs, tables and pitched their tents. They built a fire in the rock pit they had made and opened the first beers.

Tom says, "Man, I'm glad to get away from all the noise and rowdiness back at the dorm. Guess we're going to hear those stories for the rest of the year."

He sits back in his chair and finishes the last of the beer before tossing the empty can into the hot fire and watches it melt and burn.

Chris laughs a little and nods his head "Ya, it's nice to get away from all of that for a bit. Was giving me a headache " He chugs down another beer and tosses the can into the fire before grabbing a fresh one.

While the boys partied, a rather short man dressed all in green with pointed shoes came to the edge of the clearing. He watched the boys drink with black eyes that sparkled devilishly. Tom had put another log on the fire when he noticed the little man standing by an oak tree.

Tom calls, "Hi there. You looking to drink some beer? You're welcome if you want."

The little man laughs a deep barrel laugh and comes to the fire.

He says in a jovial tone with a heavy Irish accent, "Top o the mornin to ye lads. N I thinking twold love a mug with ya."

He sits between the boys on a large log they had there. Tom gives the man a beer. He drinks it down seemingly in one gulp.

He shivers slightly and says jovially, "Well lads, this here seems ta be water it does. Would ye thinkin yer man eono ta have some poteen with me? Tis magical tis n helps to make more fun as it brings out the feminine side."

Chris looks at the man curiously. When he hears his voice he can't help himself and laughs a bit "Wait, wait, wait,... seriously? " he shakes his head a little and takes a big swig of his fresh beer before looking back at the man. "You sure get into the holiday spirit don't you man?"

The man again laughs jovially and replies, "N what makes u thinkin I not least part of the holiday lad? Me name's Bryan, what be yours?"

Tom replies, "I'm Tom. I think I would like to try your ... puttin and see how good it is. What about you, Chris? You game?"

"The name's Chris, nice to meet you Bryan. So what brings you out here? " He then thinks a moment about what Tom and Bryan had said. He looks at Tom then back to Bryan and continues, "Ya sure lets see what you've got "

The little man cackles with glee and replies jovially, "N what makin ur thinking I not be here cuz of the Holiday lads? Surly you've heard of the wee people."

Tom laughs loudly and replies, "Well, if you can, tell us some of those ... wee people."

Bryan hands over a large crock jug with a large tapered wood plug in the top.

Chris laughs at the man "Yea right ... good one dude."

Chris takes the jug and looks it over a moment before shrugging his shoulders and pulling out the plug to take a big swig. Tom takes the jug from Chris and takes a mouthful and swallows. It is like liquid fire as it goes down. It explodes in his stomach .. hot and fiery as he feels it spread. Tom almost drops the jug as he begins to cough and gag.

Chris sputters with his mouth full of the vile liquid as he forces it all down. His head is reeling from the effects as he struggles to stay seated.

Bryan laughs and says, "Now lad, be easy onna poteen there. We no wanna have yur out o the runnin before ye begin."

The little man takes a monstrous drink from the jug ... he takes 5 huge gulps ... then hands it again to Chris. He smiles warmly with no seeming effects from his drink.

Bryan says jovially, "Now lads, that's a man's way o doin it. Try ur hand?"

Chris looks over at the man. His face began putting on a silly grin from the intoxicating liquid as he grabs the jug again and tries to mimic his motion. It takes everything he has not to spew it all back out immediately as he forces it all down and gags a bit handing it over to Tom.

Tom looks at Chris, his head already beginning to swim from his last swig. He says with a thickening tongue, "I bet we can drink as mucsh as you."

Tom takes the jug and tips it up. He forces himself to swallow 2 times before stopping. He couldn't do the third swallow. Everything was on fire ... Tom felt it hit his stomach, then spread rapidly to his head. His vision blurred and he almost couldn't think as he became very drunk.

The small man takes out a pipe carved seemingly of bone. It was made to look like a skull with bright glowing red eyes. He lit it with a burning twig from the fire and says, "Well lads, seems ta me that the wee people have been around watchin you here for a long time. Seems only fit doncha think, that one might wanna drink with ye?"

Tom couldn't believe what he heard. He slurs, "Whassh thaathh?? Wasshing uss?"

The little man replies, "Why tis so lad, and to tell a tale perhaps?"

Tom roars with laughter. He simply cannot believe what he is hearing, even in his drunken state. Chris is laughing so hard he has tears in his eyes, when he tries to speak all that comes out is bunch of slurring nonsense.

Bryan takes a puff on his pipe and blows several smoke rings. He takes the jug and tips it up high and swallows 5 huge times. Neither Tom nor Chris could believe what they saw.
Bryan then puts the plug back in the jug and sets it beside him.

He says in a soft conspiratorial voice, "Is said if you can catch a Leprechaun, you gets 3 wishes. Tis a huge pot o gold they hide for the lucky lad that finds em."

Tom almost falls over as he takes hold of the wee man's waist coat. Bryan's eyes get huge and a look of fear seems to cross for a moment before he recovers.

Tom says almost unable to speak, "Whasss gooshh isssta goll?? You not helllthhy or happy, dosh not enny good. Tom looks blearily at Chris and continues, "You thinsho??"

Chris has a look of confusion on his face as he stares at Tom and then looks to Bryan, he topples forward in a lunge and latches onto the other side of his coat "Ahaaaaaa weeee gotshya!"

The little man laughs and says in a jolly impish tone, "Ok, lads, Gives ya 3 wishes, great or small, matters not atall."
Tom laughs and slurs, "I wanna be heallltthhhy. No gesh shick."

Bryan says in his jovial Irish accent, "Done. He then looks to Chris and says, "And you lad? What be yur fist wish?"

Chris thinks a bit "Mmm money! Lots and um.... lots... lots of money... me wants tons! "

Bryan looks sort of perplexed and then says, "Done."

He waves his hand ... before the boys appears a huge 3 legged iron kettle pot filled to over flowing with gold coins. Tom falls out of his chair. He knows he has had way too much poteen and it is really powerful ... he just knows he's hallucinating.

Tom yells, "Nooo!! Thish ishn posshible."

Bryan smiles and says softly with a sly wink, "Well, lad, since u bein new ta this n all I grants you a 4th jus cuz."

Chris' eyes widen as he stares open mouthed at the gold coins. He moves to it but collapses onto the ground. He barely manages to pull himself up so he is hanging onto the pot for support as he sits there looking back at Bryan.

Tom says, Chris, this shtuufs gotssh some kind of hallusshhhinnigen."

Bryan laughs heartily and says, "Now lad, tol u I did it was magical, now didn I? Tis the femminine side u'll meet."

Tom manages to climb to his wobbly feet and says, "Then I want's a posht a gol foe me."

Bryan says in his jovial Irish accent, "Done."

He waves his hand again ... before the boys appears another huge iron kettle pot filled to over flowing with gold coins. Tom's mouth falls open. Even in his drunken state, he realizes this is really happening.

Tom says drunkenly as he collapses on top of the new pot, "I cant belifithit ... thishh isthnt hppnin.

Bryan laughs and says in his Irish accent, "N what me boyo makin yer thinkin it not?"

Tom looks to Chris and stumbles out, "Ish you seeshis?"

Chris nods his head speechless as he plays with the coins with his hands in his drunken state trying to comprehend what was happening. He is already trying to decide on another wish as greed gets the best of him.

Tom wishes, "I wanna have a motorshycle ... a 250 honda."

Bryan says, "Done."

A red and white Honda, just like the one in Tom's mind, appears before them. Tom is totally incredulous as greed begins to set in on him too.

A light turns on in Chris' head and he grins a bit with his own cleverness " Iiiii waaantssss... ummms eeeeternal yoouuth."

He laughs a little looking triumphant as he lays against the pot groggily.

Bryan says softly, "As ye wish lad ... tis done."

There seems to be a soft glow that covers Chris' body for a second and then fades.

Bryan continues in his jovial Irish accent as he puffs his pipe, "Nu gots one more laddie buck Chris ... n what is ur wish?"

Chris scratches his head a little "Ughn.... I want.... toooo ummmm I want... I want a.... mmm Im hungry... I want a sandwhich... make it a good one "

Bryan laughs a huge belly laugh and says with a wave of his hand, "Done my lad."

Suddenly, A submarine sandwich the size of a 60 passenger bus appears.

Chris' jaw drops as he grunts, "Uhnngg .... "

He then stumbles to it and grabs on to take a big bite "Mmmm isshhh sho huge though! "

Tom heaves himself to his feet by holding onto the side of the pot. He is very shaky.

Tom says in a drunken voice, "I wanna hhash an islad all my own ta purty on."

Bryan winks and looks to Chris and says, "An u gots a 4th wish too lad?"

"Errr ... I wanna .... a giant yacht to go around hisss island with" Chris replies slurring a bit as he lays back on the ground.

Tom slurs, Yeshhh ... I wanna huge airplaenss ... n alla fixins too.

Bryan burst out with a huge peal of laughter and says in a mocking tone, "3 wishes I grant yer, great wishes or small ... wish a 4th an u gets none atall."

With this, all the things vanish in a huge puff of smoke. Bryan dances around the fire 3 times and he too vanishes in a puff of smoke. Tom and Chris suddenly realize they are sitting on the porch of their Dorm Apartment.

Tom looks at Chris in a dazed way and slurs, "Whash jush huppen?"

Chris looks around in complete confusion before shrugging his shoulders with a yawn and belch "Ughuuurrpp!! I don't know ... lets jush forget about it... we're pretty trashed "

Tom agrees with Chris and helps him to stand. Both boys wobble on drunken legs into the apartment and crash where ever they happen to fall.

~~ End pt1~~



~~Pt2 - Surprise!~~



Tom becomes aware. His head feels like a football as he tries to sit up. All of his clothes hang loosely on his body. Chris groans a little as he starts to wake up. He reaches to rub the sleep out of his eyes but something doesn't feel right. Tom looks down at himself ... he realizes something is terribly wrong. Not only do his clothes no longer fit, he can feel a major difference in himself.

He looks to Chris. He is astounded to see a very pretty girl all dressed in loose clothing lying on the sofa. Tom stands, his center of balance is all wrong. His head is pounding from the strong drink from the day before.

Tom says in an incredulous voice, "Who are you and how did you get in here? Where's Chris?"

Tom puts his hand over his mouth ... he can't believe that cute voice is his. Chris looks over curiously and as his eyes open his jaw drops. There is a beautiful girl standing where he had expected to see his friend Tom.

He crawls off the sofa and stumbles a little on his unfamiliar feet before looking around at the girl curiously "Um... Im Chris ... wheres Tom? " His now cute voice sounds foreign to him and brings greater confusion. Tom can't believe that the beautiful girl he sees is Chris. He looks at himself once again and realizes he too is female now.

Tom says in his cute voice, "Im Tom ... wha ... what happened?"

Tom has to hold his now too large jeans up to keep them from falling off. Tom has memories of the day before. He remembers that strange little man ... and the amazing dream he was having about him ... or was it a dream?? He is still freaked out as he tries to make sense of this through his pounding headache.

Chris looks down at himself and then squeaks in surprise and runs his hands over his body curiously.

"Wh-what? How?!!!" He gasps. He is panicking as he reaches between his legs and finds a slit where his parts should be. "I ... Im ... a g-girl?! " He falls back and sits completely shocked and confused. He kind of remembers a strange dream but not much else from the night before.

Tom gasps out in his cute female voice, "Yu .. y .. you're Chris?? No!"

Tom runs to the bathroom and stares at *herself* in the mirror. The image looking back is a very pretty girl with shoulder length blond hair ... and a very amazed and surprised look on her face. Tom is totally mind blown.

Chris stands a little shakily in his unfamiliar body and goes after Tom. He cries out in shock when he sees himself in the mirror. His hands shakily touch his face and run through his hair as he stares wide-eyed at himself. Tom takes a hand full of his new breasts and gives them a squeeze. A rush of new sensations run through his body.

He turns and says in an incredulous voice, "I ... Ima .. Ima girl??!!"

Tom looks Chris over. He is now a very beautiful girl, with long light brown hair, standing in clothes way too big for her ... holding the way too large jeans up.

Tom says quietly, "I think we are in .. serious trouble. First off, we have no clothes that fit. You think one of the girls might bring some over so we can at least get dressed??"

Chris gasps when he hears Tom and looks nervous "U-um ... is it ok for them to see us like this? What are we going to do with our lives? " He is panicking and freaking out causing his thoughts to not be so clear "Just um ... well we do need clothes huh.... " He sighs as he looks over how beautiful Tom has become.

Tom replies, "I don't really know what to do. We can't stay here forever ... we have to get out to buy food and stuff. If you can think of a better idea ... I'm all ears."

Tom leaves the bathroom and walks to the living room and flops on the sofa. His mind is racing ... going in major confused circles.

Chris is struggling with his thoughts for a moment as he stands before the mirror. He goes out to the living room and looks at Tom before sighing " well... ugh... what should we do? How do we explain this to them. "

Tom has his face in his hands as he replies in a defeated tone, "I haven't a clue how to explain this. I guess the only way to prove it to them is to tell them something that only we could know. We either have them bring us some clothes ... or we go to the mall in these and buy some ... either way, we still have to explain this sooner or later."

Tom looks up at Chris. He is feeling very confused and scared too.

Chris sighs a little " They aren't going to believe us ... they'll probably be wondering why there are two girls wearing our clothes ... and then .... how can we even date them now? Will we ever be boys again? Chris shakes his head as he realizes theres no way out. He continues with another thought, Oh well... there's no choice right now we have to call them so ... go ahead "

Tom nods his head, He picks up the phone and begins to dial.

He says in his cute female voice, "I'm going to call Amanda. She is just weird enough to believe this."

Tom puts the phone on speaker and hangs up the receiver. The sound of it ringing is heard. Chris watches with nervous apprehension wondering what could happen here.

There is a click and a female voice says, "Hello??"

Tom hesitates for second and the replies, "Amanda?"

She says, "Yes, Who is this?"

Tom uses the first name he can think of, "I'm Melissa ... I'm a friend of Tom and Chris. We seem to be in a bind. Our clothes got destroyed last night at a ... dorm party and we were wondering ... if you could please bring some over to Toms place for us? We don't have any."

There is lots of laughter from the phone. Tom and Chris blush. Chris looks at Tom thinking a bit about what he said wondering if the lie could even work. He thinks a bit " yea, really funny .... but seriously do you have any clothes? " He asks sounding a bit hopeful "We're really kinda stuck here unless we get some help "

Amanda laughs a bit more and replies in a gasping mirthful voice, "Sure, I'll bring over some clothe for you. I just gotta hear this ... it's too much. Be there in 10 minutes."

The phone clicks as Amanda hangs up.

Tom says to Chris, "I think we better have a really good ... explanation in the next 10 minutes ... don't you?"

Chris nods his head "Ya... Im not sure what we can come up with but I think she needs to know who we really are once she gets here "

Tom nods his head and replies, "I think she'll be the one to believe this the quickest. She believes in magic and things like ... Leprechauns."

Tom remembers something Bryan had said last night ... about the poteen.

Chris would have normally laughed at something like that but this time he doesn't "Ya ... I suppose she does "

He asks, "Didn't that weird dude say something about the poteen ... getting us in touch with our feminine side?"

Tom begins to remember in a hazy way about all the ... wishes too. He thought it was a dream when he woke up ... no more.

He continues, "Seems Bryan really was .. a Leprechaun."

Chris' memory is very fuzzy from the last night so Tom's words confuse him a bit as he tries to remember "Uh ... ya.... I suppose maybe. "

Tom replies, "How would you explain what's happened? Don't you remember the huge iron pots full to over flowing with gold coins?"

Chris shrugs his shoulders "Not really ... I don't remember much of anything to be honest it's all like a dream. I'm not sure it really happened ya know? "

Tom slaps her forehead and says with exasperation, "Then how do you think we came to be girls?"

Chris blushes a little and looks down "Well ... I don't know ... I hadn't really thought about it yet. Still kinda in shock ... it's all so sudden ... it's really kinda crazy huh? But we didn't wish to be girls anyway so like ... it doesn't make any sense "

Tom replies, "I remember as we first started drinking that stuff he brought ... before I had gotten bombed ... he says something about it bringing out the feminine side ... didn't he??"

Chris shrugs his shoulders again " I really don't remember much Tom ... but I suppose he might have, I believe you anyway."

Tom stands and walks to the hall closet. He opens the door and gets out 2 sheets, then returns. He gives one to Chris and wraps himself in the one he kept.

Tom says, "Since our clothes are too big, might as well wrap ourselves so Amanda doesn't ask too many questions at first."

Chris takes the sheet and wraps himself up like Tom "Thanks, that's a good idea ... heh. "

The doorbell rings, both girls flinch at the same time ... Amanda's here.

~~End Pt2~~


Pt3 - Amanda


Tom looks at Chris, "Who's gonna answer that? Man ... this is horrible."

A chill is running all through both of the girls.

Chris moves behind Tom "Um ... heh, Ill let you handle this one " He laughs nervously. " She's your girl anyway right? "

Chris pulls the sheet closer around himself trying not to panic too much.

Tom sighs dejectedly and goes to the door. When he answers it, there is a very pretty blond girl in a sweater and jeans there.

She says in a cheery voice, "Hi, I'm Amanda ... are you Missy??"

Tom takes a breath and replies, "I .. I'm Missy." Tom turns slightly and continues, "This is Chris ... ssie."

Amanda giggles and replies sweetly, "And how did you girls manage to be in this apartment with absolutely no clothes?"

Chris blushes a light pink at the question as he looks at Tom's girlfriend glad at least she doesn't know who they are.

He replies in his cute voice, "Um hey, we kinda... well we were partying and our clothes got so messed up and destroyed this is the first place we could get to ... to hide out "

Amanda walks in and puts a large carpet bag on the sofa. She unzips it and looks at Chris.

She giggles some more and says, "Seems like a very rough game if all your clothes were destroyed. I brought 2 complete changes of clothes. I didn't know your size .. but it seems they will do nicely."

She reaches in and takes a stack of folded clothes and hands it to Chris. A very cute pair of lacy bikini panties on top. Chris can't suppress his embarrassed blushing as he takes the clothes and his eyes fix on the panties.

"U-um ... thanks a lot, that's very nice " he manages to stammer softly in response " Ill go ... change really quick " he moves off to a different room to get dressed.

Amanda watches Chris go with a very large knowing grin. She reaches into the bag and takes another stack of folded clothes and hands it to Tom. There was another cute pair of lacy bikini panties on top.

Amanda asks, "Where's Tom and Chris? Did they strand you 2 here while they went off?"

Tom blushes red from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. He stairs at the clothes in his hand.

He manages to say softly, "Amanda ... what would you do if you had something incredible to say, but you knew everyone would think you were a loony?"

Amanda giggles softly and replies, "I think I would tell them ... even if it was for a laugh."

Amandas large grin makes Chris blush a little more as he closes the door and pulls the panties up his new soft legs. The sensation is strange to him but they feel nice as he starts with the rest of the clothes.

The bra causes him much difficulty. He was rather more experienced in the removing of them than the actual placing them on. He was also grateful that his new breasts were about the same size as Amandas ... the bra fit nicely. He finally manages to get himself fully dressed and shyly moves back into the room.

Tom sees Chris return. He says, "Let me get dressed. Chris might know something. I'll tell you a story when I get back."

Amanda says, "This ... I gotta hear."

She sits on the sofa and curls up with a pillow. Tom leaves the room.

Chris looks at Amanda "Um ya ... guess you were right, the clothes did fit ... thanks ... very much " he says. softly taking a seat in a chair.

Amanda giggles and replies softly, "No problem. I can see why Tom and Chris would have you over. Youre real cute Chrissie."

Chris blushes a bright pink at this. He hadn't really considered how he looked until she said something.
He looks down at himself before looking back at her "Oh ... um ... well ... thanks Amanda ... so are you."

Amanda sits for a second with a bright sparkle in her eye. She really likes Chrissie and thinks she is just adorable. She stands up and walks behind the chair Chris was sitting on. She gently runs her fingers through Chris' soft hair.

Amanda asks, "So tell me how you came to be here in this condition. It has to be a real doozy."

Chris sighs softly when he feels her fingers in his hair. It feels good but he is a little confused at what she is doing. He decides perhaps it's normal for girls to do stuff like that

He stumbles out, "Oh, um ... well, like we said ... the party and stuff ... so yea ... it's really
embarrassing "

Tom removes all the baggy clothes and leaves them in a heap on the floor. He reaches between his legs and gently touches his vagina. A pleasant chill runs through him as he touches. He shivers and still cant believe whats happened.

Tom picks up the panties and looks at them for a second. This is the living end. He cant believe it. He steps into them and pulls them up. The soft silky fabric feels wonderful as he pulls them on. He caresses the smooth fabric between his legs and enjoys the pleasant feelings it brings.

He has problems with reaching around to fasten the bra strap. He finally gives up and turns it around backward. After he hooks the 2 hooks, he turns it back around and fits it to his new breasts. The bra fits perfectly. Tom then pulls on the T. Its form fitting and brings out Tom's breasts beautifully.

He pulls on the jeans and buttons them. He looks in the mirror hanging on the back of the door. The girl looking back was very cute. Form fitting jeans and plumb colored pull over T top. Tom shakes the now her head and returns to the living room and sees Amanda

Tom says, "Are you ready to hear a ...weird tale?"

Tom walks to the sofa and plops down. Chris looks over at Tom with nervous apprehension. Amanda looks at Tom for a second with a strange look on her face ... something about the way Missy said that and sat on the sofa was so ... familiar.

She kisses Chris one more time on the ear and walks and sits beside Tom.

She says in a breathless voice, "I'm all ears sweetie."

Tom takes a very deep breath and says in a shy voice, "Well ... we went to the hideaway place .. down by the creek."

Amanda smiles knowingly. There is still something so familiar ...

Tom continues, "There was this ... weird little man. All dressed in green with pointy shoes."

Amanda laughs and looks at Chris, "Do you agree with this? I want some of ... what ever it was you were doing."

Chris looks down "Um ya... it was pretty crazy I don't remember much."

Amanda laughs more and says, "So Tom and Chris got you drunk did they? What else is there?"

Tom says softly, "They didn't ... do it actually ... it was ... that stuff he had. Called it puttin or something."

Amanda comments around her laughter, "Puttin? Some one gave you a pudding ... that had something in it?"

Tom shakes his head and puts his face in his hands. "No Amy .. I mean Amanda."

Amanda has a sudden recognition of who she's talking to. She isnt laughing anymore ... She thinks she's crazy ... This is Tom!! No one called her Amy except her mother and ... Tom. The way this girl moves .. and talks ... >>GASP!
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Wow, Great job Miki!
I loved how the story isn't forced and nicely paced. It is a very sweet tale and I love how Amanda accepted the guys, well girls now~, so quickly ^_^

Awww.... now this was cute!! Thanks, Miki. You sure do put some effort into these stories. Thanks for posting something new for us so regularly!
Very sweet and seductive tale, (and Amanda is indeed a very lovely and supportive character) though I couldn't possibly vouch for what sort of feedback it might get from an Irish audience.  
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Good story, but it's hard to understand the drunk and Irish gibberish.
  Well what can I say I,m Irish , giggles , Nice job sweetie , I,d be red in the face but I,m Irish .   Wuv p.p. 
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
aww what a good story so far. its way cute. cant wait for more :)
I love this story ^^ *blushes* I can't wait for part 6!   Another wonderful story from Miki ^^
Pampered Baby Sissy
Looks like I have been gone form SK too long!
This is a wonderful tale. Perhaps one of the nicest Leprechaun stories I've seen. I love the way Amanda recognized the boys too. I think I would have been .. more than surprised.
Blush-inducingly sensual continuation. I also enjoyed the faintly satirical elements - especially "Bank Ameristeal". That would be the lurking communist in me ... ;-) The highlights have to be your amazingly frank yet beautiful descriptions of lesbian love, however. You have an amazing faculty for producing such intense scenes. <3
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
oh soo cute and In the moment I cant wait to see what happens especially when Joan is involved. :) way fun
Seems I have been missing out on the stories here. I have been gone a while and come back and find you have posted a library of new stuff.

I love this story. It's fun and has lots of excitement for the new girls. As always, your love scenes are truly tantalizing and pleasant reading. I can't wait to see the next part ... there's even an opening for them to play with 'Aunt Joan' lol

Keep up the great work .. I love all of your stories.
Regression may not be my fantasy, but you are the only one who can make it seem even a little compelling. ;-) You write with both passion and tenderness, and pull the reader irresistibly into your world. As always, you focus on the unexpressed desires of the submissive rather than the dominant.
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
aww soo cute. It sounds like soo much fun  )
Baby Flo
Althought the two little girls have no choice but to love the treatment, I think they would love it anyway. I would!
Love everybody
everybody will Love you
So remember, boys and girls, if you are out this St. Patrick's Day and meet a small Irish fellow all dressed in green, be careful before you drink anything he gives you!  

Happy St. Patty's Day everybody!  
Sunshine & rainbows,

"So sing aloud now, your favorite music
Because Heaven needs to hear it too."
-- Jennifer Funshine
You always make regression so fun and loving no matter how you set it up. Rather the person want it or not. You have a way of making it so that they are loved and cared for during the time during and after the change. You always have the way with the story that makes anyone who reads them wishing it was them who has gotten these transformation. When I reads one of your stories I start dream and wishing it was me every time. When I'm done. I sits there with a big smile on my face think of so many possibility's for it to come true if it was every possible for me.
Thank you very much for writing such lovely stories and sharing them with us all. Please I beg of you never stop.
Sweet Dream
Little Pink Kitty Akiko
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