PG 13 Laura & Jessica
Jessica moves in with Laura, and ends up in pull-ups.
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Jessica placed the final of her many pictures onto her dresser in her bedroom in her new apartment. It was a picture of her mother and sister. Jessica looked just like a younger version of her mother. Long brown hair, beautiful green eyes, and she was the same height as her, 5’ 10’’. Jessica had just moved into her friend Laura’s apartment. There was another girl who lived with Laura before who just recently moved out, so Laura offered the room to Jessica, who jumped at the opportunity to move out of her cramped dorm room. Jessica had actually only known Laura for a few weeks, but they had become good friends in that short time.
“There, now I’m officially moved in,” Jessica said with a smile.
Now that her room was all arranged, she walked out into the living room to talk with Laura. Just as she walked out, there was a knock at the door.
“I got it,” Jessica said to Laura.
“OK,” responded Laura.
It was the pizza they had ordered a little bit ago. Jessica ran to her purse to grab money and then paid the delivery guy.
She set the pizza on the counter and shouted, “Pizza!” to Laura in the other room.
“Finally, I’m starving after helping you move in!” Laura said as she walked in and grabbed a plate and a slice.
Jessica just nodded, as she had a mouthful of pizza. Jessica then grabbed a soda for Laura and herself out of the fridge and went into the living room after grabbing a plate and another piece of pizza. Laura was already in there watching TV, wolfing down the pizza she had grabbed.
The two of them ate pizza and talked with the TV on in the background for hours, and before they knew it, it was almost midnight. Jessica stood up, stretched, and announced she was going to bed.
“Come on! It’s not even midnight yet!” Laura said.
“It’s 11:50! And I have class tomorrow at eight!” Jessica exclaimed.
“Alright fine, good night.”
Jessica, already halfway down the hall to her room shouted, “Good night!” Jessica got into her room and closed the door. She switched on the TV she had in her room and started to strip down to just her panties, and then she put on a night shirt. She then switched off the light. Jessica always slept with the TV on because she was unable to fall asleep without it.
Almost immediately after getting all cozy under her blankets, Jessica fell asleep. She slept for a long time. Longer than she should have.
Laura opened the door and shouted for Jessica to wake up, who did so immediately.
“Huh? What?” Jessica sleepily asked.
“It’s seven thirty, I figured you’d want to be up, unless you like to get up right before your class?”
“Oh, ok, thanks. I usually get up a little after seven, I just forgot to set an alarm.”
“Ok, well I have to use the bathroom and then it is all yours.” Laura said and then walked away.
Jessica suddenly realized she really had to pee, as in she was about to burst. She hadn’t gone since before she moved in, which was around 5 the previous day, and she was paying for it now. She threw off her blankets and ran to the bathroom, knocking hastily on the door Laura just shut.
“I told you, I’ll just be a few minutes, hold on!” Laura shouted through the door.
“I really have,” Jessica stopped, feeling her bladder burst and suddenly she felt warm pee start to spread across her panties.
The pee then started flowing down her legs and got a little of the bottom of her shirt wet. She could see a wet spot forming in the carpet and watched as it got larger. She was frozen in place after she finished, hearing only the last drips of pee fall to the floor. Then the toilet flushed and she heard Laura washing her hands. She wanted to run into her room, but she couldn’t move. Then the door opened and Laura stepped out and then stopped.
She opened her mouth, about to say something, but Jessica burst into tears. She knew she looked ridiculous. She had pressed her hand up into her panties when she tried to stop the flow of pee, and had never taken it away, there was a puddle under her feet, and the bottom hem of her shirt was wet in the front and back, and she was bawling.
“Shh,” Laura tried to soothe her, “It’s ok, shh, it’s ok Jessica.”
“I” Jessica said through tears.
“Ya, maybe you should stay here today. I don’t have classes since it’s Friday, so we can just hang out. But first I have to go to the store quick. I’ll run you a bath, does that sound good?”
Jessica nodded her head and turned to walk back to her room.
“Uh-uh, you’re dripping! Just go in the bathroom and take those wet clothes off and put them in…” Laura grabbed a plastic bag from in the kitchen,”…this.”
Jessica took off her shirt and wet panties and put them into the bag while Laura started up the bath. Jessica lay down in the bath and Laura grabbed some clothes for her, and then she left the apartment.
Jessica was in the tub for only a few minutes before she fell asleep. She woke up later and heard Laura in the kitchen. She got up out of the tub and grabbed a towel. She dried herself off and then wrapped the towel over her head after putting on the bra and shirt Laura had brought in for her. Jessica looked around for panties, but didn’t see any around.
“Laura?” She shouted out of the already open door.
Laura appeared in the doorway a second later, “You’re up, what do you need?”
“You didn’t give me any panties.”
Laura held up a finger as if to say “one second” and walked away, reappearing a minute later. She just stood in the doorway with her hands behind her back.
“Well?” Jessica said with her hand outstretched, “did you get me a pair or what?”
“I’ll just go to my room and get some, excuse me.”
Laura didn’t move. She took what was behind her back out. It was a package of Huggies Pull-ups.
“Is this a joke?” Jessica asked nervously.
“No, the thing is, I can’t risk you peeing on the carpet again, we don’t own this place, we just rent it, and now I have to rent a carpet cleaner. I’d like you to wear these, at least for a while.”
“No way!” Jessica said hesitantly. She was not very good at standing up to people.
“Yes, you will!” Laura said sternly.
“But, but...ok,” Jessica said, feeling as though she were two feet tall.
That was easy Laura thought. I wonder how she’ll respond to my other new rules. Laura wanted to make this fun, and she had a kink. She liked to baby girls, that’s why her ex-roommate, who was also her ex-girlfriend, left. So, she thought of some rules for Jessica that would make it more fun for herself.
Jessica was standing with her head hanging low, still half naked. Laura ripped open the package of pull-ups and pulled one out, setting the rest of the package on the bathroom counter. She held the pull-up open a foot off the floor and beckoned for Jessica to step into it. Jessica did immediately, and Laura pulled it up for her and then grabbed the shorts she had gotten her earlier and held them out for Jessica, who stepped into them. Laura pulled them up over Jessica’s new undergarment and zipped and buttoned them.
“There! Look, you can’t even see it.” Laura said encouragingly.
“Ya, you’re right.” Jessica lack-lusterly responded.
“Now, I have some more rules for you. You cannot touch your pull-ups, if you use them, tell me and I will change you. If you have to go potty, you must tell me and I’ll take you, ok?”
“Ok, Laura.”
“Let’s go watch some TV.” Laura suggested while unwrapping the towel from Jessica’s head.
“Ok,” Jessica said, “can we watch MTV?”
“Sure, that sounds good.”
The two of them watched TV in silence for a few hours. Then Jessica felt the need to pee. She was about to ask Laura to take her, but she was too embarrassed to ask to be taken to the “potty”. She tried to sit still and watch TV and forget about it, but she was fidgeting.
“Jessie, are you OK?”
Ignoring that Laura called her Jessie, Jessica stopped fidgeting and responded, “Ya, I was just getting comfortable.”
Jessica convinced herself that she should just use the pull-up and change herself later, without Laura knowing. Now Jessica really noticed the feel of the pull-up. It felt bulky between her legs, but not a lot, and the soft padding was almost comfortable. She relaxed her bladder and tried to focus on the TV. Just as it switched to commercial, a burst of pee shot out and she let out a quick gasp, but her body instinctively stopped the flow.
Laura heard the gasp and asked, “What is it?”
“Oh, I just want that movie,” she stated quickly, referring to the commercial for a movie that was just released on Blu-ray.
Laura nodded and Jessica focused once again on her bladder. She relaxed again, feeling another shot of pee, this time keeping quiet. Then, she felt it all rush out. She could hear a hiss and looked to see if Laura heard it. If she did, she didn’t acknowledge it. Jessica felt the warm pee pool beneath her, and then spread throughout the pull-up. She could feel the warmth on her butt and pubes. It felt so foreign to her, and she wanted to touch the pull-up to see how if felt, but she didn’t want to alert Laura to the fact she wet herself.
“I’m going to call Hillary and ask her if she will e-mail me the notes from class that I missed.” Jessica told Laura.
“Ok, sounds good.”
Jessica walked, her legs pushed slightly apart by the wet pull-up, to the bathroom. She looked inside quick to find the pull-ups but they were gone. She heard Laura get up so she continued to her room. She went inside and closed the door. She couldn’t change, but she still wanted to feel the wet pull-up. Jessica took off the shorts and left them on the floor. Her hand felt the pull-up, she squeezed it and felt and heard it squish. She then sat down, feeling the now slightly cooler pee soaked pull-up beneath her. Now she looked at the faded picture of two princesses on the front. The flowers she knew were on the crotch area were now completely gone. She felt like she was two.
Jessica got up and pulled on the shorts. Just as she buttoned them, the door opened.
“Just making sure you weren’t taking your pull-up off.” Laura said with a slightly stern tone.
“Still on,” Jessica showed her the waistband, “see?”
“OK, good,” Laura said and walked away.
Jessica went out into the kitchen and ate a late lunch of ramen noodles with Laura and then they both did homework for classes they had earlier in the week. Around four thirty, Jessica felt a huge twinge from her bowels. She had to go for a few hours at this point, and didn’t want to go in the pull-up, which was now cold and uncomfortable.
“Laura, I um, have to…go to the bathroom.”
“OK, c’mon sweetie,” Laura said with her hand outstretched.
Jessica grabbed it and was led to the bathroom. Laura lifted the lid on the toilet and went over to Jessica and unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down.
“Jessie! Why didn’t you say you had an accident?” Laura scolded her once she saw the wet pull-up.
“No excuses! If you wet your pull-up, you tell me!” Laura yelled while ripping the sides of the pull-up and pulling it away from Jessica.
Laura threw away the pull-up and waited for Jessica to sit on the toilet, “Well? You said you had to go, so go.”
“Aren’t you going to leave?”
“I have to make sure you go,” Laura said matter-of-factly.
Jessica sat down and blocked out the fact Laura was watching and started to go. She felt extremely awkward, but did her business anyways. When she was finished she went to grab toilet paper.
“Are you done?” Laura asked.
Jessica, who stopped reaching for the toilet paper nodded.
“OK, stand up,” Jessica looked quizzically at her, “I said, stand up,” Laura repeated.
Jessica did as she was told. Laura left the room and returned with wipes and a pull-up. Laura got onto her knees, opened the wipes, and began to wipe Jessica clean.
“Hmm, it’s a little difficult to clean you with all this hair,” Laura said as she grabbed shaving cream and a razor.
“No way!” Jessica screamed.
“Jessica!” Laura gave her a stern look and Jessica looked at the floor.
Laura shaved Jessica’s privates smooth and put a new pull-up on her.
“No pants this time so I can see if you use your pull-up,” Laura said.
“OK, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”
“It’s OK, just tell me from now on.” Laura said as if she were talking to a small child.
Jessica put her thumb in her mouth. It made her feel safer somehow. Laura smiled and held out her hand, which Jessica grabbed. They walked into the living room and sat down. Jersey Shore was on and Laura pressed the guide button.
“You probably shouldnt watch that show, it’s naughty, how about some cartoons instead?” Laura said to Jessica, who was still sucking her thumb.
Jessica scooted up close to Laura and snuggled up against her. She rested her head on her chest and pulled her legs up.
“Otay…mommy,” Jessica said around her thumb.
Laura smiled wide and stroked Jessie’s back, turning the channel to Nick Jr. and then kissed the top of Jessie’s head.
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