The Landlady's Daughter ( X )
A boy becomes a girl for love
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A young man was walking down a street looking for number 22. At last, he found the right address and knocked on the door. A tall lady in a white blouse, long black skirt and high heels answered the door.
"Mrs. Abbot?" asked the young man.
"Yes," replied the lady. "You must be Carl. Do come in." He followed her into the hallway; he found it to be very clean and tidy with a pretty feminine smell in the air.
"Now, I’ve received your payment for up until May." said Mrs. Abbot "So that will take you through to the end of your year at University, breakfast will be served at 7:30am sharp and your room is first on the left upstairs." said Mrs. Abbot as she took him up to his room and helped him to unpack. When they had finished she showed him the bathroom and the kitchen and finally the living room.
"Now before I go out Carl I’d like you to meet my daughter Lucy." said Mrs. Abbot. His eyes widened and his pants began to bulge as he laid eyes on the young lady sat daintily on the sofa reading a book. She had long blonde hair decorated by a large black bow. She was wearing a pretty yellow summer dress with white socks and pink fluffy slippers on her feet.
"Lucy, this is Carl who will be living with us for the next few months." said Mrs. Abbot.
The girl looked up with her lovely blue eyes.
"Hello, I’m Lucy." she smiled.
"I’ll leave the two of you to get to know each other, I have to go shopping." Mrs. Abbot announced, and with that, she was gone. Carl sat down in an armchair opposite Lucy.
"What are you studying at University Carl?" Lucy enquired. He took a moment to answer as he was mesmerised by Lucy’s beautiful eyes and her luscious pink lips.
"Uhh… History." he stammered. "Tell me Lucy, are you attached at the moment?" he shyly asked.
"I’m sorry, I’m not quite certain what you mean Carl."
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
"No…I don’t."
Carl suddenly thought he might have a chance with this lovely girl, however he was about to be extremely disappointed. "You wouldn’t consider dating me would you?"
She stared at him with a sympathetic look and put her book down onto her lap.
"I’m sorry Carl but I don’t like boys, they’re too macho and vulgar for me. I like girls who are sweet and feminine."
She’s a lesbian? Carl thought to himself thoroughly disappointed. She turned her attention back to her book before Carl made one more desperate yet foolish attempt for Lucy’s affections.
"Please, I can be more sensitive if that’s what you want."
"No." said Lucy, now getting impatient. "I hate boys; I could only ever love a kind and sweet girl."
She got up and left the room. Her cute little slippers patting softly on the carpet. Carl was left alone with his feelings of disappointment. .
The next day Lucy acted as if nothing had happened and she talked to him in the demure, polite manner she had before. That evening, he was walking past Mrs. Abbot’s bedroom when she appeared on the landing and invited him into her room. He sat on the end of her bed.
"Lucy tells me that you have an interest in her, is that true?" she asked in a soft voice.
"Yes Mrs. Abbot, but I only asked her out." insisted Carl.
"Oh, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it, it’s just that she is, well… a lesbian, as I think you know by now. All her previous dates have been petite females."
"Then there’s no chance?" asked Carl.
"Well I wouldn’t say that. Have you ever thought about becoming a girl?"
"What? " He almost choked at the suggestion and thought it must be a joke, but by the look on her face, she was serious.
"Do you mean dress up as a girl?"
"Yes darling. And learn how to act feminine. If you become feminine enough you could be Lucy’s dream date."
He thought very carefully for a few moments. Wear girls’ clothes and act like a sissy. Was it worth it? Well Lucy is exceptionally beautiful; of course, she was worth it.
"Ok I’ll do it, but will she go for it?" he asked.
"Don’t worry Carl; I’ll make you so girly she won’t be able to refuse you. Besides you’ll never know unless you try."
Over the next few minutes, Carl underwent a total transformation from a teenage boy to a feminine, demure young girl. Mrs. Abbot started by telling him to strip off. He did so reluctantly. First, he was given a pair of pink panties with white lace to wear which she held out in front of him and told him to put his legs through. Mrs. Abbot pulled them up, the smooth material gently caressing his legs. Next, he was put in a garter belt and black stockings; a lacy black bra with padding was put on him. Mrs. Abbot then sat him down in front of her vanity mirror and began to apply some make up.
"You will need a female name, how about Gina." suggested Mrs. Abbot.
Gina? He thought. It was as good as any other. He agreed.
"Great, your girlie name will be Gina." she said, as she applied his lipstick.
She picked out a silky pink blouse and black skirt from her wardrobe, the finishing touch was a pair of black high heels.
"There, now you look just adorable." said Mrs. Abbot as she placed a brunette wig on his head.
Poor Carl couldn’t say anything. He felt so embarrassed when he saw himself in the mirror he looked away in disgust.
"There there darling, its not that bad." said Mrs. Abbot "Come here and take my hand, you need practise walking in those heels." He began to stagger around the room in the high heels. Mrs. Abbot instructed him on the proper and feminine way to walk in high heels. "Little steps darling, put one foot just in front of the other." she told him. He carried on and became a little better over time. Next Mrs. Abbot wanted to teach him how to curtsey nicely. "Hold your skirt dear and lower yourself slightly." He tried it. That was ok, she thought, not brilliant, but ok. She decided to take him downstairs to show Lucy the new girl in the house. "Lucy." said Mrs. Abbot. "This is Gina." Lucy looked up from her book and stared in surprise at the feminine spectacle in front of her.
"Carl?" she asked.
"I was Carl yesterday, but now I’m Gina." he said nervously. He curtseyed for Lucy, but despite his best efforts, she looked less than impressed.
"He isn’t very feminine Mother."
"No, but then Rome wasn’t built in a day." replied Mrs. Abbot.
"I think he should be spanked for such unfeminine behaviour." suggested Lucy.
Carl was surprised at what he had just heard, cute little Lucy suggest something like that.
"Good idea." said Mrs. Abbot. Now he was shocked and didn’t know what to do.
"Hang on I didn’t think I would be…"
"Knickers down and lift your skirt up." interrupted Mrs. Abbot. In one last vein attempt, he tried to stop his impending punishment.
"If you don’t I’ll tell your friends you like to dress as a woman, and won’t that be embarrassing." Threatened Mrs. Abbot. He thought for a moment and agreed. What they had in mind was better than what would happen if his friends found out. He pulled his lacy pink panties down to his ankles and lifted his skirt. Mrs. Abbot removed one of her white pumps, smoothed his bare bottom with the sole of the shoe, then spanked him hard with it several times. He cried out in pain as his raw behind began to throb. However, that wasn’t the end of his ordeal.
"Suck on the heel." Mrs. Abbot said as she pushed it into his mouth. He was forced to suck on it for the next few minutes as if he was a baby sucking a dummy. At last, she gently slipped it out…and placed the shoe over his nose and mouth.
"Breathe." commanded Mrs. Abbot. He hesitated until Mrs. Abbot’s hand whacked him on his bare behind.
"Breathe" she repeated, this time in a louder more angry voice. He took several deep breaths from the shoe. It was quite warm inside and had a smell, which was like pop corn mixed with leather. She then told him to pull up his knickers. He pulled them up and turned around. Lucy was smiling, at the point of bursting out laughing, clearly enjoying his humiliation.
"To bed with you now Gina." said Mrs. Abbot
"Its only 7" he protested. She gave him a stern look. He quickly realised it was useless to argue. She led him out of the room, as she did, Lucy laughed herself silly.
Upstairs he found to his horror that his room had gone through a little change while he was out. His sheets were now baby pink and fluffy teddy bears and porcelain dolls adorned the room. A nightie was waiting for him and pink fluffy slippers under the bed. I’ll bet she planned all of this. He thought as she stripped him and placed him in the nightie.
She kissed him on the lips
"Good night Gina darling." said Mrs. Abbot.
"Good night" he said awkwardly.
"Oh no, that will never do, and you will call me mummy from now on. Now try saying good night again."
"Good night Mummy." he said. He almost choked at the thought of what he had just said. She turned out the light and closed the door. He heard the door lock. What do I do now? He thought. This had become far too weird and had found he couldn’t stand up to Mrs. Abbot. I know, he thought, I’ll get dressed and climb out of the window. He got out of bed and went over to the wardrobe. He opened it up expecting to find his clothes but instead he saw a mass of sweet dresses and a couple of blouses. Some shoes were in the bottom, also not his, a few high heels, a pair of schoolgirl loafers, ballet slippers and a cute pair of Mary Janes. His own clothes were nowhere in sight and after searching the whole room, decided to give up. He drifted off into a deep sleep and thought of being sissified and having sex with Lucy.
Morning came; he woke up and immediately tried to think of another way to escape. He went over to the window and pulled back the curtains. The street was two floors down and the window was double-glazed and tightly locked anyway. This was not a possible escape route. He thought. Just then, he heard the door unlock and Mrs. Abbot walked in wearing a wonderfully tight mini dress with knee high boots. "Good morning Gina." she said
"Good morning Mummy." he nervously replied.
"Well come on, put your slippers on and come to breakfast." she said. He reluctantly slipped his feet into the fuzzy pink slippers. Mrs. Abbot stopped him at the door. "I bet you had a look in the Wardrobe and draws for your clothes last night?" she asked. "Well I’ve got Carl’s clothes in safe keeping; Gina’s lovely pretty clothes are in here now. And don’t worry, we’ll soon add to your collection." She pushed him out of the room and down the stairs. He entered the kitchen where Lucy was eating her breakfast. "Today we’ll have some fun with our new girl, Lucy." said Mrs. Abbot, as they looked at each other with mischievous looks. A little while later Carl was gently carted off to Mrs. Abbot’s bedroom. There he was told to put on a pair of wonderful pink satin panties with white lace trim. He tried but he couldn’t hold back the erection in his underwear. "Well now, someone likes their panties, don’t they?" teased Mrs. Abbot. "If you think that was good, I have a really humiliating outfit for you today." She crossed the room over to her wardrobe and took out a very sweet, baby pink bunny costume, as fluffy and cuddly as can be, and lined with pink satin. It had a large fluffy white tail and big floppy ears. Mrs. Abbot helped him into the costume, zipped up the back, and placed a padlock on the zip so he couldn’t take it off. "Now let’s go and see Lucy." said Mrs. Abbot, handing him a wicker basket full of Easter eggs.
Lucy looked up from her book, greatly amused; she tried to avoid laughing by putting her hands over mouth. Carl turned several shades of red with embarrassment, only for it to be made worse when Mrs. Abbot made him hop over to Lucy and offer her an egg. "Thank you very much Miss Bunny." said Lucy as she reached for an egg.
"Would you like the Easter bunny to do anything else for you Lucy?" asked Mrs. Abbot. Lucy whispered something in Mrs. Abbot’s ear, which Carl was unable to hear.
"On your hands and knees Miss Bunny." ordered Mrs. Abbot. "Lucy would like you to worship her shoes." He obediently bent down; Lucy lifted her right leg and placed her foot on his lap. The shoe was a glorious pastel pink high heel, which she was wearing with sexy black stockings.
"A little girlish kiss first please, Gina dear." instructed Mrs. Abbot. He did as he was told without arguing and daintily kissed the front of the shoe. Next, he began to lick the shoe all the way around and finally sucking the heel then the point of the shoe, all femininely done as Mrs. Abbot instructed. Lucy appreciated his efforts and kissed him on the lips. Carl became so excited that he nearly filled his knickers with his girly cream. Lucy left the room smiling; Carl tried to hide his bulging erection as he watched Lucy gracefully walk away in her glorious pink heels.
"I think you’re nearly ready." Mrs. Abbot said to him. Let’s get you out of that costume and into a maid’s uniform. This was a French maid’s uniform with black silk stockings and five inch heels that buckled just above his ankles. "There don’t you look a picture?" remarked Mrs. Abbot. "Now follow me, I have some laundry for you to do.
This followed for the next few days. Mrs. Abbot continued to train him to be more effeminate and Lucy would watch to see how he was doing. About a week later, Carl was performing a ballet dance for Lucy in the living room. He was dressed in an adorable pink tutu with matching slippers. Lucy watched as he pranced and frolicked around the carpet in his pink ballet slippers. When he finished she quietly stood up and approached him with a lustful look. She kissed him, but not like before, this was more passionate and intense. Her tongue slipped deep into his mouth as she ravenously snogged him. "Oh Gina is perfect, Mother."
"You want him then?" asked Mrs. Abbot.
"Oh, yes please."
"Good, then he’s yours. Would you like to do anything with your new girlfriend Lucy?"
"Oh do put us in the panty bag Mother."
"Of course I will dear, you go and get changed and I’ll get Gina here ready." said Mrs. Abbot. Lucy ran upstairs to her bedroom while Mrs. Abbot striped the tutu off Carl.
"I’m going to dress you for the panty bag now Gina." she said as she picked up a bag she had hidden behind the settee. "I had hoped Lucy would say yes to you today, she just loves graceful ballerinas." Mrs. Abbot emptied the bag and placed the contents carefully onto the settee. He had a look; there was a furry bra and panties, mittens and boots. All of course pink and furry. She dressed him in the bra and panties and slipped his feet into the boots. The mittens tied up at the wrist so the wearer was incapable of taking them off. He stood there in the middle of the room in his fluffy pink outfit awaiting Lucy’s return. When at last she did, she was wearing the same outfit as Carl and had applied red lipstick. Mrs. Abbot tied the mittens to Lucy’s hands. "Now then, all ready are we sweeties?" asked Mrs. Abbot.
"Yes, Mother." came the reply from both of them. She brought out a large pink PVC bag, opened the zip on top and instructed the two of them to climb inside. Carl noticed the inside of the bag was lined with pink satin and contained what must have been over a hundred panties. "They’re all mine, and a few from some of the other girls around here." said Mrs. Abbot. "Some of them haven’t been washed from the last time they were worn." This caused waves of excitement for Carl, at the thought of wriggling around in a pink bag with Lucy and a stack of used panties. Once inside, Lucy insisted on going on the top for their kissing and cuddling session. He didn’t argue, he lay at the bottom of the bag on a large number of panties, Lucy placed a covering of panties on his front and climbed on top of him, sandwiching the panties between their bodies. Once they were both in place, Mrs. Abbot zipped up the panty bag and settled down in her armchair with a book. However, she was greatly distracted and amused by the wriggling movements of the bag on the carpet. Inside the bag Lucy wasted no time with her new ’Girlfriend.’ She placed her furry mittened hands at the sides of his face and showered him in light kisses before pushing her supple red lips against his. "Now do me." Lucy begged him. Carl put his hands around her face and began to smooch her. They finished by smothering each other with panties.
Mrs. Abbot unzipped the bag and took them both to Lucy’s room. She stripped both of them naked. Lucy’s perfect body both astounded him and gave him the shock of his life. Her breasts were wonderfully perky and rounded and her legs were as smooth as silk yet between her legs was hanging a penis.
"You’re a boy?" asked Carl horrified.
"Yes" said Mrs. Abbot standing behind Lucy. "She is a sissy, just like you have become."
"I really like you Gina, you’ve become so feminine, won’t you be my lover?" pleaded Lucy. Carl looked into the eyes of the young girl and at the rest of her wonderful body. Although he felt embarrassed at the thought of being another male’s lover, Lucy certainly didn’t look like a male. She looked like a girl who happened to have a penis. How could he say no?
"Yes, I’ll be your lover." he said. Lucy’s eyes lit up. She run over and hugged him, pushing her soft breasts into Carl’s chest.
"That’s wonderful" said Mrs. Abbot. "Now let’s get you two into something nice and feminine shall we?" Opening Lucy’s wardrobe Mrs. Abbot asked Carl "What would you like Lucy to wear Gina?"
"You want me to choose what Lucy wears?"
"Yes Gina, what would you like me to wear?" said Lucy. He looked at all the pretty clothes. He finally decided to dress her in a tight red top and a black mini skirt. "What would you like me to wear on my feet, Gina?" He looked across the bottom of the wardrobe at all the different shoes but finally decided on a pair of shiny black thigh high boots. "Making me look sexy are we Gina?" teased Lucy. Lucy was helped into her sexy outfit by Mrs. Abbot, who then asked Lucy what she would like Gina to wear. "I’m going to make her look really dainty, like a little girl." Carl suddenly went weak at the knees, and almost passed out in disbelief when Lucy took the dress down. It was a pink dress so frilly that its wearer would become a picture of childish femininity. It had white lace and a big bow at the back. "Not too girly is it?" grinned Lucy.
"No…its very nice." gasped Carl. Mrs. Abbot gave him a pair of lacy white knickers with pink bunnies on them to be putting on. Next, he was petticoated and a pair of frilly white socks were put on his feet, until at last they came to the dress. Lucy playfully helped Mrs. Abbot get Carl into the satin dress and had the honour to zip it up at the back. The final addition to his girlie outfit was a pair of shiny black Mary Jane style shoes with gold buckles. Mrs. Abbot asked them to pose sweetly together for a photograph.
She then suggested the two of them go into the back garden for their "sissy date." Luckily, no houses overlooked the garden and it was behind a large hedge so there was very little chance of being seen. Lucy took him over to the far side of the garden under a tree where without warning she kissed him hard on the lips. "Now show how much you love me Gina, I want you to suck Me." she said as she removed her skirt and pulled down her panties, which rested at the top of her boots. He hesitated as he stared down at the little member perking up eagerly awaiting its servicing. He lifted his dress and petticoat up slightly and knelt down onto his tiptoes, his stiff black shoes squeaked as he did. "You can hold onto my boots while you please me if that helps Gina." suggested Lucy. Good idea he thought, he placed his hands on the boots, feeling the smooth shiny material, it excited him. He opened his mouth and plunged his lips down onto Lucy’s waiting shaft. "Ohh… what a start." said Lucy excitedly, momentarily wobbling in her heels. He kept sucking until Lucy sent a warm jet of cream splashing into Carl’s mouth. "That was nice." cooed Lucy. "Now make sure you swallow all of that, little girls need to drink their milk you know." laughed Lucy. She pulled her panties back up and put her skirt back on. "Now it’s your turn to be sucked." said Lucy. "Have you ever had a blow job before Gina?" asked Lucy.
"Yes." he replied.
"From another sissy?"
"Well you should sit down, sissies are much better at it; I’d hate you to fall over."
She daintily led him by the hand over to a bench and asked him to pull his knickers down before he sat on the bench. She pushed his dress and petticoat up and began by licking his penis a few times which made it very stiff.
"Ready?" asked Lucy. He nodded. She opened her hot, wet mouth and swallowed the entire length of his penis. He gasped with excitement. Lucy’s luscious lips built up a rhythm moving up and down moving faster and faster. Inside, her playful tongue licked down the top and the sides of his penis. She’s done this before, he thought. Could it be that his new demure girlfriend was not entirely squeaky clean and actually quite…dirty? He pondered this idea for a few moments before a great pressure began to build inside his shaft, he was going to orgasm. His penis blew and he felt as if he was pumping gallons of spunk into Lucy’s mouth. Lucy readily accepted all the cream he had to give until he stopped. She released his penis from her hot mouth and licked off the last tiny drops from the top of his cock. His penis was placed back into his feminine knickers and Lucy helped smooth down his dress. They sat on the bench for a while cuddling and kissing each other lovingly until Mrs. Abbot called them in. It was time for them to take a nice sissy bubble bath together.
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Great story. Absolutely love it. ^^
Fantastic, riveting story, loooooved it


More please it's so good
Very great story. Would be nice to see Lucy and Mrs Abbot help and encourage the sissy along in its journey.
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I'm enjoying this a lot; I hope you continue the story.
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