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Title: Infantus


Mandy Edmonds - 18yo : Played by Miki Yamuri

Allen Kyle- 18 yo : Played by Elladan Kenet

Scene: In Allen's living room on the sofa with Mandy reading a Science Magazine


Mandy was at her boyfriend
Allen's house all snuggled up on the huge soft sofa. She loved Allen because he made a very good submissive Pet. She ruled over him with a firm, but loving hand and he responded perfectly for her. They were reading the most prestigious Science Magazine on the planet, Scientific Misinformed. It contained all the current scientific news and discoveries on the planet.

Allen was on the couch beside Mandy as they read her favorite magazine. He was her pet in all but title. He was under her thumb, and any day now, she'd establish true authority and start ruling his life. That had yet to happen though. Instead, he was cute and clueless, with his small yet thin body, dressed still in the cute jammies she brought for him and insisted he wear; a pink floral babydoll set of hers, from when she was in high school. He looked absolutely precious in them too.

Curious, he looked down at the page. "I didn't know you were into science, Mandy."

Mandy replies with a soft coo in her voice, "Of course sweet heart, I have always loved science. Why do you think I aced Chemistry?"

She turns the page in the magazine, and came across the full page color ad. It read, 'Are all the worries and stress of adult life getting you down? Are you tired of paying bills and that long frustrating commute to work on the crowded highways? Then take an Infantus vacation and escape from all the Adult Conspiracy. For $1,800 we can offer you the escape of a life time. Only serious inquiries please. Call 1 ( 800 ) 462-2229 to make reservations.'

Allen looked down, reading the article. Sure sounded like a great ad, and boy did he hate having to go to his stupid job.

He sighed wistfully. "Sounds like it'd be fun, but it must be too good to be true."

Mandy hugs Allen lovingly as she looks at the numbers in the ad. Just by accident, she sees the buttons on the phone beside the sofa and realizes what the numbers mean ... they spell out ‘Im a Baby’.

She giggles as she replies, "I think there's more to this than what appears on the surface. I would love to take a vacation like this and get away from ... the Adult Conspiracy. I have $1800 to spend. Why don't you call and ask? It can't hurt." Mandy picks up the phone and hands it to Allen.

He blinks, looking at the phone as she hands it to him, unaware of what the ad was actually offering.

He says in reply, "You’d spend that much money on me? But I couldn't ask that, not unless you came along too. Besides, we don't even know if it's real."

She giggles softly again as she replies, "I would be more than happy to accompany you. And my pet, the only way to discover if it's real or not ... is to call ... you think?" She points to the number.

Blushing, he took the phone and obediently dialed the number, unwittingly committing himself to becoming her future baby. "Hello?"

A softly cooing and very mesmerizingly sexy female voice answers, "This is Infantus, how may we serve you?"

Wow, that was a wonderfully different voice. He could already hear the subliminal message, urging him to continue with the phone conversation. "Y-yes...

my name is Allen Kyle. I'd like to book a stay at your spa for me and my girlfriend."

The sound of a pleasantly giggling voice replies, "It would be my pleasure to attend to all of your needs. And how old are the 2 of you? This is important so that we may locate you with your age group. Also, you do understand that by supplying us with your credit card information, you are agreeing with our terms and conditions?."

He nodded, though of course she would not see it. "Yes, yes, I comply. We're both 18 years old."

Coincidently, unknown to both of them, there were no other reservations for that age bracket, so they'd receive all the attention they needed ..."

The intoxicating voice replies in a sweet soft coo, "Now sweet heart, if you could give me your credit card information and your location we can begin right away."

Sounded enticing. Without a second thought, he mechanically and obediently rattled off the numbers to her, unknowingly giving her full control of his life.

The voice replies softly, "Now sweetikins, if you and your girlfriend will proceed to the intersection of 29th street and Cromwell, we will pick you up. There is no need to bring any clothes or other items, everything is provided for you. We promise this to be a once in a life time vacation." The phone goes dead.

Wow, no bye? The thoughts left from his head, Allen suddenly felt confused as he hung up. "Okay... well, it's all done. We just have to go to 29th and Cromwell as soon as we can get there, they will pick us up."

Mandy stands up and takes Allen by his hand and pulls him to his feet. She says excitedly, "Hurry, that intersection is about 6 blocks. We can drive there in about 3 minutes if we hurry."

Mandy grabs up her purse as Allen scrabbles to grab his house keys. She hurries him out of the house and into the car. Before Allen has a chance to catch his breath, they are underway to a new adventure.

Amazed at Mandy's speed and excitement, he looks over at her. "I can't go out like this! I'm still in your jammies! I look ... look like a girl!"

She looks over to Allen. He is wearing a cute boy short bottoms and a babydoll top. On first , or even 3rd glance, it would be hard to tell that Allen was a boy.

Mandy giggles softly as she replies, "I don't think it matters sweetie, besides, the intersection is at the next light."

They pull up to the intersection and stop at the light. There is no traffic or pedestrians anywhere in sight. They both look all around and then at each other.

Mandy says, "How long did they say they would be? You're sure this is the correct location?"

He nods, still embarrassed at being out in the cute pajamas. "Yeah... they said come here as soon as we can..." he looked around, confused.

Without warning, the radio begins to go nuts as it rapidly begins to change stations. The car's horn begins to blow and the lights on the dash to flash randomly for a few seconds. When it all stopped, they both looked at each other in amazement.

There is a bright white blue flash ... they can feel their bodies being pressed into the seat as the car seems to be rising straight up at an incredible speed.

In the few seconds this took place, they both could have sworn they were leaving the planet and had been drawn into a huge and sleek looking space craft of some kind. When all had stopped, they appeared to be inside a small, empty parking garage.

Completely shocked at what happened, Allen couldn't help but yell and look around scared as they flew through the air and landed in the hangar of the massive ship. "What the heck just happened?!"

Mandy says softly with fear in her voice, "I think we have just been abducted by ... Aliens."

A door on the far side of the room opens. An extremely beautiful woman dressed in what appeared to be a very sexy Maid's outfit approached them. Her dress was very short and had a ruffled hem and puffy sleeves. It showed off just a hint of a cute pair of black ruffled panties. She had on a very delicate white lace apron and an extremely shiny pair of ebony black stiletto heeled pumps. The duo could hear the tick, tick, tick of her foot steps as she gracefully approached the car and opened Allen's door.

She says in a very intoxicatingly sweet cooing voice, "Welcome, children, to Infantus. We know you will have the experience of a life time as we insure you never have to be contaminated by the Adult Conspiracy again."

She takes Allen by his hand and he is suddenly out of the car. As petit as this woman appears, she in incredibly strong, but gentle.

She coos softly, "If you will follow me, we will begin your ... vacation, immediately."

He blinks, confused as this woman comes in takes, his hand and leads him away. Wasn't she supposed to be an alien. "I'm... confused. You're not alien?"

The woman giggles softly as she coos, "Silly baby, of course I'm not Alien. I work for the Universal Mega Corporation Babies of all Ages. We offer these getaways to many people all over the universe."

She leads Allen through a large door into what looks like a very nice spa type bathroom, complete with padded counters and fancy shaped tubs and environmental shower stalls.

Mandy follows shyly behind. She looks all around the room with big eyes and her mouth open. She had never seen such an opulent bath facility in her life.

In the back of her mind, there was something strangely familiar about the padded counters and the shapes of the bath tubs ... she just couldn't quite put her finger on it.

Allen looked around the room as he was led into it, Mandy not far behind. It looked like a bathroom of some sort, but far more luxurious than he'd ever seen. Was this part of the spa, he wondered?

"What is this room?" he asked the other woman, who held his hand.

She turns and pats Allen on his hinny softly as she places a cold sharp thing to his neck. There is a hissing pop. He feels a wonderful rush of intense sensations wash through him.

The Woman coos softly, "This is where baby gets her bath and cute cloths on. I know you'll enjoy it a whole lots."

She begins to remove Allen’s cute jammies while he stands and shivers with the intensity of the shot.

He gasps, shivering, suddenly numb, suddenly alive with many intense waves of pleasant sensations, and unable to squirm as she removes his clothing. Soon, he's stark naked in front of her.

He realizes suddenly and gasps out in a cute voice, "Wha-what? But I don't want a bath!"

Another extremely beautiful woman enters the room dressed exactly the same as the one tending to Allen. She curtsies gracefully and holds out her hand to Mandy. Mandy's eyes get bigger as she realizes what the counter and tubs reminded her of ... they were changing tables and bassinets to tend to a baby. She backs until she realizes the door they had entered was closed and had no visible way to open it.

A feeling of panic begins to rise within Mandy as the young woman speaks softly, "Don't be afraid, you're to be given Advanced Nana training so you can care for your new baby girl. The vacation for your boyfriend begins now."

She takes Mandy's hand and leads her from the room out the other door leaving Allen alone with the other woman.

He begins to think panicky thoughts ... New baby girl? Advanced Nana training? Allen didn't like the sign of this. He began to whine as Mandy was led from the room.

He cries out in a cute voice that wasn’t his, "M-mandy!"

The woman coos softly to Allen as she starts the bath and adds many different kinds of oils to the water, "Don't be afraid baby, Nana promises it won't hurt a bit."

She pats him softly on his bare bottom one more time as she massages a red rose smelling gel into his hair and his face. It makes them both tingle pleasantly.

She continues, "Mandy will be all right. She's going to be your Nana and take care of you for a long, long time. We know you will enjoy this vacation. You are now not a part of the Adult Conspiracy, but are under Baby Rules for the duration of ... well ... lets just say for a long time."

She then helps Allen into the warm wonderful feeling water. The boy pouts and fusses a bit as she pats his bottom then washes his face and hair while helping him into the tub. The boy blushes, now in the tub, and mostly wet as she tells him all this. Him having to be on 'Baby Rules' and such is mind blowing.

He gasps out in what he realizes is a cute little girl’s voice, "You want me to be a baby?!"

Nana takes a proportionately sized wash cloth and soaps it well, she begins to wash Allen from his face to his toes, tickling him gently as she went.

She coos softly, "You agreed to give up your adulthood and to become a baby girl when you paid for this. It was explained to you that using your credit

card constituted your agreement with our terms and conditions. Very soon, you'll be an adorable baby girl about 3 feet tall, still diaper dependant and in need of a Nana's care. You will be on vacation from all the adult stresses of the world and only have baby things to worry about."

How horrible! Blushing, the poor boy began to fuss, distraught at his face. "No! I don't want to be a baby girl! Let me go!" He started to fight her a bit, trying to get away.

Allen discovered immediately how strong the Nana was. It caused her little inconvenience for him to fuss and squirm. Nana pops Allen on his bare thigh making a splash in the water. The sting was enough to stop him from fussing.

Nana coos to baby, "Now sweet heart, baby has to understand something, you have no say in anything anymore. You're way too young. That's why you

will have a Nana to take good care of baby. Now let Nana make you look and feel more like the baby girl you really are."

With this, the Nana squeezes a large amount of some kind of clear gel into her hand. She reaches into the water and massages his manhood with it until it is thick and gooey with it. Allen gasps softly as his manhood begins to tingle and send more wonderful sensation all through him.

Nana continues, "If baby watches, she'll realize she's not a boy any more."

Allen was overwhelm by pleasure and sensations. Even in his neck, he could feel the pleasant rushes as his vocal chords changed. Scarlet, he suddenly began to coo and lay down as she massaged his privates with the stuff. His member was inverting, and his privates disappearing. He was literally turning into a girl, at an accelerated rate, thanks to the gels, oils, and chemicals.

Nana washes Allen's new privacy, removing all the cellular residue that used to be his manhood, then rinsing him from head to foot with the gentle setting on the spray nozzle.

She then lifts him from the tub, and stands him on a very thick bathmat. She takes a large towel and dries him briskly from head to foot. She briskly dries Allen’s now wonderfully soft hair eliciting many involuntary little girl giggles from him.

Allen is now essentially a little girl. The genetic modifications continued at an accelerating rate. Mortified by what just took place, but still feeling the soothing effects, the boy fusses a bit as she helps him out and begins drying off his now hairless body.

Nana takes Allen’s hand and leads him to one of the ornately padded counters. She picks Allen up from under his arm and lays him on his tummy on the table.

Nana coos softly as she pushes 3 large suppositories deep into his bottom, "This will make sure your body is all baby. You will be unable to help yourself when it comes time to go potty. You will feel sort of cramped within your body as it shrinks as well. You can fight it and fuss if you want, there’s no going back."

Allen wriggles and squirms as she lays him down. When he feels the weird and pleasant sensations of the suppositories being shoved into his bottom, he

squeaks and begins to whimper, helpless at what she's doing to him, his body already starting to shrink to the size of a toddler. He can feel the suppositories as they begin to melt and add to the intense feelings already washing through his shrinking body.

Nana takes a large tube and squeezes a large amount of it onto her fingers. She smears it all over his bottom before she turns him onto his back. She bends suddenly and blows a large noisy raspberry in his tummy.

He gasps, surprised at the gel all over his bottom, then suddenly helplessly giggling as she blows into his stomach, his reactions surprisingly babyish. He realizes he really can’t help himself as he kicks and squirms joyfully.

Nana lifts Allen by his ankles and places a cute Huggies under him and sets his bottom into its soft embrace. She powders him well, the fresh sweet smell of baby powder fills his nose.

She pulls it between his legs and fastens the tapes snugly, but comfortably on. She once again blows in his tummy as she lovingly tickles him in his ribs.

Faster than he can comprehend, Allen is powdered and diapered, looking just like a young girl. He pouts a bit, coming back to his sense slightly and looking down at himself.

He gurgles out in his cute infantile voice, "A d-diaper?"

Before he helplessly begins kicking and screeching like the happy baby he was rapidly becoming.

Nana sits Allen up and kisses him on his nose. She coos softly, "Why, of course, a baby has to be in diapers. If they don't, they will have a messy accident. We don't want that." as she wrinkled her nose in a cute face.

His thoughts begin to race ... Baby? But he wasn't a baby. He becomes shy as she kissed his nose.

Allen gurgles adorably, "But I'm not a baby ..."

Nana helps Allen to stand cutting off his protest. He realizes suddenly how much larger everything seems. He feels really cramped inside his body like he had a suit on that was very much too small for him. Nana Leans him against a wall that had a giraffe measuring tape fastened to it.

She held her hand above his head as she coos softly, "Yes sweetie, you are a baby. Your shrinking very nicely now too. You're only 3' 4". In another few minutes, you'll be between 2.5 feet and 3 feet tall."

She sits Allen on the counter and picks up a stiff brush. She begins to brush Allen's hair and remove the tangles. As she proceeded, it curled adorably and fell softly around Allen's shoulders.

Amazed at how much smaller he was now. He squirmed like any little girl his age getting the tangles out as Nana sat him down and brushed his hair. The transformation and makeover was almost near completion.

Nana coos softly to baby, "Now sweetikins, Nana going to put baby in a cute pair of rumba panties. Baby too young to have to be in more clothes. I will take you to the nursery to be fed after that."

She lays Allen on his back and threads his feet through the leg openings in the panties. They were plastic lined and were a soft green with many different baby animals in many colored squares.

She stands Allen on his feet and leans him against her as she pulls them the rest of the way up and insures they are on properly so baby wouldn't leak.

Allen giggles as his hinny is reassuringly patted amid the crinkling sound of the plastic lining in his panties and his Huggies. He can’t help himself it feels so wonderful. He gets tingling chills and goosy bumps all over from the wonderful sensation. It really made him feel good inside and very happy.

She coos softly to baby as she pats his hinny, "Now, we need a cute name to call baby. You won't have to worry about being a big boy named Allen ever

again. Hummm ... I think Kylie is a cute name for a cute little girl like you."

She turns him so he can see himself in the mirror behind him. Allen gasps when he sees himself. Or rather, Kylie. No longer is he 5'5" and a boy. Now, he is a 3 foot toddler girl, and very adorable.

Kylie begins to pout and simper as she realizes no one has stopped or even appears to be wanting to reverse what is happening to her. She can feel the

rapid transformation within her body accelerating. It scares her how intense to infantile feelings and thoughts have become. She fights a really intense urge to suck her thumb ... she just ... can’t ... she keeps discovering it in her mouth.

Kylie whimpers, "B-but ... I no wanna bea .. baby." She then cries.

Nana picks Kylie to her shoulder and lovingly pats her hinny as she carries him from the room.

She coos softly, "There, there sweet heart," She kisses him on his cheek, "It's going to be all right. Nana promises. I know it's really scary to realize you're a baby again, but you really are on vacation from the Adult Conspiracy. You will have a very long, long vacation too."

He simpers more, ashamed at the way he looks and being babied. Never did he imagine this could happen to him, he thinks as she carefully carries him to his new home.

Briefly, he wonders what happened to Mandy ... Just as the Nana had entered the Nursery with the new baby girl Kylie, he saw Mandy dressed in the same adorably sexy outfit as the Nana carrying him. He watched as an older woman gave Mandy a shot in each of her breasts.

Kylie heard her say to Mandy, "Your breasts will be a bit tinder for a while, but lactation begins immediately." She turns and coos softly, "And here is baby all ready for lunch."

She walks swiftly across the room and takes Kylie from the Nana and brings him over to Mandy.

She says, "Now, sit in that rocking chair and we will teach you the proper way to feed your new charge."

Mandy sits in the chair and looks at Kylie with a bright sparkle in her eye. Allen is terribly confused now. Mandy? What happened to her? She looks just like these Nanas ... these ... other women. Was she a Nana now? He sat in her lap, confused.

Kylie gurgles and coos like any baby, "Mandy? Wha happen ta me?"

If you didn’t listen really carefully, Kylie’s speech sounded like any adorable baby’s would. Mandy looks down at Kylie as the other Nana handed him over. She lovingly takes him and cradles him.

She coos softly, "Yes Allen ... or from now on ... Kylie." She giggles, "I was going to have you in diapers and be an Adult Baby ... but this is so much better."

She undoes a panel in the top of her dress and removes one of her very shapely breasts. She gives it a squeeze. At first, only a clear liquid came out, but after several squeezes, the liquid began to turn white. She takes Kylie to her breast and put the nipple in his mouth.

She coos softly, "Now sweetheart, it's time for baby to nurse. You just have to get used to this, you're on vacation for being a big boy for a long time."

Allen tries to fuss at first, too embarrassed to suckle from her like this, but before he can complain, the nipple is in his mouth and he can feel the warm sweet liquid flowing. Unable to help it, he nurses, slowly getting drowsy as his tummy warms and begins to feel full. Mandy begins to rock slowly as Kylie nurses.

Mandy coos to her new baby, "You need to know that I'm in charge from now on. You are too young to make decisions, or even change your own clothes.

You're going to be a lot smarter than a normal baby your age, but I want my Pet to be a smart baby."

She bends and kisses Kylie lovingly as she begins to hum a fairy tail about Stepping Stones. Confused and wondering what his new fate has in store for him, Kylie nurses, becoming full soon, and gradually falling asleep. By the time he finishes the suckling, he's already fast asleep.

Mandy takes her nipple from Kylie's mouth and tucks it away as she fastens the top panel back in place. She stands up slowly and places Kylie to her shoulder as she pats his hinny lovingly.

She coos to baby, "Now when sweetums wakes up, the process will be complete. I want to thank you for giving yourself to me in this manner. It's so much better than I had ever dreamed."

She carried Kylie to a crib and tucks him in. She puts Kylie’s thumb in his mouth and places a Teddy Bear next to him. She kisses him on his cheek one

more time as she tucks him in with another reassuring pat on the hinny, and raises the rail to the crib. She looks back a last time as she leaves the nursery for her next Nana class.

Allen of course can't answer her. The poor boy-turned-girl is fast asleep, in his nursery on this strange ship, dreaming merrily as they head to permanent vacation from the Adult Conspiracy on a planet named ... Infantus.

  ~~ End Pt 1~~  
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Oooooh, the "End Pt I" suggests there might be more of this story coming up, and I hope there is, because this is so nice! It seems like a forced regression, but he's already wearing babydolls to start with, so it doesn't seem like he's *totally* against it ... it seems more like somebody who is given his heart's desire, only much faster than he anticipated it ever happening, if he even really believed it could happen at all.

Babies of All Ages is a much bigger operation than I thought it was! Wow! What if I dial that number? *giggle* OK, I tried it, but that number doesn't exist here. Maybe they don't have an office in this area. *giggle* Anyway, I hope that you and Elladan RP some more of this story soon! I want to find out what the planet Infantus is like. ^_^
Sunshine & rainbows,

"So sing aloud now, your favorite music
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Mmm... Miki you have a fun 'magination. I wike the way they get abducted. It is a cool image!

And I wike Scientific Misinformed. That makes me laugh.

I wike how your adult babies shwink. I wish I could shwink down. And I wike that they are babies for a long, long time.

It's fun that the welationship begins wif a girlfwend and sissy boy. Then the sissy boy turns into a baby! That's fun.
Baby talk rocks!
Wow what a cool story, will be looking for "Chapter 2"
looks forward to more lucky baby
likes my fanny in warm hands and to be foundle by anyone you would like to play .
Great story, can't wait for more
april baby
Such a lovely story!
Mina Silverwind
I simply adore this lovely story, you had me enthralled by all of the imagery of this amazing story, and keep up the nice work.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Baby Flo
Wonderfull! I can't wait for the next part...
Love everybody
everybody will Love you
Sweet Heart
Hi Miki!! This is absolutely adorable. What else could I possibly say that hasn't already been said? I do so hope that part 2 comes quickly, I want to know about Infantus too.

BTW sweetie, where do you buy the Scientific Misinformed magazine? LOL sounds like something I want to read.
Great story you defenitly always do a good jon and I am glad to see you are still turning out new work

Sissy Jot
Hi baby girl, seems you have discovered the perfect getaway. How I would love to make reservations and take a long long vacation. LOL

Hope to see a part 2 real soon.
Baby Doll Sissy
This is so cool. I wish I could visit some of the places you write about. To even dream about them would truly make my day. Please keep up the good word sweet baby girl.
I look foreward to the next part too.
Me was Scanning all the old story's and look what me finds this lovely GEM. Very good as always Ms just sweetness in every way.
Do Keep up the GREAT work your produce.
Sweet Dreams
Awww, it seems as if the person that Miki RPed this with has disappeared from the Internet ... :(

But Miki wants to finish it, so she has asked me to RP the rest with her. OK! Let's see what we come up with! :)
Sunshine & rainbows,

"So sing aloud now, your favorite music
Because Heaven needs to hear it too."
-- Jennifer Funshine
Baby Doll Sissy
I love the 2nd part ... just wish there was more to it. I hope you won't wait as long to do part 3. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens when Kylie has his ... oops .. I mean her realization!
Sissy Jot
The second part has finaly arrived ... I hope the 3rd part comes quickly, I'm really interested in what's going to happen to the new babygirl Kylie.

I see you have a new partner on this one. I have great expectations for her too judging from the other stories she has done with you. The both of you make a wonderful collaboration team and produce wonderful stories together. Keep up the wonderful work, I truly enjoy reading all of your stories.
pwease continue? pwetty pwease?
   What a wonderful story so far, Queen Miki and Lil Jennie. You two are a really good role playing team.

I love the sentence, "As the wonderful panoramic swirl of the galaxy resolved into a single blue green planet..." That is so beautiful.

I love the description of entering the planet -- like the earthquake that you almost can't feel.

I also love the descriptions of all the different kinds of people, tall and short and thin and wide, and even a cute little girl in a romper to be a tour guide!

I love all the baby scenes, which are just wonderfully described. They make me feel so babyish and contented when I read them.

I guess I really just love the two of you, babies!   
Baby talk rocks!
Sissy Jot
Way to go sweet heart!! The play park is totally awsome!! I think all of the things there would be amazing, especially the butterly things and those floating things. It so wonderful to see they are designed to keep babies from wandering off while keeping them entertained at the same time. The fountain was nice too, I wonder how many diffrent kinds of drinks it flows with?

I hope to see a lot more stories with you and Jennie in the future ... by yourself, you're amazing ... together ... you're totally mind boggling!!
Sweet Heart
This is awesome! It's so nice to see the love and caring. I see sally made an appearance. Love her too, I thinks she's adorable as they come. The fun park was a wonderful imaginative place I would personally love to visit.

I so hope you and liljennie keep on making stories. I definitely want more
 Good ending! I agree with Sissy Jot and Sweet Heart -- this was an awesome story!

I love all the images, all the ideas and characters. But most of all I love the cloud stroller -- that is such a wonderful, cute little thing! And it acts like Kylie's little protector or friend! 
Baby talk rocks!
dat was a gweat stowy! i wish dare was more though cause mesa wiked it awot. i agwee wif preemie dat stwoller was a gweat idea. i want one
I wishes i cood go ona facashun wike tat one! It sownds wike fun!
Gweat stowy Meekee.

Time fow me to nap...
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