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A nice setup of two sissies and a dominant girlfriend. So many possible endings. I'm inviting everyone to please add your favorite ending. Even if you've never submitted a story, please write something to finish it. I want to read them all.
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  Todd rolled off of Alicia with a sense of satisfaction. Morning sex was always awesome. Alicia let a soft hum escape from her soft red lips. She was still horny though. She stretched over him and tried to engulf his penis with her mouth. Todd turned and moaned "Alicia! Enough is enough."

  "But I still want some more" Alicia whined.

  "Good grief, girl. You could suck the strength out of three men."

  Alicia licked her lips coyly and allowed the thought of Todd's words to tickle her mind. "Well, if you're dry, then get me another one" she teased.

  Todd's eyes bulged. Then he assumed that she was joking and laughed. "Fine" he said. "But if you get another prick, I get to have another pussy."

  "You can't even handle mine, you wuss!"

  "Yes I can!" he proclaimed. He pushed her over and snuggled his face between her thighs. Alicia leaned back and let him lick her private parts. She reached behind his head, grabbed a clump of his hair, and pushed his face deep into her crotch. She started to get wet, and soon she was oozing girly goo all over his face. She moaned with pleasure and released his head.

  "What's up with that?", he asked.

  "With what?", Alicia replied.

  "You get off so easily when I go down on you, but you almost never come when we are doing it like... regular."

  "I dunno. I guess I like being in control."

  "It's exciting, but disturbing at the same time" said Todd. "Sometimes, I feel like a toy."

  "So, go with it", she said.


  "No, really, let go. Be my toy. I've watched you carefully. You love it when I'm in control. All I have to do is tease you a little with my hiney and you fall on your knees for me."

  "That's not... well, yeah, but... I really like you", he whimpered.

  Alicia took over and said "Well, let's go find another wimpy dick so I can have control over both of you." She grabbed the back of his head again and pushed his face between her legs. "Say it!" she insisted. "Say it like I told you!"

  She listened with pleasure as she heard Todd's muffled reply, "I'm yours to do with as you please."


  "Get dressed", Alicia ordered. "We're going to Wallymart."

  "For what?" asked Todd knowinginly.

  "To find me another prissy wimp to push around. That's where I found you, right?"

  Todd looked away and didn't say anything. He reached down, picked up his underwear and held them out as he prepared to stick his leg through the left opening.

  "Nah Nah Nah" said Alicia. "Try these on." She held out a pair of lacy red panties in front of him. They were hers. Todd paused for a moment, then he let go of his white underpants, took the red panties from her, and slid them up and around his bottom. He then looked up at Alicia and waited for her approval.

  "Verrry nice", cood Alicia. "You'll make a fine shopping assistant."

  Todd blushed as he put his jeans on over the panties. 


  At the store, Alicia led Todd around as he carried an orange shopping basket. In the pharmacy area she picked up a box of tampons. Before she put them in the basket, she carefully scraped off the price tag and smudged the upc label. Then she led them near the ladies lingerie section and stood still.

  "What are we waiting for?" asked Todd.

  "We'll know it when we see it." replied Alicia.

  They stood around for about 15 minutes before Alicia quietly said "Look! Over there." She pointed to a guy who was wandering through the ladies underwear section by himself. He had short dark hair and a medium build, similar to Todd. His eyes darted around, as if to see if anyone was watching him as he cautiously sifted through the hangers of matching bra and panty sets. After a quick look around, he slipped a leopard print matching set into his own shopping basket.

  "Score!" shrieked Alicia as she covered her mouth to try and hide her excitement.

  "What's so special about that?" asked Todd. "Maybe he's shopping for his girlfriend."

  "Yeah, right", said Alicia. "Masculine men don't sift through panties at Wallymart. Did you forget how I found you?"

  They followed the dark haired guy as he weaved his way through the ladies section, often sliding his fingers through some of the garments. As he passed the electronics section, they heard a clerk call over to him "Hey Jeremy, what's up?" "Not much" he replied. He finally headed toward the checkout counter. Alicia was quick to get right behind him in line. He put most of his seemingly random selection of items onto the counter before he finally placed the panty set onto the belt. The red haired girl behind the counter began scanning his items. Her nametag read "Cassie".

  Alicia waited patiently for Jeremy to look away, then she swiftly placed the box of tampons in his pile. The belt moved forward and the checkout girl picked up the box to scan it. His face turned pale as Cassie unsuccessfully swiped the box over the scanner multiple times, then examined it for a price tag. She reached for the microphone and announced over the PA system loudly and clearly "I need a price check on 12 count teen-cheer tampons."

  Hoards of people from twelve isles on both sides looked in their direction. Jeremy nearly passed out from embarrassment. Alicia watched as the distress she planned for him set in. She waited til he started to sweat, then she motioned to Cassie "Oh, whoops, they're mine." A sigh of relief escaped from Jeremy's lips as he gasped "Oh, thank you! I didn't know what to say."  

  As Cassie finished ringing out both of their orders, Alicia coyly said to Jeremy "Your thanks was nice, but I bet you wish they were yours, don't you?"

  "Wha...wha.. what are you talking about?" Jeremy stammered.

  "You know..." said Alicia. "...that panty and bra set you just bought isn't for any girlfriend, now is it?"

  Jeremy stammered again "I... I didn't... It's not... I mean..."

  Alicia once again quickly took control. "Why don't you come home with me and my boy-toy Todd and we'll make sure those panties get put to good use?"

  Jeremy stared blankly.

  "Exactly as expected" she mumbled to herself. "Follow me!" she commanded. Todd and Jeremy followed her to the car carrying the items they bought from the store.

  They arrived back at Alicia's condo and she instructed them "Now I want both of you in my bedroom stripped down to your underwear and laying at the foot of my bed in 10 seconds." 
  The guys both scampered to meet her demands. She entered the room just seconds later to find them laying crosswise at the bottom of her bed. Todd was sporting the red panties she gave him earlier, and to her surprise, Jeremy was sprawled out wearing just a flimsy pink satin pair of ladies panties with a small white bow centered around the back of his waistline.

  "Well, aren't the two of you just a couple of sweet little things?" she teased. "I knew you were a pansy when I first saw you in the store, Jeremy, but I didn't expect that you'd already be wearing sissy panties while you were out shopping." 

  Alicia was wearing a black teddy with spaghetti straps, a lacy skirt, and no panties. She opened a drawer and slipped on some long white satin gloves, then spanked each of them with her gloved hands.

  She layed on the bed and ordered them in a demanding voice "Eat me!"

  Todd and Jeremy crawled toward her inner thighs and began licking her vagina. As they each tried to give her the best treatment, their tongues slithered along her tasty muffin, but they also got in the way of each other and ended up licking the other's tongue. Todd pulled back and bellowed "Uggh! Gross!".

  Alicia raised her head up and shouted "What? How dare you!"

  Todd stammered "I.. I didn't mean.. it's just.. he's.."

  "Shut up, you bitch!" Alicia screeched. "You are such a priss! Why don't we find out how you like taking a girls position for once?"

-------------------------------------------------To be continued -----by you!---------------------------------

(Please reply with your very own favorite ending to this story. It doesn't have to be long or elaborate. I just want to see what this stirs up in my sister's minds and experiment with shared writing. I'm hoping for lots of different endings.) 
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