XXX House of Sisters *Chapter 2** ADDED*
When your family makes diapers for a living, and you are the only boy in a house of nine sisters, all bets are off
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Chapter 1

Come on! I banged on the bathroom door again, stop using all of the hot water!!

Stop using all of the hot water two girls giggled amidst the water beyond the door.

Another girl, a brunette towered over me as she passed by, messing up my hair with her hand.

Hey little one she smiled.

Can you tell the Ks to get out and stop hogging all of the hot water?

Why dont you just use mine?

I cant, Mirandas in there, I huffed out a breath, Candice is in hers and the Fab 3 are using moms

Well, just get one tonight she walked past me to the stairs.

Guess Ill have too I muttered and walked back down the hallway to my room.

My name is Aaron Peabody, yes thats right¦as in Peabody Diapers incorporated, the largest world wide supplier of diapers and baby products. And I am the only son amongst this house of estrogen. Technically Im not even ˜their son. I was adopted when my parents had their fifth girl in a row and dad always wanted a son¦so”they adopted me, then the next year mom had triplets. Dad passed away five years later, and left mom everything.

Its not easy living with eight girls; well nine if you include mom. We live in this big plantation house that belonged to my dads family since before the American Revolution. 22 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, 6 half bathrooms (which every girl gets a bathroom, but my room somehow never got one), a pool house and a guest house.

I walked into my room, its small compared to a lot of the rooms, got my bed and desk, got posters of Kingdom Hearts and a few photos of family scattered all around. I grabbed my underwear (yes they are tightly-whites because they dont make boxers in my size), my jeans and a black t-shirt and headed out down the hallway and stairs. Pass the foyer and into the dining room.

Everyone so busy, mom has a small staff to do yard work, clean and cook. Like Wanda, the butler I guess, she always as funny stories to tell me about her life. Then there is Fefe, shes a French maid, and she really is from France. Fefes not the brightest apple of the bunch, shes missing a few marbles, but she makes up for it by being sexy looking.

I better tell you the joke of the family before I continue¦

I already told you I was adopted, I stand 2 feet 10 inches tall and I weigh 22lbs (skinny as a rale). I have long naturally platinum blond hair (to my sister, Joys, hatred) and green eyes. Im also 18. Yep you heard me right, Im 18.

See, I have this¦condition thats like 12 syllables long but basically means I dont grow past where I am. I have a childs body, head¦arms¦everything. A childs body, but I still think and feel, have hormones like any boy my age. I just never grew. My hair grows, fingernails, the rest of my body doesnt.

Anyway, the table was laid out with a wonderful selection for breakfast: waffles, fruit, bacon, oatmeal, juice, water, and toast. Aria was already at the table with her small bowl of fruit. I went around: Aria helped me get my fruit bowl, a waffle bacon, and orange juice. Then I took my seat beside her. My chair has one of those plastic seats for toddlers to be even with the table.

Morning mom I said.

Mom turned to look at me; her business suit was dark grey and perfectly pressed. She didnt look like a woman who gave birth to eight daughters. Even with the little grey at the temples she looked like one of those pinup posters the Vietnam guys had in their lockers.

Morning sweetie

Kylie and Katy are hogging all the hot water and the bathroom¦again.

Dont worry little one Candice said in her tight jeans and even tighter white spaghetti strap shirt.

Candice is¦different; shes beautiful with a body to match it, 24 years old, she has blond hair thats a little darker then mine, but we have the same color eyes, green like well kept grass. She could have been a model, in fact she had done some, but she got her graphic arts degree while she was still in high school. Now she and mom work together running the business, and work in research. Candice designs diapers, toys, furniture, clothes and other things for children. Mom still builds the test ones, when they are all done¦they take it too the business for production.

Candice and mom started talking about making changes to one of the rooms they have in the house as show rooms for the clients (set up like nurseries and such). They are pretty elaborate for toddlers and infants; I get annoyed when some of the clients ask me which room is mine.

The Ks finally came down after a while. Katy and Kylie were identical in every way but one¦ Katy has a birth mark behind one ear and Kylie doesnt. Other than that they have the same dark coffee hair and amber eyes, and 20 years old, clear skin and they wore their signature color”PINK

They giggled at me until mom finally broke her conversation to take up my side in things and got onto the twins; taking their phone from them. In their mind theyve just taken a bullet to their social lives. They growled at me under their breaths as mom took her seat at the table, then they took their seats across from me. I turned to look at Aria who made a face at me that I couldnt help but laugh at it.

Aria was a model. At 22, she just graduated college last year and now she works modeling for some Lingerie company called ˜La La. She has black as night hair and eyes that look like storm clouds. Her dark skin gives her an exotic look.

Oh my¦
Like¦they are back together

I groaned¦the triplets have arrived. All 16, blond, all pretty, all girly; cream skin and blue eyes made them trouble. I sat still for what was coming as they passed behind me. Then all at once their hands surrounded me¦chatting all at the same time.

Oh whos a good little baby Riley said, ruffling my hair.
Is baby waby all wet? Joy said, pinching my cheeks.
Here Winnie forced a pacifier into my mouth thats better.

They walked away and I took it out, setting it away from me. Then another set of arms wrapped around me, but these were warm and gentle hands.

Morning Aaron

Miranda is my favorite sister, best friend and playmate here at the house. Shes got chocolate hair and deep blue eyes. Shes 18, like me, standing at 510 shes way over me. Mom and Dad adopted me the year Miranda was born, so Miranda and I share the same birthday and we share rooms next to each other on our hallway.

Hey Miranda

I kissed her cheek and she mine with a small giggle. Then she took the other seat beside me to have breakfast.

We talked among ourselves like most families. We talked about family, school, friends, current events and such. I spent most of it avoiding the twins and triplets¦Ive been bullied before by my sisters and Id rather not be on the other end of their wrath. All was going well until mom said something that made me uncomfortable.

Aaron, I need you downstairs today after your lessons.

OOOO¦ everyone but Miranda, Mom, Candice and I said in unison babys got modeling to do.
Mom no, I dont want to do that again

Aaron Candice chimed in you have to, weve all had to.

She was right. When mom started, she used Candice when she was a baby to try her ideas on and get the look and feel right. Then the company got going and every one of us had to go down to the workshop to be a model/test baby for the products. The rule was, once you were past fitting in toddler things mom would go down to the next smallest. As you can guess¦mine never ended, and as all the girls all grew out, I still had to endure the humiliation into my teen years.

I know weve all had too, I just dont know why I still have too.

Cause youre so little the triplets said in unison.

Youre the baby Aria commented.

I am not!

And you need to be in diapers the twins replied.


Girls, stop picking on your brother because of his size. Aaron, I always uses one of you to try things before and its made us a success. The girls have all grown, but thankfully you havent and you can help us continue to do well.

I groaned¦no matter what I said I was never going to win

Besides Mom said, I have to go to the office for a meeting this morning, Candice has designs to finish and the girls are going for their last day of school. So we will meet downstairs at 1.

I pouted, yes I did¦it just wasnt fair that I get the wrong genes from someone and now Im being forced to model baby clothes at 18. The Ks eyed me a mischievous smile as they turned the conversation to the debutante ball at the end of the summer. Katy, Kylie and Miranda were all coming out into society. Its an old tradition for young girls in the south”they dress in white, escorted by dates and, in the old days, would be presented to society as ˜ready to be married, now it just means theyve shown excellence in charities and grade.

They mulled over things, I ate in silence or talked to Miranda about what was coming to the movie theatre. Then everyone cleared out for the car garage to get to school. Same with me, I went back to the foyer and down the hallway under the stairs which mostly had the rooms Candice and Mom had as nursery displays. The second to last room was set up like a class room which is where I do my schooling. Because of my height mom, didnt put me through the drama of high school.

I do ok in school, I think my view on it is like most teenagers, its school¦dont really wanna be there. I have homework, projects, and tests. Ms. Jenson may be 60 and from the last century but shes got her masters in teaching. Im a B average, I strive for As but I never seem to get there. I got 2 As last year, but this year the classes were a little harder and I just couldnt get to As. I looked at the clock with dread when I finished my last exam at 12:55pm. I thanked Ms. Jenson and told her I would see her this fall for my senior year.

Walking down the hallway was foreboding; in the back of my mind Im hearing the funeral march walking me to my shame. I walked past the foyer and there was Wanda holding the door to the elevator. Due to my size I cant walk down the stairs very well.

The elevator opened onto the large workshop in our basement. All around I see remains of clothing, sketches line the walls, different wall papers. In the middle of the room is a changing table with a table near it covered in diapering supplies and several mirrors along the back wall to view them.

Waiting for me was mom, whod changed to a denim skirt and black t-shirt, and Candice whod added a rubber apron to her clothes. Mom walked over and effortlessly picked me up in her arms like a toddler. Holding me over her shoulder.

There you are honey, ready to model?

I guess, lets just get this over with I replied.

Mom walked over and laid me on the changing table then Candice comes over and starts pulling my shirt off, at the same time I felt my pants being tugged off me until I laid there naked, I feel the soft plastic padding under me. I felt a little embarrassed being in front of my mom and sister naked I turned over on my belly in attempts to hide my private parts. Candice giggled a little at my reaction.

You dont need to feel shy sweetie, Ive seen you naked before my Mom said.

I looked up to see Candice in front of me.

Yeah me too, Ive changed your diapers before, this is no different, Candice replied, Although I still think its interesting the whole 18 year old”2 year old body thing.

All of a sudden moms hand pressed against my back and I was pinned to the matt. I felt a cold wipe on my butt and upper thighs, Lets get you cleaned and ready for your diaper, Mom said.

By time I lifted my head back up to Candice, Mom pushed me back down again and I feel the powder on my bottom and then my moms hand rubbing it in. Then in a swift motion mom grabbed my ankles and had me flipped over onto my back and continued powdering my front, the cloud tickled my nose and I sneezed.

I looked straight up to see Candice smiling at me from above, she held my arms down flat as she looked at what mom was doing. She smiled but I didnt want to look, I just wanted it done and over with. I didnt see the diaper but I could feel it as mom slid it under my bottom. I heard in crackle a little so it must be a new kind of disposable diaper. Then mom lifted it up between my legs as it covered me; the inside felt so soft like clouds, mom taped the two strips on each side so it was snug against me. I have to say, though I dont like being in diapers¦this one was very comfortable¦but I would never tell mom that, not in a million years.

Candice let go of me and stood over beside mom, I slid up on my elbows so I could look at them, and then I saw what I was wearing.

Dont you look precious Mom squealed like a schoolgirl.

I groaned this isnt what Mom normally tests on me; she usually gives me different kinds of white cloth or disposable diapers with designs on them. This diaper was entirely PINK, with ruffles along the sides and top and from what I could see there were a few rows along the back of the diaper as well. The front of the diaper had three little red hearts in a triangle pattern.

Shes right Aaron Candice said, their faces were glowing from ear to ear.

Mom, this is a girls diaper, I looked down at myself and back to them, why do I have to wear a girls diaper?

They walked back to me and I stood up on the table and just barely was even with them. I barely got to my feet before Mom and Candice assaulted my diaper by touching me, adjusting hear and there¦talking to each other. I asked the question again when mom made me face her.

Because sweetie this is the new design weve been working on the last month.

Yea Candice patted my bottom, new diapers for girls and we are working on the other style for boys. When we finish them then you can try those on.

I dont want to try on any¦ a pacifier was placed into my mouth before I could say the rest, I tried to take it out but mom warned me to leave the pacifier in while they worked. They talked for a few more minutes and then stepped back to look at me again. Candice got this look in her eye, the same look that had Aria tied to the roof of a truck when they were younger. The same look she got at a sleepover when the pranks were aimed at me.

When Mom got the same look in her eye, I nearly turned to jump off of the changing table and break for the elevator. As it was, I turned and barely took a step before Candice scooped me up in her arms. She held me over her shoulder like you would do a toddler with one hand on my back and the other on my diaper.

We walked past the table I was just on the other side of the room. I tried to protest but the pacifier muffled the noise and Candice just patted my diaper. Then we stopped and Candice laid me on another table, it felt like the same padding but the edges of the table looked like a tiny bars of a crib with little pink bows and ruffles. Candice held my body down as I felt soft booties on my feet, I struggled and kicked but Mom eventually got them both on, Candice lifted my body up and I was blinded by something soft and pink over my eyes, the fabric brushed against my skin and I felt a chill go down my spine as it worked its way down.

Finally my head came through an opening. I felt buttons snapping behind me and I looked down. I was wearing a dress. Pink everywhere, puffy sleeves, the petticoat fluffed the bottom of the dress, bows of pink in random places and white ruffles came down from the shoulders to the pinafore which tied into a big bow in the back. My face must have looked in horror. When I looked up to plead with mom, I felt something encase my head and tied under my chin. Candice slipped pink mittens over my hands with elastic that snapped against my wrists to ensure a tight fit.

Mom then picked me up and set me down in front of a tri mirror¦the bottom of my mouth fell out. I was seeing a toddler, in a pink frilly dress with booties, mittens a pink frilly bonnet and a pink girly diaper. I didnt even look like myself at that moment.

Candice jumped with excitement

I knew the clothes I designed would compliment the diaper

You were right honey Mom replied.

I couldnt take it anymore, I spit out the pacifier. Mom, why are you doing this to me? Did I do something wrong?

Oh Aaron you didnt do anything wrong, we just wanted to see how the new clothes we made would be with the diaper. And I must say¦

You make an adorable baby girl Aar¦Amy Candice said.

Oh thats a good name honey, Amy.

That is not my name!

Mom came over and picked up the pacifier while Candice picked me up with ease and held me on her hip.
We are just teasing you Aaron; we cant help it that you look so cute.

Now look Aaron, Mom said This is going to be the newest thing in child care that no one has thought of yet, and you are helping us perfect it. I know you dont like wearing these things but you are helping. If you can just let us work, we will have you out in no time.

I grimaced; with the way they work I could be dressed like this for hours while they perfect it.

Oh all right I exhaled, Ill do it; I just dont want to be dressed like this when everyone comes home.

All right they giggled.

They spent a lot of time fluffing the dress and diaper here and there, making comments. After a while I get sleepy listening to them talk about things I didnt understand.

I asked them if I could change and go back upstairs.

No, we need you here¦just looking at you is helping us get new ideas and adjustments. Are you tired sweetie? Mom asked.

I nodded. Mom smiled at Candice who left for a moment and returned with a baby buggy. The kind you can push and see your child sleeping in front of you. It was of course white with pink bows and sashes. Candice faced the handles toward their work area, and then she came and scooped me up and laid me in the buggy. The pink sheets felt as soft as the diaper and before I knew it I was fast asleep. I was so tired.


Chapter 2

I woke up to see Candice working at the table, how long had I been asleep. I couldnt see a clock, I stirred in the baby buggy to get a better look but the diaper kept me from bringing my legs together. Candice noticed my movements and stepped over to me, leaning into the buggy.

Well look who is finally awake, she said, how did you sleep?

Fine, I guess, what time is it?

Candice looked at her watch, 3:50.

I tried scrambling out of the buggy to get the diaper and everything off. My sisters mustve gotten home at least half an hour ago. I couldnt get the mittens off.
Candice please get me out of this, I dont want the others to see me.

See what? another voice came that I was really hoping that I was imagining. All of a sudden Kylie stepped into view and saw me laying there in the buggy.

OH MY GOOOODDDD!!! she screamed with a joyous smile on her face, and then Katy ran into view and screamed as well. Then commenced to taking pictures with their phones and texting for what seemed forever was actually 3 minutes.

I was about to tell them what they could do with their phone but then I found a pacifier had been put into my mouth with a ribbon attached, then a firm tug and not at the back of my neck and my voice came out muffled. I could spit the pacifier out and I couldnt take it out with my hands.

Candice, Kylie said oh so innocently, do you need Aaron here while you finish.

No not really, she smiled at me; I have all the sketches I need. Mom and I call her Amy when shes dressed like this.

So, Katy replied, Can we take Amy upstairs with us and play with her?

I pleaded with my eyes for Candice to say no, but it was to no avail. I started moving to climb out of the buggy but Kylie snatched me up despite my protests and held me like a toddler against her shoulders.

Look, shes so excited to go play with us Kylie giggled.

I guess its alright, Candice replied, Just dont leave the house with her, everything shes wearing belongs to the company. You promise?

We promise they said together.

Then the Ks walked back up stairs despite my protest. Of all my sisters I think the twins and triplets are the ones I fear most. Too much in the way of thinking goes on between them and that could not end well¦for me.

We are going to have fun with you Amy Katy said.

My screams for help were muffled by the pacifier, and every few steps Katy or Kylie (I couldnt tell which) would smack my diapered bottom. Even with a thick diaper on I could feel it very well. We entered the lobby and proceeded down the hallway that had the showcase rooms that mom used for showing buyers and clients. They are basically advanced nurseries set up in an arrangement of colors and styles, 12 in all and they change every few weeks.

They carried me down the dreaded hallway to the last room, I hadnt seen this one before, and Mom and Candice had been working on it for the last month and as far as I knew it hadnt been finished. Katy opened the door and I was horrified.

To call it a girls room didnt even begin to describe how girly this room looked. Pink was everywhere. Well, most everywhere.

The carpet was white as the first snow of the season. Pink curtains laced the windows. When you walk in, to the left there are just two mirror doors, one door led to the enormous bathroom as each room had. The other door led to a large walk in closet big enough to make any teenage girl envious. Ahead of me was a large bay window and under it a white toy chest with Barbie print over it. To the right, a white crib with pink ribbons strung across it, and a changing table also in pink with Cinderella on the changing pad. A cabinet was built into the base of the changing table where I knew it was well stocked with diapers and all needs for changing and taking care of an infant.

They carried me over to the changing table; Katy turned me over onto my stomach and held me down with one hand while they both secured my arms and les with straps for children who move around a lot. Once secure there was no hope of moving.

I felt my diaper pulled off me and the air was cool against my skin and I felt very scared and alone, the pacifier muffled any sound I could make but this far down the hallway I doubt anyone would be listening.

Now Katy said with that crocodile smile, time for a little payback for this morning.

I heard Kylie rummaging through things below the cabinet and then retreat into the bathroom. With the straps I could barely turn, so I had no idea when she returned what she had taken into the bathroom with her. I was horrified when they should me an enema bag with a small tube.

Kylie stepped behind me and they both started laughing.
The tube went into my butt, the girls giggled and a moment later I felt as the liquid started filling up inside of me. The hose out of my sight and I could do was moan in the pain and pleasure of it as the warm water filled me. I struggled and thrashed about trying to get free but to no avail.

The pressure kept building, and building, there laughter the only noise above my own muffled protests.

Finally the water stopped.

You better not let any dribble out, not till we tell you, or youll be in a world of hurt Katy said as the tube was quickly pulled out. Katys coffee hair brushed against me as she held my already shackled hands down. Kylie then began to spank my bare bottom, 20 slaps each cheek. I muffled a scream and tried my best to keep my cheeks clenched despite the pain, not letting any out¦it was more difficult that anything with each slap. Each felt like a thousand needles and the work to hold it together became harder and harder. When it was finally over I began to sag with exhaustion only to feel them gently wiping powder over my bottom. Even so, the powder still stung.

They removed my shackles and flipped me over; lifting my bottom in the air and laying it back down into the diaper. Sprinkling even more powder, they then lifted the diaper and fastened it back into place, putting my arms and legs back into the shackles.

There, all nice and secure Kylie said.

Soon baby wont be constipated anymore Katy commented.

They laughed, leaving the room, pulling the door too and locking it behind them. I hated them, and even worse, was being locked in this room on a Cinderella changing pad. So I lay there” and laid there, the only thing I could here was the ticking clock.

2 hours and 20 minutes went by, but it felt like longer when I finally heard the door rattle. Katy and Kylie returned, pushing that pink buggy from downstairs in the workshop. Katy pressed on my swollen belly maliciously and it hurt. Kylie felt within my diaper¦

Still dry

Not for long they said together.

They strapped me into the soft buggy and pushed me out into the hallway leading to the dining room where I knew everyone would be at the table already.

Guess what everyone the Ks yelled said as they pushed me into the dinning room, all eyes turned toward them and down to me, look at our new sister.

A great BIG AWWWW went through the room¦

˜Someone kill me I thought to myself.

Katy lifted me up and passed me to one of the triplets, Winnie I think. The triplets all gathered around with their mass of blonde hair, they started touching me, tickling and cooing me. They all patted my diapered but at some point, making me flinch and a drop or two may have escaped.

Aaron Joy said, You look so adorable.

No, its Amy now Katy replied.

Amy, they all said together. The Triplets passed me to Aria who began pinching my cheeks. With the pacifier still in place, my cheeks all but stuck out like nuts for a nut cracker”Easy access.

And Aria, despite her beautiful looks, was not a gentle sort. She pressed my hurting stomach against her shoulder. I felt the back of my dress lift up and my diaper open. With a sharp pain in my side she let the diaper snap back into place.

All dry, Aria said.

Mom took me next and I was horrified. She was smiling with that look in her eye.

That may not seem relevant to any of you, but for my mom, its scary. The last time she had that look in her eye; mom had me wear high heels around the house everyday for two weeks so you can understand what your sisters and I deal with on a daily basis she said. It was a nightmare and my feet had blisters on them.

Oh Amy you look so precious. Its so nice having all my girls here she giggled at the end but tried to hide it.

She handed me to Miranda. Out of everyone, Miranda was the gentlest, all soft touches and slow movements. She smiled at me, the same smile she has when we play board games together, You look¦very cute Amy

Ah crap, my one good sister and shes going along with it. How could it get worse?

And cue Candice, who had apparently left the room to get the WORSE.

A pink highchair with yellow ducks all around was set at the table. I and my thoughts really need to stop. Candice scooped me up and plopped me down into the seat, the tray sliding back, pinning my arms to my side and locking tight against my chest. My sisters started taking photos of me with their phones and my cheeks flushed red.

Then¦I felt it.

A gurgling sensation rise in the pit of my stomach and moved south. The girls mustve realized what was happening because they abruptly stopped with those goofy smiles, phones at the ready. There was silence.

I tried to hold it in, really I did, but it was too much¦


The sound roared out along with all of the water, pee, poop, and everything else. I moaned in relief and the flow just kept coming. I was sure the diaper would explode or leak but apparently Mom and Candice had designed these well, I didnt leak even a little. By the time the flowing stopped I could feel in the diaper above my butt and my privates.

With phones still recording, everyone (even mom) said Oh, did baby go poopie? As if they didnt already know that. The badgering and cute baby talk, along with video recording went on for a few more minutes until mom finally made everyone take a seat.

Fifi (fee-fee) mom called out.

In came our live in maid, she was actually from France and was dressed like any French maid you ever saw in an adult magazine. Combined with blonde hair that could almost be considered white, the black choker collar on porcelain doll skin and 6inch high heels she was very nice on the eyes. Even if she was a few marbles short in thoughts.

Madame she curtsied to mom, Mademoiselles she gave another curtsy to everyone else.

Mom waved a hand and gestured at me, Could you take the baby down the hall and change her diaper please?

Fi fi looked confused for a moment, puzzled that a new baby was added but hadnt help mom with the pregnancy.

Certainly she said her voice in a rich French accent.

Fifi picked me and laid me over one bare shoulder, one hand on my back, the other on my squishy diaper.

I heard the laughter and conversations fade as we moved away, back down the hall to the nightmare room, the only sound was the click clack of Fifi and her high heels.

Su are new here, no? she asked.

I tried to speak but the pacifier muffled me.

Fi fi got it then, and took the pacifier out of my mouth.

Oh thank god I said, Fifi get me out of these clothes. She blinked at me, staring intently at my face.

Messieur Aaron? she asked, puzzling ruling over her brain.

Yes its me, Mom and Candice put me in this stupid thing, now help me out of it. Fi fi as a dutiful maid opened my diaper and deposited it in the trash.

I cannot she said, grabbing a wipe and wiping my¦well everything basically, the dress was practically up to my neck.

WHY!?! I practically screamed at her.

Zit is wrong; I am to follow Madams eenstructions. And she wants ze new nappy for you. She replied.

That gave me an idea, I was already mad and I could feel tears in my eyes at just the thought of going back in there like this. Fortunately, Fi Fi isnt the brightest penny, and is easy to go around if you know how.

Did she tell you to bring me back to the dinner table? I asked.

Fi Fi stopped for a moment and I wondered if actually thinking hurt her in some way? She threw away the wipe and pulled out another diaper, identical to the first one. She lifted my butt and set me on the diaper.

No she did not she replied. She pulled out the baby powder, lifting my legs in the air and sprinkled it over my butt then set me down and continued sprinkling.

Ok, then set me on the floor when your done and go back to your chores I said as she lifted the diaper, closing the tapes on either side making sure they were snug.

Alright, all dry she said. She took my mittens off my hands and set me on the floor, and then she left the room. Oh thank god for clueless people. I waddled down the hallway and made my way upstairs to my room. Once there I locked the door, tore all of the clothing off and went to bed. I was so upset with the way everyone treated me I cried myself to sleep.

Sorry for the delay eveyone, I was in the hospital for a medical condition I have. Good news is I get to wear diapers while there, bad new is I don't have access to a computer and the drugs make me sleep alot. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this latest chapter and I am getting ready to start chapter 3.
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hey everyon, thank you so much for the comments, its good to know people lke my story, I was afraid everyone would hate it. I'm currently writing chapter 2, I'm about halfway done, I got sick for 2 days which is why its taking so long. Next chapter will be up as soon as I'm done writing it.

with love, Christina

 hey everyon, thank you so much for the comments, its good to know people lke my story, I was afraid everyone would hate it. I'm currently writing chapter 2, I'm about halfway done, I got sick for 2 days which is why its taking so long. Next chapter will be up as soon as I'm done writing it.

with love, Christina  

*jumps up and down in joy. *

Yays can't wait. *hugs you* sorry yews was sick. hope yews feeling better. can't wait for next chapter hehe
thanx for a great story i love it
Stephanie Johnson

 I'm currently writing chapter 2, I'm about halfway done, I got sick for 2 days which is why its taking so long. Next chapter will be up as soon as I'm done writing it.

with love, Christina  

Don't forget us Christina! We've only had one, but we're already addicted.
oh where is chapter 2? please hurry. so curious to know what happens.
please continue soon...
that was amazing!!! I loved it oh my gosh!!! You should throw in mini pictures of the items they put on Aaron it would really help visualize them or maybe thats just me haha.. Loved it!

Just on Critique, there was so many girl 9? I think thats way to many and i skimmed through the part describing them etc to get to the story I couldnt follow it with so many  -(
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I have TONS of cappies that need commenting!!! REALLY GIRLY CAPPIES!!!

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I love this story! Can't wait for more. Please, please hurry with the next chapter!
Adding myself to the crowd eagerly waiting for chapter 2 :) *smiles and waves an bottomy pats anna warm baby bottle obs infanty formula*
It's nice so far. It's such an adorable sounding outfit I'm pretty jealous.
~To be a girl is to be honest and expressive of your emotions. To wear diapers shows comfort in your body and trust in another~
I like to play Would You Rather and Dress Up, so come play with me in the games section. ^_^
*Formerly tutu49*
when is the next part coming out do not keep as whatting as it is so good need to know what is going to happen next
please don't keep us waiting...
Hey everyone Sorry for the delay, I was in the hospital for a medical condition I have. Good news is I get to wear diapers while there, bad new is I don't have access to a computer and the drugs make me sleep alot. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this latest chapter and I am getting ready to start chapter 3
Ty for chapter 2 it was good looking forward to what happens when the girls find him not in diaper and in his room..looking forward to next chapter
krystala's sissy baby
i love chapter 2 a lot thank you
'Lil Melissa
I certainly hope you're feeling better! Really like the story so far! I know the rest will come along as time and circumstance allow.
sorry to here that maybe get your self a lap top.

thanks for very good part two i can not whate to see what happens in part three and what did mum do when he did not retrun to them and will he ever get away from them
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